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Full text of "Early settlers of New York State : their ancestors and descendants"

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©bdr  Aurraturs  anis  Ursmtihaniii 


VOL-  I 


NO.  5 



In  the  most  hopeful  moments,  we 
did  not  conceive  the  publication  re- 
ceiving such  a welcome,  so  much  un- 
solicited support,  and  real  tangible 
expressions  of  individual  interest. 

Every  suggestion,  criticism  and 
word  of  encouragement  will  help  to 
improve  the  work.  An  effort  is  being 
made  to  make  this  magazine  what  you 
want  it  to  be. 

If  you  find  in  these  notes  a sugges- 
tion that  meets  your  ability,  your  co- 
operation will  be  appreciated. 

To  every  one — our  sincere  grati- 

New  York — “Will  enclose  a list  of 
people,  that  I know  are  interested 
in  genealogy,  and  I shall  be  glad  to 
share  with  you  the  things  I have 

Pennsylvania  — “New  York  records 
are  so  hard  to  get,  that  I am  much 
interested  in  your  venture.” 

New  York — “I  like  your  little  maga- 
zine very  much,  the  'short  articles 
are  so  interesting.  I hope  I may  be 
able  to  get  some  subscribers,  now 
that  we  have  resumed  D.A.R.  meet- 

New  York — “Can  you  give  me  the  ex- 
act location  of  the  old  Indian  Vil- 
lage of  Tonawanda,  and  the  old  Ni- 
agara Trail?  It  is  such  information 
as  this  that  adds  to  the  pleasure  of 
imotor  trips.” 

New  York — “Thank  you  for  the  very 
efficient  way  in  which  you  handled 
my  query.” 

New  York — “You  are  to  be  congratu- 
lated on  your  little  magazine.  It 
certainly  is  meeting  a real  need  in 
these  strenuous  times,  to  help  us 
keep  alive  in  us  the  spirit  of  our 
pioneer  ancestors. 

I certainly  need  all  of  this  back- 
ground to  keep  my  feet  firmly  on 
the  ground  that  these  sturdy  ances- 
tors gave  to  me.” 

California — “I  am  going  to  the  library 
tomorrow,  and  will  take  your  ma- 
gazine with  me  to  shov/  to  the  li- 

Pennsylvania — “In  my  opinion  you 
would  render  much  more  valuable 
aid  to  your  subscribers  by  publish- 
ing original  records,  instead  of  re- 
peating from  published  works.” 

Washington — “I  think  you  are  doing 
a wonderful  work,  and  I wish  I wore 
rich,  I surely  would  finance  your 

New  York— “Do  you  suppose  your 
magazine  will  reach  as  far  east  as 
Fulton  Co,?” 

“Will  you  take  in  Steuben  County?” 
“If  you  will  branch  out  and  include 
Allegany  and  Steuben  Counties,  I 
will  be  glad  to  share  the  things 
that  I have  found.” 

“I  atm  interested  in  Wash ’ng ton  Co.: 
will  it  be  possible  to  include  that?” 

Wisconsin — “We  have  in  our  library 
one  of  the  larger  and  more  used 
collections  on  American  genealogy. 
Will  it  be  possible  for  you  to  con- 
sider our  request  for  a place  on 
your  complimentary  mailing  list.” 

New  York — “ Your  little  magazine  is 

. meeting  a real  need  among  folks  in- 
terested in  family  lines. 

I am  enclosing  two  dollars  for  a 
subscription  for  a friend. 

I am  still  hoping  for  information 
cn  my  query,  but  just  the  clue  I 
need  will  pop  up  seme  day,  for  that 
very  unexpectedness  is  what  makes 
this  genealogical  work  so  fascina  - 
ing,  isn’t  it?” 

Conn.  May  I say  how  much  I am  en- 
joying your  magazine,  and  hope  to 
get  one  or  two ’subscribers' for  you. 
It  is  a most  worthy  undertaking. 

California  — You.r  undertaking  i s 
splendid,  and  the  fact  that  New 
Y rk  State  was  so  lax  in  records  of 
vital  statistics,  makes  such  an  ef- 
fort as  yours  particularly  valuable. 





■ 1 [ 





These  letters  are  typical  of  the 
hundreds  that  have  been  received,  and 
an  explanation  of  the  work,  published 
at  this  time,  may  answer  the  same 
questions  for  others. 

Two  motives  prompted  this  publi- 

First.  To  kindle  greater  desire  for 
knowledge  of  ancestors,  to  promote 
an  interest  in  local  history,  and  to  en- 
courage children  to  study  history  as 
something  personal. 

Believing  that  acquaintance  with 
our  ancestors  gives  ‘Something’,  not 
to  be  gained  in  any  other  way,  and 
knowing  that  a real  knowledge  of  the 
privations  and  struggles,  the  integrity 
and  valor  of  our  forefathers,  will 
abolish  much  crime,  and  promote  the 
spirit  of  “do  unto  others”,  we  endea- 
vor to  attract  with  narrative,  the  folks 
who  do  not  realize  the  benefits  of  this 
background.  Juist  nal.nes  and  idlates 
would  induce  little  interest. 

For  this  reason  we  use  previously 
published  records,  and  it  is  the  only 
time  original  records  are  not  used. 

Second.  To  share  our  records,  pro- 
vide a means  of  exchange  for  the  rec- 
ords of  others,  and  preserve  all  of 

Stones  have  been  cleaned,  dug  and 
lifted  in  cemeteries,  where  woodchuck 

holes  were  the  only  open  spaces.  In 
well-kept  cemeteries,  we  check  the 
lists  of  burials  with  the  tombstones, 
to  make  a complete  record.  Records 
are  thus  obtained  where  there  is  no 

In  copying  original  church  books, 
in  addition  to  lists  of  members,  bap- 
tisms, marriages  and  deaths,  we 
search  slowly,  through  the  fading  ink 
of  minutes  of  church  meetings,  to 
find  helpful  notes  on  relationship,  or 
place  from  which  a member  came,  or 
where  he  went. 

In  all  church  and  tombstone  records, 
unless  otherwise  stated,  our  published 
records  have  been  copied  by  us  from 
the  originals. 

In  the  West  Bloomfield  records,  all 
narrative  was  copied  from  the  old 

In  the  Bartoo  Records,  every  note 
has  been  taken  from  the  written  rec- 
ords of  Eli  Bartoo. 

The  Obituary  Records  are  copied 
from  the  only  copy,  now  treasured  in 
the  Museum  of  the  Buffalo  Historical 
Association.  Marriage  records  from 
.the  same  source  will  follow.  All  the 
records  from  A to  Z will  be  printed. 
Permission  for  this  publication  was 
obtained  from  the  Board  of  the  Or- 


Librarians  know  the  value  of  these 
original  records,  records  not  to  be  ob- 
tained in  any  other  way,  and  are  anxi- 
ous to  have  the  magazine  for  the 
benefit  of  those  who  use  their  librar- 
ies, but  appropriations  are  very  limit- 

Only  eight  libraries  have  subscrib- 
ed, all  the  others  are  hoping. 

Can  you  do  anything  to  help,  or  in- 
terest some  organization  in  making 
a gift  to  its  local  library? 

We  are  donating  our  time  and  ener- 
gy, working  early  and  late,  to  publish 
the^e  records.  In  addition  it  is  neces- 
sary to  mail  announcements,  and  en- 
deavor in  many  ways  to  obtain  sub- 
scriptions. Unfortunately  that  is  all 
we  -are  physically  and  financially  able 
to  do,  and  subscribers  are  the  only 

What  will  we  do  for  this  library, 
and  -all  the  others  that  have  asked  us 
for  a contribution? 

In  response  to  many  requests,  our  scope  has  been  extended  to  include  all 
of  New  York  State,  and  the  title  has  been  changed  accordingly. 




We  pause  and  remember. 

As  we  recall  the  cessation  of  hos- 
tilities on  November  11,  1918,  there 
come  vivid  memories  of  the  horrors 
of  that  war,  and  all  other  wars — the 
battles  on  these  shores  with  starva- 
tion and  cold,  the  savageness  of  the 
Indians,  the  terrible  winter  at  Valley 
Forge,  the  burning  of  Buffalo,  the 
prisons  of  the  Civil  War,  the  destruc- 
tion of  the  Maine,  those  horrible  gas 
attacks  in  France,  the  days  and  nights 
in  the  rain-soaked  trenches. 

Add  to  these,  the  agony  of  those 
who  waited  and  prayed,  add  all  the 
other  agonies  that  you  know,  make 
these  impressions  as  vivid  as  you  will, 
for  a band,  uniforms,  flags  and  march- 
ing feet  do  not  picture  war. 

All  that  we  are.  all  that  we  have, 
we  owe  to  those,  who  with  faith,  valor 
and.  the  courage  to  dare  and  to  do, 
laid  the  keel  and  built  for  us  this  Ship 
of  State. 

With  a prayer  in  our  hearts  for  no 
more  of  this  terrible  destruction,  we 
offer  tribute  to  those  who  deserve  the 
best  that  we  have. 

You,  who  are  stirred  to  remem- 
brance at  this  time,  do  not  stop  with 
one  day  of  tribute. 

Let  us  search  the  records  until 
every  name  has  its  proper  place  on 
our  walls  of  history.  Let  not  a name 
be  lost. 

We  pause  and  remember,  yea — we 
search  and  record. 

Janet  Wethy  Foley 
War  Dept.  1918-1919-1920. 


Mrs.  W.  F.  Garlock,  who  subscribed 
two  months  before  our  first  number, 
and  who  has  been  a loyal  supporter 
ever  since,  sends  the  following: 

“I  am  sending  you  a record  that  I 
found  in  a second-hand  sh  >p.  I paid 
the  man  for  the  records,  and  let  him 
keep  the  Bible” 


Caroline  E.  Ray,  Dec.  16,  1838. 

R.  Lanson  Ray,  May  11,  1841. 

Emily  A.  Ray,  Mar.  20,  1843. 

Elizabeth  A.  Ray,  Feb.  16,  1844. 

Joseph  W.  Ray,  Oct.  30,  1845. 

Martha  A.  Ray,  Aug.  12,  1848. 

Martha  Ann  Ray,  July  2,  1849. 

George  E.  Ray,  Oct.  13,  1851. 

John  F.  Ray,  Dec.  24,  1853. 

Emily  A.  Ray,  Mar.  8,  1858. 


William  Ray  to  Martha  Quaife,  by 
Esq.  Barnard,  March  10,  1838. 

George  Haywood  and  Caroline  E. 
Ray,  Mar.  15,  1862. 

Joseph  W.  Ray  and  May  M.  Ford, 
Jan,  31,  1867, 

Nathaniel  T.  Holmes  and  Martha 
Ray,  Sept.  25,  1867. 

George  E.  Ray  and  Sylvia  M.  Kel- 
ler, July  7,  1870. 

T.  E.  Pomeroy  and  Emma  Ray,  Nov. 
15,  1874. 

John  T.  Ray  and  Jennie  Pilcher, 
Apr.  14,  1735.  (?) 


Mrs.  Emma  A.  Pomeroy,  died  June 
2,  1875.  Aged  17  yr.  2 m.  25  d. 

William  Ray,  died  Mar.  27,  1882  in 
his  90th  year. 

Mrs.  Martha  Ann  Pike,  died  Sept. 
4,  1887.  Aged  38  yr.  2 m.  2d. 

Edward  Quaife,  died  Jan.  25,  1864, 
in  83rd  year  of  age. 

Martha  Quaife,  wife  of  Edward, 
died  Jan.  31,  1882.  Aged  83  yr.  1 m, 
Mrs.  Caroline  Johnston,  died  Sepc 

8,  1863.  Aged  49. 

Joseph  Johnston,  died  Sept.  10, 
1884,  in  60th  year. 

Martha  A.  Ray,  wife  of  William, 
died  Mar.  25,  1896,  in  her  77th  year. 
Mrs.  Carrie  E.  Haywood,  died  Mar. 

9,  1907.  Aged  67  yr.  3 m< 






Continuing  the  account  books  of 

John  S.  Ball. 

Benjamin  Holmes.  Charge — 



Eliphalet  Harding — William 


John  Ashley,  John  Todd, 


Durham — 

1 lead  pencil 


lb  snuff 


1 paper  of  ink  powder 


2 lbs.  nails  8 


1 pair  shoes  for  lady 


Aug.  18,  1816 — Helping  move  to  new 

store  in  June 


Benjamin  Holmes — Edmund 


Eliphalet  Harding — Charges, 


Tubbs,  John  Ashley,  John  Todd, 

Thomas  Durham 

1 lead  pencil 

$ .13 

1 paper  ink  powder 


14  lb  snuff 


2 lbs.  nails  8 


1 pair  shoes  for  lady 


Aug.  IS,  1816 — Helping  move  to  new 

store  in  June 


J.  C.  Hutchinson 

1 doz.  needles 


y2  gal.  molasses 


1 nine  pound  iron 


Isaac  Brown 

Solomon  Hastings  Jr. 

Vz  doz.  apples 


1 inkstand 


1 glass  cider  and  M lb  pepper  .19 

Something  at  Miles  Lyons, 


through  hurry 


Paid  George  Washington 


6 sheets  of  paper  for  little  brother  .06 
Samuel  Anderson.  Charges  — Harry 

Charles  Knight,  Jun. 

2 cents  worth  tobacco  and  tea  kettle 


Interest  on  above  .17 

James  Lewis. 

Cloth  for  James  Kelly. 

Buttons  for  Kelly’s  son 
For  wife. 

Samuel  Owen.  Paid  son  Samuel  at 
work.  Keeping  Mr.  Clark’s  horses. 

Zechariah  Harvey.  Charge  — James 

Stephen  O.  Brown — for  wife. 

Mrs.  Russel— 1816— 1817— 1818. 

1 cotton  handkerchief  to  son  .75 

John  Long.  Charges — for  lady — David 
H.  Stewart. 

Cash  paid  by  father  .07 

1 vest  pattern  1.38 

1 gill  whiskey  and  1 card  ginger- 
bread .19 

Benjamin  Sanborn — Charge — Peasley. 
Horse  ride  from  your  house,  home  .25 

Liba  Hamlin — charges  — James  W. 

Hill — Jonathan  Kinne. 

1 music  book  $1.13 

Pearley  Pease. 

Allen  Bell,  Sr. 

Samuel  Miles. 

Hannah  Carr.  Paid  Mr.  Hartshorn. 
Charges  for  Asa  and  Sarah. 

Paid  Amos  Chapman. 

Shoes  for  Sarah  $1.25 

1 boy’s  hat  1.25 

Isaac  Barden.  Charges  for  lady,  for 

David  Goss.  Charges  for  Indian  Geo, 

Spelling  book  for  Orville. 

Eleazer  Parmiley. 

Martin  LeLong.  Charge  for  John 

John  Bagley.  Charge  for  Widow 

Acct.  $6.44  Int.  $2.60 

Epaphras  Arnold.  Charge  for  Jede- 
diah  -Peasley. 

James  W.  Hills. 

3 cents’  worth  beeswax 
1 pocket  knife  for  brother 

1 horse  to  Bloomfield,  50  miles 
Lathrop  Edwards. 


1 yd.  blue  cloth 


1 cake  soap 
William  Spoor. 


Thomas  Calheart.  1 bell 
Abraham  Voak. 


1 pair  spectacles 
Joseph  Nash. 







Baptisms  in  the  Church  .at  West 

Bloomfield,  N.  Y.  The  name  of  the 

child  follows  the  names  of  the  parents. 

Jason  and  Joanna  Canfield — Caroline 
Janet,  Ashbel  Wells. 

Ezekiel  Fox  and  wife-Frances  Maria. 

1819.  Capt.  Russell  and  Eunice  Handy 
— George,  Elsie  Ann,  Hiram. 

Jonathan  and  Ruth  Lee — Clarissa. 

Robert  Jr.  and  Rhoda  Taft-Lealand. 

Samuel  and  Sarah  Nichols — Hiram, 
Samuel  Stilman,  Freelove. 

Samuel  and  Clarissa  Nichols — Mary 
Ann,  Martin,  Luther. 

Erastus  and  Mercy  Hunt- — Nathaniel 

Joel  and  Miriam  Godfrey  — Mather 

Joseph  and  Sally  Ball-Phebe  Amanda. 

Amory  and  Mary  Amsden  — Sophia 
Wortstill,  Lucinda  Mann,  Christo- 
pher Thomas,  Alonzo  Kneeland. 


Eben  and  Eliza  Curtis — Dwight. 

Russell  and  Eunice  Handy— -Emeline 

Robert  and  Rhoda  Taft — Maria. 

Comfort  G.  and  Harriet  Canfield — 
Elisha  Gilman. 


Isaac  Ball — James  Edgerly. 

Joseph  and  Sally  Ball  — Ebenezer 
French,  Joseph  Stearns. 

Lewis  and  Susan  Hodges — Leonard 
Bacon,  Francis  Lewis. 

James  and  Laura  Sherman — Laura 

Armory  and  Mary  Amsden — Ira.. 


Russell  and  Eunice  Handy — Stephen 

Jesse  and  Roxcelona  Button — James 

Eben  and  Eliza  Curtis — James  White. 

Ralph  and  Philena  Hunt  — Mary 

William  and  Eunice  McLaughlin — 
Eliza  Emily. 

Ammi  G.  and  Sarah  Fowler — Jeanette 
Catharine,  George  Augustus,  Eliza 

Hall,  Emmaline,  Charles. 

Eben  and  Celinda  Morley — David. 

Joseph  and  Sally  Ball — Sally  Clarissa. 

Isaac  and  Sally  B.  Jackson — Climena 
Elizabeth,  Elvina  Caroline,  Henry 
Bush,  Abigail  Hall. 

Robert  and  Rhoda  Taft — Royal. 

Calvin  and  Polly  Taft — William  Pitts. 


Enoch  A.  and  Marietta  Hall — Emila 

Samuel  and  Sarah  Nichols — Mary. 

L.  C.  and  Sarah  Fitch — Sarah  Sjphia, 
Elisha  Miles,  Margaret  A,,  Stuart 
Dean,  Ladwick  Champlin. 

Adults — Benjamin  Herrick,  Julia  Tur- 
rell,  Nancy  Shaw. 


Eben  and  Eliza  Curtiss — Ellen  Adella. 

Oziel  and  Hannah  Wade  — Hannah 

Robert  and  Rhoda  Taft — Lewis. 

Jason  and  Joanna  Canfield  — Henry 

Titus  and  Phebe  Canfield — Emily  Lu- 
cretia,  Herman  Arza,  Laura  Com- 
fort, Orpha  Gilman. 

Eben  and  Celinda  Morley-Jane  Helen. 

Nathaniel  and  Lydia  Beckwith- Watts, 

L.  C.  and  Sarah  Fitch — Ann  Eliza. 


Adults — Harvey  Clark,  Gad  Daniels, 
Hannah  Crane,  Mary  Adaline  Par- 
sons, Lueina  Parsons,  Lucy  Hum- 
phry, Eliza  Alexander,  Betsey 
Crane,  Eunice  Gould,  Mary  Ann 
Nichols,  Charles  Chapel,  Susan 
Curtiss,  Calista  H.  Winnegar. 

L.  and  S.  Hodges-David  Bacon,  Susan 


William  and  Sarah  Pilsbury  — Caira 

Joseph  and  Sally  Ball — Mary  Ann 

Jason  and  Joanna  Canfield — Mary 

David  and  Harriet  Gould — Carlton 
Filet  us. 






Gad  and  Mary  Daniels  — Frances, 
Mary  Ann,  Sarah  Ann  Hay,  Almira 
Prescott,  Edson  Carr. 

Lewis  and  Susan  Hodges  — Sarah 

Robert  and  Rhoda  Taft- — Eliza  Ann. 

Isaac  and  Sarah  Jackson  — Lydia 
Maria,  Lucinda  Adaline,  George 

A.  S.  and  E.  Kingsley — Julia  Ann. 

William  and.  Sarah  Pilsbury  — Ann 

Sylvester  and  Ah.  Reed— Abigail  Ce- 
linda,  Charlotte,  Lot. 

J.  J.  Stone — Alfred  Hall. 

Eben  and  Eliza  Curtiss — Enos  French, 


Z.  A.  and  L.  S.  Haywood — Chester 
Wright,  Amasy  Jane,  William  Smith 

S.  C.  and  M.  C.  Brown — Lucia  Mary. 

D.  and  H.  Gould — George  Andrew. 

C.  and  P.  Taft— Caleb. 


R.  C.  and  H.  Robbins — Cynthia  Cor- 
delia, Edwin  Crocker. 

Rosamond  Gugsby — Matha  Rosamond, 
William  Mungo. 

W.  M.  and  J.  A.  White — James  David. 

A.  S.  and  E,  Kingsley — Aveline. 

E.  McThensin — Catharine. 

Joseph  and  Sally  Ball — Betsey  Row- 

Isaac  and  Lucinda  Ball — Samuel. 

Gad  and  Mary  Daniels — Grosenor. 


Adults — Nancy  Cole,  Luther  Cox, 
Ezra  Smith  Darling,  Lois  Darling, 
James  Evans,  Julia  Johnson,  Laura 
Marshall,  Phineas  Shepard,  Rufus 
Shepherd,  Hannah  Towser,  Abigail 
Van  Valkeniburgh,  Phebe  Ann  Wait, 
Rachel  Wait,  Lois  Wait,  Rufus 
Burr,  Stephen  H.  Benton,  Nathaniel 


Here  Jesse  Bartoo  died  Dec.  24, 
1823  on  the  48th  anniversary  of  his 
birthday.  He.  and  his  wife,  who  died 
November  22,  1859,  are  buried  in 
Greene,  N.  Y. 

Their  children  were:  1.  Hiram,  Apr. 
10,  1798-Mar.  25,  1866,  Preston,  N.  Y. 
2.  Abigail,  7,  1800-Mar.  7,  1875, 
Oxford,  N.  Y.  3.  Polly,  Dec.  8,  1801, 
died  at  Brocton,  N.  Y.  4.  Ruth,  Apr. 
12,  1804-Feb.  14,  1887,  Oshawa,  Minn. 
5.  Elisha  Smith,  Mar.  24,  1806-Aug. 
15,  1885,  West  Clarksville,  N.  Y.  G. 
Jesse  Luce,  May  28,  1808-July  9,  1897, 
Larne d,  Kansas.  7.  Sally  Louisa,  May 
1,  1810-Nov.  10,  1880,  Troupsburg,  N. 
Y.  8.  Olive  Matilda,  Sept.  6,  1312- 
Feb.  17,  1881,  Moreland,  N.  Y.  9. 
Urania,  Aug.  21,  1815-May  24,  1888, 
East  Troupsburg,  N.  Y.  10.  Lucretia 
Cordelia,  May  6,  1817.  11.  William, 

Apr.  21,  1819-Dec.  24,  1896.  12.  Mercy 
Charlotte.  Mar.  7.  1821. 

Hiram  Bartoo  married  Laura  Bates, 
Mar.  29,  1796-Feb.  16,  1889,  a Con- 
necticut girl,  who,  after  having  given 
the  world  six  sons  and  three  daugh- 

ters, and  having  served  her  day  and 
generation,  fell  asleep  and  was  car- 
ried to  her  last  resting  place  by  six 
stalwart  sons,  of  which  this  writer 
was  one. 

Hiram  Bartoo  was  a successful 
farmer,  paying  for  his  farm  off  from 
it,  and  clothing  and  schooling  nine 
children  from  its  products. 

Hiram  and  Laura  Bates  Bartoo  had 
the  following  children: 

1.  George  H.,  Oct.  14,  1820-Apr.  15, 
1899.  Married  Mary  I.  Watson  Sept. 

30,  1863.  “He  was  bitten  by  a dog 
supposed  to  be  mad.  He  was  taken  to 
Elder  Nathaniel  Kellogg  at  Jasper, 
N.  Y.,  who  treated  him  with  a 'Reme- 
dy for  Hydrophobia’  and  no  symptoms 
of  it  ever  appeared.  No  children. 

2.  Eli,  Jan.  28,  1823-July  24,  1917, 
married  Maria  Fowler  1826-1853. 
Their  children  were:  Alvia,  Apr.  3, 
1845-Sept.  16,  1899.  Jesse,  Feb.  28, 
1847,  married  Florence  Thorp  1872. 
Sons  Ralph  and  Dwight.  Martha,  Mar. 

31,  1850-Feb.  10,  1899,  married  Thos. 
Robinson.  Son,  Linn.  Eli  married  1854 



a second  time  Betsey  Bartoo  and  they 
had  Willard,  Aug.  26,  1856.  Stella, 
Dec,  30,  1859,  married  Dr.  Vincent 
Burgess,  and  they  had  Llewellyn, 
Solon,  Ellen,  Jesse,  Ray,  Linn,  Carl, 
Donald.  Solon,  Sept.  10,  1865-May  6, 

3.  Hiram  Jr.,  Feb.  24,  1825-Nov.  6, 
1894,  married  Sarah  Smith,  Dec.  12, 
1847.  They  had  Martha  1848-1850. 
Charles,  1850,  never  married.  George, 
1852,  married  Lucy  Crarey.  Children 
— Charles,  Elon,  and  Norman.  Irene 
1854  married  Frank  Webb. 

4.  John,  Mar.  10,  1827-May  11,  1896, 
married  Aurilla  Kendall.  It  was  writ- 
ten of  John — A good  man  to  have  in 
the  neighborhood,  but  when  the  lot 
was  cast,  he  always  seemed  to  be  the 
Jonah  on  whom  the  lot  fell. 

5.  Laura  Ann,  Apr.  7,  1829-Nov.  29, 
1867,  married  Edwin  Smith. 

6.  Emily,  Sept.  21,  1831,  married 
Alanson  Powers.  Their  son  Myron, 
born  1861,  educated  at  Oxford  Aca- 
demy and  Hamilton  College.  He  was 
principal  of  the  High  School  at  Port 
Jefferson,  and  at  Plain ville,  Conn.  He 
married  Jessie  Haynes  Sheldon.  Min- 
nie Minton,  daughter  of  Emily,  was 
graduated  from  Oxford  and  Syracuse, 
and  taught  at  Oxford,  Jamestown  and 
Elmhurst,  Long  Island. 

7.  Eliza,  Feb.  5,  1834,  married  Lewis 
Gaines  Stoddard,  June  8,  1853. 

8:  Jesise,  May  15,  1834,  married 

Henrietta  Bixby,  Sept  29,  1858. 

9.  William,  July  3,  1838,  married 
Ruth  E.  Soule  of  Smithville,  N.  Y. 

1865.  They  had  Fred  1866,  married 
Lydia  S.  Day.  Ida,  May  1871. 

Jesse,  son  of  Hiram  and  Laura 
Bartoo,  and  Henrietta  had: 

1.  Kneeland,  May  25,  1860-Oct.  29, 

2.  Elfred  Hull,  June  16,  1866,  mar- 
ried Catherine  Ruck. 

3.  Cora  Grace,  Aug.  16,  1870,  mar- 
ried Charles  Hotchkin  and  had  Donald 
and  Durwald. 

4.  Arthur  Ray,  Feb.  4,  1875,  married 
Essa  House  Jan.  1,  1900. 

Eliza,  daughter  of  Hiram  and 
Laura,  married  Lewis  Gaines  Stod- 
dard, a member  of  the  Coventry  Stod- 
dards. The  Coventry  Stoddards  trace 
their  ancestry  from  the  Norman  Con- 
quest 1060  A.  D.  Their  first  ancestor 
was  “Standard  Bearer”  for  William 
the  Conqueror,  from  whence  has  come 
the  name  Stoddard.  Some  of  the  most 
celebrated  educators,  doctors,  poets, 
and  de vines  of  New  England  have 
Stoddard  blood  in  their  veins.  Their 
children  were: 

1.  Mary  Eliza,  1854-1863. 

2.  Hiram,  Dec.  4,  1859-Dec.  IS,  1892. 
Married  Jennie  H.  Miller  and  had  one 
son,  Harry. 

3.  Samuel,  Dec.  15,  1866.  Not  mar- 

William,  son  of  Hiram  and  Laura, 
and  Ruth  Soule,  had: 

1.  Fred  L.,  Jan.  11,  1866.  Married 
Lydia  S.  Day. 

2.  Ida  May  1871-1874. 

— Eli  Bartoo. 

(To  be  continued) 


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of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Unless  otherwise  noted,  the  follow- 
ing were  residents  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Baker,  M.  Lafayette,  son  of  Moses, 
Jan.  12,  1847  22.  Drowned  of  Pa- 

tagonia, from  whaling  s'hip  “Can- 
ton”. Sailed  from  New  Bedford 
Aug.  17,  1846. 

Baker,  Martin,  Jan.  31,  1860  27. 

Baker,  Miss  Mary,  Feb.  15,  1862  30. 

Died  in  Chicago. 

Baker,  Mary  Ann,  wife  of  Darius  O., 
Mar.  9,  1838  20.  Formerly  of  St. 

Johns,  New  Brunswick.  Dau.  of 
Hiram  Smith. 

Baker,  Mary  Frances,  youngest  dau. 
of  Geo.  W.,  Apr.  27,  1861  21  11. 

Baker,  Mary  Louisa,  wife  of  Clifford 
A.  July  2,  1867,  dau.  of  W.  Ward 
Wheeler  of  Detroit. 

Baker,  Moses,  Sept.  3,  1865  70  1 12. 

Baker,  Hamburg,  Dec.  30,  1813. 

Killed  at  battle  of  Black  Rock. 

Baker,  Randall,  Apr.  26,  1843  73. 

Baker,  Sarah  E.,  Nov.  13,  1866  22. 

Baker,  Capt.  Theophilus  Rev.  Patriot, 
Eden,  Apr.  14,  1838  90.  Native  of 

Yarmouth,  Barnstable  Co.,  Mass. 

Baker,  William,  Apr.  5,  1853  32. 

Balcam,  Mary  M.,  wife  of  Vine,  Feb. 
4,  1865  39,  of  Kendall,  Orleans  Co., 

N.  Y. 

Balch,  Charles,  son  of  Dan,  Aug.  7, 
1845  26,  of  Newburyport,  Mass. 

Balch,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann  C.,  July  23, 
1829  23. 

Balcom,  Mrs.  Abigail,  Dec.  2,  1862  79. 

Balcom,  James  Alonzo,  oldest  son  of 
Abijah  W.,  May  24,  1862  22  5 5. 

Died  at  Ellery  Center,  Chautauqua, 
N.  Y. 

Balcom,  Mr.  P.,  father  of  Philo  A., 
Hamburg,  Mar.  18,  1852  78.  Rev. 


Baldwin,  Charles  S.,  firm  of  Maynard 
and  Baldwin,  Feb.  21,  1851  40. 

Baldwin,  David  Newistead,  Dec.  21, 
1849  24. 

Baldwin,  David,  Buffalo,  May  24,  18- 

59  42. 

Baldwin,  George  L.,  Hamburg  mer- 
chant, May  10,  1826  26. 

Baldwin,  Hannah  I.,  wife  of  C.  H., 
Town  Line,  July  2,  1851  29. 

Baldwin,  Henry  D.,  Aug.  31,  1861  33. 

Baldwin,  Jennie  A.,  wife  of  Wm.  M., 
July  8,  1859  22  7.  Only  child  of 

J.  H.  Rutterfield  of  Buffalo.  Died 
in  Newark,  N.  J. 

Baldwin,  Lucy  Caroline,  wife  of 

Daniel,  Jan.  28,  1846  35. 

Baldwin,  Mary  Augusta,  Jan.  21,  18- 
43  20. 

Baldwin,  Rachel,  wife  of  Capt,  Ira, 
Dec.  3,  1848  52,  of  Ithaca. 

Baldy,  Charlotte,  only  dau.  of  C.  M., 
Aug.  25,  1865  24  10  25.  Died  in 

Hudson  City,  N.  J. 

Baldy,  Mary  Ann,  wife  of  Wm.,  Nov. 
23,  1854  44. 

Baldy,  Mary  Ann,  dau.  of  Wm.,  Feb. 
21,  1852  23. 

Baldy,'  Wm.,  June  10,  1860  51. 

Bale,  Lois  Loton,  wife  of  George  T., 
iMay  2,  1867  20. 

Baley,  Nathan,  Clarence,  July  25,  13- 

21  21. 

Ball,  John  S.,  Newstead,  Mar.  22,  18- 
45  61. 

Ball,  Wim.,  father  of  Rev.  G.  H.  of 
Buffalo,  Tonawanda,  Mar.  9,  1866 

Ballard,  Elias,  Collins,  1840,  about  35. 

Ballard,  Col.  James,  Aurora,  Aug.  9, 
1852.  Died  in  Jackson,  Mich. 

Banks,  Anna,  wife  of  Levi  A.,  Apr.  8, 
1857  25  2 8. 

Banta,  J.  W.,  July  10,  1863  53  7. 

Barber,  Cyrena,  wife  of  Rowell,  Ham- 
burg, June  14,  1850  31. 

Barber,  J.  Leroy,  Whites  Corners, 
Apr.  11,  1865  25.  ? 

Barber,  Wm.  B.,  North  Evans  printer, 
Dec.  18,  1865  30.  Buried  in  Buffalo. 

Bariwell,  Jonathan  S.,  May  19,  1852 
68.  Died  while  returning  to  Troy 
from  residence  of  son  in  Brant. 

Barger,  Benj.  S.,  Aug.  28,  1852  35. 

Barger,  Lewis,  Dec.  3,  1853  24.  Taken 








to  Westfield,  N.  Y. 

Bark,  Capt.  Peter  Evans,  Ocean  and 
'Lake  Capt.,  Nov.  *3,  1863  62.  Born 

in  Gothenburg,  Sweden. 

Barker,  Addison,  Wales,  Apr.  23,  18- 
39  20. 

Barker,  Anna  G.,  wife  of  Pierre  A., 
July  2,  1865.  Mother  of  Mrs.  Phil- 
ander Hodge.  Died  in  Warsaw,  111. 

Barker,  Jacob  A.,  June  2,  1859  66. 

Barker,  Margaret,  wife  of  Zenas, 
Hamburg,  June  18,  1815  36. 

Barker,  Nancy,  Hamburg,  Jan.  1,  1822 

Barker,  Rhoda,  wife  of  Judge  Z., 
Hamburg,  Jan.  1814. 

Barker,  Rosina  H.,  wife  of  Michael  H., 
Gowanda,  Nov.  28,  1849  42. 

Barker,  Mrs.  Sarah  of  Nantucket, 
Sept.  30,  1843  53. 

Barker,  Miss  Sophia,  Mar.  3,  1837  29. 

Barker,  Wm.,  Nov.  27,  1844  51. 

Barnard,  Albert,  Sept.  1,  1849  37. 
Died  in  Batavia,  N.  Y. 

Barnard,  Dorothy,  wife  of  Selah,  Cay- 
uga Creek,  Oct.  2,  1831  45.  Dau.  of 
Gen.  Othniel  Taylor  of  Canandaigua. 

Barnard,  Geo.  N.  Hamburg,  Mar.  19, 
1859  38. 

Barnard,  wife  of  Ira,  Hamburg,  Aug. 
28,  1862  80. 

Barnard,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Feb.  11, 
1864  64  7 13. 

Barnard,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Feb.  11,  18- 
64  64  7 13. 

Barnard,  Mary  Jane,  wife  of  Ira, 
Hamburg,  Aug.  10,  1839  20. 

Barnard,  Selah,  Nov.  18,  1855.  Died  at 
Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 

Barnard,  Susan  Adelia,  wife  of  Oth- 
niel  FitzHenry,  Williamsville,  Feb. 
28,  1843  31. 

Barnard,  Suisan  M.,  wife  of  Edward 
C.  Aug.  23,  1843  38.  Died  in  New 

Barnes,  Bradford  R.,  July  17,  1849  23. 

Barnes,  Mrs.  George,  Aug.  1838  40. 
Buried  the  22d. 

Barnes,  Geo.  A.,  son  of  Bradford,  July 

10,  1858.  Died  in  Murfresboro,  Tenn. 

Barnes,  Henry,  Dee.  21,  1862  49. 

Barnes,  Jonathan  D.,  son  of  W.  T., 
Oct.  3,  1861.  Drowned  in  Troy. 
Barnes,  Miss  Lavinia  H.,  Feb.  26,  13- 

Barnes,  Lucy  L.,  wife  of  Jacob  L.,  Jan. 
24,  1865  33  2 1. 

Barnes,  Mahitable,  wife  of  Seth,  New- 
stead,  Feb.  2,  1849  76. 

Barnes,  Mrs.  Maria,  June  17,  1857  61. 

Died  at  Rock  Island,  111. 

Barnes,  Minerva,  wife  of  Jacob  L., 
Mar.  1,  1850  26.  Sister  of  R.  H. 

Barnes,  Morris  O.,  Feb.  5,  1867  67. 

Died  in  Corfu,  Genesee  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Barnes,  Moses,  July  25,  1822  45. 
Barnes,  Rachel,  wife  >of  Bradford,  Nov. 
10,  1863  72. 

Barnes,  Stephen.  Jan.  30,  1826  45. 
Barnes,  Susan,  wife  of  Joseph,  July  4, 
1866  55  7. 

Barnes,  William  H.,  May  3,  — 38. 
Barnes,  William  T.,  Dec.  13,  1861  59. 

Died  at  Delavvara  Water  Gap,  N.  J. 
Barnes,  Malvina,  wife  of  Irvina,  June 
1,  1832  20. 

Barnes,  Mrs.  Susan  A.,  dau.  of  Rob- 
ert Patterson,  July  4,  1854  47. 
Barnum,  George  C.,  son  of  E.  S.  of 
Utica,  N.  Y.,  Jan.  25,  1851.  Died  at 
Jackson  Creek,  Calif. 

Barnum,  Richard  S.,  brother  of  S.  O., 
Jan.  17,  1865.  Died  in  Chicago. 
Barnum,  Samuel  G.,  Feb.  21,  1849  63 

Baron,  Abial,  Lancaster,  May  11,  18- 
47  45. 

Barr,  Charles  W.,  only  son  of  August- 
us, May  28,  1865  21. 

Barr,  Marion,  widow  of  Rudolph,  May 
27,  1853  67. 

Barr,  Rudolph,  Dec.  20,  1836  55. 
Barras,  Sallie  St.  Clair,  wife  o fChas. 

M.,  Apr.  9,  1867  36. 

Barrel!,  Lydia  R.,  Evans,  July  6,  18- 
65  45. 

Barreli,  John  Hudson,  Evans,  Oct.  25, 
1864  31.  Died  at  River  Side,  La. 
Barrett,  Henry  L.,  Aug.  3,  1850  25, 
Barrett,  Jeremiah,  Manilla,  Mar.  22, 
1864  74. 

(To  be  continued) 





One  of  our  family  of  subscribers, 
Mrs.  H.  T.  Jeffery,  is  searching  for 
her  Gilbert  family.  She  found  these 
inscriptions  in  a small  cemetery  on 
the  farm  owned  by  the  Ketchum  fami- 
ly of  Benton  Center,  Near  Penn  Yan, 
New  York.: 

Boyd,  Roger,  d Apr.  18,  1853.  Aged 
73  years,  7 months,  days. 

B;yd,  Deborah,  -wife  of  Robert,  d Aug. 
4,  1834  53  2 17. 

Boyd,  Anna,  wife  of  Robert,  ^ Feb. 

12,  1828  46  11  10. 

Boyd,  Ceiinda,  dau.  of  Robert,  d July 
24,  1828  25  1 18. 

Boyd,  Merritt,  d Nov.  7,  1839  24. . 

Clark,  Amos  D.,  Nov.  1,  1837  59  5 7. 
Clark,  Acbsah  Burch,  wife  of  Ames, 
d May  13,  1878  83  1 2. 

Clark,  Amos  W.,  d in  Hillsdale  Co., 
Mich.,  Nov.  27,  1873  63  6 16. 

Curtis,  Amelia,  wife  of  Samuel  F.,  d 
May  13,  1829  24. 

Dains,  Richmond,  Dec.  23,  1813  Jan. 
29,  1880. 

Dains,  Polly,  his  wife,  born  Apr.  10, 

Ganung,  Esther,  wife  of  John  H.,  d 
May  30,  1829  57  6 23. 

Ganung,  Lewis,  son  of  John  H.,  d Apr. 

24,  1830  25  2 21. 

Ganung,  Louisa,  dau.  of  John  H.,  d 
Apr.  23,  1831  27  10  23. 

Ketchum,  Joseph,  d Jan.  13,  1860  69. 
Moon,  John  W.,  d Sept.  3,  1838  47  10. 
Peck,  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Abel,  a 1856 

Sp-ague.  Jeremiah,  d Aug.  22,  1837 
64  3 3. 

Sprague,  Mercy,  wife  of  Jeremiah,  d 
June  29,  1835  57  1 27. 

Sprague,  Rev.  Oliver,  d July  31,  1858 
39  5 8. 

East  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

Beckwith,  Richard,  1795-1866.  War  of 

The  following  records  are  copied 

from  the  tombstones  in  Hillside  Ceme- 
tery in  East  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

Allen,  Ebenezer,  1806-1872. 

Alien,  Lucy  Babcock,  his  wife.  1822- 

Barber,  George,  1840-1916. 

Barber,  Alice  D.,  his  wife,  1849-1998. 

Barber,  Burnham,  d Mar.  25,  1832 
78  8. 

Barber,  Rebecca,  his  wife,  d Apr.  16, 
1894  83  5 10. 

Barber,  Mary,  his  wife,  d July  2,  1865 

Boughton,  Leander,  d Feb.  17,  1867 
32  6. 

Beckwith,  Charles,  d Nov.  24,  1868  29. 

Beckwith,  Jennie  A.,  his  wife,  dau.  of 
James  and  Ann  Cameron,  d Apr".  23, 
1871  33. 

Baker,  Horace,  Dec.  25,  1866  47  6 15. 

Baker,  Sophronia,  his  wife,  Apr.  10, 
1803.  Apr.  5,  1886. 

Baker,  Harriet  A.,  dau.,  wife  of  C.  E. 

Southmaid,  Dec.  10,  1862  35. 


Beckwith,  Jane  Whitney,  his  wife, 

Beckwith,  Thomas,  1759-1854.  S A R. 

Beckwith,  Abigail  Smith,  his  wife, 

Beckwith,  Harris,  son,  1788-1809. 

Bennett,  Henry,  Feb.  14,  1887  88. 

Barnett,  Jane,  his  wife,  Oct.  14,  1848 

Boyden,  Jonathan,  Oct.  24,  1888  82. 

Boydsn  Catharine,  his  wife,  Oct.  14, 
1875  64. 

Calkins,  Chester,  Mar.  19,  1889  76. 

Calkins,  J.  B.,  Mar.  26,  1S89  62. 

Calkins,  Zerviah,  his  w.fe,  Mar.  27, 
1889  59. 

Calkins,  Rev.  S'.  M.,  Mar.  26,  1889  59. 

Calkins,  Charlotte,  Mir.  27,  1889  42. 

Calkins,  Amanda,  Mar.  16,  1839  68. 

Galkins,  Susan,  Mar.  22,  1889  66. 

Cook,  Ezekiel  S.,  Jure  29,  1889  63. 

Cbok,  Ellioon,  wife  of  E.  S , June  6, 
1898  66. 






The  Mail  Box 

Where  in  Cattaraugus  County,  N. 
Y.  are  Nathaniel  and  his  son  Reuben 
Chase  buried? 

Caleb  Gurnee,  born  about  1767  at 
Haverstraw,  N.  Y.,  died  May  24,  1838 
near  Auburn,  N.  Y.  Who  was  his  wife, 
and  where  is  he  buried? 

John  Gilbert,  born  1776,  and  wife, 
Susan  Lacy  were  at  Benton  Center,  N. 
Y.  in  Sept.  1800.  Where  did  they  come 
from,  and  where  were  they  married? 

John  Gilbert  had  two  brothers, 
Thomas  and  Jonathan  in  War  of  1812. 
John’s  mother  married  a second  time . 
a Mr.  Rose,  and  there  were  sons, 
Abram,  John,  and  Matthew.  Did  these 
Rose  brothers  leave  descendants? 

_ H.  Y.  H.  T.  J. 

Wanted — Information  relative  to 
Thomas  Webb  and  his  wife,  Rebecca 
Clarke,  parents  of  Thomas  Clarke 
Webb,  who  resided  in  Niagara  County 

in  1810. 

. R.W.C.  Wisconsin. 

Wanted — Parentage  of  Janet  John- 
son, born  1786,  died  1863,  wife  of 
Phineas  Rogers  of  Vermont,  mother 
of  James  Harrison,  born  July  1816 
near  Rochester,  N.  Y.,  Phineas  Lewis, 
Mary,  Jessie  and  John. 

Tradition  says  that  she  was  born  in 
Chautauqua  County,  that  her  parents 
came  from  Ireland  in  1774,  and  that 
her  mother’s  name  was  Haythorn. 

Wanted — Parentage  of  Matthias 
Rice  Lanckton,  Revolutionary  veteran, 
born  1759,  died  Eaton,  Madison  Co., 
N.  Y.  Married,  first,  Hannah  Sander- 
son, second,  Margaret  Stiles. 

One  son,  John  B.,  Matthias,  an  at- 
torney in  Pittsfield,  Mass,  and  third, 
Aarofi  L.,  a tanner,  who  lived  at 
Wheatville,  near  Alabama,  N.  Y. 

A daughter,  Elizabetn  or  Betsey, 
married  Samuel  Clark  of  Lyndonville. 
Another,  Sophia,  married  Joniah  Moul- 
throp,  and  lived  in  Otsego  and  Or- 
leans Counties  and  later  in  Wisconsin. 

New  York. 

Wanted  — Parentage  of  Artemius 
Merrifield,  born  1819,  died  1901  at 
West  Walworth,  Wayne  County.  Liv- 
ed near  Penfield,  N.  Y.,  married  Char- 
lotte Perry  of  Warsaw. 

Wanted — Parentage  of  Jesse,  born 
1786,  Nancy,  Chloe,  and  Phoebe  Hall, 
born  1804.  They  resided  in  Cayuga 
County,  Jesse  married  Elizabeth 
Ackers-on,  Nancy  married  Mr.  Wil- 
liams, Chloe  married  Iraac  Powers, 
and  Phoebe  married  Marvin  Gurnee. 

New  York. 

Subscribers  are  interested  in  the 
following  families. 

If  readers,  who  are  interested  in 
the  same  names,  will  write,  enclosing 
stamped  envelope,  the  names  and  ad- 
dress of  subscriber,  who  has  the  rec- 
ord, will  be  mailed.  In  this  way  folks 
interested  in  the  same  records,  may 
combine  to  their  mutual  advantage. 

Swift,  Hawkins,  Littlefield,  Follett, 
Briggs,  Fish,  Wait,  Webster,  Sprague, 
Parsons,  Tullar,  Tnller,  Kibbe,  Du 
Mond,  Aiken,  Wilcox,  Parker,  Young, 
Butler,  Youmans,  Brownell. 

We  thank  Miss  Mabel  Tidier  of 
Hartford,  Conn.,  for  the  following 
correction — Page  6,  Numbrr  3,  Early 
Church  Records  should  read  Reverend 
David  and  Charity  Tullar,  not  Fuller. 

The  top  of  the  T came  to  the  middle 
of  the  letter,  and  it  appeared  to  be  F, 
we  regret  the  error. 

Miss  Tuller  further  states:  Dex- 

ter’s Yale  Biographies  and  other 
sk ztches  of  Rev.  David  Tullar  record 
that  he  preached  in  Williamstovn, 
Mass,  and  “Spent  ten  years  pr: aching 
as  a missionary  in  destitute  places 
in  western  New  York, . especially  in 
LeRoy  and  West  Bloomfield. 

His  br  sther,  John,  Jr.  died  while 
visiting  him  in  LeRoy,  and  his  father 
was  in  Dutchess  County  for  a short 
time  earlier. 

DaT?id  married  Charity  Fellows  of 
Sheffield,  Mass , and  died  there  Aug. 
23,  1839,  aged  nearly  nir.ety-one  years. 




lEarlg  §>tt\Ux% 


£3Vm  fork 

®l?Hr  Ancestors  mxb  irsmtftants 


VOL.  I DECEMBER  1934  NO.  6 

December  tbe 

“<§lorp  to  <§ob  in  tbe  btgbestf, 
anb  on  eartb  peace,  goob  bull  totnarb  men,” 



T.  -J.  FOLEY,  AKRON,  N.  Y. 

$2.00  PER  YEAR 



. . > ' 




In  the  early  days  there  was  more 
than  one  claim  to  territory,  and  one 
writer  may  call  certain  land  Vermont, 
and  another  mention  the  same  place 
as  being  in  New  York. 

The  story  of  the  disputed  boundaries 
of  New  York  is  therefore  helpful  in 
tracing  residence  of  ancestors. 

Canadian  Boundary. 

1783.  Northern  boundary  of  New 
York  recognized. 

1818.  Re-survey. 

1842.  Northern  boundary  again  sur- 
veyed, and  line  established  as  it  is  to- 


Vermont  was  originally  claimed  by 
New  York  and  New  Hampshire,  and 
the  two  very  often  granted  the  same 
land  to  different  persons. 

1777.  Settlers,  receiving  grants  from 
New  Hampshire,  denied  the  right  of 
New  York,  declared  themselves  inde- 
pendent, and  claimed  the  land  to  Lake 
Champlain  and  the  Hudson  River. 

1781.  An  Act  of  Congress  instruct: d 
these  independent  settlers  to  recede. 
1790.  New  York  relinquished  all  claim 
to  Vermont,  and  Vermont  paid  $30,300 
to  certain  persons  deprived  of  land, 
which  had  been  granted  oy  New  York. 

The  surveyors  for  New  York  were 
Robert  Yates,  Robert  R.  Livingston, 
John  Lansing  Jr.,  Gulian  C.  Verplank, 
Simoon  DeWitt,  Egbert  Benson,  Rich- 
ard Sill,  Melancton  Smith;  and  for 
Vermont,  Isaac  Tichenor,  Stephen  R. 
Bradley,  Nathaniel  Chipman,  Elijah 
Paine,  Ira  Allen,  Stephen,  Jacob  and 
Israel  Smith. 

1812.  The  pro  sent  line  was  establish- 


1662.  Charter  granted  territory  to  the 
South  Sea. 

1664.  The  eastern  boundary  of  Con- 

necticut was  the  Connecticut  River, 
and  the  western  boundary  was  twenty 
miles  east  of  the  Hudson  River. 

1731.  The  southern  boundary  of  Con- 
necticut was  extended  westward  along 
the  Sound,  and  New  York  was  com- 
pensated on  the  north. 

The  present  line  was  established, 
but  much  controversy  followed. 

New  Jersey. 

New  Jersey  claimed  “full  right  and 
lawful  authority  to  exercise  jurisdic- 
tion in  and  over  the  said  Hudson  Rivor 
and  the  said  main  sea,”  including 
Staten  Island. 

1806.  Commission  appointed  by  each 
State,  but  nothing  accomplished. 

1838.  Benjamin  F.  Butler,  Peter  A. 
Gay,  and  Henry  Seymour  from  New 
York,  with  James  Parker,  Lucius  Q. 
C.  Elmer  and  Theodore  Frelinghuysen 
of  New  Jersey  established  the  present 


The  original  boundary  of  Pennsyl- 
vania extended  from  the  northwest 
corner  of  New  Jersey,  along  the  cen- 
ter of  the  Delaware  River  to  42°  north 
latitude,  and  then  west  to  Lake  Erie. 
1781.  New  York  released  a portion  of 
its  western  territory  to  the  General 
Government,  who  in  turn  sold  it  to 
Pennsylvania  for  $151,640.00.  This 
gave  to  Pennsylvania  thirty  miles  of 
coast  on  Lake  Erie,  and  a good  har- 

1789.  The  present  line  was  established 
by  the  U.  S.  Surveyor  General. 

The  charter  of  Massachusetts  in- 
cluded “the  Maine  lands  from  sea  to 

The  claiming  of  territory  by  New 
York  and  Massachusetts  caused  much 
controversy  and  sometimes  bloodshed. 
1763.  John  Watts,  William  Smith, 
Robert  Livingston  and  William  Nicoll, 
representing  New  York,  and  William 
Brattle,  Joseph  Hawley,  and  John 

i . 

' '£t  ■ 

* ^ ' • ■ - • 

: r • 

• +t’;;jvm'r  i .:u  . stfj  n'i 

■ - ■■;■/■■  - ,,  ...  . 4wit  • ♦ 












Hancock  representing'  Massachusetts, 
agreed  on  a line,  twenty  miles  east  of 
i he  Hudson  River.  This  line  was  never 

1785.  Congress  appointed  Thomas 
Hutchin's,  John  Ewing,  and  David  Rit- 
tenhous  to  run  the  line  and  end  the 

1786.  James  Duane,  Robert  R.  Liv- 
ingston, Robert  Yates,  John  Haring, 
Meiancton  Smith,  and  Egbert  Benson 
for  New  York,  with  John  Lowell, 
James  Sullivan,  Theophilus  Parsons 
and  Rufus  King  for  Massachusetts, 
agreed  that  Massachusetts  would  sur- 
render the  entire  disputed  territory  of 
New  York,  and  would  receive  in  re- 
turn the  land  west  of  a line  beginning 
on  the  Pennsylvania  boundary,  and 
extending  north  along  the  present 
eastern  line  of  Steuben  County, 
through  Schuyler,  eastern  edge  of 
Yates,  Seneca  Lake,  eastern  boundary 
of  Ontario,  and  through  Wayne  to 
Lake  Ontario. 

This  line  was  called  the  “Preemp- 
tion Line/’  and  Massachusetts  had  the 
first  right  to  purchase  this  land  from 
the  Indians. 

New  York  retained  the  one-mile 
strip  along  the  Niagara  River. 

H88.  Oliver  Phelps  and  Nathaniel 
Gorham,  citizens  of  New  York,  bought 
the  preemption  rights  from  Massa- 


Following  this  they  purchased  2,- 
600,000  acres  from  the  Indians  for 
$5,000  and  a perpetual  annuity 
of  S500.  This  tract  was  bounded 
on  the  east  by  the  preemption  line, 
south  by  Pennsylvania,  north  by  Lake 
Ontario,  and  west  by  a line  running 
north  from  Pennsylvania  to  the  junc- 
tion of  Canas’sraga  Creek  and  the 
Genesee  River,  along  the  River  to  a 
point  two  miles  north  of  Avon,  then 
due  west  twelve  miles,  then  north  to 
'Lake  Ontario. 

A land  office  was  established  at 
Canandaigua,  many  families  bought 
land,  and  the  new  country  was  chang- 
ed from  a wilderness  to  settlements. 
J.790.  Robert  Morris  purchased  from 
Phelps  and  Gorham  for  thirty  thou- 
sand pounds,  that  part  of  their  origi- 
nal tract  which  had  not  been  sold.  This 
was  about  1,200,000  acres  of  scattered 
parcels  of  land,  and  was  called  the 
“Pultney  Estate”. 

1791.  Phelps  and  Gorham  were  un- 
able to  make  their  promised  payments 
to  Massachusetts,  and  so  induced  that 
State  to  take  back  that  portion  of 
New  York  which  had  not  been  pur- 
chased from  the  Indians. 

Robert  Morris  then  bought  from 
Massachusetts  the  right  to  buy  this 
territory  from  the  Indians. 

Massachusetts  deeded  to  Robert 
Morris  its  claim  to  the  last  of  the  land 
claimed  by  that  State. 

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» , ^ 






) . . . 

~~ — 


■'f  II  • •••'.  I ■■  dn  ''i.  . iff 

, . .t.-  '-’7  vv  »-  ■ ; 




Baptism's  in  the  Church  at  West 

Bloomfield,  N.  Y.  The  name  of  the 

child  foil  dws  the  names  of  the  parents. 


Ralph  and  Philena  Hunt-Almira  Jane. 

Bela  (Deceased:)  and  Lament  Par- 

meie — Bela. 


Thomas  and  Nancy  Fuller  — James 

Jason  and  Joanna  Canfield — -Andreus 


Elliott  and  Orissa  Lewis — Lucy  Maria. 

Sally  Bell — Robert  Harrison. 

Eben  and  Celinda  Morley — Mary. 

Joseph  and  Many  Bali  Clark — Joseph 

Jonathan  and  Ruth  Lee — Marietta. 

Sylvanus  and  — Beckwith — Harriet 
Newel,  Sarah  Elizabeth. 

Russell  and  Eunice  Handy — Samuel. 

Joseph  and  Celestia  Ford  — Charles 


Jadoch  and  Betsey  Herrick  — Emily 

Peregreen  and  — Gardner — Clidena 

Jonathan  and  Ruth  Lee — Lewis  Henry. 

James  and  Laura  Sherman — Sarah 

Eben  Curtis — Eliza,  William  Bishop 
Susan  Wight. 

Enoch  A.  and  Marietta  Hall — Myran 

Piter  W.  and  Susan  Handy — James 

Robert  Jr.  and  Rhoda  Taft — Chloe. 

James  and  Lucy  Bushnell  — Harriet 
Eliza  and  James  Lewis. 

Joel  and  Lydia  Hall — Sarah  Melinda. 

Gordon  C.  and  Eunice  Mather — Es- 
ther Maria. 

Elliott  and'  Orissa  Lewis — James  El- 


William  and  Sa — Pilsbury — William 
A,  Sarah  Adeline. 

William  and  Eunice  McLaughlin  — 
James  Monroe. 

Eben  and  Eliza  Curtis — Newton. 

Mrs.  Chloe  Sill  — Thomas  Gilmas, 
Phebe  Hannah,  George  Beach. 

Isaac  and  — Ball — Martha  Laurens. 
Samuel  I and  Clarissa  Nichols — Har- 
riet Emily. 

Captain  Russell  and  Eunice  Handy — 

Calvin  and  Polly  Taft — Esther. 

Enoch  and  Marietta  Kail — Cornedia 

Eben  and  'Celinda  Morley — Calvin. 


Samuel,  Esq.  and  Sarah  Nichols- — 


Gordon  Clark  and  Eunice  Mather  — 
Amelia,  Matthew  Noy&s. 

Chapin  and  Polly  Taft — Rebecca. 

Samuel  and  Sarah  Nichols — Sarah. 
Jason  and  Joanna  Canfield  — James 

Harvey  and  Eliza  Hall  — George 

Williaim  and  Sarah  Pilsbury— James 


Ebenezer  and  Celinda  Morley — Sarah. 
Sylvanus  and  Lydia  B - ckovith — Ann 

Nathaniel  and  Clarissa  Beckwith  — 
Mary  Fitch,  Fanny  Alvira. 

R.  C.  and  H.  W.  Robbins-RufusWatts. 
Benj.  and  Cynthia  Herrick — Thomas 
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rogers — Cynthia,  Ann 


Isaac  and  Sally  B.  Jackson — Emily 

Jason  and  Joanna  Canfield — George 

Eben  and  Eliza  Curtiss — Clara. 

Silas  C.  and  Mary  C.  Brown — Adopt- 
ed children  Sarah  Louisa  and  So- 

Aimeron  and  Emeline  Kingsley — Ho- 
sca  Aldrich. 










-v  . ■ 




Horace  and  Mary  Wells  — Horace 


Robert  and  Rhoda  Taft  — Jemima 


H.  J.  and  S.  A.  Morsy-Edward  Payson. 

R.  C.  and  A.  W.  Robbins — Hiland. 


James  and  Lucina  Evans  — Oliver 

W.  and  S.  Pilsbury — Ira  Hadlock. 

D.  and  C.  J.  Porter — Mary  Joanna. 

C.  and  P.  Taft — Margaret  Loisa. 

Adults  1837.  Phineas  Palmer,  Denison 
A.  Porter,  Sarah  E.  Pratt,  Lawrence 
W.  Russ,  Calvin  Strong. 

R.  C.  and  H.  W.  Robbins — Hiram. 

H.  J.  and  S.  A.  Morey — Henry  Mar- 

Deacon  Eben  and  Eliza  Curtiss  — 
Judith  Grant. 


Charles  J.  and  Rosannah  Dewstoe — 
Martin  Rose. 

Stephen  C.  and  Minerva  Aldrich  — 
Clark  Baker. 

Adults — Julia  Dake,  Polly  Drake 
Frances  Dewstoe,  Sarah  Dewstoe, 
Warren  Hall,  Henry  Lawrence,  Ca- 
therine Miner,  Nancy  Miller,  George 
McKinney,  Horace  Perkins,  Alice 
Parker,  Eunice  Simonds,  Henry 
Strong,  Wooster  Smith,  Benjamin 
Sturges,  Lucius  Russ,,  Norman  G. 
Wilson,  William  F.  Wilson,  George 


.Widow  Jane  Jones — Simon,  Angeline, 
Lyman,  Sarah  Ann. 

Eben  and  Martha  Palmer — Nancy  Eli- 

Benj.  and  Sarah  Sturges  — Amon, 
Mary  William. 

Adults — Eliza  Holden,  Rebecca  Olive 


Charles  I.  and  Rosannah  Dewstoe — 


H.  S.  and  Mary  Perkins-Emily  Maria. 

John  and  Amelia  C-hauncy — Nathaniel 


Benjamin  and  Sarah  Sturgess-Henry. 


Parents  not  recorded  — Bushnell,  — 
Baker,  Charles  Epaphras  Porter, 
Julia  Amanda  Taft. 

1845.  Margaret  Janet  Brabon,  Cassius 
R.  Peck,  son  of  Jasper  and  Mary, 
Dennis  Apollos  Parmele,  Elvira 
Louisa  Taft. 

1846.  George  Henry  Canfield,  George 
Henry  Aldrich. 

1847.  Edwin  Darrow  Smith,  Mary 
El'sine  Peek. 

1848.  Mary  Elizabeth  Fisher,  Edwin 
Augustus  Taft,  Beulah  Foster,  Al- 
bert Bushnell. 

1849.  Catharine  Almira  Fisher,  Emily 
Elizabeth  Peck. 

1850.  Florence  Angeline  Bushnell, 
Chloe  Maria  Hayes,  Samuel  Gilbert 
Bacon,  Henry  Martyn  Bacon,  James 
Augustine  Hall,  Susan  Hall  Hayes. 

1853.  William  Taft  Case,  Eliza  Ruth 

1854.  Frank  Stuart  Hall,  Harriet 
Louisa  Hall. 

1855.  Lyra  Rosalind  Peck. 

1857.  Myron  and  Harriet  Hall — Mari- 
etta Amanda. 

John  S.  and  Mary  Peck  — Edward 

1858.  Catharine  Elvira  Hall. 

1859.  James  H.  and  Jane  F.  Hall — 
Mark  Hodges. 

Matthew  and  Marianna  Peck — How- 
ard Hendee. 

Rev.  Pliny  and  'Caroline  G.  Sanborne 
— Frederick  William. 

1860.  Henry  Kendall  Sanborne.  Ca- 
tharine Maria  Tack.  Mary  Eliza- 
beth Tack.  William  Henry  Tack. 

1861.  Hiland  Canfield.  Alice  Elsine 

1862.  Jasper  C.  and  Mary  Peck — Flor- 
ence Hall. 

William  and  Mary  Brown — Clara  Ella. 

Robert  K.  and  Elizabeth  Taft — Fanny 

Myron  and  Harriett  Hall  — George 

> a ■ 

......  .■  , .. 

. . • 7 

■ -v-  " - ■ • . .■•■■■ 

:u  ■ i 




••  ■■  ■' 

, ; 

• • ' 

..  . . 4 ' ;T  i * \';\i 

•a  u \ i 






Rev.  Pliny  and  Caroline  Sanborns — 
Lewis  Warner. 

1863.  John  B.  and  Elizabeth  Mather 
— Jennie  Bell,  Mary  Ella. 

John  C.  and  Ellen  Griffiths  — Ella 

1864.  John  B.  and  Elizabeth  Mather — 
John  Burns. 

Catharine  Emily  Hayes. 

Mary  Almira  Peck. 

1865.  Alice  Louise  Hillyer  Sanborns. 
1867.  Hiram  T.  and  Mary  G.  Parmele 

— Loisa  Leach,  Henry  Marvin. 
William  B.  and  Lydia  Canfield — Wil- 
liam Hiland. 

Myron  and  Eliza  Ann  Shepard — Jen- 
nie Bell. 

John  C.  and  Ellen  Griffiths — Jennie 

1869.  Rev.  Pliny  and  Caroline  San- 
borne — Wallace  Hobart. 

1872.  Myron  and  Eliza  Ann  Shepard 
Clara  Alida. 

John  C.  and  Ellen  Griffith  — Alice 
Florence,  Fannie  Louise. 

Mary  Ida  Parmele. 

1876.  Edward  Rollin  Griffith. 

1878.  Rev.  Otis  D.  Crawford  — Lulu 

(The  End  of  Baptisms) 

By  the  Rev.  Eben  S.  Fitch 
at  West  Bloomfield,  N.  Y. 


Fab.  29  — Jonathan  Lee  and  Ruth 

Mar.  20 — Orin  Gilbert,  Avon  and  Bet- 
sey Butler. 

May  30 — Samuel  Barrows  and  Char- 
lotte Plardy. 

Nov.  6 — John  Perkins  and  Betsey 

Nov.  17  — John  Cooper  and  Marg 

Nov.  27 — Joseph  Forule  and  Anna 


Jan.  1 — William  Lochlin  and  Eunice 


Jaa.  2 — John  Gardiner  and  Anna  Her- 

Mar.  2 — Reuben  Franklin  and  Betsey 
Kitteridge  of  Lima. 

May  16  — Ezekiel  Folsom  and  Lucy 

June  12 — Doctor  Elkanah  French  and 
Lucy  S,  Clark.  Both  of  Livonia, N.Y. 
Aug.  14 — Julius  Jares  and  Nancy  Dur- 

Sept.  2 — Micajah  Roberson  and  Lydia 
Phelps  of  Avon. 

Nov.  9- — John  Ball  and  Sally  Airs. 

Nov.  20 — Dobbin  of  Geneva  and 

Martha  Sears. 

Nov.  27 — Samuel  Bedman  and  Fanny 
Ada  ms. 

Dec.  4 — John  Burnet  and  Mehitabel 

Dec.  13 — Virgil  Peck  and  Mary  Phil- 


Feb.  22 — John  B.  Minor  and  Sally  H. 

Apr.  16 — William  Pilsbury  and  Sarah 

April  22  — Eben  Curtis  and  Eliza 

July  7 Joel  Holland  and  Lydia  Evarts. 
Aug.  13 — Joseph  Terry  of  Bristol  and 
Sophia  Butrick. 

Sept.  24 — William  Burbank  of  Mos- 
cow and  Olive  Hamlin  of  East 


Jan.  25 — William  Palmer  of  N un  da 
and  Eleanor  Knickerbacker  of  W. 

Feb.  3 — Stephen  Peck  and  Prudence 
Lewis  of  Ohio. 

Feb.  11 — Churl's  s Smith  and  Mary  Eg- 

Feb.  17 — Elliott  Lewis  and  Orissa 

Mar.  7 — David  S.  Conklin  and  F&iisia 


Mar.  12 — William  Herick  and  Mary 


Mar.  21 — Eli  Kimball  and  Nancy  Taft 
of  Lima. 

(To  be  continued) 



■ . f ' 



■ - ■ . >■ , " ■ - ■ 


...  . - , v-  ,4>- 

• *» 


• v*  , 





Abigail,  daughter  of  Jesse  and 
Eunice,  born  1800.  She  married  Wm. 
Norris.  Abigail  was  accomplished  in 
all  household  duties  of  her  time.  She 
was  an  expert  with  the  distaff,  the 
spindle,  and  the  loom.  Their  ohildren 

1.  Diana,  married  Ira  Simpson  and 
died  July  28,  18S4,  Norwich,  N.  Y. 

2.  James,  not  married. 

3.  Polly,  daughter  of  Jesse  and 
Eunice,  married  Marvin  Haight, 
Smith ville.  Moved  to  Brocton,  N.  Y. 
They  had  Ruth  1821.  William  1822. 
Taiman  1823.  Caroline,  Margaret, 
Ann  Jane,  Melisse,  Eunice,  Collins, 
Laura,  Hiram,  Mary. 

Ruth,  daughter  of  Jesse  and  Eunice, 
married  Caleb  Simmons  and  had: 

1.  Harrison,  Sept.  20,  1838. 

2.  George  H.,  June  19,  1843. 

Elisha,  son  of  Jesse  and  Eunice, 

married  Eliza  C.  Davis  of  Smithville, 
X.  Y.  She  was  born  Feb.  3,  1813. 
Their  children  were: 

1.  Hiram,  Sept.  20,  1835.  No  child- 

2.  David,  May  6,  1840.  Enlisted  in 
the  Union  Army,  and  died  in  Ander- 
sonville  Prison,  Sept.  11,  1864. 

3.  Charles  S.,  Sept.  20,  1843.  Mar- 
ried Stella  W.  Newsame,  Irondale,  Mo. 
Nov.  10,  1874.  He  died  May  24,  1879, 
Arkansas.  They  had  three  children. 

4.  Edward,  Dec.  10,  1846.  Married 
Marion  Jordan  Dec.  10,  1870.  They 
had  Francis  Eugene,  Nov.  14,  1875, 
who  married  Athena  Wilkinson  Oct. 
2,  1894. 

5.  Susan  M.,  Apr.  11,  1851-Sept.  19, 
1875.  Had  two  children. 

6.  Louisa  C.  Oct.  26,  1854. 

Jesse,  son  of  Jesse  and  Eunice,  mar- 
ried Caroline  Barnes  of  Greene,  N. 
Y.  Feb.  22,  1829.  In  1836  they  moved 
to  Jasper  where  he  cleared  a farm. 
Ke  rafted  and  ran  lumber  down  the 
Canisteo,  Tioga  and  Susquehanna 
Rivers  in  the  spring  freshets.  Was 
counted  a good  waterman,  and  a suc- 

cessful pilot.  He  had  a good  eye  for  a 
horse,  was  a little  visionary,  and  of  a 
roving  turn  of  /mind. 

In  the  early  fifties,  he  started  for 
Oregon,  which  to  him  was  “the  land 
flowing  with  milk  and  honey.”  But 
after  reaching  the  Mississippi  River, 
he  came  very  quietly  home,  and  there 
was  not  much  more  said  of  Oregon. 

In  1856,  he  moved  to  Little  Valley, 
N.  Y.  where  his  wife  died  July  14, 
1857.  He  later  married  Malinda  Chase. 
He  died  in  1897  at  the  home  of  his  son 
Jesse  in  Larned,  Kansas. 

The  children  of  Jesse  Luce  Bartoo, 
6th  child  of  Jesse  and  Eunice  and 
Caroline  Barnes  were: 

. Annis,  Nov.  20,  1829.  Married  Dec. 
14,  1847,  Jacob  Whiteman,  Jasper  ,N. 
Y.  They  (moved  to  West  Clarksville, 
N.  Y.  in  1850.  He  was  a soldier  in  the 
Union  Army,  and  lost  an  eye  in  that 
“storm  of  iron  hail”  at  Gettysburg  in 

Their  children  were  Jesse,  1848,  who 
married  Eunice  Swartout;  Martha, 
1850,  who  married  Albert  Hoyt;  Geo. 
H.,  1851,  married  Mary  Swartout  and 
went  to  Dawson,  Nebraska;  Eli  1855- 

2.  Betsey,  June  7,  1831.  Second  wife 
of  Eli  Bartoo. 

3.  Olive,  March  7,  1833-July  1899. 
Married  George  Heckman.  Foster 
parents  of  Eugene  Heckman,  George 
Henry  Bartoo,  and  Mary  Mulholland. 

4 and  5.  Twins  Amelia  and  Corde- 
lia July  1835-1835. 

6.  Lucretia,  1836-1839. 

7.  Laura  Etta,  Sept.  14,  1839.  Mar- 
ried Rowland  V.  Haynes  of  Harrison, 
Pa.  Their  children  were  Caroline, 
1859-1861;  Eunice  Louise  1864-1887; 
Olive,  Sept.  6,  1872,  who  married  John 
Campbell,  Jasper,  N.  Y.;  Ina  Julia, 
Mar.  4,  1875,  who  married  William 
Sanford,  Jasper,  N.  Y.  and  had  Flos- 
sie Viola  and  Rowland  LeRoy;  Rosa 
Agnes,  June  25,  1879,  who  married 
Edward  Lyon. 



• . ' 

: • ■ , :;?!  I '■!,  ■ 

’t  •! 



f ’’ 







' *. 

■ . 

. ' 

• ;•  , ; • 

■ V,:. 

■ ••  ' *A 


• i i 




■ ■ ■:r>\::i'ry  ■*>  •' 





' ■ ■ - 1 

. * . ‘ ■'  - 
:n"n  M>qg  £ 1-  tizuoi 




of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Courtesy  Buffalo  Historical  Society 

Barrett,  Wm.,  about  50,  stranger  here. 
Died  at  G.  W.  Black’s,  Cor.  Evans 
and  Terrace,  Sept.  16,  1848.  Said 
had  a family  near  Sackett’s  Harbor. 

Barrow,  Sarah,  wife  of  James, 
Clarence,  Feb.  10,  1861  40. 

Barrows,  Gersham  Stanley,  July  4, 
1861  27. 

Barry,  Mary  N.,  wife  of  Augustus  B., 
Jan.  28,  1857.  Of  Reck  Island,  111. 

"Barry,  Mrs.  Sarah  E.,  Aug.  10,  1842. 
Died  at  Monmouth,  111. 

Barstow,  Samuel  of  Detroit,  July  12, 
1854  41. 

Bartholomew,  Adaline,  wife  of  Chaun- 

, cey,  Feb.  8,  1848  40. 

Bartholomew,  Esther  Ann,  dau.  of 
Ghauncey,  Nov.  4,  1845  20. 

Bartholomew,  Matilda,  May  20,  1857 

20  6. 

Bartholomew,  Sarah  Sophia,  Nov.  17, 
1854  21. 

Bartlett,  Arvilla,  wife  of  Allen,  Auro- 
ra, Sept.  25,  1858  29. 

Bartlett,  Mrs.  Caroline  S.,  dau.  of 
Wm.  H.  Corbin,  West  Aurora,  Mar. 
14,  1855. 

Bartlett,  Helen  J.,  wife  of  Allen,  Wil- 
link,  Oct.  2,  1865  29. 

Bartlett,  Henry,  Clarence,  Aug.  9,  18- 
14  45. 

Bartlett,  Captain  John,  formerly  Cox- 
sackie,  Green  Co.,  July  22,  1836  65. 

Bartlett,  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  Oct.  22,  1863 
47.  Taken  to  Hadley,  Mass. 

Bartlett,  Thomas  B.,  brother  of  Dr. 
F.  W.,  Jan.  12,  1859.  Formerly  of 
and  taken  to  Kingston,  Mass. 

Bartlett,  Victor,  died  in  Brooklyn,  Oct. 
26,  1843  27. 

Bartley,  Betsey  Elizabeth,  wife  of 
Samuel.  Colden,  Sept.  30,  1852  48. 

Barton,  Emma  S.,  wife  of  Pliny  F., 
Aug.  11,  1860  62. 

Barton,  Harriett  L.,  wife  of  L.  H.  and 
dau.  of  J.  Lock,  June  17,  1864  29. 

Barton,  Mrs.  Mary,  Nov.  3,  1861  64. 

Barton,  Phineas,  Feb.  17,  1866  69. 

Barton,  Pliny  F.,  Mar.  22,  1864  58. 

Barton,  Sarah  Maria,  wife  of  Col. 
James  L.,  Dec,  2,  1851  53. 

Barton,  Susan,  wife  of  Phineas,  June 
11,  1857.  Died  in  New  York.  Buried 
in  Buffalo. 

Barton,  T.  B.,  died  in  Galt,  C.  W., 
June  6,  1853.  Organist  of  Trinity 
Church,  Galt. 

Barton,  Theodore  D.,  June  24,  1863  54. 

Bartow,  John,  died  in  Washington,  D. 
C.  Lawyer,  employed  in  Dept,  of 

. Interior,  Dec.  8,  1857  44. 

Bertram,  Hannah.  Maria,  wife  of 
Henry,  June  13,  1845  33. 

Basket,  Charles  Thomas,  Englishman, 
Oct.  15,  1840  56. 

Bass,  Samuel  Savil,  Manilla,  Nov.  18, 
1859  25  4 4. 

Bassett,  Abby  F.,  sister  of  Gustavus 
and  Thomas,  Nov.  23,  1854. 

Bassett,  Jason,  architect,  Oct.  27,  I8- 
60 41. 

Bassett,  Mary,  wife  of  Col.  Jason, 
July  28,  1849  40. 

Bassett,  Dea.  Nathaniel  T.,  Evans, 
Feb.  6,  1863  64. 

Bassett,  Susan  Bartlett,  wife  of  Gus- 
tavus, Feb.  17,  1847  31. 

Bastian,  Robert  C.,  Apr.  14,  1850  38. 

Batehelder,  Amos,  formerly  of  Sutton, 
Mass.,  Dec.  23,  1866  62. 

Bates,  John,  Dec.  11,  1858  56. 

Bates,  Mary,  widow  of  John,  Dec.  3, 
1864  64. 

Bates,  Sally  G.,  widow  of  Phineas  P. 
of  Canandaigua,  Oct.  4,  1863  83. 

Battell,  Cyrus,  Engineer  and  Steam- 
boat Inspector,  Jail.  26,  1840  40. 

Battell,  Mrs.  Mary  Fuller,  niece  of 
Miss  Clara  Cutler,  Dec.  25,  1859. 

Batten,  James,  Aug.  9,  1862  35. 

Batty,  Hannah,  wife  of  David,  Ham- 
burg, Aug.  19,  1839  50.  Died  in 
Huntsville,  Madison  Co.,  I red. 

Bauermeister,  John  Henry,  Apr.  1, 
1867  53. 

' ' 

1 .. 

vn  f i 







r y.  .. 

-?  : 


< • ' ,W  / ''  ' H > ' •»<')■.:  • . *K  1 •■A;zh H 1 


■ U " , t-  :i  , ..'-tun 

- . ■ "■  ••  > • ] /, 
j ...  ... ■ ■ iisT  .y • a.  k>  ■ 




Mrs.  Ridall  of  Buffalo,  not  a sub- 
scriber, became  interested  in  our  work 
through  seeing  a copy  of  “Early  Set- 
tlers of  New  York  State’'  in  the  Gros- 
venor  Library. 

Wishing  to  be  helpful,  she  copied 
the  following  from  an  old  Bible,  and 
sent  it  to  us. 

Bible  of  S.  D.  Millington,  South 
Shaftsbury,  Vt.,  1828.. 

Samuel  D,  Millington  married  first 
Sarah  Blackmer,  Dec.  7,  1828. 
Samuel  D.  Millington  married  second 
Rachel  Plimpton,  Sept.  21,  1848 
Samuel  D.  Millington  married  third 
Mary  H.  Dickson,  Feb.  6,  1861. 
Samuel  D.  Millington  born  Feb.  26, 
died  Aug.  3,  1888,  aged  84  y 5m  8 d. 
Sarah  Blackmer  born  Apr.  24,  1807, 
died  May  7,  1847. 

Rachel  Plimpton  born  Mar.  4,  1820, 
died  Sept.  4,  1859. 

Mary  H.  Dickson  born  May  17,  1823, 
died  Oct.  4,  1875. 

Children  of  Samuel  and  Sarah 
Blackmer  Millington: 

Samuel  Dyer,  Jr.  born  Jan.  9,  1837, 
married  Emily  E.  Baker  Dec.  8,  1854 
who  was  born  Jan.  24,  1833  and  died 

June  26,  1870,  aged  37. 

Ruth  Maria  born  Oct.  16,  1834,  mar- 
ried William  Cottrell  and  died  June 
24,  1870. 

Edward  Henry  born  Aug.  7,  1844, 
married  Fannie  P.  Elton,  Dec.  25, 
1877.  She  died  Oct.  19,  1891,  aged 
47.  He  then  married  Florence  I.  Bar- 
low,  May  19,  1898.  She  was  born 
June  15,  1855  and  died  Dec.  14,  1907. 
Blackmer  born  Jan.  18,  1847,  died  May 
3,  1847. 

The  Blackmer  Family — Sarah  born 
July  2,  1763,  died  Bennington  Apr.  5, 
1813.  Abigail  born  Mar.  21,  1766,  died 
Rupert  Sept.  7,  1834.  Samuel  born 
Feb.  3,  1768.  Jason  born  Apr.  24,  17- 
70.  Jefre  born  Apr.  26,  1772.  Wilbur 
born  May  19,  1774.  Rubat,  bom  Oct. 
14,  1777.  Seymour,  born  May  17.  17- 
79.  Green  born  Mar.  8,  1781.  Vista 
born  Sept.  22,  1783. 

Records  from  other  Bibles: 

G.  R.  Samuel  and  Hattie  L.  Davis, 
at  Cambria,  Minn.,  Oct.  29,  1879.  In 
presence  of  Herbert  Davis  and  Mrs. 
Ann  Williams.  Hattie  L.  Samuel  died 
Nov.  27,  1889  in  Minneapolis,  Minn. 

Mrs.  Cynthia  Gould’3  Book.  Born 
Oct.  3,  1800.  Died  Nov.  21,  1895  at 


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• , Yv  ; 

■ - :»  U ' 

c . , ' 




■ \ -r.b 





f >.rv  of  '0&W9TM 

i . 




The  following1  records  are  copied 
from  the  tombstones  in  Hillside  Ceme- 
tery, East  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

Cook,  Laura,  his  wife,  Aug.  8,  1870  51 
Corkins,  Isaac,  Mar.  18,  1853  67. 

Chapman,  Edward,  Oct.  18,  1849  89. 

Chapman,  Rebecca,  his  wife,  May  15, 
1866  82. 

Chad-well,  James,  Co.  G 8th  N.Y.H.A., 
Aug.  2,  1893  66  9. 

Cameron,  Christiana,  wife  of  John, 

Sept.  27,  1861  84. 

Cameron,  Katharine,  dau.,  Apr.  24, 

1876  69  5 12. 

Cameron,  Archibald,  Sept.  26,  1808, 

July  7,  1884. 

Cameron,  Jennette  C.  Marsh,  born 

Mar.  9,  1811. 

Christie,  James,  Sept.  19,  1868  73. 

Christie,  Ann  Cameron,  his  wife,  July 
22,  1890  88. 

Christie,  Elizabeth,  dau.,  May  9,  1892 

Carlisle,  George,  1818-1902. 

Carlisle,  Mary,  1837-1902. 

Cleveland,  Harriet  L.,  wife  of  John, 
Jan.  22,  1880  52. 

The  following  records  are  copied 
from  records  in  Hillside  Cemetery,  E. 
Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

Dexter,  Sally,  wife  of  Reuben,  Jan. 
.18,  1851  60. 

Dennison,  Otis  G.,  1832-1921,  father. 
Dennison,  Frances  O.,  his  wife,  18- 
32-1926,  mother. 

Durham,  Jacob,  Apr.  4,  1771.  Oct.  11, 

Durham,  Jane  Griffin,  his  wife,  Mar. 

28,  1784.  Oct.  18,  1866. 

Durham,  John,  Feb.  5,  1809.  Oct.  5, 

Durham,  Isabelle,  his  wife.  Dec.  10, 
1896  52. 

Durham,  John  V.,  Sept.  8,  1808.  Apr. 
9,  1892. 

Durham,  Electa,  his  wife,  Oct.  9,  1810, 
Feb.  13,  1889. 

Durham,  John,  Mar.  1,  1836,  Oct.  30, 

Durham,  Jane,  his  wife,  Dec.  1,  1830, 

Aug.  21,  1889. 

Eastman,  Ruth,  wife  of  Enoch,  Jan. 
9,  1846  66. 

Elliott,  Lester,  Mar.  1885  86. 

Elliott,  Margaret,  Feb.  1878  78. 

Elliott,  George  G.,  May  9,  1892  72. 

Elliott,  Edwin  R. 

Elliott,  Iiattie,  his  wife,  May  13,  1873 

Finley,  Alexander,  Apr.  12,  1831,  Aug. 
28,  1922. 

Finley,  Sophia  Pearce,  his  wife,  Jan. 

17,  1841,  Jan,  25,  1884. 

Fisher,  Roswell,  Sept.  25,  1806,  Oct. 
3,  1887. 

Fisher,  Margaret  A.,  his  wife  Nov. 

17,  1812,  Sept.  10,  1886^ 

Gould,  Caroline,  wife  of  John,  July  28, 
1836  27. 

Gould,  Harriet,  wife  of  John,  Aug.  19, 
1833  32. 

Gould,  Otis,  Aug.  IS,  1782,  May  27, 

Gould,  Dorothy,  wife  of  Otis,  June  23, 
1789  May  29,  1872. 

Gould,  George,  son  of  Otis  and  Doro- 
thy, Mar.  19,  1912  Feb.  24,  1904. 
Gould,  Lucy  J.,  wife  of  George,  Dec. 

31,  1814  Sept.  17,  1865. 

Gould,  Ralph  M.,  Jan.  29,  1842  May 
12,  1920. 

Gould,  Otice,  son  of  Otice  and  Doro- 
thy, Dec.  28,  1845  31. 

Gould,  Jedsdiah,  May  22,  1869  64  6. 

Gould,  Nancy  Chamberlain,  his  wife, 
Feb.  7,  1888  81  10. 

Gould,  Theresa,  dau.,  born  at  Pem- 
broke, N.Y.,  Feb.  18,  1836.  Died 
Dec.  6,  1889. 

Gorham,  Damon  H.  1824  - 1877. 
Gorham]  Mary  E.  1837  - 1911. 
Graves,  Cyrus  1790  - 1859. 

Graves,  Laurane  Baldwin  1799-1885. 
Graves,  Selina  1825  - 1883. 

Graves,  Maria  Elizabeth  1830-1858. 
Graves,  Helen  Cordelia  1832  - 1912. 
Graves,  Asher  Baldwin  1838-1926. 
Graves,  Flora  Saw  tens  1850-1931. 
Graves,  Harvey  M.  Dec.  18,  1888  58. 
Graves,  Mary,  his  wife,  May  18,  1833. 



■Sr*  . -J 



* * • : 
- ' 



' ; ■ ••  -‘-I 


' ' ■ 




• * 


May  2,  1903. 

Hclden,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  J.  P.  and 
Mary,  May  3,  1817  17. 

Jones,  Henry  N.,  Apr.  28,  1862  44. 

Jones,  Mary  Jane,  his  wife,  Sept.  2, 
1855  30. 

Kidder,  Myrtillo,  Jan.  8,  1884. 

Kidder,  Ann  Durham,  his  wife,  Oct. 
28,  1818-Mar.  5,  1865. 

Kidder,  Martha  Brown,  his  wife,  Apr. 
2,  1822-Feb.  15,  1893. 

Lines,  Robert  1832  — d. 

Lines,  Ellen,  1835-1915. 

Lines,  Hebe  Powers,  1864—  d.  — . 

Moultrop,  Sarah  B.,  wife  of  Denison, 
Feb.  7,  1857  43. 

Martian,  Phebe,  wife  of  Christian, 
Feb.  28,  1853  17  11. 

Mains,  John,  Apr.  21,  1879  86. 

McMillan,  Abigail  Ann,  dau.  of  Alex, 
and  Almeda,  Feb.  6,  1831. 

McMillan,  , wife  of  Alexander, 

July  18,  1847  34. 

McCleary,  William  Dec.  28,  1870  52. 

McCleary,  Martha,  his  wife,  Apr.  4, 

Parkhurst,  George  F.,  Jan.  11,  1892 

Paesage,  Harriet  L.,  wife  of  John, 
June  11,  1888  42. 

Peard,  Henry  L.,  son  of  Thomas  and 
Fnnces,  Dec.  13,  1869  29. 

Pearce,  Richard,  born  in  Somerset  Co., 
Eng.,  Mar.  21,  1807.  Died  Dec.  19, 

Pearce,  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  born  in 
England  Feb.  18,  1810,  died  May  29, 

Pearce,  Charles  R.,  Md.,  son,  Sept.  29, 
1847,  Feb.  3,  1878. 

Prarce,  John,  son,  Dec.  6,  1843,  Apr. 
8,  1862. 

Pearce,  Sarah,  dau.,  Oct.  25,  1833, 
Mar.  6.  1876. 

Peck,  Daniel,  1785-1866. 

Peck,  Bathsheba,  his  wife  1789-1848. 

Post,  C.  W.,  Oct.  4,  1878  75. 

Post,  Naomi,  wife,  Dec.  8,  1889  85. 

Rice,  Mary  A.,  dau.  of  Wellington  and 
Betsey,  Aug.  30,  1844  1. 


Reed,  Phebe,  wife  of  Josiah,  June  8, 
1862  59. 

Reynolds,  James,  son  of  Alpheus  and 
Sophia,  June  18,  1831  48. 

Rogers,  Aaron,  Apr.  24,  1811,  July  2, 

Rogers,  Sarah  A.,  June  11,  1815  Aug. 

9,  1903. 

Russell,  Samuel  Sylvester,  Sept.  21, 
1832  - May  20,  1872. 

Russell,  Samuel  P.,  Nov.  28,  1801  - 
Sept.  19,  1883. 

Russell,  Ann  F.,  June  30,  1807  - Nov. 
29,  1883. 

Savercool,  Moses  C.,  son  of  Moses  and 
Amanda,  June  16,  1844  22  days. 
Savercool,  Abigail,  wife  of  Moses, 
Feb.  23,  1846  58  6 22. 

Seamans,  Benjamin,  Feb.  18,  1783  - 
Dec.  19,  1819. 

Seamans,  Abigail,  his  wife,  July  1, 
1786  - Dec.  25,  1849. 

Seamans,  Lydia,  wife  of  — Howard, 
Jan.  1,  1772  - Mar.  29,  1871. 
Seamans,  George  B.,  May  14,  1893  84. 
Seamans,  Matilda,  his  wife,  Apr.  14, 
1892  79. 

Shaw,  George,  Jr.,  1823  - 1902. 


Wallingford  Cemetery,  Vermont 

Mrs.  Daetsch  of  Hamburg,  N.  Y.  is 
an  interested  first  subscriber.  This 
summer,  during  a trip  through  New 
England,  she  copied  the  fallowing  for 

Eliza  A.  Townsend  Dec.  20,  1823-Feb. 
16,  1895. 

Seneca  D.  Townsend  1817-1877.  Aba, 
his  wife  1819-1872. 

Lydia  Towneend,  wife  of  David 
Holden,  M.  D.  1799-Mar.  21,  1882. 
Dr.  David  Holden  1793-1860. 

Mrs.  Melinda  White  Died  Nov.  5,  18- 
74,  aged  76  y 10  m 5 d. 

Charles  F.  Eddy  June  22,  1850-Apr. 

10,  1928. 

Helen  S.,  his  wife,  Mar.  26,  1848- 
Aug.  11,  1908. 

William  Ii.  Eddy,  Jan.  27,  1845-Aug. 
24,  1917. 

Mary  J.  Ripley,  wife,  Aug.  25,  1840. 


. ' 




‘id  ■ ;.!■ *■  ■ ■ 


. ' ■ 





i , ni  d " 





* . , 4 * •’  Trt^l 

.'  . V 



. • '■ 

. . ■ r - . - 'l'  : - u. :•  1 

■ ■ 

' v-..  " ^ ■ . • •*  “ : -4‘  ,;,v  -i  i'iSrt' 



The  Mail  Box 

Asa  Wetherbee,  born  Sept.  10,  1783, 
Fitchburg,  Mass.,  and  came  to  Brant, 
N.  Y.  in  1811.  Nancy  Herrick  was  his 

Some  of  their  children  were:  Syl- 
venus,  born  Feb.  17,  1817,  m.  Eliza- 
beth Jessup;  Mary  married  Erastus 
Grannis;  Maranda,  born  Aug.  31,  1821, 
m.  Georg*e  Russell  of  Wisconsin;  Bar- 
bara, born  Mar.  27,  1824,  m.  Harry 
Carley;  John,  born  Aug.  3,  1825,  m. 
Ruth  Roberts;  Dorcas,  born  Dec.  14, 
1826,  im.  John  Kewley;  William  Asa, 
born  Oct.  29,  1829,  m.  Emily  Huf- 
studler;  Charles  Paul,  born  Aug.  1831, 
m.  Margaret  Scott. 

Wanted — Parentage  and  ancestry  of 
Nancy  Herrick. 

E.M.C.  New  York 

Caleb  Haight  was  appointed  Cap- 
tain  of  State  Militia  in  Dutchess  Co., 
N.  Y.,  Mar.  20,  1778. 

Isaac  Haight,  born  about  1750,  mar- 
ried Hannah  Ferris,  both  of  Dutchess 
Co.  Their  son  Caleb,  born  about  1779, 
married  Keturah  Horton,  born  May 
28,  1778. 

Wanted — Parentage  and  ancestors 
and  family  of  Caleb  and  Isaac  Ha'gmt. 

C.A.H.E.  Utah. 

Isabel  Youngs  was  the  daughter  of 
Hyatt,  wife  of  Lewis  Youmans,  and 
mother  of  Amos  Youmans  of  Fulton. 

Sarah  Youngs  was  the  daughter  of 
Hyatt,  and  wdfe  of  Titus  Youmans,  the 
brother  of  Lewis. 

Henry,  son  of  Hyatt  Youngs,  lived 
at  or  near  Fulton  for  many  years. 

Wanted — Ancestors  of  the  Youngs 
and  Youmans  families. 

A.B.S.  Penna. 

James  Madison  Hopkins,  born  April 
8,  18C9,  married  Sally  Chivington  on 
May  27,  1829. 

Their  children  were:  Martha  Syl- 
vina,  b.  Apr.  29,  1830;  Thomas  Jeffer- 

son, b.  Sept.  19,  1832;  Amos  Hascal,  b. 
Feb.  23,  1835;  Cornelia  Amanda,  b. 
Dec.  22,  1837;  Horace  Newton,  b.  May 
21,  1843;  Rosaline  Maiissa,  b.  May  7, 

Wanted — The  parentage  of  James 
Hopkin's,  born  in  Vermont,  bought 
land  in  Alexander,  N.  Y.  in  1836,  and 
died  in  Elkhart  County,  Indiana,  Jan. 
12,  1861. 

H.G.M.  Indiana. 


Herrick  — Several  members  of  the 
Herrick  family  may  be  found  in  the 
West  Bloomfield  Church.  Records  now 
being  published  in  this  magazine. 

Miss  Nancy  Herrick  was  baptised 
and  joined  that  Church  Jan.  1,  1832. 

Mrs.  Jones  of  Buffalo,  N.  Y.  sends 
the  following,  taken  from  the  Niagara 
Journal  of  July  13,  1819. 

At  Homer,  Cortland  County,  N.  Y. 
Elder  David  Millard  of  West  Bloom- 
field to  Miss  Celia  Hicks  of  Taunton, 


One  of  our  subscribers,  who  is  wil- 
ling to  help  others,  has  data  on  the 
following  families. 

Anyone  interested  may  have  name 
and  address  of  this  subscriber  by 
sending  stamped  envelope  with  re- 
quest for  same. 

Andrews  - Anthony  - Bowers  - Cla- 
ter  - Crosby  - Coxe  - Christy  - Cle- 
ments - Davis  - Ernestus  - Gravss  - 
Greene  - Gialey  - Hall  of  Mass.  - Hoy- 
ward  - Hovey  - Herrick  - Howland  - 
Ivory  - Kewley  - Lott  - May  - Marston 
Mott  - Moore  - Nash  - Odding  - Pot- 
ters - Paine  - Pierce  - Perkins  - Pi  1s- 
bury  - Reynolds  - Ricketuon  - Strat- 
ton - Sawteiie  - Smith  - Stanton  - 
Stewart  - Sampson  - Sherman  - Skid- 
more - Tripp  - Tibbits  - Tar  bell  - Van 
Vhek  - Whitney  - Whipple  - Wether- 
bee - Worth  - Willard  - Wi thing* ton. 

i " ; ' 1 



l lip 


-V  .rr 



!'  t <?A  ftn 

JEarlg  Betthrs 


N>w  fork  MnU 

®Ijrxr  Ancestors  anil  UeorrnilanJs 


VOL.  I JANUARY  1935  NO.  7 

SFanuarp  tbe  jftrst 

“€berp  bap  t$  a freSb  beginning, 
€berp  morn  ig  tbe  toorlb  mabe  neto.” 



T.  J.  FOLEY,  AKRON, -N.  Y. 

$2.00  PER  YEAR 





A Successful  Search 

Last  Thursday  we  left  home  in 
lovely  sunshine  to  finish  copying  rec- 
ords in  Maple  Hill  Cemetery.  A beau- 
tiful place  on  a hill  at  the  side  of  an 
unimproved  country  road.  We  were 
searching  this  town,  because  sub- 
scribers had  asked  questions  in  the 
Mail  Box. 

We  finished  our  cemetery  inscrip- 
tions, then  went  to  ia  large  house  near- 
by to  inquire  about  old  records.  We 
met  a delightful  lady,  seventy-seven 
years  young,  living  alone,  and  filled 
with  the  history  of  the  place. 

Less  than  ten  houses,  a church  and 
cemetery  make  up  the  community.  In 
the  old  days,  with  poor  roads  or  none 
and  horses  for  transportation,  the 
church  was  not  neglected. 

The  good  lady  invited  us  in,  and 
answered  all  our  questions.  She  di- 
rected us  tc  the  home  of  the  church 
clerk  about  five  miles,  to  another 
home  a mile  further  where  our  desir- 
ed information  might  be  obtained,  and 
to  another  that  we  would  piass. 

Before  we  reached  the  first  stop,  a 
heavy  fog  had  developed,  and  visibili- 
ty was  not  good  for  planes  or  cars. 

Determined  to  complete  the  days 
work,  we  went  to  each  home,  secured 
the  church  records  in  one,  and  were 
advised  to  return  to  a house  near  the 

It  wias  growing  darker,  we  drove 
more  slowly,  and  found  our  house,  the 

home  of  the  superintendent  of  the 
cemetery.  A huge  dog  came  out  to 
say  in  no  uncertain  terms  that  he 
guarded  the  place. 

Treating  him  with  much  courtesy 
we  approached  the  door,  explained 
our  errand,  assured  the  folks  that  we 
really  were  honest,  and  promised  to 
take  good  care  of  the  book,  if  it  were 
loaned  to  us. 

It  was  very  graciously  loaned. 

Night  was  here,  fog  more  dense,  an 
unknown  road,  and  miles  from  hime. 
It  all  mattered  not  at  all,  for  on  the 
back  seat  of  the  car  was  one  of  the 
best  records,  if  not  the  best,  that  good 
fortune . has  brought  to  us. 

And  Mrs.  Willis  in  California  and 
Mrs.  McPherson  in  Illinois  we  have 
your  answers,  and  we  hope  many 
more  will  find  answers  in  this  very 
valuable  book.  Valuable,  because  in 
most  cases,  it  names  birthplaces. 

Your  editor  wishes  that  she  could 
spend  her  entire  time  searching  for 
your  answers.  Would  you  like  this, 
too  ? 

Send  Subscriptions  — That  is 
the  answer. 

After  January  1,  1935 — 

All  subscriptions  begin  with  Janu- 
ary, 1935. 

Back  numbers  twenty-five  cents  per 

Subscriptions  forwarded  at  once 
may  begin  with  October,  1934. 


You  are  reminded  that  a subscription  to  “Early  Settlers'’  given  to  a friend 
would  be  a weirth-while  gift  today,  and  its  value  would  increase  with  the  years. 

No  inconvenience  of  crowded  (stores  . . . write  the  order  in  your  comfortable 


Lastly  you  would  be  doing  a service  for  your  country,  for  subscriptions  are 
necessary  to  carry  on  this  work. 

$2.00  for  one  year. 

$2.75  — one  year  and  first  three  numbers. 





l J ' 

g:  ...  :>-x>n 




Marriages  at  West  Bloomfield 

Apr.  22— John  Lloyd  and  Orpba  Gates. 

Oct.  10 — Peter  Ward  Handy  and  Su- 
sannah Whitney. 

Dec.  12 — Henry  Wheelock  and  Judah 

Dec.  21 — Joseph  Minor  and  Phila 


Mar.  14 — William  Lewis  and  Hepzi- 
bah  Rice. 

Apr.  19 — Georg-e  Clark  and  Mary 
McCloughland  of  Canandaigua,  N.Y. 

Sept.  20 — Horton  Butler  and  Mary 

Sept.  25 — John  Dickson  and  Mary 


Oct.  29 — Charles  Kimball  and  Judith 


Jan.  9 — Harvey  Parrnele  and  Anna 

Jan.  11 — Bayze  Baker  and  Widow 

Lucy  Steele. 

Jan.  18 — Isaac  Jackson  and  Sally  B. 

Apr.  11 — Munroe  Buglass  and  Rosan- 
nah  Gould. 

April  11 — Jacob  Conklin  and  Paulina 

June  13— Josiah  Wendell  and  Emily  C. 


July  12 — Henry  Brown  and  Melicent 
Ravvson  of  Victor,  N.  Y. 

Sept.  26 — Alpheus  Herrick  and  Cleora 

Nov.  14 — Dr.  William  F.  (Sheldon?) 
and  Rhoda  Butler. 

1822.  ■ 

Jan.  2 — Isaac  Dow  and  Melinda  Corn- 

Mar.  12 — Robert  Stimpson  ,and  Polly 

Apr.  28 — Isaac  Proctor  and  Fanny 

Apr.  28 — Harvey  Hall  and  Eliza  Kim- 


June  13 — Dr.  Lewis  Hodges  and  Su- 
san Bacon.. 

June  17 — Dr.  Phineas  Royce  and  Lois 
Birchard  of  Lima. 

Sept.  1 — John  Marvin  and  Ruanr.a 

Sept.  30 — Daniel  Riley,  Jr.  and  Mary 

Ann  Mills. 


Feb.  23  — Martin  Lee  and  Amanda 
Ward  of  Lima. 

Feb.  27 — Carlton  Wood  and  Freelove 

Mar.  26 — Alexander  Martin  and  Ruth 

June  23 — Jesse  Reed  and  Susanna 

Nov.  9 — Pcimpey  Tucker  and  Nelly 
Hill,  colored  persons. 


Mar.  28 — C.  Gilman  Canfield  and  Har- 
riet Hall. 

Apr.  14  — John  Quick  and  Eliza 

Sept.  13 — Girin  Hall  and  Roxanna 


Jan.  13 — George  C Nichols  and  Es- 
ther Ball. 

Feb.  24 — John  Adams  and  Mary  Fair- 

Apr.  5— Horatio  Lee  and  Hannah 

Aug.  11 — Joel  Godfrey  and  Pamela 

Sept.  13 — William  Smith  and  Clarissa 


Jan.  4 — Bailey  Airs  and  Mary  Arnold, 

June  7 — Bozabel  C.  Taft  and  Ruth 

Dec.  21 — Lyman  B.  Parrnele  and  Han- 
nah Leach. 


Jan.  25 — William  McCoy  and  Eliza- 
beth C.  Pierpont  of  Rochester. 

Feb.  14 — George  Cottrell  and  Betsey 

Mar.  15 — Silas  Wheeloek  and  Almira 


• ■ ; - - 



- • ' ' •'  " : : . 





Mar.  15 — Oziel  Wade  and  Hannah  H. 


Oct.  1 — Peter  Wilcox  and  Hannah 
Ranrford,  both  of  East  Bloomfield. 

Nov.  14 — Elisha  Parish,  Esq.  of  South 
Bristol  -and  Widow  Alice  Phillips. 


Apr.  29 — David  Gould  and  Mrs.  Har- 
riet Canfield. 

Sept.  16 — Edmund  French  and  Lydia 

Sept.  24 — Almond  S.  Kingsley  and 
Emeline  Aldrich. 


Feb.  11 — Calvin  Wilcox  and  Rebecca 

Sawyer,  foster  daughter  of  Martin 
Heywood,  all  cf  East  Bloomfield. 

Feb.  25 — I married  Worthy  White  of 
Trenton,  Oneida  County  to  Beulah 
Ann  Pierce  of  this  place  and  known 
to  me.  Mr.  White,  being  unknown, 
on  the  oath  of  Mr.  M.  M.  Pierce 
(well  known  to  me),  administered 
by  J.  Stratton,  Esq.,  his  identity, 
his  residence,  Trenton,  his  occupa- 
tion a joiner,  and  his  age,  twenty- 
five  years  were  shown.  Miss  Pierce, 
aged  nineteen  years,  resides  with 
her  brother.  Silas  Brown,.  Minister. 

Mar.  25 — Milo  Carter,  farmer,  aged 
26,  to  Elizabeth  Curtiss,  instruct- 
ress, aged  26. 

July  15 — Thomas  Hallekerchant  to 
Eliza  Curtiss,  dau.  of  Deacon  Eben 


Apr.  14 — William  M.  White,  farmer, 
son  of  Gen.  White  of  Palmyra,  to 
Jane  Ann  Alexander. 

July  28 — William  R.  Norton,  cooper, 
to  Miary  Adaline  Parsons. 

Dec.  20 — Theodore  Noble,  clerk,  to 
Susan  Curtiss, 


Mar.  8 — Otis  H.  Walker  to  Sarah 
Wheeler,  both  of  Bristol. 

Apr.  26 — John  Fisher  to  Mary  Lyon, 
both  of  Victor. 

May  5 — Benjamin  Herrick  to  Cynthia 

Nov.  6 — Rev.  Elann  H,  W’alker  of 

Fowlersville  to  Alice  P.  Bacon. 

Nov.  15 — Milton  Nelson  to  Amy  Car- 
penter, both  of  Center  field  (Canan- 
daigua ) . 


Jan.  24 — Peter  Luke  of  Livonia  to 
Abigail  Van  Valkenburg, 

Feb.  6 — Rev.  James  Gaboon  to  Jane 
Chamberlain,  both  of  Canadin. 

May  2 — Henry  Pierce,  Esq.,  merchant, 
to  Mrs.  Anstress  E.  Stowe,  both  of 
Livonia,  Livingston  Co. 

June  5 — Robert  Quick  to  Ann  Rey- 

Oct.  14 — Phineas  Shepherd  to  Frances 

Oct.  23 — Herman  Doolittle  to  Char- 
lotte Noble,  bath  of  East  Bloomfield. 


Feb  13 — Handy  J.  Macy  to  Sarah  Ann 

Apr.  9 — Stephen  Cummings  to  Mrs. 

Mary  Adalinse  Norton. 

Apr.  30 — Stephen  C.  Aldrich  to  Min- 
erva Baker. 

Sept.  7 — Anthony  Shaw  to  Mariah 
Shelters,  both  of  Mendon. 

Oct.  30 — Stephen  Story  of  Lockport, 
to  Lucy  B.  French. 

Nov.  11 — Jeremiah  Claflin  to  Laura 


Jan.  13 — Milas  Bristok  of  Lima  to 
Calista  H.  Winnegar. 

Jan.  14 — James  Evens  to  Lucina  Par- 

Jan.  28 — David  O.  Porter  to  Caroline 
J.  Canfield. 

Feb.  25— William  Kellogg  of  East 
Bloomfield  to  Pamela  Carter. 

Mar.  2 — James  Sim  son  to  Eunice 

Mar.  29 — Calvin  Parks  to  Hannah 
Shelters,  both  of  Mendon. 

Apr.  2 — William  Hall  to  Pamela 

Apr.’ 16 — Slyvanus  Ka — of  Richmond 
to  Hannah  Crane. 

Oct.  25 — Job  Wright  of  Htmtsburg,  Q- 
to  Mary  Edwards  of  Batavia. 


Jan.  28 — Sheldon  Dunks  to  Almira  E. 







II  . ! iO  .JJi  • • ‘ 





Saunders,  both  of  Canandaigua. 

& Ug.  7 -^Charles  Dewstoe  to  Rosannah, 

Sept.  18 — Hinds  Smith  to  Julia  Turrel. 
Oct.  18— Cadwellador  Haws  to  Phebe 

Sov.  6 — Alfred  W.  Parker  of  East 
Schuyler,  Herkimer  County,  t o 
Thankful  Darling. 


Oct.  9 — Ebenezer  Palmer  to  Matha 


Mar.  30 — Alfred  Taft  to  Laura  H. 

(The  End  of  Marriage  Records  in 
West  Bloomfield,  N.  Y.) 


Buffalo,  following  the  example  of  other  cities,  had  a Hobby  Fair.  A “Hob- 
by”, we  explain,  is  a pet  persuit. 

This  show  presented  countless  hobbies  in  most  fascinating  ways,  and  the 
collecting  of  unpublished  records  of  pioneers  gave  the  thousands  of  visitors 
an  entirely  new  idea  of  the  value  of  hobbies,  and  of  records. 

“Early  Settlers  of  New  York  State”  was  exhibited  and  attracted  atten- 
tion. Our  magazine,  with  some  of  its  priceless  records  locked  in  a glass  case, 
was  exhibited  in  the  Niagara  Frontier  Section. 

There  were  two  more  hclbbies  in  this  section — Miss  Daisy  Fox  exhibited 
her  collection  of  valuable  scrap  books,  containing  newspaper  clippings  of  his- 
toric subjects. 

Mrs.  Wickser  completed  the  exhibit  with  a colorful  and  unusual  display 
of  her  Romance  Map  of  the  Niagara  Frontier. 

Early  one  afternoon  a very  kind  gentleman  told  of  his  book  of  New  York 
State  marriages,  kept  by  a pastor  for  thirty-one  years.  Your  editor  t:ld  him 
how  valuable  that  record  would  be,  if  it  were  published.  That  same  evening,  he 
brought  the  book,  and  left  it  to  be  copied. 

Our  section  was  constantly  filled  with  interested  visitors,  many  of  them 
offered  to  loan  treasured  books  of  records,  and  when  space  permits,  they  will 
be  pr  inted. 


If'  you  have  given  much  thought  to  planning  some  entertainment,  which 
would  prevent  anniversaries  or  family  reunions  from  becoming  tiresome,  you 
will  welcome  this  idea.  It  will  please  children  and  adults.  - 

• Mrs.  Josephine  Wickser,  a subscriber  and  loyal  supporter  of  our  work,  a 
writer  of  imany  historical  pageants,  will,  write  a pageant  for  your  family. 

Your  guests  will  be  delighted,  in  simple  costume,  with  the  living  room  or 
garden  for  .a  background,  to  represent  their  ancestors,  and  relate  in  lovely 
verse  the  stories  of  these  pioneers. 

If  you  want  your  next  party  to  be  a real  success,  send  your  story  to  Mrs. 
Wickser,  and  tell  her  how  many  ancestors  you  v/ant  pictured. 

Address  — Mrs.  Josephine  Wickser,  257  Bryant  St.,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

v „ £ . 

: " ■ »' 




. ■ 

men  *no;:ifcn  ■ ■ . ■ *<  * h ;j0* 

■ v ' 





8.  Hannah  Bartoo,  Sept.  21,  1841- 
1892.  Married  N.  W.  Hubbard,  Har- 
rison, Pa.  Their  children  were:  Orpha, 
Nov.  24,  1862,  who  married  D.  D. 
Chapin,  Mills,  Pa.  and  had  Doe;  Edith, 
March  4,  1867,  who  married  Mar.  4, 
1886  Elbert  Stowe,  Harrison,  Pa.  and 
had  Florence,  Blanch  and  Huber; 
Amy,  Feb.  6,  1870,  married  Edward 
Wilson  of  Rochester,  N.  Y.  From  1890 
to  1897,  Mr.  Wilson  was  in  India  as  a 
missionary,  connected  with  the  Sal- 
vation Army. 

9.  Jesse  K.,  May  26,  1843.  Served  in 

the  Union  Army.  Married  Polly  

and  had  Arthur,  June,  1866,  who  mar- 
ried Julia  E.  Roe  of  Larned,  Kansas, 
ar.d  had  Jessie,  Harry  and  Fern; 
Varna,  June  2,  1868,  who  married 
Lizzy  Boby,  Larned,  Kan.  Nelson, 
June  8,  1872;  Frances,  Albertes,  Dul- 
cie,  Ray,  Edna,  and  Jessie. 

10.  Lovilla,  July  26,  1846.  Married 
Dennis  Williams  of  Woodhull,  N.  Y. 
Their  children  were  Arthur,  Dec.  17, 
1862;  Walter,  July  20,  1868;  Lewis, 
Dec.  17,  1869;  Caroline,  Feb.  2,  1871; 
Marshall,  June  30,  1877;  Lovilla,  Mar. 
20,  1879. 

11.  Margaret  1847-1849. 

12:  Eli,  May  26,  1849.  Married  W. 
Ella  Stephens,  Harrison,  Pa. 

13.  Smith,  Apr.  15,  1851.  Married 
Colgrove,  Woodhudd,  N.  Y. 

14.  George  Henry,  May  19,  1856- 
Sept.  8,  1888.  Married  Libbie  Wal- 
rath,  Jasper,  N.  Y.  Their  children 
were  Olive,  Apr.  24,  1876  who  mar- 
ried Wesley  Houghtaling;  Ledley 
1878-1891;  Emery  E.;  Stella;  and 

Sally  Louisa,  seventh  child  of  Jesse 
and  Eunice  Bartoo,  a member  of  a 
large  family,  was  early  thrown  on 
her  own  resources.  She  was  accom- 
plished in/  all  household  duties,  in 
spinning  wiool  and  flax,  in  weaving, 
knitting,  etc.  A woman  of  sterling 
worth,  who  did  not  allow  obstacles  to 
stand  in  her  way,  but  by  persevering 

effort,  surmounted  difficulties,  rowing 
against  the  tide,  if  need  be.  She  w’as 
a great  reader,  very  much  interested 
in  politics,  and  topics  of  her  time. 

Sally  married  May  24,  1828,  Henry 
Bates  of  Greene,  N.  Y.  In  1835,  they 
moved  to  Troupsburg,  N.  Y.,  locating 
in  a forest,  and  building  a home  for 
the  growing  family.  Their  children 

1.  Richard,  May  16,  1829-Oct.  3, 
1899.  Married  Hannah  Tubbs  of 
Woodhull,  N.  Y.  He  served  in  the 
Civil  War.  Their  children  were  Levi, 
Henry,  Eva,  Orville,  Edward,  Mat- 
thew, George. 

2.  Eli,  Apr.  30,  1831.  Married 

Eunice  Miller  of  Troup sburg,  N.  Y. 
Their  children  were  Erastus  who  mar- 
ried Ella  Carpenter;  Horace,  who 
married  Gates,  and  lived  in  Da- 

kota; Frank,  who  married  Flora 

3.  Mary,  Sept.  23,  - March  7,  1847. 

4.  Abigail  Diana,  July  24,  1838. 
Married  Samuel  Olmstead  of  Troups- 
burg,  N.  Y.  Their  children  were  Lydia, 
1859-1863;  Nettie,  Sept.  10,  1863,  who 
.married  Jan.  10,  1883,  G.  Symonds, 
and  they  had  Ray  Martin,  Floyd; 
Emily,  Mar.  27,  1865,  who  married 
Willard  Paul,  and  they  had  Clara  and 
Gladys;  Lovena  1874-1883;  Phebe, 
Nov.  20,  1877,  who  married  Clarence 

5.  James  Henry,  Sept.  2,  1843-Sept. 
11,  1879.  Served  in  the  Civil  War.  He 
married  Kate  McDermot  of  Louisiana, 
and  they  had  James  Loren,  William, 
Mary,  and  Kate. 

Olive  Matilda,  eighth  child  .of  Jesse 
and  Eunice  Bartoo,  was  blessed  with 
the  heritage  of  poverty,  which  was  so 
common  in  those  days,  that  it  was  not 
counted  even  an  inconvenience. 

She  gave  to  the  world  four  bright 
boys  -and  four  womanly  girls.  Tier 
husband  and  .sons,  Hiram,  William 
Henry,  and  Ira  served  in  the  Civil 

'•  tv 




' . 


V,-  : 





»:  ■ V j.  , ?| 



• • v 'V  . £•  M 

/ • A 


lV>  * be  v iiq 






of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Courtesy  Buffalo  historical  Society 

Baxter,  George  P.,  eldest  son  of  Peter, 
printer,  Aug.  26,  1859  19. 

Baxter,  James  B.,  Oct.  1865.  Funeral 

Beach,  Bennett,  Cheektowaga,  Feb.  3, 

1851  45. 

Beach,  Charles  Rollin,  Sept.  12,  1826 

Beach,  Henry  C.,  Co.  A,  116  Reg.  N. 
Y.  S.  V.  Hamburg,  Oct.  13,  1863 
28.  Died  at  St.  Louis  Hospital. 
Beach,  John,  Feb.  17,  1824  28. 

Beach,  Mrs.  Ruth  Ann,  mother  of  Col. 

W.  F.  P.  Taylor.  Oct.  5,  1854  72. 

Beach,  Seth,  Apr.  28,  1836  32. 

Beal,  Mary  L.,  Evans,  Nov.  27,  1853 

Beale,  Miss  Emily,  June  14,  1859. 
Beals,  John  W.,  June  17,  1846  55. 

Beals,  John  W.,  Sept.  3,  1852  36  10. 
Beals,  Mrs.  Julia  R.,  Apr.  8,  1857  65. 
Beamus,  Jotham,  Rev.  Soldier,  Ham- 
burg, Mar.  1813  53. 

Bean,  Aaron,  Jan.  18,  1852  55. 

Bean,  Josephine,  wife  of  Wm.  M., 
June  8,  1866  30  7 28. 

Bean,  Luke  Andrew,  Aurora,  Jian.  5, 
1858  51  8. 

Bean,  Lauranie,  wife  of  Aaron,  May 
25,  1843  40. 

Bean,  Milo  Inigo,  Aurora,  May  29, 
1862  57. 

Beard,  David  Holbrook,  Nov.  6,  1853 

Beard,  Eliza,  widow  of  David,  Mar.  1, 

1852  60. 

Beard,  Flora  Johnson,  wife  of  Wm. 

H.,  Nov.  17,  1859  20. 

Beard,  Miss  Parthenia,  Aug.  15,  1847 

Beardsley,  Abraham,  Jan.  25,  1884  48 


Beardsley,  Jerusha,  wife  of  Hazard, 
Eden,  Oct.  21,  1824. 

Beardsley,  Sarah,  Oct.  7,  1829. 

Bcarry,  Mrs.  Ann,  Dec.  25,  1862  68. 

Beatty,  Susan,  wife  of  Charles,  Sept. 
16,  1865  22  5. 

Beaugrand,  Emeline  L.,  wife  of  Capt. 

John  B.  June  5,  1850  28. 

Beaver,  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Nicholas, 
Oct.  20,  1865  41  5. 

Beck,  Henry,  Apr.  4,  1816  27. 

Becken,  Ferdinand  C.,  Feb.  18,  1865 
43  9 28. 

Becker,  Mrs.  Frances,  Apr.  27,  1859 

Black  with,  Ezekiel,  Toniawanda,  July 

24,  1856  66. 

Beckwith,  Samuel,  Nov.  1813  34. 

Beebee,  Alfred,  Springville,  Feb.  1851 

Beebee,  Eraistus,  May  28,  1843  46. 

Beebee,  Lorinda,  wife  of  E.,  Jan.  26, 
1843  40. 

Beebee,  Silas  H.,  son  of  Erastus,  Mar. 

18,  1852.  Died  in  Oregon,  111. 
Beebee,  Julia,  wife  of  Ebenezer, 
Cheektowaga,  Apr.  26,  1843  27. 

Beecher,  , wife  of  Eneas,  Oct.  5, 

1816.  From  Ontario  Co. 

Beaman,  , wife  of  Col.  Samuel, 

Clarence,  May  16,  1841  52  2 27. 

Beers,  Anthony,  May  26,  1835  46. 
Beidinger,  William,  Nov.  29,  1858  39. 
Belden,  Benjamin,  formerly  of  St. 

Johnsburg,  Vt.  Sept.  2,  1861. 
Balden,  E.  Dexter,  eldest  son  cf  Dex- 
ter, Sept.  28,  1865  27. 

Belknap,  Cyrus,  Father  of  Mrs.  J.  L. 
Barnes,  Feb.  10,  1859  60.  Died  in 
Haldimand,  buried  in  Buffalo. 
Belknap,  Halsey  S.,  brother  of  Mrs. 
Jacob  L.  Barnes,  Jan.  22,  1865  22y 
2m.  Died  in  Centrialia,  111.  Buried 
in  Buffalo. 

Bell,  Andrew,  Revolutionary  soldier, 
Newrstead,  Oct.  25,  1845  91. 

Bell,  Elizabeth,  wife  of  David,  Dec. 
12,  1866  47. 

Bell,  Salmon,  pastor  Baptist  Church, 
Clarence,  Nov.  1815. 

Bellinger,  Mrs.  Yarion,  mother  of 
Mrs.  Capt.  Radelilr'e,  Apr.  9,  1867. 
Bement,  Mirs.  I.,  died  in  Detroit,  July 

25,  1847  45. 

' • '■  ••  ' 




. - 

a > w 



.-n  t - -■  i Si- 


, / ■ 

* ~ r V ’ ,r  ( 


.£'s  .tn"X  frov 


• ; \;'i 

-■  v ■ 


> ft  il> 

■ , 

. .'y' 

- * ■■ 




The  following1  records  are  copied 
from  the  tombstones  in  Hillside 
Cemetery,  East  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 
Safi'ord,  John  D.,  Nov.  19,  1835  - Aug. 
29,  1884. 

Salford,  Susan  Russell,  May  13,  1841- 
• Sept.  17,  1910. 

Seamans,  Charles,  Aug.  16,  1888  73. 

Seamans,  Hannah,  his  wife,  Mar.  30, 
1880  70. 

Seeley,  Joel  P.,  Sept.  1,  1889  70. 

Shaw,  Mary  J.,  wife  of  George,  Jan.  3, 

1880  50  10. 

Simpson,  Hiram,  Jan.  22,  1867  76. 

Simpson,  Nancy,  his  wife,  Oct.  25, 

1881  81. 

Snell,  Charles,  Aug.  3,  1875  65. 

Snell,  Elizabeth,  his  wife,  Dec.  8,  1903 

Snell;  Howard  M.,  son.  Killed  at  battle 
of  Cedar  Mountain,  Aug.  9,  1862  21. 
Spencer,  Lucius,  May  5,  1868  61  9 25. 
Spencer,  Eliza,  his  wife,  Mar.  30,  18- 
69  58  3 27, 

Sutherland,  Joel,  Aug.  11,  1893  82. 

Sutherland,  Maria  P.,  his  wife,  July 
13,  1885  72. 

Towne,  Dr.  Amos,  Apr.  3,  1832  59. 

Towno,  Hannah  B.,  wife  of  Amos  — . 
Tracy,  David,  Co.  L,  8th  N.  Y.  H.  A, 
May  11,  1864,  at  Fort  Federal  Hill, 
Baltimore,  Md.  45. 

Tracy,  Lucinda  B.,  his  wife,  Aug.  17, 
1887  69  5. 

Uphill,  Ann,,  wife  of  Thomas,  Mar.  13, 
1881  62. 

VanAistine,  Katharine,  wife  of  Jere- 
miah, Jan.  18,  1824  55. 

VianHorn,  Teunis,  1821-1892. 

VanHorn,  Sarah,  1848  — - . 

Wall,  Geo.  Guilford,  son  of  George 
and  Jane,  June  23,  1872  20. 

Walton,  Thomas  H.,  May  16,  1874  33. 

WTalton,  William,  Oct.  21,  1834  - May 
26,  1872. 

"Walton,  Louisa,  dau.  of  Peter  and 
Mariah,  1850  10.  . 

WraIton,  Peter,  Feb.  5,  1878  84. 

Walton,  Mariah,  his  wife,  July  2,  1881 

Walton,  John,  June  7,  1899  71. 

Wertman,  Noa,  1829-1894. 

Wertman,  Florinda  E.,  his  wife,  1835- 

Willett,  Samuel,  Dec.  30,  1866  75. 

Willett,  Mary,  his  wife,  Feb.  23,  1862 

' 71. 

Willett,  William,  Dec.  19,  185C  73. 

Willett,  Margaret,  his  wife,  Apr.  9, 
1870  72. 

Willett,  Joseph,  8th  Reg,  Art.  N.  Y. 

^ Vol.  Died  a prisoner  of  war,  Dan- 
ville, Va.,  June  16,  1864.  24  yeans. 

Wright,  Walter  P.,  Lieut,  in  Co.  G, 
8th  N.  Y.  H.  A.  Killed  in  charge  on 
Petersburg,  Va.,  June  16,  1884,  24. 

Wright,  George,  1802-1870. 

Wright,  Eliza  Monroe,  his  wife,  3 309- 


North  Darien.  N.  Y. 

The  United  Religious  Society  of 
Pembroke  and  Alexander  was  formed 
December  4,  1821  in  the  schoolhouse 
near  Thorp  Williams’. 

The  trustees  were  Thorp  Williams, 
Cyrus  Brown,  William  B.  Garfield, 
Edward  Sherman,  John  Williams,  Jr. 
and  Russel  Wait. 

In  1822,  Russel  Wait  and  his  wife 
Mercy  deeded  1 5-100  acres  to  the 

In  1841  they  gave  an  adjoining  half 

In  1857  B.  C.  Simond  gave  land  two 
rods  wide  for  a driveway.  In  con- 
sideration of  this  a wall  was  to  be 
built  on  the  south  side,  and  the  entire 
property  to  be  kept  fenced. 

This  beautiful  site,  with  loose,  dry 
soil  and  mound  like  appearance  had 
to  be  cleared  of  a heavy  forest.  Pul- 
ling out  the  roots  and  tree  stumps, 
in  preparation  for  reception  of  the 
dead,  was  not  an  easy  task. 

frx  1841,  captained  by  Benjamin 
Carter,  the  good  people  met  two  miles 




■ .. 

. • ■ .*  • V X ■< 

' .. 


- 2 

I.  , ! .:.M  K»S 

■ (.r  L-: 



' ' 

..  . , - . • 



distant,  quarried  and  piled  stone  to 
bpild  a front  wall.  Over  thirty  teams 
worked  one  day  the  following  winter, 
and  drew  all  the  stones  needed  for  the 

The  wall  was  built  in  the  spring, 
and  a row  of  maple  trees  planted. 
Numerous  evergreens  were  planted 
about  1860. 

The  first  person  to  be  buried  was 
Horace  Wait,  brother  of  Russell.  He 
helped  prepare  the  ground  was  im- 
in.diately  taken  sick  with  a fever  and 
died  July  30,  1821. 

In  1883  only  about  four  hundred 
persons  had  been  buried  there,  an 
average  of  about  seven  per  year. 

The  description  of  this  beautiful 
spot  with  its  many  fine  monuments, 
will  assure  you  that  these  graves  are 
well  kept. 

Explanation  of  Records 

Read  carefully  the  following  in- 
structions in  order  to  interpret  cor- 
rectly these  records. 

The  tombstone  inscriptions  have 
been  combined  with  records  of  burials 
in  the  book  kept  by  superintendents. 

* 'Indicates  data  taken  from  stone 
and  book. 

s indicates  data  taken  from  stone 

No  mark  indicates  data  taken  from 
book  only. 

Name,  recorded  with  lot  number,  is 
name  of  purchaser  of  lot. 

In  all  cases  where  date  is  given  on 
stone,  that  date  is  used. 

Name  of  person  interred  is  follow- 
ed by  date  of  death  or  burial,  the  age, 
residence  at  time  of  death,  number  of 
years  a resident  of  that  place,  for- 
mer residence,  birthplace,  last  attend- 
ing physician  and  name  of  person  who 
conducted  funeral  service. 

The  last  two  names  are  given  as 
another  means  of  locating  these  per- 

A description  of  the  coffin  and  di- 
sease which  caused  death  is  also  re- 
corded in  book,  but  is  not  es&ential  to 
our  work. 

Maple  Hill  Records 
Part  of  lots  1 and  11.  Elmer  Green. 
Hannah  Green,  May  12,  1891,  67.  Dar- 
ien, Middleburg,  Berne,  N.  Y.  Dr. 
Vickery.  Eld.  Hughs. 

Part  of  lot  1.  James  Barber. 

Charles  Barber,  Sept.  9,  1891.  Darien. 
James  Barber,  Mar.  6,  1898.  71.  Dar- 
ien. B in  Berne,  N.  Y. 

Edna  L.  Mitchell,  Aug.  9,  1904  4 mo. 

Darien.  Eld  Cameron. 

Saraih  Barber,  Dec.  8,  1905,  75.  Dar- 
ien. Middleburg,  N.  Y.  Mayville,  N. 

Lot.  2.  Edgar  Rudd. 

Edwin  Rudd;  born  and  died  in  Darien. 
Edgar  S.  Rudd,  Sept.  16,  1883,  42, 
Darien,  Alden,  b in  Hamburg.  Dr. 
Smith.  Eld.  Calkins. 

Lorinda  Rudd,  Oct.  27,  1896,  76.  Pem- 
broke. Dr.  Hummel. 

Deala  Rudd,  July  1,  1912,  64,  Dari'en. 
Fred  Rudd,  Aug.  30,  1913,  31,  Darien.. 

Lot.  3.  B.enjamin  Rudd. 

Benjamin  Rudd,  Sept.  17,  1910,  42, 
Batavia,  Darien,  b in  Darien. 

Lot  6.  Allen  Colby. 

*Joshu;a  Colby,  Jan.  16,  1808-Jan. 
29,  1893.  Darien. 

xElizabeth  Colby,  wife,  May  31, 
1811-Jan.  10,  1895.  Dr.  Crane.  Eld. 

Albert  Colby,  Mar.  29,  1917.  Corfu; 

Jenette  Colby,  Mar.  26,  1919,  72.  Pom- 
broke;  Darien.  Rev.  Taft. 

Lot  7.  Fabius  Bidwell. 

Nancy  Bidwell,  aged  18,  residence, 

Lot  7,  south  half.  Daniel  Allen. 
Daniel  Allen,  Sept.  1831,  65.  Batavia; 
Onondaga  Co.,  Nova  Scotia.  Drv 
Smith.  Rev.  Spalding.  / 

Harvey  Allen,  Sept.  1826,  25,  Batavia; 
Onondaga  Co.,  Saratoga  Co.  'Dr. 
Abijah  Stoddard.  Eld.  William 

s Polly  Curtis  Allen,  relict  of  Daniel. 
Born  at  Southbury,  Conn.,  July  1, 
1771.  Died  May  31,  1869. 




■'  V. 



■ ■ 

. , 



; i :'r' 

' i ’ 

■ ■ r.-ui-iv/ 



The  Mail  Box 


WANTED — Parentage  of  Isaac  Ad- 
sit,  born  1782,  died  Apr.  7,  1868  at 
Pompey,  N.  Y.  Married  Aug.  1,  1806 
at  Coopersfcown,  N.  Y.  Tabithy  Carley 
(1788-1871).  Enlisted  at  Oxford,  N. 
Y.  and  served  as  private  in  Capt.  Sel- 
llck’s  Co.  of  N.  Y.  Militia  from  Sept. 
19  to  Nov.  22,  1814.  Tradition  says  he 
came  from  Dutchess  Co.  Plad  four 
daughters,  one  of  whom  was  Almira, 
wife  of  Richard  G.  Joy  (1816-1903)  of 
Geddes;  and  one  /son,  George  L.  Adsit 
(1807-1873)  a blacksmith  of  Water- 
vale,  N.  Y. 

N.W.A.  N.  Y. 

* * * 

William  Cranney  or  MacCraney  of 
Springfield,  Mass.,  married  Margaret 
Riley,  daughter  of  John  Riley  of 
Springfield,  Mass. 

WANTED — Records  of  the  descend- 
ants of  this  family  who  lived  in  Dela- 
ware Co.,  N.  Y. 

F.W.M.  Canada. 

* * * 

WANTED — Birthplace  of  Anthony 
D.  Wisner,  born  in  1810  in  New  York 
State,  and  something  about  his  family. 
In  the  census  of  1850  his  name  ap- 
peared in  the  Wisconsin  records. 

J.G.W  Mississippi. 

* * * 

WANTED  — Ancestors  of  Piercy 
Dodge,  b Mar.  23,  1777 ; m Andrew 
Dibble  Oct.  24,  1799  at  Delhi,  N.  Y.  I 
have  birth  dates  of  their  children. 

WANTED — Ancestors  of  Aurey- 
anche  Allen,  wife  of  Benj.  Haight. 
See  will  of  William  Allen  of  Dutchess 
Co.,  N.  Y.  Wills  by  Fernow  proven 
Nov.  11,  1773. 

WANTED — Proof  that  Benjamin 
Haight,  husband  of  Aureyanche,  is  or 
is  not  the  son  of  Caleb  Haight. 

See  will,  N.  Y.  Hist.  Society,  Vol. 
9 p 264. 

WANTED  — Parentage  (also  birth 
and  death  dates)  of  Samuel  Adsit  who 
married  Sarah  Barber  about  1812  in 
Chenango  Co.  Had  six  children,  the 
eldest  being  Rev.  Samuel  Adsit,  born 
at  Senate,  N.  Y.  Mar.  25,  1813  and 
di.d  in  Indianapolis  May  18,  1883,  a 
Baptist  clergyman  who  served 
churches  in  Auburn,  Rochester  and 
Indianapolis,  Tradition  says  that 
Samuel  (Senior)  came  from  Dutchess 
County,  married  in  Chenango  County 
and  settled  at  Senate,  N.  Y. 

N.W.A.  N.  Y. 

* * * 

WANTED — Proof  and  dates  for 

Nicholas  Knap,  b in  England,  came 
to  Watertown,  Mass.,  in  1630;  mar- 
ried Elenor , d in  Stamford,  Conn. 

in  1670. 

Their  fourth  son  Caleb,  b 1636,  m. 
Hannah  Smith. 

They  had  Caleb  who  married  Han- 
nah Clements,  and  had  William  who 
married  Margaret,  and  had  Jonathan 
who  m.  Elizabeth,  and  had  Hannah 
Knapp  who  m James  Parshall. 

They  had  Elizabeth  who  m.  Joshua 
Terry,  b 1764,  d 1827.  This  Joshua 
was  probably  born  in  Goshen,  Orange 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  the  son  of  Parshall  Terry 
and  Deborah  Clark. 

Would  like  to  correspond  with  any 
of  this  line. 

W.F.G.  N.  Y. 

* * * 

WANTED — Information  concerning 
Col.  John  J.  Smith,  a native  of  New 

York  who  m.  Nancy  . Their  son 

Thomas  Clark  Smith,  b.  1811  in  Sen- 
eca Co.  m.  Samh  Crocker,  b.  1814  in 
Binghamton,  N.  Y.  They  went  from 
Yates  County,  N.  Y.  to  Wisconsin  in 

WANTED  — Information  about 
Mary  Rowe,  named  above,  the  daugh- 
ter of  Winfchrop,  cousin  of  Gov.  Win- 
throp,  and  Susannah  Preston  Rowe. 

M.H.E.  Michigan, 




• ' 

' ' . ■ - ■ ■ . '/■  ' • • 

' •<  V, 



• " 






• • 

**  '■  v • 1 . * 



WANTED — Information  about  Col. 
Ezeciel  Crocker  of  Binghamton,  N.  Y. 
who  m.  Mary  or  Sarah  Arnold  and 
proof  of  his  army  service. 

Their  son  Samuel  Crocker,  1780-1804, 
m.  Mary  Rowe  or  Roe,  1788-1837,  and 
their  daughter  was  Sarah  Crocker 

M.F.W.  Wisconsin 

* * * 

WANTED — Any  record  of  the  Vine 
family  that  lived  in  Albany  or  Rens- 
selaer County  and  moved  to  White- 
hall after  the  Revolutionary  War. 

L.C.L.  Ohio. 

* * * 

WANTED — Date  of  death  and 
burial  place  of  Isaac  Sawyer,  who 
probably  died  about  1786  in  Pittstown, 
Rensselaer  Co.,  N.  Y. 

E.B.F.  Pennsylvania. 

* * * 

WANTED — the  ancestry  and  fami- 
ly of  Heman  Hickok,  a pioneer  farmer 
at  Jefferson,  Schoharie  Co„  N.  Y., 
where  he  owned  land  operated  a grist 
mill  for  many  years.  He  moved  to 
Ashtabula  Co.,  Ohio,  about  1830, 
where  he  cleared  up  a farm.  He  mar- 
ried Lucinda  Parker.  Who  were  her 
parents?  Any  information  about  his 
brothers  and  sisters. 

WANTED — The  October  Mail  Box 
stated  Deborah  Gregory  married  Na- 
than Hickok.  Who  were  her  parents? 
Any  information  about  her  children 
and  tihiair  descendants. 

C.N.H.  Ohio. 

* * * 


The  answers  to  C.  W.,  San  Francis- 
co and  G.  R.  M.  will  be  found  in 
Maple  Hill  Cemetery  Records. 

The  Editor. 

I.  William  Hickock  of  Farmington, 
Conn,  was  one  of  the  original  settlers 
of  Farmington;  purchased  home  lot; 
died  soon  after  1645;  mar.  Elizabeth, 
dho  died  Aug.  3,  1655;  she  mar.  (2) 
William  Adams,  who  came  to  Hart- 
ford from  Mass.,  in  1648;  removed  to 
Farmington,  and  d.  1653,  Her  child- 
ren by  Adams  were:  Benjamin  b.  1649 
Elizabeth  b.  1652.  When  the  inventory 
of  the  Adams  estate  was  taken,  6 
Sept.  1655,  the  two  Adams  children 
were  listed  together  with  Samuel 
Heacock,  age  12,  and  Joseph,  age  10. 

II.  Sergeant  Samuel  Hickock,  b. 
1643;  d.  at  Waterbury,  Conn.,  early  in 
1695;  mar.  Hannah  Upson,  dau,  of 
Thomas  and  Elizabeth  (Fuller)  Up- 
son of  Farmington,  Conn.  Thomas 
Upson,  d.  1655.  He  was  in  Farming- 
ton  1673,  removed  to  Waterbury 
where  he  was  one  of  original  settlers. 
She  admitted  to  full  communion  of 
Church  at  Farmington,  1 Mar.  1679- 
80.  He  was  ana  of  the  assignees  of  the 
first  Indian  deeds  and  is  named  in  all 
fence  divisions  and  proprietors  lists. 
“So  far  as  appeared  he  never  once 
halted  in  the  work  he  had  under- 
taken”, called  Sergeant  in  1686, 
Townsman  1682.  “He  was  one  of  the 
leading  men  of  the  settlement  and 
died  at  his  post,  at  a critical  time 
when  men  of  the  right  stamp  could  be 
poorly  spared”.  • 

III.  Deacon  Benjamin  Hickok;  ib. 
1686;  d.  17  Nov.  1745,  age  59  years, 
in  Wilton,  Conn.,  (tombstone);  mar. 
by  Capt.  Joseph  Bishop,  J.  P.  at  Stam- 
ford, Conn.,  in  3 Feb.  1713-14  to 
Sarah  Lockwood,  b.  1678;  d.  27  Feb. 
1765  in  Wilton,  C:nn.,  (tombstone) 
age  86  year-:,  dau.  of  Gershom  and 
Anne  (Millimgton)  Lockwood.  She 
bad  previously  married  25  Jan.  1700, 
Nathan  iel  Selleck,  b.  7 April  1678  d. 
14  Aug.  1712,  son  of  Capt.  John  and 
Sarah  (Daw)  Selleck.  She  married 
(3)  9 Mar.  1755,  Samuel  Kellogg,  b. 
19  Feb.  1673--- d.  13  Oct.  1757,  sen  of 






t-  i ” - •!•:*  ' f?  ■ - s _■  Si 

: ••  - " " • 


-■  ■ . ;•«  ■.  v ■ - 

. .V  . ’ 


- ' » i.i.i  .. 

► T 

. f 




Daniel  and  Bridget  (Bruton)  Kellogg. 
Samuel  Kellogg  having  married  be- 
fore at  Norwalk  6 Sept.  1704,  Sarah 
Platt,  b.  21  May  1678— d,  10  Nov.  17- 
50,  dau.  of  Deacon  John  and  Hannah 
(Clark)  Platt.  He  was  in  Stamford, 
Conn.,  1715.  On  14  Feb.  1732  was  ap- 
pointed 1st  Deacon  of  Wilton  Church. 
In  1728  was  a member  of  Hartford 
Gen-oral  Assembly.  Will  of  17  June 
1745;  proved  29  Nov.  1745. 

IV.  Silas  Hickok,  b.  8 Jan.  1714-5  in 
Stamford;  mar.  1737-8,  Ruth,  b.  1 
July  1716,  dau.  of  Ephraim  and  Hes- 
ter (Belden)  Clark.  He  and  wife  ad- 
mitted to  church  at  Wilton  16  April 
1738,  (Wilton  records  says  1737). 

V.  Nathan  Hickok,  b.  at  Wilton, 
1737-8;  d.  ? ; mar.  (1)  4 Feb.  1759 
in  Wilton,  Hannah  Keeler,  b.  1737 — 
d.  in  Wilton  26  Juno  1769  age  32  years 
(tombstone),  dau.  of  David  and  Mary 
(St.  Keeler.  They  owned  coven- 
ant 1760  at  Wilton. 

Ch.  1.  William,  bapt.  25  May  1759 
at  Wilton,  at  house  of  his  grand- 
father, David  Keeler  ; d.  unmarried  25 
May  1759. 

2.  Thaddeus,  bapt.  29  Mar.  1761  at 
Wilton,  unmarried. 

3.  Hannah,  bapt.  11  Mar.  1764  at 
Wilton,  d.  young. 

4.  Sarah,  b.  17  July  1766;  bapt.  28 
July  1766  at  Wilton;  d.  10  Nov.  1839 
at  Harrisburg,  Pa.;  mar.  :at  Norwalk 
12  Jan.  1791,  Job,  b.  13  Sept.  1768  at 

Norwalk;  d.  28  Dec.  1843  at  Harris- 
burg, Pa.,  son  of  Capt.  James  and 
Phebe  (Lockwood)  Lockwood.  Sarah 
was  brought  up  after  her  mother’s 
death  in  1769  by  her  cousin  Abigail 
de  Forest,  dau.  of  Lemuel  and  Phebe 
(Keeler)  de  Forest,  the  second  wife  of 
Capt.  James  Lockwood. 

Nathan  Hickok  mar.  (2)  Deborah 
about  1774,  ias  she  is  in  record  of 
Wilton  Church  as  having  joined  the 
church  15  Feb.  1775  (Mrs.  Deborah, 
wife  of  Nathan  Hickok). 

Ch.  5.  Caleina  (Chakina),  mar.  at 
Greenfield,  N.  Y.,  .25  Nov.  1804,  Si- 
meon Belden. 

6.  Zelpha,  (Zilla)  (Zilpiah),  bapt.  19 
Mar.  1775. 

7.  Hannah,  b.  1777;  bapt.  29  R^ar. 
1779  at  Wilton,  d.  22  Feb.  1857. 

8.  Esther;  mar.  at  Greenfield,  22 
Aug.  1803,  Daniel  Scott. 

9.  Elizabeth  Ruth,  bapt.  19  Sept. 
1784  at  Wilton;  mar.  at  Greenfield  13 
Rlay  1807,  Rufus  Ingham. 

10.  Aaron,  b.  1787;  d.  after  2 May 
1857;  mar.  at  Greenfield  13  May  1807, 
Hannah  Richards.  He  was  liv  mg  at 
Greenfield,  3 miles  from  Saratoga 
Springs,  N.  Y.  1857. 

11.  Harry,  bapt.  at  Norfield  28  July 

Charles  N.  Hickok 

1300  Leader  Bldg. 

Cleveland,  Ohio. 


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George  Washington  and  the  Seneca  Chiefs 

Among  other  iricid?nts  in  the  Lie 
of  President  Washington,  now  re- 
called by  the  anniversary  of  his  birth, 
there  is  one,  not  so  well  known.  wh::h 
is  connected  with  history  of  Western 
New  York. 

The  Iroquois  Indians,  of  the  seme 
general  ancestry  as  the  Hurt  ns  of 
Canada,  were  a confederation  of  the 
five  t:ibes  located  in  the  order,  ranted, 
beginning  in  the  eastern  part  :f  Xew 
York  State  and  coming  west  — Mo- 
r:\vk,  Oneida,  Onondaga.  Cayuga,  and 
Seneca,  with  the  strongest  tribes,  one 
on  each  end.  The  Eries,  whose  name 
meant  wild-cat  and  well  described 
them,  were  along  the  southern  share, 
of  the  lake. 

About  1G55  the  Iroquois  met  and 
killed  all  but  a few  of  the  Eries  who 
went  beyond  the  Mississippi.  The 
Se needs  were  reddish-browm,  muscu- 
lar, had  straight  blank  hair  and  no 
beards.  They  lived  in  huts  made  of 
bark  fastened  to  poles  with  reeds. 
More  than  one  family  usually  lived 
in  one  hut,  and  if  it  were  large,  40 
to  60  feet  long,  there  might  be  twelve 
or  fourteen  families. 

They  wore  skins  for  clothes,  and  ate 
game  or  fish,  mixed  with  corn,  if  the 
women  were  sufficiently  ambitious  to 
plant  and  care  for  it.  They  painted 
their  faces  with  the  brightest  dyes  of 
their  own  manufacture. 

After  the  advent  of  saw  mills,  their 
nouses  had  earthen  floors,  with  some 
boards  along  each  side,  /with  deer 
skirs  spread  over  them  for  beds  and 
chairs.  At  meal  time  a bark  bowrl  was 
placed  on  the  floor  in  the  center  of  the 
rsnrn,  and  each  one  came,  helped  'h,im- 
•*elf  to  food  from  it,  then  retired  to 
his  corner  and  ate.  The  dogs  and  pigs 
were  nearby  to  eat  the  crumbs. 

In  1790  three  Seneca  Chiefs,  Corn, 
Planter,  Big  Tree  and  Half  Town, 
came  to  Philadelphia  to  plead  with 
President  Washington  far  considera- 
tion, after  General  Sullivan’s  army 

had  humbled  the  power  of  the  tribe.-, 
destroyed  their  habitations,  ar.d  en- 
dangered their  title  to  their  Lands. 

Corn  Planter  spoke,  “Father,  inno- 
cent men  of  our  nation  are  killed,  but 
none  of  your  people  who  have  com- 
mitted these  murders  have  been 
punished.  Was  it  interred  that  your 
people  should  kill  the  Senecas,  and 
not  only  remain  . unpunished,  but  be 
protected?”  He  upoku  further,  Wash- 
ington answered  with  sympathy,  and 
again:  Corn  Planter  spoke. 

“Father,  your  speech  is  to  us  like 
the  light  of  the  morning  to  a sick 
man;  he  sees  it  and  rejoices,  but  he  is 
not  cured.” 

They  asked  for  teachers  to  show 
them  the  way  of  the  white  man,  and 
President  Washington  suggested  that 
they  try  to  interest  the  Friends,  and 
he  also  instructed  the  Secretary  of 
State  to  consult  the  Friends  in  their 

The  Society  of  Friends  met  e'arly  In 
1791,  and  the  chiefs  remained  to  at- 
tend the  meeting.  In  h:s  speech  to 
them  Corn  Planter  said,  “We  have  too 
little  wisdom  -among  us;  we  cannot 
teach  our  children.  We  wish  them  fb 
be  instructed  to  read  and  write,  and 
such  oth  r things  as  you  teach  your 
children,  and  especially  to  teach  them 
to  love  peace.” 

He  suggested  that  three  of  their 
sons  be  sent  to  the  Friends  in  Phila- 
delphia for  education,  and  this  was 
dome.  Later  some  of  the  Indian  girls 
were  placed  in  families,  and  four 
years  later  were  returned  to  tkc-’r 
families  by  Henry  Simmons  and 
Joseph  Clark.  Each  girl  had  a Bible, 
a spinning  wheel  and  a supxdy  of 
clothing  she  had  made. 

In  1798  Joel  Swuyne,  Henry  Sim- 
mons, Ilailliday  Jackson, 
Sharpless,  and  John  Pierce  began  a 
mission  in  Cattaraugus  County,  the 
first  settlement  made  by  white  people. 
They  endeavored  to  encourage  the 







' .Mi <\ 

' -ZiV<  : l • : • 

■’  . ' . ' •:  ' . > r>:  r ' 

. ...  ■ 

i-.'j  V":tri 


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rf  . " *f  1 ■ 




Indians  to  work  and  promised  them  a 
saw  mill  aio  a reward.  Then  the' 
Indians  at  Buffalo  Creek  and  Tona- 
warda  Creek  asked  for  sai,v  mills. 
The  Friends  provided  for  three  mills. 
Among*  other  thing's  the  Indians  were 
taught  to  make  and  use  soap,  and  to 

use  flax  and  wool,  instead  of  animal 
skins,  for  clothing. 

Joseph  S.  Elkinton  and  his  son, 
both  ministers,  among  the  Society  of 
Friends,  were  interested  in  the  wel- 
fare of  the  Indians,  and  to  them  we 
owe  this  story. 

The  Records  of  An  1816  Merchant 

Continuing  the  account  books  of 
John  S.  Ball,  the  only  postmaster  and 
storekeeper  in  Erie  County,  outside  of 

Our  interest  centers  in  people, 
therefore  names  cf  those  having  ac- 
counts and  all  references  to  persons 
are  published. 

Each  of  these  accounts  contains 
many  items  that  were  purchased,  but 
to  publish  all  would  take  much  valu- 
able space,  therefore  a picture  of  pion- 
eer days  is  portrayed  by  a selection 
of  articles. 

The  following  are  named  in  many 
accounts  — chocolate,  molasses,  tea, 
raisins,  codfish,  oats,  wheat,  crackers, 
garden  seeds,  buttons,  molds,  spice, 
brimstone,  pepper,  thread,  calico,  flan- 
nel, shirting,  bombazett,  satinett,  bed 
coide,  nails,  aklm,  bells,  cambric,  tick- 
ing, wool  cards,  knitting  pins,  squares 
of  glass,  copperas,  bottles  of  Opodel- 
doc, and  the  following  seems  to  have 
been  used  abundantly  — cider,  rum, 
whiskey,  grog,  brandy,  gin,  tobacco. 

Now  and  then  these  items  occur: 
coap,  comb,  pocket  knife,  set  of  knives 
and  forks,  handkerchief,  hat,  shoes, 
ribbon,  hatchet,  pearl  ashes,  almanac, 
percepter,  spelling  book,  bottle  of 
British  Oil,  jug,  sickle,  bridle,  chalk 
line,  tea  pot,  indigo,  milk  pail,  6 ap- 
ples or  1 doz.  apples,  sheets  of  paper. 

From  the  above  it  will  be  seen  that 
many  cf  the  necessities  of  life  came 
from  the*  home,  and  our  pioneers, 
sturdy  or  mot,  ibad  to  struggle  to  pro- 
vide for  large  families.  There  were 
no  welfare  societies,  but  worthy  cases 
were  helped  by  the  church  and  good 

1816.  Jesse  Salford,  Pembroke. 

1 gal.  molasses 


1 lb.  Hyson  tea 


1 lb.  Skin  tea 


3 lbs.  2%  ozs.  sugar 


V2  gal.  rum  for  Esq.  Hamlin 


Sugar  for  George 


3 hats 


1818.  Asa  Parnam. 

1816.  John  Robertson,  Pembroke 

Paid  Harding  for  drawing 


Paid  Lyon  for  making  bread 



Paid  Andrews  for  board  of 



Wood  drawn  by  Doud  Delong 

IV2  gal.  maple  molasses 


Paid  Indian  in  bread 


Paid  Thomas  Durham 


% lb.  tea  for  Jos.  Todd 


■Gash  paid  at  Daniel’s 


Wheat  for  first  baking 


Paid  Andrews  for  iron 


V2  pt.  whiskey  for  Clemons 


3 bbls.  flour  for  Clark 


1817.  AJsap  Dutton. 

1817.  Benjamin  Akins. 

1816.  Zacheus  Dar.ron, 

1 Dwight’s  Geography 


x/2  lb.  brimstone 


1817.  Francis  Clemons. 

1 day’s  work  and  necessary 


1816.  David  Long,  Pembroke. 

Order  on  Bncnson 


1 comb  carried  to  Daniels 


It.  L oan 


Postage  on  letter  f or 

Win,  Wall 

.18  Ms 

1 bell 


’ ’ f •'  % ‘ ’ ••  ; v - • 

^ . • • • . - - ...  , . 

, ■*  ..  r.  * ' >' 

r-  ...  „ 

• - ■ ..  t 

. .*■ 

! " ...  . ■ ’ . '• 



: ' "L  ..  . ■:  •.  -A*,-  . . 

, ■ > • : 

' t ■:  ■ ' v!-.v 

. . ■„  . v 

• • «v...  • ..v,  • 

■ s • - >■  . • ’!  .V; 

...  . i:\.  '■ 

! • ■■■:  '•  -Jiv  :brf  smw 



>:6.  Elliot  Harroun,  Pembroke 
.3  lbs.  9 ozs.  lump  sugar  1.57 

1 Preceptor  .44 

1 Spelling  Book  .25 

Interest  on.  $7.00  overpaid  .27 

Goods  for  E.  Arnold  1.63 

Order  for  Farnam  2.00 

Tobacco  for  Lyman  Seaver  .44 

Tobacco  for  David  Harroun’s 

boy  .88 

1817.  Ira  Stevens. 

1816.  Orisson  Allen,  Pembroke. 

Paid  Peter  Baldwin-  .88 

Paid  D.  Hastings  3.00 

1816.  Hugh  Long. 

Cash  paid  by  Father  1.00 

Cash  paid  by  Hugh  Wallis  Jr.  4.00 

1816.  John  Webb  of  Pembroke. 

1 bell  2.50 

Tobacco  for  Shepherd  .22 

1816.  Samuel  Cornell,  Pembroke 
Order  for  Mrs.  Clemens  1.50 

1816.  Nathan  Sawyer,  Pembroke. 

Florentine  Silk  for  Sally  1.74 

1816.  Samuel  Harroun. 

1 bell  2.00 

2 lbs.  shoe  tacks  .31 

Charge  to  O.  Allen  .25 

1816.  James  Harroun,  Pembroke. 

1 set  iron  spoons  .75 

1 ivory  comb  .31 

1 bottle  of  British  Oil  ,32 

1816.  Asa  Wright,  Pembroke. 

1 doz.  molds  for  William  .09 

1816.  Wright  Knapp,  Pembroke. 

Whiskey  for  James  Harroun  .16 

1816.  William  Fisher. 

1 bed  cord  and  2 bu.  oats  .63 

1816.  Mrs.  Miller,  Pembroke. 

1816.  Ann  Clemons. 

1816.  Deborah  Gilman. 

Account  paid  by  Mother 
1816.  Mary  Hoyt,  Pembroke.  . 

Shoes  for  Enos  1.75 

Order  for  Mrs.  H.  F.  White  1.44 

Paid  Riley’s  boy  .91 

Paid  B.  Holmes  2.00 

Paid  Heth  Thompson  .38 

John  Gray  1.80 

1816.  Ira  Doud,  Pembroke. 

Paid  Reddish  .31 

Thread  and  snuff  for  Mr.  Lyon  .20 
1816.  Marvin  Henry,  Pembroke. 

1 broom  .08 

Order  on  Johnson  .88 

1316.  Joseph  Bates,  Pembroke. 

Paid  to  Mr.  Owens  2.00 

1 pair  calf  skin  pumps  2.25 

Earlv  Church  Records 

Berths  in  West  Bloomfield,  N.  Y„ 
recorded  by  the  pastors. 


Syoil,  wife  of  Dan  Ganfie'ld. 


Elizabeth,  wife  of  John  Muck. 

Feb.  24,  1803  Ehenezer  Curtis,  Esq. 
June  10,  1804  Daniel  Curtis. 

Aug.  7,  1810  Hannah,  wife  of  Pere- 
gr.en  Gardiner. 

Apr.  27,  1813  Elihu  Gilman. 

June  2,  1813  Jeanette  Baker. 

Jan.  13,  1816  Mrs.  Baker. 

June  8,  ? Reuben  Parmelee. 

April  30,  1816  Lucius  Kilbourne. 

June  12,  1816  Widow  Hannah  Nichols. 
Aged  63. 

Nov.  3,  1816  Col.  Parley  Phillips.  De- 
cline. Aged  53. 


Jan.  8 John  McCrumb. 

Jan.  18  Stephen  Hall  - 21. 

Apr.  4 Infant  son  of  Lyman  Hall. 
May  18  Louisa  Thayer  - child. 

May  29  Mrs.  Abigail  Marvin  - 24. 
July  30  Mahala  Goodwin  - 25. 

Oct.  5 Mr.  Joseph  Ball.  Decline. 
Aged  68. 

Oct.  10  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Washburn. 
Dec.  15  Mrs.  Sussanah  Curtis  - 30. 
Dec.  25  Sullivan  Godfrey  - 38. 

Dec.  20  Widow  Blanchard  - 


March  24  Mrs.  Lucy  C.  Cleveland  - 24. 
April  1 William  Manley  - 27. 

May  13  Alpheus  Holmes.  Killed  by 
lightning.  82  or  83. 

July  4 Samuel  Cumstock. 






i ■ 

V-'V  ]h  \ . 


v’  ,r:.i  • . ' V-  f ■:.&  . 

1 uwl' 

- * 




Aug1.  11  Mrs  Joanna  Hall  - 36. 

Aug.  13  Son  of  Mr.  Samuel  Nichols. 

Nov.  1 Wiltiiam  S.  Phelps  - 14. 

Nov.  15  Infant  daughter  of  Diana 
Fox.  Mother  is  a foreigner  and  pau- 

Nov.  23  Diana  Fox  - 21. 

Dec.  11  Mrs.  Mary  Peck  - 57. 

Dec  21  Infant  daughter  of  Mr.  Harry 


Feb.  17  Hiram  Handy.  Infant. 

Feb.  22  Bela  Parmelee  - 39. 

Feb.  25  Charles  Hendee-  Infant. 

Mar.  5 Mary  Sophia  Hendee  - Infant. 
Mar.  4 Infant  daughter  of  Samuel 

Mar.  4 Infant  son  of  Mr.  Tom. 

Mar.  10  Stephen  Hall  - Infant. 

Mar.  12  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Kill. 

Mar.  14  Elizabeth  Minor  - 66. 

Mar.  17  Mary  Orissa  Buehnell  - infant 


Mar.  19  Lorenzo  Peck.  Aged  13. 

Mar.  21  Mrs.  Frances  Sherman  - 31. 
June  1 John  Alger.  Infant. 

June  4  Alger  - 41. 

June  8 Lyman  Hall. 

July  28  Mrs.  Anna  Smith  - 35. 

July  30  Mr.  Dan  Canfield  - 66. 

Aug.  14  Mrs.  Miriaim  Godfrey  - 34. 
Oct.  5 Sally  Chaffee  - 27. 

Oct.  28  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Baldwin. 
Nov.  14  Infant  son  of  Arnery  Amsden. 
Nov.  22  Almira  Hawkins  - 15. 

Nov.  25  Alonzo  Fowler  - 
Dec.  7 Martha  Ann  Aldrich  - 3. 


Jan.  4 Mrs.  Harriet  Baldwin  - 28. 
Mar.  8 Benjamin  Burlingame  - 67. 
Apr.  8 Mrs.  Sophia  Fitch  - 26. 

June  9 Infant  son  of  Mr.  Millard. 
June  29  Moses  Baldwin. 

July  17  Infant  daughter  of  Bayze 
. Baker. 

July  17  Mm.  Ruhannah  Baker  - 41. 
July  22  Fanny  Edmonds  - 8. 

•July  23  Almira  Jana  Hunt.  Infant. 
July  30  Alonso  Baker.  Infant. 

July  30  Daniel  Bunn  el.  Infant. 

Aug.  14  Samuel  Peck.  Infant. 

Aug.  14  Caroline  Clark  - 2. 

Aug.  15  Joseph  Ball  Clark  - 10 

Aug.  16  Cyrenus  Clark  - 4. 

The  last  three  buried  in  one  grave, 

Aug.  16. 

Aug.  15  Henry  II.  Talcott.  Infant. 
Aug.  18  Maria  Loisa  Clark  - 5. 

Aug.  19  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Page. 

Aug.  23  Phebe  Amanda  Bali.  Infant. 
Aug.  24  David  Hardy  Parmele  - 6. 
Sept.  9 Abel  Bromley  - 51. 

Sept.  21  Charles  Well  - 71. 

Sept.  27  Mrs.  Melinda  Keth  - 19. 

Nov.  1 Martin  Minor  - 72. 

Dec.  23  Infant  daughter  of  Mr.  Post. 
Dec.  24  Mrs.  Betsey  Flint  - 40. 

Dec.  30  Daughter  of  Mrs.  White  - 5. 

Feb.  13  Charles  Warren  Peck  - 7 mo. 
Feb.  20  Joseph  McLaughlin  - 57. 

Mar.  17  Mrs.  Griffin. 

April  4 Son.  of  Capt.  O.  Thompson. 
May  12  Mrs.  Drusilla  Marvin  - 30. 
May  29  Olive  Armstrong. 

June  14  Mrs.  Mary  Hen. lee  - 29. 

July  21  Lorenzo  Thayer.  Infant. 

Aug.  13  David  Congdon. 

Aug.  15  Lewis  Henry  Lee  - 7 mo. 
Oct.  7 Clime  na  Payne  - 23. 

Oct.  25  Capt.  Robert  Taft  - 73, 

Nov.  5 Jaimes  Elliott  Lewis  - 6 mo. 
Dec.  5 John  Belote  - 57. 


Feb.  11  Barzilloi  Bush.  59  years. 

Feb.  28  John  Truesdale  Hayes.  34. 
Mar.  1 Twin  sons  of  John  Smith. 
March  17  Oliver  B.  Curtis.  6. 

Apr.  29  R'hoda  Kilboum.  29. 

May  13  Sarah  Pilsbury,  1. 

Aug.  4 Francis  Bacon,  killed  by  the 
stage,  6. 

Aug.  14  Faithful  Hulhert,  killed  in  a 
mill  - 10. 

Aug.  20  Joseph  E.  Ball  - 1. 

Sept.  2 John  P.  Smith  - Infant. 

Sept..  5 John  A.  Graham  - 45. 

Dec.  3 Infant  son  of  Mr.  Cooper. 

Dec.  30  Infant  son  of  James  Sherman. 

Ja>n.  26  Mrs.  Lydia  Pierce  - 39. 

Jan.  29  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Valentine. 

• ■ ■ • ' ‘V,  r - 

. * . 



• ' , 



' v • . , 



■>-  ..  , 



> ,*  - ■; 

X . ,■> 

' * ' 4-’  %,?  ■ 

. . : - 




The  Bartoo  Family 

Olive  Matilda  married  William  Ten- 
broeek  of  Oxford,  N.  Y.  in  1834,  and 
their  children  were: 

1.  Ann  Augusta,  Feb.  12,  1835. 

Married,  Sept.  1857,  Isaac  Brown  of 
Troupsburg,  N.  Y.  Their  children  were 
Carrie  and  William.  Ann  Augusta 
married  a second  time,  Will  Butler. 

2.  Jeremiah,  Feb.  11,  1836.  Mar- 
ried, Sept.  1858,  Mary  A.  Miller  of 
Oxford,  N.  Y.,  and  they  had  Clarence  married  Mary  A.  and  had  four 
children.  Jeremiah  married  a second 
time,  Emma  Skillan  of  Brisbin,  N.  Y. 

3.  Hiram,  June  23,  1837.  Married 
Mary  Williams  of  Woodhull,  N.  Y., 
and  they  had  Henry.  Nora  and  Elvkt 
were  the  children  of  Henry. 

4.  Laura,  Feb.  23,  1840.  Married, 
April  15,  1862  to  Hiram  Olmstead, 
Troupsburg,  N.  Y.  Their  children 
were  Albert  and  Mary. 

5.  William  Henry,  June  21,  1841. 
Killed  in  the  Battle  of  the  Wilderness. 

6.  Ira,  Oct.  12,  1845.  Married  Sarah 
Wilson  of  Troupsburg,  N.  Y.  and  they 
had  Edwin,  Hattie,  Clarence,  Cora, 
Olive,  May,  the  twins,  Freddie,  Bruce 
and  Ray.  In  the  autumn  of  1887,  with- 
in six  weeks,  diphtheria  caused  the 
deaths  of  Edwin,  Hattie,  Cora,  Olive, 
Mary  and  Freddie. 

7.  Mary,  Oct.  26,  1846.  Married 
Will  Seely,  and  had  Fred,  Wallace 
and  Ralph. 

8.  Urania,  Nov.  2,  1847.  Married 
Albert  King,  lived  in  Corning,  N.  Y., 
and  they  had  Hattie,  Mabel,  and  trip- 
1-ts,  Minnie,  Maud  and  Mary,  who 
died  in  infancy. 

Urania  Viana,  ninth  child  of  Jesse 
and  Eunice  Bartoo,  was,  like  her 
sisters  and  Ibrothers,  destitute  of  all 
luxuries  and  of  some  of  the  necessi- 
ties .of  life. 

Uranlia  married  in  1834,  Henry 
Gordon  Bartle  of  Oxford,  N.  Y.  In 
1835  they  went  120  miles  with  ox 
team  and  sled,  and  settled  in  Troups- 
burg, N.  Y.,  at  that  time  a vast  forest. 

They  took  a contract  for  a piece  of 
land,  and  began  clearing  away  the 
trees.  A log  house  was  built,  and  by 
hard  work  and  close  economy,  they 
succeeded  in  paying  off  the  contract, 
and  building  a comfortable  home. 
During  these  years  of  toil  and  hard- 
ship, nine  children  were  born.  Three 
sons,  Jesse,  Captain  Philip,  and  Wil- 
liam were  in  the  Civil  War.  The 
children  were: 

1.  Jesse,  Aug.  1835-Feb.  3 865,  mar- 
ried Lucy  Brown.  He  died  and  was 
buried  at  sea,  three  days  out  from 
New  Orleans,  on  the  way  to  New 
York  City. 

2.  Philip  John,  Feb.  1837,  married 
Catherine  Wilson.  Served  from  1831 
to  1865,  held  rank  of  captain. 

3.  William,  July  16,  1838,  married 
Hannah  Baxter  of  Woodhull,  N.  Y. 
May  6,  1864,  William  was  wounded 
in  the  right  shoulder  in  the  Battle  of 
the  Wilderness,  and  on  May  10,  at  Po 
River,  a ball'  lodged  under  the  right 
ear,  causing  total  deafness  in  that 
ear.  Returned  from  the  hospital  at 
Baltimore  just  in  time  for  Deep  Bot- 
tom Fight.  November,  1864  at  Peters- 
burg, Va.,  he  was  shot  through  the 
left  knee,  making  it  necessary  to  am- 
putate the  left  leg.  After  his  dis- 
charge, he  studied,  and  became  a 
Methodist  minister.  Preached  for 
•some  time  in  Arlington,  Kansas. 

The  children  of  William  and  Han- 
nah were  Ella,  who  married  H.  C. 
Neal  of  Williamsport,  Pa.,  and  they 
•had  William  and  Eunice;  Ira  and 
Philip  John,  both  practised  medicine 
in  Oklahoma. 

4.  George  W.,  July  4,  1840,  mar- 
ried Gertrude  Wilson  of  Troupsburg, 
N.  Y.  They  had  Carrie,  who  married 

Hatch;  and  Bert,  who  married 

and  had  a son. 

5.  Elizabeth,  1842,  married  Myron 
Cook  in  1869,  had  one  son  Henry,  and 
died  in  1873. 

6.  Eunice,  July  1844-1866. 

^ . * 


. w 








' ' 


■ ' 

• \i  ■!  " 






Obituary  Records 

of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Courtesy  Buffalo  Historical  Society 

Bement,  William  H.  June  13,  1864  47. 

Died  at  Cuba,  N.  Y. 

Bemis,  Asaph  S.,  Dec.  13,  1823  34. 
Benedict,  Joel  H.  Water  Valley.  Dec. 
23,  1865  53. 

Benedict,  Pbebe,  wife  of  Joel  H.  July 
12,  1854  48. 

Benjamin,  D.  Spencer,  Sept.  5,  1869 


Benjamin,  George  W.  Dec.  24,  1859 

Bennet,  Elnathan.  Cheektowaga,  Mar. 

24,  1863  74. 

Bennet,  James.  Lancaster,  May  4, 
1860  62. 

Bennet,  Alva,  Nov.  10,  1850  41. 

Bennet,  Hayes.  Black  Rock,  Sept.  1815 

Bennet,  Henry  A.  Postmaster  at  Black 
Rock  Dam,  Feb.  26,  1856  38. 

Bennet,  Janies  E.  Died  at  Utica.  Nov. 
10,  1844  35. 

Bennet,  Mns.  May.  Sept.  10,  1867  68. 
Bennet,  Nathaniel  G.,  oldest  son  of 
Philander,  firm  of  Marvin  & Ben- 
nett, 1841  22. 

Bennet,  Mrs.  Phebe  Ann.  Apr.  17, 
1850.  39. 

Bennet,  Philander.  July  22,  1863  68. 
Bennet,  Samuel  W.  Dec.  18,  1865  40 
yrs.  3 m. 

Bennet,  Susan  Barton,  wife  of  Sey- 
mour. May  29,  1865  27y  6m. 

Bennet,  Thankful,  wife  of  James, 
Lancaster,  Nov.  22,  1853. 

Benseoler,  Mrs.  Jane  Talman,  Wales. 
Jan.  29,  1859  31. 

Benson,  Bradley,  6th  Wisconsin  Bat., 
son  of  E.  W.  of  Buffalo,  Feb.  22, 
•1865.  Died  at  Nashville,  Tenn. 
Benson,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Apr.  10,  1855. 
75y  6m. 

Benson,  John,  Sept.  6,  1849  71. 

Bergtold,  Daniel,  East  Aurora,  Nov. 

15,  1865  29y  7m  6d. 

Bergtold,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Sept.  3, 
1864  64y  8m  8d. 

Barry,  Major  Jack,  an  old  and  distin- 
guished chief  of  the  Seneca  Tribe, 
Buffalo  Creek  Reservation,  Julv  3, 

Berry,  James,  Sept.  17,  1866  66y  2m 


Berryman,  Mrs.  Anna  Sophia,  eldest 
daughter  of  Mrs.  Catherine  Dever- 
aux,  Feb.  16,  1860  27. 

Berryman,  Charles  an  Englishman:, 
Oct.  7,  1833  23. 

Bertling,  Eva  Magdalena,  wife  of 
John,  Mar.  12,  1866  19. 

Bertrand,  Joseph  P.,  Feb.  IS,  1855 
19y  11m. 

Bertrand,  Mary,  widow  of  Michael, 
Feb.  22,  1858  69y  11m. 

Bertrand,  Michael,  printer,  June  20, 
1856  28y  3m.  Died  in  Toronto. 

Besse,  Caroline  Eliza,  eldest  daugh- 
ter of  John,  Wales,  Mar.  16,  1843 

Besse,  John,  Wales,  Oct.  8,  1851  53. 

Besser,  John  B.,  Amherst,  Aug,  13, 
1828  55. 

Best,  Jane,  widow  of  Capt.  William, 
mother  of  R.  H.  and  William  F. 
July  18,  1855.  72. 

Best,  Captain  William,  Tonawanda, 
Jan.  19,  1854  84. 

Bestow,  Capt.  Job,  Williamsville,  June 
11,  1865  73. 

Bestow,  Lurenah,  widow  of  Job  of 
Hinsdale,  Mass.,  mother  of  Captain 
Job  of  former  place,  Apr.  14,  1835 

Bettis,  Mary  E,  daughter  of  Stephen, 
Oct.  5,  1851  21. 

Bettis,  Stephen,  died  in  Westfield,  N. 
Y.  Nov.  19,  1850  50. 

Bettys, , wife  of  G.  Clarence,  Dec. 

23,  1817  30. 

Bickerstaff,  Marie  Constantia,  dau.  of 
Francis,  West  Hamburg,  Feb.  14, 
1864  22. 

. , 


• ' . .. 




•>-  : 

; i 




. .. 

■ : 





■ * <r4 






Tombstone  Inscriptions 

The  following  are  records  from  me 
Maple  Hill  Cemetery,  North  Dari&n. 

Lot  8 — Joseph  Farnham 
*Mary  Farnham,  wife  of  Joseph, 
1837,  58  yrs.  Alexander.  Born  in 

X:w  Hampshire. 

Ezra  Farnham,  1843.  Dr.  James 
Tyler.  Rev.  Hazekiah  West. 

Joseph  Farnham,  born  in  New 

Francos  Farnham  Hall.  Elder  Alex- 
ander Robinson. 

Lot  8,  South  Half — ‘Samuel  Springer 
Orville  Springer,  June  9,  1828,  7, 
Alexander,  o,  o,  Alexander.  Dr.  D. 

Mary  Weston  Springer,  Sept.  19, 
1849,  64,  Alexander,  46,  Canandaigua, 
New  Bedford,  Mass.  Dr.  Northrop. 
Elder  Clute. 

*Samueh  Springer,  Oct.  8,  1866,  86, 
Pembroke,  15,  Canandaigua,  New 
Hampshire.  Dr. Norton.  Rev.  M. Forbes. 

s Anna  Springer,  first  wife  of  Sam- 
uel, Mar.  7,  1808,  34. 

s Diadama  Springer,  second  wife  of 
Samuel,  Aug.  13,  1819,  33. 

s Mary  Springer,  third  wife  of  Sam- 
uel, Sept.  17,  1849,  65. 

Lot  9 — Zeno  Griswold 
James  Griswold,  Aug.  16,  1893,  14, 
Darien,  14.  Dr.  Smith. 

Hannah  Griswold,  July  8,  1917, 


Lots  10  and  98 — Asher  Holmes 



John  Dillon,  15  mo.,  Darien.  Dr. 
Isaiah  Rano. 

Old  Mrs.  Holmes,  Darien. 

Mrs.  Bice. 

W.  Mattice. 

Claras  Gilson,  Aug.  10,  1899,  o, 
Darien,  23. 

Asher  C.  Holmes,  July  9,  1907,  87, 
Darien.  Dr.  Richardson. 

Mary  Holmes,  Jan.  30,  1909,  84, 


sClarry  Holmes,  our  mother,  June 
24,  1800— July  30,  1877. 

s Amy  I.  Bice,  our  mother,  wife  of 
Jeremiah,  Dec.  12,  1876.  55y-3m-20d. 
Lot.  10,  south  half — James  Finley 
-Rachel  A.  Finley,  Oct..  20,  1841,  2, 
Pembroke,  Rev.  Fairchild. 

Rachel  Bslden,  Nov.  6,  1847,  67, 
Pembroke,  b in  Schoharie  Co.,  N.  Y. 
Dr.  James  Tyler. 

Nathaniel  Finley,  June  4,  1848,  10, 
Pembroke,  born  in  Owego  Go,  Drs. 
Rano  and  Northrop. 

* Mary  Belden  Finley,  Aug.  4,  1375, 
65,  Pembroke,  wife  of  James. 

s James  Finley,  Sept.  10,  1888,  87y. 
s Robert  Finley,  Aug.  4,  1842,  May 
1,  1874. 

s Julane,  wife  of  Robert  Finley, 

Albert  Doolittle,  Sept.  19,  1922,  62, 
Batavia.  Born  in  Rusirford,  N.  Y. 

Lot  13 — Rebecca  Turner 
LaFayette  Turner,  June  29,  1848,  23, 

James  Jones,  Darien. 

Lot  13  (part  of  lot) — William  Cole 
Earl  Cole,  June  16,  1882,  5 years, 
Darien.  Dr.  John  Mullen..  EM.  A.  P. 

William  Cole,  Mar.  14,  1918,  87y, 
Pembroke.  Dr.  Laughlin.  Rev.  F.  Taft. 

Ella  Cole,  Jan.  3,  1930,  75  years, 

Lot  13,  South  Half — Vine  Hibbard 
Vine  Hibbard,  Feb.  4,  1850,  91. 
Jacob  Wood,  Dec.  12,  1855,  25. 
Marcus  Wood,  Sept.  17,  1860,  53. 
Born  in  Attica.  Dr.  La:ah  Rano. 

Elizabeth  Cole,  Oct.  20,  1865,  66. 
Elder  Samuel  Calkins. 

Dorcas  A.  Hibbard,  Fob.  7,  1836,  95. 
Charles  Lindley,  Jan.  31,  1869,  8. 
Darien.  Rev.  Albert  C,  Newell. 

Fanny  Cole,  Mar.  3,  1875,  20,  Darien 
Hu'Miah  Cole,  June  4,  1880,  47  “ 

Wood,  Dec.  2,  1881,  Alex- 
ander. Dr.  I.  B.  Mullen.  Rev.  A.  P. 

Mary  Wood  Hunger,  May  29,  1882, 

72,  Batavia.  Born  in  Attica,  Dr.  Baker. 

■ •:  t • 

• ~ - ' 




’ * 

■ - • ••  ; 






■ ■ 



■ • ' ■ ■■  ■,  .. 

t*.  -C  ‘■'■'ij 




• - *;t.  fate&i  ' 



••  • 



Lot  14 — John  Lown 

s John  Lown,  Dec.  8,  1885.  Aged  71. 

* Ann  Maria,  wife  of  John,  of  Pem- 
broke, Sept.  10,  1887,  aged  72. 

Lot  14,  south  half — II.  Strong 


Amasa  Strong.  W.  Yvait. 

Lot  15 — Pinkham 

Pinkham,  1847,  infant,  Pem- 

Lot  15,  south  half— John  R.  Matte:5on 

Arvilla  A.  Baker,  Sept.  13,  1855,  27 
yrs.,  Alexander  2 yrs.,  Delevan,  Wis. 
Born  in  Alexander. 

In  far.:t  son,  Mar.  22,  1856,  Alex- 
ander. Born  in  Alexander.  Rev.  Merril 

Olive  Baker,  Oct.  10,  1866,  89  yrs. 
Darken,  51  yrs.  Born  in  Shaftsbury, 

Mercy  B.  Matteson.  Almira  Mont- 

Lot  16 — Eben  P..  Strong 

* Eli  Strong,  Jan.  29,  1828,  9 mo., 
Darien.  Dr.  E.  Cross.  Rev.  Samuel 

* Eben  P.  Strong,  Mar.  23,  1843,  49 
yrs.,  Darien.  Born  in  Warren,  Conn. 
Dr.  A.  R.  Butler. 

* Miner  Strong,  Aug.  30,  1888,  63, 
Darien.  Dr.  Gifford. 

* Margaret,  wife  of  Ebon  P.  Strong, 
Oct.  9,  1883,  90  yrs.  Darien.  B:rn  in 
Wales,  England. 

Lot  17 — Aruna  Sawens 

■William  Sawens,  Feb.  8,  1827,  14, 
Darien,  born  in  LeRoy.  Rev.  Wm. 

* Arunah  Sawens,  June  26,  1835,  50 
yrs.,  Darien,  LeRoy.  Born  in  Salem, 

* John,  son  of  Arunah,  Jan.  20,  1843, 
27  yrs.  9 mo.,  Darien.  Born  in  LeRoy. 
Dr.  Aaron  Long. 

* Sarah,  wife  of  Arunah,  July  20, 
1844,  56  yrs.,  Darien,  LeRoy.  Born  in 
Oarr, bridge,  Washington  Co. 

Florence  A.  Sawens,  Mar.  13,  1852, 
12  da.  Darien. 

Eupheimia  Gilmore,  Sept.  11,  1854, 
7 wits.  Alden.  Rev.  S.  Goff. 

Clarence  E.  Halstead,  Apr.  21,  1862, 

1 yr.,  Alexander.  Rev.  Benj.  F.  Mace. 

Willie  Sawens — Removed — Jan.  22, 
1867,  1 yr.,  Darien.  Rev.  W.  D.  Corbin. 

Stella  Sawens — Removed  to  lot  92 — 
July  16,  1865,  5 yr.  Batavia.  Rev. 
Chas.  Cravens. 

* Euphaim,  wife  of  Hiram  Sawens, 

1827-  July  16,  1914,  83  yrs.  Pembroke. 

* Hiram  Sawens,  1825-Jnn.  SO,  1917, 
91  yr's.  Pembroke. 

LotN18 — Roswell  ’G.  Hyde 
Lot  19 — Ezra  Clark 
Rufus  Clark,  Sept.  25,  1812,  9 mo., 

Ezra  Clark,  Oct.  17,  1832,  50  yrs., 
Darien,  21  yrs.  From  Saybrook,  Conn. 

Henry  C.  Clark,  July  24,  1834,  6 yrs. 

Fanny  Oyer,  Jan.  13,  1843,  26  yrs. 
Darien,  wife  of  Peter  D.  Oyer. 

Russel  De-land,  June  14,  1844,  1 mo. 
Frank] in, ville,  N.  Y. 

* Diana  Deland,  wife  of  Elisha, 
Sept.  8,  1846,  28  yrs.  Franklinville,  N. 
Y,  Born  in  Darien. 

* Cinderilla  Clark  Wait,  wife  of 
Ezra  Clark,  Jan.  1.  1879,  82  yrs.  Mt. 
Mcrri:.  Born  in  Conn. 

Lot  19,  north  half — John  Griswold 

* John  Griswold  1820-1898,  Darien, 
40  yds.,  Bennington.  Dr.  B.  W . Gifford. 

Myrta  Grisiwold  Leona  Sprague, 
Apr.  18,  1901,  23  yrs.  Darien. 

* Rachel  Griswold,  wife  of  John, 

1828- 1910,  Darien. 

■Christine  Young  Griswold,  Feb.  7, 
1927,  70  yrs.  Corfu. 

Omar  Griswold,  Apr.  4,  1933,  81  yrs. 

Lot  20 — Aid  Garfield 

* Dwight  Garfield,  son  of  Aid  and 
Lydia,  Apr.  13,  1838,  16  yrs,  Bethany, 
Bern  in  Darien.  Kicked  by  a horse. 

Lot  20,  north  half — Rev,  A.  P.  Fox 
Lillian  M.  Fox,  Apr.  17,  1902,  28 
yri?.  Darien,  2 yrs. 

Infant  child,  Apr.  3,  1902. 

Lot  21 — Poor  Lot 
A child  in  1881. 


;i\:  . v- 

' 1 


« i-V+rfh  1 

1 *:■  1 



' , - ' •:  1 



• -v  ; 


- ••  % i*  - ■.  ii 

'■  • ' ,•  ^ ■. ; . . 

•:  • , . • 

. . . 


' ”•  "•  J - • *{  *\ >: 

V'l"  ‘ V ‘ ^ l : M ■ ■ ’ ■ ''  '■  « 

. : >- 

, >.•*  ■ ' 



The  Mail  Box 

WANTED  — Parentage  and  birth- 
place of  Daniel  G.  Hunter,  born  Oct. 
5,  1805;  died  Mar.  2,  1874  at  Hector, 
N.  Y. 

M.  (1)  July  26,  1829,  Mary  Browne. 
She  was  bam  about  June  5,  1831,  died 
Jan.  11,  1844. 

Married  (2)  July  27,  1844,  Maria 
Louisa  (Reynolds)  Sked  in  Hector, 
N.  Y. 

Married  (3)  May  23,  1855,  Mary 
Ann  (Pierce)  Wager  in  Hector,  N.  Y. 
Children  by  1st  marriage:  William  B., 
born  July  11,  1831,  married  Mar.  14, 
1860  Fidelia  L.  Walling;  Sarah  W., 
born  Nov.  19,  1840,  died  Nov.  26,  1862, 
married  Hiram  E.  Pike.  Child  by  sec- 
ond marriage — Harriet,  born  Aug.  30, 
1845,  died  Feb.  2,  1902,  married  Philo 
Smith.  Children  by  3d  marriage  (all 
b^rn  at  Hector,  N.  Y.):  Edgar  L.  born 
Apr.  25,  1856;  Sidney  Llewellyn,  bom 
Mar.  13,  1858;  Abraham  Lincoln,  born 
Nov.  11,  1860. 

Daniel  G.  Hunter  lived  at  Starkey, 
Yates  Co.,  N.  Y.  and  Hector,  N.  Y. 
Was  Postmaster  at  Hector  for  several 
years  previous  to  1874.  It  is  thought 
he  originally  came  from  Westchester 
Co.,  N.  Y. 

WANTED  — Parentage  and  birth- 
place of  William  Pierce,  born  Jan.  9, 
1792,  died  Apr.  9,  1836.  Married  Eli- 
zabeth (who  was  she?),  born  June  23, 
1791,  died  Apr.  15,  1831.  They  lived 
in  Elmira,  N.  Y.  Children:  Hiram  C., 
Mary  Ann,  Albert  A.,  Pheebe  M.,  Abi- 
gail Jane,  John  D.  and  Andr;w  Jack- 



Alvin  Jones  m Jerusha  Warriner, 
probably  in  Johnsonburg,  New  York 
before  1816. 

WANTED-Ancestors  and  relatives, 
other  than  descendants,  of  Alvin  and 

Benjamin,  son  of  Alvin,  m Hellen 
(her  name  may  have  been  Slater. 

She  was  b about  1823  and  d Aug.  12, 
1854  in  Johnsonburg,  N.  Y. 

WANTED-Anceistors  and  relatives, 
not  descendants,  of  Hellen. 

D.E.P.  New  York 


PICKENS— Wanted,  dates  of  death 
of  Andrew  Pickens  and  wife  Sabra, 
who  died  in  Kendall,  Orleans  Co.,  N. 
Y.  There  are  no  markers  at  their 
graves.  Are  there  any  church  or  bible 
records  of  these  dates  ? 

BARROWS — Wanted,  descendants  of 
Josiah  N.  and  Rosa  (Murray)  Bar- 
rows  from  Williston,  Vt.  to  New  York 
state  about  1865.  Their  children  were 
Harmon,  Mary,  and  Leonora — the  lat- 
ter married,  Elisha  Landon. 

FITCH-PARMELEE.  Lucy  Fitch  was 
born  about  1755,  married  Asa  or  Ama- 
bel Parmelee  about  1777.  Supposed  to 
have  lived  in  western  Connecticut  or 
eastern  New  York  state.  Wanted,  an- 
cestry of  both. 

MURRA  Y-FITCH  — Roswell  Murray 
of  Florida,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y., 
married  Susannah  Fitch,  about  1797. 
Born  about  1775.  Her  ancestry,  with 
dates  of  her  birth,  marriage,  and 
death  wanted. 

B.G.S.  Nebraska. 


WANTED  — Ancestry  of  Eunice 
LaValley  and  her  husband,  Thomas 
Matteson,  b 1762.  Lived  near  Buffalo 
before  moving  to  Ohio. 

WANTED  — Ancestry  of  Willard 
Terrill,  b May  30,  1799,  son  of  Jere- 
miah and  his  wife,  Betsey  Matteson. 
Lived  at  North  Bloomfield,  Ohio,  said 
to  have  come  from  western  New  York. 

L.H.P.  Kansas. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  John  Bai- 
ley, 1778  - Oct.  26,  1872,  and  his  wife. 
Possibly  came  from  Vermont  to  West- 
ford  and  Middiefieid,  Otsego  Co.,  N.Y. 

M.V.L.  New  Jersey. 

m . .. 



V * 


. ;1  • ; - *■  • 

= * ■ • . 




- ' • 


- --■■■X  r X 

■ ( 

- * ' - 



•:  *' 

....  1 0mV[ 

- ; . :*r. ; ,3£  ,*sq  A% 

••  *.  - ■*) 

• • 


. ■ r»  : si-t.?,  y ->  . , 

■ ...a'i  ft 


■-  , 


''&hr  r.  • ;4  w'f 

* v '* 

, y,  ^ 



WANTED-Ancestry  of  Anne  Tripp, 
b Feb.  12,  1752  who  m John  Christy 
Jan.  7,  1776.  Resided  in  Dutchess  Co., 
N,  Y.  Children  were  Benj.,  Margaret, 
Sarah,  Leonard,  John  William  and 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Cornelia 
Stewart,  wife  of  Dennis  Christy,  and 
mother  of  John  b Sept.  29,  1755. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Abraham 
Van  Vlack  (Van  Vleekren)  b Feb.  22, 
1755,  Fishkill,  N.  Y.  and  his  wife 
married  Wiltsie,  b Apr.  16,  1757-Apr. 
8,  1839.  He  died  at  LaGrarge,  Dutch- 
es's Co.,  Nov.  19,  1836.  Children  were 
Abraham  Henry,  John,  Martin,  An- 
drew, Jacob,  Isaac,  Maria,  William, 
Cornelia  and  Betsey. 

E.M.C.  New  York.  . 

WANTED  — Ancestry  of  James 
Baker,  b 1784  and  his  wife  Deb  . rah 
Sproul  of  Yates  Co.  History  of  the 
Newburgh  Baptist  Church  names  as 
members  in  1808,  Josiah  and  Sarah 
Hainer  Baker,  the  parents  of  James. 

WANTED  — Ancestry  of  Enoch 
Turner,  July  1785-Jan.  28,  1887,  and 
his  wife  Lucinda  Fitch,  Feb.  1809- 
Dec.  31,  1894.  Dates  from  tombstones 
in  Crawford  Co.,  Pa. 

Enoch  was  the  son  of  Elijah  Turner, 
d May  7,  1817,  aged  86,  and  brother 
of  Elijah,  Eunice,  Anna  Turner  John- 
son, Larona,  Millie  Turner  Chamber- 

Enoch  was  Justice  of  the  Peace, 
Unadilla,  N.  Y.  in  1828. 

A.B.S.  Penna. 


WANTED — Data  on  Gershom  Ben- 
nett, Orange  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Wilkesbarre, 
Pa.,  settled  in  Elmira  in  1895,  and 
Sarah,  his  wife,  members  of  the  War- 
wick Baptist  hurch. 

C.B.  California. 


WANTED — Place  of  death  and 
burial  cf : 

Benoni  Webb,  mentioned  in  the 
July  number,  and  Elizabeth  Phillip, 
his  wife,  early  settlers  in  LeRoy. 

Philemon  Webb,  «on  of  Benoni,  and 
of  his  wife  Eunice  Anderson,  sister  of 
Lucy,  who  married  John  Ganson. 

David  Anderson,  b 1770,  Chester- 
field, Mass.,  and  his  wife,  Sarah  Ewell, 
b Dec.  23,  1768,  Scituate,  Mass,  They 
were  rn  Aug.  20,  1789,  at  Chest  infield. 
David,  deacon  in  LeRoy  in  1812,  was 
the  father  of  Seneca,  whose  wife  was 
Lucy  Webb,  daughter  of  Benoni. 

M.D.A.  Illinois. 


V/ANTED  — Ancestry  of  Asher 
Adams,  b in  Burke,  N.  Y.  in  1842,  d 
in  Kansas  1919,  son  of  Kimball  b 1809 
in  Mass,  d in  Iowa,  1879,  son  of  W.l- 
iiam,  born  in  Mas-,  and  Elvina  Smith, 
•wife  of  Asher,  b 1815  iri  Altburg,  Vt, 
d in  Kansas  in  1900. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  William 
Thompson,,  b Aug.  5,  1791  near  Belle- 
font,  Pa.,  d in  Holmes  Co.,  Ohio,  Sepc. 
14,  1851,  m in  Center  Co.,  Pa  to  Ma- 
tilda Hurd.  Also  ancestry  of  Matilua 
Hurd,  ib  1799  in  Pennsylvania,  d in 
Holmes  Co.,  Ohio  on  Dec.  6,  1886. 

WANTED  — Ancestry  of  Betsey 
Downing,  Tripihena  Sherman  and  Mr. 
and  Mrs.  Ebenezer  Smith. 

Phineas  Smith,  son  of  Ebenezer, 
was  b 1761  in  Suffiedd,  Hartford  Co., 
Conn.,  moved  to  Ver  nont  in  1780, 
rendered  military  (service  in  Conn,  and 
Vt.,  lived  a time  in  Altburg.  Vt.,  d 
Dec.  5,  1846  in  Cald, swell  Manor,  Can. 

Phineas  Smith  and  Betsey  Downing 
were  the  parents  of  David  who  in 
about  1802  Triphena  Sherman,  who  d 
1816  in  Alburg. 

Did  Ebenezer  have  military  service  ? 

M.E.A.H.  Kansas. 


WANTED  — Ancestry  of  Cleghorn 

Robinson,  1754-1806,  and  wife,  

Ransom.  Samuel,  oldest  son,  b Jan.  6, 
1778  at  Canterbury,  Conn.,  m Sept.  16, 
1799  in  AddLon,  N.  Y.  or  Vt.,  d in 
Wilson,  N.  Y.  Another  son,  Russell,  b 
Nov.  21,  1793  in  Addison,  N.  Y.,  m 
first  Almira  Smith,  June  18,  1817  at 
Stockhdm,  N.  Y.,  later  lived  at  Wil- 
son, N.  Y.  E.R.S.  Wash. 

, Y ’ ' :•  ' . 


1 3t. , . 

. hr  . 0 *0  71 1 . i A 




“•  ' r ■ 

, V . * 


'•  ''■■■  ■ ;j  • ' ■ at 

, ti  or 

a ji . • : ' i^a  dwi 


" \*  ' I ■ . i 


Neto  fork  JS>tate 

tEheir  Ancestors  anb  ^Irsmtbmits 


VOL.  1 MARCH,  1935  NO,  9 



■ '•  ■ •>  • ■ 

« .•  . v iO 




All  over  the  country  methods  for  stamping  out  crime  are  being  suggested. 

Persuading  every  girl  and  boy  to  beccme  interested  in  his  forefathers, 
to  crea'.e  in  him  a desire  to  know  their  names,  to  learn  where  they  lived  and 
how  to  be  proud  of  what  they  accomplished,  and  to  want  to  be  like  them 
and — 

Teaching  each  newcomer  to  our  shores  to  respect  and  love  our  sturdy 
pioneers  who  founded  these  United  States,  to  teach  him  our  language,  and 
to  pnake  him  want  to  show  his  gratitude  and  loyalty  to  this  Republic — 

That  would  abolish  crime. 


A series  of  lessons  will  be  published  which  it  is  hoped  will  help  our 
readers  to  find  ancestors. 

Genealogical  Work  Sheets  have  been  printed,  which  will  make  your 
search  easier,  and  show  you  just  what  information  is  necessary,  we  recom- 
mend them  to  you. 

Send  25  cents  for  one  dozen. 


The  first  step  is  to  obtain  from  those  now  living  all  available  information 
pertaining  to  your  family. 

In  every  case  beginning  with  your  own  parents,  write  the  name  of  each 
ancestor,  and  follow  it  with  dates  of  birth,  marriage  and  death,  and  residence 
for  each  date. 

The  listing  of  each  brother  and  sister  of  your  lineal  ancestor,  and  corre- 
sponding dates  is  helpful. 

One  member  of  the  family  may  have  been  prominent  or  may  have  mar- 
ried into  a prcminent  family,  and  you  may  be  able  to  find  helpful  data  con- 
nected with  his  name. 


Clarence  E.  Curtis3,  printer  of  “Early  Setters,”  died  Tuesday  morning, 
February  19,  1935. 


For  a historical  pageant,  depicting  your  own  ancestors,  for  the  entertain- 
ment of  your  guests  at  your  anniversary  or  family  re-union  write  our  sub- 
scriber, Mrs.  Josephine  W.  Wickser,  257  Bryant  Street,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 


We  subscribe  to  the  following,  and  recommend  them  to  you: 


A quarterly  containing  authentic  records  of  Connecticut  and  Massachusetts, 
edited  by  genealogists  of  repute. 

Descriptive  circular  mailed  on  request. 

Publisher — Mr.  Donald  Lines  Jacobus.  Genealogist. 

Box  32,  Westville  Station,  New  Haven,  Conn.  , Subscription,  $G.OO  per  year. 


A weekly  newspaper  publishing  records  of  the  Mohawk  Valley  in  New  York 
State.  Sample  mailed  on  request.  Subscription,  $2.00  per  year. 

Editor — Mr.  Lou  D.  MacWethy,  St.  Johnsville,  N.  Y. 

..  ...  ' 1 ' -■  * 




la  Waot  ifcuT  ) ^ 





' ■■  •-  ■ — \ ■ r . ..  ..  ■ .'i-’i' 

- - 

t , ' • 



The  Records  Of  An  1816  Merchant 

1 SIT.  John  Harroun. 

Calico  for  daughter  $ 2.06 

for  son  .38 

Mr.  Weaver  .60 

1S17.  Joseph  McDearman. 

Boards  measured  by  Wilder  1.95 

Sc  worth  of  soap  .08 

1817.  Isaac  Barden,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 
Paid  Dorothy  Hastings  .31 

4 yards  bonnet  wire  .25 

Pasturing  Hill’s  horse  for  Ball  .19 
Mr.  Clark  2.75 

Comb  for  daughter  .19 

1 quart  whiskey  for  son  .25 

William  Tubbs  .13 

Snuff  for  lady  .13 

Mr.  Reddish  3.00 

ISIS.  Jesse  Tubbs. 

1S17.  Asahel  Smith,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 
Andren  Bell 

1 Watts’  Psalms  and  Hymns  .75 
1818.  A Bell,  Jr. 

1 Merino  hat  2.50 

1S16.  Daniel  B.  Sherman. 

Took  bridle  to  balance  account. 
1817.  Ira  Smith,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 
1817.  Ansel  Hastings. 

Balance  on  oxen 


1 cake  soap 


Mr.  Tisdele  and  Randall 

Dean  3.00 

1817.  Israel  G.  Atkins. 

1817.  Heth  Thompson. 

5%  yards  Bombasette 


Amaziah  Darrows. 

1817.  Mr.  Badger. 

Cash  from  son  to  balance  account 
1817.  Sam  Ingersoll. 

Paid  Jonas  Kinne. 

6 bushels  wheat  6.00 

Credit  rags  .32 

1817.  Isaac  Andrews. 

Making  crane,  crane  hook,  and 
baling  kettle. 

1818.  Luther  Darrow. 

1817.  Charles  Knight- 

Cash  by  son,  Elijah. 

Mr.  Smith  and  Mr.  Osbourn. 

1817.  Hampson  Stevens. 

1 Bible  1.25 

1818.  Reuben  Coleby. 

1817.  Silvester  Rew. 

Harvey  Wood. 

1817.  Qrris  Boughton,  Pembroke, N.Y. 
1 Deer  skin  2.00 

1817.  Knight  and  Holmes,  Pembroke. 
N.  Y. 

4 tumblers  for  Mrs.  Strickland  .63 
Loaf  sugar  2.25 

1 gallon  gin  1.75 

1 gallon  brandy  2.75 

2 gallons  rum  3.50 

l/2  gallon  wine  1.63 

1817.  Joseph  Poodra. 

For  lady  1.00 

For  G.  W.  Woodworth  1.00 

1 V2  gallon  beer  .28 

1817.  Daniel  Dana,  Pembroke,  N.Y, 
Bed  cord  for  wife  .89 

Iron  shovel,  paid  for  with  a shawl 

1817.  David  Cole,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

8 lbs.  5 ozs.  fish  .79 

May,  1 pair  mittens,  to  be  paid 
for  next  November 

1817.  Matthew  Gray,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

1817.  Sam  Cornell,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 
8 bbls.  pot  ashes  152.50 

Calico  for  Betsey  Clemons  2.25 
For  Isaac  Denio,  boy,  William 
Martin,  Col.  Clemons,  John 
Todd,  R.  Chamberlain,  and 

1817. David  Browm,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

1817. Joel  Joslyn. 

Paid  Benjamin  Albee  and  George 

1817.  Polly  Gilman 

6 knots  of  colored  thread  .30 

1818.  John  Cornish,  Parma,  Monroe. 

In  1824,  wrote  Mr.  Cornish  and 
the  postmaster,  enclosing  the 
money  to  make  change 


Peter  Kindals. 


Mrs.  White 



Silas  W’heeler. 





Hugh  Steward 


James  Day 


Alfred  Shiphert, 




2 milk  pails  for  son  1.25 

1817.  Ira  Lyon,  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 
1817.  David  Harroun 
1817.  Solomon  Dow 
1817.  Peter  Ingersoll,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 
1817.  Timothy  Hodges,  Pembroke, 

N.  Y. 

% yard  cambric  .48 

Pair  coarse  shoes  for  shortly  2.25 

■ . 





• ■ a . ? 


{*.•»«  f.t4i’0  .TIEt 

•t  I 

- . . V i ' i 


w'  r 



Early  Church  Records 

Feb.  11,  Infant  daughter  of  Mr.  Tal- 

Mar.  4,  Mrs.  Polly  Talcott— 27. 

Mar.  2,  Infant  son  of  Dudley  Miller. 
Mar.  10,  Mrs.  Orpha  Canfield — 31. 
Mar.  13,  Infant  son  of  Harry  Owen. 
Mar.  25,  Mrs.  Taylor— 87. 

Mar.  25,  Infant  of  Mr.  Yost. 

Apr.  3,  Widow  Rebecca  Burlingame 

Apr.  10,  Miss  Mary  Nichols — 29. 
June  6,  Abby,  colored  woman,  suppos- 
ed about — 60. 

June  8,  Mrs.  Hannah  Mann — 47. 
Sept.  13,  Harvey  Hays — 27. 

Sept.  28.  Mary  Peck — 20. 

Oct.  13,  Infant  son  of  Augustus  Smith. 
Dec.  22,  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Flint. 


Feb.  23,  Infant  daughter  of  Reuben 
Pearce,  2nd. 

Mar.  20,  Mrs.  Clariss  Peck — 44. 

Mar.  20,  Infant  son  of  Luther  Curtis. 
Apr.  7,  Infant  son  of  Mr.  Ainsden. 
July  13,  Infant  daughter  of  Samuel 

July  17,  Mrs.  Clarissa  Nichols — 30. 
Sept.  30,  Widow  Lydia  Butler — 70. 
Oct.  20,  Emily  J.  Hunt — 15. 

Oct.  27,  Infant  son  of  John  Smith. 
Nov.  — , Jane  Richmond — 7. 

April  20.  Lucetta  Carey — 22. 


Jan.  27,  Mr.  Clark  Peek— 58. 

Feb.  18,  Mrs.  Susanna  Handy — 29. 
Feb.  25,  Mrs.  Anna  Kimball. 

Mar.  14,  Infant  son  of  B.  Algers. 
Mar.  14,  Infant  of  Wilson. 

Mar.  25,  Infant  daughter  of  James 

Apr.  2,  William  Weld,  in  Lima — 18. 
May  11,  Mrs.  Mehitable  Cooper — 75. 
June  28,  Charles  Fowler — 1. 

July  12,  Loren  Wait — 86. 

July  25,  Richard  Curtiss — 20. 

Aug.  7,  Mrs.  Burnam. 

Aug.  11,  Mrs.  Cleroa  Herrick — 32. 
Aug.  14,  Mrs.  Murray — 72. 

Aug.  19,  Jewel  Baker — 2. 

Aug.  28 — Comfort  Gilmon  Canfield — 30 
Sept.  29,  Mrs.  Owen. 

Oct.  22,  Elisha  Royce — 79. 

Nov.  3.  Harvey  Hall — 18. 

Dec.  16,  Ira  Webb — 7 

Dec.  31,  Guidon  Clark — 40. 


Jan.  5,  George  S.  Hall — 2. 

Feb.  6,  Martha  Wait — 16. 

Feb.  7,  Mrs.  Mary  Ball — 39. 

Feb.  8,  Infant  son  of  John  Sais. 

Feb.  26,  Mrs.  Sarah  Flint — 44. 

Mar.  16,  Nathan  Minor. 

Apr.  12,  Mabel  Laura  French — 26. 
June  2,  Henry  Canfield — 6. 

July  4,  Almira  Cooper — 19. 

Aug.  16,  Abilene  Hosmer — 93. 

Aug.  23,  Simon  Ostrom — 67. 

Sept.  16,  Marvin  Kimball — 3. 

Sept.  21,  Sarah  Shattuck- — 3. 

Sept.  23,  Mrs.  Rachel  Covel — 25. 

Sept.  4,  John  Husted — 1. 


Jan.  14,  Mungor  Buglass — 53. 

Jan.  18,  Mrs.  Anna  Bennett — 44. 

Feb.  23,  Nicodemus  Robbins — 22. 
Mar.  16.  Carlos  Pilsbury — 1. 

Daughter  of  William  Ostrom. 
Mar.  18,  Dau.  of  Bailey  Air. 

Apr.  5,  Mrs.  Philura  Ostrom — 19. 
Apr.  19,  Widow  Ruth  Handy — 71. 
May  3,  Alfred  Webb— 12. 

July  13,  Charles  M.  Huntington — 1. 
Aug.  6,  Phebe  Ann  Dunn — 1. 

Aug.  23,  Joel  Hotchkiss — 15. 

Mrs.  Jones. 

Sept.  23,  Infant  dau.  of  Harvey  Hall. 
Oct.  2,  Lemuel  Harkness — 21. 

Oct.  10,  Infant  Davidson  daughter, 
Oct.  19,  James  Harkness,  Jr. 

Nov.  10,  Annie  Harkness. 

Nov.  11,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Spaulding— 46 


At  this  time  the  records  were  not 
so  well  kept.  The  following  deaths 
were  recorded  for  the  year: 

Child  of  Mr.  Wall. 

Mrs.  Chaffee.  Miss  Miner. 

Mrs.  W.  Peck.  Mrs.  Dobbins. 

Child  of  Mrs.  Buglas. 

Three  children  of  Mr.  J.  Ball. 

Loisa  Hotchkiss.  Edwin  Turrel. 

Child  of  Mrs.  M.  Gates. 

Mr.  Lamphire.  William  W.  Hendee. 

Joanna  Hunt.  Lucretia  Canfield. 
Persis  Parsons.  Lois  Peck. 

Feb.  27,  William  R.  Norton. 

Aug.  10,  Mary  Stratton. 




ft-  . '■ 

• " i •.  ■ * > , 



M ■ 

■ ■ '*u  | 

" "■  .'.vr'iii 

' * - 

i • ... 



. . 

II  ' ’'A 




Soy.  30,  Esther  Godfrey. 

IS  33. 

June  12,  Triphena  H.  Crane. 

Sept.  29,  Jeremiah  Lee. 


Sept.  3,  Dr.  Lewis  Hodges. 


Feb.  6,  Alice  Parish. 

May  — , William  B.  Curtiss. 

Sept.  — , Rosannah  (?)  Rider. 


May  27,  Frances  M.  Stephens. 

Oct.  10,  Stephen  H.  Burton. 

Nov.  29,  Rhoda  Curtiss. 

Dec.  — , Samantha  Van  Valkenburgh. 


Aug.  10,  Arminda  Taft. 

Dec.  1,  Clarinda  Taft. 


Apr.  13,  Col.  P.  Gardner — 73. 


Nov.  22,  Theodore  Brown. 


Apr.  22,  Jamima  Brown. 


Mar.  11,  Gad  Daniels. 

Apr.  10,  Clarissa  Beckwith. 


June  9,  Lewis  R.  Gates,  a soldier — 22 
July  24,  Mrs.  Julia  E.  Taft— 53. 

Oct.  20,  Mrs.  Lement  Lockwood — 88. 
Nov.  4,  Lovisa  Parmele — 76. 


Jan.  29,  Jason  Canfield — 72. 

Apr.  15,  Mrs.  Lois  A.  Pilsbury — 45. 
May  7,  Alanson  Allen — 76. 

May  22,  John  B.  Mather — 30. 


Jan.  10,  Mrs.  Sarah  Egleston — 80. 

Apr.  20,  Hannah  McKinney — 25. 

June  19,  Mrs.  Polly  Taft— 66. 

July  25,  Dennison  A.  Porter — 44. 


Feb.  5,  William  Franklin  Sheldon,  a 
soldier — 21. 

Apr.  16,  Robert  Taft— 76. 

Sept.  27,  James  H.  Hall — 46. 

July  19,  1866,  Benjamin  Sturgess — 66 
Jan.  23,  1867,  Rhoda  Sheldon— 66. 

Jan.  24,  1868,  Dr.  William  F.  Shel- 
don— 72. 

Aug  26,  1868,  Titus  Canfield — 84. 


Jan.  28,  Sarah  Canfield — 66. 

Feb.  28,  Frances  Graham — 50. 

Apr.  26.  Stephen  Hendee — 83. 

Sept.  26,  Sarah  Lampkins — 49. 


Jan.  21,  Michael  N.  Williston — 69. 
May  11,  Mrs.  Caroline  Peck — 90. 

Nov.  12,  Mrs.  Eliza  M.  Lee — 60. 


Oct.  15,  Mrs.  Mary  C.  Peck — 55. 


May  11,  Mrs.  Hannah  Earl — 70. 

Sept.  29,  Jacob  Dixion — 84. 

Dec.  4,  Myra  A.  Wilson — 15. 


Jan.  20,  Mrs.  Emily  Baker  Aldrich — 57 
July  12,  Mrs.  Chloe  Taft— 64. 


Jan.  13,  Mrs.  Sarah  Pilsbury — 75. 
Sept.  8,  Hiram  L.  Taft — 69. 

Sept.  18,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann  Sheldon, 
wife  of  Deacon  Sheldon — 69. 


— Josiah  C.  Taft — 70. 

Jan.  9,  F.  Homer  Wells — 59. 

Jan.  11,  Mrs.  Huldah  Gates — 70. 

Feb.  13,  Mrs.  Sarah  Sturgess,  widow 
of  Benjamin — 73. 

June  25,  Arden  W'oodruff — 81. 

Oct.  4,  Mrs.  Mary  E.  Millington — -52. 
Aug.  22,  Miss  Nancy  Shaw;  died  in 


Jan.  15,  Mrs.  Maranda  Hamilton — 76. 
Dec.  21,  Ralph  Hunt — 86. 


Mar.  31,  William  Tock — 60. 

Dec.  1,  Mrs.  Jane  Elizabeth  Long — 52. 


Oct.  3,  Mrs.  Rhoda  Taft — 84. 

Oct.  4,  Mrs.  Sarah  Hunt — 84. 

Oct.  11,  Mrs.  Esther  Dixon — 56. 

Nov.  10,  David  Hamilton — S3. 

June  8,  1879,  Mrs.  Sarah  Lee  Hop- 
kins— 70. 

Apr.  19,  1880,  Miss  Julia  A..  Taft — 36. 
June  13,  1880,  Mrs.  M.  Emeline 
Gates — 72. 







..  . 

: an  ,r, 

./  Jqsr 

• :VS 

5i>  I 8.  )J  ,'1  99Ul 



-5!  -qA 




Lot  22 — Lucias  Barber 
Lucius  Barber,  Dec.  29,  1879,  45  yrs., 
Darien,  3 yrs.,  Middleburg.  Born  in 
Berne,  Albany  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Rhoda  Barber,  Jan.  9,  1887,  47  yrs., 
Darien,  11  yrs.,  Middleburg.  Born 
in  Fulton,  N.  Y. 

C.  Wyman,  Apr.  14,  1894,  33  yrs,  Alex- 
ander, Batavia.  Born  in  Alexander. 
Dora  Barber  Wyman,  June  10,  1924, 
60  yrs,  Mt.  Morris,  East  Pembroke. 
Born  in  Schoharie  Co. 

Effie  Barber  Wyman,  Mar.  29,  1931, 
63  yrs.  Alexander.  Born  in  Mid- 

Lot  22 — South  half — George  Innes 
Mary  Innes,  Jan.  15,  1882,  22  yrs., 

Hattie  U.  Bennett,  Dec.  8,  1897,  29  yrs., 

♦John  H.  Innes,  Jan.  23,  1899,  88 
yrs.,  Batavia,  Pembroke. 

Francis  Emma  Innes,  June  11,  1910, 
68  yrs.,  Batavia,  Pembroke. 

George  W.  Innes,  Oct.  18,  1916,  81 
yrs.,  Batavia,  Pembroke. 

Lot  23 — Orange  Carter 
♦Price  Matteson,  June  11,  1832,  35 
yrs.  The  monument  reads:  “Erected 

to  the  memory  of  Captain  Price  Mat- 
teson who  came  to  his  end  by  the 
fall  from  a waggon.” 

♦Orra,  wife  of  Price,  Mar.  17,  1829, 
27  yrs.,  Darien. 

Lot  23 — North  half — Jones  Lincoln. 
Emery  D.  Lincoln,  Sept.  15,  1901,  22 
yrs,  Darien. 

Margaret  C.  Lawrence,  May  10,  1910 
4 days,  Darien. 

Mariah  Harper  Lincoln,  1911,  65  yrs. 

Jones  Lincoln,  Nov.  10,  1922,  75  yrs., 

Lot  24 — David  Halsted 
♦Laura  Garfield,  July  5,  1792,  July 
5,  1825,  33  yrs,  Alexander.  Dr.  Daniel 

George  Halstead,  Mar.  27,  1843,  12 
yrs.,  born  in  Alexander.  Dr.  Ammi  R. 



♦Rebecca  Halstead,  Mar.  20,  1855, 
87  yrs.,  Alexander,  19  yrs.  Rev. 
Robert  Leavenworth. 

♦Philo  Halstead,  son  of  David  and 
Betsey,  Dec.  6,  1862,  25  yrs.,  Alex- 

♦David  Halstead,  July  8,  1793.  Oct. 
28,  1866,  73  yrs.,  Alexander,  50  yrs., 
Johnstown.  Born  in  Pennsylvania. 

♦Hannah  Boom  Halstead,  Sept.  11, 
1820,  July  20,  1887,  67  yrs.,  Alexander 
23  yrs.,  Farmington,  Mich. 

♦William  Halstead,  Dec.  6,  1814, 
Nov.  27,  1900,  Alexander,  Farmington, 

Alimeda  Halstead,  Dec.  25,  1907,  64 
yrs,  Alexander.  Born  in  Alexander. 

David  Halstead,  Nov.  16,  1911,  57 
yers.,  Alexander.  Born  in  Alexander. 
Lot  25 — East  half — Charles  Hickock 
Carrie  Hickox,  Alexandor. 

Charles  Hickox,  July  8,  1911,  Alex- 

Lot  25 — John  Simonds 
Omar  H.  Simonds,  Mar.  25,  1841.  IS 
yrs.,  Alexander  17.  Born  in  Leicester. 

♦Sabra  A.  Simonds,  dau.  of  John 
and  Sabra,  Dec.  24,  1843,  IS  yrs.,  Alex- 
ander. Born  in  Alexander. 

♦Emily  T.  Simonds,  wife  of  Joel  A., 
Sept.  28,  1851,  39  yrs. 

* John  Simonds,  Sept.  4,  1S62,  83 
yrs.,  Alexander,  39  yrs.,  Livingston  Co. 
Born  in  Williamstowrn,  Mass. 

Mary  Fick,  Feb.  12,  1865,  4 yrs. 
Bennie  Fisk,  Mar.  18,  1866,  12  yrs. 
Eunice  S.  Simonds  (on  lot  53),  Feb. 
18,  1838,  1 yr.,  Alexander. 

♦Justin  F.  Simonds,  Apr.  10,  1889, 

74  yrs.,  Darien,  4 yrs.,  Alexander. 
Born  in  Geneso. 

Lot  26 — Jonathan  King 
Porter  King,  Nov.  7,  1832,  IS  nos., 

Samhel  Wilson,  Feb.  10,  1837,  24  yrs. 
Darien.  Born  in  Pembroke. 

♦Israel  King,  Dec.  6,  1839,  75  yrs., 
Darien,  Saratoga  Co.  Nine  partners, 
Dutchess  Co. 

♦Betsey  Halstead,  wife  of  David, 
Mar.  27,  1843,  43  yrs.  Eld.  Belah  Wil- 

cox. Jane  King,  Feb.  23,  1844,  19  yrs., 

Henry  Halstead,  Oct.  9,  1849,  6 yrs.,  Alexander.  Born  in  Darien. 


■ **  . 

' ‘ • 


$ *'■  ■ . 

•».  ' • 
•”  ... 

• yrs 




' i ' ■ -1  > i 

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• ■ 



• Polly  King,  wife  of  Jonathan,  Feb. 
2,  1S6S,  64  yrs.,  Darien  5,  Alexander, 
Dr.  Vickery. 

♦Jonathan  King,  Feb.  14,  1873,  78 
vrs.,  Darien  10  yrs.,  Alexander.  Born 
ia  Cambridge,  N.  Y. 

♦Pameiia  A.  King,  wife  of  Lewis 
H„  Delano,  June  27,  1831,  Dec.  20, 
1SS6,  50  yrs.  Batavia.  Born  in  Dari- 
en. The  monument  reads:  “Death 

is  a debt  to  nature  due.  I’ve  paid 
my  debt,  and  so  must  you.” 

♦Edwin  Dow,  1837,  1922,  84  yrs., 
Batavia,  Darian.  Born  in  Pennsyl- 

♦Mary,  wife  of  Edwin,  1838,  1901, 
63  yrs.,  Batavia,  Darien,  Born  in 

Lot  27 — Griffetk  Johns 

Thomas  Johns,  Mar.  30,  1829,  69  yrs. 
Alexander.  Herkimer  Co.  Wales. 

Elizabeth  Johns,  Mar.  30,  1848,  87 
yrs.,  Alexander,  Herkimer  Co.  Wales. 

Roxy  Howard,  former  residence 
Connecticut.  Rev.  Joshua  Packer. 

♦Thomas  Johns,  Co.  H.  N.  Y.  H.  A., 
O.  A.  R. 

Four  persons  named  Johns,  no  other 
name  noted,  no  dates. 

Howard  Johns,  1885. 

Elmira  Johns,  Aug.  1898,  76  yrs., 

♦Griffith'  Johns,  Mar.  27,  1888,  93 
vrs.,  War  of  1812.,  Darien,  Alexander. 
Born  in  Wales. 

Lovina  Johns,  wife  of  Griffith,  May 
18.  1870,  70  yrs.,  Darien,  60  yrs.  Born 
in  Vermont. 

Lot  28 — Owen  Curtis 
♦Abigail  Curtiss,  wife  of  Owen,  Aug. 
17,  1848,  56  yrs.,  Darien.  Born  in 
Cambridge,  Washington  Co. 

Mead — Mead — Lewis. 

♦Owen  Curtiss,  Feb.  19,  1879,  S9 
yrs.,  Darien  70  yrs.  Born  in  Warren, 
Litchfield  Co.,  Conn. 

♦Ira  A.  Curtiss,  Jan.  27,  1905,  74 
yrs.,  Darien. 

♦ Frances  E.,  wife  of  Ira.,  Nov.  13, 
1920,  76  yrs.,  Darien. 

Lot  29 — Zina  Wait 

William  C.  McCollister,  Jan.  11, 
1814,  7 yrs.,  Darien. 

Lawrence  McCollister,  Oct.  20,  1828, 
1 yr.,  Darien. 

♦Zina  Wait,  Mar.  2,  1843,  42  yrs.,  11 

mos.,  Darien  16  yrs.,  Born  in  Easton, 
Washington  Co. 

♦Rebecca  Wait,  wife  of  Zina,  Aug. 
13,  1868,  67  yrs.,  2 mos.,  Darien.  Dr. 
L.  L.  Tozier. 

Ida  J.  Wyman,  Oct.  1854,  16  days, 
Alexander.  Dr.  Isaiah  Rano. 

Lot  30 — Frank  Griswold 
Carter — Carter. 

Lot  30 — South  half — John  Keihier,  Jr. 

Mable  Walker  Keibler,  July  17,  1907, 
29  yrs.,  Darien.  Born  in  Alexander. 
Lot  31 — Benjamin  Rudd 
Benjamin  H.  Rudd,  Sept.  17,  1910, 
42  yrs.,  Batavia.  Born  in  Darien. 

Floyd  Rudd,  Nov.  10,  1913,  19  yrs. 
Batavia.  Born  in  Darien. 

Lot  32 — Wilmot. 

Mrs.  Wilmot  of  Darien. 

Lot  33 — Jerome  L.  Colby 
Ann  Boynton  Colby. 

Jerome  L.  Colby,  July  9,  1922,  S3 
yrs.,  Batavia,  Darien. 

Birdie  A.  Colby,  Mar.  9,  1923,  60  yrs. 

Stone  only,  may  not  belong  to  this 

Jerome  Colby,  1823,  1906. 

Hannah  Clark  Colby,  wife  of 
Jerome,  1824,  1905. 

Lot  33 — South  half — Ammon  Boynton 
Mary  A.  Boynton,  Feb.  22,  1845,  4 
mos.,  Batavia.  Dr.  James  Tyler.  Rev. 

Victoria  L.  Boynton,  Sept.  3,  1849, 
4 mos.,  Batavia.  Dr,  Levant  Cotes. 

Walter  Colby,  May  12.  1867,  2 mos., 

Mary  Bigford,  Nov.  24,  1864,  83  yrs,, 
Batavia.  Dr.  George  H.  Norton. 

Thomas  Bigford,  May,  1877,  103 

yrs.,  Batavia,  Middlebury. 

Mrs.  Boynton,  Oct.  9,  1885,  66  yrs., 

John  Dodson  Bickford,  Mar.  3,  1903, 
96  yrs.,  Batavia. 

John  Reilly,  Oct.  1917,  40  yrs,,  Pem- 
broke, Pennsylvania. 

Manilla  Abby  Boynton,  Sept.  1914, 
68  yrs.,  Pembroke.  Born  in  Pembroke. 
David  Bean,  Sept.  3,  1920.  Pembroke. 

Lot  34 — Ephraim  P.  Dean 
♦Ephraim  P.  Dean,  May  15.  1866,  65 
yrs.,  Elba,  1 yr..  East  Pembroke.  Born 
Galway,  Saratoga  Co.  Dr.  Kingsley. 

♦Polly  B.  Dean,  wife  of  Ephraim. 
Aug.  19,  1869,  67  yrs. 



'■  ■■ 




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' ' ' ' ; ■ • ' 
ii  -*:•■;  ;oj 



Obituary  Records 

Bidwell,  Benjamin,  Dec.  21,  1862,  72. 
Bidwell,  Brig.  Gen.  Daniel  D.,  Oct.  19, 

1864,  48.  Killed  in  Battle  of  Cedar 

Bidwell,  Emily,  wife  of  John  H.,  Aug. 

15,  1854,  36  yrs.,  1 mo.,  23  days. 
Bidwell,  Emma  H.  Frazer,  wife  of 
Charles  H.,  Sept.  17,  1S66,  23  yrs., 
4 mos.,  8 days. 

Bidwell,  JoIid  H.,  Mar.  21,  1866,  56. 
Bidwell,  Marion  N.,  wife  of  J.  N., 
Apr.  4,  1865,  41  yrs.,  4 mos.,  17  days. 
Bidwell,  Susan  H.,  wife  of  Daniel  D., 
Jan.  25,  1851,  26. 

Bidwell,  Virginia,  wife  of  B.  S.,  Aug. 
18,  1859. 

Bierma,  Henry,  May  17,  1865.  35. 
Bigden,  Henry,  son  of  Robert,  May 
25,  1862,  26.  Died  at  Water  Valley, 
Bigelow',  Fanny  E.  B.,  wife  of  W.  H. 
of  Freeport,  111.,  dau.  of  Hon  Daniel 
Bowen,  Aug.  13,  1861. 

Bigelow  Milly,  wife  of  Dr.  E.  A. 
June  10.  1843. 

Bigelow*,  Samuel  S.,  Dec.  31,  1850,  31. 
Biggs,  John,  May  27,  1849,  49. 

Bignell,  Elizabeth,  widow'  of  John, 
postmaster,  Quebec,  May  10,  1862, 

Bill,  Asahel,  Oct.  19,  1836,  37. 

Bill,  Maria  Louisa,  Mar.  13,  1852,  22. 
Billings,  Alfred,  Jan.  4,  1840,  22. 
Billings,  Catharine  A.,  widow  of  Dr. 

J.  A.,  June  18,  1862. 

Billings,  Capt.  Francis  P.,  Mar.  11, 

1865,  55. 

Billings,  Mary  Ann,  wife  of  Theodore 
D.,  Aug.  30,  1837,  23.  Died  at  South 
Dearfield,  Mass. 

Billings,  Parker,  March  1829,  50. 
Bingham,  George,  Alden,  Dec.  12, 
1863,  82  yrs.,  5 mos. 

Bingham,  Mary,  mother  of  Mrs. 

James  McGinness,  Oct.  31,  1861,  72. 
Birch,  Charles  W.,  Feb.  22,  1858,  22 
yrs..  9 mos. 

Bird,  Joanna  M.,  wife  of  W.  A.,  Apr. 
11,  1837,  34. 

Bird,  Mrs.  Mary,  Jan.  12,  1853.  47. 
Bird,  Col.  Nathaniel,  Revolutionary 
soldier,  Hamburg,  Jan.  11,  1847,  84. 
Native  of  New  Marlborough,  Mass. 
Birge,  Daniel  O.,  July  25,  1846,  31. 
Died  at  Carlyle,  111. 

Bisgood,  William  A.,  Nov.  18,  1863,  22 
yrs.,  5 mos.,  18  days. 

Bishop,  A.  B.,  wife  of  Christopher  F.. 
Sept.  25,  1854,  28  yrs. 

Bishop,  Calvin,  Apr.  1,  1852,  46. 

Bishop,  Caroline,  wife  of  Nathaniel, 
July  24,  1867,  42  yrs.,  1 mo. 

Bishop,  Dr.  Francis  T.,  Coldc-n,  Mar. 
12,1864,  57.  Native  of  Basingstoke, 
Hampshire,  Eng. 

Bishop,  Maria  L,  B.,  wife  of  Albert 
W.,  Jan.  14,  1860,  34. 

Bishop,  Samuel  L.,  Aug.  5,  1849,  24. 

Bissell,  Dorothy,  Lancaster,  Nov.  2, 
1844,  78. 

Bissell,  Capt.  Elias,  Clarence,  Feb., 
1813,  55. 

Bissell,  Dr.  Harry  H,,  Sept.  16,  1858, 

Bissell,  Rosette,  wife  of  Elihu,  Lan- 
caster, Apr.  29.  1846,  32. 

Bivens,  Margaret,  wife  of  E.  D.,  Clar- 
ence, May  19,  1846. 

Bivens,  Thomas,  Clarence,  Oct.  3,  1832, 
40.  Died  in  Michigan. 

Bixby,  Maria,  Charlotte  Beare,  wife 
of  Robert  S.,  East  Aurora,  Mar., 
1862,  65. 

Bixby,  Robert,  father  of  James,  Oc-t. 
8,  1865,  81.  Taken  to  Lewiston. 

Bixby,  Daniel,  White’s  Corners,  Oct. 
20,  1860,  54. 

Black,  Capt.  Braddock,  North  Evans, 
Feb.  4.  1851,  54. 

Black,  Elisha  M.,  only  child  of  Brad- 
dock,  North  Evans,  Feb.  4,  1851,  54. 

Black,  Elizabeth  G.,  wife  of  Robert, 
bookseller,  Sept.  8,  1857.  46.  For- 
merly of  Brechin,  Scotland. 

Blackman,  George,  Marilla,  May  26, 
1864,  60.  Formerly  of  Chautauqua 

Blackman,  George  S.,  Lancaster,-  Dec. 
17,  1852.  Died  in  Cincinnati,  buried 
in  Lancaster. 

Blaekmond,  Francis  W.,  eldest  son  of 
Edwin  T.,  July  26,  1860,  26  yrs.,  1.1 
mos.,  9 days. 

Blackston,  William,  M.  D.,  Lancaster, 
Oct.  27,  1852,  42  yrs.,  1 mo.  Former- 
ly of  Baltimore,  Md. 

Blackwood,  Atchinson  N.,  hro.  of  Mrs. 
Charles  W.  Hopkins,  May  11,  1855; 







t - ■ ■ : • ' • • 

; . 


' t > ' 


-a  * ; 

'■ . • • 

r i.iH  a 

■ j 



' I-* 




..  • :.'i  - 


....  . ,a 



t * *•, 



BUike,  Mr.  A.  D.,  Dec.  5,  1S39,  51. 

Blake,  Itliamar,  June  9,  1S35,  84. 

Blake,  Mrs.,  June  S,  1835,  85. 

Blakeley,  Edvw,  Co.  F.,  116  N.  Y.  Vol., 
Boston,  N.  Y.,  May  24,  1864,  19. 

Blakeley,  Edwin  E.,  Elma,  Mar.  13, 
1S64,  22  yrs.,  6 mos. 

Blakeley,  CJiarlotte,  wife  of  Erastus, 
Aurora,  Apr.  1S36,  21. 

Blakeley,  Deacon  Isaac,  Aurora,  Apr., 
21.  1849,  73. 

Blakeley,  Joseph,  East  Aurora,  Mar. 
4,  1863,  81. 

Blakeley,  Joseph  W.,  eldest  son  of 
William,  May  15,  1864,  19  yrs.,  7 
mos.,  6 days. 

Blakeley,  Robert  L.,  in  U.  S.  Army, 
Mar.  4,  1863,  17  yrs.,  6 mos.,  4 days. 
Died  at  Vicksburg. 

Blakeley,  Sally,  wife  of  Joseph,  Auro- 
ra, Aug.  1842,  62. 

Blakeley,  Mrs.  William  E.,  Aurora, 
Feb.  19,  1865,  43. 

Blakeslee,  Adaline,  wife  of  G.  W. 
Mar.  12,  1845,  30. 

Blanchard,  Philinda  A.,  wife  of  G.  G., 
Clarence,  Apr.  15,  1848,  23.  G.  G. 
Blanchard  of  Jamestown. 

Blanchard,  Ruth  E.  T.,  wife  of  A.  A., 
Sept.  14,  1857,  34.  Died  at  Hanover, 
N.  H. 

Blanchard,  Wm.  D.,  Apr.  26,  1866, 
34.  Died  at  Jamestown,  buried  in 

Blassdell,  Wm.  Henry,  Sept.  18,  1858, 

Blatchford,  Daniel,  June  27,  1848,  65. 

Blatchford,  Capt.  Daniel,  Co.  E.,  179th 
Reg.  N.  Y.  Vol.,  June  IS,  1864,  32. 
Killed  in  battle  of  Petersburg. 

Bleiler,  Albert  E.,  116th  Reg.,  N.  Y. 

Vol.,  Mar.  30,  1867,  21  yrs.,  3 mos. 

Bleiler,  George,  Mar.  26,  1858,  40. 

Bleiler,  Mathias,  Apr.  30,  1858,  36. 

Bliss,  Joseph,  Oct.  1837,  23.  Died  at 
father’s  home,  Ludlow,  Mass. 

Bliss,  Dr.  Judah,  of  Hartford,  Conn., 
Nov.  30,  1845,  69. 

Bliss,  Mary,  wife  of  John  H.,  dau.  of 
Wm.  Lovering,  Nov.  7,  1848.  Died 
at  Mammoth  Cave,  Ky.,  buried  in 

Blodget,  Margaret,  wife  of  Isaac, 
Wales,  May  4,  1831,  67. 

Blodgett,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  Brant,  Mar. 
13,  1866,  66. 

Blodgett,  Miss  Mary  Ann,  Alden,  May 

24,  1853,  38. 

Blood,  Henrietta,  dau.  of  David,  May 

29,  1853,  26. 

Blood,  Louisa,  wife  of  Ira  D.,  May 

25,  1857,  23.  Taken  east. 

Bloomer,  Tooker  T.,  Mar.  7,  1867,  52. 
Bloomfield,  Louisa  M.,  wife  of  N.  J., 

dau.  of  Ansel  Mills,  Mar.  31,  1851,  36 
Blossom,  Ira  A.,  Oct.  27,  1856,  66. 
Blossom,  Ira  H.,  Jan.  11,  1855,  32. 
Blossom,  Laura  B , wife  of  Ira  H., 
Apr.  12,  1853,  24. 

Blossom,  Samuel  F.,  bro.  of  Ira  A.  and 
Thomas,  Dec.  15,  1840.  Late  of 
Monmouth,  Me. 

Blossom,  Miss  Sarah  E.,  June  22,  1853, 

Bluett,  Mrs.  Mary,  lately  of  Leixlip, 
Ireland,  Feb.  18,  1851,  60. 
Boardman,  Fannie  M.,  wife  of  Dr. 

John,  Aug.  22,  1867. 

Boardman,  John,  Mar.  20,  1858,  74. 
Boardman,  Mrs.  Nancy,  Newstead, 
Mar.  18,  1846,  84. 

Boardman,  Sarah  Parmelee,  widow  of 
Samuel,  Dec.  12,  I860,  72. 

Bogert,  Mary  A.,  dau.  of  James  B., 
granddaughter  of  L.  K.,  Jan.  14,  I860 
Boice,  Mrs.  Rose  Anna,  wife  of  Psaac, 
Oct.  27,  I860,  57. 

Boies,  Deacon  Joel,  Aurora,  Feb.  16, 
1845,  61. 

Boland,  Honora,  wife  of  William,  Oct. 
10,  1854,  46. 

Bole,  Archibald,  late  from  Ireland, 
Oct.  1823,  24. 

Bolton,  Henry  D.,  Feb.  6,  1838,  40. 
Bond,  Albert,  Sept.  4,  1862,  21. 

Bond.  Mrs.  Betsey,  Aurora,  Aug,  19, 
1855,  72. 

Bond,  Charles  P.,  Aug.  25,  1864,  35. 
Bond,  Harriett,  wife  of  William  W., 
Aurora,  Jan.  8,  1840,  27. 

Bond,  LaForrest,  only  son  of  Oliver, 
Aug.  28,  1864,  27. 

Bonnar,  William  H.,  Jan.  12,  1864,  48. 
Bonner,  Mary,  wife  of  T.  E.,  Nov.  20, 
1S35,  26. 

Bonney,  Charles,  died  at  Leroy,  Apr. 

30,  1849,  22. 

Bonney,  Eliza,  wife  of  Zoroaster,  Feb. 
3,  1857,*  43. 

Boomer,  Lavinia,  wife  of  Dr.  Samuel, 
Dec.  6,  1822,  30. 

Booram,  Cornelius,  died  in  Washing- 
ton, D.  C.,  buried  in  Buffalo,  Feb.  24, 
1864,  54. 


••  ' 



' ' i- 




- ■ : T 




: - - 

■ ' i : • i 

1/  ,.Q  icW  .biAdonalSL 

ti#  ,*y&D  nc;#M  1* 



The  Bartoo  Family 

7.  Charles  Henry,  1846,  married  in 
1S66  Permelia  Colvin,  who  died  in 
1886.  Three  children  died  in  Corry, 
Pa.,  and  six  lived  in  Liberty,  Ky. 

8.  Sarah,  Sept.  1855,  married  in  1877 
to  James  Rigby.  Died  Aug.  1890,  leav- 
ing two  daughters,  Libbie,  1878  and 
Alice,  1886. 

Lucretia  Cordelia,  tenth  child  of 
Jesse  and  Eunice  Rartoo,  one  more 
in  the  large  family,  was  only  six 
when  her  father  died,  bequeathing  to 
the  world  a large  family,  with  the 
wolf  standing  at  the  door,  and  pov- 
erty looking  in  at  the  window.  She 
grew  to  be  a noble  woman  with 
energy,  push,  progress,  and  some 
ginger  in  her  make-up. 

In  1839  she  married  Sylvanus  Mead, 
born  in  Greenwich,  Conn.,  and  he  died 
Sept.  4,  1875,  in  Oxford,  N.  Y.  They 
had  two  sons. 

1.  Philo  S.,  March  2,  1843.  Married 
May  24,  1876  Alverda  Minor,  born 
Sept.  15,  1S48  in  Coventry,  N.  Y.  They 
moved  to  McPherson,  Kan. 

2.  William  B„  Sept.  16,  1840.  Mar- 
ried Dec.  14.  1869,  to  Adella  Padget  of 
Oxford,  N.  Y. 

William,  eleventh  child  of  Jesse  and 
Eunice  Rartoo,  was  married  Dec.  31, 
1840  to  Maria  Knight  of  Jasper,  N. 
Y.  He  died  Dec.  24,  1896  in  Potters 
County,  Pa.  Many  large  barns,  in 
Southern  New  York  and  (Northern 
Pennsylvania,  stand  as  monuments 
of  his  workmanship.  Their  children 
were : 

1.  Lucretia,  Aug.  4,  1843.  Married 
Alonzo  Woodward,  a Methodist  preah- 
er  in  Western  New  York. 

2.  Mary  E.  W.,  1845-1846. 

3.  William  Jesse,  Nov.  14,  1847. 
Married  April  16,  1867  to  Mary  J. 
Chase.  Their  children  were  George 
II.,  1869,  Ella  May  1871,  Charles  H. 
1872,  Mattie,  1878,  Bessie,  1880,  Vel- 
ma, 1883. 

4.  George  Eli  1849-1851. 

5.  Martha  M.  March  13,  1854. 

6.  Henry  S.,  Feb.  7,  1857.  Married 
Jan.  20,  1877  to  Clara  Jane  Grover 
of  Potter  Co.,  Pa.  Their  children 

were  Clarence,  Mark,  Leland,  Eli. 
Grover,  Deforest,  Dorr.  Hubert,  Mabel, 
Myrtle,  Lera,  and  Lora.  Mabel  mar- 
ried Clinton  S.  Helbert  of  Bingham 
Township,  Potter  County,  Pa.,  on  May 
10  is  now  Maplewood  Farm,  Genesee, 
Pa.  Their  children  are,  Milford  Howe, 
born  Oct.  20,  1920,  John  Henry,  Sept. 
17,  1923,  and  Louise  Marion,  May  18, 

7.  Emily,  Oct.  14,  1859. 

8.  Martin  W.,  April  27,  1863.  Mar- 
ried Jan.  14,  1887  to  Ida  M.  Bunker 
of  Lansing,  Pa.  They  had  two  sons, 
William  and  John. 

9.  Sarah,  Jan.  1867  ot  March  1867. 

10.  Smith,  Sept.  12,  1868.  Married 
Jan.  22,  1887  to  Rose  M.  Baker  of 
Whitesville,  N.  Y.  Their  children 
were  Clarence,  Bessie,  Jesse  and 

Mercy  Charlotte,  yGungest  child  of 
Jesse  and  Eunice  Bartoo,  was  the 
only  child  living  in  1900.  Married 
Daniel  B.  Williams,  a descendent  of 
Roger  William.  He  died  in  East 
Troupsburg,  N.  Y.,  in  Jan.  16,  1894. 
Their  children  were: 

1.  Alfred  Williams,  Sept.  20,  1S40. 
Married  Dec.  25,  1863,  Frank  Waight. 
who  died  in  1872.  Their  children 
were  Minnie,  Rose,  Burton  and  twin 
boys.  In  1873  he  married  Mrs.  Louise 
Butsman,  and  they  had  Grace,  Fred 
and  Amanda.  Alfred  Williams  serv- 
ed in  the  Civil  War. 

2.  Jeremiah,  born  Feb.  18,  1843.  Was 
in  the  battles  of  Fredericksburg. 
Chancellorville.  Gettysburg,  Kelly’s 
Ford,  Manassas  Gap,  Locust  Grove, 
Mine  Run,  Boynton  Plank  Road,  Po 
River,  Hatches  Run  and  Amelia 
Springs,  and  had  no  pension. 

Jan.  1868,  he  married  Carry  Waight 
and  moved  to  Olathe,  Kan.  Later 
lived  in  California  and  Colorado 
Springs.  Their  children  were  Ellen, 
1872,  who  married  Feb.  14,  1897.  J. 
C.  Frisbie,  Denver,  Col.,  and  she  died 
six  weeks  later;  James  Arthur,  lived 
in  Stockton,  Cal. 


'ii't  '»  '#> ‘ .*•!  ■■:■■■ 


•:*  1 


A ■ tt  { ■ rfj  3.3  .fffiim 

‘ r,  ! ' - 1 ; 

.<  .1  VI  ' / .O'.:  • 

. > £** 



•By  no/i'flPIaM  at  fcrroai 


4 ' :o  t\ 

■ f vj 




The  Mail  Box 

WANTED- — Ancestry  of  Benjamin. 
Tyler,  born  Dec.  24,  1792,  in  New 

York,  died  in  Wayne  Co.,  Ohio,  May 
31.  1876.  Had  a brother,  Mafor.  Tra- 
dition tells  of  a big  Indian  fight,  and 
links  Bezaliel  Tyler  with  it,  but  gives 
no  relationship. 

H.G.M.  Indina. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Elizabeth 
Skidmore,  June  25,  1746,  March  13, 

1771,  who  married  Benjamine  Hall, 
son  of  John,  grandson  of  William. 
Children  were  Mary,  Abigail,  Phebe 
and  John.  It  is  possible  that  she  is 
the  daughter  of  John  Skidmore  and 

WANTED  — Ancestry  of  Harlow 
French,  born  April  13,  1798,  Salisbury, 
Herkimer  Co.,  and  his  wife  Dorcas 
Sweet,  married  1825.  Harlow  went  to 
Seneca  Lake  in  1814.  Children  were 
Thomas,  Joseph,  Harlow,  Henry  Mar} 
and  Lucy. 

E.M.C.  New  York. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Elizabeth 
Hicks,  died  1807,  married  about  1798, 
to  Seneca  Olmsted,  May  31,  1775,  Jan. 
23,  1860.  Lived  in  Richmond,  Mass., 
Saratoga  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  Masonville, 
Del.  Co.  Children  were  Daniel,  Lucy 
and  Gardner. 

WANTED — Ancestry  and  proof  of 
Hugenot,  descent  of  Cornelius  Dela- 
van.  Stamford,  Conn,  vital  records — 
Cornelius  Delavan  and  Deborah  Green, 
m.  Oct.  3,  1712.  Descendants  lived  in 
Westchester  and  Putnam  Co.,  N.  Y. 
History  of  Westchester  states  the  Del- 
avans  are  of  Hugenot  descent. 

A.B.S.  Pa. 

WANTED — Parentage  of  Lowly  F. 
Walling  who  was  of  Orange  in  1845. 
Parentage  desired  of  Fidelia  L.  Wall- 
ing, who  married  William  B.  Hunter 
March  14,  1860.  Are  Lowly  F.  Wall- 
ing and  Fidelia  L.  Walling  one  and 
the  same  person? 

WANTED — Any  information  on 

Thomas  Hunter.  He  was  born  in  New 
York  State  probably  between  1800  and 
1820 ; married  Celia,  had  a son,  Ward. 
Were  living  in  Potter  Co.,  Pa.,  in 
1874.  Thomas  Hunter  had  a brother, 
Daniel  G.  Hunter. 

M.E.H.  Kansas. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Charlotte 
Elizabeth  Graves,  Dec.  5,  1789,  Oct.  30, 
1844,  who  married  Hubbell  Ransom, 
son  of  Calvin  and  Ruby  Ransom.  Hub- 
bell  died  Aug.  27,  1862.  They  were 
married  March  3,  1809,  possibly  at 
Shelburne  Falls,  Mass.,  and  moved  to 
Chazy,  Clinton  Co.,  where  Hubbell  is 
listed  as  a soldier  in  the  War  of  1812. 
They  were  buried  at  Jonesville,  Mich. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Ruby,  wife 
of  Calvin  Ransom,  June  19,  1758,  May 
22,  1810,  the  son  of  Newton  and 
Sarah  Jones  Ransom.  Calvin  was 
born  at  Colchester,  Conn.,  and  died 
at  Chazy,  N.  Y. 

K.K.V.F.  Ohio. 

WANTED — Family  and  ancestry  of 
Rebecca  Hall,  born  May  13,  1796,  New 
York,  married  Oct.  13,  1813,  to  William 
Andrews.  Lived  in  Providence,  Sar- 
atoga Co.,  until  about  1821.  Came  to 
Michigan  in  1834,  from  Monroe  Co. 
William  and  a son  worked  on  the  Erie 

Rebecca  had  a brother,  Abner,  and 
sons,  Abner,  Sylvester,  Hiram  and 

WANTED — Any  data  relative  to 
Sylvester,  Abner  and  Hiram  Hall,  who 
owned  a tannery  in  or  near  Paris, 
Oneida  Co.,  about  1824  to  1832. 

J.A.T.  Michigan. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Nathaniel 
Mead,  born  March  21,  1777,  at  North 
Salem,  N.  Y.,  died  about  1857,  at  Ark- 
wright, N.  Y.,  married  first  Lucy  Gen- 
ung,  second.  Mrs.  Lydia  Reed  Follett. 
His  parents  may  have  been  Nathaniel 
and  Nancy  Mead. 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Eldad  Mead 
and  wife  of  Painted  Post,  N.  Y.  He 
was  the  son  of  Jonathan,  2nd.,  and 
Sarah  Husted,  born  about  1733  in 
Connecticut/  He  is  thought  to  have 
fought  in  the  British  Army  at  the 
time  of  Braddock’s  defeat  and  pos- 
sibly to  have  perished  there.  Would 
like  to  correspond  with  any  one  in- 
terested in  the  Mead  family. 

E.M.H.  Connecticut. 



’■  ' 1 rr  / ■ 

" • . 





•'■■■  • *'' 

' ' * ’•  ' 




‘ • 4 . a 1 

ncHJ  haw  ‘‘*h  ,*f  • ■ lavH  sMOOi-  ‘ 




WANTED — Ancestry  of  Bradley 
Davis,  born  Jan.  22,  1780,  married 
Aug.  11,  1805,  died  March  13,  1857 
and  of  his  wife  Ru_h  Grummon,  born 
May  19,  1789,  died  July  23,  1853.  He 
lived  a time  in  Cattaraugus  Co.,  and 
died  in  Afton,  Chenango  Co.  Of  Cor- 
nelia, Lewis,  born  Aug.  5,  1803,  Win- 
field, Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.„  married 
first,  Alanson  Baldwin,  Oct.  10,  1823, 
resided  at  Eaton,  Madison  Co.,  mar- 
ried second,  Milo  Richards,  1792 — 1854 
on  Aug.  22,  1830,  lived  at  Wethers- 
field, and  Prairie  du  Chein,  Wis.,  Wil- 
son Preston  of  Ashford,  Conn.,  may 
have  been  her  maternal  grandfather. 
Of  Samuel  Hurd,  married  Minerva 
Fitzsimmons.  Their  son  Fitzsimmons 
Hurd,  born  April  1,  1812,  in  Cayuga 
Co.,  later  lived  near  Scio  in  Alle- 
gany Co. 

Of  Jonathan  Sortor,  blacksmith  on 
the  Genesee  River,  lived  near  Scio, 
and  was  the  father  cf  Anna,  who  mar- 
ried Fitzsimmons  about  1836. 

D.S.F.  South  Dakota 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Cyril, 

Ebenezer  and  Jedediah  Hutchins, 
brothers,  who  came  from  Eden,  Vt., 
early  part  of  nineteenth  century,  and 
settled  in  Franklin  Co.,  N.  Y.  Jedediah 
married  Lydia  Howard  Ordway;  Cyril 
married  Betsey  Stearns;  Ebenezer 
married  Miribah  Pratt. 

E.J.D.  New  Jersey 

WANTED — Parentage  or  birthplar 
of  Elijah  Darrow,  who  died  in  Ru;'- 
falo,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  21,  1842,  married 
Anna  Noyes,  at  Starring,  Conn.,  Feb. 
20,  1798.  Record  from  Darrow  family 
Bible.  Noyes  born  Jan.  1,  1800.  Frank- 
lin, born  Dec.  9,  1802.  Avery  D , Nov. 
10,  1805.  Henry  P.,  July  30,  1805.  Ed- 
ward S.,  July  31,  1811.  B.  July 

1,  1814.  C. Dec.  12,  1816.  Charles 

May  5,  1819.  Phoebe,  June  12,  1821. 

C.R.G.  Maryland 

WANTED — Parents  of  Gertrude 
Huyck,  born  at  Claverick,  now  Hud- 
son, N.  Y.,  May  26,  1772,  married 

George  Pearson  of  Berwick-on-Tweed, 
Nov.  11,  1769. 

WANTED — Parents  and  wife  of 
Peter  Totten,  had  son  Joseph,  born 
in  Westchester,  Aug.  16,  1723,  mar- 
ried Susannah  Tavan.  born  July  10, 
1730,  who  were  parents  of  Susannah 

Who  were  the  parents  cf  Margaret 
Van  Zandi,  married  in  1712,  Samuel 
Cee,  son  of  Capt.  John,  grandson  of 
Robert?  Who  was  the  mother  of 

E. H.T.  Minnesota 

WANTED — Ancestry  of  Ann  Blair, 

and  her  husband,  Henry  Kennedy,  of 
Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.,  moved  to  Bath 
before  1800. 

The  village  of  Kennedyville,  now 
Kanona,  was  named  for  him.  Ann 
had  a brother,  Ammon,  who  lived  and 
died  in  Medina,  N.  Y. 

F. H.H.  New  York 


Mrs.  W.  F.  Garlcck  copied  these 
tombstones  for  us. 

In  a fence  corner,  Town  of  Arcadia, 
Wayne  County,  about  three  miles 
north  of  Newark,  N.  Y. 

Joseph  Cornstalk,  d.  Dec.  31,  1832, 
31.  Mary,  dau.  of  Jacob  and  Harriet 
Cornstalk,  d.  March  22,  1841,  14. 

Louisa  E.  dau,  of  Joseph  and  Harriet 
Cornstalk,  d.  Aug.  16,  1834. 

In  an  apple  orchard  in  the  Town  of 
Sodus,  on  the  East  Side  of  the  Ppnn. 
R.  R.,  near  Wailington  Junction. 
Wayne  Co.  Matthew  Kitchen,  d.  June 

S,  1867,  aged  87  yrs.,  10  mo.,  1 day. 
Sarah,  wife  of  Matthew,  d.  Apr.  29, 
1832,  53.  Sara,  wife  of  Matthew,  d. 
Nov.  1,  1855,  77.  Julian,  wife  of 

Thomas  Austin,  dau,  of  Martin  and 
Doratha  Garrison,  d.  Jan.  19,  1S46,  29 
yrs.,  10  mo.,  27  days. 

Charles  H.,  son  cf  G.  and  M.  Gaf- 
field,  d.  Jan.  31.  1864,  15.  Dorothy, 
dau.  of  D and  G.  Kitchen,  d.  June  13, 
1872,  31  yrs.,  5 mos.,  22  days. 

Mary,  wife  of  George  Gibson,  d. 
March  7.  1863,  79.  George  Gibson,  d. 
June  28,  1830,  55. 







Neb  fork  H>tate 

.trimr  Ancestors  mtfr  ^pescenirants 


VOL  1 APRIL,  1935  NO.  10 











For  the  future  welfare  of  our  Country,  we  are  working  together  to  create 
more  interest  in  America,  to  induce  a keener  love  and  respect  for  our  pioneers, 
and  to  give  to  our  descendants  a background. 

A search  for  the  ancestry  of  one’s  own  family  is  commendable,  but  no 
enough,  we  must  arouse  others  to  a realization  that  the  ideals,  on  which 
this  country  was  founded,  must  be  preserved. 

With  a real  interest  in  forefathers,  knowing  their  names  and  homes, 
with  a realization  of  their  hardships  and  accomplishments  in  the  face  of  ob- 
stacles just  as  big  as  ours,  and  a desire  to  be  no  less  than  they— we  could 
not  fail. 

New  York  State  served  her  country  well  in  the  making  of  this  Republic, 
and  her  stories  must  be  preserved  before  they  are  lost  forever. 

In  the  January  number,  it  was  suggested  that  you  take  that  copy  to 
some  editor.  Ask  him  to  tell  his  readers  what  this  paper  is  doing  for  the 
descendants  of  every  family  who  had  pioneers  in  New  York. 

Make  a real  effort  to  arouse  some  enthusiasm,  so  he  will  pass  it  on  to 
his  readers.  You  can  start  a campaign  that  will  kindle  fires  of  loyalty  and 
patriotism.  Will  you  do  it? 

To  the  one  who  sends  the  best  published  article,  inspired  by  a subscriber 
and  our  publication,  before  April  30,  one  year’s  subscription  will  be  mailed  as 

a gift. 


We  have  a large  collection  of  records  ready  to  be  published,  more  are 
being  added  constantly,  and  it  is  regretable  that  readers  must  wait  so  long 
for  this  material  to  appear  in  print. 

It  has  been  suggested  that  four  pages  of  records  be  added  to  the  magazine, 
and  one  dollar  be  added  to  the  subscription  price.  Deducting  for  cover  and 
mail  box,  there  are  now  eight  pages  of  records. 

The  suggested  change  would  give  a sixteen  page  magazine  each  month 
for  $3.00  a year. 

There  will  be  no  change  in  the  present  policy  unless  the  subscribers 
wish.  What  do  you  want? 


We  will  be  in  Washington  in  April,  if  you  have  some  query  to  be  answered 
there,  write  at  once. 

Very  soon  we  will  begin  our  journey  across  the  State  from  Buffalo  to 
Albany,  searching  as  wre  go,  and  stepping  for  some  time  in  Washington 

Many  New  England  sons  established  a home  in  Washington  County,  and 
their  childden  moved  westward,  so  the  records  of  that  County  will  be  wel- 
comed by  many  subscribers.  You  may  look  for  them  in  the  June  or  July 

Our  office  does  special  searching,  it  may  be  possible  to  solve  your  problem 
while  we  are  in  the  Town  which  houses  your  difficulty. 

Write  us  your  problem,  and  we  will  try  to  help  you  at  a minimum  of 


Many  subscribers  write  to  ask,  if  we  want  family  records. 

Records  from  ycur  family  Bible  can  be  obtained  only  through  you,  readers 
may  need  that  very  data,  publishing  your  records  in  our  magazine  is  a certain 
way  of  preserving  them,  therefore- — 1 



A very  necessary  rule  at  the  beginning  of  a search  is,  learn  to  separate 
Fact  and  Fancy,  and  label  each  accordingly. 

Folks  will  tell  you  stories,  wrhich  they  have  accepted  as  true,  but  nothing 
is  truth,  unless  it  is  fact,  and  these  stories,  if  accepted,  may  give  you  a long 
search  which  will  end  in  disappointment. 

;i  A 

. ' . !1 


■ Mr' 





■ . : : “ ; ■’/  I : :!  \ ’ ■ ' *MOr) 

■ ■.  i;  ■ >-!  li  if 



v ... 

- - 

. -.  . . [i 



Make  notes  of  all  the  stories,  for  some  of  them  may  furnish  a clue 
which  will  lead  you  to  the  facts,  and  some  of  them  may  be  true;  but  let  no 
tradition  lead  you  too  far  in  the  wrong  direction. 

How  do  you  decide  which  is  the  right  path?  Study  well  your  notes, 
and  trace  the  most  logical  stories  first.  You  can  be  sure  of  nothing  until 
you  have  proved  that  it  is  right  or  wrong. 

Each  time  you  record  a note,  follow  it  with  the  reference,  that  is,  the 
place  from  which  you  obtained  your  information;  if  a book,  write  the  name, 
volume  and  page.  In  addition  to  using  this  for  authority,  you  may  want 
to  refer  to  that  source  again. 

GENEALOGICAL  WORK  SHEETS  will  save  you  many  times  the  small 
sum  spent  for  them.  They  will  keep  before  you  the  necessary  questions, 
and  will  preserve  ycur  notes  in  understandable  form. 

All  notes,  pertaining  to  a given  person,  should  be  written  on  the  reverse 
side  cf  the  Genealogical  Work  Sheet  containing  his  history.  This  will  avoid 
searching  every  paper  pertaining  to  the  family,  in  an  effort  to  find  some 
particular  item. 

After  all  the  information  possible  has  been  obtained  from  persons  now 
living,  study  your  notes.  Compare  the  dates,  are  they  logical?  That  is,  are 
da'es  of  bir-th,  marriage  and  death  practical  as  compared  with  other  family 
dates.  Is  there  any  similarity  of  names?  Fix  residences  in  your  mind. 



The  following  names  appear  as  cus- 
tomers in  the  account  books  of  John 

1817.  Isaac  AslFey 
1817,  Wright  Merrick 
Pulling  tooth  for  Simon  Sawryer$  .13 
Cash  from  M.  Gray 
1817.  James  Knowlton,  Pem- 
broke, N.  Y. 

Cucumbers  .75 

1817.  George  Wickwire 
Joel  Joslyn,  Asa  Parker 
1817.  William  Daniel 
75c  returned  counterfeit  .75 

Mr.  Bill  by  token  .13 

Keeping  Gray’s  horse  two  days  .50 
1816.  Miles  Lyon 
Cash  by  father 
Jonas  Kinne 
'*°17.  Eli  Betty 

1816.  Edmund  Sawtell 

1817.  Eben  J.  Brown 
1817.  Benj.  Strickland 
1817.  Mix  Zebadlah 
1817.  Zarry  Skeles 

Alfred  Wilder 

1817.  Daniel  Coleby,  Pembroke,  N Y. 
1817.  Elihu  Mighles 
Paid  to  William  Gallop  .88 

1817.  William  Knowlton,  Pem- 
broke. N.  Y. 

Note  from  Nathan  Sawyer 

1817.  William  Martin 
Paid  Jonathan  Kinne 
1817.  William  Tubb 

Holden — Kinne — Carr — Harding 

Paid  Mr.  Clemons  in  yarn  2.29 
1817.  Samuel  Strickland,  Pem- 
broke, N.  Y. 

1817.  Robert  Salisbury 

1817.  Jesse  Sutwell,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

Goods  for  wife.  Warren  Hyde 
1817.  Lucy  Wright 
1817.  William  Hall,  Pembroke, 

1817.  Samuel  Darrow 
1817.  Jacob  D.  Hodge 
1817.  Amos  Tyrrel 
Calico  for  daughter 
1817.  Leonard  Reed,  Pembroke  N.Y. 
Paid  Tommy.  For  daughter.  For 

1817.  Peter  Vandeventer 
1817.  Shubal  Sanbon 

Peter  Kindall.  A Hartshorn. 

1817.  Samuel  Reed,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 
R.  Gillet,  Wm.  Martin.  Ephraim 
Derrick,  Mrs.  Poodra,  Mies  Wright 
Sister,  Brother  Josiah,  boy 
IS  17.  And’erson  Horton,  Pembroke, 
1817.  Daniel  Parkhurst 
Postage  on  letter  .19 

1813.  Abijah  W.  Stoddard 
Oats  for  Danie)  Strong 

. • . •?-  i-rrl-M 

< • ,f-J  : "1 




- f 





■ - ' ■■■■■  ■ ■ : • ' ' :> 

i ■ 

• f 


. 3 



1817.  Almon  H.  Ford,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

1816.  Salmon  Sparling,  Pembroke, 

N.  Y. 

For  Daniel  Russell 

1816.  David  Anderson 
Paid  to  brother 

1817.  Hugh  Wallis,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

Letter  to  Dr.  Long  .13 

1817.  Robert  Parsell 
Oats  to  balance  account 
1817.  Stephen  Jones,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

1 bu.  corn’s  worth  of  powder 

2 dining  plates  .25 

1816.  Joseph  Todd 

Paid  Julius  C.  Hutchinson 

1817.  James  Cronk 

1818.  David  Clemons 
Tobacco  for  James  W.  Hill 

1817.  John  Webb 

Tobacco  for  son  William 
1817.  Elijah  Knight,  Pembroke.  N.Y. 

1817.Aaron  Hartshorn 
Paid  to  Mrs.  Sanftorn 

1817. -  Timothy  Wells 
Indorsement  on  Caleb’s  bill 

1818.  Dolly  Hastings 

1818.  John  Richardson,  Sr. 

1817.  John  Dolph 

Paid  Samuel  Reed 
1817.  Henry  Clark 

1817.  Orimell  Hastings 

1818.  James  Stuart 

Empty  barrell  payable  in  sugar 
1816.  Amos  Chapman 
1816.  Justus  Webster 

1816.  Ellas  Perkins 

1818.  Amasa  Johnson 
1818.  Shadrach  Harmon 

Cash  by  E.  Flint 

1817.  S.  D.  Green 

7 lbs.  loaf  sugar  from  Maynard  2.47 
Paid  Mr.  Cornish 


In  sparsely  settled  communities,  church  meetings  were  held  in  different 
places,  in  order  that  distance  travelled  by  members  would  be  somewhat  divided. 

Poor  roads  combined  with  rainy  seasons  or  snow  drifts  to  make  church 
attendance  difficult,  and  service  in  two  places  at  the  same  time  would  be 
tried.  This  usually  resulted  in  the  formation  of  two  churches. 

This  separation  was  generally  followed  by  lack  of  funds  sufficient  to 
maintain  two  churches  and  two  meeting  places,  and  the  settlers  would  again 
unite,  and  worship  as  one  church.  This  situation  was  very  common  in  the 
early  days. 

In  lists  of  church  members,  the  same  name  may  appear  more  than  once. 
This  is  explained  in  many  ways — the  second  name  may  be  the  child  of  the 
first;  members  moved  from  place  to  place,  sometimes  returning  two  or  three 
times  to  the  same  church;  and  errors  in  recording. 

The  data  published  is  a true  copy  of  the  record,  and  has  not  been  changed 
to  meet  what  seems  to  the  reader  to  be  correct.  It  is  very  probable  that 
church  clerks  made  mistakes,  but  we  have  not  the  right  to  say  when. 


In  1830  a second  church  was  formed  in  West  Bloomfield,  and  many  mem- 
bers of  the  first  church  united  with  the  second. 

There  is  no  data  in  these  books  pertaining  to  membership  of  the  Second 

In  1843,  the  churches  again  worship  as  one,  and  the  list  of  members 
at  that  time  will  be  published. 

Name  and  date,  which  precede  name,  are  date  of  admission,  and  town  from 
which  letter  was  presented.  This  enables  the  tracing  of  former  residence. 

Name  and  date  following  name  of  member  indicate  date  of  dismissal 
and  town  to  which  letter  was  taken. 

The  minutes  of  the  meetings  have  been  read  very  carefully,  and  every 
reference  to  a name  has  been  noted. 

Small  “d”  indicates  dismissal. 

Capital  “D”  indicates  death. 


mftfiUW  not*  *io5  noa 


• * : - 

•'  . i*  O'j-i  ? Vi;  1 ' ■-  T 

-<r  • • - "•  ••  . v f ■ ■•f-;  > ' 


dr>!  ; boa 

**■:  * 




Members  in  the  West  Bloomfield  Church  in  1825,  and  later  admissions 

Ruben  Lee.  Mrs.  Lois  Lee.  Widow 
Rhoda  Curtis. 

Widow  Elizabeth  Parmele.  Widow 
Lueretia  Canfield.  Mrs.  Lois  Curtis. 

Mrs.  Elizabeth  Lyon.  Widow  Hep- 
zibuh  Reed.  Widow  Chloe  Taft.  Eze- 
kiel Fox. 

Mrs.  Lament  Parmele.  Mrs.  Paul- 
ina Conklin. 

Widow  Alice  Phillips  married  Nov. 
14,  1828,  Elisha  Parish,  Esq.,  of  South 
Bristol,  d,  Ohio,  1835. 

The  following  went  to  the  Second 
Church  in  1830: 

Mrs.  Rachel  Gates.  Deacon  Joseph 
Weld.  Mrs.  Sarah  Weld.  Mrs.  Mary 

Mrs.  Caroline  Peck.  William  F. 
Sheldon.  Minerva  Hardy.  Mrs.  Sally 

Widow  Priscilla  Graham,  Mrs.  Cel- 
inda  Morley.  Sylvanus  Beckwith. 

Lydia  Herrick.  Deacon  Gordon  B. 
Fitch.  Mrs.  Nancy  Webb.  Mrs. 
Thebe  Hall. 

Harvey  Hall.  Mrs.  Eliza  Hall,  wife 
of  Harvey.  Mrs.  Marietta  Hall. 

Sarah  Leete  Whitney.  Mrs.  Polly 
Taft.  Thomas  Hall.  Clarissa  Weld. 

Mrs.  Mary  Hamilton.  Ethelinda 
Gould.  David  Hamilton.  Mrs.  Lydia 

Mrs.  Margaret  Arnold.  Mrs.  Pati- 
ence McKenny.  Widow  Hannah  Cur- 
tis. Deacon  Samuel  Handy  and  wife 
Sarah.  Nathaniel  Butler.  Mrs.  Sabra 

Mrs.  Lydia  Whitney,  d,  West  Men- 
don,  1834. 

Mrs.  Ruth  Lee,  d,  1854. 

Zadock  Herrick  and  wife,  Betsey, 
d,  Nunda,  1829. 

Widow  Chloe  Webb,  d,  Lunenburgh, 
Vt.,  1827. 

Widow  Mercy  Hunt,  d,  Buffalo, 

Susanna  Whitney,  m.  Peter  Ward 
Handy,  Oct.  10,  1819,  D.  Feb.  18,  1825, 
aged  29. 

Comfort  G.  Canfield.  Mrs.  Rosanna 
Rider.  Isaac  Ball,  d 1846. 

Joseph  Ball.  Widow  Martha  Gould. 
Mrs.  Clarissa  Beckwith. 

James  Sherman,  d.  Lockport,  1828. 
Orrin  Hall  m.  Sept.  13,  1824  to  Rox- 
anna  Rowland  from  Lynne,  Conn.,  d. 
Mt.  Morris,  1833. 

Isaac  Jackson  m.  Jan.  18,  1821  to 
Sally  Bell,  d.  Meadevilie,  Pa.,  1334, 
Mrs.  Sarah  Nichols,  d.  Monroe, 
Mich.,  1832. 

Mrs.  Anna  Kimball,  D Feb.  25,  1825. 
John  Carrington.  Mrs.  Cynthia 
Carrington.  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Conkey. 

Lydia  Whitney,  Jr.  Mrs.  Eunice 
McLaughlin.  Lydia  Goodwin. 

Luther  C.  Curtis.  Mrs.  Rhoda 
Taft:  Mrs.  Rachel  Aldrich. 

Mera  Gould.  Mrs.  Abigail  Taft. 
Mrs.  Lima  Phelps. 

Hosea  Aldrich.  Jason  Canfield. 
Mrs.  Joanna  Canfield. 

Robert  Taft.  Edmund  French. 
Mrs.  Sally  Ball. 

Russel  Handy  and  wife,  Eunice. 
Mrs.  Hannah  Hunt. 

David  Gould,  m.  Apr.  29,  1829.  Har- 
riet Canfield,  d.  Plymouth,  Mich, 

Mrs.  Mary  Amsden,  d.  Rochester, 
1830.  Mrs.  Rhoda  Guile,  d.  Franklin- 
ville,  1S35. 

Widow  Eve.  Cumstock,  d.  Richmond, 

1828.  Orra  Sears,  d.  Buffalo,  1832. 
Gordon  Mather,  d.  Mt.  Morris, 

1829.  Mrs.  Amaty  Smith. 

Mrs.  Eunice  Mather,  wife  of  Gor- 
don, d.  Mt.  Morris,  1829,  d.  East  Avon, 

Peregreen  Gardner.  Mrs.  Lorana 
Hurlbert.  Mrs.  Honor  Phillips. 

Lewis  Hodges.  Ebenezer  Morley. 
Mrs.  Sarah  Pilsbury. 

Mabel  Laura  French.  William 
Weld.  Mrs.  Abigail  Hall  Davidson. 
Mrs.  Betsey  Perkins.  Mrs.  Polly  Em- 
monds.  Mrs.  Edna  Huntington  King. 

Julia  Ann  Huntley.  Wrilliam  Pilis- 
bury.  Sybil  Carrington. 

Deacon  Eben  Curtis,  Eliza  French 
his  wife  m,  Apr.  22,  1818,  with  their 
children,  James,  Ellen  Adelia,  Susan 
and  William,  d.  Linden,  Orleans  Co., 

Ralph  Hunt,  and  his  wife  Philena, 
d.  Rochester,  1829. 



V' ?■' 

' • r.-j  ; i, 



• IS  . : i 

. • „ :■>  • 



>(J  ■'  t 

. : , 4> 




8.  William  Henry,  Dec.  12,  1844. 
Served  in  Civil  War.  A born  hunter, 
never  so  happy  as  when  he  had  a gun 
on  his  shoulder,  and  dog  at  his  heels. 
Lived  alone  in  a hut  of  his  own  on 
the  shore  of  a small  lake  in  Cass  Coun- 
ty, 111. 

4.  Mary,  Apr.  22,  1847.  Married 

June  1866  to  John  Chamberlin  of  Rock 
Co.,  Wis.  Their  children  were  Nellie, 
Maud,  Burdett,  Linnett. 

5.  Elsie  A.,  Jan.  15,  1849.  Taught 
school  in  New  York,  Pennsylvania,  and 
Wisconsin.  Married  Oct.  1878,  to  Cur- 
tis Hubbard  of  Harrison,  Pa.  Their 
children  were  Floyd  and  Madge. 

G.  Ruth,  Mar.  1,  1851.  Taught 

school  several  years.  In  1872  married 
Nelson  Darring,  had  one  child,  Ray, 
and  died  April  10,  1874. 

7.  Daniel,  Feb.  3,  1853.  In  1870  mar. 
ried  Susan  Marandville  in  Illinois. 
Their  children  were,  Frank,  Maggie, 
Nellie,  Maud,  Myrta,  Ruih,  Charles 

8.  Moses,  Aug.  15,  1854.  Married 
Aug.  14,  1875  to  Mary  E.  Savage.  Their 
children  were  Guy,  Jesse,  Ray,  Walter, 
Orabelle,  Cora,  Daniel. 

9.  John  C.,  May  4,  1856.  Taught 

school.  Carpenter  in  Denver,  Col. 

10.  Belle,  Oct.  11,  1860.  Without 
any  fault  of  her  own,  and  without 
being  consulted  in  the  matter  was 
born  into  a large  family  in  a secluded 
locality,  and  in  troubulous  times. 
Stubborness,  self-will  and  self-respect 
were  properly  and  reasonably  con- 
trolled, making  the  grandest  charcter. 
She  granted  to  others  all  their  rights 
and  privileges,  material,  mental,  moral 
and  spiritual,  but  was  very  tenacious 
of  her  own.  Cared  for  her  widowed 

11.  Lottie,  Sept.  13,  1864.  Married 
Jan.  1,  1889,  to  Ralph  Carpenter. 

Ruth,  seventh  child  of  Silas  and 
Ruth  Luce  Bartoo,  born  July  16,  1782, 
married Morris. 

One  son.  Charles  Morris,  was  born 
1809  and  died  1893.  He  married  Al- 
mira Hall,  and  their  children  were 

Eli,  who  enlisted  in  the  army,  and 
"further  record  is  unknown;  Susan 
Lovina,  who  married  John  C.  Davey, 
and  their  children  were  John  C.  and 
Nellie.  She  later  married  Wallace 
Walker  and  had  Mary  Walker  Kelly, 
Julia  Walker  Huebeck  , and  Edwin, 
who  died  in  1911. 

Ruth  Ann  was  the  third  child  of 
Charles  and  Almira.  She  married 
Smith  B.  Thompson,  moved  to  Iowa, 
end  died  Oct.  1909.  Their  children 
were  Rose,  Elva  B.,  Cora,  Kate,  Lucy 
and  Helen. 

The  fourth  child,  Edgar  Charles, 
married  Jennie  Noun,  and  their  chil- 
dren were  Fay  E.,  Jennie  B.,  Morris 
Knight;  Ella  Lyday,  and  Charles  Ed- 
gar. Their  were  two  others,  names 

In  1852,  Charles  Morris  married  a 
second  time  to  F.  B.  Berry  of  Deer- 
field, N.  H.  Their  children  were  El- 
vira Ella  who  married  John  Tierney, 
and  they  had  Cora  A.,  Ebert,  James, 
Berlie  Ettie,  and  John  Charles;  Lau- 
ra Ettie,  who  married  Francis  E. 
Farquhar;  John  C.  Fremont,  who  died 
in  1907,  not  married;  and  Grant 
Ulysses,  who  married  Minnie  Miller 
and  they  had  Eddie,  Charles,  Clar- 
ence and  Viola,. 

Ruben  Bartoo,  born  July  30,  1755, 
seventh  child  of  Francis  and  Mary 
Ketchum  Bartoo,  brother  of  Silas,  was 
thrice  married,  and  the  following 
were  his  children:  Chauncy,  born 

1798;  Stephen;  Lewis,  who  married 
Eunice  Hyde,  and  went  to  Wisconsin: 
John,  who  married  Polly  Hoyt,  settled 
in  Chenango  County,  and  died  in 
1894;  Jonah:  Reuben,  born  Jan  25, 
1805.  married  Abigail  Cleveland,  and 
lived  in  Sidney,  Delaware  County,  N. 
Y.:  Morris,  died  young;  Olive;  Polly, 
not  married,  died  April  6,  1876;  Betsey 
was  married  three  times,  a Green,  a 
Ford  and  a Fitch. 

Morris,  eighth  child  of  Francis  and 
Mary  Kef cham  Bartoo,  born  Aug.  IS, 
1758,  died  Feb.  6.  1839.  He  married 
Hannah , born  1773.  Their  chil- 

dren were: 




i * &Z. 




' ■:  1 



. •,  - ./  -'SO.':  >«') 



1.  Jesse,  born  Dec.  16,  1789,  married 
Clarissa  Petrick.  Their  children  were 
Eliza  Ann,  born  1810;  Morris,  1813; 
Mary  A.  1815;  Hannah  Smith,  1817; 
Susan  Ann.  1820;  Albert  L.,  1823;  Ju- 
lia E.,  Oct.  10,  1824;  Harriet  A.,  1827,* 
Bennett  G.,  1828;  Bennett  was  the 
father  of  Anson  G.  of  Troy,  N.  Y.,  and 
Angeline  was  the  youngest,  born  in 

2.  Josiah  Smith,  Dec.  30,  1790 

3 Philetus,  Oct.  6,  1792,  died  in  Wis- 

4.  Elkana,  born  Feb.  18,  1794.  Mar- 
ried Ruth  Wood  in  1816.  Their  chil- 
dren were  Walter  Wood,  Nov.  17, 
1816;  William  Ellis,  Mar.  22,  1819.  His 
children  were  Steven,  Charles  A.  and 
William  W.;  Henry  Seaman,  born 
Oct.  6,  1821;  Charles  Webster,  May 
24,  1823;  Carman  Smith  and  Benja- 
min Post,  Aug.  16,  1825;  David  D., 
Jan.  1,  1827;  Alfred  S.,  Feb.  26,  1830; 
Harriet  H.,  Sept.  21,  1858;  John  H., 

Nov.  29,  1860;  and  Elkana,  Aug. 

5.  Mary,  Jan.  5,  1796. 

6.  Israel,  born  Oct.  21,  1797,  had  an 
only  son,  Richard,  born  in  1825  in  New 
York,  Richard  married  Sarah  A.  Dav- 
ison, and  their  children  were  Charles 
E.,  born  Jan.  28,  1846;  Mary  E.,  Oct. 

11,  1847;  Peter  D.,  Jan.  4,  1849;  Wil- 
liam H.,  Nov.  28,  1850;  Emma,  Mar. 

12,  1853;  Edwin,  May  10,  1855;  Sarah 
A.,  Oct.  8,  1857;  Samuel  H.  and  Mon- 
roe, Jan.  30,  1860;  Richard  H.,  Aug. 
20,  1862;  Lorena,  Dec.  28,  1864;  John 
P.,  1866. 

7.  Reuben,  June  3,  1801. 

8.  Obadiah,  Apr.  23,  1803. 

9.  Jane,  Jan.  21,  1805. 

10.  Peter  Coleman,  Jan.  25,  1807. 

11.  Sarah,  Jan.  18,  1809. 

12.  Hannah,  Jan.  16,  1811. 

13.  Julianna,  Jan.  10,  1813. 

The  end  of  the  Bartoo  family  rec- 
ords as  written  by  Eli  Barioo. 


of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 
Courtesy  Buffalo  Historical  Society 

Boorham,  Abraham,  May  27,  1848,  45. 

Bofden,  Mrs.  Yashti,  taken  to  Roch- 
ester, July  27,  1865,  87. 

Bordwell,  Benj.  R.,  Feb.  22,  1867,  70 
yrs,  5 mos. 

Boardwell,  Catherine  G.,  wife  of 
Dennice,  dau.  of  Daniel  Grider,  Mar. 
4,  1856,  27 

Borman,  Peter,  June  9,  1867,  32. 

Bosche,  John,  June  1,  1861,  69  yrs.,  8 

Bostwick,  Maj.  Lucius  A.,  Jan.  2,  1863, 
52.  Died  in  Hillsdale,  Mich. 

Bostwick,  Mary  B.,  Lancaster,  June 
2,  1862,  75.  Of  Bennington,  Vt. 

Bosworth,  Sarah,  widow  of  Benj.  of 
Bristol,  Nov.  26,  1849,  78. 

Baughton,  Mr.,  Aug.  29,  1820. 

Baughton,  Mrs.  Abigail,  Apr.  9, 184,  64 

Bovington,  Jane  A.,  wife  of  E.  E.  of 

Chicago,  Jan.  16,  1861,  33. 

Bowden,  James  of  Mina,  Chautauqua 
Co.,  Mar.  10,  1847,  55. 

Bowen,  Anstress,  wife  of  Palmer,  Au- 
rora, Jan.  12,  1852,  49. 

Bowen,  Caleb,  Nov.  14,  1865,  83. 

Bowen,  Caroline  A.,  Sept.  6,  1850,  20. 

Bowen,  Eliza,  wife  of  Thomas,  Dec. 
28,  1848. 

Bowen,  Frederick,  July  28,  1843,  31. 

Bowen,  George,  Feb  12,  1838,  80. 

Bowen,  James,  died  at  Yorkshire, 
Cattaraugus  Co.  Formerly  of  Auro- 
ra. Merchant,  Dec.  6,  1843,  27. 

Bowen,  Deacon  Joshua  Holland,  May 
5,  1828,  79. 

Bowen,  Lemuel  B.  Oct.  2,  1865,  20,  10. 

Bowen,  Lucy  Ann  Morgan,  oldest  dau. 
of  Daniel,  Apr.  1,  1851,  29. 

Bowen,  Sophia,  wife  of  George  W., 
Feb.  21,  1849,  51  y.,  died  at  Whitehall 

Bowen,  Sussan  A.,  wife  of  John,  East 
Aurora,  Mar  31,  186L  46.  Sister  of 
Dr.  George  H.  Lathue. 

Bowen,  Vashti,  wife  of  Jonathan, 
Aurara,  Nov.  19,  1857,  79.  Mother 
of  Capt.  Isaac  P.  Dennis. 

Bower,  Hannah  Louisa,  wife  of  Philip, 
Nov.  2,  1866,  27,  5. 

Bower,  Magdelena,  wife  of  Jacob.  Sr., 
Oct.  23,  1867,  57,  8,  3. 



t » si)i:  .v  . 

MW  If 








. ; ...  -a 


Bowles,  Capt.  John  C.,  Co.  D.,  74th 
Reg.,  May  14,  1865,  33.  Taken  to 
Bradford,  Pa. 

Bowman,  Capt.,  officer  of  Rev.  Army, 
Clarence,  June  29,  1822,  82. 

Bowman,  Isaac  F.,  Williamsville,  Aug. 

22,  1821,  40. 

Bowman,  Sgt.  Maj.  Julius  Eli,  young- 
est son  of  Eli  H.,  Oct.  6,  1864,  18, 
5,  6.  Died  in  Beverly  Hospital, 
North  Dakota.  Taken  to  Harris 

Bowman,  Mary,  wife  of  Benj.,  Lancas- 
ter, Jan.  26,  1850,  70. 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Ann,  Aug.  31,  1863,  64. 

Boyd,  Charlotte  Baker,  wife  of  VvTm., 
East  Hamburg,  Apr.  24,  1960,  35. 
Boyd,  David,  died  at  Erie,  Pa.,  Nov. 
25,  1853,  63. 

Boyd,  Harlow,  Sardinia,  June  5,  1846, 

Boyd,  Isabella,  wife  of  David,  Jan. 
18,  1853,  62. 

Boyd,  James,  Jan.  S,  I860,  44.  * 

Boyd,  Mrs.  Jane,  Aug.  9,  1849,  46. 
Boyd;  Thomas,  Oct.  10,  1867,  56. 

Boyd,  William,  Mar.  28,  1857,  39. 
Boynton,  Charles,  Sept.  24,  1852,  75. 
Boynton,  Charles  Wm,  son  of  Charles, 
bro.  of  T.  N.  Dec.  29,  1857,  53,  died 
in  New  York. 

Brace,  Julie  Ann,  wife  of  Orange,  Jan. 

23,  1837,  27. 

Brace,  Laura,  dau.  of  Lester  and  Tam- 
ma,  Dec.  6,  1848,  30. 

Bradford,  Amanda,  wife  of  Thomas 
Apr.  23,  1847,  22.  Formerly  of  Cold 
Spring,  Putnam  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Bradford,  William  R.,  formerly  of 
Abbotsford,  C.  E.,  Oct.  10,  1867,  35,  7 
Bradley,  Adeline  H.,  wife  of  Benj.,  July 
13,  1853,  34. 

Bradley,  David  L.,  Springville,  July  1, 
1830,  22.  Died  at  Jacksonville,  Fla. 
Brady,  Chas.  B.,  son  ef  Capt.  John 
R.,  Boston,  Nov.  25,  1860,  35. 

Brady,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  mother  of  Capt. 
John  R.,  East  Hamburg,  June  16, 
1854,  92. 

Brady,  Capt.  John  R.,  East  Hamburg, 
Nov.  22,  1863,  63. 

Erady,  Mary  Ann,  wife  of  Capt  John 
R.,  Hamburg,  July  15,  1848,  31. 
Bragg,  Margaret,  wife  of  George, 
Aug.  15,  1638,  31. 

Bragg,  Seneca  Co.  C.,  24th  N.  Y.  Cav. 
Aurora,  Apr.  27,  1864,  28.,  eldest  son 
of  George  S.,  died  at  Camp  Stone- 
man  Hospital,  D.  C. 

Brainard,  Mrs.  Cornelia,  mother-in- 
law  of  I.  G.  and  Capt.  W.  P.  Stone. 
May  1,  1854,  68. 

Brand,  H.  Maria,  wife  of  Gardner, 
Springville,  June  15,  1846,  25. 

Brandt,  Col,  John,  Brandford,  U.  C.. 
Aug.  27,  1832.  Celebrated  Chief  of 
the  Six  Nations  and  member  of  Up- 
per Canada  Parliment. 

Brathwaite,  Maria,  wife  of  John  C., 
Apr.  11,  1866  of  Ann  Arbor,  Mich. 
Dau.  cf  Dr.  James  Hunter. 

Pratt,  Nicholas,  Newstead,  May  11, 
1864,  64. 

Brayman,  Dwight,  sen  of  Henry,  Ham- 
burg, June  16,  1838. 

Brayman.  Henry,  May  2,  1853,  62. 

Brayman,  Maria,  wife  of  Henry,  Apr. 
16,  1852,  57.  Taken  to  Abbott’s 

Brayman,  Miss  Sarah,  dau.  of  Daniel, 
Hamburg,  Aug.  31,  1855,  38. 

Brayton,  Philip  F.,  Providence,  R.  I., 
Sept.  27,  1850,  41. 

Breckenridge,  Stephen  P.,  Aug.  1, 
1857,  42. 

Bridge,  Lucius,  Oct.  5,  1859,  31.  Died 
in  Rochester. 

Bridges,  Mrs.,  formerly  Mrs.  Daley,' 
Sept.  8,  1854,  84.,  of  Batavia,  Kane 
Co.,  111. 

Bridgman,  Henrietta  M.  Humphrey, 
wife  of  J.  W.,  Dec.  8,  1865,  25,  6. 

Brierley,  Wm.,  Sept  12,  1863,  73,  4,  10. 

Brigs,  Maria  T.,  widow  of  Isaac 
of  Skaneateles,  Aug.  14,  1837,  34. 

Briggs,  Alpha,  wife  of  Morey  P.,  Bos- 
ton, Mar.  22,  1855,  55. 

Briggs,  Mrs.  Clarissa  A.,  Dec.  26,  1860. 
63,  7,  15. 

Briggs,  J.  C.,  May  24.  1867. 

Briggs,  John,  U.  S.  .Vol.,  June,  1S12. 

Briggs,  Joseph  A.,  Feb.  12,  1866,  37, 
7,  3. 

Briggs,  L.  Jeannette,  wife  of  Alex. 
J.,  Dec.  13,  1864,  34,  14d. 

Briggs,  Oliver,  of  the  Society  of 
Friends,  Hamburg,  Aug.  21,  1822,  72. 

Brigham,  Pierpont,  Sept.  12,  1852,  67. 

Bright  man,  Johnson,  Rev.,  soldier. 
Hamburg,  Feb.  6,  1311,  S 4. 






- . 



■i : 



;,T  ■ ; ;i*  v - Ji 





Grace  Dean,  May  17,  1866,  3 mos., 


H^Ien  Dean,  Oct.  23,  1868,  37  yrs., 
Elba,  East  Pembroke. 

Lot  35 — Peter  Dillon 
Ellen  Dillon,  Nov.  6,  1868,  14  yrs., 

♦Agnes  M.,  wife  of  Michael,  Nov. 
31,  1849,  May  31,  1887.,  Pembroke. 
Born  in  Lyons,  Walworth  Co.,  Wis. 

Marie  Dillon,  Nov.  28,  1893,  41  yrs., 

Bridget  Dillon,  Dec.  28,  1900,  77 
yrs.,  Darien.  Born  in  Ireland. 

Peter  Dillon,  Oct.  9,  1905,  80  yrs., 
Darien.  Born  in  Ireland. 

Lot  94— South  Half 
Frank  Dillon,  Apr.  1915,  48  yrs. 

Florence  Dillon,  Jan.  1921,  15  yrs. 

Lot  36 — Elias  Root 
Esther  J.  Root,  Sept.  8,  1848,  22  yrs. 
♦Elias  Root,  Apr.  29,  1852,  80  yrs. 
♦Susannah  Root,  wife  of  Elias,  Nov. 
12,  1857,  68  yrs. 

George  Root,  June  3,  1891,  77  yrs. 
Newstead.  B.  in  Darien. 

Lot  37— Levi  H.  Colby 
Emma  Jane  Colby,  Sept.  3,  1S48,  1 
yr.  Darien.  Dr.  Abijah  Stoddard. 

Levi  Smith  Colby,  Nov.  5,  1855,  5 
yrs.  Darien. 

Susan  A.  Colby,  June  12,  1859,  40 
yrs.  Darien. 

Chauncey  E.  Colby,  Aug.  22,  1859, 
10  mos.  Darien. 

Abner  C.  Colby,  Aug.  1,  1856,  80  yrs. 
Darien  57  yrs.  Cannan,  N.  H. 

Nancy  Colby,  May  2,  1863,  78  yrs. 
Darien  57  yrs.  Cold  Rain,  Mass. 

All  the  Colbys  on  this  lot  were 
moved  to  Corfu  in  1887,  and  lot  sold. 
Lot  37 — Charles  Everett 
Roxany  Everett,  Mar.  20,  1889,  87 
yrs.  Alexander  25.  Pembroke.  ' B. 
in  Hartford,  N.  Y. 

Charles  Everett,  Feb.  27,  1892,  82 
yrs.  Darien,  Alexander. 

Everett,  Mar.  22,  1895,  2 yrs. 


William  H.  Sharrick,  Sept.  1,  1906, 
38  yrs.  Darien,  Batavia. 

Fred  Henry  Montando,  Nov.  23,  1 
yr.  Darien. 

Isaac  Sharick,  June  1896.  Darien. 

Helen  M.  Sharick,  July  8,  1923,  80 
yrs.  Darien.  D.  in  Alexander. 

Lot  38 — Joseph  Brown 

Sarah  M.  Brown,  Aug.  29,  1853, 
9 yrs.  Batavia,  Darien. 

George  A.  Brown,  Feb.  25,  1867,  10 
yrs.  Batavia.  B.  in  Batavia. 

♦Theatis  Brown,  wife  of  Joseph, 
May  13,  1886,  68  yrs.  Batavia. 

♦Joseph  Brown,  May  11,  1891,  70 
yrs.  Batavia. 

Lot  39 — Aaron  Colby 

Hill— Hill. 

Aaron  Colby,  Dec.  10,  1889,  78  yrs. 
Darien  78  yrs. 

Ellen  P.  Colby,  June  17,  1912,  88 
yrs.  Darien.  Darien. 

Lot  40 — Fred  Muxworthy 

Fred  Muxworthy,  Feb.  7,  1911,  22  y. 
Alexander.  B.  in  England. 

Ellen  Muxworthy,  Oct.  29,  1914,  86 
yrs.  Batavia.  Alexander. 

Lot  41 — Elder  Blakesly 

♦Esther,  dau.  of  Edward  and  Rhoda. 
Sept.  19,  1830.  2 yrs. 

Mrs.  Meyres,  1S82.  Alexander.  B. 
in  Germany. 

Lot  42 — Roswrell  Pettibone 

♦Roger  Pettibone,  Sept.  18,  1828,  66 
yrs.  Pembroke.  Lanesborough,  Mass. 
B.  in  Canaan,  Conn. 

♦Wealthy  Brown,  wife  of  Elijah, 
Jan.  15,  1849,  78  yrs. 

Lot  42— South  Half— John  A.  Able 

H.  J.  Doxtater,  Apr.  10,  1838,  17  yrs. 
Darien.  B.  in  Tompkins  Co. 

Alsamedah  Able,  June  14,  1842,  12 
yrs.  Darien.  B.  in  Tompkins  Co. 

♦John  A.  Able,  Aug.  18,  1845,  40 
yrs.  Darien,  Tompkins  Co. 

John  A.  Able,  May  14,  1866,  3 yrs. 

Dr.  David  Bacon,  June  4,  1871,  65 
yrs.  Alden,  Darien,  Pennsylvania 
(later  taken  to  Alden). 

♦Cynthia  M.  Able,  wife  of  John  A., 
Mrs.  Curtis,  Apr  17.  1888,  79  yrs. 








. ‘ ' •.  t'  _ • - 4‘:  .-■/  ■!  , 

■ : -'.V' 


■ - 

..  -u:  u>,i  ■ 

i J'  noH 

: . • 


1 : >h  • .'  > 

■7  , - 



Stella,  Irena,  Kerman,  Jan.  23,  1900, 
1 m.  Darien.  German. 

Eugene  Able,  July  11,  1905,  35  yrs. 
Hoffmonville.  Darien. 

Albert  Able,  Nov.  14,  1910,  76  yrs. 

Roxez  R.  Able,  July  18,  1913,  85 
yrs.  Darien. 

Lot  43 — Jonathan  Vaughan 
Infant  son,  June  8,  1922.  Darien. 
♦Samuel  Weston,  May  9,  1826,  86 
yrs.  Darien.  B.  in  New  Bedford, 

Mary  Sophia  Vaughan,  Sept.  2,  1830, 

1 yr.  Darien. 

James  Coleman  Vaughan,  Sept.  15, 
1830,  2 yrs.  Darien. 

Oliver  Ide  Vaughan,  Nov.  6,  1833, 
4 yrs.  Darien. 

Isaac  Ward  Vaughan,  Mar.  16,  1844, 
20  yrs.  Darien. 

♦Maria  Ann  Morse,  our  mother, 
Apr.  15,  1854,  66  yrs.  Batavia,  Pen- 
field.  B.  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

♦Jonathan  Vaughan,  Dec.  17,  1857, 
73  yrs.  Darien  48  yrs.  Westmore- 
land. B.  in  Lebanon,  Conn. 

William  A.  Weston,  Aug.  23,  1874, 

81  yrs.  Susp.  Bridge  9,  Youngstown. 
B.  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. 

♦Sophia  W.,  wife  of  Jonathan  Vaug- 
han, dau.  of  Samuel  Weston,  Aug.  6, 
1876,  85  yrs.  Darien  67  yrs.,  Easton, 
Wash.  Co.  B.  in  New  Bedford,  Mass. 
♦James  R.  Langworthy,  Oct.  15,  1906, 

82  yrs.  Darien  B.  in  Brookfield, 
N.  Y. 

♦Emma  Vaughan  Langkorthy,  wife 
of  James,  Jan.  18,  1896,  64  yrs.  B. 
in  Darien. 

Lot  44 — Robert  S.  Gibson 
Healy  J.  Crossman,  Apr.  19,  1S4S, 

2 yrs.  Sennett,  N.  Y. 

♦Belinda  Bowen,  wife  of  G.  W.,  Sept. 
16,  1849,  46  yrs.  Sennett.  N.  Y. 

Albert  D.  Corbin,  Feb.  24,  1850,  11 
mos.  Darien. 

♦Robert  S.  Gibson,  Aug.  10,  1862, 
62  yrs.  Darien. 

Sarah  J.  Bowen,  Oct.  4,  1875,  38  yrs. 
Churchville,  Batavia. 

Mary  W.  Gibson,  wife  of  Robert,  and 
wife  of  Amos  Williams,  Sept.  30,  1S77, 

65  yrs.  Parma,  Monroer  Co.,  12  yrs. 
Darien.  B.  in  Cayuga  Co. 

Lot  44 — South  Half — Harvey  Crossman 
♦Harvey  H.  Groseman,  Nov.  22,  1879, 
71  yrs.  Alexander  48  yrs.  B.  in  Sen- 
nett, N.  Y. 

♦Fanny  S.,  wife  of  Harvey,  Feb.  22, 

1889,  82  yrs.  Alexander  58  yrs.  Sen- 
nett, N.  Y.,  B.  in  Newburgh,  N.  Y. 

Frank,  wife  of  R.  Carter,  Sept.  9, 

1890,  48  yrs.  Darien.  B.  in  Alexander. 
♦Hiram  C.  Smith,  Apr.  23,  1833, 

Nov.  30,  1899,  66  yrs.  Philadelphia, 
Pa.  15  yrs.  Alexander.  B.  in  Byron. 

♦Mary  J.  Crossman  Smith,  Apr.  3, 
1919,  87  yrs.  Philadelphia,  Pa.  25  yrs. 
B.  in  Alexander. 

Maud  Smith,  Apr.  18,  1919,  53  yrs. 
Philadelphia,  Pa.  B.  in  Chicago. 

Lot  45 — Cyrus  Brown 
George  Brown,  Apr.  1831.  Buffalo. 
B.  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

Thomas  Brown,  Sept.  1832.  Buffalo, 
B.  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

George  T.  Brown,  infant.  Pem- 
broke, N.  Y. 

♦Abigail  W.  Noble,  wife  of  D.  W., 
Jan.  4,  1836,  20  yrs.  Whitford,  N.H. 
Pembroke,  N.  Y.  B.  in  Sharon,  N.H. 

♦Daniel  W.  Brown,  son  of  John  and 
Loretta.  May  5,  1841,  8 mos.  Pem- 
broke, N.  Y. 

♦Cyrus  Brown,  May  20,  1785,  Oct. 
4.  1846,  61  yrs.  Pembroke  29  yrs. 
Sharon,  N.H.  B.  in  Ipswich,  N.H. 

Cyrus  J.  Brown,  Jan.  19,  1849,  24 
yrs.  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

♦Milla  S.,  wife  of  Cyrus  Brown, 
Sept.  18,  1791,  Apr.  18,  1849.  57  yrs. 
Pembroke  32  yrs.  B.  in  Sharon,  N.H. 

E.  Dana  Brown,  July  12,  1850,  20 
yrs.  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

♦Julia  M.  Wells,  wife  of  Charles 
M..,  oldest  dau.  of  John  W.  and  Lor- 
ette  R.  Brown,  Nov.  7,  1838,  July  23, 
1860,  21  yrs.  Pembroke,  N.  Y. 

S.  Ruth  Noble,  wife  of  Winthrop, 
Feb.  4,  1842,  63  yrs. 

♦Sarah  T.  Stowell,  dau.  of  Cyrus 
Brown,  wife  of  N.  W.  Stowell,  Jan. 
4,  1863,  35  yrs.  Elma  12  yrs.  B.  in 
Pembroke,  N.  Y. 







w " ■ ■ If 




• - . -/*  , • -- 






Will  our  readers  “PLEASE”  read 
carefully  these  questions,  and  make 

n effort  to  he'p? 

Do  not  hesitate  because  you  can 
not  give  all  of  the  requested  infor- 
mation, for  just  a little  clue  may  lead 
to  the  desired  records. 

Our  subscribers  Avould  like  to  cor- 
respond with  others  interested  in  the 
same  familj'.  Two  genealogical  hunt- 
ers are  better  than  one. 

The  question  begins  with  “Please” 
this  month  to  emphasize  the  wants. 
It  is  desirable  that  you  read  the  en- 
tire question,  and  a name  at  the  be- 
gining  of  the  question  would  be  a 
temptation  to  read  hurriedly  only  the 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Sarah  Rob- 
inson, b.  Feb.  7,  1807,  Warrensburg, 
N.  Y.,  dau.  of  Seth  Robinson,  second 
wife  of  Russell  Robinson,  whom  she 
m.  March  9,  1831,  at  Lisbon,  N.  Y. 

Would  like  the  names  and  ad- 
dresses of  the  President  and  Secre- 
tary of  the  Robinson  Genealogical 
Society,  Inc. 

E.R.S.  Washington. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Sarah 
Thompson,  who  m.  Daniel  Carpenter 
about  1751.  May  have  lived  in 

Of  Mary  Shaw,  a “New  England 
girl,”  who  m.  Kendrick  Wisner  of 
Goshen,  1719. 

Of  Sarah  Norton  of  Long  Island, 
first  wife  of  Hon.  Col,  Henry  Wisner 
of  the  Continental  Congress,  tne  son 
of  Hendrick. 

Of  Sarah  Barnet,  wife  of  Maj.  Henry 

Wisner,  son  of  the  Col.  They  are 
buried  in  Hopperhill  Cemetery. 

Of  William  Steele  of  New  York 
City,  m.  about  1799  to  Sarah,  dau.  of 
Maj.  Henry  Wisner  of  Orange  Co. 

Of  Mehitable  Jacobs,  b.  1773,  m. 
Peter  Bellows,  Jr.,  who  died  about 
1796.  May  then  have  m.  Thaddeus 
Gleason  and  lived  in  Warren  Co. 

Were  Joseph  Carpenter,  Jr.  and 
Sarah  Arnold  the  parents  or  grand- 
parents of  John  Carpenter,  who  m. 
Ruth  Coe? 

Deacon  John  Smith  lived  in  Goshen, 

Orange  Co.,  during  the  Revolutionary 
War,  and  was  the  father  of  Asa,  b. 
Feb.  21,  1760,  who  married  Sarah  Car- 
penter. Did  John  Smith  serve  his 
cotuiLry  during  the  War? 

E.H.T.  Minnesota. 

. PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Richard 
Gorsline,  b.  at  Greenbusli,  Rensselaer 
Co.,  Feb.  9,  1792,  m.  Amelia  Rice, 
Aug.  29,  1816  at  East  Bloomfield,  d. 
Apr.  3,  1870,  a mason  by  trade,  who 
helped  build  the  church  at  East 

R.M.G.  Canada. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Thomas 
Clark  Smith,  1811-1890,  son  of  Col. 
John  J.  and  Nancy,  b.  in  Seneca  Co., 
went  with  parents  to  Yates  Co.  and  of 
his  wife,  Sarah,  1814-1883,  b.  in  Bing- 
hamton, dau.  of  Samuel  Crocker,  the 
son  of  Col.  Ezekiel  and  Sarah  Arnold, 
and  his  wife  Mary  Rowe,  dau.  of 
Winllirop  Rowe  and  Susannah  Pres- 

Of  Nancy  , wife  of  Col.  John  J. 


C.F.W.  Wisconsin. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of,  Caroline 
Palmer,  m.  Lewis  Teed,  Oct.,  1844, 
at  Virgil,  Cortland  Co.,  and  moved  to 
DeKrdb,  111.  Was  she  a sister  to  Rev. 
Ray  Palmer,  author  of  “My  Faith 
Looks  up  to  Thee?” 

Of  Catherine  Huyck  or  Houck,  b. 
1764,  m.  Henry  Spawn  of  Greene  Co., 
d.  Nov.  5,  1852, 

Of  Phillip,  father  of  Henry  Spawn, 
b.  about  1700. 

Of  Zephaniah  Teed,  b.  1763  in 

Dutchess  Co.,  m.  Hannah , d.  June 

3,  1838.  Their  children  were  Nathan- 
ial,  Zephaniah,  Jane,  Zillah,  etc. 

J.W.T.  California. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  and  descend- 
ants of  Jonathan  Webb  and  his  wife. 
In  1800  at  the  age  of  45  or  more,  he 
resided  in  Seneca  Township,  Ontario 

R.W.C.  Wisconsin. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  mother  or 
birthplace  of  Philip  Hooper,  son  of 
John  and  Frances.  He  was  b.  1746. 
lived  in  Washington  Co.,  Pa.  in  1789. 




- ■ V 


v;7:j  ,?>&$* 

- - • ' 

» :•  ' u.?'  <; 1 7 **.)  i ' i wi*  ■■  ! til . | 

, . / ■■  . 

.77.  7 ■ • . ' 

...  ■ ■ rv  .... . ,v|  ' 

• ..  " 

. ' , ■!. 


' ;•  ' 

‘ j.iittyis  H mas*  ■ 

fit  • 





>31-  ';'7C 


! B it-  »H 
ft}  v:ot 



Of  James  Waterman  and  his  broth- 
er David,  b.  Aug.  1831,  at  Litchfield, 
Pa.  May  have  been  connected  with 
the  Cady  or  Waterman  families  of 
Western,  N.  Y. 

A.M.  Indiana. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Maria  Mar- 
vin, b.  Apr.  8,  1793,  m.  Pardon  Bowen, 
son  of  John  Bowren,  a friend,  Dec. 
7,  1815,  in  Cayuga  Co.  Lived  at 
Brant,  Erie  Co.,  and  d.  Dec.  29,  1831, 
at  Scipio,  Cayuga  Co. 

Of  Cabel  Rhodes,  John  Clark  and 
Mary  Wilson.  Ephraim  Rudes,  son  of 
Caleb  Rhodes  and  Elizabeth  Stark- 
weather, b.  1767,  m.  Chloe  Clark,  d. 
1839.  Chloe  Clark,  b.  1769,  was  the 
dau.  of  John.  d.  1797,  and  his  wile, 
Mary  Wilson,  a.  1810. 

Of  Ira  Smith,  b.  June  15,  1807, 
lived  in  New  York  State,  d.  in  Avon, 
Wis.,  1873,  and  of  his  third  wife, 
widow  Martha  Colgrove  Hoffman, 
Truman,  Joshua,  William,  Katie,  Sop- 
hia, and  Ruth  were  brothers  and  sis- 
ters of  Ira. 

Of  Bethia  , wife  of  Ezra  Wells, 

b.  Mar.  6,  1766,  d.  Sept.  7,  1827,  the 
son  of  Thomas  Wells  of  Deerfield, 
Mass.,  and  Olive  Newton. 

Of  Rose  Matthews,  who  m.  in  Vien- 
na, Oneida  Co.,  Arad  Wells,  son  of 
Ezra  and  Bethia,  Arad,  b.  1788,  d. 
1862.  They  lived  in  Chautauqua  Co., 
where  she  d.  1841.  Tradition  says  her 
mother  was  French.  Was  Aaron  Matt- 
hews of  Camden  her  father? 

H.A.S.  Wisconsin. 

The  following  from  the  Bible  of 
Elizabeth  Douglas  Reeves.  She  was 
born  Dec.  11,  1809,  d.  Dec.  17,  1909, 
m.  Daniel  Reeves,  son  of  Aschel  or 
Ashbr-1  Reeves  and  Chloe  Powell.  Dan- 
i 1.  b.  Nov.  15,  1805,  in  Lewis  Co.,  d. 
July  8,  1888  at  Santa  Rosa,  Cal.,  was 
the  brother  of  Aschel,  Charlotte,  Pol- 
ly, Oliver,  Richard  and  Charles. 

The  Bible  records  are: 

Cynthia,  b.  Feb.  26,  1827,  Arbanna, 
N.  Y.,  m.  James  Churchill  June  1, 
1848  in  Cool  Springs,  Ind.,  d.  Aug.  19, 

Mary,  b.  Mar.  19,  1829,  m.  William 
Demoe,  Freedom,  Portage  Co.,  Ohio, 

June  19,  1S45,  and  d.  Mar.,  1848. 

Eleanor,  b.  Feb.  16,  1833  in  Phelps, 
N.  Y.,  m.  Loren  Cook,  Dec.  25,.  1849. 

Chloe,  b.  Feb.  27,  1837,  at  Clymer, 
N.  Y.,  m.  N.  B.  Churchill  Apr.  27,  1856, 
d.  June  18,  1894. 

Alvin,  Apr.  24,  1842,  Dec.  25,  1885. 
M.  Mary  Sliafer,  July  23,  1869. 

Eunice,  b.  Oct.  4,  1844,  Portage,  O., 
m.  J.  A.  Worke,  Apr.  14,  1886,  Miller, 
S.  Dak.,  d.  in  San  Diego,  Cal. 

Alma,  b.  Mar.  5,  1851,  LaPorte  City, 
Ind.,  m.  Jasper  Newton  Templeman, 
Feb.  2,  1870,  in  Norway,  Iowa. 

Charles  A.,  b at  Huntsborge,  O.,  d. 
at  Vancouver. 

Louisa,  b.  at  Freedom,  O.,  m.  Hir- 
am Digman  in  Black  Hawk  Co.,  Iowa. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Chloe  Powell 
M.L.S.  Iowa. 


Margaret  VanZandt,  who  married 
Samuel  Coe,  Dec.  23,  1712,  was  the 
dau.  of  John  VanZandt.  Information 
regarding  Coe  family  does  not  state 
the  mother  of  Samuel. 

References — Ricker's  Annals  of 
Newton,  and  N.  Y.  Cen.  and  Biog. 
Record,  1925,  page  78. 

Lt.  Col.  R.  M.  Gorsline, 
1254  Bishop  St., 
Montreal,  Can. 

Mrs.  J.  H.  Prodoelil  has  very  kind- 
ly copied  the  following  from  manu- 
scripts at  the  Grosvenor  Library,  Buf- 
falo, N.  Y. 

Calvin  Ransom  m.  Ruby  , in 

1786  in  Shelburne  Falls,  Franklin  Co.. 

Above  copied  from  Ransom  manu- 
scripts, but  not  given  in  Thew  vital 
records  of  this  town. 

Hubbell  Ransom,  b.  Aug.  26,  1787, 
in  Grand  Isle,  Vt.,  or  Shelburne  Falls, 
Mass,  d.  Aug.  27,  1862,  in  Reading 
Township,  Hillsdale  Co.,  Mich.,  buried 
in  Janesville,  same  Co.  He  m.  Char- 
lotte Graves,  Mar.  28,  1908,  in  Homer, 
Cortland  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Her  parents  names  are  not  men- 
tioned, but  an  examination  of  any 
history  of  Hillsdale  Co.  might  give  a 
sketch  of  Ilubbell  and  his  wife. 

...  .ii  r „f  • 

• * *4r  ‘ 

■ -d  ...  oe 



• ' & • 

...  .;> 

" r 1 -’*! ' ;- 


•'O  1 *• 



Neto  fotfe  fetatc 

‘Qllietr  Ancestors  aitit  Bescenbants 


VOL.  1 MAY,  1935  NO.  11 



'■■■  ” ■ - * - 




All  records  published  in  this  magazine  are  copied  from  original  manu 
scripts,  loaned  to  us  for  the  purpose  of  copying  and  preserving  the  storiec  of 
early  days. 

Church  records'  are  taken  from  the  original  books  of  faded  ink,  unusual 
penmanship  and  queer  spelling. 

Tomstone  inscriptions  are  copied  by  us  from  the  stones,  and  combined, 
whenever  possible,  with  the  records  of  the  cemetery  association. 

The  Buffalo  Historical  Society  generously  gave  permission  to  copy  the 
“Obituary  Records,”  which  were  taken  from  early  news-papers. 

Marriage  records  from  the  same  source,  beginning  about  1812,  will  be 


All  records,  unless  otherwise  noted  have  been  copied  in  this  office. 


Many  of  you  have  kindly  offered  to  send  records. 

Please  send  your  records  without  a special  request.  You  are  now  invited 
to  have  a part  in  this  collecting  and  preserving  of  records  of  New  York 
State  pioneers. 


Yru  are  again  reminded  that  very  soon  we  will  drive  across  the  State, 
following  much  the  same  path  as  used  by  our  early  settlers.  . 

We  will  remain  for  sometime  in  ’Washington  County,  called  Cacti lotte 
Cc-unl  y when  the  New  England  sons  settled  there,  before  moving  into  new 

country,  further  west.  , „r 

This  is  your  opportunity  to  have  special  searching  done  at  a low  cobt. 
There  will  be  no  charge  for  travelling,  only  a charge  for  time  used  m 
searching  lor  you. 


We  subscribe  to  the  following,  and  recommend  them  to  you: 


A quarterly  containing  authentic  records  of  Connecticut  and  Massachusetts, 
edited  by  genealogists  of  repute. 

Descriptive  circular  mailed  on  request. 

Publisher — Mr.  Donald  Lines  Jacobus.  Genealogist. 

Box  32,  Westville  Station,  New  Haven,  Conn.  Subscription,  $6.00  per  year. 


A weekly  newspaper  publishing  records  of  the  Mohawk  Valley  in  New  York 
State.  Sample  mailed  on  request.  Subscription,  $2.00  per  year. 

E{pitor — Mr.  Lou  D.  MacWethy,  St.  Johnsville,  N.  Y. 

A quarterly  giving  a very  definite  course  of  instruction  in  Methods  of 
Genealogical  Research.” 

Published  by  the  Genealogical  Society  of  Utah,  80  North  Main  Street, 

Salt  Lake  City,  Utah 

Subscription  $1.00  per  year Single  Copies  35  cents 


For  a historical  pageant,  depicting  your  own  ancestors,  tor  the  entertain- 
ment  of  your  guests  at  your  anniversary  or  family  re-union  write  our  suo- 
scriber,  Mrs.  Josephine  W.  Wickser,  257  Bryant  Street,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

■ • ' " 

■,  ' 


■ ..  ' • , , ■ ’ - 

•*.!  >U„i  )t( 

v TflUOD 


■ v 0-*;  v J ■ : A 

■ • 

. r.n  • j 

....  ■ . « • ; f 

...  . 


■ ” :>  '•  ■ IK-V”  ,1  ,U.  •••*<>«*'*  jir  Iflrtl  •*  A 

..  ..  - • . • 




In  searching  ancestry,  build  up  the  tree,  do  not  begin  with  every  Revolu- 
tionary Patriot,  who  bears  the  family  name,  and  attempt  to  bring  him  down  to 
ihe  present. 

It  would  appear,  from  questions  received  for  the  “Mail  Box,”  that  some 
readers  select  every  pioneer  who  bears  the  family  name,  and  try  to  prove 
that  he  is  or  is  not  the  desired  ancestor. 

This  method  uses  valuable  space  in  the  “Mail  Box,”  and  delays  your 
real  help.  Ask  for  the  information  pertaining  to  the  person  that  you  know 
was  your  ancestor. 

Use  every  direct  method  for  obtaining  the  desired  information,  before 
'turning  to  this  round-about-way,  which  uses  time  and  energy,  and  usually  ends 

Experience  has  proven  that  consistent,  systematic  searching  from  one 
known  residence  to  another  is  the  most  satisfactory  course 

Instructions  have  been  given  to  collect  records  from  all  persons  who  know 
(he  family,  and  to  study  well  these  records. 

Now  search  these  known  ancestors  for  the  names  farthest  from  you,  names 
in  each  line  nearest  to  the  emigrant  ancestor,  and  make  notes  of  these  names. 

Armed  with  all  your  notes  in  good  form,  visit  your  library. 

“Genealogical  Work  Sheets”  will  eliminate  confusion,  and  keep  your  notes 
clear  at  all  times  to  you,  the  librarian  and  any  reader. 

Study  all  books  of  histories  of  families  having  the  same  name  as  your 
ancestor,  or  the  name  cf  a family  into  which  his  brother  or  sister  married. 
If  one  of  them  lias  married  into  a family  whose  records  are  published,  you 
may  find  something  which  will  add  to  your  records. 

“Genealogical  Work  Sheets”  provide  space  for  names  and  dates  of 
brothers  ana  sisters  of  all  ancestors. 

Do  not  depend  entirely  upon  the  index  in  any  book  as  proof  that  your 
ancestor  has  not  been  named  in  its  pages.  Mistakes  have  been  made.  Using 
your  dates  as  a guide,  verify  the  index  by  searching  in  the  contents  of  the 

Think  of  every  way  in  which  a name  might  be  spelled,  with  or  without 
M~c,  Do,  Von,  Fitz,  e'c.,  and  search  under  each  spelling.  Your  success  may 
depend  upon  your  ability  to  spell  the  name  as  it  was  written. 

If  the  name  appears  to  be  that  of  your  ancestor,  but  the  person  named 
as  his  wife  is  not  your  ancestor,  do  not  discard  this  information.  Compare 
the  dates,  could  there  have  been  another  wife?  Was  there  a second  husband? 
Many  times  only  the  marriage  pertaining  to  certain  descendants  is  noted. 

Do  not  overlook  an  ancestor,  because  mention  of  some  particular  person 
is  omitted. 


Gratitude  is  expressed  for  the  encouragement  received  from  the  “Boston 

That  woll-knonw  daily  newspaper  whose  editors  so  much  respect  American 
pioneers,  that  for  some  years,  many  of  its  columns  have  been  devoted  to 
questions  and  answers  from  descendants.  Many  ancestors  have  been  found 
in  this  paper  which  goes  everywhere. 

A newspaper  of  this  type  merits  support. 


Much  of  the  success  of  “Early  Settlers  of  New  York  State”  is  due  to  the 
efforts  of  loyal  members  of  the  “Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution,”  and 
to  their  Editor  at  Washington  who  has  generously  announced  our  magazine 
in  issues  cf  fhe  “Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution  Magazine.” 

The  D.A.R.  magazine . continues  to  inspire  interest  in  the  stories  of  early 
days,  and  to  encourage  the  preserving  of  records.  If  it  contained  only  the 
very  fine  pictures’  which  are  between  its  covers,  it  would  be  a very  worth- 
while magazine. 





■ ;ft  ii'itUfT 

1 f m -•  »bp  it  lO 


‘ V>  • i r'ooM 





1818.  Caleb  Wells 

1816.  Lewis'  Lyons 
2 yds.  broadcloth  13.00 

2 yds.  cotton  sheeting  for  lining  1.13 
Credit  for  boards  20.00 

Paid  Mrs.  Wilder  1.50 

1816.  James  Wheeler 
Wool  cards  for  daughter 

1817.  Aslibel  Delano 

John  Peters  and  son  Russell 

John  Lammon — Tousley — Andrews 
— Henry  Strait 

1818.  Silas  Wells,  Lawrence  Baldwin 
Hannah  Cornell,  Margaret  Miles, 
Lemuel  Osbourn,  Russell  Cham- 
berlain, Reuben  Thayer,  Isaac  Si- 
mona, Elihu  Graves,  Jedadiah 
Peasley,  Martin  Lewis,  James 
Stage,  Andrew  Bell. 

1817.  Jacob  Kroll,  Benjamin  Jones, 
Gilead  Betty,  Josiah  Gibbs,  William 
Downey,  Lucomh  Knapp,  Elijah  D. 
Baldwin,  Abel  Foster,  Minor  Owen, 
John  L.  Edmunds.  Warren  Will- 
iams, Adam  Bellinger,  Allen  Cul- 
ver, Seth  Draper,  David  Willard, 

William  Webb,  Durant  John,  Will- 
iam Lucas. 

1817.  Jafcez  Clemons. 

4 yds.  calico  for  wife  2.00 

2 lbs.  sugar  for  Betsey  .38 

1816.  Joshua  Gillet. 

Paid  bill  to  Tommy’s  squaw  .50 

Corn  sold  to  pedlar  for  axe 
1 Damask  shawl  5.50 

2l/2  yds.  cashmere  7.31 

I-Icrseride  to  Canandaigua  and 
Albany  9.95 

1 live  dollar  bill  at  discount  4.75 

$7.52  Southeran  money  from  Dr. 

Long  7.52 

1 yoke  steers  40.00 

1 qt.  wine  sold  Sheldon  to  run 
away  with  .75 

yds.  brown  cloth  6.88 

1 pr.  woman's  worsted  hose  1.13 
1 pr.  kid  gloves  .62 

Paid  for  license  15.13 

Mrs.  Daniels.  Henry  Wilder,  Mrs. 

Miller,  Murray  L.  Hutchinson, 
John  Riley,  Dean  Rogers,  G.  B. 
Rich  ef  Attica,  H.  F.  White,  Peter 
King,  Farnam,  Maj.  Todd.  A. 
Dolph,  Widow  Gilman,  Joel  Par- 
miley,  E.  Gilman,  D.  H.  Stewart, 
Lewis  Lyons,  J.  L.  Edmunds, 
Joseph  Lester,  Groesbeeck,  Lythe, 
S.  B.  Tilden,  Eli  Betty,  Reynold 

Account  of  John  S.  Ball. 

Venison  sold  John  Sky 

Paid  Mr.  Rich  rent  of  horse  .70 

1 silk  flag  handkerchief  1.25 

300  ft.  Ash  flooring  3.75 

716  ft.  Pine  ceiling  boards  7.16 

Nine  day’s  boarding  2,00 

Additional  names':  Huggins,  John 
Robinson,  William  Know-ton, 

James  Smith,  Gera  Hastings, 
John  Miller,  H.  Stuart,  A.  Parker, 

S.  Jones,  Robert  Kneeiey,  James 
Miller,  Erastus  Cooley,  Caleb  N. 
Bates,  Richard  M.  Joslin. 

1817.  John  L.  Hayes 
Credit  for  coon  skins  .88 

1817.  Solomon  Bates,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

Paid  Smith. 

1817.  Isabel  Webb 

1817.  Stewart  Hugh,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 

1818.  James  E.  Seaver 
Nails  for  J.  W.  Seaver 
George  S afford 

1817.  Theodore  Clark 

1817.  Elias  Pratt 

1 pair  cotton  stockings  1.5 G 

3 817.  James  Anderson,  Pembroke, 

N,  Y. 

Wei:  sugar  for  father,  James,  Sr. 
11c  worth  of  segars  .11 

Samuel  Hill 

2 pairs  socks  1.25 

1818.  Josiah  Reed 
For  I Andrews. 

1817.  Samuel  Lyon,  Pembroke,  N.Y. 
Pills  for  wife. 

Snuff  by  lady. 




: • ■ : • 

Htl  ■ v ill  ,T  • ; V 



, •«:,  I.;  r - 





Esther  Nichols,  d.  York,  1826,  and 
,i.  Fredonia,  1842.  Aldrich,  d.  Canandaigua,  1826. 
Hiram  Benjamin,  d.  Mendon,  1828. 
Airs.  Mary  Weld  Stanley,  d.  Mt. 
.Morris,  1825. 

Emily  Parker,  d.  Rochester,  1829. 
Anna  Melinda  Kimball,  d.  East 
Bloomfield,  1831. 

Mrs.  Chloe  Sill,  d.  Michingan,  18J10. 
Morey  G Union,  d.  Bethany,  1829. 

M(h.a  Laura  Sherman,  wife  of  James, 
u.  Lock  port,  1828. 

Airs.  Jane  McCormick,  d.  Phelps, 


Minerva • Cumstock,  d.  Richmond, 


Mrs.  Hannah  Phillips,  d.  Penn  Yan, 
IS  27. 

Si  villa.  Sweatland.  David  Parsons, 
d.  1844.  Mrs.  Persis  Parsons. 

Jeremiah  Lee.  Mrs.  Sally  Larkin. 
William  Arnold,  Jr. 

Widow  'Polly  Handy.  Edgar  Camp. 
Mrs.  Rhoda  Pilsbury. 

Airs.  Roxceiou  A.  Button. 

Richmond,  Benoni  Ilogau  and  Mrs, 
Anne  Hogan. 

Richmond,  Hannah  II.  Hogan,  in. 
Mar.  .15,  1827,  Oziel  Wade. 

Admitted  in  1826. 

Mrs.  Sarah  Fowler  and  Annie  G. 
Bowler,  (1.  Second  Church,  1830. 

Elizabeth  Alice  Fitch  Hot.chkin,  d. 
Leroy,  1827. 

Mary  Elizabeth  Peck. 

Admited  ;n  1827. 

Mrs.  Sarah  Fitch  Hunt,  d.  Park 
Presbyterian  Church,  Brooklyn,  1858. 
Harvey  Bushnell,  d.  Liberty,  1853. 
Elizabeth  Curtis  Hallekerchant. 

Mrs.  Martha  Dobbin.  William  Her- 
rick. Mrs.  Mary  Gardiner  Herrick. 

Saloma  Warren.  Emily  Robinson. 
Samuel  Hudler. 

Mrs.  Sarah  Lee.  Nancy  Shaw.  Mrs. 
Wealthy  Gardner. 

Mrs.  Sally  Hall,  d.  Penfield,  1829. 
Mis.  Thebe  B.  Camield,  d.,  Second 
Church,  1830. 

Benjamin  Herrick  and  wife  Cyn- 
thia Hogan,  m.  May  5,  1832;  d.  Roches- 

ter, 1836. 

Jane  Ann  Alexander,  m.  William 
White,  son  of  Gen. 'White  of  Palmyra, 
Apr.  14,  1831,  d.  Monroe,  Mich.,  1832. 


Mrs.  Elizabeth  Alexander,  d.  Mon- 
roe, Mich.  1834. 

Ogden,  Mrs.  Lucinda  Bali.  Mrs. 
Sabra  Ware. 

Mendon,  Mrs.  Esther  Flint,  d.  Sec- 
ond Church,  1830. 

Jamaica,  L.I.,  Alii!  P.  Bacon,  d. 
Geneseo,  1832,  d.  DansviRe,  1835. 
Lynn,  Conn.,  Mrs.  Lois  Peck. 
Southington,  Conn.,  Julius  Johnson, 
.1.  Second  Church,  1830. 

Sylvester  Reed,  d.  West  Mendon, 


Mrs.  Sarah  Crane  and  dans.,  Sarah 
A„  Betsey,  Marcia,  d.  Sharon,  Ohio, 



Harvey  Clark.  Anna  Moore.  Alvira 
TKckwith,  d.  1857. 

Bothiah  Lay,  d.  Clarendon,  1831. 
Gad  Daniels  and  Mary,  bis  wife. 
Samuel  Nichols,  d.  Monroe,  Mich., 

Alice  Bacon,  m.  Rev.  Elam  H.  Wal- 
ker of  FowIersviPe,  Nov,  6,  1832, 
Hannah  Crane,  d.  Michigan,  18.3b,. 
Susan  B.  Hodges,  d.  Canandaigua, 

Richmond  Hinds  Smith,  m.  Julia 
Terrell,  Sept.  18,  1836,  d.  ML  Morris, 
1835.  d.  Saginaw,  Mich,  1836. 

Richmond,  Caroline  Mirriam.  Em 
line  Kinggfey. 

Livonia,  Mary  C.  Brown,  wife  of 
Rev,  Silas  C.,  d.  York,  1838. 

Minerva  Baker  (Mrs,  Stephen  C. 
Aid  r;  chi. 

Mary  A.  Parsons',  m.  William  R 
Norton,  July  28,  1831. 

Eliza  Alexander,  d.  Monroe,  Mich., 

Mary  St  ration.  Rosannah  Curtis. 
Frances  Daniels. 

Phebe  Stratton.  Phehe  Peck.  Sar- 
ah Daniels. 

Esther  Godfrey,  Emily  Hall.  Ar- 
minda  P.  Taft. 

Eunice  Gould.  William  B.  Fair- 
cliild.  Lola nd  Taft. 





■?l  rttiUi 




Lucy  Humphrey,  d.  Centerville, 


Oliver  B.  Smith.  Almerun  S.  Kings- 
ley. Stephen  C.  Aldrich.  George  H. 

Lucy  Peck,  d.  Gorham,  1832. 
Julietta  Rowland,  d.  Mt.  Morris, 


Lucina  Parsons  Evans,  d.  1844. 
Almira  Higgins,  d.  Perry,  1831. 
Mary  Ann  Nichols,  dau.  of  Samuel, 
d.  Monrce,  Mich.,  1832. 

Susan  W.  Curtiss,  Theodore  Noble, 
Dec.  20,  1831,  d.  Middlebury,  O.,  1832. 
Admited  in  1831. 

Daniel  S.  Smith.  William  Smith. 
Charles  Chapel. 

Loisa  W.  Ware.  William  R.  Norton. 
Alfred  S.  Taft. 

Mrs.  Mary  Wells.  Rosamond  Bug- 
lass.  Harriet  Cone. 

Sarah  A.  Hall.  Elisha  Ware.  Cli- 
dena  B.  Gardner. 

Martha  L.  Ball.  Esther  E.  Ball. 
Alma  Hotchkiss. 

Asa  Herrick.  Mrs.  Mary  Boothe. 
Calista  H.  Winnegar,  d.  Perry,  1833. 
Hannah  H.  Peck,  d.  Lynn,  Conn.. 


Statira  Rice,  d.  York  1833. 
Archibald  Wilcox,  d.  Plymouth, 
Mich.,  1833. 

Gustavus  Haywood,  d.  Rochester, 


Rochester,  Elijah  A.  Webster,  d. 
Rochester,  1831. 

Hiram  Nichols,  son  cf  Sarah,  d. 
Monroe,  Mich. 

Sweden,  John  J.  Stone.  Lima,  Pa- 
mela Towser. 

Mt.  Morris,  Amanda  Herrick,  wife 
of  Asa,  d.  Meadeville,  Pa.,  1833. 

Plainfield,  Vt.,  Serepta  Haywood, 
wife  of  Gustavus,  d.  Rochester,  1835. 

West  Mendon,  Charles  Foot,  d.  Men- 
don,  1836. 

Admitted  in  1832. 

Nancy  Herrick.  Andrus  J.  Canfield. 
Lucy  L.  Ball. 

Caroline  J.  Canfield.  Diadama 
Hayden.  Mary  Hayden. 

Mary  Herrick.  Mary  F.  Beckwith. 
Eliza  A.  Lee. 

Clarinda  Taft.  Mariah  Taft.  Isaac 
A.  Aldrich. 

Nancy  Cole.  Mabel  Turrell.  Luther 

Rufus  Burr.  Stephen  H.  Burton. 
Ezra  S.  Darling. 

Joseph  Combs  and  wife,  Catherine, 
d.  Rochester,  1837. 

Rufus  C.  Robbins  and  wife,  Han- 
nah, d.  West  Mendon,  1838. 

Solon  W.  Hale,  d.  Livonia,  1834. 
William  B.  Beck,  d.  Yale  College. 


Schenectady,  Elizabeth  McHinsie. 
Pittsford,  Alvira  Curtiss,  d.  Middle- 
bury, 1833. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Handy  J.  Marcy,  d. 
Medina,  1842. 

Julius  B.  Curtiss,  d.  Middlebury,  O,, 

Ashbell  W.  Canfield,  d.  Randolph 
Co.,  Illinois',  1838. 

Mrs.  Abigail  Reed,  wife  of  Sylves- 
ter, and  Eliza,  dau.,  d.  West  Mendon. 

Barre,  George  Claflin  and.  wife, 
Nancy,  d.  West  Mendon,  1836. 

Catharine  M.  Hicks,  d.  Buffalo, 


Samantha  Van  Valkenburgh,  cl.  Dec. 


Milon,  Ohio,  Eliphalet  Platt. 
Massachusetts,  William  A.  Crane, 
son  of  Barnabas,  d.  Sharon,  Ohio.. 


Luther  B.  Curtiss,  d.  Middlebury, 
Ohio,  1836. 

Chester  W.  Haywood,  d.  Rochester, 


Dighton,  Mass.,  Barnabas  Crane,  d. 
Sharon,  Ohio,  1833. 

Dighton,  Mass.,  Triphena  H.  Crane. 
Livonia,  John  Merwin,  d.  Richmond. 


Abigail  Van  Valkenburgh,  -who  m. 
Peter  Luke  of  Livonia,  Jan.  24.  1833. 
Richmond,  Titus  Adams. 

Phineas  Shepard,  d.  Austinsburgh. 
Ohio,  1837. 

Gordon  C.  Mather  and  wife,  Eunice. 
Nathaniel  Baily,  d.  Corfu.  1835. 
Laura  Marshall,  d.  West  Mendon, 

Phebe  Ann  and  Rachel  Wait,  d.  Cor- 
fu, 1835. 

Daniel  W.  Marvin,  d.  West  Mendon, 

Lois  Wait,  d.  Corfu,  1835. 







■ ■ 

— : . - ' 


!'  \ A ' 

. it?  ...  v i • 

■;  1 ’ ' ? m n 

.H  1 ff*r-.<sl  ■ 






Located  west  of  North  Collins,  Erie 
County.  Copied  by  E.  M.  Christy. 
Bowen,  Pardon,  d.  June  12,  1840,  46  y., 

9 d. 

Rosanah  Sherman,  wife,  d.  Sept.  17, 
1884,  84  y.  2^d. 

Maria  Marvin,  wife,  d.  Dec.  29,  1831, 
38  y.  8 m.  21  d. 

Birdsall,  Bartholomew  W.,  son  of  Benj 
and  Minerva,  d.  Aug.  13,  1846,  2 y. 
Benj.  L.  son  of  Benj.,  and  Minerva, 
d.  Jan.  20,  1851. 

Bioor,  William  H.  H.,  d.  Jan.  8,  1853, 
20  y.  Elizabeth,  d.  Mar.  6,  1866.  75. 
Candie,  Morgan  L.,  son  of  R.  D.  and 
Adelia  d.  Apr.  4,  1867,  14  y.  11  m. 
17  d.  Adelia,  wife  of  R.  D.,  d.  Apr. 
11,  1873,  45  y. 

Chapel,  Oliver,  son  of  and  Mary, 

d.  Oct.  31,  1855,  7 y.  1 m.  12  d. 
Crandall,  Stephen  M.,  d.  Oct.  15,  1849, 
50  y. 

Clough,  Horace,  d.  Feb.  3,  1864,  72  y, 
11  m.  Parthenia,  d.  Apr.  21,  1S65,  72 
y.  29  d. 

Crouch,  Helen  M.,  wife  of  L , dau. 

of  Horace  and  Parthenia  Clough,  d 
Jan.  20,  1862,  31  y.  11  m.  Leon,  Co. 
A.  49th  N.  Y.  Vol.,  entered  U.  S. 
Service  Aug.  24,  1861,  D.  Apr.  23, 
1864,  23  y. 

Fields,  Orlando  N.,  son  of  Nelson  and 
Elizabeth,  d.  Sept.  17,  1852,  1 v.  22 
d.  Delia  P.  Smith,  dau.  of  Barthol- 
omew and  Hannah  Fields,  d.  Apr. 
26,  1842,  25  y.  8 m.  13  d. 
Bartholomew  Fields,  d.  Aug.  13,  1852, 
60  y.  5 m.  13  d. 

Fuller,  Adaline,  d.  Jan.  15,  1843,  32  y. 
Huson,  Edward  W.,  d.  May  7,  1868, 
36.  Seth  A.,  1855—1926.  John  T„ 
d.  Jan.  13,  1835,  31  y.  11  m.  1 d. 
Lydia  L.,  wife,  d.  May  10,  1844,  36 
y.  14  d.  Cornelius,  d.  Mar.  24,  1828, 
55  y.  4 m.  24  d.  Sarah,  wife,  d. 
July  24,  1843,  80  y.  Wing,  d.  July 
7,  1842,  43  y.  8 m.  3 d.  Anna  H., 
wife,  d.  Mar.  22,  1838,  32  y.  23  d. 
Lydia,  wife,  Jan.  20,  1813 — Feb.  4, 
1892.  Seth  C.,  son  of  Wing  and 
Anna,  d.  Sept.  10,  1843,  18y.  9 m. 
15  d. 

Hussey,  Mary  Jane,  wife  of  Stephen, 
T.,  d.  Aug.  15,  1854,  24  y.  10  m.  18  d. 
Herrick,  Emma,  dau.  of  Daniel  and 

Jobes,  Sarah,  dau.  of  James  and  Jen- 
nett,  d.  May  22,  1853,  4 y.  6.  m. 
Ross,  John,  Aug.  1,  1804 — Oct.  8,  18S4. 
Jane  Schoier,  wife,  Mar.  15,  1S05 — 
Mar.  12,  1881.  John  Ross,  Nov.  22, 
1838— May  8,  1880.  William,  Co.  A. 
116th  Reg.  N.Y.  Vol.,  Nov.  24,  1342— 
Jan.  3,  1870. 

Stickney,  Amos,  d.  May  3,  1852,  61  y. 

Betsey,  wife,  d.  Mar.  14,  1873,  77  y. 
Ticknor,  Emma  F.?  wife  of  J.  C.,  d. 

Apr.  6,  1851,  24  y.  20  d. 

Taylor,  Ann,  wife  of  Enoch,  d.  July 
17,  1865,  77  y. 

West,  Matthew,  d.  July  24,  1852,  59  y. 
Phebe,  wife,  d.  Aug.  21,  1847,  61  y. 


The  following  was  copied  by  Mrs. 
D.  B.  Yntema  from  the  Bible  of  her 
great-grandpa,rents,  printed  in  1804. 
and  now  in  her  possession. 

Eber  Loomis,  b.  Jan.  26,  1779. 

Rebecca  Loomis,  b.  Oct.  20,  1785,  d. 
Oct.  19,  1823. 

Eber  and  Rebecca  Loomis,  m.  May 
12,  1808. 

Eber  Clark  Loomis,  b.  Feb.  18,  1809. 
Drowned  in  Black  River,  Lorain 
Co.,  Ohio,  in  1828. 

Nowall  Lyman  Loomis,  b.  Aug.  11, 

1810,  d.  young. 

Jonathan  Collins  Loomis,  b.  Nov,  16, 

1811,  d.  Dec.  29,  1854  at  Dover,  O. 
M.  Elizabeth  Lovisa  Crocker,  b.  July 

13,  1816,  d.  Dec.  1,  1891,  Byron  Cen- 
ter, Mich. 

Rebecca  Lucinda  Loomis',  Apr.  13. 
1813,  Sept.  1814. 

Chester  Williams,  b.  Nov.  27,  1814. 
Never  married,  d.  1874,  offcoast  of 

Otis  Henry  Loomis,  b.  Oct.  27,  1816. 
Horace  Lyman,  b.  Mar.  30,  1818. 

Otis  Henry  and  Horace  Lyman,  July 
27,  1819. 

Melancton  Woolsey  Loomis,  b.  May  7, 
1820,  d.  about  1854,  m.  Emeline  Mar- 

Mary  Rebecca  Loomis,  b.  Dec.  11. 
1822,  d.  June  12,  1903,  m.  Sept.  28, 
1845  to'  Ira  Martin,  d.  Apr.  27,  1897 
at  Coldwater,  Mich. 

Eber  Loomis  m.  a second  time,  Juli- 
anna Thompson,  and  their  children 
were  Eber  and  Anne  Fenton. 





■ ; ' . ■ ' ■ . : ' 



mV.  d am*  m* 


: d1 




of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 
Courtesy  Buffalo  Historical  Society 

Brimmer,  Harriet,  wife  of  Martin,  Bos- 
ton, Jan.  1,  1833,  28,  dau.  of  James 
Wadsworth  of  Genesee. 

Briscoe,  Edward,  formerly  of  100th 
Reg.,  May  10,  1866,  40. 

Bristol,  Miss  Addie,  June  24,  1867, 
26  y.  4 d.  Taken  to  Newark,  N.  J. 
Bristol,  Dan.,  Jan.  30,  1867,  85. 
Bristol,  Diana  M.  Shuart,  wife  of 
Henry,  Aug.  1,  1867. 

Bristol,  Jessie,  dau.  of  Cyrenius  C., 
Jan.  19,  1864,  22. 

Bristol,  Martha  Hayden,  wife  of  Cy- 
renius C.,  Feb.  17,  1866,  55. 

Brittan, , wife  of  John,  Clarence, 

Dec.  IS]  2,  55. 

Brittin,  Charles,  Sardinia,  Mar.  17. 
1865,  37,  11  m.  12d.  Taken  to  Mal- 
ta., DeKalb  Co.,  III. 

Brittin,  Wm.  D.,  son  of  Lewis,  July  26, 

1852,  23. 

Britton,  Anna,  wife  of  Andrew,  July 
7,  1865,  28. 

Britton,  Lucinda,  wife  of  N.,  Oct.  1, 

1853,  43. 

Brodhead,  Win.  W.,  Dec.  17,  1866, 

Brodie,  Wm.,  Aug.  13,  1825,  33.  Late 
from  Scotland. 

Bronner,  Philip  L.,  Apr.  19.  1847,  40. 
Bronson.  Mrs.  Nancy,  mother  of  Isaac 
C.  of  Warsaw,  Mar.  18,  1857,  77, 

mother  of  Mrs.  Samuel  Cramer  of 
Buffalo.  Taken  to  Warsaw. 

Brooks,  Mrs.,  Sept.  1827,  56. 

Brooks,  Alonzo,  Mar.  20,  1864,  36. 
Brooks,  Hon.  John,  June  7,  1858,  69. 
Brooks,  Rev.  Lemuel,  Springville, 
Sept.  IS,  1835,  57. 

Brooks,  Preston,  son  of  Wells,  Oct. 
29,  1860,  23. 

Brooks,  Robert,  West  Seneca,  Aug.  27, 
1857,  58. 

Brooks,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Wells,  Jan.  6. 
1864,  25. 

Brooks,  Wells,  Dec.  23,  1859,  54, 
Brothers,  Annie  L.  Newell,  wife  of 
John  L.,  Oct.  28,  1865,  20. 

Brothers,  Lewis,  Sept.  19.  1860,  63. 
Brothers',  Mrs.  M.  Dorlha,  Oct.  3,  1866, 
50—7,  19. 

Brown,  Mr.,  Williamsville,  Apr.  1814, 

Brown,  Ann,  wife  of  Robert,  Clarence, 
Dec.  2,  1846.  35. 

Brown,  Art  emus,  father  of  C.  Wheeler, 
May  25,  1845,  67.  Taken  to  New- 

Brown,  Benj.  F.,  Apr.  2,.  1856,  40. 
Firm  of  Clark;  and  Brown. 

Brown,  Catherine,  wife  of  William, 
Apr.,  1858. 

Brown,  Catharine  E.,  wife  of  Geo.  V., 
Mar.  19.  1849,  25.  Died  at  West 

Dearborn,  Mich. 

Brciyn,  Charlotte  Caroline,  widow'  of 
Eleazer,  Mar.  27,  1844,  41. 

Brown,  CU  arid  tty,  widow  of  Jeremiah, 
Aurora,.  June  3,  1865,  71. 

Brown.  Cornelia,  L.,  only  dau.  of  Mrs. 
Phe be.  P..  Sept.  28,  1863. 

Brown,  Dexter  B.,  Aurora.  Jan.  1. 
1830,  58.  From  Vermont. 

Brown,  E.  R.,  Grand  Island,  Apr.  21, 
I860,  65. 

Brown,  Eliza,  wife  of  Noah  H.,  New- 
stead.  Mar.  11,  1859,  26. 

Brown, .Eliza,  wife  of  Col.  Orange,  T., 
Aurora,  Mar.  14,  1850.  Died  in 

Rutland  Co„  Vt. 

Brown.  Fanny  W.,  wife  of  Alex.  H., 
Feb.  28,  1844.  Buried  in  East  Ham- 

Brown,  Fanney  W*.,  wife  of  Alex.  H., 
Feb.  16,  1857,  29. 

Brown,  George,  Jan.  25,  1863,  42.  Front 
Edinburg,  Scotland. 

B -o  n,  Harriet,  wife  of  Sylvester,  Dec. 
5,  1859,  48.  From  and  taken  to 

Brown,  Harriet,  wife  of  Alvah,  Oct. 
4.  1863,  42. 

Brown,  Henrietta,  urife  of  David  Paul, 
Aug.  10,  1848,  26. 

Brown,  Jeremiah,  father  of  Charles 
of  Buffalo,  Aurora,  May  21,  I860, 

Brown,  Dr.  John,  Lancaster,  Feb.  27. 
1852,  60. 

Brown,  John  K.  Dec,  8,  1817.  25. 

Brown,  John  H Nov.  16.  1863,  51. 




* Harriet  Brown,  wife  of  Joseph  M. 
(lowing,  Aug.  4,  1880,  60  v.,  Batavia 
40  y.  B.  in  Pembroke. 

*Jcseph  Merritt  Gowing,  Apr.  3, 
1810 — Feb.  5,  1893.  Batavia. 

Adelbert  Gowing,  Nov.  1862,  22  y. 
Batavia.  Died  in  Washington,  a vol- 

Julia  Noble  Angel,  Nov.  3,  1886,  85 
y.  Pembroke. 

Lot  46— Daniel  Wait 

* Horace  Wait,  son  of  Daniel  and 
Hannah,  Oct.  1824,  1 y.  Pembroke. 

Flora ’wait,  Mar.1867,  6 y.  Pem- 


*Hannah  Wait,  wife  of  Daniel,  Oct. 
10,  1868,  79  y.  Pembroke. 

* Daniel  P.,  Nov.  20,  1868,  78  y. 

Pembroke.  B.  in  Washington  Co. 

* Eliza  L.,  wife  of  Jerome  Wait,  May 
8,  1903,  64  y.  Pembroke. 

-Jerome  Wait,  son  of  D.  P.,  Jan. 
25,  1913,  76  y.  Pembroke. 

Lot  47 — Josiah  Wells 

♦Josiali  Wells,  Sr.,  Mar.  26,  1839, 
85  y.  Darien  3 y.  Johnstown. 

Mary  Jane  Wells,  Feb.  19.  1835,  9 
y.  Darien.  B.  in  Johnstown. 

Stephen  Shepherd,  Dec.  3,  1836,  6 
y,  Darien.  B.  in  Sandwich  Islands. 

Mary  J.  Capwell,  Aug.  7,  1843,  3 y. 

* Josiah  Wells,  Jr.,  Jan.  3,  1862,  67  y. 
Alexander,  Darien. 

Betsey  Wells,  wife  of  Josiah,  Jr., 
Nov.  13,  1881,  81  y.  7 m.  Warsaw, 


Mrs.  Stephen  Sheperd.  Sept.  12, 
1871.  Buffalo. 

*George  S.  Capwell,  Sept.  17,  1876, 
61  v.  Warsaw. 

Frank,  W.  Capwell,  Mar.  24,  1886, 
41  y.  Buffalo,  Wyoming. 

*Philena  Capwell,  wife  of 

Showevman.  June  29,  1897.  76  y De- 
troit, Mich.  B.  in  Kingsbury,  Fulton  Co. 
Lot  47 — South  Half — Cephas  Sheldon. 

Cephas  Sheldon,  Nov.  17,  1836,  53 
y.  Darien,  Sennett. 

Henry  K.  Polhemus,  Mar.  30,  1839, 
29  y. 

Cornelius  Polhemus.  Jan.  30,  1842, 
53  y. 

Lot  48 — Lot  Ackley 
Harriet.  R.  Ackley,  Oct  1,  1844,  2 y. 
George  W.  Ackley,  Oct.  24,  1850, 

1 m. 

Lot  48 — South  Half 
Hotchkiss  and  Hodgkins 
Lot  49 — Fred  Lincoln 
Gladys  Lincoln,  Apr.  10,  1886,  4 y. 

"Hannah  Clark  -Colby,  wife  of  Jer- 
ome, Sept.  14,  1905,  81  y.  Darien. 

* Jerome  B.  Colby,-  Aug.  7,  1906,  81 
y.  Darien. 

Lot  49  South  Half — Martin  Rude 
Martin  Rude,  Mar.  13,  1888,  54  y. 
Darien  8 y.,  Pembroke,  Germany. 
Infant  Rude,  Aug.  18,  1S91.  Darien. 

Lot.  50 — Hatton  Sagers 
Mrs.  Sarah  Sagers,  Aug.  30,  1889, 

57  y.  Darien. 

Florence  E.  Sagers,  Sept.  4,  1SS9, 

1 y.  Darien. 

Hatton  Sagers,  Dec.  31,  1894,  73  y. 
Darien.  B.  in  Sheridan,  N.  Y. 

Frederick  H.  Sagers,  Apr.  27,  1909, 
50  y.  Conneaut,  O.  2 y.  B.  in  Darien. 
Lot  50 — Livenus  S.  Halstead 
LIvenous  S.  Halstead,  June  9,  1910, 

58  y.  Alexander. 

Mrs.  L.  S.  Tinkham  Halstead,  June 
10.  1913.  Alexander,  Warsaw. 

Lot  51 — John  DeMunn 
*S.S.  Canfield,  1800-1861,  Goodel, 
John  DeMunn,  Lucy  A.  Canfield,  1818- 

Lot  51 — South  Half — Booth 
Ellen  Eliza  Booth,  wife  of  Daniel, 
Apr.  13,  1902,  55  y.  Pembroke. 

Daniel  S.  Booth,  May  15,  1909,  70 
y.  Batavia.  B.  in  Pembroke. 

Lot  52. 

"Elizabeth  Eveleth,  wife  of  Charles, 
July  25,  1847,  33  y. 


Lot  52 — South  Half — Henry  Frost 
Ida  Sara  Frost  Colby,  Sept.  22, 
1900,  27  y.  Elba. 

*Anna  Frost,  Aug.  2,  1908,  69  y. 
Darien.  Wife  of  Henry. 

"Henry  Frost,  Oct.  14,  1920,  80  y. 
11  m.  Darien.  B.  in  England. 

William  H.  Frost,  Oct.  11,  1928,  62 
y.  Darien. 







. . ... 

. ; i • , I 





•V  ' I 

•’  pij  ‘ - a*  • ; IS 



• . n •••»:/. 





Margaret  Frost,  Oct.  11,  1928,  62  y. 
Martha  J.  Copeland,  Nov.  7,  1928, 
63  y.  Moved  here  from  Erie  County; 
d.  Jan.  11,  1916. 

Lot  53— Israel  Frink 
Betsey  Giddings,  Feb.  17,  1824, 
41  y. 

Julia  Ann  Frink,  May  18,  1834,  16 
y.  Alexander  15  y.  B.  in  Peru, 

*Celia  Frink,  wife  of  Israel,  Nov. 
27,  1857,  77  y.  Alexander,  39  y.  B.  in 
Peru,  Mass. 

♦Israel  Frink,  Nov.  25,  1866,  86  y. 
Alexander  48  y.  B.  in  Peru,  Mass. 

♦Sally  Frink,  wife  of  Orrin,  May  24, 
1867,  58  y.  Alexander  58  y. 

Wilford  Frink,  July  29,  1872,  36  y. 
Alexander  36  y. 

♦Orrin  Frink,  Sept.  17,  1872,  67  y. 
Rochester  5 y.  Alexander.  B.  in  Peru, 

John  Willet  Frink,  July  15,  1878,  34 
y.  Alexander  34  y. 

Lot  53— South  Half 
Benjamin  Simonds 
Eunice  Simonds,  Feb.  18,  1838 
1 y.  Alexander. 

Hannah  Burlingame,  wife  of  Sterry 
May  28,  1836,  39  y.  Alexander.  B.  in 
Coventry,  R.  I. 


Part  of  Lot  sold  to  Moses  Whittaker 
Moses  Whittaker,  1885.  Alexander. 
Edenborough,  Penn. 

George  Crawford,  Nov.  2,  1883,  30 
y.  New  York.  B.  in  Chautauqua  Co. 

Lepha  Whittaker,  Nov.  28,  1888. 

Utica.  Alexander. 

Lot  54 — Benjamin  Carter 
♦David  Carter,  May  14,  1814,  44  y. 
Darien  7 y.  East  Rutland,  Vt.,  War- 
ren, Conn. 

Ann  Carter,  Aug.  24,  1814,  14  y. 

Darien  7 y.  B.  an  Rutland,  Vt. 

♦Elizabeth  Ackley,  wife  of  Benj 
Aug.  16,  1832,  87  y.  9 m.  10  d.  Darien! 
East  Rutland,  Vt.  B.  in  Warren,  Conn. 

♦Theda,  wife  of  David  Carter  Feb 
29,  1849,  79  y.  Darien  42.  B.  in  War- 
ren, Ccnn. 

David  Carter,  Nov.  23,  1854,  24  y. 

♦Polly,  wife  of  Benj.,  dau.  of  Benj. 
and  Dorcas  Pratt,  June  6,  1866,  60  y. 
Darien  52  y.  B.  in  Shrewsbury,  Vt. 

Benj.  F.  Corey,  Feb.  12.  1880,  24 
y.  Jerseyville,  111.  8 y.  B.  in  Darien. 
Nephew  of  Mr.  Rufus  Carter,  bro.  of 
Rufus  Corey. 

S.  Benjamin  Carter,  Feb.  27,  1884, 
79  y. 

Lot  54 — East  Half — Rufus  H.  Corey 
Rufus  H.  Corey,  July  18,  1892,  34 
y.  Auburn.  B.  in  Darien. 

Martha  A.  Corey,  Oct.  9,  1909,  79 
y.  Denver,  Col.  B.  in  Darien. 

Lot  55 — Charles  Williams 
Sally  Williams,  Feb.  15,  1829,  26  y. 
Alexander  13  y.  B.  in  Greenfield, 
Saratoga  Co. 

♦Sarah  William,  wife  of  Charles, 
Apr.  12,  1829,  61  y.  Alexander  13  y. 
Greenfield.  B.  in  Stonington,  Conn. 

Prudence  Williams,  Feb.  25,  1837. 
3 y.  Alexander.  Greenfield. 

Roswell  Williams,  Nov.  16,  1840,  42 
y.  Alexander  24  y.  B.  in  Greenfield. 

♦Charles  Williams,  Feb.  12,  1842,  62 
y.  Alexander  26,  Greenfield.  B.  in 
Stonington,  Conn. 

Henry  Williams,  Apr.  15,  1843,  47  y, 
Alexander  27  y.  B.  in  Greenfield. 

♦Rebecca,  wife  of  Nicholas  Van  de 
Bogart,  Feb.  13,  1847,  57  y.  Alexan- 
der. B.  in  Greenfield. 

♦Elvira  Frink,  wife  of  John  Will- 
iams, Dec.  18,  1804— Sept.  28,  1849. 

Alexander.  B.  in  Peru,  Mass. 

♦Prudence,  wife  of  Luke  Williams, 
Feb.  24,  1844,  69  y.  Darien.  Bristol. 
B.  in  Stonington,  Conn. 

Lester  Beardsley,  Feb.  7,  1844,  5 m. 

♦John  Williams,  Jan.  10,  1801 — Jan. 
2,  1880,  79  y,  Attica.  Alexander. 

♦Cynthia,  wife  of  John  Williams, 
Apr.  25,  1805 — Oct.  12,  7881.  Attica. 

♦Dr.  James  Tyler,  Aug.  14,  1809, 
June  19,  < 1887.  Attica,  Brockport, 

♦Phebe,  wife  of  Dr.  James  Tyler, 
Apr.  3,  1311— Nov.  11,  1888.  Attica, 
Brockport,  Springfield. 

♦Martha,  wife  of  Daniel  Carter,  June 
15,  1891,  89  y.  Pembroke,  Darien, 




•>'  in  \ i ';-?f  ; \ •• 

• 'i  4"  ■ V,  I ' J 

• ■ r'\v  ' ri  :H{  - 

4 • 

” • 

/ • ' ■'  i- 

r |§£-2  J 


••  ■ ■ <■*  >!*V-  v- 

■ ■■  - - 1 B.O!j 






These  subscribers  invite  ycur  correspondence,  and  offer  to  exchange  data. 
You  may  have  names  and  addresses  upon  request. 

Get  together,  fcr  combined  records  may  solve  problems. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  David  Schuy- 
ler, and  relation,  if  any,  to  General 

Sarah  Dorcas  Lambrecht,  m.  John 
j.-mes  Wise  in  1839,  She  was  the 
dau.  of  David  Lambrecht  and  Alme- 
da  Ferriil,  m.  1823:  grand-daughter 

of  George  Lambrecht  and  Dorcas 
Schuyler,  m.  1787;  grea't-grand-dau. 
of  David  Schuyler  and  Dorcas  Becker, 
in.  in  Tyron  Co. 

The  family  went  from  New  York 
to  Virginia,  and  then  to  Louisiana. 

A.  C.  W.  Louisiana, 

PLEASE — Information  pertaining  to 
John  Cunningham  of  Ayr,  Scotland, 
who  sailed  in  New  York  City  in 
1790,  m.  Elizabeth  Gibson,  1782 — 1826, 
dau.  A Lewis  Gibson,  an  English- 
man. May  have  been  a banker,  John 
died  :n  New  York  City  in  1814 

Their  children  wer  John,  Lewis 
and  James. 

Information  about  Lewis  Gibson, 
who  came  to  New  York  City  with  his 
family  in  1782,  and  was  one  of  the 
first  members  of  the  St.  Nicholas  So- 

E.  C.  L.  Maryland. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Rebecca 
Collins,  b.  Oct.  20,  1785,  m.  Eber 
Loomis  May  12,  1808,  moved  to  La- 
Grange,  O.,  in  1815,  d.  Oct.  19,  1823. 

M.  E.  Y.  Michigan. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Isaac  Van 
Wagoner  Carling,  b.  in  Ulster  Co., 
Nov.  30,  1831,  d.  in  Orderville,  Utah, 
May  24,  1911.  He  was  the  son  of 
John  Carling,  Sept.  11,  1800 — 1855  and 
Emeline  Keaton,  b.  1806  in  New  York 
City,  the  dau.  of  Jacob  Keaton  and 
wife,  Catharine. 

John  Carling  was  the  son  of  Abra- 
ham Carling,  b.  Jan.  10,  1779  and 

Sarah  Frere,  and  the  grandson  of 
Gabriel  Carling. 

M.  C.  P.  Utah. 

PLEA.SE — Aoicestry  of  Jeremiah 
Finch,  1744,  July  2,  1798,  and  of  his 

wife,  Abigail  . Buried  in  Finch 

Cemetery,  Schuylerville.  Did  he  serve 

liis  country? 

Of  Rosanna , wife  of  Calvin 

Finch,  son  of  Jeremiah.  They  were 
parents'  of  Luther  and  lived  in  On- 
ondaga County,  where  Luther  was 
morn  in  1810. 

Of  Zelotus  Whitson,  b.  1783  in  Sara- 
toga County,  and  his  wife,  Olive  Arn- 
old, b.  1787,  in  Rhode  Island.  They 
were  parents  of  Mary  Ann,  b.  Jan.  17, 
1833  at  Ly sander,  Onondaga  Co.,  who 
was  the  wife  of  Luther  Finch. 

Of  John  Mandeville  and  his  wife, 
Elizabeth , who  came  from  Gran- 

by. Mass.,  in  1805  to  Coventry,  Chen- 
aiigo  Countv. 

F.  A.  S.  Illinois. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Nicholas 
Btrdine  or  Bodine  and  his  first  wife. 
Married  in  Cattaraugus'  Co.  in  1833, 
■secondly  Mrs.  Sarah  Bartholomew 
Baker,  the  dau.  of  Rev.  Justus  Bar- 
tholomew, who  settled  in  East  Otto 
about  1820. 

Trying  to  compile  a genealogy  of 
descendants  cf  William  Dunlap  or 
Dunlop,  who  settled  in  Cherry  Valley 
about.  1750.  Correspondence  in- 

E.  N.  D.  Washington. 

PLEASE — Who  are  the  descend- 
ants of  Asa  Utley  of  Western  New 
York,  perhaps  Ontario  County  in 

W.  F.  B.  Utah. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Samuel  Nash, 
Avho  m.  Lydia  King  about  1820.  May 
have  lived  in  Gerry,  N.  Y.,  and  later 
Hiram,  O.  Their  children  were  Cyn- 
thia, Zenas,  Sarah,  Elizabeth,  Rosins, 
John  and  Elnoch. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Joseph  Al- 
lison or  Ellison  of  Haverstraw,  N.Y., 
Jan.  13,  1760— Mar.  24,  1829.  the  son 
of  Benjamin. 

Of  his  wife,  Mary  Storms,  b.  June 
20,  1760,  m.  1781. 

Of  the  first  wife  of  Benjamin  Alli- 
son, whose  second  wife  was  Leah 
Ackerman.  M.E.Y.,  Michigan. 





V ■ 




■ %:  ■'  - , " ;<*'i 

,v.  : ,v  , ' ; ■ - 

• • 


' . ' ■.  ■ .. 


• ■ • l 








PLEASE] — Ancestry  of  Robert  Mar- 
tin and  his  wife,  Betsey  Lewis.  May 
have  come  from  Hartford,  Conn.  Lived 
near  Niagara  Falls.  Their  children 
were  Lent,  Samuel,  Anderson,  Budd, 
Joseph,  John,  Lydia,  b.  Feb.  29,  1775, 
m.  Philip  Cody,  b.  1770  in  Mass,  and 
lived  in  Canada.  Mrs,  Richards  was 
the  second  wife  of  Robert  Martin. 

L.S.C.,  Florida. 

PLEASE — Anceskry,  and  brothers 
and  sisters  of  Julius  C.  Warner,  d. 
May  6,  1890  and  of  his  wife,  Mary 
Ann  Gordon,  d.  Jan.  30,  1892.  Per- 
haps buried  at  Leesville,  N.  Y.  Sons, 
Benjamin  A.,  m.  Louisa  Baker,  Nov. 
9,  1853,  and  David  Wortman,  m.  Cath- 
erine Dye. 

F.C.W.,  New  York. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Simon  Wal- 
ton, b.  Apr.  30,  1787,  in  Vermont,  d. 
Apr.  3,  1855  in  Oakland  Co.,  Mich., 
and  of  his  wife,  Barbara,  m.  Jan.  31, 
1811,  d.  May  28,  1839. 

Their  children  were:  Harriet,  b. 

Nov.  27,  1811,  m.  May  23,  1828,  d.  Jan. 
7,  1830;  George,  b.  Aug.  19,  1813,  m. 
July  30,  1836;  Electa,  b.  Jan.  1,  1815, 
d.  Nov.  7,  1817;  Hiram,  b.  Mar.  5,  1816, 
m.  June  12,  1843,  d.  Dec.  14,  1883; 
Maryann,  b.  Aug.  7,  1817,  d.  Apr.  26, 
1834;  Jerome,  b.  June  1,  1819;  Louisa, 
b.  Dec.  27,  1820,  m.  Nov.  25,  1838; 
Almyra,  b.  Aug.  14,  1822;  William,  b. 
Mar.  30,  1824;  Nathan,  b.  Jan.  23,  1826, 
d.  Aug.  26,  1858;  Daniel,  b.  Feb.  12, 
1829,  d.  Oct.  30,  1833;  Electa,  b.  Dec. 
2,  1830,  m.  May  6,  1851;  John  b.  June 
14,  1832;  Jeremiah,  b.  May  14,  1834, 
d.  Mar.  20,  1890;  Mary,  b.  Oct.  29, 
1835,  d.  Nov.  13,  1835. 

The  U.  S.  Census  of  1820  and  1830 
name  John  and  Simon  Walton  in 
Ogden,  Monroe  County,  N.  Y.  Were 
they  related?  Residence  prior  to  this 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Michael 

Lewis,  b.  Dec.  1,  1779,  perhaps  in  New 
Jersey,  m.  Mrs.  Betsey  Spooner  Kel- 
sey in  Clarence,  N.  Y.,  in  1813,  d.  near 

Pontiac,  Mich,  Sept.  9,  1849. 

Their  children  were:  Betsey,  Dec. 

26,  1814— Mar.  4,  1913,  m.  Ransom 

Stage , Farnsworth;  Deborah, 

June  17,  1816 — May  21,  1894,  m.  June 
12,  1843,  m.  Hiram  Walton;  Emily, 
Apr.  18,  1818;  m.  Met.  Terry,  Mary, 
Mar.  12,  1820,  m.  Lawrence;  El- 

len, Mar.  6,  1824— Aug.  10,  I860,  m. 

Kidd;  William  T.,  Mar.  6,  1824 

— Mar.  8,  1856,  m.  Lydia  P.  Durgee, 
Mary  Jane  Powel. 

Betsey  Spooner,  b.  Aug.  27,  17S3,  in 
Woodstock,  Vt.,  dau.  of  Gardner  and 

Deborah  Shaw,  m. Kelsey  and 

their  children  were  Desire,  Sally  and 

Would  like  any  data  on Kelsey, 

husband  of  Betse/,  or  the  three 

N.L.S.,  Washington. 

I have  data  on  the  Holton  and 
Scofield  families,  which  I will  gladly 

Miss  Harriet  Scofield,  2029  East 
115th  street,  Cleveland,  Ohio. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Polly  Crit- 
tenden who  m.  Josiah  Taft,  and  her 
sister,  Sally,  who  m.  Reuben  Parmele, 
all  of  Bloomfield,  N.  Y. 

G.C.T.,  New  York. 

PLEASE — Ancestry  of  Abraham 
Gillett,  b.  Mar.  18,  1793,  at  Frankfort. 
Herkimer  Co.,  d.  about  1834,  perhaps 
Pultney,  Steuben  Co.,  m.  Roxina  Pel- 
ton,  b.  Oct.  1,  1797,  at  Whitestown, 
N.  Y. 

Their  children  were  Alfred.  Will- 
iam, Clarissa,  Esther  and  Willard 

Edward,  brother  of  Abraham,  b. 
1780,  m.  Elizabeth  McNutt,  b.  1788  in 
N.  Y.  Their  children  were  James. 
Ezra,  Howard,  Gideon,  Angeline  and 
Esther.  • 

Angeline,  sister  of  Abraham,  m. 

Nickerson;  another  sister,  Tern 

perance,  m.  - — Bartlett  and 


B.G.S.,  Nebraska. 







■I  / ■ ■■  : 



f ■ . \ 

' .T 






Nno  fork  Mutt 

Ullirtr  Anrratnra  an&  Beamthanta 


VOL.  I 

JUNE,  1935 

NO.  12 



THOMAS  J.  FOLEY,  AKRON,  N.  Y.  Work  Sheets  . . . 25  Cents  Per  Djzen 

- , ' 


% : 






Since  the  last  issue  of  “Early  Settlers”,  we  have  met  and  very  much  en- 
joyed many  of  our  family  of  subscribers. 

Invited  by  a good  friend  to  go  to  Washington  for  the  D.A.R  Congress, 
•and  to  the  meeting  of  the  “Daughters  of  Colonists  , we  put  forth  ever>  effort 
to  spread  the  news  that  “Early  Settlers”  is  filled  with  records  of  early  days 
in  New  York  State. 

We  also  enjoyed  a very  interesting  meeting  with  the  National  Genealog- 
ical Society  in  Washington,  where  your  editor  had  been  invited  to  speax  on 
“Early  Settlers  of  New  York  State”. 

These  °-ood  Americans,  who  by  their  membership  in  patriotic  organiza- 
tions have  ^demonstrated  their  interest,  and  are  doing  their  part  to  promote 
that  which  will  make  ms  better  Americans,  have  done  much  to  encourage  o 


Many  have  subscribed  a.nd  we  hope  many  imore  will. 

Home  Then  off  to  search.  And  what  Luck!  Records  records,  and  more 
records— just  what  you  have  wanted  so  long.  It  needs  only  one  trip  like  this 
to  Drove  the  necessity  of  doing  this  work  today.  Records  are  fast  being  lo.t, 
and  it  will  soon  be  too  late;  many  are  gone  now. 

For  weeks  we,  your  special  messengers,  have  by  dusty,  difficult  driving, 
nenetrated  the  places  where  ancestors  livsd.  We  found  land  where  once  a 
church  had  stood,  an  old  church  now  the  home  of  chickens;  we  found  leaves 
in  pastures,  orchard's  and  country  lanes;  we  found  town  Hev 

the  way,  and  church  records,  worth  their  weight  in  gold,  located  only  a.tei 

diligent  searching. 

We  are  mo-t  grateful  for  the  hospitality,  co-operation  and  graciousness 
of  the  folks  we  met  at  Greenwich,  Shu.  han  Shaft sbury,  Vt.,  Bennington  Gran- 
ville Hartford,  Hudson  Falls,  Albany,  Windham  Greenville,  Fort  Jonn^on, 
Fonda,  St.  Jobnsville,  Cooperstown,  Burlington  Green,  Exeter,  and  -ad  tne 
other  places. 

Many  of  our  ancestors  came  from  Rhode  Isiand,  Massachusetts,  and  Cb*1-- 
irecticut,  and  lived  in  the  disputed  territory  betwron  Vermont  and  New  iork 
for  a generation  or  two,  before  going  into  the  Western  Country  as  they 
called  the  country  west  of  them. 

Records  have  been  collected  from  here  and  other  counties. 

As  we  approached  an  old  cemetery,  the  car  just  naturally  found  itself  a 
spot  in  tb°  shade,  while  we  hunted  for  the  inscriptions  on  broken  and  half 
buried  stones.  Our  car  is  an  old  and  tried  friend,  and  has  been  on  many  of 
these  trips. 

In  one  old  cemetery,  Russell  was  the  only  familiar  name,  so  we  copied 
tthie  records  for  our  friend  in  Texas. 

Time  did  not  permit  all  inscriptions  to  be  copied,  but  always  there  were  in 
mind  the  questions  of  sbscribers,  the  name:  of  their  ancestors — Gibbs,  Hunter, 
Hickok,  Schofield,  Hills,  Taft,  Collin*,  Mills  r,  and  all  the  rest,  for  I do  not  be- 
lieve that  we  have  missed  a name.  We  are  expecting  to  help,  you. 

We  are  filled  with  the  enthusiasm  and  d.sire  to  give  these  records  to  you 
at  once,  but  how?  Have  you  a suggestion? 

Here  is  the  story  in  figures — Last  year  every  subscription  to  “Early  Sett- 
lers” that  wars  sold  for  two  dollars  was  product  d at  a cost  of  eight  dollars^ for 
that  one  subscription.  That  its  entirely  apart  from  the  expense  of  searching 
and  copying  records,  which  has  been  donated  by  the  editor. 

WHY — Last  year  was  our  first  year,  and  our  subscription  list  is  small. 

Secondly,  we  have  no  advertisers  paying  Tor  apace  in  our  magazine. 

If  all  the  folks  in  the  United  States,  who  are  interested  in  New  York  an- 
cestor's, were  told  about  this  magazine,  we  would'  be  swamped  with  subscrip- 
tions. We  could  double  the  size  of  our  magazine,  and  not  charge  one  cent  more. 



it  { 




■;V  : 


1 :.  V!  ■<*;  ' . 


■ ■ 

« - ; - ;<;*>  : 

• ■ 

v .^Ibn 




Just  today  a letter  with  a subscription  from  a dear  lady  of  eighty- 
eight  years,  who  hopes  that  she  will  live  long  enough  to  find  the  records  that 
fhe  wants. 

Others  of  us  are  wishing  tbs  same  thing. 

You  want  the  records,  we  want  the  joy  of  giving  them  to  you,  and  if  every 
subscriber  will  put  has  shoulder  to  the  wheel,  we  Will  all  be  happy. 

When  you  subscribe,  you  are  not  only  helping  to  locate  your  own  ances- 
tors, you  are  part  of  a plan  to  save  New  York  State  records.  Ls  t.iat  worth 
while  ? 

Your  name  has  been  an  inspiration,  and  we  look  forward  to  knowing  you 
better;  do  not  take  away  that  encouragement. 

We  need  the  renewal  of  'every  subscriber  in  order  to  carry  on. 

Four  pag.s  were  added  this  month,  as  a forerunner  to  what  is  coming. 


You  were  invited  to  answer  this  question — “Do  you  want  the  magazine 
enlarged  to  sixteen  pages  each  month  at  the  price  of  three  dollars  por  year?” 

Every  response  was  similar  to  this  “You  are  only  beginning  to  scratch  the 
surface..  You  add  the  records,  .and  I will  add  my  money”. 

Not  one  person  voted  against  an  enlarged  magazine  at  an  increased  price. 

We  promised  you  that  the  vote  of  our  subscribers  would  govern  the  future 
policy,  therefore — 

Volume  II,  beginning  July  1,  1935,  will  contain,  sixteen  pages  each  month, 
forty-eight  pagos  additional  next  year,  and  the  subscription  price  will  be  $3.00. 

If  your  subscription  doe'-  not  expire  until  October,  and  you  want  to  pay 
your  part  for  the  enlarged  magazine,  you  may  send  twenty-five  cents  novo,  or 
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The  article  of  Mr.  Walter  Jack  in  “The  Erie  Dispatch-Herald”,  Erie,  Pa., 
wen  the  subscription  to  “Early  Settlers”  for  one  year  for  the  best  newspaper 
article  mentioning  “Early  Settlers  of  New  York  State.” 

We  congratulate  Mr.  Jack,  and  thank  him  and  “The  Erie  Dispatch-Her- 

We  acknowledge,  with  much  thanks,  the  notice  given  to  our  publication, 
“Early  Settlers  of  New  York  State”,  by  the  New  England  Historic-Genealog- 
ical Society  of  Boston,  Maois.,  in  the  April  issue  of  their  magazine. 


Plans  are  being  made  to  have,  for  each  month  of  the  second  volume  of 
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If  you  would  like  your  family  coat  of  arms  on  the  cover,  send  your  name. 

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“EARLY  SETTLERS  OF  NEW  YORK  STATE”  is  published  at  the  Cop- 
per Kettle  Camp,  Pembroke,  Genesee  County,  N.  .Y. 

Post  Office  address  is  Akron,  Erie  Co.,  N.  Y. 

Copper  Kettle  Camp,  the  home  of  tho  publisher  is  situated  on  Route  5, 
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A cordial  welcome  awaits  any  of  our  friends. 





' rr"s.:>  4lK9  wM 

U nta-  - ■ 

- - ■ 



. wM<Z 

r ■■  \ .<  iultuil  Jwi*  (Niw4»(f 



Early  Church  Records 

Admitted  in  1833,  West  Bloomfield. 

Lois  Darling,  wife  of  Ezra. 

East  Bethany,  Horace  Rogers  and 
wife,  Harriet,  d West  Mendon,  1835. 

North  Bristol,  David  O.  Porter. 

Ann  Tovvser. 

Admitted  in  1834. 

Rufus  Shepherd  and  wife,  Mary  Ann 
Daniels,  d Austinsburgh,  Ohio,  1836. 

Hannah  Towssr,  d Lockport,  1842. 

Livonia,  Sarah  Sturgess. 

Gorham,  Lucy  Peck,  d Pontiac,  Mich., 

Rochester,  Mrs.  Lucy  French  Story, 
d Lockport,  1834. 

Wert  Mendon,  John  D.  Sweet  and 
wife,  Almira. 

North  Bristol,  Mrs.  Mary  Porter  and 
Mary  N.  and  Lois  A.  Porter. 

Canandaigua,  Mrs.  Clarissa  Whitcomb 
d'  Centerfield. 

New  Marlborough,  Mass.,  Mrs.  Mary 

Ellisiburg,  N.  Y.,  James  Brown,  d 
Canada,  1836. 

William  Jones,  Esther  Mather,  Par- 
mela  Mather,  Jeremiah  Stratton, 
Horatio  N.  Ball,  Thomas  Lee,  Will- 
iam E.  Hall,  Triphena  W.  Stockton. 
James  Evans,  d 1844,  Julia  John- 
son, Stephen  Cummings,  d Michi- 
gan, 1835,  Jerusha  Stratton. 

Admitted  in  1835. 

May  5,.  Rev.  Samuel  Schaffer  became 
"pastor  at  a salary  of  S450  per  year. 

Centerville,  Lucy  Humphrey,  d Cen- 

1',’  terville,  1836. 

Ohittenango,  Elizabeth  Cotton,  d 
Skaneateles,  1836. 

Rochester,  Isaac  D,  White,  d Buffalo, 

Admitted  in  1836. 

Charles  J.  Dewstoe,  John  Dewstoe, 
Ebenezer  Palmer. 

Loui-a  Kimball,  d East  Bloomfield, 

' 1837. 

Mary  A.  Cummings,  wife  of  Stephen, 
d Michigan,  1835. 

Noadiah  Alvord,  d Linden,  Orleans 
Co.,  1842. 

Asenath,  wife,  and  Dixolana,  dau.  of 
Noadiah  Alvord,  d Linden,  1842. 

Batavia,  Edward  B.  Walsworth. 

Admitted  in  1837. 

Phineas  Palmer,  d Spencer,  1837,  a- 
gain  d 1842. 

Mr.  land  Mrs.  Loren  W.  Russ.,  d Liv- 
onia Center,  1843. 

Sophia  B.  and  Mariah  L.  Walsworth, 
d York,  1838. 

North  Bristol,  Theodore  Brown,  Em- 
ma L.,  wife,  daughters,  Laura  H. 
and  Gunilda  A. 

Rochester,  Nathan  Noble  and  wife, 

John  F.  Adams,  Martha  Buglass,  Em- 
ma L.  Brown,  Jr.,  Denison  A.  Por- 
ter, Sarah  Emeline  Pratt,  Watt's 
Beckwith,  d 1857,  Calvin  Strong, 
Nancy  Daniels. 

Admitted  in  1838. 

Jane  Jones,  Fanny  Beckwith,  Julia 
Dake,  Polly  Drake,  Eunice  Sim- 
o-nds,  Alice  Parker,  Cynthia  Her- 
rick, Henry  Strong,  Lucy  Ann  Olin, 
George  McKinney,  Laura  Russ,  Au- 
gustus Hotchkiss. 

Atwater,  Ohio,  Bethiah  Beardsley, 
wife  of  Rev.  W. 

Rochester,  Danid  Brooks. 

Anna  Hogan,  d Rochester  1838. 

Peteir  McKibbin  and  wife,  Almira,  d 
Skaneateles,  1840. 

Sa'  ah  Cecelia  McKibbin,  dau.,  d Au- 
burn, 1839. 

Mrs.  Catherine  Miner,  d Lynne,  C_nn., 

Allen,  Allegany  Co.,  Mrs.  Jemima 

Gorham.,  Horace  H.  Spencer. 

Sweden,  N.  Y,,  Alfred  W.  Gardner. 

Rochester,  Charles  G.  Wilson,  wife, 
Fanny,  sons,  Norman  G.,  William 
F.  and  Harmon  B.  d Gates,  Monroe 
Co.,  1840. 

Samuel  Rose  and  John  Rose  Dewstoe, 
d Lakeville,  1842. 

Horace  Perkins  and  wife,  Mary,  d 
Cuba,  1841.  — * 

Lucinda  Hotchkiss,  Ph-ebe,  Frances 



.f»'i  i :n  I A ,^’iiw  / 


> ' ! ■■■■ 

' . 




" ■ " ' . r:>.f  ' ■* 






and  Sarah  Dewistoe,  Wooster  Smith, 
Benjamin  Sturges,  Nancy  Miller, 
Dwight  Curtiss,  Esther  and  Rachel 
Taft,  Harvey  Olin,  Warren  Hall, 
L aac  Otout,  James  Ball,  William 
A.  Pilsbury,  Henry  Lawrence,  Lu- 
cius Russ,  Elmira  Daniels,  George 
Washburn,  Winfield  Ament. 
Admitted  in  1839. 

Mrs.  Roxana  Morgan,  Mary  Perkins, 
Eliza  Holden,  Rebecca  Olive  Russ. 
Rachel  Ann  Miller,  id  Richmond,  1839. 
Austinsburgh,  Ohio,  Rufus  0.  and 
Mary  Ann  Shepherd. 

Bristol,  Conn.,  Mrs.  Elmina  B.  Gibbs. 
Middletown,  Amelia  G.  Chauncy. 
Admitted  in  1840. 

Mrs-  Jane  Duel.  John  Milo  Russ,  d 

Admitted  in  1841. 

Nathaniel  Beckwith. 

Admitted  in  1842. 

Pavilion,  Mrs.  Brinsmaid. 

Rev.  Daniel’  Gibbs  was  the  pastor 
from  1839  to  1840. 

In  1843  the  two  churches  united, 
and  the  :mem,bers  were: 

Emily  Baker  (Aldrich),  Rachel  Al- 
drich, d 1848,  Minerva  Aldrich,  d 1848, 
Stephen  C.  Aldrich,  d 1848,  Hall  Al- 

Laac  Ball,  Sally  Ball,  Martha  E. 
Ball,  Esther  E.  Ball,  d Le  Roy,  1851, 
James  E.  Ball,  d Le  Roy,  1849,  Emily 
C.  Hall  (Ball),  d Le  Roy,  1849,  Bayze 
Baker,  Lucy  Baker,  James  M.  Baker, 
d 1847,  Mariette  Baker,  d 1854,  Eunice 
Baker,  Elvira  Beckwith,  Mary  F. 
Beckwith,  Watts  Beckwith,  Fanny 
Beckwith,  Sarah  Beckwith,  d 1846, 
Nathaniel  Beckwith,  Ann  Maria  Beck- 
with, 1846,  Rosemiond  Buglass,  Har- 
vey Bushnell,  d Liberty,  1853,  Erne- 
line  Bushnell,  d Liberty,  1853,  Fred- 
erick B.  Bushnell,  d 1851,  Eunice 
Briggs,  d 1843,  Mary  A.  Burlingame 
(Wade),  d Honeoye  Falls,  1869. 

Lois  Curtiss,  Luther  Curtiss  and 
wife,  d Michigan,  1848,  Jason  Can- 
field,  d 1848,  Joanna  Canfield,  d 1849, 
Phebe  L.  Canfield,  Titus  Canfield,  An- 
drew J.  Canfield,  d 1846,  Orpha  Can- 

field Waid,  d 1845,  Harriet  Cone  Can- 
field,  Nancy  Cole,  d 1849,  Lyman  C, 
Cook,  Hiram  Chapel,  Mary  J.  Chapel, 
d 1845,  Rachel  Cone,  Mary  B.  Clarke, 
d 1844. 

Mary  Daniels,  Sarah  Daniels,  El- 
mira Daniels,  Nancy  Daniels,  Mary 
Dickson,  Ezra  S.  Darling,  d 1851,  Lois 
Darling,  d 1851,  Rosanna  Dewstoe, 
John  R.  Dewstoe,  Michigan,  Charles 
J.  Dewstoe,  Michigan. 

Luci'na  Evans,  James  Evans,  Sarah 
Fowler,  Elisha  Fitch,  Sarah  Sophia 
Fitch.  Catharine  P.  Gates,  Wealthy 
Gardiner,  Elizabeth  Gillett,  Mera 
Gould,  d 1848,  Eunice  Gould,  d 1848, 
Martha  Gould,  Sybil  Ann  Gurnsey,  d. 

Enoch  A.  Hall,  Marietta  Hall,  Cath- 
arine C.  Hall  Hayes,  Hiland  B.  Hall, 
Elvira  C.  Hall.  Betsey  P.  Hall,  Myron 
S.  Hall,  William  E.  Hall  and  wife, 
Esther,  d Avon,  1862,  Mary  Herrick, 
d 1848,  Nancy  Herrick,  Cynthia  Her- 
rick (Stimson),  William  Herrick,  d 
1848,  Sarah  Fitch  Hunt,  d Park  Pres. 
Church,  Brooklyn,  1858,  Sarah  Lee 
Hopkins,  Rheda  Hopkins,  Harrison  H. 
Hopkins,  Sarah  Lee  Hopkins  (Hol- 
lingsworth), d Paterson,  N.  J.,  1876; 
Anna  Hogan,  Mary  Hogan,  d Pen- 
tonville,  Mich.,  1854,  Lucinda  Hotch- 
kiss, d 1848,  Merena  Hopkins,  Char- 
lotte Hopkins,  Sarah  A.  Hopkins, 
Phebe  Haws. 

Emeline  Kingsley,  a 1848,  Alien 
Kellogg,  d 1844,  Reuben  Lee,  d.  1848, 
L3:fs  Lee,  d 1848,  Ruth  Lee,  Emily 
Lee,  d 1846,  Thomas  A.  Lee. 

Cynthia  Matteson,  Gordon  C.  Math- 
er, Eunice  Mather,  d East  Avon,  1848, 
Caroline  Mariam,  d Rushford,  1852, 
Hosea  Mariam,  George  McKinney, 
Mrs.  Mann,  d 1860,  Lois  Miner,  Na- 
than Noble,  d,  Julia  Noble,  d,  Will- 
iam H.  Olin,  Lucy  A.  Olin.  sister  of 
William,  Rhoda  Orcutt,  Roxana  Pauli 
Orcutt,  d Honeoye,  1863. 

William  A.  Pilsbury,  William  Pils- 
bury, Sarah  Pilsbury,  d 1848,  David 
Parsons,  Roxana  Patterson,  Caroline 
Peck,  Jasper  C.  Peck.  Maria  Peck, 
Phebe  Peck,  d 1846,  Miranda  Peck, 

. • . . •'  1 . t*  .bnn 



. ■ 



\h  xUa&  JIfiH  l 





Matthew  J.  Peck,  Sally  Parmele,  Bela 
Parmele,  Lovisa  Parmele,  Mary  Por- 
ter, Mary  V.  Porter,  Lois  A.  Porter 
(Pilabury),  Dennison  A.  Porter,  Dav- 
id 0.  Porter,  Caroline  J.  Porter,  Sarah 
E.  Pratt,  Clarissa  Potter,  d Pittsford, 

Alma  Royce,  Laura  Russ,  Lucius 
Russ,  d Michigan,  John  M.  Russ,  Re- 
becca O.  Russ  (Judson),  Rhoda  Shel- 
don, Elvira  Sheldon,  Mary  Shelton,  d 
Canandaigua,  1856,  Daniel  M.  Smith, 
Nancy  Shaw,  Sarah  Sturges,  Benja- 
min Sfcurgess,  Eunice  Simons  d,  Lu- 
cinda Smith,  .d  Fairfax,  Kansas,  1876, 
Esther  Guiiaelma  Smith,  Leonard  W. 
Smith,  Elizabeth  Smith. 

Chloe  Taft,  Polly  Taft,  Rhoda  Taft, 
Robert  Taft,  Chloe  Taft  (Thomas), 
Nancy  Taft,  Maria  Taft  (Hayes),  Al- 
fred S.  Taft  and  wife,  Laura,  d Belts- 
ville,  Md.,  1860,  Leland  Taft  and  wife, 
Martha,  d Le  Roy,  1860,  Josiah  C. 

Taft,  d Jan.  3,  1875,  71  yrs.,  Josiah 
Taft,  Hiram  L.  Taft,  Emeline  Taft 
(Gates),  Mrs.  Chloe  Taft,  Esther  Taft 
(Dixon),  Rachel  Taft  (Dixon),  Julia 
E.  Taft,  John  H.  C.  Taft. 

Sarah  L.  Whitney,  Ozial  Wald,  d 
Honeoye  Falls,  1857,  Hannah  Waid,  d 
Honeoye  Falls,  1857,  William  Waid, 
d 1845,  Hannah  M.  Waid,  Sabra  Ware 
d 1850,  Louisa  W.  Ware,  d 1850,  Eli- 
sha Ware,  d 1850,  Nancy  Webb,  Emily 
Webb  (Sabler)  d Sandusky,  Ohio, 
1843,  Charles  II.  Webb,  d 1846,  Mary 
Webb  (Filkins),  d 1845,  Caroline 
Webb,  d Rochester,  1876,  Pamelia 
Wiggins  (Mather),  d Avon,  1866, 
Laura  Westlake,  Salome  Warren  (Ho- 
gan), Eveline  Townsend  Wood  d 1849. 

The  name  in  parentheses  appears 
to  be  the  married  name  of  the  person 
whose  name  precedes  the  parenthesis. 

(To  be  continued) 


This  begins  the  series  of  Town,  Church  and  Cemetery  records  from  Gran- 
ville, Washington  County,  N.  Y. 


The  following  were  elected  to  office 
at  the  Granville  Town  Meeting  in 
1791:  Allen  Adams,  Benjamin  Baker, 
Timothy  Baker,  Robert  Barns,  Joseph 
Barrett,  Thomas  Converse,  Daniel 
Curtin,  Mark  Crofoot,  David  Doane, 
James  Darby,  Jonas  Earl,  David 
Graves,  Eoenezer  Gould,  Asa  Hicks, 
Abner  Hathaway,  Zecheus  Harring- 
ton, Timothy  Johnson,  Timothy  Leon- 
ard, Zadock  Lee,  William  Lee*  Isaac 
McWethy,  John  McWhorter,  John 
Nichols,  Elias  Needham,  Ambrose 
Parker,  John  Secomb,  Luther  Skin- 
ner, Jonathan  Steel,  Jonathan  Stev- 
ens, Stephen  Thorn,  Manuel  Truair, 
William  Tanner,  E, hen, ezer  Walker, 
Daniel  White,  Henry  Watkins,  Charles 
Wilson,  Scottaway  Whitcomb,  Joseph 
Woodruff,  Benjamin  Waite,  Rufus 
Whitney;  John  Whitney,  Jonathan 

In  the  days  of  these  records,  it  was 
not  customary  to  record  births,  but 
occasionally  a thoughtful  parent  in- 
sisted that  a record  be  made  of  the 
births  of  his  children. 

Thus,  he  went  to  the  Town  Clerk, 
and  a record  was  made  on  any  avail- 
able page. 

The  following  are  part  of  the  rec- 
ords, copied  from  the  Granville  Book: 

Mark  Crofoot’s  children,  recorded 
June  2,  1787.  Mehitable,  Solomon,  Ab- 
igail, and  Nathaniel,  born  in  Will- 
iamstown  in  the  Bay  State;  Joseph,. 
b in  Granville,  Mar.  20,  1785. 

Gordon  Johnson  children, ' born  of 
Esther  Johnson;  Clarissa  Fidelia,  ’lo- 
in Guilford,  Conn.,  Jan.  5,  1782;  Gor- 
don Collins,  Jan.  11,  1786;  Samuel 
VanVeghten,  Sept.  24,  1788;  born  in 
Granville,  Esther  Brainerd,  Oct.  22,.. 
1790;  Daniel  Brainerd,  Mar.  5,  1793; 
Statira  Gates,  May  25,  1795. 


.>  ■ ■ 




(iiciliiW  fi  i. 

• ■ i It  1 nVL 




Subscribers’  Exchange 

Our  enlarged  magazine  will  provide  'space  for  the  publication  of  records 
from  subscribers.  Many  have  offered  to  share  records,  and  I read  and  enjoy 
all  of  your  letters,  and  derive  much  encouragement  from  them.  If  you  do  not 
receive  a long  reply,  it  is  only  because  time  stops  me. 

Will  you  accept  this  invitation  in  lieu  of  a letter? 

GREENHOUSE  CEMETERY  Mary,  Oct.  9,  1851,  9y. 

Mrs.  H.  D.  Converse  copied  the  fol- 
lowing, and  sent  it  to  us  to  help  other 

On  State  Road,  south  of  Shortsville, 
Ontario  County,  in  the  Town  of  Hope- 
well,  N.  Y. 

Abbey,  Jet  and  Clarissa. 

Abbey,  Jet,  Jr.,  Angeline  and  Abigail. 
Aldrich,  Sarah,  w of  John,  Dec.  2, 
1817,  21y. 

Aldrich,  Myron,  son  of  John  and 
Sarah,  Apr.  2,  5y. 

Andrews,  Harris,  Oct.  7,  1789-Oct.  4, 

Andrews,  Betsey,  wife,  May  15,  1792- 
Aug.  18,  1874. 

Andrews,  Richard,  son,  Dec.  14,  1838, 

Andrews,  Samuel,  1753-1845.  Revolu- 
tionary Soldier. 

Andrews,  Ruth  Blackmer,  wife,  1751- 

Andrews,  Albion,  Mar.  24,  1869,  16y. 
Andrews,  Herman  J.,  son  of  Herman 
and  Estheir  D.,  Mar.  31,  1869,  2y. 
Andrews,  Samuel,  Mar.  9,  1854,  38v. 
Archer,  Anna,  w of  Garner,  May  24, 
1835,  32y. 

Archer,  Jonathan,  Aug.  4,  1817,  44y. 
Archer,  Anna,  wife,  May  14,  1860,  84y, 
Armstrong,  Mathew,  son  of  George 
and  Phebe,  Oct.  14,  1814,  ly. 

Baker,  vZera,  Feb.  6,  1857,  49y. 

Baker,  Sarah  C.,  dau.  of  Zera  .and  Un- 
ice, Malr.  21,  1863,  22y. 

Baker,  Duane,  son  of  Zera  and  Unice, 
May  19,  1865,  22y. 

Boyd,  Ruth,  w of  Isaac,  J£ly  8,  1843, 

Bowen,  Willie,  son  of  W.,  Au'g.  30, 
1856,  5y. 

Brown,  Emily  Augusta,  dau  of  J-^hn 
and  Esther,  Aug.  16,  1841,  ly. 
Bryant,  Albert  W.,  Apr.  29,  1877,  31y. 
Bryant,  William  N.,  son  of  Wm.  and 

Bryant,  Mary  A.,  w of  Randall  B. 
Holmes,  Dec.  20,  1850,  24y. 

Bryant,  Ozias  Cone,  son  of  Wm.  and 
Mary,  Aug.  7,  1837,  12d. 

Bryant,  Helen  'Celestial,  dau  of  Wm. 
and  Ann,  June  12,  1834,  6y. 

Bryant,  Ann,  w of  William,  Mar.  23, 
1831,  29y. 

(Two  stones  on  the  Bryant  lot  had 

fallen,  face  down.) 

Bunday,  Francis  G.,  son  of  Warner 
and  Betsey,  Apr.  1,  1835,  5y. 

Bush,  Mary  Ann,  dau  of  A.  M.  and  J., 
Dec.  1816. 

Bush,  Andrew  M.,  June  25,  1800 -Oct. 
19,  1848. 

Bush,  Jane,  wife,  Aug.  11,  1865,  66y. 

Canfield,  Benjamin,  Aug.  25, 1799,  57y. 

Canfield,  Mrs.  Mariam,  Mar.  16,  17S7, 

Canfield.  William,  Dec.  14,  1778, -Aug. 
26,  1839. 

Canfield,  Dorcas,  wife,  May  5,  1857, 

Obamiberlin,  Margaret  D.,  w of  Miles, 
dau  of  B.  and  C.  Dillon,  Jan.  9, 1845, 

Clark,  Betsey,,  w of  Samuel,  Aug.  17, 
1813,  39y. 

Clark,  Benjamin,  Apr.  18,  1855,  39y. 

Cooper,  Bathsheba,  w of  John,  sister 
of  Addelyda  Decker,  Jan.  27,  1823, 

Dillon,  Phebe,  w of  John,  Aug.  18, 
1848,  87y. 

Dillon,  John,  Apr.  9,  1827,  69y. 

Dillon,  Jane,  dau  of  Benj.  and  Chris- 
tina, Nov.  26,  1826,  2y. 

Dillon,  Joshua,  July  26,  1825,  21y. 

Dillon,  John,  Jr.,  son  of  John  and 
Phebe,  .June  21,  181  ?,  23y, 

Dillon,  Moses,  Apr.  30,  1762-Mar.  24, 

Dillon,  Benjamin,  Apr.  15,  1866,  78y. 

Dillon,  Sarah,  w of  Mathew,  Mai\  21, 



■■  t ' 


...  k i A . 






■I  tjsbnA 
iie3  bn# 




" fi  V 




1814,  7 Gy. 

Dillon,  William,  July  26,  1814,  45y. 

Faurot,  Henry,  May  18,  1856,  73y. 

Faurot,  Rhoda,  wife,  Mar.  25,  1873, 

Faurot,  Hannah,  w of  John,  Feb.  23, 
1840,  85y. 

Faurot,  John,  Oct.  11,  1842,  85y. 

Faurot,  Julia,  w of  Stephen  B.,  'Nov. 
7,  1853,  32y. 

Faurot,  Anna,  Dac.  31,  1878,  73y. 

Finch,  Samuel,  Nov.  12,  1809,  15y. 

Gardner,  Elizabeth,  w of  Jacob  J., 
May  3,  1863,  79y. 

Gardner,  Jacob  J.,  Apir.  1,  1841,  56y. 

Gardner,  Romulus,  son  of  Jacob  J., 
Mar.  30,  1832,  14y. 

Gardner,  Charles,  adopted  son  of  E. 
and  P.  White,  Feb.  19,  1854,  6y. 

Gregory,  Sylvester,  son  of  A.  and  A., 
July  2,  1817,  8y. 

Halstead,  Leah,  w of  P.  B.,  Apr.  6, 
1834,  37y. 

Hanny,  Jackson,  Mar.  2,  1859,  82y. 

Hanny,  Priscilla,  wife,  Aug.  20,  1831, 

Hanny,  Oliver  P.,  Dec.  29,  1864,  44y. 

Hanny,  Sarah,  wife  of  William. 

Hanny,  William,  Jr.,  Apr.  18,  1817, 

Hersey,  Idala,  dau.  of  Gardner  and 
Idala,  , 1817,  5y. 

Herrington,  Galusha  H.,  Jr.,  son  of 
Galusha  and  Polly,  Dec.  16,  1817, 
10m.  , 

Holmes,  Mary  A.,  wife  of  Randall, 
Dec.  20,  1850,  24y. 

Hubbard,  Martha,  wife  of  Moses,  Aug. 
29,  1817,  56y. 

Kellogg,  Eliza  Ann,  wife  of  Henry, 
Aug.  30,  1845,  41y. 

Jackson,  Aurelia,  wife  of  Jonathan, 
Aug.  6,  1819,  34y. 

Lockwood,  David,  Aug.  29,  1808,  35y. 

Magowen,  William,  Nov.  14,  1814,  42y. 

(Stone  shelled  off)  Aug.  18,  18 — , 21y. 

Marsh,  Sally,  wife  of  Samuel,  July 
28,  1855,  64y. 

Marsh,  Roxana,  Jan.  13,  1865,  44y. 

McKnutt,  Jane,  wife  of  James,  Apr. 
4822,  56y. 

J.  M.  (Probably  James  McKnutt,  stone 

broken  and  part  gone). 

McKnutt,  Isaac,  son  of  James  and 
Jane,  Mar.  16,  1820,  17y. 

McKnutt,  Margaret,  dau.  of  James 
and  Jane,  wife  of  James  Pirley, 
Feb.  26,  1821,  25y. 

Marling,  John  M.,  Jr.,  son  of  John 
and  Margaret,  June  17,  1817,  2y. 

Murphy,  Mary  A.,  w of  Edward,  Mar. 
11,  1868,  20y. 

Newton,  Semantha  L.,  dau.  of  Proctor 

and  Mary,  July  15,  1839,  lOy. 

Parker,  Betsey,  w of  Joseph,  Mar.  17, 
1833,  40y. 

Parker,  Anna,  w of  Edward,  Feb.  8, 
1845,  85y. 

Parker,  Edward,  Apr.  13,  1820,  68y. 

Parker,  (Broken  stone),  Apr.  11,1815, 

Parker,  Edward,  son  of  Edward  and 
Anna,  July  16,  1804,  3y. 

Penary,  James,  Aug.  25,  1815,  35y. 

Perego,  Jacob,  Nov.  23,  1864,  87y. 

Perego,  Jennette,  wife,  Nov.  20,  1864, 

Perego,  Hannah,  w of  R.  Williams, 
Dec.  14,  1880,  73y. 

Perego,  Eliza  F.,  Dec.  6,  1879,  67y. 

Perego,  Jacob,  Feb.  9,  1857,  36y. 

Perego,  Charlotte,  Apr.  13,  1877,  66y. 

Perego,  Joseph,  Feib.  18,  1888,  78y. 

Redfield,  Ezra,  Sept.  14,  1812,  44y. 

Redfield,  Lucy,  wife,  Oct.  15,  1851, 

Redfield,  Ezra,  Feb.  12,  1812— Nov.  9, 

Redfield,  Eliza,  wife,  Mar.  8,  1882, 

Redfield,  Sarah  L.,  dau.  of  Ezra  and 
Eliz-a,  Aug.  5,  1873,  16y. 

Ryan,  James,  Dec.  10,  1824,  46y. 

Ryan,  Timothy,  May  12,  1814,  66y. 

Ryan,  Alva,  son  of  Timothy  and  Anna 
Ryan,  Feb.  4,  1816,  18y. 

Seaver,  Louisa,  Aug.  25,  1838,  20y. 

Shurtcliffe,  G-eorge,  Co.  C,  2nd  N.  Y. 

Starr,  Nancy,  w of  Eliah-a,  Sept.  21, 
1821,  3Sy. 

Starr,  Henry  A.,  s o-n  of  Eliaha  and 
Nancy,  Sept.  14,  1821,  12y. 

Yandergrift,  Adaline,  dau.  of  Elijah 

■ ■ 



. , • ■:  : 

• \ 

0 fo  .u  c : <Al&bl  ,^skieH 


■■  .!■■!■  r ':e:  'AuH 

. /IfKfii  $0  (Aft;  <8i  (■: 

1 .A  - 




and  Amanda,  Oct.  7,  1856,  5m. 
Vanidergrift,  Amanda  M.,  w of  Elijah, 
May  6, , 26y. 

Warfield,  Caroline,  w of  John,  Feb. 
11,  1841,  30y. 

Wardwell,  David,  1830-1890. 

War  dwell,  Sarah,  wife,  1838-1886. 
Wardwell,  Esther,  dau.,  Sept.  2,  1877, 

A Temperance 

At  the  annual  meeting  of  the  Tem- 
perance Society  in  the  Town  of  New- 
stead,  Nov.  20,  1831,  the  following 
were  elected: 

President,  William  Jackson;  Vice- 
President,  C.  K.  Anderson;  Secretary, 
Daniel  Trowbridge;  Treasurer,  Will- 
iam F.  Strickland;  Executive  Com- 
mittee, William  Weaver,  Lemuel  Os- 
born, John  Seaton,  William  Pratt, 
Jo<-iah  Murfee,  Marcus  McNeal,  An- 
drew Bell,  Jr.,  Isaac  Pars  ell. 

January  2,  1837,  the  following  were 
elected:  President,  Simeon  Bak:r; 

Viee-Pres'.,  Capt.  Lewis  Seaton;  Sec- 
retary, L.  M.  Baldwin;  Executive 
Gomimittee,  William  Jackson,  Elijah 
Knight,  Marcus  McNeal,  Mr.  Carrier, 
Humphrey  M.  Needham,  Daniel  Rus- 
sell, Milo  Tuttle,  Daniel  Trowbridge. 
(The  following  w as  recorded  in  1837) 
We,  whose  names  are  hereunto  an- 
nexed, believing  that  the  use  of  in- 
toxicating liquor  as  a beverage  is  not 
only  needless,  but  hurtful  to  the  so- 
cial, civil  and  religious  interests  of 
men,  that  it  tends  to  form  intemper- 
ate appetites  and  habits,  and  that 
while  it  is  continued,  the  evils  of  in- 
temperance can  never  be  done  away, 
do  therefore  agree  that  we  will  not 
use  it  nor  traffic  in  it,  that  we  will 
not  provide  it  -as  an  article  of  enter- 
tainment, that  in  ail  suitable  ways, 
we  will  discountenance  the  use  of  it 
throughout  the  community. 

Adams — Elisha  M.  Andrus — James 

Anderson — Jane,  William 
Brown — Sophronia,  Hannah,  Calphur- 

Wells,  Jonais  W.,  Dec.  28,  1851,  28y. 
White,  Edward,  Father,  1810-1868. 
White,  Phebe  Gardner,  Mother,  1816- 

White,  Edward  J.,  Son,  1856-1899. 
White,  Charles,  Son,  Sept.  17,  1845, 


Wood,  Sirren,  Apr.  5,  , 66y. 

Wood,  William,  Aug.  18,  18 — *. 

Society  in  1831 

Bell — Andrew,  Jr.,  Auruna,  Phebe. 
Bal-ch — Anna.  Bailey — James. 

Ball — John  S.,  Sarah  Ann. 

Barney — ‘Nathan.  Been^an— Jesse. 

Baker — -Simeon,  Simeon,  Jr.,  Anna, 
David,  Daniel. 

Bates — Huldah,  Catharine,  Levinah. 
B'aidvvin — L.  M.,  Hetta. 

Bagley — Madison.  Berry — Richard  V/. 
Boyer — Benjamin,  Mariann. 

Beach — Diana. 

Case — Jaimes  H.,  Celestia,  Mary, 

Cole — Lydia.  Collins — Warren. 

Conduit — Phebe.  Cunninghaioir-Nancy. 
Cougbran — William,  Sophia. 

Davis — Alvira,  Isaac. 

Delano — Jonathan,  Phebe. 

Denio — Rhoda,  D.  Dixon — Esther 
Draper — James,  Milton.  I.,  Ahimaar?. 
Dye — William,  Wm.f  Jr.,  Eliza. 
Ekerson — Tunis. 

Elliot — Eunice,  Sally,  J. 

Ferris — Lorendo.  French — Jane  F. 

Finch — Alpheus.  Fisher — Parmelia. 
Ford — Galvin,  Hannah,  Caroline,  Dia- 

Goslin — Rebecca,  Betsey. 

Green — Mary.  Goram — Eliza,  Israel. 
Gregory — -Margaret.  Gibbs — Abel  A. 
Gallup — Gordon,  Nancy,  Edwin,  Amy. 
Howe — Sarah.  Hall — Jeremiah. 

Hopkins— Fanny.  Hull — -Sally. 

H olcomib — Thaddeus,  Beulah, 
s Hendrick — Phidelia.  Hill — Maria. 
Jackson — William,  Marian,  H.  D., 
Amy,  Harriet  E.,  Henry  H.,  Mar- 
garet A.,  Mary  J. 

James — Nathan  W.  Jones — -Orrin. 
Keeler — Susan.  Kendrick — Tidelea. 


' £ 

r . ' 






' V ' ' • : 7 



, a*  *•/  7im  , 

• ■ ' ; " 



..u  ; ■ *3^  9'jiV 

psjtZl  ,,J  %\i- 1!  Jet 

. ■ -i  tt  fi boe  K . ' > - - .■  • \riqntti  H 


.:  ■ . . ■ OJ?U 

• . ■ V /y 

. - i SA'J 
Hi  .«liW  '.V 



Knight — Elijah,  Electa,  Mary  L., 
Laura  E. 

Larkin — Angeline,  John  E. 

Leland — W.  F.,  Isaac  F. 

Love — Thomas. 

Lindley — Amos.  Lion — Oliver. 

Liuclsley — William,  Sally. 

Leonard — 'Stokes  P.,  Ermina,  Eliza- 
beth, Henry  T. 

Lewis — ‘Eveline,  Rosanna,  Abigail, 
Martin,  Umstead,  Alexander  M., 
Daniel  W.,  Louisa,  Eunice,  Georde. 
Lucas — Louisa. 

Mills — William,  Deborah,  Margaret  N. 
Marshall — Rev.  S.,  Amos  G.,  Emma. 
Meeker — Daniel. 

McNeal — Marcus,  William. 
Montgomery — James;,  Henry. 

Nichols — Be-tsey.  Neal — Almyra  M. 

Needham — Humphrey  M. 

Osborn — Lemuel,  Mitchell,  Lydia, 
Mary,  Emeline,  Sarah  Ann,  Elehu, 
Fanny,  Louisa. 

Palmer — Aaron.  Parsell — Is  ae. 

Pomeroy — Mary.  Potter — Adelia. 
Prince — David,  Abigail. 

Proves  t— Joseph. 

Pratt — Nancy,  William  W.,  Linda. 
Quethal — Charlotte. 

Richardson — George. 

Rounds — Buel  A. 

Robinson — Flizabeth. 

Rockwell — Ruth,  Betsey. 

Russell — Daniel,  Isaac. 

Sanborn — .John  T.,  Nancy,  Susan. 
Saxton — Silais.  Sterling — Betsey. 

Seaton — John,  Lewis,  Eliza,  Mary, 
Willard,  Malvina. 

Shepherd — Abraham,  Maria,  Cornel- 
ia, Elizabeth. 

Smith — Samuel  P.  Stevens — S. 

Straight — Anna. 

Strickland — William  F.,  Laura. 

Taber — Betsey,  Nancy,  Benjamin. 
Tingley — Phebe,  Benjamin. 

Tompkins — James  C.,  Phebe  Ann, 
Harriet,  Amzi. 

Tuttle — John  W., Abigail,  Milo. 
Tattler — Henry. 

Trowbridge — Daniel,  Rosanna,  Polly, 
Lucy,  Archibald  W.,  S.  M. 

Van  Gilder — Abigail,  Rhoda. 

Van  Wie — Abigail. 

Weaver — William,  Anna,  Mary. 

I Williams — Luta,  Caleb,  Harriet  M., 
! William. 

Wheeler — Ruth,  Isaac,  Daniel. 

W ilc : x — W ill  iam.  Wis  e — El  1 zabe  Lh. 

W il  s ey — D u an  y . 

Wilkinson — Frederick,  P. 

Young — ^Reuben  T. 

In  1839  the  following  were  elected 
to  office:  L.  M.  Baldwin,  Milo  Tuttle, 
William  Pratt,  Simeon  Baker,  James 
Case,  Henry  Montgomery,  Jonathan 
Russell,  Daniel  Russell. 

Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Courtesy  Buffalo  Historical  Society 

Brown,  John  James,  eldest  son  of 
Wm,  Mar.  30,  1867. 

Brown,  Joseph  P.,  Jan.  26,  1860,  29y 
8m.  Died  at  Aspinwall,  N.  Y. 

Brown,  Mrs.  Juliette,  dau.  of  Adiel 
Sherwood,  Oct.  13,  1849,  32y  4m. 
Brown,  Kate  Howard,  dau.  of  Geo.  V., 
Aug.  17,  1863. 

Brown,  Dr.  Levi,  Clarence,  Mar.  1817, 
39y.  Died  at  Salem,  Washington  Co.* 

N.  Y. 

Brown,  Lewis  E.,  Mar.  27,  1860,  32y. 
Brown,  Mary,  wife  of  Lorenzo,  Jan. 

17,  1855.  54y.  Died  at  Green  Bay, 

‘ Wis. 

Brown,  Mary,  wife  of  George,  Sept. 
17,  1859,  39y. 

Brown,  Mary  Ann,  wife  of  John  F., 
Apr.  18,  1849,  19y.  Dau.  of  Capt. 
Levi  Allen. 

Brown,  Mary  Jane,  wife  of  Geo,.  E., 
Evans  Center,  May  15,  1859,  20y. 
Brown,  Mary  L.,  wife  of  C.  Wheeler, 
May  17,  1865,  47y.  Died  at  Jackson, 


Brown,  Mehitable  W.,  wife  of  Enos  R., 
Clarence,  June  3,  1845,  38y. 

Brown,  Nancy  R.,  wife  of  Horace, 
July  18,  1844. 

Brown,  Neal,  Mar.  4,  1866,  G9y. 

■ « . * 

. . - . ' . - ••  * J 


. • 


■ * 1 .L 



. 'v  • ' ' 

■ ■ •' 


-.Ti:  — ■/  V 


: >■ 



v > 




'.y.'J  •:■..'!■  iter.V/  ,trs' U$$  J r-  mt<2  4 

; <■  • •. 

. . ■:  . \ ,.w-'  <'*-*•  ! jo  v 



Brown,  Olivia  C.,  wife  of  Wm.  0., 
Mar.  9,  1853,  37y. 

Brown,  C-ol.  Orange  T.,  Aurora,  Apr. 
30,  1853,  52y. 

Brown,  Ovid,  Mar.  5,  1844,  27y.  Died 
in  Rochester. 

Brown,  Robert  R.,  son  of  R.  R.,  Apr. 
17,  1850. 

Brown,  Russell  Searle,  Mar.  26,  1844, 

Brown,  Samuel,  Sept.  11,  1863,  73y. 

Brown,  Mrs.  Sarah  E.,  dau.  of  Phebe, 
Sept.  27,  1860.  Prin.  of  School  No.  7. 

Brown,  Sewell,  Hamburg,  Mar.  27, 
1848,  55y. 

Brown,  Stoddart,  Apr.  3,  1835,  35y. 
From  Burlington,  Vt. 

Brown,  Thomas,  uncle  of  Sheriff 
Brown  of  Buffalo,  Clarence,  Jan. 
11,  1841,  65y. 

Brown,  Thomas  J.,  Dec.  12,  1862. 

Brown,  Uriah  C.,  Clarenca,  July  27, 

Brown,  William,  Englishman,  May  13, 
1856,  70y. 

Brown,  William,  son  of  Samuel,  June 
14,  1862,  30y.  Died  in  San  Francis- 
co, Calif. 

Brown,  William  C.,  Feb.  19,  1844,  29y. 

Brown,  Rev.  Wm.  Steill,  died  in  Co- 
lumbia, Texas,  Aug.  4,  1835.  For- 
mer pastor  of  Unitarian  Church, 
Buffalo.  An  Englishman. 

Brownell,  Lucia  Emilie,  wife  of  Isaac 
W.,  Sept.  1,  1861.  Taken  to  Green- 

Browning,  Catharine  Delaney,  wife  of 
Thomas  IL,  Mar.  30,  1844,  27y. 

Browning,  John,  1st  Sgt.  Co.  K,  2 
Reg.  Art.,  May  4,  1839.  In  army  16 

Browning,  Martha  F.,  wife  of  Potter, 
June  10,  1842,  43y. 

Browning,  Potter,  late  of  “Love joy 
House/’  March,  1853. 

Bruce,  Alice  S.,  w of  George,  Lancas- 
ter, July  23,  1855,  59y. 

Bruce,  Jacob,  Lancaster,  Apr.  24, 
1850,  61 y. 

Bruce,  Mrs.  Jane,  July  5,  1846,  79y- 


Bruce,  Jesse,  Oct.  13,  1845,  79y. 

Bruce,  Oliver  S.,  brother  of  E.  K., 
Jan.  23,  1856,  32y.  D dn  Toledo, 
buried  in  Buffalo. 

Bruce,  Thankful  M.,  widow  of  Jacob, 
Lancaster,  Oct.  30,  1864,  69y,  Moth- 
er of  E.  K.  of  Chicago  and  R.  F.  of 

Brunton,  Jaimes  A.,  brother-in-law  of 
Israel  Gillett,  Feb.  8,  1848,  22y. 
Brush,  Edgar  C.,  June  23,  1827,  22y. 
Brush,  Emma  C.,  w of  Henry  B.,  Dec. 

1,  1867,  21y. 

Brush,  Lorinda  A.,  w of  Alex.,  Nov. 

13,  1862,  22y. 

Bryant,  Deacon  Abner,  July  20,  1853, 

Bryant,  Anna  F.,  w of  Abner,  Jan.  8, 
1867.  D in.  Detroit,  bu  in  Buffalo. 
Bryant,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  L.,  Jan.  19, 
1852,  55y. 

Bryant,  Emily  P.,  mother  of  William 
C.,  July  17,  1864,  52y. 

Bryant,  Catharine  Howard,  w of  Isaac 
F.,  Nov.  27,  1856,  25y.  Eldest  dau. 
of  Henry  Howard. 

Bryant,  Maria  T.,  w of  Warren,  Dec. 

23,  1835,  22y.  D in  Clinton,  N.  Y. 
Bryant,  Reuben,  father  of  William  C., 
Jan.  17,  1863,  70y-6m. 

Bryant,  Wealthy,  Dec.  19,  1833,  49v. 
Bryant,  William,  May  16,  1845,  25y. 
Bryson,  Jane,  w of  William,  July  9, 
1852,  44y. 

Bryson,  Jane,  eldest  dau.  of  William. 

May  28,  1863,  28y. 

Buck,  Frederick,  July  7,  1820. 
Buckland,  Jdh.n  A.,  from  Ellington, 
Conn.,  Aug.  3,  1853,  43y.  Drowned 
at  Black  Rock. 

Buckley,  Wm.,  July  8,  1854,  52y. 
Bucklin,  Charles,  Sgt.  in  Capt.  Mat- 
teson’s  volunteers,  Black  Rock,  July 

14,  1812. 

Bucklin,  Charles,  from  Hartford,  Conn. 

Aug.  24,  1823,  37y. 

Buehl,  Louisa  M.,  w of  Christian,  Oct. 

2,  1863,  21y.  Dau.  of  George  Voltz. 
Buesch,  Henry,  May  28,  1844,  61y. 
Buffam,  Amy,  w of  Richard,  Golden, 

Oct.  7,  1837. 

Buffam,  Mary,  w of  Richard,  Holland, 
Dec.  18,  1819,  49y. 

■ vi. 


■ • • to:. 

» _■  ■ 


?.4  . ' * . : .-vs’.. : :■  h'U-  ' • 



■■■I"'”  jnWonfi 



■ iff 

- k* 

jd'  ) . , v/oiH 

- I 

■ ‘ r 




Bugbee,  Alvan,  Gowanda,  May  25, 
1849,  50y. 

Bugbee,  Jane  A.,  w of  Alvin  W.,  dau. 
of  Alfred  W.  Wilguts,  Jan.  21,  1848, 

Bugbee,  Louisa,  w of  A.  W.,  dau.  of 
Martin  Daley,  Nov.  21,  1851. 
Bugbee,  Sarah  Walker,  w of  O.,  July 
20,  1858,  52y. 

Bulger,  John  M.,  Aug.  12,  1863,.  34y. 
Bull,  Absalom,  Feb.  21,  1866,  69y. 
Bull,  Cadwallader,  son  of  Absalom, 
Aug.  23,  1863,  36y. 

Bull,  Eunice,  mother  of  George  B., 
Aug.  21,  1867,  96y.  Bu.  in  Bath, 
Steuben  Co. 

Bull,  Frances  C.,  w of  Charles,  Jan. 
28,  1839,  42y. 

Bull,  Harriet  L.,  w of  Hugh  L.,  dau. 
of  late  Judge  Rochester,  Dec.  13, 
1854,  33y. 

Bull,  Mary,  eldest  dau.  of  Jabez,  Feb. 

24,  1865,  23y. 

Bull,  Mary  Denniston,  Sept.  10,  1864, 

Bull,  Milton  W.,  East  Hamburgh,  Mar. 

25,  1864,  66y-llm. 

Bull,  Mrs.  Sarah,  Feb.  19,  1865,  90y. 
. Taken  to  Orange  Co. 

Bull,  Sarah  Elizabeth,  w of  J.  B.,  Dec. 
13,  1864,  45y. 

Bullis,  Benj.,  Aurora,  July  3,  1859,  80 
y.  His  wife  d May  3,  1859,  83y. 
Bullis,  Dorothy,  w of  Hiram,  East 
Hamburgh,  Oct.  1853,  54y. 

Bullock,  Louisa,  w of  Samuel,  Mar. 
8,  1864,  32y. 

Bullymore,  Jane,  w of  Joseph,  July 
, 26,  1843,  24y. 

Bullymore,  Thomas,  Feb.  9,  1866,  53y. 
Bullymore,  Adj.  Wm.,  eldest  son  of 
Richard,  May  8,  1862,  20y.  D at 
Fort  Monroe,  bu.  in  Buffalo. 

Bulson,  Alex.,  father  of  Daniel  R., 
Angola,  Feb.  17,  1866,  73y. 

Bulson,  Peter,  Nov.  9,  1865,  55y.  D 
“ ’at  Rouseville,  Pa. 

Bump,  Phebe,  w of  Jonathan,  Boston, 
' i:Dec.  27,  1843,  56y. 

Bundy,  Lavina,  w of  Sanford,  Evans, 
Feb.  7,  1847,  64y. 

Bundy,  Rinaldo,  Manila,  Feb.  7,  1865, 


Bunker,  Abner  B.,  July  19,  1865,  49y. 

D in  Cleveland,  Ohio,  bu.  in  Buffalo. 
Bunker,  Lavina,  w of  A.  B.,  May  1, 
1863,  46y. 

Bunnell,  Adaline,  Lancaster,  Apr.  30, 
1847,  37y. 

Bunnell,  Matilda,  w of  Levi,  May  21, 
1853,  61y. 

Bunting,  Wm.  H.,  only  son  of  Mrs. 
John  Roberts,  Jan.  10,  1863,  32y. 
D in  Flint,  Mich. 

Burbanck,  Capt.  Jesse,  Master  of  the 
“Caledonia”,  Dec.,  1812,  51y. 
Burdett,  Capt.  Benj.,  Cayuga  Island, 
. Apr.  2,  1855,  45v. 

Burgess,  Cynthia  S.,  w of  R.  W.,  Apr. 
1,  1853,  27y.  Youngest  dau.  of 

James  Baldwin.  D in  Washington, 

D.  C. 

Burke,  Capt.  Edward,  Apr.  8,  1842, 

Burke,  George,  Lancaster,  Nov.  19, 
1858,  51y. 

Burke,  R.  B.,  from  Lee,  Onondaga  Co., 
Aurora,  May  19,  1837,  46y. 

Burlin,  Francis  Sept.,  1823,  53y. 
Burnet,  Welliam,  West  Aurora,  Oct. 
3,  1854. 

Burnett,  Capt.  Charles  H.,  Mar.  10, 
1860,  58y. 

Burnett,  Harris  H.,  Aug.  11, 1852,  42y. 
Burnham,  James  N.,  Aurora,  Feb.  5, 
1840,  24y. 

Burnham,  Capt.  John,  Revolutionary 
Patriot,  Oct.  7,  1837,  79y. 

Burns,  Andrew,  Aug.  24,  1850,  73y. 
Burns,  Miss  Anna  A.,  Jan.  20,  1854, 

Burns,  Charles  C.,  May  29,  1865,  25y. 
Burns,  Dennis,  Mar.,  1859. 

Burns,  Elizabeth,  w of  George  L., 
June  3,  1864.  Dau.  of  Joseph,  sister 
of  Arthur  Christey. 

Burns,  Elizabeth,  w of  Daniel,  Oct. 

26,  1867,  32y.  Dau.  of  Silo  Usher. 
Burns,  Margaret,  w of  Michael.  Jan. 
9,  1866.  Dau,  of  George  Shiels,  late 
of  Earlstown,  Berwickshire,  Scot. 
Burns,  Mary  IL,  Dec.  15,  1854,  38y. 
Burns,  Matthew,  Black  Rock,  July  4, 
1832,  30y.  Drowned. 


1 ■ 






„■  . ' • . f".  •’ 

” ■ • ■ • 

f ii  : 



t.  • .v. l 



Marriage  Records 

Through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffa- 
lo Historical  Society,  the  following 
long  list  of  marriages,  taken  from  the 
early  newspapers  of  Buffalo,  will  be 
published  in  this  magazine. 

Abby,  A.  H.  and  Lizzie  Lockwood, 
Oct.  8,  1873. 

Abby,  Adolphus  and  Polly  King,  July 
25,  1815. 

Abbey,  Jennie  H.  and  Lucien  F.  Allen, 
Oct.  15,  1867. 

Abbey,  Lois  E.  and  Edgar  C.  McDon- 
ald, Apr.  19,  1881. 

Abbott,  Alta  and  W.  A.  Thomas,  Nov. 
17,  1864. 

Abbott,  Mrs.  Ann  C.  and  James  Bal- 
lard, Nov.  7,  1850. 

Abbott,  Austin  and  Molly  Ostram, 
Oct.  21,  1868. 

Abbott,  IChauncy  and  Mary  Ann 
Smith,  May  26,  1831. 

Abbott,  Capt.  Chauncy  and  Charlotte 
Brown,  Apr.  21,  1841. 

Abbott,  Daniel  and  Orpha  Smith,  Dec. 
30,  1830. 

Abbott,  Dani:l  and  Mrs.  Smith,  Feb. 

16,  1831. 

Abbott,  Emily  and  Capt.  Leander 
Weller,  Mar.  12,  1827. 

Abbott,  Frances  and  Levi  P.  Huff, 
Apr.  13,  1854. 

Abbott,  Frar.kW.,  M.D.,  -and  Julia  A. 

Baker,  June  10,  1869. 

Abbott,  Franklin  B.  and  Ann  Dorr, 
Apr.  21,  1839. 

Abbott,  Dr.  George  and  Julia  C. 

Church,  Apr.  19,  1857. 

Abbott,  Capt.  George  W.  and  Ann 
Caroline  Sydnor,  Nov.  25,  1828. 
Abbott,  Georgiana  S.  and  William 
Faulkner,  July  24,  1879. 

Abbott,  Huldah  and  Hawkshurst  Ad- 
dington, Fe’ib.  1,  1818. 

Abbott,  L.  H.  and  Mrs.  Ellen  A. 

Thomas,  Oct.  9,  1872. 

Abbott,  Marcus  and  Frances  M.  Bui- 
lis,  Jan.  30,  1865. 

Abbott,  Martha  and  Levi  G.  VanVliet, 
June  9,  1833. 

Abbott,  Minerva  K.  and  John  S. 

Noyes.  May  22,  1861. 

Abbott,  Sallie  Hodge  and  Henry  'll. 

Sturgss,  Oct.  8,  1863. 

Abbott.  Sally  arid  James  W.  Griffin, 
Oct.  30,  1825. 

Abbott,  Samuel  M.,  M.D.,  and  Harri- 
ette  Louisa  Lawrence,  Sept,  o,  1837. 
Abbott,  Sarah  and  Capt.  A.  H.  Hew- 
■son,  1829. 

Tombstone  Inscriptions 


Lot  56 — Russel  Wait 
*Horace  Wait,  son  of  Nichols  and 
Olive, July  30,  1821,  24  y.  5 m.  16  d. 
Darien.  B.  in  Washington  County. 

Nicholas  Wait,  June  14,  1834,  71y. 
Darien.  Washington  County. 

Martha  Ann  Wait,  Aug.  1,  1834,  7 
m.  Darien. 

*Mercy  Booth,  wife  of  Russell  Wait, 
Jan.  26,  1789-Jan.  9,  1835.  Darien. 
Cambridge.  B in  Middleboro,  Mass. 

*Louise,  wife  of  Philip  Stimers, 
May  5,  1838,  25y.  Alexander.  Rush- 
ford.  B in  Darien. 

*Polly,  wife  of  Russell  Wait,  Feb. 
19,  1793-Feb.  5,  1842.  Darien  12y. 

Sanford  Wait,  Apr.  4,  1843,  23y. 
Darien.  B in;  Darien. 

*Eussi£ll  Wait,  Dec.  27,  1787-May 
10,  1854.  Darien.  B in  Cambridge. 

Maria  A.  Simonds,  Sept.  4,  1898- 
Feb.  22,  1899.  Corning. 

Lot  57 — Elisha  Baker 
Eliza  Jane  J:hns,  May  14,  1851,  21 
y.  Darien. 

Freddie  W.  Baker,  Mar.  5,  1871.  10 
m.  Darien. 

* Elis  h a Baker,  Sept.  19,  1874,  75y 
9m.  Darien,  43. 

*Mary  Ann  Baker,  wife  of  Elisha, 
Fab.  10,  1876,  67y.  Darien.  Alexander. 
B in  Tolland  Co.,  Conn.. 

Wilson  Baker,  Nov.  4,  1888,  48y. 

• ' - 

"■  ■ : : -.r'ul 

. . -■ 

■■  ,v  -A 





'.lj  A:  ...  v . ;A  ,<■; 




A’  A 




< jX.  . * tV 


■ .*  ■ 

« Xi:M  fti  & frwA 

■ • ’ V • . - ■ ' ' -A'  f 



Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Dorothy  J.  Thompson,  June  24, 
1911,  8m.  Newburgh.  Buffalo. 

Wilson  F.  Baker,  Jan.  24,  1916,  15 
y.  Darien. 

Julia  Ann  Baker,  Jan.  18,  1930,  86 
y.  Buffalo.  Darien. 

> Lot  58 — Lindsley 

Sarah  Lindley,  Apr.  29,  1902,  73y. 

George  Lindley,  Mar.  13,  1911,  83y. 

Maynard  G.  Lindley,  May  24,  1929, 
28v.  Darien. 

Lot  58 — Hiram  Hals  ted 
Hiram  Hslsted,  July  23,  1891,  64y. 
Alexander.  Wisconsin.  B in  Alexander 
Laura  Sawens  Halsted,  Mar.  19, 
1830-July  16,  1904.  Darien.  Wiscon- 

sin. Darien. 

Lot  59 — Charles  Brown 
*Charle>s  Brown,  June  14,  1855,  68 
y.  Batavia  18.  Peterborough,  N.  H.  B 

in  Temple,  N.  H. 

Lydia  W.  Brown,  Dec.  24,  1858,  20 
y.  New  York  City.  B in.  Batavia. 

*Lydia,  wife  of  Charles  Brown, 

Mar.  18,  1879,  82y. 

Lot  59 — South  Half 
William  Garfield 

*Charles  Garfield,  son  of  Wm.  B., 
and  Mary,  Aug.  24, 1813,  10m.  Darien. 

Sop'hronia  Garfield,  Oct.  17,  1824,  9 
m.  Darien. 

*Dr.  Daniel  Garfield,  Apr.  30,  1849, 
94y.  Alexander.  Darien. 

^Elizabeth  Garfield,  wife  of  Dr. 
Daniel,  July  5,  1841,  87y.  Alexander. 

*Dea.  William  B.  Garfield,  Mar.  14, 
1861,  72y.  Alexander.  Darien. 

Lot  60 — South  Half 
Charles  Myers 

Thomas  Myers,  May  14,  1894,  71y. 
Alexander.  Germany. 

Lot  61 — William  Gibson 
* Nancy  Gibson,  wife  of  Moses,  Dec. 

10,  1808. 

*Marv  Gibson,  wife  of  Moses,  Jan. 
15,  1851,  77y.  Darien  3.  Corfu. 

*Mo»ses  Gibson,  July  15,  1851,  80y. 
Darien  3Yz,  Corfu, 

Lot  62 — Benjamin  Nutting 
Sold  to  Rufus  Carter 

*Roxena  A.  Carter,  wife  of  Rufus, 
May  27,  1833-Mar.  12,  1881.  Darien 
26.  B in  Cambria. 

* Rufus  Carter,  Mar.  28,  1833-July 
2,  1887.  Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Lot  62 — South  Half 
Hiram  Buttolph 

Florence  Buttolph  Post,  Aug.  2, 
1889,  33y.  Shelby.  B in  Darien. 

*Hireim  M.  Buttolph,  Jan.  14,  1890, 
73y.  Darien.  North  East. 

*Lorette  Colby,  wife  cf  Hiram  But- 
tolph, Nov.  24,  1904,  86y.  Darien. 

Julia  Sutherland  Buttolph,  June  16, 
1927,  6Gy.  Darien. 

Larnard  Dean  Buttolph,  Aug.  17, 
1934,  82y.  Darien. 

Lot  63 — Syrel  Pierce 

Obadiah  Pierce,  son  of  Syrel  and 
Hannah,  Apr.  14,  1824,  14y.  Darien. 

Hannah  Pierce,  wife  of  Syrel,  Dec. 
17,  1347,  6Gy. 

Lot  63 — South  Half 
A.  C.  Newell 

Emma  Newell,  Mar.  30,  1873,  22y, 
Darien  5.  Susquehanna,  Penna. 

Sarah  Newell,  Nov.  28,  1905,  83y. 
Alexander.  Susquehanna,  Penna. 

Rev.  A.  C.  Newell,  Mar.  5,  1909,  88 
y.  Bethany.  Susquehanna,  Penna.  B in 
Middletown,  Vt. 

Lot  64 — Thorp  Williams 

* Clarissa  Williams,  wife  of  Thorp, 
Mar.  18,  1833,  52y.  Darien  24.  B in 
Warren,  Litchfield  Co.,  Conn.  Rev. 

^Joseph  Peters,  Jan.  27,  1835,  87y, 
Darien  7.  Warren,  Conn. 

*John  Williams,  May  26,  1836,  83y. 
Darien  20.  Warren,  Conn.  B in  Fair- 
field,  Conn. 

*David  Jerome  Williams,  son  of 
David  and  Adelia,  Jan.  18,  1840-Apr. 
9,  1845.  Darien  5. 

* Thorp  Williams,  Feb.  22,  1869,  89 
y.  Darien  60.  Warren,  Conn.  B in 
Fairfield,  Conn. 

*Anna  C.  North,  wife  of  Noah,  dau. 
of  T.  and  C.  Williams,  June  12,  1872, 
64y.  Attica  3,  Darien, 



, ' 



•V?  V V 


, . * 

' * ‘ ~ _ 

_ • . •••  i- 


•*  , 



■ : vi  . ■ ^ * 

• . ! 0 ... ' ; . \ 


• v v,‘.-  - 

. ...  t.  ! ■*  it 


The  Mail  Box 


Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  which  are 
capitalized.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  enve- 
lope with  all  queries. 

and  wife,  ELECTA  MARIA  HAR- 
VEY, were  the  parents  of  Amos  Mil- 
ton  Wadsworth,  b 1832,  d in  Santa 
Rosa,  Calif.,  Jan.  5,  1904.  He  m Oct. 
15,  1855,  in  Paris,  N.  Y.,  Nancy  Marie 
Dodge,  b Oct.  11,  1837,  in  Frankfort, 
Herkimer  County,  d Dec.  14,  1900,  in 
Los  Angeles. 

BLAKE  PURCHASE  and  wife, 

LUCY  , were  the  parents  of 

Frank  Way,  b Jan.  6,  1849,  in  New 
York  State,  d June  6,  1904,  Concord, 
Michigan;  m Jan.  16,  1877,  in  Con- 
cord, Mary  Lorinda  Hungsrford,  b 
Oct.  25,  1852,  Pulaski,  Mich. 

MARY  ANN  WARREN,  b Jan.  20, 
1828,  Litchfield  Hills,  N.  Y.;  m 1848 
near  Ilion,  Russell  Hopkins  Hunger- 
ford,  b Mar.  23,  1824,  Frankfort,  N. 

G.  C.  K.,  Michigan. 

MARY  HALLOCK,  widow  of  Jacob 
Feagles,  about  1805  moved  back  to 
Geneva,  where  bar  people  lived,  and 
later  married  McWhorter. 

Mrs.  N.  R.  Feagles,  Wingdale,  N. 
Y.,  is  collecting  data  on  the  FEAGLE 
family,  and  asks  for  records  of  de- 
scendants of  the  following: 

Reuben  D.  Feagles,  Benton,  Yates 

Elkanah  Feagles,  Somerset,  Yates 

Jane  Feagles  m James  G.  King, 
Starkey,  Yates  Co. 

Submit  Feagles  m Patten, 

Starkey,  Yates  Co. 

JONATHAN  DOLPH  and  wife, 
SARA  DILLEY  of  Luzerne  Co.,  Pa., 
who  went  to  Mayville,  N.  Y.,  in  early 

To  what  family  did  John  Dolpb  be- 
long, who  is  mentioned  in  “Record? 
of  an  1816  Merchant”  page  112  of 
“Early  Settlers”  ? 

Would  like  data  on  Dolphs  of  Kin- 

der hook. 

F.  E.  R.,  Penna. 

WIFE  of  JOHN  FULLER,  who  was 
the  mother  of  Major  Cornelius  Fuller, 
b Sept.  14,  1770,  and  he  died  in  Wind- 
ham, N.  Y.,  June  10,  1839.  In  1790 
the  family  lived  in  Colchester,  N.  Y. 

D.  E.  R.,  Idaho 

LUCY  MEAD,  b May  11,  1776, 
Stratford,  Conn.,  m Samuel  Garlick, 
Oct.  13,  1793,  in  Lanesboro,  Mass.,  d 
1848  in  Jackson,  Michigan.  Children 
were  Latham,  John  R.,  Orlando,  b 
about  1799,  m second  Calista  Sher- 
man; Thaddeus,  Feb.  22,  1801-Sept. 
24,  1871,  m Margaret  Cordelia  Cur- 
tis; Jane  Elizabeth,  1808-1907,  m De- 
lor  J.  Holden,  Batavia,  N.  Y.;  Horace, 
Oct.  12,  1809-Sept.  9,  1895;  Sophia, 
1810-1895,  ;m  Moody;  Lucy  A.,  July 
5,  1814-Jan.  2,  1867,  m John  Church 
Darling,  Feb.  15,  1832,  at  Phelps,  N. 

There  were  three  more  children; 
can  someone  given  their  names? 
Would  like  birthplaces  of  all  the  chil- 
dren, and  more  data  on  Latham  and 
John  R. 

DAVID  W.  GARLICK,  Nov.  3, 
1807-Jan.  25,  1856,  in  Huntington, 
Ind.;  m Emily  Fuller,  Dec.  1841  in 
Richfield  Towlnlship,  Ohio.  She  was 
born  Oct.  7,  1813,  Farmington,  N.  Y., 
d Jan.  17,  1856,  Huntington,  Ind.,  and 
was  the  dau.  of  Willard  Spaulding 
Fuller  and  w,  Tryphena  Dryer. 

N.  F.  W.,  Missouri. 

SWEET,  who  m Ebenezer  Utley  a- 
bout  1825  in  Western  New  York. 

Henry  Orin  Dayton,  lived  naar  Utica 
or  Syracuse. 

SARAH  BREWER,  b in  Utica,  N. 
Y.,  in  Jan.  1811,  went  to  Canada  in 

W.  F.  B.,  Utah. 



' :/ 

. • ■ - ' ' ' ' • 

' . . 'r.j 


■ V . ’-./// 


, ' "too 

. /J 

l ">.<  9*1  ( W ,AV9f:  1 3 


,*-.r  ;/  oj  in  > f (irfw 

w ,s  ul 



JONAS  MARBLE,  son  of  Ephraim 
and  Hannah  Davis  Marble,  was  b Oct. 
1,  1808,  in  Herkimer  County.  The 
name  of  the  town  of  his  birth  is 

JOHN  DAVIS,  brother  of  Hannah, 
was  b in  1762  in  Massachusetts. 
Where  and  when  did  hie  die? 

Where  were  Ephraim  Marble  and 
Hannah  Davis  m on  Jan.  3,  1781? 

E.  I.  G.,  New  York. 

ELOISE  SCOTT  m Capt.  Rhodes 
of  Bridgewater,  N.  Y.,  Feb.  24,  1812. 
He  was  b in  Rhode  Island,  Sept.  30, 
1789,  and  d Aug.  7,  1863,  in  Cassville, 
N.  Y.  She  was  his  first  wife,  and  d 
July  25,  1825,  aged  35. 

M.  M.  L.,  New  Jersey. 

WARREN  TURNER,  b 1807,  son 
of  Charles  and  Heps  ib  ah  of  Wells, 
s^and  lived  in  Oneida  County  for  some 

DAVID  CASS,  b in  New  Y:rk 
State  in  1800,  m Reba  Wickham,  and 
faheir  children  were  John,  1826-1916; 
Stephen,  1830-1858;  Elizabeth,  1834-. 

R.  T.,  Minnesota. 

ROBERT  A.  NORRIS  and  wife, 
MARY  WHINING,  were  parents  of 
Thomas,  b 1810;  Caroline  Amelia,  b 
1821,  m Joseph  C.  Frink;  Warren, 
Whiting  J.  and  Cornelia.  They  lived 
in  New  York  City  in  1799,  and  in 
1809  bought  property  in  West  More- 
land, \yhere  he  died  Apr.  28,  1825,  in 
his  53-rd  year.  His  widow  m June  30, 
1830,  Dr.  Nathaniel  Sherrell,  Whites- 
town,  N.  Y. 

A.  F.  R.,  Michigan. 

EBENEZER  BUCK,  b May  2, 1785, 
in  Conn.,  m JANE  CUSECK,  ib  1788 
in  New  York.  Both  ar»e  buried  at  Sug- 
ar Hill,  Schuyler  Co,,  N.  Y. 

G.  M.  V.,  Oklahoma. 

VAN  NOCKER,  b Oct.  21,  1831,  in 
Chili,  dau.  of  John  Van  Auker,  b 
1806,  grand-daughter  of  John  Van 

Nocker,  who  died  in  Riga,  N.  Y.,  in 
1816.  She  m Philander  Delano,  and 
Abigail  and  Hiram  were  their  chil- 

DANIEL  WILSON,  b June  20,  1772 
m May  4,  1794,  ESTHER  NEWMAN, 
b Mar.  16,  1776.  Their  son  Jerry,  b 
Mar.  16,  1799,  in  Egremont,  Mars,, 
m Mar.  25,  1819,  in  Fe-nfield,  N.  Y., 
Laura  Crippen,  b in  Herkimer  Co. 

PEN,  parents  of  Laura,  of  Penfield, 
Monroe  County.  Their  children  were 
Stephen,  Calvin,  Lucinda,  Ansel, 
Laura,  and  probably  others.  William 
died  Aug.  1,  1823. 

JOHN  BALCOM  m July  27,  1719, 
at  Lynn,  Mass.,  Sarah  Jacobs,  Mar. 
24,  1696-Sept.  17,  1741,  at  Mansfield, 
Conn,  He  died  Sept.  17,  1782,  in  his 
85th  year. 

JOSEPH  JACOBS  and  Sarah 
Lyndzey,  m Dec.  18,  1693,  were  the 
parents  of  Sarah. 

T.  H.  B.,  New  York. 


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John  Phillipson  was  an  overseer  of 
Road  District  No.  22  in  the  Town  of 
Murray  in  1839.  He  and  his  wife  are 
buried  in  the  Transit  Cemetery. 

John  Phillipson  d Dec.  31,  1851, 
aged  62y. 

Eleanor,  wife,  dan.  of  William  Law, 
d Nov.  18,  1861,  aged  6Gy. 

Mr.  Phillipson  lived  just  south  of 
Bandy  Creek,  where  it  crosses  the 
Transit  Road.  We  know  of  no  descen- 
dants living  here  now. 

Walter  Brown,  Albion,  N.  Y. 

JUH  1 1 1335 



. • 

• -V.  V',:  . . 




' ' • 




■"  '■  i ,i!iiIO 




Sfani  ffxirk  @ta!f 

QUjrtr  Anrcstrrra  atth  Brarimhmita 


VOL.  II  JULY,  1935  NO.  1 


*r'.'  By 


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Do  not  be  discouraged  because  your  family  did  not  appear  in  the  first 
volume.  Do  you  ever  search  a buk,  and  look  only  in  the  first  chapter? 

Our  second,  third,  and  later  chapters  will  be  larger  and  better,  and  the 
records  taken  from  many  different  places.  Records  are  constantly  being  added 
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descendant  of  a New  York  State  pioneer. 

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stand, for  years  after  the  record  wa.s  made.  A very  real  help. 


The  Page  Family  Coat  of  Arms  has  b.en  used  for  the  July  cover 

If  there  is  evidence  of  sufficient  interest,  a different  family  will  be  se- 
lected for  each  'month. 

For  the  PAGE  COAT  OF  ARMS  printed  on  appropriate  paper,  same 
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Page  Coat  of  Arms,  any  coat  of  arms  that  you  may  order  at  a special  price 
of  $3.00. 

Irir  larger  designs— Write  for  price. 




; r ■ ' 




m.  • v- 


' r Soul 

it?  ^ - 

' . . ; •.  •'  onT 




Heraldry  is  the  science  which  teaches  us  how  to  describe  in  proper  terms 
armorial  bearings  and  their  accessories. 

The  shield  contains  the  field  or  ground,  whereon  are  represented  the 
charges  or  figures  that  form  a coat  of  arms.  The  decoration  around  the  shield 
is  made  according  to  the  fancy  of  the  rtist. 

Tinctures,  that  variable  hue  which  is  given  to  shields  and  their  bearings, 
are  divided  into  metals,  colors  and  furs. 

The  following  will  enable  you  to  read  the  colors  on  a black  and  white 

Dots — Or,  signifies  gold.  Yellow. 

Plain — Argent,  signifies  silver  or  wdiite. 

Vertical  lines — Gules,  signifies  red. 

Horizontal  lines — Azure,  blue. 

Limes  slanting  from  left  to  right — Vert,  green. 

Lines  slanting  from  right  to  left — Pur^ure,  purple. 

Vertical  and  horizontal  lines  crossing  each  other — Sable  or  black. 

Diagonal  lines  from  left  to  right  crassing  vertical  lines — Tonne,  orange. 

Diagonal  lines  crossing  each  other—  Sanguine  or  dark  red. 

Early  Church  Records 

The  following  were  admitted  in  1843: 
Artemas  Patterson  and  wife,  Mary 
Angeline  Wells,  Lucinda  M.  Jones, 
Lois  C.  Richards,  Mary  Plimpton 
Daniels,  Rhoda  Oalista  Herrick,  Mrs. 
Faustina  Stowe,  d 1846,  Eunice  Hotch- 
kiss, Sarah  E.  Peck,  Henry  B.  Brock- 
way, d 1844,  Mrs.  Sui3an  Fosket,  d 

1843,  Mrs.  Mercy  P.  Taft,  John  Allen, 
d Cuylerville,  Charles  W.  Warralls 
and  wife,  Sarah,  d 1852. 

Mrs.  Emily  Brockway,  d 1844. 
Mariette  Tullar,  d 1844. 

Joel  Deming,  d 1845. 

Ann  Genett  Deming,  d 1845. 

Emily  Demming,  d 1845. 

Porter  P.  Pierce,  d 1843. 

Frederick  Homer  Wells,  D June  9, 
1875,  aged  59. 

Joseph  Herrick,  d 1844. 

James  Wiggins,  d to  Avon. 

Abigail  Strong  Boadon,  d Mumford, 

Nancy  Monroe  Totman,  d Bristol,  1848 
Mary  Hopkins  Brown,  d Peekskill, 
1863.  " 

John  S.  Peck  and  wife,  Mary  C.,  d 
Oberlin,  Ohio,  1863. 

Mrs.  Mehitable  Cook,  wife  of  Lyman 
d 1844. 


Mrs.  Frances  Harris.  , 

Theodore  Ware,  d 1845. 

Emma  L.  Brown  Taylor,  d 1845. 
Acsah  S.  Pease,  d 1844. 

Aresta  A.  Waid,d  Honeoye  Falls,  1857 
Elizabeth  Russ  Hunn. 

Julia  Kingsley. 

T.  Dwight  Stowe,  d 1846. 

John  Foister,  d 1847. 

Asenath  Foster,  d 1847. 

Elizabeth  Hancock,  d 18  46. 

Andrew  Plimpton. 


Susan  E.  Wendell,  Adaline  N.  Farr. 
Pratts'burgh,  Mrs.  Mary  C.  Parmele. 
Perinton,  Mrs.  Eunice  B.  Woolworth, 
d 1853. 

Pembroke,  David  Cole,  d 1848. 


Canandaigua,  Mrs.  Candace  B.  Bush- 


Mrs.  Huldah  Gates,  wife  of  Melanc- 
ton,  D Jan.  11,  1875. 

China,  Rev.  Caleb  E.  Fisher,  and  wife, 

Richmond  S.  Hayes  and  wife,  Maria, 
D Le  Roy,  1855. 

China,  Norman  and  Esther  Bushnell. 
China,  Eunice  P.  Hill,  d Liberty,  1853. 


Grandville,  Kent  Co.,  Mich.,  Theodore 
D.  Ware,  d Orange,  1848. 

i - 











’ ) 4 . . • >c:.i . >$.  .8  f <rto'‘ 



■ - 




Genetseo,  Mrs.  Laura  Meacham,  Elvira 
and  Ann  Meacham,  cl  1849. 

Mary  Johnson  Bush-hell,  d 1851. 

Mrs.  .Lenient  Lockwood. 

Edson  C.  Daniels. 

Grosvenor  Daniels. 

Warsaw,  Mrs.  Mary  Fisher  Peck. 
China,  Janette  Austin. 

Thomas  Herrick,  1856. 


Mrs.  Lama  Parmele,  Charles  S.  Hall. 
Lemuel  W aid,  d Honeoye  Falls,  1857. 
Helen  Waid,  d Honeoye  Falls,  1857. 
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Willison. 

Susan  S.  Bushnell,  d 1856. 

Adeline  M.  Mattes  on  Pratt. 

Mary  E.  Mariam. 

Delia  E.  Parmele  Gates, 

Clarissa  Bushnell,  d Liberty,  1853. 
Mary  Gates  Parmele. 

Amoret  Sturgess. 

Eliza  Ann  Taft  Shepard. 

Williamina  Johnson,  d 1849. 

Mrs.  Lucinda  Walton,  d 1856. 

Mary  Sturgess. 

Mary  H.  Dickson  Millington. 

Lydia  A.  Tillotscn  Trimmer. 

Isabella  S.  Hall  Dann. 

Mary  Parmele,  Mrs.  Seth  Parmele. 
Seth  Parmele. 

Rochester,  Mrs.  Harriet  Hall. 

Pontiac,  Mich.,  Mrs.  Miranda  Page 

Ohio,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frederick  Backen- 
stoze,  d Orangeville,  1855. 

Mrs.  Hannah  Earl. 

Hollis  T.  Hall,  d 1849. 


Lucy  Ann  King,  d,  residence  unknown 


Annie  Elliott  Thayer. 

Mendon,  Mrs.  Harriet  Webb,  d Lima, 


Dover,  Ohio,  Mrs.  Sarah  A.  Canfield, 
d Rochester,  1855. 

Margaret  Elliot,  d,  residence  unknown 


Rushiville,  Charles  Case  and  wife,  Ann 
d Rushville,  1853. 


William  Barnard  and  wife,  Lydia,  d 

Dubuque,  Iowa,  1856. 

Henry  and  Edward  P.  Waid,  d Hone- 
oye Fails,  1857. 

Guilford,  Conn.,  George  A.  Dibble  and 
wife,  Anna,  d 1858. 

Guilford,  Conn.,  Harriet  Dibble,  sister 
of  George,  d Haddam,  Conn.,  1861, 
d Bergen,  1863. 

W.  F.  Sheldon,  Helen  Louisa  Plimp- 
ton, Mrs.  Deborah  Smith,  Mrs.  Mar- 
tha Dann,  Lydia  Eliza  Hopkins, 
Mary  Kingsley,  Charlotte  E.  Hall. 

Margaret  Sullivan,  d 1858. 

Jason  Canfield. 

Charles  Powell,  d 1876. 


Mrs.  Frances  Graham. 

Mrs.  Mary  Brown. 

Rev.  Caleb  E.  Fisher,  pastor  of  the 
church  'since  1846,  and  his  wTife, 
Mary  H.,  went  to  Andover,  Mass., 
Free  Christian  Church, 

Ionia,  Mich.,  Rev.  George  C.  Overhis- 
er,  d 1857. 

Davsville,  Mrs.  Sarah  Eggleston. 

Ann  Arbor,  Mich.,  Mrs.  Mary  Bush. 

Brick  Church,  Rochester,  Wells  Bak- 
er, absent  for  years  in  1876. 

Margaret  Gardner,  San  Jose,  Calif., 


Cassapolis,  Mrs.  D.  B.,  wife  of  Rev. 
Overhiser,  d 1857. 

Cassapolis,  James  H.  Hall  and  wife, 
Jane  F. 

First  Congregational  Church,  New- 
port, Isle  of  Wight,  Henry  Dore  and 

Mt.  Morris,  Mrs.  Clarissa  Sheldon, 
Henry  Sheldon  and  wife,  Mary  Ann, 
and  their  children,  George  W.,  Sar- 
ah Elizabeth,  Henry  J.  and  William 


Pike,  David  F.  Hamilton  and  wife, 
Mary,  d 1858. 

Plymouth,  Mich.,  Mrs.  Ruth  Lee. 

Sarah  Hail,  d 1859. 


Mt.  Morris,  Stilweli  and  Minerva  Bur- 

Centerfield,  Mrs.  Jane  Y/hite,  d Le 
Roy,  1862. 







■"*  ' '' 

I m*>vJ 






Nunda,  Rev.  Pliny  F.  Sanborne  and 
wife,  Caroline  G. 

Elvira  L.  and  Julia  Taft,  Sarah  Lamp- 
kins,  Miss  Hannah  McKinney. 

Mrs.  Annie  Thayer,  d 1858. 
Canandaigua,  Joseph  Shelton,  d Aliens 
Hills,  1871. 

Canandaigua,  William  Henry  Shelton. 


Mrs.  Cynthia  Stimson,  Salome  Hogan, 

Rochester,  Henry  Judson  and  wife, 
Re'becca  Q.,  residence  unknown  in 


William  Tack  and  wife,  Joanna. 
Mendon,  Mrs.  Lydia  A.  Canfield,  d 
1875,  Portland,  Mich. 

Andover,  Mass.,  Lewis  R.  Gates. 


Galesburgh,  111.,  Jennette  N.  Peck 
Page,  d 1866,  Trumansburg. 

Bath,  Beulah  Hemdee,  d 1876,  Oneida 

Akron,  Mrs.  Eliza  Lee. 

East  Bloomfield,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  K. 

Taft,  d 1869,  Omaha,  Neb. 

Robert  K.  Taft,  d 1869,  Omaha,  Neb. 
Jane  Anna  Radford,  d 1863,  Kingston, 
W.  C. 

John  C.  Griffiths. 


Mrs.  Harriet  Southgate,  Ellen  Brady 
Griffith,  Margaret  Brady. 

Eaist  Bloomfield,  Mrs.  Maria  Harris 


Mrs.  Sarah  P.  and  Mary  E.  Allen,  d 

Mrs.  Elmina  Good,  d 1861,  Bristol. 
October — Renewed  pledge  of  eighteen 
years,  and  take  a decided  stand 
against  “the  wickedness  of  holding 
human  beings  as  property,  and  against 
the  compound  and  stupendous  iniqui- 
ty of  the  whole  system  of  slavery.” 


Miss  Frances  E.  Hall,  d 1865,  Fair- 

Mary  Elsine  Peck,  d 1880,  Allegany, 

Cazenovia,  Georige  Smith. 

Helen  Madaline  Peck,  d 1863,  Balti- 
more, Md. 

Madison,  Ind.,  Dr.  Pliny  H.  Hayes  and 
wife,  Catharine  C.,  and  Francis  Ma- 
son Hayes,  d 1868,  Elmira. 

Hermon,  N.  Y.,  Alanson  Allen  and 
wife,  Hannah,  d 1864. 

Fannie  Amelia  Wells  Mann,  Ettie  So- 
phia Lyon,  Petronella  Tack  South- 
gate,  Hannah  Caroline  Roe  Baker, 
Clara  Almira  Brown,  Mary  Marlin, 
Mrs.  Jane  Ann  Humphrey,  Francis 
Alaine  Brown  Norton. 


John  B.  Mather  and  wife,  Elizabeth. 
James  Southgate,  d 1868,  Rochester. 
Susan  H.  Hayes,  d 1868,  Elmira. 
Robert  Southgate,  Charles  Southgate, 
William  N.  Page. 


Mrs.  Mary  G.  Taft. 

Mrs.  Nancy  A.  Taft,  d 1875,  San  Jose, 


Lima,  Levi  N.  Beebe,  d 1867,  Glass- 
boro,  N.  J. 

Mrs.  Martha  S.  Beebe,  wife  of  Levi 
N.,  d 1871,  Victor,  N.  Y. 

1866..  ' 

Miss  Emily  W.  Hall,  d 1873,  Union 

Rosalie  Pilsbury,  d 1871,  Honeoye 

Helen  M.  Peck,  d Kalamazo,  Mich., 

Delia  F.  Graham,  d 1869,  Somerset, 

Caroline  F.  Saniborne,  d 1869,  Spring- 
field,  N.  Y. 

Mrs.  Sarah  C.  Hopkins,  Myron  Shep- 

Frances  E.  T.  Whiting  Coon,  d 1880, 
Blossburg,  Pa. 

Galesburgh,  111.,  Kittie  M.  Leach. 

Celia  Scott  (Colored). 

Somerset,  Mich.,  Mrs.  Sarah  Pilsbury. 
Dec.  22 — Letter  from  Miss  Laura 
Parmele,  a teacher  representing  this 
church  and  people  among  the  Freed- 
men  at  Cuthbert,  Georgia,  was  read. 
Ainnouncement  made  that  Miss  Mar- 
garet Gardener  was  about  to  start  on 
a similar  mission. 


■ ..  . . 

b , ' c:  *■ 








Records  from  Granville,  N.  Y. 

Town  Officers  in  1796 — Benjamin 
Baker,  Jr.,  Solomon  Baker,  Benjamin 
Barber,  John  C,  Bishop,  Moses  Buck- 
ley,  Daniel  Curtis,  Cyrel  Carpenter, 
David  Comstock,  Seth  Carpenter,  Jo- 
seph Crippin,  Mark  Crofoot,  David 
Crouch,  Joseph  Chandler,  David 
Doane,  William  Dillingham,  Noah 
Day,  Comfort  Day,  Abiel  Eddy,  Jonas 
Earls,  Justn  Fairchild,  Russel  Gra- 
ham, Ebenezer  Gould,  Benajah  Hill, 
Gordon  Johnson,  Elijah  Jacket,  Tim- 
othy Leonard,  Israel  Lamb,  John  Law, 
Hezekiah  March  ant,  Jesse  Merret, 
Clark  Northrop,  Eliphalet  Parker, 
Peter  Parker,  Nathaniel  Paine,  Mich- 
ael, Parker,  Thomas  Orcot,  Abraham 
Reed,  Samuel  Standish,  Captain  Smith 
Jeremiah  Spicer,  John  Stone,  Paul 
Scott,  Ebenezer  Simmons,  Jeremiah 
Spencer,  Theophilus  Tracy,  Jr.,  Joseph 
Tanner,  Ebenezer  Walker,  Joseph 
Whitnet,  Elijah  White,  Jr.,  Elijah 
White,  Major,  Solomon  Williams, 
Lemuel  Williams,  Prince  West,  Amasa 
Wert,  Charles  Wilson,  Joseph  Wood- 
ruff, Jonathan  Wright,  Joshua  Whit- 


Children  of  Daniel  and  Elizabeth 
Curtice,  recorded  Apr.  8,  1790 — Eliza- 
beth, b at  Canaan,  Conn.,  Nov.  17, 
1768;  Hannah,  b at  New  Lebanon,  Al- 
bany Co.,  Dec.  18,  1770;  Daniel,  b at 
New  Lebanon,  Albany  Co.,  Apr.  21, 
1773;  Elipha,  b at  New  Lebanon,  Al- 
bany Co.,  Nov.  6,  1775;  Lucinda,  b at 
New  Lebanon,  Albany  Co.,  Oct.  5, 
1778;  Martha,  May  26,  1781,  Gran- 
ville; Theda  Lovisa,  Aug.  28,  1786, 
Granville;  Samuel,  Mar.  11,  1789, 


Increase  Jones’  children,  born  of 
Hannah,  his  wife,  recorded  Mar.  8, 
1796 — In  Putny,  Vt.:  Deborah,  Mar. 

8,  1781;  Increase,  Mar.  22,  1784; 

Charles  Jones,  Feb.  15,  1786.  In  Gran- 
ville: Elias,  Aug.  8,  1790;  Patty,  July 

9,  1792;  Hannah,  May  4,  1794;  Daniel, 
Dec.  12,  1795. 

Elijah  and  Dorothy  Jacket’s  child — 
Elizabeth  Stebbins,  Dec.  11, 1791,  New 
Lebanon,  Columbia  Co. 

Ezra  Pasko’s  children — Daniel,  May 
12,  1799;  iChelonida,  Mar.  7,  1801. 

George  and  Oliver  Turner— Laura, 
Dec.  9,  1787;  Bathsheba  and  Sabra, 
July  9,  1792. 

Christopher  and  Phebe  Potter — - 
Sarah,  Mar.  18,  1795;  Betsey,  Apr.  29, 

Levi  and  Sally  Maxwell — Leonora, 
June  5,  1802. 

John  and  Ruby  White — Caroline, 
Nov.  21,  1806. 

Ear  Marks  Registered  in  1787, 

In  the  early  days,  before  fences 
were  built  and  the  land  cleared,  a 
certain  mark  was  put  in  the  ears  of 
cattle  belonging  to  a person,  in  order 
to  distinguish  his  cattle  from  that  of 
his  neighbor. 

These  marks  were  registered  to 
identify  cattle  belonging  to  different 
individuals,  and  to  avoid  a duplica- 
tion of  marks. 

Marks  were  similar  to  this:  1787, 
Isaac  McWethy — Swallow  tail  in  the 
right  ear  and  a hole  in  the  left  ear. 

The  first  owners  of  cattle  in  Gran- 
ville to  record  ear  marks  were:  1787— 
John  Crary,  Timothy  Baker,  Thomas 
Searfes,  Ebenezer  Ferry,  Gordon  John- 
son, Justin  Fairchild,  Silas  McWethy, 
David  Doane,  Jophus  Murdock,  Sam- 
uel and  Ely  Murdock,  John  Spring, 
Mark  Crowfoot,  Josiah  Beard,  Jona- 
than Wright,  Charles  Crofoot,  Eleaz- 
er  Hill,  James  Austin,  Peter  Parker, 
Gideon  Barber. 

A quarterly  giving  a very  definite  course  of  instruction  in  “Methods  of 
Genealogical  Research.” 

Published  by  the  Genealogical  Society  of  Utah,  80  North  Main  Street, 
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.....  4 



Subscribers’  Exchange 

Our  enlarged  magazine  will  provide  space  for  the  publication  of  records 
from  subscribers. 

Mr.  Frank  McClellan  copied  these 
records  for  the  benefit  of  our  sub- 
scribers, and  wie  are  grateful  to  him. 

This  small  private  cemetery  is  lo- 
cated across  the  Wallomsac  River 
from  the  field  where  the  Battle  of 
Bennington  was  fought  in  Rensselaer 
County,  N.  Y.  It  is  located  near  a 
rural  school,  about  500  rods  from  the 
place  where  Col.  Baume  received  his 
death  wound. 

The  Barnet  Family — 

Moses,  Aug.  27,  1797,  79y  Urn  25d. 
Sarah,  w of  Mosies,  Feb.  12,  1802,  80y 
5m  9d. 

Edna,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Esther, 
May  11,  1803,  ly  4m. 

Nathaniel,  son  of  John  and  Jerusha, 
Apr.  1,  1825,  ly  5m. 

Esther,  dau  of  Jshn  and  Jerusha, 
Apr.  3,  1831,  4y  7m  17d. 

Nathaniel,  Fab.  9,  1755-July  8,  1846, 
in  the  92  year  of  his  age.  Revolu- 
tionary Soldier,  1775-1783. 

Esther,  his  wife,  Nov.  8,  1755-Jan.  28, 

Almira  Mabia,  w of  John  S.  Barnet, 
Aug.  23,  1845,  26y  4m. 

Groosebeck,  David,  Apr.  5,  1762-Sept. 
13,  1840. 

Hazzard,  John,  Nov.  24,  1820-Apr.  23, 

The  Milliman  Family — 

Thomas,  , 1841,  in  the  77  year  of 

his  age. 

Lydia,  his  wife,  Feb.  12,  1822,  56y, 

Elisha,  Jan.  24,  1815,  18y,  son  of 
Thomas  and  Lydia. 

Betsey,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Lydia, 
Nov.  21,  1825,  28y. 

Harriat,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Lydia, 
Mar.  22,  1828,  23y. 

Esther,  w of  Thomas,  July  26,  1850, 
56y  4m  8d. 

Martha,  w of  Joseph,  2nd,  Sept.  29, 
1824,  25y  Urn  20d. 

Diantha,  dau.  of  Joseph,  2nd  and  Mar- 

tha, Jan.  19,  1847,  3m. 

George,  Aug.  12,  1842,  72y,  23d. 

CO.  N.  Y. 

Mrs.  Mae  Nichols  Evans  copied 
these  records  from  a book  of  clippings 
by  Ezra  Babcock,  and  an  old  diary 
kept  by  his  brother  Ephraim. 
Anthony,  Jonathan,  d July  10,  1856, 
84y  9m  22d. 

Anthony,  Rachel,  his  wife,  d July, 
1862,  85y  10m  lid. 

Anthony,  Hannah,  dau.,  June  21,  1826, 
21y  3m  9d. 

Burdick,  Perry,  Mar.  13,  1879,  92y  4m 

Burdick,  Tacy,  his  wife,  July  24,  1852, 
84y  9m  7d. 

Burdick,  Henry,  Oct.  26,  1863,  89y. 
Burdick,  Judith,  w of  Henry,  June  13, 
1858,  82y. 

Burdick,  J,  Clark,  Mar.  14,  1873,  at 
Berlin,  Wis.,  83y. 

Burdick,  Jesse,  Oct.  12,  1858,  at  Scott, 
64y  25d.  / 

Burdick,  Mary  Louisa,  dau.  of  Clark 
and  Polly,  w of  W.  W.  Wilcox,  Oct. 
18,  1859  at  Milton,  Wis.,  28y  2m  4d. 
Burdick,  Diana,  w of  Joseph  T.,  Aug. 

7,  1858,  at  Scott,  49y  10m  21d. 
Burdick,  Zenira  Octava,  wife  of  Ed- 
win P.,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Almira 
Babcock,  Mar.  25,  1860,  at  Scott. 
Barber,  Lucretia,  w of  Henry,  Aug. 
10,  1850,  90y. 

Barber,  Sally,  w of  Gardner,  Mar.  9, 
1844.  B in  Alfred,  N.  Y.,  in  1816. 
Barber,  Mary  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Den. 
John  and  Alide,  Oct.  28,  1843,  at 

Barber,  Polly,  w of  John,  Nov.  21, 
1852,  at*  Scott. 

Barber,  Henry,  Feb.  2,  1853,  37y. 
Banner,  John,  Feb.  3,  1853,  29y.  These 
two  brothers,  living  in  the  same 
house,  died  of  typhus  fever. 

Barber,  John,  Sr.,  May  4,  1860,  72y 



* >. 

: • • ■ ■ HI 


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: '!  7 f . (it.;  i H ! f ■:  t 

: i-i  . . «1  » rIT 

• fill  tf>£  ' tj2rfv  Lfiai 

•fir  * 

, . 



'lm  7d,  at  Scott. 

Babcock,  Ezra,  Feb.  13,  1878,  85y  6>m 
25  d. 

Babcock,  Ezra,  b in  Hopkinton,  R.  I., 
in  1769,  left  R.  I.  for  Leyden,  Mass, 
in  1798,  to  Scott  in  1812,  one  of  the 
early  settlers.  D July  16,  1844. 

Babcock,  Sabrah,  w of  Ezra,  Apr.  9, 
1865,  93v  5m  lid. 

Babcock,  Solomon,  , 1867,  at 

Homer,  N.  Y.,  90y  5m  lid.  An  ear- 
ly settler  in  Scott. 

Babcock,  Ben a‘h  L.,  Aug.  28,  1852, 

Babcock,  Ephraim  S.,  son  of  Hiram 
a'nd  Tacy,  June  8,  1858,  16y. 

Brown,  Amos,  Sept.  5,  1878,  83y  3m 

Brown,  Sarah,  w of  Judge  Aaron, 
Mar.  13,  1844,  52y. 

Carr,  Sarah  L.,  w of  Elijah  M.,  Oct. 
11,  1844,  at  Milton,  Wis.  B in  1816, 
Alfred,  N.  Y. 

Crandall,  Sarah  Ann,  w of  Eld.  Lu- 
cius Crandall,  only  dau.  of  Dea. 
Randolph  Dunham,  July  9,  1858,  in 
Plainfield,  N.  J.,  40y. 

Coon,  Elizabeth  C.,  w of  Artemas, 
dau.  of  Dea.  Henry  Crandall,  May 
22,  1857,  at  DeRuyter,  N.  Y.,  36y. 

Cottrell,  Celia  T.,  dau.  of  John  B., 
Oct.  18,  1862,  at  Richburg,  N.  Y., 

Dye,  Thomas,  Apr.  17  1862,  Sly.  B 
at  Brookfield,  N.  Y. 

Dye,  Betsey  E.,  his  wife,  May  24,  1861 
at  Scott,  57y. 

Frink,  George,  Feb.  3,  1858,  at  H 

sfield  (may  be  Hounsfield),  N.  Y., 

Frink,  Louise,  dau.  of  Jonas,  Feb.  7, 
1853,  19y,  typhus  fever. 

Fristbee,  John  C.,  Nov.  17,  1862,  80y. 

Frisbee,  Laura  M.,  his  wife,  Oct.  8, 
1862,  75y. 

Frisbee,  Matilda  M.,  dau.,  wife  of  J. 
W.  Schuyler,  Aug.  3,  1862,  38y. 

Gilbert,  Polly,  Sept.  15,  1856,  in  Wirt, 
N.  Y.,  93y  8m.  • 

Green,  Hon.  George  S.,  Sept.  23,  1875, 
88y.  Member  of  Assembly  in  1838. 

Gillett,  Hon.  John,  Sept.  1,  1878,  94y. 

Settled  in  Scott  in  1805,  first  post- 
master in  1815,  Legislature  in  1823, 
Judge  in  1833,  Democratic  Elector 
in  1844. 

Hubbard,  Esthter,  w of  James,  June 
15,  1830,  91y  11m  25d. 

Hubbard,  William  V.,  Feb.  10,  1859, 
at  Scott,  51  y.  B at  Eaton,  N.  Y., 
lived  at  Richland  in  1831. 

Jones,  Terressa  S.,  w of  Lewis,  dau. 

of  Hiram  Babcock,  Aug.  17, , 

at  New  Hope,  Cayuga  County,  27y. 

Kinyon,  Paul,  Oct.  17,  1850,  84y. 

Knapp,  Peter,  Mar.  24,  1875,  84y  lm 

Maxson,  Eunice,  w of  John,  Apr.  24, 
1875,  at  Spafford,  N.  Y.,  Sly. 

Noyes,  John  B.,  June  5,  1854,  Sly  11  m 

Noyes,  Sally,  wife,  Oct.  7,  1857,  Sly 
3m  27d. 

North,  Mary  A.  E.,  w of  John  E., 
dau.  of  Dr.  George  W.  Maxson,  and 
her  infant  daughter,  Mar.  31,  1859, 
at  Scott,  20v  4m  15d. 

Palmer,  Barton  C.,  Feb.  16,  1853,  18 y. 

Richardson,  Amanda  M.,  w of  James 
B.,  June  15,  1858,  22y. 

Scott,  Samuel,  Feb.  5,  1878,  87y. 

Stillman,  Joseph,  Oct.  28,  1860,  in 
Plainfield,  N.  J.,  82y.  A quarter- 
master during  the  War  of  1812,  on 
duty  during  the  attack  on  Stoning- 
ton.  Later  lived  in  Schenectady,  N. 
Y.,  but  for  last  eight  years  in. 
Plainfield,  N.  J. 

West,  Abigail,  w of  Thomas,  May  13, 
1850,  84y  2m  Id. 

Wells,  Mathew,  Oct.  27,  1859,  at  De 
Ruyter,  N.  Y.,  68y.  B in  Hopkinton, 
R.  I.,  moved  to  Rensselaer  County 
when  young,  thence  to  De  Ruyter. 
One  of  the  founders  of  De  Ruyter 

Wilcox,  Dea.  Willard  D.,  Feb.  22,  1861 
at  Lincklaen,  N,  Y.  B in  Hopkinton, 
R.  I.,  m to  Sybil  Godfrey  of  Berlin, 
Rensselaier  Co.,  in  1826,  moved  then 
to  Horner,  N.  Y.,  moved  to  DeRuyt- 
er in  1840.  Many  years  a partner  of 
Dea.  John  Maxson. 





■ ■ V ' 

■'  ' " • '• 




- - 



■i  > ■ ‘ ft?, 




Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Courtesy  Buffalo  Historical  Society 

Burns,  Robert  C.,  Co.  A,  44  Reg.,  N. 
Y.  V.,  July  5,  18G3,  19y.  Wounded 
at  Gettysburg. 

Burns,  Miss  Sarah  I.,  May  13,  1855, 

Burnum,  Samuel,  Sept.  11,  1852. 

Burr,  Electa,  w of  Levi  C.,  Colder, 
Fab.  16,  1848,  28y. 

Burr,  Lucious  H.,  Mar.  8,  1865,  23y. 

Burr,  Lois,  wid.  of  Moses,  Aug.  28, 
1849,  78y.  Mother  of  Mrs.  R.  H. 
Maynard  of  Buffalo.  Died  in  Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Burr,  Sidney,  Mar.  8,  1863,  64y. 

Burrows,  Amasa  A.,  Sept.  28,  1863, 
35y.  Late  of  Barnardstown,  Frank- 
lin Co.,  Mass. 

Burrowis,  Latham  A.,  Sept.  25,  1855, 

Burrows,  Latham  A.,  Jr.,  Sept.  7, 1847, 

Burrows,  Mrs.  A.,  Nov.  11,  1860,  66y. 

Burrows,  Sarah  A.,  eldest  dau.  of  L. 
A.,  Aug.  6,  1848,  25y.  D in  Parma, 
Monroe  Co.,  bu.  in  Buffalo. 

Burrows,  William  H.,  Dec.  6,  1865,  36y. 

Burrus,  Mary  Jane,  w of  L.  G.,  Apr. 
4,  1865,  31y.  Eldest  dau.  of  John 
Dickey.  D in  Hudson  City,  N.  J., 
bu.  in  Buffalo. 

Burt,  General  David,  Aug.  9,  1848, 

Burt,  Elizabeth,  w of  George  L., 
Wales,  Oct.  7,  1856. 

Burt,  Francis  F.,  bro.  of  H.  B.,  June 
18,  1850,  25y.  D in  Eldorado,  Cal. 

Burt,  Frederick,  Aug.  13,  1837,  31y. 

Burt,  Frederick  N.,  eld.  son  of  the 
late  Gen.,  Aug.  6,  1854,  22y. 

Burt,  George,  Sept.  24,  1835,  34y. 

Burt,  Henrietta  E.,  w of  Henry  B., 
Jan.  6,  1859,  44y. 

Burt,  Lt.  Wm.  J.,  33rd  N.  Y.  Ind.  Bat- 
tery of  Light  Artillery.  Died  at 
Camp  Barry,  Washington,  D.  C., 
Apr.  18,  1864,  22y. 

Burt,  Zenas,  Nov.  14,  1854,  74y.  Tak- 
en to  Cambridge,  Pa. 

Burtis,  Arthur,  D.D.,  Mar.  23,  1867, 

60y.  D at  Oxford,  Ohio.  Bu.  in  Buf- 

Burton,  Lucretia  L.,  w of  Silas,  Ham- 
burg, Sept.  7,  1850,  59y. 

Burton,  Mary  A.,  mother-in-law  of 
Edw.  Farmer,  June  16,  1856,  82y, 

Burton,  Moses,  Nov.  28,  1865,  70y. 

Burton,  Silas,  Sept.  17,  1866,  75y.  D 
at  Coldwater,  Mich. 

Burts,  Margaret,  w of  Robert,  Am- 
herst, Mar.  25,  1844. 

Burnell,  Ann,  w of  Dr.  B.,  Sept.  14, 
1838,  41y. 

Burnell,  Bryant,  M.D.,  Sept.  8,  1861, 

Burnell,  Catharine  Ann,  w of  Dr.  El- 
liott, Apr,  25,  1836,  23y. 

Burnell,  Luninda,  w of  Alfred,  Alden, 
May  15,  1846,  26y. 

Burz,  John  A.,  Sr.,  Boston,  Feb.  3, 
1865,  65y. 

Bush,  Adam,  Nov.  19,  1865,  76y. 

Bush,  Charles  Seymour,  son  of  G. 
Webster,  Aug.  29,  1854,  21y. 

Bush,  Charlotte  H.,  Nov.  27,  1854. 

Bush,  Hannah  F.,  w of  John,  June  11, 
1858,  70y. 

Bush,  Henrietta  C.,  w of  Ephraim, 
July  12,  1860,  28y.  D at  Angels,  Cal. 

Bush,  Joseph,  Nov.  10,  1828,  80y. 

Bush,  Steuben,  June  27,  1849,  32y.  D 
at  Deer  River,  Lewis  Co. 

Buswell,  Henry,  Apr.  30,  1842,  26y.  D 
in  Albany. 

Butler,  Mrs.  A.,  Dec.  7,  1842.  Eagle 
St.  Theater. 

Butler,  Edwin  of  Columbus,  Ohio,  May 
26,  1842,  27y. 

Butler,  Eliza  A.,  w of  Frederick  J., 
Nov.  30,  1854,  33y. 

Butler,  F.  P.,  Mar.  12,  1850,  about  30. 
D at  Angola,  taken  to  Rochester. 

Butter,  Mary  Jane,  w of  Charles  W.t 
Mar.  13,  1858,  27y. 

Butler,  Mrs.  Sarah,  July  27,  1854,  55y. 

Butler,  Sarah  H.  Latimer,  w of  Mor- 
ris, Dec.  29,  1852,  34y.  D in  Farm- 
ington, 111. 

Butler,  Dr.  Wm.  H.,  Feb.  5,  1854,  34 y. 




. * 





• ■ ' • : '• 

• li  ■'  i >HJ  ::  . : n 2*4  . 







D in  Washington. 

Butterfield,  Daniel  W.,  Feb.  19,  1842, 

Butterfield,  Esther,  \v  of  Robert,  Al- 
den,  May  13,  1862,  56y. 

Butterfield,  George  K.,  June  15,  1864, 

Butters,  Susan  E.,  dau.  of  John,  Sept. 
14,  1865,  31y. 

Butterworth,  Mr.,  formerly  of  Mass., 
now  Springville,  Aug.  29,  1828,  60y. 

Butte,  Riley,  from  Lexington,  Greene 
Co.,  Aug.  21,  1828,  38y. 

Byrne,  William,  of  Kilkenny,  Ireland, 
Jan.  28,  1857,  30y. 

Cadwallader,  Mary  Ann  C.,  widow  of 
Michenor,  Oct.  16,  1866,  71y.  D in 
Chicago,  bu.  in  Buffalo. 

Cadwallader,  Michenor,  Feb.  9,  1864, 

Cady,  Henry  V.,  of  Monticelio,  Sulli- 
van Co.,  May  11,  1835,  27y. 

Cady,  John,  Mar.  16,  1844,  31y. 

Cain,  Catharine,  w of  Jesse,  Mar.  5, 
1846,  41y. 

Calder,  Arthur  Apr.  20,  1853,  27y. 

Caldwell,  Samuel,  Sept.  22,  1849,  52y. 

Caldwell,  Samuel,  Jr.,  Dec.  18,  1857, 

Calkins,  Betsey,  w of  Delevan,  Au- 
rora, July  19,  1862,  36y. 

Calkins,  Elizabeth,  widow  of  Deacon 
Calkins  of  Holland,  June  5,  1838, 


Calkins,  James,  Aug.  18,  1852,  Sly. 

Collard,  Elizabeth,  w of  A.,  Apr.  9, 

Collard,  Henry,  Aug.  7,  1843,  32y. 

Collard,  Mary  Jane,  widow  of  Capt. 
George,  May  4,  1862,  37y. 

Callender,  Deacon  Amos,  Jan.  19, 
1857,  77y. 

Callender,  Harriet,  w of  Deacon  Am- 
os, Apr.  8,  1844,  61y. 

Callender,  Nancy,  w of  Samuel  N., 
Sept.  21,  1867,  66y. 

Callender,  Rebecca,  w of  Amos,  Sept. 
14,  1817,  37y. 

Cameron,  James,  May  18,  1852,  75y. 

Cameron,  Mrs.  Jane,  Aug.  29,  1863, 

Cameron,  John,  June  6,  1848,  34y. 

Cameron,  John,  Sept.  26,  1860,  62y. 
D at  Memphite. 

Cameron,  Walter  A.  J.,  Dec.  9,  1861, 

Camp,  Asahel,  Aug.  23,  1844,  40y. 
Camp,  Asahel,  Gowanda,  Aug.  9,  1865, 

Camp,  Betsey  W.,  w of  Deacon  L., 
Evans,  Sept.  25,  1844,  68y. 

Camp,  Daniel,  Hamburg,  Dec.  13, 
1849,  83y. 

Camp,  Mrs.  Emily,  Hamburg,  Feb.  6, 

Camp,  H.  B.,  M.D.,  Hamburg,  Mar. 
25,  1845,  38y. 

Camp,  Dr.  Jotseph,  Mar.  12,  1851,  54y. 

Taken  to  Pifctsford,  Monroe  Co, 
Camp,  Merlin,  Apr.  1,  1846,  45y. 
Camp,  Olive  M.,  widow  of  Dr.  H.  B., 
Hamburg,  Feb.  5,  1847,  38y. 

Camp,  Thuel,  Aug.  23,  1835,  45y. 
Campbell,  Ellen  M.,  vv  of  Henry  C., 
Aug.  21,  1855,  20y. 

Campbell,  Hon.  Henry  M.,  Jan.  23, 
1842,  60y.  D in  Detroit,  Mich. 
Campbell,  Huldah,  w of  Rufus  H., 
Clarence,  Dec.  31,  1843,  30y.  D at 
Harbor  Creek,  Pa. 

Campbell,  Jason  J.,  only  son  of  M.  A., 
Aug.  11,  1849,  19y. 

Campbell,  Laura  B.,  w of  Charles  J., 
Williams ville,  Jan.  11,  1842,  24y. 
Campbell,  Mrs.  Martha,  Sept.  18, 1860, 
82y.  Of  Bath,  Steuben  Co. 
Campbell,  M.  A.,  Mar.  28,  1863,  62y. 
Campbell,  Robert  M.,  June  18,  1866. 

Drowned  in  Lake  Ere. 

Campbell,  Sarah  A.,  w of  Walter, 
Sept.  1,  1852,  33y. 

Campbell,  Sarah  Jane,  w of  C.  J.,  Feb. 
24,  1846. 

Campbell,  William,  only  son  of  Wal- 
ter, May  5,  1862,  21y.  D in  Chesa- 
peake Hotsp.,  Va. 

Campbell,  Capt.  William,  Oct.  12, 
1865,  53y.  D in  Erie,  Pa.,  bu.  in 

Cand,  James,  Aug.  17,  1852,  60y. 
Candee,  Emily  Elizabeth,  w of  Charles 
E.,  Hamburg,  Aug.  31,  1864,  26y. 
Dau.  of  James  Moore.  D in  Dunkirk. 


' ' •!.  V;  ;■;» id.; 




••  -v. 

' ' ' 

■■  . 

f f - • '• 

' ■ ^ 

• - 

••  '■ 

1 • * 



' V ' 

f«  I r ) 



Marriage  Records 

Abbott,  Sophia  and  Lansing  B.  Little- 
field, July  1,  184G. 

Abbott,  Sophia  and  Orpheus  Wilson, 

•:a:,1).-2,  1851. 

Allbott,  Susan  S.  and  C,  H.  Pierce, 
May  1,  1850. 

Abbott,  Thaddeus  C.  and  Catharine  J. 
Littlefield,  Dec.  28,  1851. 

Abbott,  Thomas  and  Henrietta  Blake, 
Aug.  29,  1841. 

Abbott,  William  A.  and  Sarah  P. 
Clark,  Nov.  26,  1867. 

Abel,  Dora  and  Hugo  S.  Kiene,  Oct. 
15,  1879. 

Abel,  J.  C.  and  Miss  L.  E.  Conklin, 
Aug.  7,  1833. 

Abel*  Tuiia  B.  and  John  W.  Messing, 
Muy.  13,  1874. 

Abel,  Selina  M.  and  Peter  H.  Seha- 
backer,  Dec.  15,  1880. 

Abel,  William  G.  and  Katie  Martin, 
Nov.  16,  1874. 

Abell,  Adella  and  William  F.  Wheeler, 
May  21,  1873. 

Abell,  C.  Lee  and  Emma  L.  Farthing, 
Mar.  25,  1880. 

Abell,  Fanny  and  Samuel  Johnson, 

Abell,  Frances  and  Gorham  P.  Ayer, 
Sept.  7,  1836. 

.Abell,  George,  Jr.,  and  Julia  E.  Guen- 

; ther,  Oct.  16,  1861. 

Abell,  Hattie  E.  and  Thomas  Towers, 

' June  4,  1872. 

Abell,  Mary  Ann  E.  and  Rev.  Timothy 
Stillman,  Aug.  7,  1832. 

Abell,  William  G.  and  Abigail  Hill, 
Dec.  6,  1829. 

Abell,  William  H.  and  Eliza  Lee,  Oct. 
22,  1846. 

Ablass,  Christine  and  John  Rickman, 
Oct.  9,  1884. 

Abohbot,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  David, 
and  Samuel  J.  Davis,  Aug.  15,  1883. 

Abrahams,  Julia  and  Hiram  Exstein, 
Mar.  7,  1867. 

Ah satem; ^Nicholas  and  Mary  Lumley, 
Odt.*!,  1848. 

Acerl,  Fredericka  and  Henry  Blinser, 
May  6,  1852. 

Acker,  Hattie  M.  and  Edward  M. 
Brown,  Aug,  14,  1884. 

Ackerman,  Barbara  C.  and  John  C. 
Sauter,  Mar.  1,  1869. 

Ackerman,  David  Romaine  and  Rhoda 
Maria  Drake,  Sept.  3,  1874. 

Ackers,  John  and  Gertrude  Wend 
(Wendt),  Oct.  11  or  19,  1884. 

Ackley,  Elizabeth  and  Elijah  Roberts, 
Oct.  26,  1848. 

Ackley,  Miss  J.  P.  and  J,  H.  Hawley, 
Mar.  21,  1866. 

Ackley,  John  and  Mary  Blocher,  Mar. 
28,  1841. 

Ackley,  John  and  Ann  Kane,  Nov.  26, 

Ackley,  Salmon  C.  and  Elizabeth  Hal- 
ter, Jan.  30,  1842. 

Ackley,  Seneca  W.  and  Mary  R.  Reid, 
Feb.  12,  1868. 

Acton,  Amelia  and  Fordyce  N.  Bon- 
ney,  Dec.  4,  1866. 

Acton,  Mrs.  Amelia  and  Stephen  Phil- 
lips, Apr.  11,  1871. 

Acton,  Annie  E.  and  George  P.  Ger- 
main, Dec.  8,  1883. 

Acton,  Nettie  E.  and  Charles  A.  Ger- 
lach,  Apr.  18,  1S77. 

Adair,  Edward  and  Myra  E.  Perkins, 
Dec.  23,  1871. 

Adam,  Carl  D.  G.  and  Fanny  M.  Geor- 
ger,  June  29,  1858. 

Adams,  A.  T.  and  James  0.  Alien, 
June  5,  1862. 

Adams,  Adaline  A.  and  Charles  Por- 
ter Jewett,  Feb.  23,  1852. 

Adams,  Albert  H.  and  Thalia  M.  Dav- 
is, June  13,  1870. 

Adams,  Alice  I.  and  John  E.  W.  Lynn, 
Nov.  6,  1873. 

Adams,  Allen  M.  and  Elizabeth  R. 
Jones,  June  16,  1863. 

Adams,  Benj.  C.  and  Almy  Forsyth, 
Aug.  1,  1833. 

Adams,  Benj.  C.  and  Jennie  Green, 
Dec.  22,  1859. 

Adams,  Caroline  and  Richard  R.  Wal- 
ker, Dec.  21,  1845. 

Adams,  Carrie  and  Charles  A.  Pooley, 
June  4,  1884. 



■ l l r t .0  n\A 




Adams,  Carrie  W.  and  James  E.  Ford, 
June  7,  1866. 

Adams,  Chancy  N.  and  Mary  Jane 
Loomis,  June  7,  1848. 

Adams,  Charles  and  Lucy  N.  Howard, 
Oct.  22,  1857. 

Adams,  Charles  D.  and  Ida  M.  Clarke, 
Dec.  21,  3880. 

Adams,  Charles  H.  and  Catharine 
Momileaux,  May  2,  1868. 

Adams,  Chester  and  Laura  Spooner, 
May  15,  1839. 

Adams,  Clara  E.  and  James  Grace, 
Apr.  5,  1870. 

Adams,  Gyrene  and  William  Piper, 

. Feb.  25,  1836. 

Adams,  D.  and  Elizabeth  Salisbury, 
June  7,  1846. 

Adams,  David  and  Hannah  Parine, 
Jan.  2,  1826. 

Adams,  Mrs.  E.  C.  and  Ezra  Carr, 
Aug.  2,  1881. 

Adams,  Elijah  C.  and  Susan  Grider, 
June  17,  1846. 

Adams,  Eliza  and  Joseph  Lambier, 

Apr.  28,  1848. 

Adams,  Elizabeth  and  David  Bell, 
May  18,  1844. 

Adams,  Emily  and  Aaron  West,  June 
2,  1831. 

Adams,  Esther  E.  and  Ezra  S.  Carr, 
Apr.  28,  1853. 

Adams,  George  and  Louisa  Rowe 
Pauli,  Sept.  10,  1878. 

Adams,  George  S.  and  Lucy  A.  Ed- 
wards, May  16,  1866. 

Adams,  H.  Helen  and  Gayton  Cowing, 
Apr.  29,  1868. 

Adams,  Hannah  M.  and  Albert  L. 
Rowland,  M.  D.,  Jan.  25,  1877. 

Adams,  Harriet  and  William  Foote, 
July  4,  1854. 

Adams,  Harriet  and  Stephen  C.  Rath- 
bun,  July  3,  1844. 

Adams,  Helena  and  Peter  Baker,  June 
21,  1845. 

Adams,  Henry  and  Sarah  L.  Thomas, 
Nov.  12,  1865. 

Adams,  Henry  A.  and  Elizabeth  Old- 
man, Dec.  29,  1884. 

Tombstone  Inscriptions 


Volney  R.  North,  May  9,  1873,  28y. 
Attica,  4y.  Darien.  B in  Mt.  Morris. 

Mary  A.  North,  Oct.  31,  1875,  33y. 
Attica,  6y.  Darien.  B in  Mt.  Morris. 

*Noah  North,  June  27,  1809-June 
15,  1880,  Attica,  lly.  Darien.  B in  Al- 

Lot  65 — James  Booth 
John  S.  Booth,  May  8,  1830.  Pem- 
broke. B in  Pembroke.  Croup. 

*James  S.  Booth,  Aug.  26,  1791-May 
2,  1852.  Pembroke,  33y.  Manchester, 
N.  Y.  B in  Middleborough,  Mass. 

Phe'oe  McCumber,  Aug.  4,  1864,  67y. 
Pembroke'  30y.  B in  Ontario  County. 

* Lydia  Booth,  wife  of  James  S., 
Aug.  17,  1887,  89y.  Pembroke. 

'^Lucretia  Booth,  wife  of  James  L.. 
May  10,  3899,  57y.  Pembroke. 

Ruth  Booth,  Sept.  1,  1899,  75y. 
Pembroke  75y. 

* James  L.  Booth,  May  22,  1912,  77y. 
Pembroke.  B in  Pembroke. 

Nancy  Booth  Lawrence,  Nov.  4, 

1917,  55y.  Pembroke.  B in  Pembroke. 

Lot  65 — South  Half 
George  Strong  sold  to  Fred  Booth  and 
resold  to  Morris  Lawrence  in  1917, 
Lot  66 — Jacob  Wheeler 

Esther  Wheeler,  Jan.  17,  1824,  4y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Bradford  Wheeler,  Aug.  28,  1830,  6 
y.  Darien.  B in  Darien. 

*Jaeob  Wheeler,  Aug.  21,  1832,  49y. 
Darien  19y.  Watertown.  B in  Nelson, 
N.  H. 

* Pierce,  son  of  Russel  and  Mary, 
Feb.  16.  1835,  7m.  Darien. 

? Hannah,  wife  of  Jacob  Wheeler, 
Oct.  6,  1843,  57y.  Darien  30y.  Litch- 
field, N.  Y.  B in  Temple,  N.  H. 

"■Robert  Finley,  Aug.  4,  1842-May 
1,  1874.  Darien.  B in  East  Pembroke. 
sJulane,  wife  of  Robert  Finley,  1344- 

Lot  67 — Brazilia  Carter 

*Brazilla  Carter,  Apr.  23,  1846,  80y. 
Darien  57y.  B in  Warren,  Conn. 





1 ■ • i , ’af>A 

■ jtm  r.%. 

. . - ■- 




* Harriet,  wife  of  William  Carter, 
July  5,  184-,  '33y.  Darien  15.  Catta- 
raugus C‘o.  B in  Albany  Co. 

♦Mary,  wife  of  Brazilla  Carter,  Apr. 
20,  1851,  76y.  Darien,  40y.  Warren, 
Conn.  B in  Danbury,  Conn. 

Geoige  Carter,  Apr.  1865,  27y.  Dar- 
ien. B in  Darien. 

Mary  Carter  Sumner,  Apr.  1867,  21 
y.  Darien.  B in  Darien. 

-William  H.  Carter,  May  22,  1880, 
7C>y.  Darien.  B in  Warren,  Conn.,  Apr. 
25,  1804. 

Harvey  W.  Carter,  May  5,  1906,  26 
y.  Corfu.  B in  Darien. 

Riley  S.  Carter,  Jan.  24,  1908,  65y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

J.  Carter,  Mar.  24,  1914,  73y.  Dar- 
ien. B in  Darien. 

s Hannah,  wife  of  William  H.  Car- 
ter, Jan.  21,  1886,  62y. 

Lot  68 — Anson  Lawrence 
A.  H.  Bore. 

Mrs.  Anson  Lawrence,  Jan.  24, 1893, 
57y.  Pembroke.  B in  Germany. 

George  Lawrence,  Apr.  17,  1901,  25 
y.  Pembroke.  B in  Germany. 

Anson  Lawrence,  Apr.  20,  1904,  73 
y.  Pembroke.  B in  Germany. 

Lot  68 — South  Half 
Christopher  Carpenter 
♦Christopher  Carpenter,  July  2, 
IS  12- June  12,  1880.  Pembroke  30y. 
Springwater.  Savoy,  Mass.  Leaves 
wife  and  one  daughter. 

sBetsey,  wife  of  Christopher  Car- 
penter, Aug.  15,  1812-Mar.  1,  1882. 
Lot  69 — Obadiah  Jenks 
Almira  Jenks,  May  31,  1826,  12y. 
Darien  lly.  B in  Brutus. 

♦Obadiah  Jenks,  Jan.  12,  1837,  60y. 
Darien  23y.  Brutus.  Providence,  R.  I. 

*Cleora,  wife  of  Obadiah  Jenks,. 
Aug.  9,  1854,  74y.  Darien  39y.  Brutus. 
Manchester,  Vt. 

Eliza  Buttolph,  Feb.  12,  1892,  60y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Lot  69 — John  Keibler 
Elizabeth  Keibler,  July  12,  1880,  2 
y.  Darien. 

Margaret  Keibler,  June  1,  1920,  72 
y.  Darien  46.  B in  Germany. - 

John  Keibler,  June.  9,  1927,  82yrs. 
Darien  53.  B in  Germany. 

Lot  70 — Cyrus  Williams 
Levant  Williams,  Jan.  20,  1835,  2y. 

♦Harley  F.  Williams,,  son  of  Cyrus 
and  Clara,  Feb.  1842,  15y.  Darien. 
Cleveland,  Ohio,  B in  Darien. 

Lot  70 — Part  of  Lot 
William  Bennett 

Maud  Bennett,  Dec.  1892,  8y.  Dari- 

Martha  E.  Bennett*  Jan.  20,  1901, 
47y.  Darien. 

Dexter  Allen 

Louise  Bradley  Alien,  Mar.  26, 1878, 
6y.  Darien. 

Mary  Jane  Allen,  Sept.  9,  1906,  67 
y.  Darien. 

Lot  71 — Frank  Losee 
Carrie  Losee,  May  11,  1901,  42y. 

Frank  Losee,  Aug.  3,  1924,  65y. 

Lot  72~Ebenezer  Losee 
Almond  D.  Losee,  July  1834,  7y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Hannah  J.  Losee,  Oct.  8,  1848,  17y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

♦Diana,  wife  of  Ebenezer  Lesee, 
Mar.  23,  1865,  59y.  Darien.  Pompey. 

♦Ebenezer  Losee,  Mar.  20,  1880,  83 
y.  Darien  60y.  Pompey.  Providence. 

Richard  Losee,  Nov.  24,  1915,  Sly. 
Alexander.  Darien. 

Helen  L.  Losee,  Feb.  13,  1922,  85y. 
Buffalo.  Alexander  and  Darien. 

Lot  73 — South  Half 
Israel  Doan 

♦Helen  M.  Vader,  wife  of  James  G , 
dau.  of  I.  G.  and  Eliza  Doan,  Feb.  13, 
1855,  22y.  Pembroke.  ' 

♦Israel  Doan,  Sept.  11,  1859,  57y. 
Pembroke.  B in  Saybrook,  Conn. 

Levant  Doan,  Dec.  19,  1862,  22y. 
Washington,  D.  C.  B in  Pembroke. 

Henry'  Doan,  Apr.  6,  1864,  34y. 
Pembroke.  B in  Pembroke. 

Mrs.  Eliza  Doan,  May  10,  1893,  92 
y.  Mason,  Mich.,  14y.  Pembroke. 

Lot  74 — Benjamin  Lawrence 
♦Abigail,  wife  of  Edwin  L.  Lawr- 




- - 

..  • . ■ ■ ■ 

. -t. 






■ ; vii  i. 

' i'b:sf.M 





ence,  Mar.  17,  18G8,  29y.  Pembroke. 
B in  Batavia. 

^Benjamin  Lawrence,  Aug.  9,  1868, 
68y.  Pembroke.  B in  Jeffery,  N.  H. 

*Roancy,  wife  of  Benjamin  Lawr- 
ence, Dec.  10,  1880,  78y.  Pembroke. 

*Edwin  L.  Lawrence,  Nov.  10,  1902, 
71y.  Pembroke. 

Lot  74 — South  Half 
David  Sutherland 

David  Sutherland,  Nov.  11,  1796- 
July  17,  1865.  Batavia  44y.  Onondaga 
County.  B in  Manchester,  Vt. 

Hiram  Sutherland,  Feb.  4,  1867,  19 
y.  Batavia.  Born  in  Boone  Co.,  111. 

*Polly  Curtis  Allen,  Relict  of  Dan- 
iel, July  1,  1771-May  31,  1869.  Bata- 
via. Pompey.  B in  Southbury,  Conn. 

*Laura,  wife  of  David  Sutherland, 
Aug.  8,  1802-Aug.  20,  1871.  Batavia, 
Pompey.  B in  Chariton. 

*Myron  Sutherland,  Dec.  1,  1821- 
Jan.  6,  1903.  Batavia.  B in  Pompey. 

*Rose  Drury,  wife  of  Myron  Suth- 
erland, July  13,  1830-Oct.  22,  1904. 

Lot  75 — Warren  Sawtell 

Emma  J.  Sawtell,  Nov.  4,  1843,  2y. 

*Mary  A.,  wife  of  Warren  Sawtell, 

Mar.  11,  1884,  75y.  Darien.  Lowell, 
Mass.  B in  Ashiburnham,  Mass. 

*Warren  Sawtell,  Oct.  28,  1885,  85 
y 6m.  Darien.  Lowell,  Mass.  B in  East 
Jeffrey,  N.  H. 

Eliza  Sawtell,  July  1,  1891,  53y. 

Hiram  Singer,  May  13,  1896,  76y. 
Darien.  B in  Lowell,  Mass. 

Harriet  Sawtell,  Jan.  5,  1906,  70y. 
East  Pembroke.  Darien. 

Mary  Sawtell  Colby  Passage,  Dec. 
9,  1926,  79y.  East  Pembroke.  Darien. 
Lot  76 — Nelson  Harper 
*Mary  A.  Jane,  first  wife  of  Nelson 
P.,  Apr.  1,  1843,  25y.  Darien.  Ohio.  B 
in  Alexander. 

^Oliver  Harper,  Nov.  11,  1852,  74y. 
Darien.  Ulysses.  Jeffery,  N.  H. 

*Betsey,  wife  of  Oliver  Harper, 
Sept.  6,  1860,  77y.  Darien.  Ulysses. 
Temple,  N.  H. 

Mary  J.  Harper,  Feb.  21,  1868,  25y. 

*Nelson  P.  Harper,  Oct.  18,  1873, 
64y.  Darien  48y.  Ulysses. 

*Lucy  A.,  second  wife  of  Nelson  P. 
Harper,  July  22,  1886,  64y.  Darien. 
B in  Darien. 


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The  Mail  Box 

JONATHAN  GREENE,  son  of  Jo- 
seph of  Berlin,  N.  Y.,  m PATIENCE 
TERRY,  b Nov.  17,  1755,  at  Dart- 
mouth. Their  children  were  Deborah, 
Sarah,  Rhoda,  Susannah,  Benjamin 

Deborah  m William  Bentley  and 
moved  to  Chemung  County  where 
they  both  died.  Their  daughter,  Sa- 
brina, lived  with  her  grandmother, 
Mary  Hewitt  Bentley,  until  she  mar- 
ried Stephen  Rix  Gray,  and  moved  to 
Pike  County,  111. 

R.  N.  A.,  Illinois. 

On  page  63,  Number  6,  of  “Early 
Settlers”,  it  is  stated  that  Melanet.n 
Smith  was  one  of  a commission,  ap- 
pointed by  New  York,  to  represent 
that  State,  meet  a commission  from 
Massachusetts,  and  define  the  boun- 
dary between  the  two  states. 

Would  like  some  data  about  Mel- 
ancUn  Smith. 

R.  B.  S.,  Illinois. 

GILES  THOMPSON  of  Bloomfield, 
N.  Y.  (perhaps  the  s'on  of  Samuel  and 
Lydia),  b Dec.  1791,  m Oct.  23,  1815, 
to  POLLY  FRENCH  in  Washington, 
N.  H.,  and  they  lived  in  Bloomfield, 
N.  Y. 

About  1818  they  moved  to  Fremont, 
Ohio,  and  in  1833  to  Florence  Town- 
ship, St.  Joseph  Co.,  Mich.  Their  sons 
were  Samuel,  Alonzo  and  Hiram  G. 

R.  M.  T.,  Texas. 

DAVID  WIER  of  Murrayfield,  now 
Chester,  Hampshire  Co.,  and  MARY 
BARR  wex-e  m Nov.  8,  1781— -New 
Braintree  Vital  Records. 

Had  daughter,  Dorcas,  and  son, 
Robert,  who  m Sally  Middiet  m. 

HANNAH  SWAIN,  Aug.  1769-Aug. 
15,  1856,  m Elisha  Sprague,  later, 
Thomas  Love.  Also  would  like  names 
of  her  brothers  and  sisters. 

I.  W.  B.,  New  York. 

11,  1814,  at  Bethany,  N.  Y.,  d Jan. 
29,  1885,  at  Allegan,  Mich.  M Sept. 
18,  1837,  to  Martha  Hovey  Pardee,  b 
May  16,  1818,  at  Elba,  d Jan.  31,  1876 
at  Allegan. 

He  was  the  vson  of  Philip  and  SAR- 
AH ROBERTS,  and  grandson  of  Zen- 
as,  1759-1833,  and  SARAH  LANE,  d 
1803.  Grandfather  Zenas  was  a Revo- 
lutionary soldier  from  Connecticut. 

Lois  Putnam,  dau.  of  Peter,  Jr., 
b Apr.  6,  1799,  d Oct.  4,  1848,  Con- 
cord, Mich.,  m June  9,  1818,  Batavia, 
to  Joab  Bigelow,  b Oct.  22,  1793,  at 
Guilford,  Vt.,  d Oct.  21,  1879,  Con- 
cord, Mich.,  the  son  of  Josiah  Rich- 
ardson Bigelow  and  Sarah  Culver. 

Peter  Putnam,  Jr.,  b Jan.  15,  1758, 
Danvers,  Mass.,  d Oct.  16,  1821, 

Batavia,  m Susee  Osgood,  b Jan.  16, 
1766,  Lancaster,  Mass.,  d May  5, 1822 

Wanted  the  date  and  place  of  mar- 
riage of  Peter  and  Susee  Osgood. 

G.  E.  K.,  Michigan. 

1836,  in  Pavilion,  son  of  Daniel,  b 
1800,  in  Rome,  N.  Y.,  and  ELIZA- 
LEWIS.  They  lived  in  East  Bethany, 
then  John  Jay  and  his  brother  Cleve- 
land Francis,  practiced  law  in  Buffa- 
lo, and  later  located  in  Mobile,  Ala. 

J.  L.  M.  Alabama. 

b Jan.  1767  in  Dutchess  Co.,  vTas  in 
Onondaga  County  in  1790,  m Eliza- 
beth Horton,  b Nov.  22,  1765,  in  West- 
chester Co.,  and  he  d in  Nov.  1858  in 
Allegany  Qo. 

LEVI  FOSTER,  b May  22,  1777, 
lived  a time  in  Onondaga  Co.,  m Lyd'a 
Owen,  d Jan.  27,  1836,  Wirt,  Allegany 
Co.,  N.  Y. 

J.  A.,  New  York. 

• • rr  V i j 


. J . y t : 


•:  - ' ■ 

*•  \; 

■ * 7:  ■ v . ; v-  . :nq  . r ■ • i'i  tv. . . 


. i *'  ' ok  ■ n •-  li  ■ 

* - . . .v.  , n ■ rt  $ j 

. . ■ ■■  . *>  ’ 


..  ■ • 

i;.  . 

. . - ’ • • - 



r,  fjli  „ ■ 'i 


V.  - : ' •••*'- 

* ;•  ?. 


. ... 








ELIZABETH  m Seth  Garlick 

about  1771,  and  lived  in  Lanesboro, 

CATHERINE  m Abel  Garlick 

about  1772,  and  lived  in  Lanesboro, 

N.  F.  W.,  Missouri. 

JAMES  FINLEY  and  WIFE,  who 
settled  on  the  Bath  Road  in  1806.  Al- 
so had  a tavern  in  Yates  County.  Who 
were  their  children?  Who  was  Jonas 
Finley,  b 1803  in  Onondaga  County? 
Galloway  Finley? 

JOHN  McNAIR,  son  of  John,  m 
HANNAH  ALLEN,  dau.  of  Thomas 
Allen.  John  was  the  brother  of  Rosy 
and  Penelope,  and  half-brother  of  Pa- 
tience, Rebecca,  Polly,  Hannah,  Bar- 
■sheba,  Charles,  Thomas  and  Arnold. 

Tradition  states  the  stepfather  was 
- — - Arnold,  a merchant  at  Bristol 
Hollow,  N.  Y.  In  1816,  John  McNair 
moved  from  Lake  Canandaigua  to  In- 

wife,  REBECCA.  Was  Rebecca  Hatch 
the  wife  of  Noah,  son  of  Stukely 
Whitf  ord  ? 

A.  M.  Indiana. 

MARY  ELLIS,  b Mar.  23,  1772,  ’ 
Vermont,  >m  John  Turner,  1793,  Grot- 
on, Vt.,  d Sept.  6,  1841.  Lived  at  Seri- 
ba  or  East  Oswego,  N.  Y.,  where  John 
Turner  was  Baptist  minister.  Son  was 
Peter  Helmar,  b 1813  in  Herkimer 
Co.,  m Dec.  26,  1836,  to  Lydia  Ann 
Smith,  b Adams,  Jefferson  Co. 

MAJOR  DAVID  SMITH,  b about 
1740,  lived  at  Adams,  m Jan.  23,  1775, 
to  Elidia  Orvis  Hawley.  Their  son,. 
Chauncey,  b Feb.  18,  1773,  at  Farm- 
ington, Conn.,  m 1801,  at  Adams  to 
LYDIA  SALISBURY,  b Oct.  3,  1787, 
at  Adams.  Their  children,  all  born  at 
Adams,  were  Rowena,  Caroline, 

Chauncey,  Willard,  Ursula,  Sarah, 
Lydia  Ann,  Adeline,  Jane,  Clarinda. 

KESIAH  DUSTIN  m Abner  Skin- 
ner, who  was  b 1735  in  Preston,  C.nn. 
Son  Israel  b 1776  in  Orange  Co.,  N.  Y. 

BURY m Dr.  Israel  Skinner,  b 1776 
in  Orange  Co.  Son  Jacob  b in  Orange 
Co.  Lived  in  Binghamton. 

of  Phoebe  Phelps  Winters,  b Nov.  18, 
1817,  d 1916  in  Das  Moines,  Iowa,  m 
Jacob  Skinner,  b Jan.  31,  1809,  in 
Orange  Co.  Their  son,  Elisha  Will- 
iams, was  b Sept.  8,  1834,  in  Susque- 
hanna Co.,  Penna. 

O.  T.  M.,  Canada. 

JOHN  PIERCE  who  settled  n?ar 
Sandy  Creek,  Oswego  County  in  the 
early  1800’s. 

Would  like  to  correspond  with  any 
descendants  of  Anne  Marbury  Hutch- 
inson, wife  of  William,  dau.  of  Re;. 
Francis  and  Bridget  Dryden  Marbury. 

She  arrived  in  Boston  from  Eng- 
land Sept.  18,  1634,  moved  to  Rhode 
Island  and  then  to  New  York. 

E.  N.  D.,  Washington. 

ISAAC  COLLINS  and  WIFE,  who 
settled  in  Champion,  N.  Y.,  in  1804. 

M.  E.  Y.,  Michigan. 

BRADLEY  DAVIS,  Jan.  22,  1780- 
Mar.  13,  1857,  m Aug  11,  1805,  to 
RUTH  GRUMMON,  May  19,  1789- 
July  23,  1853,  and  lived  in  Cattaraug- 
us Co.,  and  Aft-on-,  Chenango  Co. 

D.  S.  F.,  South  Dakota. 

Data  is  offered  on  the  following 
lines:  Trowbridge,  Skinner,  Turner, 

Phelps,  Salisbury,  Mann,  Rice,  Bow- 
man, Moulton,  McArthur. 

O.  T.  M.,  Canada. 

JUS.  1 1 1935 



I *.’  • 



. ■ ■ ; v ' 


, . . sfl  lomttT 



53>m  fork 

©heir  Ancestors  a nit  Sesmiitants 


VOL.  II  JULY  1935  NO.  I 



T.  J.  FOLEY,  AKRON,  N.  Y. 

c • ' > 



■■  ' V.JUT.'  :M  aaneuauf 


£3>m  lurk  §>tnU 

Sljrtr  Anrratora  attfc  Sramthanta 

. . Contents  . . 


John  Ball,  postmaster  and  storekeeper  kept  ‘his  accounts  well,  and  his  books 
have  been  loaned  to  us.  This  will  be  followed  by  notes,  records,  or  accounts, 
now  treasured  in  some  secret  place,  of  doctors,  merchants,  pastors,  etc.  of  the 

early  days. 


Bible  or  other  family  records,  treasured  by  one  member  of  the  family,  now 
shared  with  all. 


The  organizations,  baptisms,  marriages,  deaths,  and  lists  of  members  for 
several  years.  The  minutes  of  church  meetings  have  been  carefully  read,  and 
note  made  of  place  from  which  a member  came,  and,  if  granted  a letter,  the 
church  to  which  he  went. 

The  story  of  the  church  at  West  Bloomfield,  begun  in  1789,  is  the  first  record 


The  Museum  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Association  has  the  only  copy  of  hund- 
reds of  names  of  persons  who  died  many  years  before  the  office  of  vital  sta- 
tistics. The  name,  residence,  age,  date  of  death,  and,  in  many  cases,  notes  per- 
taining to  the  family  are  recorded.  We  have  been  given  permission  to  publish 
this  valuable  list,  taken  from  early  newspapers. 


The  records  of  marriages  in  the  western  part  of  New  York  State,  going  as 
far  back  as  1812,  will  be  published  in  these  pa-?es.  This  data  is  also  copied 
from  the  early  newspapers,  and  loaned  to  us  through  the  courtesy  of  the 
Buffalo  Historical  Association. 


Copied  from  stones  in  old  cemeteries,  many  of  them  forgotten  and  overgrown 
with  weeds.  Many  stones  are  broken,  and  the  weather  is  fast  wearing  away 
the  lettering.  Notes  taken  from  books  kept  by  superintendents  of  cemeteries 
are  'added  to  these  inscriptions.  Some  cemetery  books  contain  residence  at 
time  of  death,  length  of  that  residence,  former  residence  and  birthplace  in 
addition  to  name,  date,  age,  etc.  Records  of  burials,  without  stones,  are  also 


Subscribers  imay  forward  questions  for  publication.  Readers  with  extensive 
collections  will  help  find  the  answers. 



JUl  1 1 1335 



- ’ *■ 



. • . ■ • ■ :■  !'V  : •" 

, • ■ > i: 

• . . • • •*  ; " ' 

,k  ...  .•  .w 4 •,&  bn&  qliwfife  liiw  taoiteftUo*. 

©o  feu  four 

. Attestors . 


Do  you  realize  in  your  own  life  what 
you  owe  to  your  parents,  and  many 
grand-parents  ? Everything  you  ever 
were,  all  that  you  are,  and  all  that 
you  ever  hope  to  be,  you  owe  to  those 
who  came  before  you,  and  because 
they  lived,  you  now  have  life.  Many 
of  their  graves  are  unknown,  and  un- 
marked, but  you  can  write  their  names 
in  the  pages  of  history. 

Historical  dramas,  radio  productions, 
the  activities  of  historical  societies, 
the  marking  and  preservation  of  his- 
toric spots,  all  point  to  an  increasing 
interest  and  respect  for  the  folks  of 
other  days.  Very  soon  children  will 
be  asking  for  ancestors,  other  children 
will  have  them,  will  you  be  ready? 

New  York  State,  leading  in  many  good 
ways,  is  far  behind  in  its  preservation 
of  records,  so  much  so  that  it  is  al- 
most impossible  to  find  ancestors  who 
lived  here.  The  recording  of  vital 
records  in  New  York  State  was  begun 
some  years  after  1880,  and  for  the 
time  before  then,  the  State  has  no 
records.  In  1911  the  fire  ip  Albany 
destroyed  state  records. 

Searching  for  ancestors  in  New  York 
State,  means  going  into  the  highways 
and  byways,  and  searching  for  records 
in  the  homes,  churches,  graveyards, 
etc.  The  weather  is  fast  wearing 
away  the  inscriptions  on  stones,  many 
stones  are  broken,  and  unless  the 
records  are  preserved  now,  the  only 
proof  of  the  existence  of  some  folks 
will  be  lost  forever. 

Fire  and  carelessness  are  destroying 
the  valuable  manuscripts,  which  have 
been  handed  from  family  to  family. 
The  record  of  your  ancestor  may  be 
here,  will  you  let  it  be  lost? 

Because  many  descendants  are  un- 
able to  go  in  person,  this  editor  goes 
for  you,  hunts  in  the  forgotten  cor- 
ners until  records  are  found,  then 
copies  and  publishes  them. 

Many  New  England  families  settled 
in  New  York  State  for  a generation 
or  two,  and  grandchildren  went  into 
the  West.  Some  member  of  many 
American  families  lived  in  New  York 
State,  and  some  record  of  him  will  be 
found  in  our  pages.  These  records, 
now  published  for  the  first  time,  will 
be  of  untold  value  to  any  one  search- 
ing for  ancestors. 

A subscription  to  a reliable  genea- 
logical publication  brings  the  most 
return  for  the  least  money. 






" . 






, • T"»  ■ ’ .....  ■ * 


, ■><» 

\ r-  % f 

, V 


Living  in  this  State,  having  a large  collection  of  unpublished  records  of 
New  York  State  pioneers,  with  years  of  experience  in  searching  here,  we  are 
qualified  to  help  you. 

* * * 

Plans  are  being  made  to  print  the  coat  of  arms  of  a different  family  on  the 

cover  of  the  magazine  each  month,  with  a description  of  the  crest. 

Further  announcement  will  be  made  in  the  magazine. 

* * * 

Volume  I,  a twelve-page  monthly,  began  July  1,  1934. 

Volume  II,  a .sixteen-page  monthly,  begins  July  1,  1935. 

Subscription  price  $3.00  per  year. 

Subscription  price  Volumes  I and  II  $5.50. 

Single  copies  or  back  numbers  35  cents  each. 


T.  J.  FOLEY 
Akron,  N.  Y. 

Dear  Sir: — Inclosed  find  $ 


subscriptions  to 

“Early  Settlers  of  New  York  State,”  beginning  .... 
to  be  addressed  as  follows: 




A card  will  be  sent  each  friend  or  library  for  whom  you  may  subscribe. 

JUN  1 1 1935 

JUL  1 l 1935 

. V,-  1 •vl 






Nm  f Btfe  Mutt 

Uil|dr  Anrrstnrs  anil  Slmrn&ants 


VOL.  II  AUGUST,  1935  NO.  2 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 





We  are  “riding  high”  this  month,  because  a glimmer  of  hope  is  on  the 

We  s'aid,  “If  we  can  keep  our  old  friends,  and  continually  add  new  ones 
to  the  list,  success  may  not  come  quickly,  but  it  will  come”. 

Many  subscriptions  expired  in  June,  the  last  number  of  our  first  year,  and 
to  date,  just  six  folks  have  cancelled  their  subscriptions.  That  proves  that 
there  is  value  in  our  work,  and  that  somebody  recognizes  the  value. 

The  reason  given  for  cancellation  was — “I  have  found  nothing  of  partic- 
ular interest  to  my  family”.  We  wish  that  we  could  have  inspired  these  six 
to  read  more  than  just  the  first  chapter  in  our  book.  The  pages  were  so  lim- 
ited that  we  could  not  hope  to  help  everyone  the  first  year,  but  if  you  will 
support  this  work  with  your  subscriptions,  more  records  of  interest  to  many 
people  will  be  found. 

Our  first  volume  was  far  fro'm  perfect,  its  faults  appear  much  larger  to 
us  than  to  the  readers,  but  we  have  tried.  We  wrere  not  publishers,  just  two 
folks  filled  with  the  desire  to  share  records. 

We  have  worked  hard,  but  you  have  endured  our  mistakes,  and  your  pa- 
tience, encouragement,  and  kind  letters  have  spurred  us  to  greater  effort. 

We  will  not  disappoint  you. 


Some  of  our  genealogists,  who  are  subscribers,  want  to  know  how  to 


Persons  write,  and  ask  a genealogist  to  search,  and,  because  the  desired 
information  its  not  obtained,  the  customer  neglects  to  send  his  check. 

When  a physician  is  called,  he  can  not  promise  to  save  the  patient;  a 
lawyer  is  engaged,  but  does  not  always  win  his  case;  a genealogist  uses  his 
intelligence  and  training  in  searching  to  the  best  of  hits  ability,  but  he  can 
never  tell  what  he  will  find.  Every  man  has  done  his  best,  and  accordingly 
has  earned  his  fee,  and  should  be  paid. 

The  cost  for  obtaining  definite  information  about  a certain  family  is 
asked.  It  is  very  possible  that  n‘o  such  record  is  in  existence,  therefore  no 
person  can  promise  to  find  any  unknown  record  for  any  price. 

A genealogist  searches,  and  because  his  erperience  has  taught  him  certain 
facts  about  the  pioneer  days  and  the  location  of  records  of  those  days,  he  may 
succeed  where  the  amateur  fails. 

Every  genealogist,  that  I have  met,  has  been  a very  fine  person,  one  to 
be  enjoyed  and  trusted;  thsrefore,  when  you  give  a commission  to  any  geneal- 
ogist, be  sure  that  you  have  faith  in  that  person,  and  then  pay  your  bill  as 
an  honest  debt. 


You  are  reminded  that  Sept.  6 and  7 are  special  days,  and  you  are  invited 
to  spend  them  in  Akron. 

Our  party  has  grown  into  a real  inspiration  meeting  for  Western  New 
York,  and  the  very  best  speakers  will  relate  in  an  interesting  manner  the 
stories  of  early  days  in  different  parts  of  New  York  State. 

Friday  there  will  probably  be  morning,  afternoon  and  evening  meetings 
at  the  Akron  High  School. 

Luncheon  and  dinner  will  be  served  in  the  Akron  Baptist  Church  for  50 
cents  per  plate.  Reservations  must  be  made. 

A complete  program  will  be  given  in  the  September  number.  Anyone  in- 
terested may  write  for  a program  before  that  time. 


Route  5,  between  Buffalo  and  Batavia.  The  latch-string  always  hangs  out. 
You  are  invited  to  stay  over-night. 



'■  ‘'Ml 


; - • i 

rn  - ..  hi  r . 1 1 -ftt  Me''  "i  ' 

• mi  i ft f f ) sioi'.-l  *«»,  t«|  r il  *>itTW 



Early  Church  Records 

West  Bloomfield,  N.  Y. 


Strykersville,  Arden  Woodruff,  D June 
25,  1876,  aged  81. 

Strykersville,  Sophia,  wife  of  Arden 

Mary  E.  Sanborne,  d 1869,  Spring- 
field,  N.  Y. 

Lima,  Mrs.  Ann  Eliza  Wood. 

Jesse  Tyler  and  wife,  Harriet. 

Marietta  A.  Hall  Gardner,  d 1878, 

Nunda,  David  T.  Hamilton. 

Hiram  T.  Parmele,  d 1874,  Canandai- 

George  M.  Shepard  and  wife,  Sarah 
C.,  and  Elon  G.  Shepard. 

John  B.  Colman  and  Sarah  Colman 

Frank  Stuart  Hall,  d 1852,  Almond. 

Frederick  C.  Hall,  d 1873,  Plornells- 

Mrs.  Lucy  Pratt  Nobles,  d 1869, 

Alida  Shepard,  Clark  Allen,  Ellen  A. 
Barnhart  Ollertsmshaw,  Harriet  L. 
Hall,  Mary  Ann  Southgate  and  El- 
eanor Southgate  Wheelock. 

Jennie  Clark  Leech  Elton,  Ida  Louise 
Leech  Hopkins,  William  Edwrards, 
Myron  E.  Hall,  Henry  Page  Stur- 
ges,  Charles  H.  Hopkins,  Mrs.  An- 
geiine  M.  Pratt. 


Rushville,  Charles  R.  Case  and  wife, 

Ann  T.,  and  their  children,  Elizabeth, 
William  T.,  and  Frank  C. 


Reed’s  Corners,  Jacob  Dixon. 

Carlinville,  111.,  and  Owasso,  Mich., 
Rev.  John  Patch  in  and  wife,  E.  P., 
d 1876,  Chardon,  Ohio.  Daughter 
Lottie  Patchin  Bickford,  d 1879, 
Rootstown,  Ohio. 

Portage,  Myron  L.  Taft  and  w,  Stella 


Glassborough,  N.  J.,  Levi  N.  Beebe,  d 
1871,  Victor. 

Lima,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  M.  Peck. 


Collection  taken  for  Mr.  Morey,  to 
aid  him  in  his  theological  studies  m 
preparing  himself  for  the  gospel  min- 
istry $49.50. 

Victor,  Edward  Copeland  and  wife, 
Mary  E. 

Dansville,  James  A.  Hall. 

Florence  Patchin,  Almira  Dibble,  El- 
len Reynolds. 


Meetings  were  held  for  about  eight 
w^eeks,  with  the  pastor  preaching  -most 
of  the  time. 

East  Bloomfield,  Mrs.  Susan  Parry 

Aurelius  Hamilton  Hopkins  and  Cora 
Cooper  Hopkins. 

Geoirge  Gardner  Shaddock,  and  Mrs. 
Phebe  D.  Shaddock. 

Mrs.  Elizabeth  Southgate,  wife  of 

Simon  Long’  and  his  wife,  Jane  Eliza- 
beth, and  Anna  Jane  Long  Evans. 
James  Cochran,  d 1874,  Medina. 
Jackson,  Mich.,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Ann 
Chapin,  wTife  of  Robert. 

Mary  Agnes  Furness  Miller,  d 1875, 

Elias  Reynolds,  Joseph  Culver  Barn- 
hart, Mrs.  Mary  Alice  Fitch,  John 
Willis,  Mrs.  Alice  Amelia  Moses, 
Enodh  S.  Davison,  Catharine  Elvira 
Hall  Dixon,  Myra  A.  Wilson,  Lyra 
R.  Peck,  John  C.  Rimes. 

Nelly  Bernard,  d 1876,  Millerstown, 


Mrs.  Mary  Reynolds,  wife  of  Elias. 
Brooklyn,  Ralph  Hunt  and  wife,  Sarah 


Lima,  Miss  Julia  Clark. 


Presbyterian  Church,  Buffalo,  Mrs. 
Catharine  Littleton  Grapes. 

Oct.  13,  Cornerstone  wTas  laid  for 
new1  church. 


Watkins,  Amelia  S.  Hall. 





> . 


. ' • ?* 

. . sbH 

. , Ifm'i 



■j  \>  a’bsdil 

'.G  .til  vrtiilBO 


- • Cf  ..... 

• M'fil 

• jj 




Jan.  6 — Snow  very  deep.  Only  a few 

Apr.  1 — The  communion  furniture 
that  had  been  presented  by  Mrs.  Sar- 
ah Hunt  was  appropriately  dedicated 
and  used  far  the  first  time. 

Bedford,  Mass,.,  __  Rev.  Otis  D.  Craw- 
ford and  wife,  Clara  M.,  d 1879, 
Mobile,  Ala. 

Susie  M.  Jerome;  d 1879,  Springfield, 

Luther  Grant  Willison,  d 1877,  Flint, 

Mrs.  Grace  A.  Baker,  wife  of  James 


Bolding,  Mich,  Rev.  David  E.  Millard 
and  wife,  Esther  E.,  d 1879. 

Reeds  Garners,  Mrs.  Mary  Miller. 
Lima,  Gorham  Ayers  and  Mrs.  Louisa 

John  Amos  Wick?,  Hattie  Leech  Gates, 
James  Harrison  Baker,  Mabel  Hen- 
dee,  Mary  Almira  Peck,  Alice  Alida 
Wlheelock,  Ella  Anna  Griffith,  Geo. 
B.  Ayers,  Harriet  Sophia  Southgate, 
Mrs.  Emily  Alice  Willison,  Mrs. 
Amanda  G.  Brown,  Benjamin  Wil- 
son Hopkins,  Walter  George  Cole- 
man, Mrs.  Marietta  G.  Collins  Clar- 
rie  E.  Brown,  William  Babb. 
Dubuque,  Iowa,  Mrs.  Mary  B.  Craw- 

M , Iowa,  Mrs.  C.  B.  Berry. 


Charles  Parmele,  Isabella  L.  Coleman, 
Loui<?a  A.  Humphrey,  Henry  Dixon, 
Bruce  H.  Shaddock. 

Mrs.  Martha  Ann  Reed,  Homer  Jer- 
ome Reed  and  Ettie  Ann  Reed. 
Lima,  Mrs.  Harriet  Ann  Sterling  Hall. 

Nov. — A request  being  presented 
from  the  pastor,  Rev.  Seth  A.  Arnold, 
of  the  Congregational  Church  in  Log- 
an, Iowa,  desiring  the  donation  of  our 
old  communion  furniture  for  their 
church  use,  it  was  voted  to  send  it 
to  them. 


Ida  Hatch,  William  P.  Ayers,  Joshua 
H.  Durrent,  Gideon  M.  Southgate, 
Thomas  Lewis,  Mrs.  Charlotte  A. 
Lewis,  Humphrey  Slater,  Fred  A. 
Tyler,  Hiram  C.  Case,  Lewis  C. 
Gates,  William  H.  Brown,  William 
E.  Bradley,  Emma  Grapes,  Mrs. 
Julia  Bowers,  Ida  Willison  Evans, 
Jennie  Stone,  Mrs.  Angeline  Go]  c- 
man,  Mary  L.  Hendee,  Kittie  E. 
Hardy  Peck,  Addison  B.  Parmele, 
Henchel  V.  Lamb,  Harriet  L.  Lamb, 
Cora  D.  Hatch,  Luella  Lewis  Lamb, 
Richard  F.  Ayrrs,  Simeon  G.  South- 
gate,  Mrs.  Rachel  P.  Bradley,  Car- 
rie A.  Peck,  Edgair  S.  Wood,  Will- 
iam A.  Ayers,  Mary  Shaddock 
Webb,  Louisa  Coon,  James  Elton, 
Royal  Wheelock. 

(The  End.) 

Subscribers1  Exchange 

Our  enlarged  magazine  will  provide  :space  for  the  publication  of  records 
from  subscribers. 

The  following  records  of  deaths  were  copied  from  the  “Gospel  Advocate,” 
Vol.  11,  published  in  1 831.  All  deaths  were  in  1831,  in  Now  York  State. 

We  are  grateful  to  Mitss  Clara  L.  Wood,  Idaho. 

Adams,  Daniel  S.,  Sept.  10,  Columbia,  * 
Herkimer  County,  28y. 

Alcox,  Capt.  Jesse,  Feb.  2,  Camden, 

Allen,  Ursula,  Mar.  4,  at  residence  of 
her  grandfather,  Gen.  R.  Earl, 
Skaneatcles,  20y. 

Armstrong,  Mrs.  Esther,  w of  Joseph, 
Pittsford,  leaves  husband  and  sev- 
en children,  35v, 

Austin,  Benj.,  Feb.  9,  Paris,  left  wid- 
ow and  two  children,  60y. 

Bafobet,  Mr.  J.,  Oct.  29,  Paris,  75y. 

Beebes,  George  Henry,  son  of  Silass 
a:nd  Marcia,  Nov.  30,  Seneca  Falls, 

Brown.  Laura,  dau.  of  James,  Nov.  4, 
(Columbia,  28y.  Formerly  Windsor, 

Brown,  Lucy  Lavina,  only  dau.  of 

• - l 


•i  ili  , - >b 

! • iiin  ■ .biM 




Charles  B.  and  Sophia,  July  1,  Un- 
ion Square,  7y. 

Brown,  Mrs.  Sally,  w of  Isaac  N., 
dau.  of  Daniel  Dodge,  Oct.  14,  Rus- 
sia, 28y. 

Brown,  William,  oldest  son  of  Samuel 
and  Mary  of  Utica,  late  of  Eng- 
land, d at  Detroit,  Mich.,  Sept.  21, 

Boston,  Mrs.  Catherine,  w of  Richard, 
May  28,  Saratoga  Springs,  33y. 

Bowen,  Mrs.  Pamela,  w of  Capt.  Hez- 
ekiah,  Apr.  25.  Leaves  husband  and 

Bump,  Mrs.  Charlotte,  w of  Elijah  of 
North  Bennington,  Vt.,  Jan.  25,  in 
Shafts'bury,  Vt.,  52y. 

Burch,  Almira,  dau.  of  L.  D.  and 
Laura,  Mar.  5,  Sangerfield,  2y. 

Burlingame,  Mrs.  Ma'hala,  w of  Capt. 
Abner,  Mar.  22,  New  Berlin,  37y. 

Burt,  Susan  Jane,  dau.  of  Asahel  and 
Anna,  Sept.  1,  Frankfort,  13m. 

Chadwick,  Lorenzo,  Apr.  21,  Philadel- 
phia, 19v. 

Chase,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Lewis  W. 
and  Mary  Ann,  Apr.  23,  Elbridge. 

Cole,  Mrs.  Rhoda,  w of  David,  Sept. 
20,  Cedarville. 

Cook,  Rufus,  Feb.  17,  York,  39y. 

Cooley,  Mrs.  Martha,  formerly  wid. 
of  Gideon  Squier,  by  whom  she  had 
a family  of  children,  May  31,  85v. 

Corbett,  E.,  soldier  of  Revolution,  in 
action  at  Bunker  Hill  and  Quebec, 
Nov.  1,  Bridewater,  a Quaker,  79y. 

Currie,  Gerret  B.,  dau.  of  William, 
May  18,  Augusta,  18y. 

Devoe,  Hamilton  A.,  Apr.  21,  Fulton- 
ville,  26y.  Leaves  aged  father  and 
youthful  widow. 

Devoe,  Mrs.  Deborah,  w of  Dr.  Will- 
iam H.,  May  ,2,  Caughnawago,  47y. 

Doolittle,  Moo.  Betsey,  w of  P.,  Nov. 
10,  1827,  Fredericktown,  Ohio. 

Dygert,  son  of  John  B.,  Jan.  16, 
Frankfort,  17  m. 

Dygert,  Harvey,  son  of  John  B.,  Apr. 
28,  Frankfort,  14y. 

Elmer,  Polly,  w of  Andrew,  in  West- 
ern, 44y. 

Freemen,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Nathaniel, 

Dec.  8,  1830,  Locke,  16y. 

Gilman,  Maj.  Samuel  C..,  a young  man 
drowned  Dec.  26,  1830,  Churchville. 

Goodale,  Widow  Eleanor,  July  13, 
Watertown,  82y.  Leaves  large  fam- 
ily of  children  and  many  descend- 

Graves,  Orpha,  dau.  of  Harley,  Dec. 
30,  1830,  17y. 

Hall,  Mrs.  Sophia,  w of  Ira,  dau.  of 
E.  Foot,  Aug.  31,  Brookfield,  25y. 

Hilliard,  Rev.  Samuel,  soldier  in  the 
Revolution  at  Bennington,  Dec.  16, 
Clarendon,  83y. 

Hilton,  Henry  Augustus,  eldest  son  of 
Robert,  Nov.  2,  Detroit,  Mich.,  4y. 
Recently  of  Utica. 

Hinkley,  Mrs.,  w cf  Jared,  Apr.  20, 
Fenner . Left  husband  and  children. 

Hollenbeck,  Orren,  Oct.  21,  1830,  Eg- 
remont,  Mass. 

Holmes,  Mary,  July  31,  Salina. 

Holmes,  Peleg,  early  settler  at  Pal- 
myra, Revolutionary  soldier,  July 
21,  76y.  Native  of  Warren,  Conn. 

Holmes,  Roswell,  Jan.  17,  Sanquoit, 

Hooker,  Mrs.  Charlotte,  w of  Col. 
James,  Mar.  4,  Utica,  42y. 

How,  Perley  E.,  Aug.  25,  Marcellus, 
62y.  Lived  here  30  years,  leaves 
widow  and  children. 

Hubbard,  Capt.  Simon,  Nov.  13,  Mar- 
shall, 62y.  Came  from  Mass.,  a first 
settler  in  Paris. 

Hull,  Darius,  Dec.  24,  1830,  Venice, 
54y.  An  early  settler.  Left  an  aged 
and  amiable  widow,  and  a number 
of  children. 

Hull,  Samuel,  Dec.  13,  1830,  Preston, 

88y.  Buried  at  Norwich. 

Hungerford,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Amasa, 
June  5,  Henderson,  23y. 

Johnson,  Charlotte,  dau  of  Salmon, 
Apr.  13,  Boonville,  18y. 

Joslyn,  J.,  June  30,  Pembroke.  55y. 

Juds.on,  Mrs.,  Sept.  5,  Southport.  Left 
husband  and  3 sons. 

Hasson,  Hiram,  Aug.  20,  * Camillas, 
32y.  ' 

Keim,  Esther,  grand-dau  of  Dr.  De 
Benneville,  a Universalist  preacher, 








■'  : ; ■ ’■  ■ui  . r.  ...  . : 

J : a . 





Dec.  24,  1830,  57y. 

Kelsey,  Mrs.  Louisa,  dau  of  Thomas 
and  Mercy  Fenner,  Aug.  27,  Hen- 
rietta, 26y. 

Kemble,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann,  w of  J.  C., 
Aug.  2,  Troy.  Leaves  husband  and 
two  young  children. 

Kennedy,  John,  June  10,  Broadalbin, 
82y.  Leaves  wife  and  several  chil- 

King,  Solomon,  Jr.,  Oct.  28,  Lowville, 
44y.  Leaves  wife  and  four  small 

Lansing,  Mrs.  Laura,  w of  Rev.  D.  C., 
Mar.  6,  Utica,  37y. 

Mairs,  Mrs.  Mary,  w of  Job  J.,  Mar. 
1,  Utica,  29y. 

Martin,  Cyrus,  Sept.  26,  Guilford,  Vt., 

Martin,  Eliza  Lucretia,  only  dau.  of 
Willard,  Apr.  4,  Guilford,  lly. 

Molton,  Hon.  William,  Major  in  Rev- 
olution, July  5,  Butler,  77y. 

Monroe,  James,  July  4,  New  York 
iCity,  72y.  (James  Monroe,  Presi- 
dent of  the  U.  S.  from  1817-1825.) 

Morey,  Mrs.  Lucy,  dau.  of  Salmon. 
Lusk,  Mar.  14,  New  Hartford,  34y. 

Munson,  Horace  Wm.,  Dec.  17,  1830, 
Salisbury,  29y. 

Murray,  Ichabod,  native  of  Conn.,  a 
Revolutionary  soldier,  Aug.  16, 
Harrisburg,  78y(?),  b Aug.  16, 

Murray,  Mrs.  Sarah,  w of  Joel,  Jan. 
1,  Sennett,  34y.  . 

Palmer,  Abigail,  w of  Joshua,  Oct.  3, 
31  y. 

Palmer,  Cornelia  Jane,  dau.  of  Josh- 
ua, Oct.  10,  New  Hartford,  6m. 

Parker,  Samuel,  June  9,  Roxbury, 
Mass.,  54y.  Husband  and  parent. 

Pendell,  Elisha,  Dec.  17,  1830,  52y. 

Philips,  Aaron,  in  many  principal 
battles  of  Revolution,  Nov.  21,  Nor- 
wich, 74y. 

Potter,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  w .of  David, 
Mar.  19,  Salisbury,  68y. 

Ransom,  Grin,  Dec.  16,  1830,  42y. 

Russell,  Polly,  w of  Jonathan,  June 
25,  Spafford,  recently  part  of  Mar- 
celluis,  57y.  Leaves  her  aged  con- 

sort, 3 sons  and  3 daughters. 

Sabin,  Mrs.  Lucy,  w of  Pliny,  dau.  of 
Simeon  Hopson,  Jan.  4,  Mexico,  35 
y.  Leaves  6 children. 

Sanger,  Richard  W.,  son  of  late  Rev. 
Sanger  of  Bridgewater,  Jan.  1, 
Clinton,  53y. 

Sarvay,  William,  eldest  son  of  Rufus, 
June  6,  Hoosick,  4y.  Virginia  pap- 
ers please  give  publicity. 

Scott,  John,  son  of  Eleazer,  May  20, 
Herkimer,  4y. 

Skidmore,  Daniel,  Oct.  4,  Norfolk, 

Skinner,  Nancy,  w of  Rev.  Warren, 
Jan.  20,  Cavendish,  Vt.,  36y.  Her 
infant  dau.,  Sarah  Augusta,  d Dec. 
23,  1830.  She  left  seven  children. 

Sloan,  James,  Member  of  Congress 
from  New  Jersey,  a Quaker,  then 
Universalist,  Sept.  7,  at  residence 
of  Mr.  Partridge,  Elmira,  82y. 

Smith,  Horatio  Ross,  son  of  Eikana'h, 
Oct.  17,  Horse'heads,  18y. 

Smith.  Mr.s.  Sophia,  w of  Elisha,  dau. 
of  Abiel  and  Olive  Harding,  Mar. 
19,  Barre.  Left  a numerous  family. 

Sperry,  Elias,  July  22,  Mesopotamia, 
Trumbull  Co.,  Ohio,  41y.  Left  wife, 
5 children  and  aged  father. 

Sprague,  William,  Dec.  29,  1830,  at 
residence  of  James  Mears  in  El- 
bridge,  47y. 

Stebbins,  Mrs.  Ruth,  wid.  of  Judah, 
Dec.  12,  1830,  83y.  Funeral  service 
held  for  her  and  her  grandson. 

Stebbins,  Thomas  R.,  son  of  William, 
Dec.  11,  1830,  3y. 

Stetson,  Lucinda,  dau.  of  Joel  and 
Tryphena,  Apr.  3,  Sangerfield,  15y. 

Swan,  Ann  Edmonds,  w of  Timothy, 
only  dau.  of  David  Merrill  of  Maul- 
ins,  Oct.  24,  Bethel,  Me.,  30y. 

Toothaker,  Dr.  Roger,  native  of-  Bil- 
lerica, Mass'.,  served  7 yrs.  in  the 
Revolution,  Dec.  8,  Trenton,  S7y. 
Middlesex  County  and  Northern 
Vermont  papers  please  copy. 

Tower,  Elizabeth,  w of  J.  H.,  dau.  of 
William  and  Polly  Stebbins,  Jan. 
11,  Clinton,  22y. 

Tufts,  Mary  Bond,  2nd  dau.  of  Sam- 


KSjJfJ  »V . . ; 







uel,  Aug.  29,  Remsen,  17y. 
Underwood,  Alzina,  w of  Edgar,  Sept. 
10,  21y.  Funeral  in  Litchfield. 

Leaves  husband  and  infant. 
Wetmore,  Cyrus,  Apr.  29,  Leyden,  31 
y.  Leaves  widow  and  three  'babes. 
Wheeler,  Jacob,  early  settler  in  Pem- 
broke, Aug  21,  49y. 

Wheelock,  Lewis,  early  settler  at 
‘Clinton,  Dec.  24,  1830,  66y. 
Whipple,  ELazer,  Oct.  23,  1830,  Rich- 
field, 41y.  Left  wife  and  children. 

Wilbur,  Aarom,  July  21,  Trenton,  78y. 
Commission  in  Revolution. 

Willard,  George,  son  of  Silas,  May 
4,  4y. 

Willard,  Henry,  son  of  Silas,  Apr.  28, 
Newport,  2y. 

Willard,  Olive,  \v  of  Silas,  dau.  of 
Henry  Ellison,  May  29,  25y.  Left 
an  infant. 

Wrilson,  Robert,  June  5,  German  Flats 
Left  widow  and  children. 

Tombstone  Inscriptions 

Maple  Hill  Cemetery,  North.  Darien,  N.  Y. 

Tombstone  inscriptions  combined  with  superintendent’s  records  of  burials. 
* Data  from  stone  and  book.  S Data  from  stone  only.  No  mark — Data  from 
book  only.  Name  is  followed  by  date  of  burial,  the  age,  residence  at  time  of 
dealh,  number  of  years  a resident,  former  residence,  birthplace,  last  attend- 
ing physician  and  clergyman. 

Lot  77 — Harrison  Brown 
♦Harris  on  Brown,  Jan.  29,  1856,  37 
y.  Darien. 

Sarah  Brown,  Dec.  2,  1860,  8 yrs. 

Mrs.  Harrison  Brown,  May  8,  1895. 
Lot  77 — South  Half 
Louis  Delano 

♦Many.  G.  Delano,  Sept.  3,  1822- 
Nov.  21,  1862.  Brantford,  C.W.  Darien. 

Carrie  Delano,  dau.  of  Ellory,  Dec. 
21,  1872,  3m.  Darien. 

♦Lewis  H.  Delano,  Dec.  7,  1819- 
Sept.  15,  1884.  Batavia,  8y.  Darien, 
B in  Caledonia. 

Lot  78 — South  Half 
Milo  Strong 

*Lepha  A.,  wife  of  Milo  Strong, 
Sept.  17,  1876,  30y.  Darien.  Edenibor- 
ough,  Pa.  B in  Chautauqua  Co. 

♦Milo  Strong,  July  25,  1912,  73y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

♦Julia  Colby,  2nd  wife  of  Milo 
Strong,  May  18,  1924,  79y.  Darien.  B 
in  Darien. 

Lot  78 — Benjamin  Lown 
Ada  L.  Lown,  Dec.  31,  1870,  lOy. 
Batavia.  B in  Batavia. 

Benjamin  Lown,  July  4,  1898,  77y. 

Dairinda  E.  Lown,  July  13,  1901,  73 
y.  Batavia. 

Almira  Lown,  Aug,  9,  1902,  Sly. 

Lot  79 — William  Tisdale 
S.  W,  Tisdale,  Nov.  1,  1851,  2y. 

* William  C.  Tisdale,  Jan.  2.  1814- 
July  14,  1888.  Darien.  B in  Connecti- 

♦Mary  E.  W.  Tisdale,  May  19,  1900, 
78y.  Batavia,  3y.  Darien. 

Lot  79 — Ira  Tisdale 
William  Thorpe  Tisdale,  Apr.  17, 
1848,  5y.  B in  Alexander. 

Julia  A.  Tisdale,  May  23,  1873,  24y. 
Darien  24y. 

Homer  L.  Tisdale,  Sept.  22,  1878, 
37y.  Darien.  B in  Alexander. 

Rlhoda,  wife  of  Ira  J.  Tisdale,  Dec. 
11,  1812-Oct.  9,  1886.  Darien.  B in 

Ira  J.  Tisdale,  May  20,  1900,  88y. 
Chicago,  4m.  Darien. 

Lot  81 — Jame*s  Carrington 
Martin  Stillman  Carrington,  Sept. 

11,  1910,  4d.  Alexander. 

Lot  82 — Charles  Welles 
♦George  Wells,  Jan.  16,  1867,  65y. 
Pembroke,  16y.  Barre.  Broadalbin. 

Eddie  Wells,  Feb.  27,  1871,  Sweeks. 

♦Betsey,  wife  of  George  Wells,  July 

12,  1881,  78y.  Pembroke  30y.  Barre 

1 ' 

. • 







■ ~ 

■ 1 ■ 

- * 

1 -~T  JO.1 

t ‘ ' -5  vrv.viS  j 

./i:v  r 3 

. - - ’ 




Charles  Wells,  Aug.  1893,  58y.  Pem- 
broke 40y.  Barre. 

Marie  Rowley  Wells,  Jan.  5,  1925, 
84y.  Hutchinson,  Kan.  Pembroke. 

Lot  83 — James  O.  Bennett 
- Orson  Bennett,  Sept.  23,  1850,  2mo. 

James  0.  Bennett,  Mar.  21,  1865, 
41y.  Corfu,  2y.  Darien.  B in  Auburn. 

Helen  M.  Bennett,  Aug  18,  1908,  79 
y.  Darien. 

Lot  83— North  Half 
Luman  Lathrop 

♦Jerusha,  wife  ,of  Abel  Wheeler, 
July  9,  1857,  91y. 

Clara  Griffith,  Apr.  1900.  Darien. 
Julius  Griffith,  Jan.  15,  1901,  50y. 

Lot  84 — Daniel  Jones 
Daniel  S.  Jones,  June  30,  1873,  64 
y.  Darien. 

Caroline  L.  Jones,  Nov.  25,  1901, 
79y.  Darien. 

Frank  Jones,  Nov.  17,  1912,  61y. 
Bergen.  Darien. 

Lot  85 — Henry  Wilkinson 
Mary  Ann  Wilkinson,  Nov.  21,  1845, 
37y.  Alexander.  B in  New  Milford, 

♦Henrietta,  dau.  of  John  Wilkinson, 
wife  of  John  Innes,  Sept.  9,  1859,  45y. 
Alexander.  B in  New  Milford,  Conn. 

♦John  Wilkinson,  Mar.  3,  1860,  80y. 
Alexander.  B in  New.  Milford,  Conn. 

♦Anna  Wilkinson,  wife  of  John, 

Feb.  2,  1872,  81y.  Alexander.  B in 
New  Milford,  Conn. 

♦Jennie  Wilkinson,  wife  of  Lewis 

J.  Marsh,  Aug.  10,  1878,  28y.  Bethany. 
B in  Alexander. 

♦Plhebe  Wilkinson,  Oct.  14,  1822- 

Aug.  13,  1892.  Batavia.  B in  Batavia. 

♦Henry  Wilkinson,  Mar.  20,  1817- 

Nov.  6,  1892.  Batavia.  Alexander.  B 
in  New  Milford,  Conn. 

. Lot  85— North  Half 
Luther  Brookins 

Clarissa  Brookins,  June,  1849,  36y. 
Alexander.  B in  Johnstown. 

Luther  Brookins,  Feb.  1863,  77y. 

Mrs.  Luther  Brookins.  Mary  A. 

Marvin  W.  Brookins,  Jan.  28,  1899, 
78y.  Alexander  75y. 

Lot  86 — I.  E.  Hickox 

Edwin  Hickox,  Nov.  8,  1896,  78y. 
Alexander.  B in  Middlesex,  Conn. 

William  H.  Northrup,  Sept.  19, 1928 
63y.  Buffalo  63v. 

Lot  86 — South  Half 
Charles  Fish 

Sarah  Fish,  July  20,  1860,  33y.  Dar- 
ien 29y.  Oneida  Co. 

Lot  87 — Joel  R.  Williams 

Sold  to  Rufus  Clark 

Luke  S.  Williams,  June  22,  1865, 
29y.  Springfield,  111.,  3m.  Attica.  B in 
Darien.  Taken  to  Attica  in  1877. 

♦Rufus  Clark,  Mar.  5,  1820-Apr.  15, 
1893.  Darien.  B in  Darien.  Write  me 
as  one  who  loved  his  fellow  men. 

♦Eunice  Wheeler  Clark,  Aug.  5, 
1821-Dec.  26,  1904.  Appleton,  Wis.  9 
y.  Darien. 

Orlando  E.  Clark,  May  20,  1919,  68 
y.  Appleton,  Wis.  B in  Darien. 

Lot  87 — South  Half 
George  Stimers 

♦Lydia,  wife  of  George  Stimers, 
Feb.  22,  1864,  69y.  Darien,  33y. 


Mary  Ghapman  Stimers,  Pembroke. 

Lot  88 — D.  Gunn 

♦Daniel  Gunn,  Jr.,  June  5,  1871,  56 
y.  Darien  48y.  Buffalo.  Onondaga  Co. 

Lot  88— North  Half 
Stephen  Wilber 

Patience  Carpenter,  May  9,  1875, 
94y.  Darien  9 y.  Fairport.  B in  Ad- 
ams, Mass. 

Manly  Wilber,  'Dec:  8,  1879,  43y. 
Darien  14y.  Fairport.  B in  Adams, 

♦Lepha,  wife  of  Stephen  Wilbur, 
Nov.  10,  1892,  82y.  Darien,  28y.  Fair- 
port.  B in  Adams,  Mass. 

♦Stephen  Wilbur,  Jan.  5,  1893,  83y. 
Darien,  28y.  Fairport.  B in  Adams, 

Lot  89 — John  W.  Brown 

Estella  Brown,  Dec.  28,  1891,  39y. 
Jackson,  Mich.  B in  Pembroke. 



•1;»  :il  .n  v.:.'"  b'8  i I 

. ■ 'r  \ ' . . : • k 

' • \l  - • . v - - 

. . . ■ ■ • - . 

-•  '■ 

- . 

,n<  r ‘ 

.TdbtfsXalA  m S 


■ . . - 



♦John  W.  Brown,  June  8,  1893,  76y. 

♦Roxana  Brown,  1818-1897. 

Anfchon  Brown,  Feb.  12,  1913,  64y. 
Batavia.  B in  Pembroke. 

Ina  May  Lawrence,  June  1915,  38y. 

Dudley  M.  Lawrence,  Mar.  29,  1898, 

Theresa  C.  Brown,  Sept.  1917,  70y. 
Batavia.  Michigan.  B in  Pembroke. 

Sarah  Brown  Sawens,  July  16,  1928, 
71y.  B in  Pembroke. 

Maria  Yedder  Brown,  Oct.  7,  1928, 
75y.  Pembroke.  B in  Palatine  Bridge. 
Lot  92 — Livenus  Sawens 
Stella  Sawens,  July  1C,  1865,  5y. 

♦Helen  Sawens,  Dec.  2,  1869,  38y. 
Batavia.  Wife  of  Livenus. 

Alma  Sawens,  Dec.  31,  1869,  12y. 

♦Livenus  Sawens,  Aug.  30,  1898, 
68y.  Batavia.  B in  Darien. 

Duane  P.  Sawens,  Apr.  17,  1928,  62 
y.  Alexander.  B in  Batavia. 

Lot  93 — Edwin  Durham 
Guy  Durham,  July  9,  1868,  ly.  Pem- 

Lot  93 — South  Half 
John  Lincoln 

Alice  May  Lincoln,  Nov.  7,  1S69,  12 
y.  Darien. 

Eva  Lincoln,  Feb.  20,  1871,  9y.  Dar- 

Two  bodies  were  later  taken  to 
Corfu,  and  lot  sold  to 

Homer  Sutherland 
♦Homer  Sutherland,  Apr.  15,  1907, 
88y.  Batavia. 

♦Rachel,  wife  of  Homer  Sutherland, 

Lot  94 — Benjamin  Winans 
♦Hannah,  wife  of  Benj.  Winans, 
May  1,  1856,  43y.  Darien. 

Benjamin  Winans.  Darien. 

Lot  94 — South  Half 
Daniel  Upton 

Rachel  Upton,  June  26,  1856,  22y. 
Batavia.  B in  Batavia. 

LeRoy  Upton,  Mar.  13,  1859,  17y. 
Batavia.  B in  Batavia. 

Removed  to  Batavia.  Lot  sold  to 
Wilson  Frink 

John  Frink,  May  3,  1885,  22y.  Dar- 
ien. B in  Marilla. 

Wilson  Frink,  Apr.  28,  1915,  84y. 

Eliza  Frink,  Apr.  28,  1915,  77y. 

Lot  95 — Winfield  Wyman 

Minnie  Wyman,  May  1866,  8y.  Al- 

Mary  Wyman,  Oct.  12,  1868,  40y. 

Elizabeth  Wyman  Vader,  May  18, 
1890,  40y.  Darien. 

Winfield  Wyman,  May  11,  1910,  87 
y.  Alexander. 

Lot  95 — South  Half 
Samuel  Gillmore 

♦Samuel  Gillmore,  Apr.  27,  1870, 
86y  8m.  Darien  30y.  Westmoreland. 

♦Hannah,  wife  of  Samuel  Gillmore, 
Mar.  28,  1873,  86y.  Darien  33y.  West- 
moreland. Cambridge. 

Lot  96-^-John  Willett 

♦Elizabeth,  wife  of  John  Willett, 
Aug.  24,  1866,  45y.  Pembroke.  B in 

Lot  97 — Delos  Dodson 

♦Samuel  Jackman,  May  8,  1869,  69 
y.  Darien. 

Lot  97 — William  Sawens 

Willie  Sawens,  Jan.  22,  1867,  ly. 
Darien.  1 

♦Amy  R.  Lathrop,  Aug.  25,  1872,  68 
y.  Darien  3y.  Sherburne.  Oxford. 

♦Atossa,  wife  of  William  Sawens, 
Apr.  15,  1829-Nov.  9,  1869.  Darien  50 
y.  Cattaraugus  Co. 

♦William  Sawens,  Apr.  17,  1827- 
Jan.  12,  1916.  Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Lot  98 — Asher  C.  Holmets 

♦Clarry  Holmes,  our  mother,  June 
24,  1800-July  30,  1877.  Darien. 

♦Amy  Bice,  wife  of  Jeremiah,  our 
mother,  Dec.  12,  1876,  55y  3m  26d. 

W.  Mattice. 

Claras  Gilson,  Aug.  10,  1899.  Dari- 
en 23y. 

Asiher  C.  Holmes,  July  9,  1907,  87y. 



/ . A 


■ - v • . ....  ,,{■!  v,.  f 

,'8  »n«t  ;fi  rtrfol* 

,-w.'  , q 

rt  -,i.  i ' ■ !;;>*(. ilr 

, ;[-u.b 

I n&x$\A  .% 

- i ,6  -/  . l ./n/icnuQ 

- - *■' 



Mary  Holmes,  Jan.  30,  1909,  84y. 

Lot  98 — South  Half 
Willard  Eveleth 

♦Sarah  L.  Eveleth,  wife  of  Wm., 
Apr.  18,  1880,  83y.  Alexander.  Pem- 
broke. B in  Jeffrey,  N.  H. 

Lot  99 — Benjamin  Simonds 

John  Russel  Simonds,  Oct.  12,  1851, 
2y.  Alexander. 

Charles  Brooks,  Mar.  26,  1869,  22y. 
Darien  lly.  B in  England. 

Willis  Simonds,  Sept.  28,  1872,  16y. 
Darien.  B in  Darien. 

♦Elder  William  Broobs,  Feb.  12, 
1888,  76y.  Phelps.  Aurora.  B in  Maid- 
stone, Eng.  For  fifty  years  a faithful 
minister  of  Jesus  Christ. 

Caroline  Wickings,  wife  of  Elder 
Brooks,  Mar.  27,  1890,  80y.  Geneva. 
Phelps.  B in  Staplehurst,  Eng.  Chil- 
dren buried  in  England  and  Australia. 

George  Elbert  Simonds,  son  of  B. 
C.  and  A.  H.,  Oct.  12,  1851,  5y. 

♦Almira  H.  Simonds,  Mar.  3,  1893, 
69y.  Darien  39v.  Alexander.  B in  Dar- 

♦Benjamin  C.  Simonds,  Oct.  27, 
1903,  86%y.  Darien  60y.  B in  Geneseo 

Frank  W.  Simonds,  Apr.  11,  1917, 
64y.  Darien.  B in  Alexander. 

Lot  100 — M.  D.  Simonds 

Merritt  D.  Simonds,  Jan.  6,  1929, 
68y.  Darien.  B in  Darien. 

Elder  Arad  P.  Moore,  Aug.  30, 1908, 

70y.  DeKalb,  111.  Darien.  B fn  Conesus. 

Martha  A.,  wife  of  Arad  P.  Moore, 
Jan.  26,  1916,  77y.  Darien.  DeKalb. 
B in  Bethany. 

Lot  103 — Henry  M.  Choate 
Henry  M.  Choate,  Nov.  29,  1915,  65 
y.  Batavia. 

Elizabeth  Choate,  Sept.  22,  1915, 82 
y.  Pembroke.  Darien. 

Lot  104 — Charles  Allen 
Amanda  E.  Allen,  Sept.  1,  1914,  69 
y.  Grand  Valley,  Pa.  Darien. 

Charles  D.  Allen.  Dec.  12,  1814,  68 
y.  Grand  Valley,  Pa.  Darien. 

s Hilan  S.  Whatson,  Nov.  5,  1843,  24y 
s John  Burr,  July  15,  1871,  72y. 
s Charles  Gowin,  son  of  Rodney  and 
Rebecca,  Apr.  13,  1842,  6m. 

Soldiers  Graves  in  Maple  Hill 

Copied  from  a list  in  Cemetery 
Record  Book. 

Dr.  Daniel  Garfield,  Rev.,  D 1849,  94 
Vine  Hibbard,  Rev.,  D 1850,  91y. 
Thomas  Bigford,  1812,  D 1377,  103y 
William  Weston,  1812,  D 1874,  86y. 
Eben  Strong,  1812,  D 1843,  49y. 
Thomas  Johns,  1812,  D 1829,  69y. 
Griffith  Johns,  1812,  D 1888,  93y. 
Oliver  Harper,  1812,  D 1852,  74y. 
1861 — E.  A.  Hill,  Levant  Doane, 
Edgar  Rudd,  Albert  Gowing,  K.  Tis- 
dall,  R.  Finley,  Edwin  Innes,  Geo.  W. 
Carter,  Hiram  C.  Smith,  Dan  Johns. 


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M da.  - 



7;  >*V.  ' 

# 08  <3(  G •: 



' ••  ...  ■ 




Records  from  Granville,  N.  Y. 

Dates  of  Birth 

Capt.  Ebenezer  Gould,  b Aug.  9, 
1755,  and  his  wife,  Rnoda,  b Mar.  30, 
1755,  at  Killiingly,  Conn.,  recorded  the 
following  births  of  their  children  in 
the  books  of  the  Town  Clerk  at  Gran- 

Abigail,  Sept.  8,  1775;  Amos,  Sept. 
4,  1777;  Daniel,  Jan.  25,  1779;  Mary, 
Sept.  25,  1780:  Ebenezer,  June  16, 
1782;  Martha,  Nov.  28,  1783;  Rhoda, 
Nov.  28,  1785;  Tema,  Aug.  30,  1787; 
Eleanor,  Mar.  20,  1789;  Miilieent, 

Apr.  22,  1790;  Joseph,  June  16,  1791; 
Jonathan  and  David,  Apr.  7,  1793; 
Appama,  Sept.  7,  1794;  Fidelia  and 
Fayette,  June  5,  1796. 

Town  officers  in  1804  were  John 
Allen,  Isaac  Bishop,  Abram  Bishop, 
Rufus  Backus,  Minard  Bogart,  Moses 
Buckley,  John  Backus,  Obadiah  Bow- 
en, Alpiheus  Baker,  Cyrel  Carpenter, 
Joseph  Crippen,  Amos  Carpenter,  Jo- 
seph Congdon,  Asaplh  Cook,  Capt.  Jo- 
seph Chandler,  Moses  Chandler,  Da- 
vid Doane,  Noah  Day,  Elias  Dayton, 
John  Duel,  Joseph  Dillingham,  James 
Draper,  Charles  Everts,  Elihu  Everts, 
Elias  Eggleston,  Adonijah  Foot,  Ben- 
jamin Force,  Ebenezer  Gould,  Jr., 
Daniel  Gordon,  Benajah  Hill,  Jacob 
Holmes,  Samuel  Hough,  James  Ham- 
ilton, Silvanus  Holbey,  Ebenezer 
Hitchcock,  Joshua  Harnden,  John 
Kirtland,  Nathan  Law,  James  Merritt, 
Josiaih  Merchant,  Asa  Northum,  Fran- 
cis Neediham,  Thomas  Perrin,  Chris- 
topher Potter,  Nathaniel  Pike,  Asa 
Reynolds,  Robert  Rood,  Kitchel  Reed, 
Asa  Rood,  Reuben  Skinner,  Jonathan 
Steel,  Jeremiah  Spicer,  Derick  Smith, 
Samuel  Standio-h,  Joal  Streeter,  Alex- 
ander Stone,  Eleazer  Smith,  Jr.,  Rial 
Tracy,  Benjamin  Town,  Joseph  P.  Up- 
ham,  Amos  Utter,  Jonathan  Wright, 
Ebenezer  Walker,  Solomon  Williams, 
Jjhn  Williams,  Richard  Wheat. 

Vo-ted — “That  the  overseers  of  the 
poor  he  directed  to  examine  into  the 

circumstances  of  A B , and 

if  they  shall  think  that  he  needs  as- 
sistance of  the  Town,  to  purchase  a 
cow  lor  his  use  the  ensuing  year.” 

Twe  Officers  in  1806  were  John 
Alles,  Nehemiah  Allen,  Abram  Bish- 
op, Charles  Bulkeley,  Jonathan  Brown, 
Peter  Boyce,  Henry  Beckwith,  John 
Bentley,  Cyrel  Carpenter,  Amos  Car- 
penter, Samuel  Clark,  Darius  Clark, 
Joseph  Crippen,  David  Doane,  Noah 
Day,  David  Demmon,  Isaac  Doty, 
Cornelius  Dutcher,  William  Dilling- 
ham,, Joseph  Doty,  JonatTian  Day, 
Charles  Everts,  Elihu  Everts,  Adon- 
ijah Foot,  William  Foster,  Jr.,  Sam- 
uel Hough,  Lewis  Hatch,  Iviah  Ham- 
den, Ebenezer  Hitchcock,  John  Kirt- 
land, Zsbulon  Kinyon,  Jept’ha  Lewis, 
Aain®  Loomis,  Asa  Mosher,  Josiah 
MarrMnt,  Eli  Murdock,  Asa  North- 
um, Tiibbets  Notrthrup,  Francis  Need- 
ham, Jacob  Prouty,  Asa_  Reynolds, 
William  Raymond,  Asa  Rood,  Thomas 
RohMee,  Jonathan  Steel,  Jeremiah 
Spksr,  Derrick  Smith,  James  Smith, 
Abner  Spencer,  Alexander  Stone,  Eb- 
enezer Smith,  Amos  Savage,  Joseph 
Town,  Joseph  Tanner,  Joseph  P.  Up- 
ham,  Stephen  Walker,  Jonathan 
Wright,  Roger  Wing,  Cornelius  Whit- 
ney, James  Whitney,  Pliney  Whit- 

Ear  Marks  Registered 

In  1788  the  following  persons  reg- 
istered ear  marks  for  their  cattle — 
Andrew  Sharp,  Kitchel  Reed. 

1789 —  A.  Chapman,  H e z e k i a h 
Brown,  Abraham  Bishop,  David 

1790 —  Abraham  Reed,  Daniel  Cur- 
tice, Amos  Wilson,  Scottoway  Whit- 
comb, Stephen  Curfcits,  William  East- 
man, Jonathan  Steel,  Alien  Adams, 
Benjamin  Baker. 

1791  — Solomon  Williams,  Hosea 
Crippin,  Solomon  Baker,  Manuel  Tru- 
air,  Tristram  Brown. 




’’  '•  -i.i* 


* ^ • fiJ  •>:  8 h 



Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

The  Obituary  and  Marriage  Records  are  copied  from  early  Buffalo  news- 
papers, and  are  now  published  through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical 
Society.  The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

Candler,  Hannah  C.,  w of  Capt.  Will- 
iam, Jan.  13,  1839. 

Canfield,  Hannah,  w of  Jared,  dau. 
of  Robert  Hough,  May  2,  1862,  36y. 

Canfield,  Horace,  Apr.  23,  1866,  72y. 
D at  Canandaigua,  b in  Buffalo. 

Canfield,  Sylvester,  Sacramento,  Cal., 
Sept.  8,  1852. 

Cannell,  William  H.,  son  of  Thomas, 
July  15,  1858,  26y. 

Cantwell,  Margaret,  Nov.  10,  1860, 


Canty,  Catherine,  w of  John  C.,  July 
10,  1866. 

Card,  James,  father  of  William,  Aug. 
27,  1852. 

Card,  William,  Jan.  21,  1860,  41y. 

Carey,  Clarissa,  w of  Murray  B.,  Dec. 
23,  1861,  41y. 

Carhart,  Nancy  H.,  w of  Jeremiah, 
dau.  of  Niles  Jerauld  of  Eden,  Mar. 
30,  1847,  27y. 

Carl,  Jane  Eliza,  w of  Peter,  dau.  of 
Jacob  Lyons,  Apr.  3,  1849,  21y.  D 
in  Herkimer  County. 

Carlisle,  Mrs.  Mary,  Sept.  20,  1857, 

Carmichael,  Henry  S.,  Dec.  26,  1866, 
41y.  D in'  New  York  City. 

Carpenter,  Carnot,  son  of  William  A., 
an  artist,  Dec.  27,  1853,  33y. 

Caapenter,  George  W.,  24  Cavalry, 
Sept.  2,  1864,  27y.  D at  City  Point. 

Carpenter,  Harriet,  w of  John,  Wales, 
Feb.  22,  1831,  36y. 

Carpenter,  Hezekiah  H.,  Jan.  1,  1849, 
48y.  Formerly  of  Le  Roy.  . 

Carpenter,  John  H.,  Jan.  21,  1863,  44y 

Carpenter,  Joseph,  Holland,  Feb.  13, 
1846,  25y,  Son  of  Isaac  of  Frank- 

Carpenter,  Samuel  E.,  June  18,  1854, 

Carpenter,  Mrs.  Sarah,  Lancaster, 
Jan.  24,  1847,  71y. 

Carpenter,  Miss  Susan  Harriet,  dau. 
of  John,  Wales,  Dec.  25,  1853,  20y. 

Carpenter,  Thurstone,  Lancaster,  Jan, 

11.  1863,  42y. 

Carpenter,  William  Allison,  Dec.  25, 
1858,  78y. 

Carr,  Abraham,  Feb.  27,  1847,  39y. 

Carr,  Elder  Clark,  Concord,  Mar.  13, 
1854,  88y. 

Carr,  Delia  Ann,  w of  Clark  M.,  Nov. 
22,  1839,  30y. 

Carr,  Isabel,  w of  E.  M.,  Aug.  27. 
1867,  49y.  Formerly  manager  of 
National  Theater,  New  York  City. 

Carr,  John,  Nov.  14,  1814,  40y. 

Carr,  Sylvia,  w of  George,  Mar.  28, 
1850,  47y. 

Carr,  William,  oldest  eon  of  Charles, 
May  9,  1866,  29y. 

Carrier,  Elizabeth,  w of  David,  Evans, 
Dec.  1855,  ?8y. 

Carroll,  Edward,  Co.  F,  4th  Reg., 
Mass.  Vol.,  Aug.  31,  1863,  18y. 
From  Foxborough,  Mass. 

Carroll,  Julia,  w of  Thomas,  Jan.  5, 
1867,  56y. 

Carroll,  Sarah,  Mar.  12/  1853,  27y. 

Carroll,  William,  Dec.  4,  1863,  29y. 

Carruthers,  Sarah,  w of  George,  May 
9,  1852,  48y. 

Carson,  Mrs.,  Mar.  20,  1862. 

Carsons,  Isaiah,  Nov.  4,  1854,  44y. 

Carswell,  Susan  P.,  w of  Allen,  m of 
Mrs.  Walter  Reeves,  July  10,  1862, 

Cartwright,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann,  m of  E., 
Sept.  1,  1867,  77y.  From  Derbyshire, 

Cartwright,  William,  from  Shropshire, 
Eng.,  Colden,  May  23,  1854,  74y. 

Carver,  Julia,  w of  Lafayette,  Aurora, 
Dec.  7,  1833,  22y. 

Cary,  Calvin,  Eden,  Dec.  30,  1813. 
Killed  in  Black  Rock  Battle. 

Cary,  Mr.  C.  R.,  merchant,  June  11, 

Cary,  Demareus,  wid.  of  Asa,  Boston, 
Apr.  17,  1863,  91y. 

Cary,  Jeremiah,  Dec.  16,  1865. 

Cary,  Orphana,  w of  Truman,  Boston, 
Apr.  28,  1864. 









Cary,  Recompense,  Revolutionary  Sol- 
dier, Lancaster,  Jan.  13,  1837,  81y. 
Caiy,  Rich,  Revolutionary  and  War  of 
1812,  Boston,  Nov.  29,  1841,  84y. 
Caryl,  3enj.,  Nov.  8,  1856,  83y. 

Caryl,  Catharine,  w of  Jonathan, 
Eden,  Aug.  1845,  76y. 

Caryl,  Lucian  W.,  M.  D.,  Fredonia, 
Apr.  13,  1837,  31y. 

Caryl,  Susanna,  w of  Capt.  Benj.,  Mar. 

I,  1846,  69y. 

Caryl,  Dr.  William  Oscar,  Fredonia, 
Aug.  28,  1837,  25y. 

Case,  Betsey,  dau.  of  Maj.  Manning 
Case,  Apr.  3,  1829,  20 v. 

Case,  Elizabeth  Ann,  w of  Hugh  M., 
Crittenden,  May  30,  1861,  33y. 
Cose,  Harriet,  w of  S.  S.,  Aug.  22, 

Case,  James  A.,  son  of  Jos.  G.,  Nov. 

6,  1858,  36y.  D in  Utica. 

Case,  Lucy,  wid.  of  Maj.  Manning 
Case,  Jan.  11,  1861,  83y. 

Case,  Maj.  Manning,  Oct.  29,  1843, 

Case,  Margaret,  w of  Whitney  A., 
dau.  of  Isaac  D.  Felthouisen  of 
Schenectady,  Jan.  10,  1851,  25y. 
Case,  Orange  of  Montieeilo,  Aug.  25, 

1849,  23y. 

Casey,  Betsey,  m of  Mrs.  James  Dem- 
arest,  N ;v.  3,  1851,  75y. 

Casey,  Edward,  Sept.  8.  1863,  31y. 
Cash,  John  P.,  son  .of  Whiting,  Evans, 
Aug.  20,  1849,  22y.- 
Cash,  Persis,  \v  of  Whiting,  Evans, 
Aug.  27,  1864,  71y. 

Cash,  Whiting,  Dec.  1867,  75y. 

Caskey,  Jos:ph,  Master  of  Schooner 
Atlanta,  Aug.  18,  1834,  35y. 
Cassidy,  Bernard,  Amherst,  Mar.  2, 

1850,  45y.  ' 

Cassidy,  John,  Sept.  21,  1850,  33y. 
Castine,  Jane,  colored  woman,  June  1, 
1830,  119y.  B at  Nine  Partners,  N. 

Y.,  1711. 

Castle,  Hiram  S.,  June  3,  1855,  32y. 
Castle,  Phoebe,  from  Connecticut,  May 

II,  1843,  58y. 

Castleton,  Rev.  John,  Griffins  Mills, 
May  22,  1862,  Sly. 

Caswell,  Dominico,  known,  as  Sandy, 

June  11,  1848. 

Caswell,  William  R.,  Alden,  Sept.  7, 


Catlin,  Rev.  Oren,  East  Evans,  Aug. 
11,  1849. 

Candeil,  Rev.  John,  Mar.  1,  1863. 
Caughey,  David  V.,  Aug  13,  1866,  47 
y.  D in  Erie,  Pa. 

Coughlin,  Miss  Sally,  Aurora,  May  6, 
1838,  22y. 

Cavanah,  Ann,  w of  John,  Oct.  8, 

1866,  51y. 

Chadduck,  Mrs.  VanDyke,  w of  Dayid 
S.,  July  14,  1855,  51y. 

Chaffee,  Ezra,  Boston,  Sept.  7,  1858, 

Chalk,  Mrs.  Amy,  Sept.  21,  1863,  68y. 
Chalk,  John  S.,  Nov.  13,  1832,  38y. 
Chalker,  Mary,  wid.  of  Randolph  W. 

of  Guilford,  Conn.,  Oct.  14,  1848. 
Chamberlain,  A.,  Sept.  3,  1858,  46y. 
Chamberlain,  A.  I.,  Dec.  19,  1854,  49y. 
Chamberlain,  Alonzo,  Oct.  10,  1858, 
36y,  6m. 

Chamberlain,  Catherine,  w of  Jona- 
than, Aug.  15,  1860,  30y. 
Chamberlain,  David,  Nov.  29,  1852, 
53y.  D in  Louisville,  Clay  Co.,  111. 
Chamberlain,  Mr.  D.  P.  H.,  Aug.  11, 
1856,  20y,  4m.  D in  Charleston,  S.C. 
Chalmberlain,  Hannahfw  of  Sylvester, 
Dec.  20,  1851,  65y. 

Chuimberlain,  Capt.  Plorace  P.,  son  of 
Sylvester,  Feb.  4,  1838,  23y.  In  Tex- 
an Army.  D at  Galveston  Is.,  Texas. 
Chamberlain,  Hunting  S.,  Nov.  20, 

1867,  56y. 

Chamlberlain,  John,  Sr.,  June  1,  1867, 

Chamberlain,  Luther,  Alden,  Aug.  31, 
1833,  50y. 

Chamberlain,  Merritt,  July  30,  1835, 
23y.  Late  of  Fo-restvilh. 
Chamberlain,  Sylvester,  July  14,  1862, 

Chamberlin,  Asahel,  Dec.  6,  1828,  38y. 
Chamberlin,  Lydia,  w of  Asahel,  July 
8,  1853,  34y. 

Chamberlin,  R.  B.,  Oct.  30,  1843.  D in 
Mobile,  Ala.  Late  steward  of  Steam- 
er “New  World.” 







Marriage  Records 

Adams,  Henry  S.  and  Flavia  Ford, 
May  23,  1871. 

Adams,  James  and  Catherine  D.  Si- 
monds,  Aug.  4,  1852. 

Adams,  James  H.  and  Rosanna  House, 
Dec.  19,  1824. 

Adams,  Jane  and  William  Reid,  Aug. 
12,  1852. 

Adams,  Jennie  Hyde  and  Hosea  Web- 
ster, Oct.  9,  1884. 

Adams,  Jennie  M.  and  Charles  Muns, 
Apr.  18,  1861. 

Adams,  John  C.  and  Mary  H.  Web- 
ster, June  18,  1884. 

Adams,  John  J.  and  Harriet  Bacon, 
Sept.  8,  1836. 

Adams,  Joseph  and  Sophia  Buntom, 
Dec.  28,  1845. 

Adams,  Julia  G.  and  David  B.  Jew- 
ett, Dec.  4,  1836. 

Adams,  Kate  and  Dr.  W.  H.  Heath, 
Jan.  3,  1883. 

Adams,  Lloyd  and  Caroline  Tripp, 
Apr.  22,  1838. 

Adams,  Lyons  and  Eliza  Butterfield, 
Aug.  13,  1829. 

Adams,  M.  A.  and  B.  F.  White,  July 
11,  1883. 

Adams,  Maria  E.  and  Stephen  G. 
Phillips,  July  2,  1849. 

Adams,  Mary  Ann  and  Henry  Petford, 
Nov.  14,  1853. 

Adams,  Mary  E.  and  William  D.  Ma- 
son, Dec.  30,  1873. 

v Adams,  Mary  Elizabeth  and  George 
Weir,  Jr.,  Nov.  2,  1847. 

Adams,  Mary  M.  and  Richard  A. 
Townsend,  Dec.  19,  1860. 

Adams,  Melita  and  Milan  Adams, 
Mar.  14,  1827. 

Adams,  Millie  E.  and  Daniel  Hannan, 
Nov.  14,  1878. 

Adams,  Mortimer  and  Fanny  Alger, 
May  20,  1846. 

Adams,  Nehemiah  and  Lydia  Seger, 
Dec.  31,  1829. 

Adams,  Nelson  and  Adaline  Gilbert, 
Aug.,  1824. 

Adams,  Nora  R.  and  D.  C.  Darling, 
Oct.  31,  1883. 

Adams,  Orrin  and  Louisa  M.  Bowen, 

May  12,  1853. 

Adams,  Sally  and  Pheletus  “S.  War- 
ren, Mar.  3,  1831. 

Adams,  Samuel  E.  and  Ruth  L.  Bug- 
bee,  Oct.  14,  1839. 

Adams,  Sarah  and  Thomas  Cogswell, 
Feih.  18,  1819. 

Adams,  Sheldon  and  Susan  Ingells, 
May  2,  1852. 

Adams,  Sibel  and  Abram  Holenbeck, 
Jan.  29,  1835. 

Adams,  Susie  E.  and  John  D.  L:ib, 
June  3,  1867.  ' 

Adams,  T.  T.  and  Mary  E.  Robinson, 
Aug.  17,  1845. 

Adams,  Thomas  and  Mary  Higinboth- 
am,  Sept.  4,  1849. 

Adams,  Thomas  D.  and  Eveline  Til- 
den,  Oct.  17,  1838. 

Adams,  Til-lie  G.  and  Webster  Wright, 
Sept.  17,  1868. 

Adams,  William  H.  and  Annie  A. 
Wheeler,  Jan.  17,  1861. 

Adamy,  Alvah  A.  and  Annie  C.  Mc- 
Master,  Nov.  14,  1876. 

Ades,  John  and  Anna  Shepherd,  June 
30,  1848. 

Addicks,  Annie  and  George  L.  Will- 
iams, May  26,  1868. 

Addington,  Frances  S.  and  William 
H.  Votsburgih,  May  26,  1863. 

Addington,  Mary  M.  and  William  H. 
Brown,  Oct.  3,  1849. 

Addington,  Hawkshurst  and  Huldah 
Abbott,  Feb.  1,  1818. 

Addus,  Alexander  and  Mary  P.  Allen, 
July  5,  1866. 

Adington,  Emeline  H.  and  Capt.  S. 
S.  Jones,  Jan.  15,  1845. 

Adler,  Fannie  and  Jacob  Garson,  Feb. 
13,  1884. 

Adler,  M.  A.  and  Eliza  De  Witt,  June 
16,  1884. 

Adriance,  John  and  Susan  Lapp,  Sept. 
4,  1862. 

Adriance,  Libbie  and  Fred  Sandrock, 
Sept.  14,  1865. 

Adsit,  Fanny  and  Henry  Bull,  June 
26,  1872. 

Adsit,  John  0.  and  M.  Louise  Brown, 
June  24,  1875. 



- ' >f  ' :*  A . 


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Agard,  Eliza  G.  and  Delos  A.  Wins- 
low, Aug.  22.  1861. 

Agard,  Lucinda  and  Hosea  P.  Ostran- 
yer,  Feb.  29,  1844. 

Agard,  Will  F.  and  Cora  M.  Cutter, 
Oct.  30,  1883. 

Agard,  William  H.  and  M.  C.  Bennett, 
Feb.  17,  1848. 

Agars,  Melissa  A.  and  Marvin  W. 

Field,  Apr.  23,  1863. 

Agin,  Nancy  and  David  Donaly,  June 

25,  1846. 

Agins,  Rosa  C.  and  Ellis  S.  Ferris, 
Aug.  8,  1872. 

Agthe,  Fred  W.  C.  and  Agnes  Quad- 
lander,  Oct.  6,  1884. 

Ahenn,  Aggie  B.  and  Samuel  G. 

Meech,  Nov.  17,  1868. 

Abern,  Julia  and  Thomas  J.  O’Brien, 
June  16,  1875. 

Ahorn,  Kate  and  John  C.  Eagan,  June 
1,  1868. 

Ah'er,  David  and  Ettie  Loser,  Apr. 

26,  1881. 

Ahlquinn,  Fred  and  Johnson  Valen- 
tine, Oct.  22,  1884. 

Ahner,  Kate  P.  and  Charles  D.  Shoe- 
craft,  Nov.  28,  1878. 

Ahr,  Louis  and  Mrs.  Annie  Roth 
Schermerhorn,  Aug.  11,  1884. 
A'hreniberg,  Louisa  and  Augustus  V. 

Schumann,  Oct.  31,  1884. 

Aiguier,  Emily  Frances  and  Thomas 

Kennett,  Aug.  10,  1837. 

Aiken,  Heppie  and  James  W.  Tilling- 
hast,  July  14,  1881. 

Aiken,  Mathew  and  Jane  Montgom- 
ery, Feb.  15,  1864. 

Aikin,  Arthur  B.,  M.  D.,  and  Mary  F. 
Mitchell,  Sept.  1,  1869. 

Aikin,  Mary  and  Andrew  De  Witt, 
July  19,  1828. 

Ailten,  Ellen  and  James  McViear,  Ju- 
ly 13,  1884. 

Ainsworth,  Amelia  M.  and  J.  J.  Dun- 
bar, Mar.  28,  1867. 

Ainsworth,  Cynthia  and  John  Smith, 
Jan.  4,  1866. 

Ainsworth,  John  and  Oliye  Averyf 
Jan.  28,  1868. 

Aithen,  Mary  A.  and  George  Frank 
McGillicudy,  Dec.  28,  1884. 

Albro,  Emery  D.  and  Mary  Seymour, 
May  1,  1825. 

Albro,  George  A.  and  Anna  H.  Poll- 
ard, May  5,  1876. 

Albro,  Harriet  C.  and  John  Benson, 
June  27,  1844. 

Albro,  James  and  Eliza  Cobb,  June 
2,  1846. 

Albro,.  Jane  and  William  F.  Best,  Feb. 
8,  1842. 

Albro,  Mary  and  Amos  S.  Gregory, 
Apr.  27,  1853. 

Albro,  R.  J.  and  Francina  Barnett, 
May  3,  1871. 

The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  which  are 
capitalized.  Those  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  enve- 
lope with  all  queries. 

DA /ID  SMITH,  1757-Feb.  3,  1852, 
ni  Jane  Smith,  1767-Dec.  30,  1850,  dau 
of  Mathias  or  Matthew  Smith  of  Mont- 
rose, Pa.  Their  children  were:  Israel, 
m Betsey  Coo-ihaugh;  Alanson,  m Ma- 
tilda Beach;  David,  unmarried;  Amos, 
m Jemima  Druit  Lockwood;  Jane,  un- 
married, her  sister  mCalvin  Hewitt 
and  lived  in  Towanda,  Pa.;  John  D., 
Feb.  10,  1804-Apr.  11,  1886,  m Jan.  2, 
1830,  Emma  Seymour,  dau  of  Ira  Sey- 
mour, grand-dau  of  Gen.  John  Pater- 

John  D.  and  Emma  Smith  are  bur- 

ied at  Whitney’s  Point,  N.  Y. 

E.  B.  S.,  Kansas. 

SAMUEL  SMITH  of  Spencertown, 
Columbia  Co.,  N.  Y.,  m ABIGAIL 
WRIGHT,  dau.  of  John.  Their  chil- 
dren were:  Daniel,  b Feb.  1775,  Syl- 
vester, Amasa,  Samuel,  Abigail,  m 
Rev.  Elisha  P.  Langworthy  of  Ball- 
ston  Springs;  Lydia  m Luther  Schil- 
ilinger,  and  moved  to  Missouri;  Mercy 
m Henry  Millard;  Polly  m Dr.  Will- 
iam Priest;  Anna  m first  Ruff, 

second  Dr.  Ely  of  Ellisiburg. 

Samuel  Smith  was  a brother  of  Isa- 

IV  W 


• 'i.  - A 


• ■■  . ■ .y$,  1 - j'.o  ^nsimHfsdl 




• . • • ■ v.r  . f 






ac,  Elijah,  Elkanah,  Bial  Silas,  Cor- 
nelius, Rachel  Sally  and  Hannah.  Cor- 
nelius had  a son  Darius  Champion 
Smith,  b Sept.  9,  1794,  at  Plttstown, 
Rensselaer  Co. 

M.  P.  S.,  Washington,  D.  C. 

Would  like  any  information  per- 
taining to  the  estate  and  descendants 
of  Mrs.  Bitcher.  Tradition  states  she 
lhad  millinery  stores  along  the  Hudson 
River,  and  that  her  daughter,  Mrs. 
Mary  Margaret  Crockett,  went  to 
Ohio  with  her  father. 

S.  H.  C.,  Ohio. 

GEORGE  W.  MERRILL  m Emeline 
Emery  in  Pike,  Wyoming  Co.,  in  1833, 
and  moved  to  Utica,  Mich.,  where  he 
died  in  1847.  He  was  a brother  of  Ja- 
cob and  Stephen. 

ALLEN  SAGE,  Sr.,  and  his  w AB- 
IGAIL WILLARD  SAGE.  Would  like 
place  of  burial.  The  1790  census  gives 
Allen  Sage,  Jr.,  at  Bloomfield,  and  an- 
other Allen  Sage  in  Columbia  Co. 

L.  S.  P.,  California. 

WEDGE  or  WEGE,  were  the  parents 
of  Elijah,  b 1810  in  Canandaigua, 
Luther,  John,  Chester,  Orison,  Lyman, 
Marcia,  and  Tirzah,  who  m George 
Mogatt.  Would  like  all  dates  of  birth, 
marriage  and  death  pertaining  to  this 

Did  John  Rose  and  w Keziah  Goss, 
m June  23,  1761,  have  a dau,  Hannah? 
Any  information  pertaining  to  her. 

E.  R.  Starr,  Iowa. 

MINNIERVA  HALE,  b Oct.  8, 1763 
in  Sandersfield,  Mass.,  was  an  early 
settler  in  Sangerfield,  Oneida  Co.  Was 
he  the  son  of  Hezekiah,  s of  Nathan- 

iel, of  Thomas,  of  Samuel,  and  the 
brother  of  Francis  Hale,  Revolution- 
ary Soldier,  who  d in  Pompey? 

WILLIAM  MILLER,  early  settler 
at  Etna,  Tompkins  Co.,  had  a bro. 
Arthur,  and  probably,  John  and  Fran- 

A Baptist  Church  was  organized  at 
William’s  home  on  Feb.  29,  1804.  His 
sons  were  Jesse,  Joseph,  Francis  and 

Was  the  Francis,  named  in  the 
church  members,  the  same  person  list- 
ed in  the  1790  Census  at  Chemung 
Town  ? 

E.  C.  M.,  Indiana. 

In  order  to  make  all  answers  valu- 
able, readers  are  requested  to  give 
references,  that  is,  state  where  you 
obtained  the  information. 

Mrs.  Coddington  of  British  Colum- 
bia very  kindly  answers  a query 
which  was  printed  last  September 

Benjamin  Slocum,  1751-1837,  lived 
in  Gloucester,  R.  I.,  in  1774,  later  at 
Adams,  Mass.,  Macedon,  N.  Y.,  and 
in  1826,  Perrington,  N.  Y. 

He  was  a farmer,  was  buried  at 
Farmington,  m Sarah  Mowry,  dau.  of 
Elisha,  and  ishe  d in  1828.  They  had 
ten  children. 

Benjamin  was  the  son  of  Benjamin 
and  his  second  wife,  Mercy  Smith 
Scott,  grandson  of  Giles  of  Newport 
and  w Mary  Paine,  ggson  of  Samuel, 
living  in  1681,  gggson  of  Giles  of 
Portsmouth,  R.  I.,  and  w Joan;  gggg 
son  of  Phillip  Sloeombe  of  Old  Cieeve, 
Somerset  and  his  w,  Charity  Bick- 
ham,  who  were  m in  1621, 

*\UG  8 " 1935 


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•,  * ' s . . . * 


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■ ■ 


3 S>m  fork  &tat£ 

©Ijdr  Anrt0t0rs  and  Brsmtdants 


VOL.  II  SEPTEMBER,  1935  NO.  3 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 

r " ■ ; - ■'  | 

. ■ 




The  editor  is  not  an  authority  on  coats  of  arms,  and  in  spite  of  con- 
sultation with  those  who  are  considered  to  be  authorities,  there  has  been 
criticism  of  our  first  effort. 

The  desire  for  accuracy  is  uppermost,  therefore  it  seems  best  to  dis- 
continue further  mention  of  coats  of  arms. 


The  month  of  October  will  be  devoted  to  searching  in  different  parts 
of  New  York  State,  and  particularly  in  the  southeastern  part. 

If  you  have  problems  waiting  to  be  solved  with  records  which  may  be 
found,  write  the  editor. 

Special  searching  at  this  time  will  cost  only  fifty  cents  per  hour,  if 
the  desired  search  is  in  a town,  which  we  plan  to  visit. 


Many  subscriptions  expire  with  the  September  number.  If  you  paid 
$2.75  when  you  subscribed,  you  will  know  that  it  is  time  to  renew. 

If  you  wish,  you  may  add  25  cents  for  the  enlarged  magazine  for  the 
past  four  months. 

A check  for  a subscription  was  received  from  a distant  state,  and  with 
it  came  this  letter:  “There  are  many  publications  from  which  I have  re- 
ceived help,  but  I did  not  contribute  anything  to  the  making  of  them. 

. The  libraries  are  filled  with  books  which  have  helped  me,  and  for 
which  I paid  nothing.  I have  completed  all  of  my  own  lines. 

Now,  in  turn,  I am  glad  of  an  opportunity  to  send  my  subscription, 
and  in  this  way  do  my  bit  to  publish  records  which  will  help  others.” 

A New  Jersey  subscriber  writes:  “Enclosed  find  check  for  my  renewal. 
So  far  I have  not  been  helped,  but  I keep  hoping,  and  any  way  I want  to 
feel  that  I am  helping  to  continue  this  work.” 

Every  person,  who  sends  a subscription,  helps  to  continue  the  work 
another  day,  and  he  has  just  that  much  more  chance  of  finding  his  ances- 
tor before  the  record  is  lost  forever. 

The  records  are  waiting,  but  someone  must  find  them. 

The  renewal  of  every  subscriber  is  needed. 


The  activities  for  the  Get-together  Party  will  be  confined  to  Friday, 
September  6,  and  subscribers  are  invited  to  use  our  cabins  either  Thurs- 
day or  Friday  nights. 

10  A.  M.  Friday,  cars  will  leave  promptly  from  the  Akron  Baptist 
church  for  a trip  through  the  Tonawanda  Indian  Reservation  with  Arthur 
C.  Parker,  Director  of  the  Municipal  Museum  at  Rochester,  acting  as  guide. 

12  o’clock,  Noon,  Luncheon  will  be  served  in  the  Baptist  Church. 

Visitors  may  bring  luncheons,  and  eat  in  the  Park. 

2 P.  M.  Opening  of  the  afternoon  meeting  at  the  Akron  High  School. 

Among  the  speakers  for  the  afternoon  are — Robert  W.  Bingham,  Di. 
rector  of  the  Museum  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society,  on  the  Niagara 
Frontier;  Guy  Comfort,  Editor  of  the  Perry  Herald,  on  the  Genesee  Coun- 
try, and  George  C.  Lewis,  a Lockport  attorney,  on  Early  Days  in  Lockport. 

5:30  Dinner  in  the  Baptist  Church. 

7:30  Evening  meeting  at  the  Akron  High  School. 

The  speakers  will  try  to  give  practical  suggestions  on  ways  to  develop 
further  interest  in  forefathers  and  historical  subjects. 

Dr.  Augustus  Shearer,  Librarian  of  the  Grosvenor  Library  at  Buffalo, 
and  Bryant  Fleming,  an  Architect  of  note  will  be  among  the  speakers. 

It  is  hoped  to  have  the  stories  of  ancestry  traced  by  tombstones,  by 
samplers  and  by  a quilt. 

Mrs.  Augustus  Shearer  will  present  the  story  of  the  “Melting  Pot”  by 
singing  in  costume,  folk  songs  of  other  countries  in  the  language  of  that 


The  program  for  the  entire  day  is  just  too  good  to  miss,  so  come  and 
enjoy  it  with  us. 



• . . •:  ■ •:  : . ' ' ; •' 




■yti!  ■ a-  ■ d ■ ooH  . r>mr,  o Si 








Early  Church  Records 

“Names  belonging  to  Elder  Nathan  Tanner’s  Church  at  Bottenkill,” 
now  Greenwich,  N.  Y.,  prior  to  1815. 

If  the  date  of  admission  is  recorded,  it  will  precede  the  name, 
d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

Saratoga,  N,  Y.,  June  9,  1775. 

“A  number  of  Christians,  being 
gathered  together,  as  a church,  to 
walk  in  the  rules  of  the  Gospel,  ac- 
cording to  the  laws  and  ordinances, 
of  God,  and  being  assembled  at  the 
dwelling  house  of  Nathan  Teffts,  at 
a church  meeting  to  act  and  trans- 
act in  the  affairs  of  Christ’s  King- 

On  this  date  the  church  was  or- 
ganized, and  the  following  members 
lived  in  the  South  Patent: 

Barnes,  Joseph  and  Cathrine. 
Brown,  Thomas  and  Isaac. 

Davison,  Ezra. 

Draper,  John,  Martha,  Lydia. 
French,  Elijah,  Lois,  Parker,  George 
Hunt,  William  and  Mary. 

Lanfier,  Hannah. 

Odol,  James. 

Roberds,  Miner,  Abigail,  Permela. 
Smith,  Reuben,  Lois  C.  and  Diada- 

my  who  m Davison. 

Weaver,  Andrew  and  Alfe. 

Members  of  the  Bottenkill  Church 
prior  to  1815: 

Allen,  Nathan  and  w,  Thankful,  d 1803 
Allen,  Asenath. 

Amherst,  Charity. 

3795  Agarde,  James. 

1802  Allen,  Polly. 

Allen,  Simeon  and  Margaret,  d 1810. 
1802  Alger,  John. 

1802  Angel,  Betsey. 

1803  Austin,  Rboda. 

1809  Adams,  Richard,  and  Waite. 

1809  Allen,  Alexander. 

Bently,  Sarah  and  Abigail. 

Burdick,  Tacv  m.  Fuller. 

1782  Burdick,  Rebecca. 

1782  Babcock,  Anna  and  Sarah,  w of 

1782  Bartholomew,  Priscilla. 

1784  Burdick,  Hannah  and  Mary. 

1790  Blanchard,  Elias  and  w,  Mary, 

d 1802. 

1790  Birch,  Benoni,  Benjamin,  Benoni, 

1790  Burdick,  Nathan. 

1790  Baker,  John,  Anna. 

1790  Birch,  Samuel  and  w,  Barberry. 

1790  Butler,  Asa. 

1792  Bennet,  John,  Jesse. 

1794  Bennet,  Richard,  Jabez. 

1794  Butler,  Steven. 

1794  Barber,  Edward,  Smith. 

1794  Brown,  Thomas,  Thomas,  Jr. 

1794  Brunson,  Joseph  and  w,  d 1799. 

1795  Buttoiph,  Isaac. 

Burdick,  Parker. 

1796  Bachelor,  Nshemiah,  d 1799. 
Bennet,  Jnb,  Jesse  and  dau  — Green. 
Bently,  Thomas,  Elisha. 

Berry,  Simeon  and  w,  d 1794. 

Buttles,  Isaac. 

1800  Bates,  Daniel. 

1802  Bennet,  Samuel,  Welthy. 

Bates,  Susannah,  Feb.  2,  1781-  Aug. 
5,  1822. 

1802  Barney,  William  and  w,  Sarah, 

1808  Barber,  Ester,  w of  David. 
Barnes,  Joseph. 

1791  Blancher,  Mary. 

1791  Bennet,  Lydia,  Wealthy,  Bethany 
1791  Baker,  Anna. 

1794  Bently,  Tabitha. 

1794  Barber,  Hannah,  D 1825;  Marian. 
1794  Brunson,  Jemima. 

1794  Bennet,  Oliver,  Cynthia. 

1794  Brown,  Elizabeth. 

1794  Butler,  Kathrine. 

1790  Burch,  Susannah,  Anna,  Jere- 

1790  Bennet,  Haraonaka,  William, 
Martha  m.  Mr.  Gray. 

1790  Burdick,  Susannah. 

1790  Bardsley  or  Bradley,  Deborah, 

Bentley,  Mary,  m Wait,  d 1806. 
Brayford,  Sarah,  d 1806. 

•i  • -i  ' won 






• ..  jrR&  sfen 

...  . 

3 ^ Vi 



1791  Burlingame,  Desire  d 1803. 

1794  Berry,  Thankful,  Nancy. 

1802  Bentley,  Caleb.  Dorcas. 

1808  Bullock,  Richard. 

1801  Barber,  Susannah. 

1804  Barber,  Nelly,  Thankful. 

1808  Barber,  Ester. 

1809  Babcock,  Mary. 

1809  Barnes,  Mary. 

1811  Builock,  Ephriam. 

1814  Brown,  Nelly. 

1814  Bull,-  Mordica  and  w,  Polly. 

1812  Bosworth,  Phebe. 

1813  Bruster,  Abigail. 

1802  Carter,  Asa,  Josiah,  Polly,  Eliza- 

1782  Coon,  Elisha,  James,  Abel. 

Coon,  Bathasheba,  Margaret,  Hannah. 
Clark,  Israel  and  w,  d 1796. 

Cook,  Samuel,  Rachael. 

Crandel,  Reuben,  Caleb. 

Crandel,  Joshua  and  w,  d 1798. 
Oolvert,  John. 

1790  Crandall,  Tacy  m.  Wilcox. 
Crandall,  Ruth  m.  Peterson. 

Crandall,  Lydia,  Joshia,  Hannah,  Es- 

Crandall,  Sophia  m.  Petty. 

Colvert,  Mary  m.  Smith. 

1790  Crandall,  Samuel  and  w,  Rebec- 
ca, d 1802. 

1790  Coffen,  Albert. 

Codner,  Margaret,  Abigail. 

1790  Case,  Elijah  and  w,  ;d  1794. 

1790  Crandal,  Phebe. 

1791  Cushman,  or  Cuffman,  John,  and 

1794  Clark,  Jonathan. 

1791  Case,  Silence. 

1791  Clark,  Lydia,  Mary. 

1791  Crandal,  Lydia,  Sarah. 

1791  Crandal,  Mary,  d 1814,  w of  Jo- 

Cross,  Timothy. 

1797  Crandal,  Asa. 

Cross,  David,  d 1802. 

1795  Cook,  Jacob. 

1795  Clark,  Israel. 

Crandall,  Caleb. 

1802  Cole,  John. 

1808  Cole,  William,  Mehitable. 

1803  Crandall,  EB&aboth. 

1809  Crandall,  Eber,  Maria,  Samuel. 
Simeon,  Ruth,  Lydia. 

1810  Chapman,  Amos,  d 1810. 

1810  Cole,  Curtis. 

1809  Gorey,  Orpha. 

1813  Chamberlin,  Richard,  d 1814. 
1814'  Cole,  Levi  and  w,  Charlotte. 

1814  Culver,  Sally. 

1814  Cloosen,  Hulda,  Nancy. 

Draper,  Lydia,  d 1804.  ^ 

1790  Davis,  Huldah. 

1790  Dickenson,  Hannah,  Samuel,  d 

1776  Dickenson,  Thomas. 

1790  Dunham,  Mary. 

1791  Durke,  James. 

Dexter,  Philo,  Mary. 

Dibble,  Silas,  d 1799. 

Daily,  Parden,  d 1794. 

Dunham,  Joseph. 

1794  Darrow,  Eunice,  d 1804. 

1804"  Davis,  James,  D.  Dec.  1812. 

1809  Dickenson,  Clois. 

1809  Draper,  Solomon. 

1794  Earl,  Sarah. 

1790  Edson,  Abiezer,  and  w,  d 1796. 
1790  Earl,  David  and  Anna,  d 1799. 
1794  ELdredge,  Dorcas,  Sarah. 

1809  Eagleston,  Wilkinson,  D.  March 

1794  Felt,  Joshua,  Mary. 

Fisher,  Jacob. 

1797  Fisher,  Luther,  and  w, Huldah,  d 

1782  Fuller,  Thomas,  Nathaniel,  Jon- 

1804  Forrester,  Sarah. 

1809  Foster,  Allen  and  w. 

1809  Foster,  Polly. 

1809  Fusman,  Ezra. 

1810  Flagler,  Elizabeth,  Jerusha. 

1782  Forster,  William,  Patience. 
Fairchild,  Sarah. 

Flagler,  John. 

1808  Ferrin,  Polly. 

Freeman,  Sarah,  d 1799;  James. 
Fuller,  Mary,  Deborah,  Ebenezer. 
1799  Finton,  Orange  and  w. 

1804  Fletcher,  Solomon,  D.  1825. 

1776  Gardner,  Eld.  Benj. 

1776  Gardner, , w of  Jeremiah. 

1776  Germ  on,  S-arnud,  Isaac. 






' ' • - ■ - . ; ' 

• ■ ■ -1  K:  . 



- 71 


• • • ' ' ■ . 

- - 



1795  Gamby  or  Gamble,  William, 

Gray,  Martha. 

Green,  Martha,  Susannah,  Penelope. 
1802  Grandee,  Bezalul,  and  Mrs. 

1802  Hillman,  Sampson. 

1791  Herrington,  William. 

Hatch,  Joseph,  Abigail. 

Hall  or-  Hull,  Sylvester,  1782  Benajah, 
1790  Ruth,  1782  Salbra. 

Hill,  Daniel. 

1782  Hammond,  Onesyphrous,  Jona- 

Hammond,  Eliakim  Jonathan,  Sarah. 
Hammond,  Hannah,  m.  Smith. 
Herrington,  Amy,  Abigail. 

1790  Havens,  Martha,  Joseph. 

Hunt,  William. 

1791  Hobbs,  Martha. 

1794  Handy,  Elizabeth. 

Hall  or  Hull,  Susannah. 

Harris,  William. 

Hank,  William. 

Hammond,  Tabatha. 

1802  Hall,  Elias;  Rhoda,  D.  before 

1803  Hall,  Ebenezer,  Hannah. 

1804  Havens,  Rachael. 

1809  Hanks,  Sister. 

1809  Hay,  Abigail. 

1809  Heath,  Silvia. 

181.0  Harrison,  Ann. 

1814  Howe,  Ezekeial  and  Polly. 

1811  Harrington,  Hannah. 

1811  Heath,  Betsey. 

1782  Irish,  Benj. 

1794  Ireland,  Sarah. 

1791  James,  Mary. 

Johnson,  Keziah. 

1782  James,  James  and  w,  Elizabeth. 
1809  Jakeways,  Betsey. 

1813  James,  William  T.,  Hannah. 

King,  John. 

1782  Kinyon,  Robert,  Ruth. 

1794  Kinyon,  Eiiza,  Hannah,  Mary. 

1796  Kinyon,  David. 

1808  Kinyon,  Phineas,  D.  May  7,  1829. 
1802  Kinyon,  Mary. 

1804  Kinyon,  John,  Susannah. 

1808  Kinyon,  Margaret. 

Lamphier,  Abel. 

Luce,  Sarah,  d 1795;  1790  Mary. 

1802  Lamphier,  William,  Susannah. 
1809  Latham,  Elizabeth. 

1813  Lee,  William,  d 1814. 

1802  Miller,  Perry. 

Miller,  Percy,  John. 

Martin,  Aaron;  1789  Hannah. 

Mills,  Daniel,  Elizabeth. 

1795  M.allery,  Peter  and  wife. 

Mills,  Martha,  Rhoda. 

McKenney,  John  and  Lydia. 

1791  Mallery,  Mary. 

1804  Mahen,  Christian. 

1811  Maxfield,  Fanny. 

1817  Mentor,  Elijah. 

1794  Nigh,  Rhoda. 

1809  Newbury,  Prudence. 

1809  Norton,  Charlotte. 

1802  Older,  Benj.,  d 1811. 

Odell,  James,  d 1813. 

1790  Osborn,  Russel,  d 1799. 

1791  Osborn,  Reuben,  d 1799  to  San- 
gerfield,  Chenang-o  Co. 

1791  Osborn,  Hannah,  Eleanor,  Isabel, 

Osborn,  Ephraim. 

Osborn,  Joseph,  d 1801;  Stephen. 

1796  Perkins,  Nathaniel;  1796  Martha 
1791  Palmer,  Hannah. 

1790  Pingry,  Abigail. 

1794  Perrigo,  Nancy. 

1794  Phelps,  Cathrine. 

1794  Potter,  Thankful;  1794  William. 
Parker,  Prudence. 

Pettis,  Ruth. 

1790  Palmer,  Gershom  and  Hannah, 
1782  Palmer,  Peter. 

Patchin,  Polly. 

1782  Pettys,  Mary  and  Oliver,  David. 
1784  Pettis,  Anna,  Elizabeth,  Elsie. 
1789  Pingley,  David  and  w,  Abigail, 
d 1799. 

Parker,  George  and  w,  d 1796;  George 


Pooler,  Joseph.  Palmer,  Fenner. 

Parsons,  Rebecca,  d 1798. 

Potter,  Payne.  Pooler.  Zilpha. 

Primmer,  Susannah. 

1802  Parker,  Richard,  James. 

1802  Plan,  Godfrey. 

1802  Phelps,  Thankful. 

1804  Prosser,  Anna. 






' ; ■ •' 




' tein&df  JliH 


„ 1 , : : ' t 



arfoL  A 



1809  Page,  Samuel. 

1809  Phelps,  Elisha. 

1809  Page,  Meriam. 

1809  Potter,  Meriam. 

1813  Parsons,  Samuel  T.,  Prudence. 

1814  Potter,  Eleanor. 

1810  Petteys,  Olive. 

1812  Post,  Polly. 

Ross  Benj. 

Rose,  Daniel,  Susannah. 

Rogers,  Harper. 

1794  Reynolds,  Joisepih  and  w,  d 1798. 
1794  Reynolds,  Samuel,  d 1828. 

1794  Rogers,  John  and  Oliver. 

Ripley,  Abraham  and  w,  d 1801. 

1782  Ross,  Mary  m.  Fuller;  Sarah. 
Reynolds,  Hannah. 

1781  Rogers,  Amia;  1781  Mercy. 
Robins,  Sarah. 

Richards,  Thankful. 

1782  Roberds,  James  and  Phebe. 
Reynolds,  Anna,  Mary,  Desire. 

Ross.  David.  Roberts,  Miner. 

1790  Rogers,  Lydia. 

1790  Rogers,  Oliver  and  w,  Elizabeth. 
Remington,  Mary. 

Rogers,  Elizabeth  (widow),  and  Dor- 

Reynolds,  Sarah  (widow). 

Rock,  Anna  (widow),  d 1814. 

1796  Rogers,  Nathah. 

Rogers,  John,  Mehitable,  James. 

1802  Rogers,  Polly,  Hannah. 

1802  Reynolds,  Mary,  Rebecca,  Eliza- 

1809  Randall,  Nehemiah. 

1812  Rose  or  Ross,  Saraih. 

Swain,  James. 

Slye,  Elisha;  1790  Benj. 

Steward,  John. 

1791  Skinner,  Nathan. 

1791  Streeter  or  Straighter,  John. 
1791  Shareman,  Nathan,  Rachael. 
1794  Spooner,  John. 

Strong,  Joel, 

1782  Steward,  Content;  1794  Amia. 
Shelden,  Mary. 

1784  Stanton,  Hannah. 

Shelden,  Benajah  and  w.,  Mary,  d 

Shearer,  Lewis. 

1782  Steward,  William, 

Satterly,  Gideon. 

1789  Sprague,  Ebenezer. 

Smith,  Reuben,  Thomas. 

1790  Scott,  Susannah. 

1790  Shelden,  Tabatha. 

Sprague,  David. 

1790  Sprague,  Lois. 

1790  Slye,  Esther. 

1794  Stevens,  Elizabeth. 

1794  Schooner,  Isabel. 

Samson,  Mary;  1795  Levi. 

Smith,  William  and  w,  Lydia,  d 1802 
1802  Sheurer,  Lewis,  Uriah. 

1802  Stephens,  Elizabeth. 

1802  Satterlee,  Sylvester,  D.  Aug., 
1825;  Ester. 

1802  Satterlee,  John,  Jr.,  Joel. 

1803  Spencer,  Elijah. 

1802  Smith,  Anna. 

1804  Smith,  Polly. 

1804  Spencer,  Elizabeth. 

1809  Sprague,  Jonathan,  William, 

1810  Scott,  Lucina.  ' 

1811  Shelden,  Mary. 

1813  Sprague,  Rhoda. 

Tefft,  Nathan,  D.  Sept.,  1828;  Dorcas 
Tanner,  Nathan,  Elizabeth. 

1802  Thompson,  Elihu. 

1792  Tefft,  William. 

1794  Tefft,  David,  Pardon. 
Thompson,  Mrs.  Chloe,  d 1799. 
Thompson,  Nathan  and  w, Deborah, 
d 1813. 

1790  Thompson,  Lois. 

1782  Thornton,  Elizabeth. 

1790  Thompson,  Reuben. 

Thompson,  Zipher,  d 1803. 

Tefft,  Tabor  and  w,  Hannah. 

1790  Tilton,  Sarah,  Polly. 

1802  Tefft,  Asa,  Hannah. 

1791  Tefft,  Mary. 

1795’ Thompson,  Zippero. 

1794  Tefft,  Mehitable. 

1797  Tefft,  Stanton. 

1802  Tanner,  Susannah,  Betsey. 

1809  Tefft,  Benj.,  Joseph,  Betsey, 

1802  Tilton,  Bethia. 

1812  Trumble,  Ruth. 

1813  Thompson,  Nathan. 

1814  Tilton.  John,  Thomas. 





srs*1  V ./ ■ i rai 

. ' . •-  i f:\ml  • 

- ■ ii 


: > ; • r.'{  ■ 

■ 7 • H 




1810  Tefft,  Polly. 

1812  Tabor,  Betsey. 

Weaver,  Mercy,  d 1804. 

Williams,  John,  d 1802. 

Weaver,  Reynolds  and  w,  d 1802. 
Weaver,  John,  d 1802. 

1802  Wait,  Nichols. 

Wait,  William. 

Whaley,  Theophilus. 

Weaver,  Andrew  and  w,  Lois,  d 1801 

1794  White,  Peter. 

1792  Wright,  White  or  Wight,  Peter, 
d 1801. 

1795  Willliams,  Thomas. 

1782  Whaley,  Jemima,  Mary. 

1790  Williams,  Joseph,  D.  1826. 

1782  WTorden,  Benj.,  Delight. 

Wilcox,  Tacy. 

Walker,  Oliver,  d 1804. 

Warren,  Obed. 

1790  Washburn,  Sarah. 

1791  Williams,  Anna. 

1791  Wright,  Jerusha. 

Wilber,  Lydia. 

Witter,  John,  buried  July  21,  1775. 
1802  Wells,  Reuben,  Joseph. 

1802  Weaver,  John,  Reynolds,  Peleg. 
1802  Wilkinson,  Samuel,  Perry. 
Wildbon,  Benoni,  Nancy,  Betsy. 

1802  Wheldon,  Jabez. 

1802  Williams,  John. 

1802  Weaver,  Hannah. 

1802  Wells,  Eunice. 

1804  Williams,  Elizabeth. 

1809  Willis,  Josiah,  Hannah. 

1809  Wright,  Elijah,  Sarah. 

1814  Wagor,  Hector. 

1815  Wales,  Betsey. 

1802  Young,  Polly. 

1802  Youngs,  Susannah,  Jane. 


The  first  church  in  the  Town  of 
Perry  was  organized  June  28,  1814, 
at  the  home  of  Hervey  Butler,  by 
Rev.  Oliver  Ayer  and  Rev.  Silas 
Hubbard,  missionaries  from  Connec- 

Meetings  were  held  in  the  homes 
of  Capt.  John  Gragg,  Samuel  How- 
ard and  Ralph  Wood,  in  barns  and 
log  houses,  until  the  schoolhouses 
were  built,  and  then  they  were  us- 
ed. The  first  meeting-house  was 
dedicated  in  1830. 

In  1865  the  Society  became  a 
member  of  the  Congregational  As- 
sociation. Although  not  a wealthy 
society,  they  very  early  divided 
their  substance,  and  in  1824,  they 
formed  a missionary  society  to  col- 
lect funds  for  Foreign  Missions. 
Later  they  changed  to  Home  Mis- 
sions, and  “to  the  improvement  of 
the  religious  condition  of  the  boat- 
men on  canals  and  inland  waters.” 

The  records  of  the  society  have 
been  kept,  and  will  be  published  in 
a later  number  of  “Early  Settlers”. 

The  following  served  as  ministers 
in  the  earlier  days — Edmund  In- 
galls, Jr.,  1816;  Elihu  Mason,  1817- 

1820;  Edward  Andrews,  1819;  Sam- 
uel T.  Mills,  1821-1824;  Eli  Hunter, 
1825-1826;  Jonathan  Sheldon,  Lot  B. 
Sullivan,  Dexter  Clary,  William  P. 
Jackson,  Samuel  Gridley,  D.  D., 
1830-1836;  Oren  Brown,  Caleb 
Burge,  George  W.  Newcomb,  John 
Scott,  George  W.  Gridley,  Wales 
Tillotson,  Philo  Canfield,  1845-1848; 
Thomas  Morey  Hodgman;  George  J. 
Means,  1859-1863;  Isaac  N.  Ely; 
Claudius  B.  Lord;  James  Pierce 


The  name  of  the  parent  or  par- 
ents is  followed  by  the  names  of 
the  children  who  were  baptised. 


Hervey  Butler — Clarinda,  Junius, 
Sidney  Ward. 


Sally  Johnson — Polly,  Isaac  Parks. 

Sylvester,  Laura,  Oliver,  Perry. 
Anna  Preston — Philothea,  Patta  Sa- 
bin, Mariet. 


Lucy  Benedict— Harriet. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Horace  Sheldon-Mary 
Mr.  and  Mrs.  Evander  W,  Jones — 








. V-  . . I 

:tjj  t-l  ca:  . — . . ■vt  l 


I " . •/'  ■ • ■ ' 




......  . 



Edwin  Greene. 


William  and  Laura  Butler — Mary 

Lucy  Benedict — Eunice  Ann. 

Evander  and  Cynthia  Jones — Albert 

Eunice  Higgins  — David  Amando, 
Rupel  Selden,  Harvey  Sackett, 
Ebenezer,  Caroline,  Horace. 

George  and  Rebecca  King — Harriet 
Erneline,  George  Henry,  Horace 


Horace  and  Philena  Sheldon — Mar- 
tha Asenath. 

Roxa  Howard — Phebe. 

Rachel  Bathrick — Patty  Loeser. 

William  and  Elizabeth  Wason — 

Eleazer  and  Laura  Sheldon — Dor- 
lisca  Elizabeth. 

Charity  Grovner — Lucian,  Angelina, 


Eunice  Higgins — Van  Hollis. 

William  and  Laura  Butler — John 


Horace  and  Philena  Sheldon — Jo- 
seph Nathan. 

Lucy  Benedict — Samuel. 

Roxa  Howard — Caroline. 

Eunice  Higgins — Jonathan. 

Esther  Watrous — Abigail  Esther. 

Elizabeth  Buckland — Joseph  Pitkin, 
Anna  Cherry,  Edwin  Allen,  Eli- 
sha Stanley. 


Eleazer  and  Laura  Sheldon — Ed- 
ward Austin. 


Horace  and  Philena  Sheldon — Stu- 

Mrs.  Clark — Kezia  White. 

Rebecca  McEntee — Stephen  Colborn 

Talcot  and  Sally  Howard  — Mary 

Melinda  Cross — Mary  Ann. 

Matthew  and  Hannah  Walling — Di- 
ana, Hannah  Maria. 

Rachel  Bathrick — Eliza  Pamela. 


William  and  Laura  Butler — Sarah 

Roxa  Howard — Samuel  Mentor. 


Ebenezer  and  Clarissa  Gates — Mary 

James  A.  and  Phebe  Potter — Malt- 
by  Gelston. 

Anna  Clark — Emily  Fidelia. 

James  and  Parnel  Clark — Julia. 

Horace  and  Philena  Sheldon — An- 

Lucy  Benedict — Charles  Lay. 


Roxa  Howard — Royal  Talcott. 

John  and  Lydia  Martin  — Emily 

Eleazer  and  Laura  Sheldon — George 


Oren  and  Sally  Sheldon  — John, 
Roxa,  Tempe,  Pomeroy,  Merrick, 

Nathaniel  and  Philenda  Howard — 
Mary,  Erneline. 

James  and  Phebe  Potter — Maltby 

Horace  and  Philena  Sheldon — Cath- 
arine Ward. 

Thomas  and  Rebecca  McEntee  — 
Mary  Ann. 

Julia  Ward — Jabez  Ralph. 

Triphena  Keney  — Esther  Talcott, 
Alexander,  Myron. 

William  and  Hannah  Butler — Henry 

Jesse  Cossett  — Laurens,  Velona, 
German,  Lucy,  Levi,  Newton. 

John  Renwick — William  Dunning. 

Talcott  and  Rhoda  Keney — Elrnina 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee — George 
Wallace,  William  Hervey,  Thomas 
Milton,  James  Smith,  Mary  An- 
toinette, Charles  Roilin. 

James  and  Mary  Coax  — James, 
Squier  Andrus,  William  Parks, 
Fanny  Louisa. 

Julia  Ward — Phebe. 







. i.-.  \rJ 

~ ■ ■■  \ y. 

' >’  S8  £* 

•notr,i!3  fonfi  -sosioH 


: - •;  rr • ■ ;jp  : - rou3 

■ * ' ■«*>  ItiT 

•.  r.r.V.  ):•;  v.  •*.  *)&M 




Old  Trails 

From  ‘‘The  Cradle  of  the  Queen  City”  by  Robert  W.  Bingham 

Many  readers  have  asked  for  a description  of  Indian  Trails,  stating 
that  such  information  would  add  to  the  pleasure  of  motoring. 

Mr.  Robert  W.  Bingham,  a real  authority,  was  asked  for  the  story,  and 
he  loaned  a typed  copy  of  a chapter  from  his  book,  “The  Cradle  of  the 
Queen  City.” 

Many  years  before  the  Holland 
Land  Company  sent  its  surveyors 
under  Joseph  Ellicot|  into  the  prim- 
eval forests  of  Western  New  York 
to  mark  the  villages,  towns  and 
roads  for  the  coming  of  the  white 
race,  the  red  man  had  blazed  the 

The  great  Central  Trail,  followed 
by  the  Indians  in  their  journeys 
from  the  east,  from  the  valleys  of 
the  Hudson  and  the  Mohawk,  cross- 
ed the  Genesee  River  at  Avon, 
wended  its  way  about  a mile  up  the 
river,  and  veered  to  the  northwest 
to  Caledonia.  Turning  to  the  west- 
ward, it  passed  through  LeRoy  and 
Stafford,  reaching  the  banks  of  Ton- 
awanda Creek,  a little  above  Bata- 
via. Following  the  east  bank  of  the 
Tonawanda  for  a short  distance,  it 
bore  to  the  westward  coming  out 
upon  the  creek  again  at  the  Indian 
village  of  Tonawanda.  Here  the  trail 
forked,  the  northwesterly  branch 
passed  through  the  Tuscarora  Vill- 
age and  down  the  Ridge  Road  to 
Niagara  River.  The  other  fork,  leav- 
ing the  village  of  Tonawanda,  passed 
to  the  southwest,  crossed  Murder 
Creek  at  Akron,  continued  on,  and 
entered  the  present  Main  Street  at 
Clarence  Hollow.  From  there  it 
passed  nearly  on  the  line  of  the 
present  road  to  Williamsville  and 
continuing  nearly  on  the  line  of  the 

present  Main  Street  passed  the 
Spring  and  from  there  wended  its 
way  to  Buffalo  Creek. 

A branch  trail  diverged  at  Clar- 
ence and  continued  on  to  Lancaster. 
From  there  it  followed  the  banks  of 
Cayuga  Creek  to  its  junction  with 
Buffalo  Creek  and  along  the  bank 
of  the  latter  to  its  mouth. 

A trail  that  extended  from  Little 
Beard’s  Town  on  the  Genesee,  en- 
tered Erie  County  near  the  south- 
east corner  of  the  present  town  of 
Alden  and  continued  on  westward 
to  the  Seneca  Village.  From  there  it 
wended  its  way  to  the  mouth  of 
Buffalo  Creek. 

Among  other  old  Indian  trails  in 
the  vicinity  were  those  up  the  Caz- 
enovia  and  Eighteen-Mile  Creeks 
between  Buffalo  and  Cattaraugus 

The  old  path  that  was  traveled  by 
the  Indians  going  from  the  Genesee 
to  the  Grand  River  diverged  from 
the  Central  Trail  at  what  was 
known  as  Four-Mile  Creek.  Follow- 
ing for  a distance  the  present  route 
of  Delevan  Avenue,  and  winding  to 
the  westward,  it  came  out  at  the 

The  Legislature  authorized  the 
laying  out  of  the  State  Road  from 
Avon  to  the  Buffalo  Creek  and  an- 
other to  Lewiston  in  the  year  1797. 

(To  be  continued) 


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' ••  v } i 


. ... 


0 " >rf 



v/oiic'i  . fi'V 

0r»8  .Jlhj  ’fnay  « «i  "tisb'teK  *<Fffi3“  oi  noftqi  . tdue  A; 

• - ■ 


T • V;- 



Subscribers’  Exchange 

Our  enlarged  magazine  will  provide  (space  for  the  publication  of  records 
from  subscribers. 

The  following  tombstone  inscrip- 
tions were  copied  from  the  “Old 

Presbyterian  Churchyard”,  New 

Scotland,  N.  Y.,  by  Mrs.  Katharyn 

Wethy  Wilson. 

Allen,  William,  Oct.  7,  1805,  66y. 
Revolutionary  Soldier. 

Bartlett,  Abraham,  Jr.,  Mar.  21,  1835 

Bartlett,  Sarah,  his  wife,  dau.  of 
Gershom  and  Mary  Tuller,  Jan. 
29,  1808,  29y. 

Chrsty,  William,  Aug.  21,  1815,  45y, 

Coughtry,  John,  Dec.  17,  1813,  Sly. 

Coughtry,  Mary,  his  w,  June  6,  1804, 

Coughtry,  John  W.,  Mar.  8,  1795- 
Sept.  10,  1832. 

Coughtry,  William,  May  6,  1826,  62y. 

Coughtry,  Arianna,  his  w,  Dec.  29, 
1859,  87y. 

Coughtry,  Jacob,  Oct.  6,  1827,  30y. 

Coughtry,  Rachel,  his  w,  June  9, 
1867,  67y. 

Dickson,  William,  Nov.  14,  1849,  78y. 

Dickson,  Elizabeth,  his  w,  Aug.  12, 
1829,  49y. 

Hall,  Robert,  July  13,  1825,  72y. 

Hall,  Elizabeth,  his  w,  Aug.  4,  1828, 

Martin,  Peter,  May  31,  1852,  70y. 

Martin,  Christiana,  June  28,  1839, 
■ 61y. 

McCormick,  John,  June  6,  1791-June 
11,  1859. 

McCormick,  Fanny  Coughtry,  his  w, 
Apr.  11,  1792-Aug.  3,  1360. 

Moak,  Jacob  H.,  1795 , 75y. 

Murphy,  John,  Sept.  23,  1818,  42y. 
'Murphy,  Elizabeth,  his  w,  May  10, 
1840,  65y. 

Patterson,  John,  Nov.  30,  1833,  75y. 

Patterson,  Jane  McMillen,  his  w, 
Mar.  31,  1833,  71y. 

Ramsey,  John,  Jan.  31,  1349.  91y. 

Revolutionary  Soldier. 

Ramsey,  Margaret  Connel,  his  w, 
Jan.  9,  1850,  88y. 

Taylor,  Mathias,  Feb.  24,  1846,  61y. 
Taylor,  Phebe,  Jan.  26,  1862,  71y. 
Tuller,  Gershom,  June  20.  1837,  85y. 
Tuller,  Mary. 

Tuller,  Aaron,  Jan.  17,  1832,  58y. 
Tuller,  Margaret,  his  w,  Apr.  20, 
1861,  82y. 

Waine,  Anthony,  Nov.  30,  1832,  87y. 

Revolutionary  Soldier. 

Waine,  Sarah  Johnson,  Aug.  28, 1833 

Wands,  James,  Apr.  18,  1827,  65y. 
Wands,  Margaret  May  28,  1820,  54y. 
Warren,  William,  Dec.  29,  1836,  76y. 
Warren,  Susan,  his  w,  July  14,  1833, 

Warren,  James,  Dec.  24,  1859.  69y. 
Warren,  Jane,  his  w,  July  18,  1855, 

Wayne,  George,  May  10,  1837,  58y. 
Wayne,  Elizabeth,  his  w,  Oct.  11, 
1842,  60y. 

Wayne,  James,  Sept.  22,  1868,  74y. 
Wayne,  Martha  Ramsey,  his  w,  Nov. 
25,  1843,  48y. 

Wayne,  Hannah  Johnson,  his  w. 

And  the  following  from  an  aban- 
doned cemetery  near  Windham,  N. 

Davids,  Sarah,  Sept.  7,  1803-Aug.  5, 

Lounsberry,  Bathsheba,  w of  Jere- 
miah Tompkins  and  Hiram  Lake, 
Dec.  22,  1810-July  21,  1863. 

Smith,  Charles  L.,  Feb.  19,  1818-Aug. 
7,  1903. 

Smith,  Catharine  A.  Weed,  his  w, 
Feb.  27,  1818-June  19,  1897. 

Tripp,  Richard,  Feb.  21,  1842,  90y. 
Tripo,  Sarah,  his  w,  June  4,  1842, 
93y.  ' 


These  work  sheets  are  designed  to  help  you  obtain  the  most  essential  facts 
when  searching  for  ancestors.  ' 



■ r-  . : : ■■•!  , t 


■ •-  ■ 



, ariiH  JHIfc  ; ■■■■>.  • 




• c...:  "■  : '•*  ;v  ••  1 



Records  from  Granville,  N.  Y. 

Ear  Marks  Registered 

1792 —  Amos  Wilkinson,  Lemuel 
Williams.,  Benjamin  Baker,  Sr. 

1793 —  Samuel  Chapin,  Theophilus 
Tracy,  Jonas  Cleveland,  John  Bent- 
ley, Jonathan  Dike,  Prince  West, 
Elisha  Huntington,  Daniel  Standley, 
Jeremiah  Spencer,  Joshua  B.  Whit- 
ney, Jesse  Atwater,  John  Backus, 
Joseph  Andrus,  Benajah  Hill,  Am- 
brose Parker,  William  Dillingham, 
John  C Bishop,  Asahel  Curtis,  Sam- 
uel Frisbie,  John  McClintock,  Asaph 
Cook,  Utter  Shapley,  Zadock  Lee. 

1794 —  Jonathan  Stephens,  Abel 

Comstock,  John  Davis,  Coonradt 

Harker,  Daniel  Curtice,  James 

Blakesley,  Ebenezer  Backus,  Charles 
Cook,  Joseph  Congdon,  Oliver  Hitch- 
cock, Jeremiah  Spicer,  George 

Scranton,  Richard  Thomas,  William 
Tanner,  Thomas  Wait,  Isaac  Will- 

1795 —  George  Baker,  George  Dar- 

row,  A,sel  Dodge,  Fulton  Fairchilds, 
Samuel  Gillet,  Graham,  Jon- 

athan Ingell,  Amos  Insign,  Timothy 
Johnson,  Increase  Jones,  Rufus 
King,  Hezekiah  Merchant,  Asa  Rood, 
David  Simonds,  David  Simmons, 
Moses  Savage,  Roger  Turner,  John 
Tanner,  Caleb  West,  Amasa  West. 

1796 —  Henry  Commins,  Jonathan 
Couch,  Felix  Curtis,  Nathan  Day, 
Noah  Day,  Joseph  Davis,  Anson 
Hale,  John  Hale,  Jacob  Hale,  Charles 
Haydon,  Christopher  P.  Jones,  Com- 
fort Jones,  John  King,  John  Mosse, 
Asaph  Parker,  Nathaniel  Palmer, 
Henry  Philmore,  Eliphaiet  Parker, 
Benjamin  Spencer,  Abraham  Sprag- 
ue, Eleazer  Smith,  Solomon  Savage, 
Samuel  Sprague,  Ashbill  Treat,  Jo- 
shia  Tanner,  John  West. 

1797 —  Benjamin  Barber,  Lemuel 
Barber,  John  Hoddard,  Jonathan 
Hull,  John  Hoddard,  Daniel  Ketch- 
urn,  Nathaniel  Parker,  Thomas  Ol- 
cott,  Cyrus  Stow. 

1798 —  Jesse  Hanford,  Jeremiah 

Hotchkiss,  Amos  Savage,  Warham 

1799 —  Thomas  Brown,  Daniel  Cur- 
tis, Stephen  Chapman,  Abner  Sweet- 
land,  Erastus  Willcox. 

1800 —  Elisha  Curtis. 

1801 —  Rev.  Nathaniel  Hall,  Thom- 
as Roblee. 

1802 —  Benjamin  Baker,  Amos  Bar- 
rows,  John  DeKalb,  John  Felch,  Si- 
las Hawley,  James  Hawley,  William 
Macomber,  David  Parker,  Samuel 
Whitlock,  Joseph  Woodruff. 

1803 —  Asaph  Cook,  Silas  Doty, 
William  Foster,  Lewis  Hatch,  Eleaz- 
er Smith,  Chilion  Wood. 

1804 —  Joseph  Crippen,  Benjamin 
Hitchcock,  Nathaniel  Robbie,  Ne- 
hemiah  Straight,  William  Vaughn. 

1805  — Caleb  Curtis,  Stephen 

1806 —  Daniel  Abel,  Peter  Cowen, 
William  Hollister,  David.  Johnson, 
Zebalon  Kinyon.  Prince  Potter,  Sr., 
Alexander  Stone. 

1807—  Joseph  Emerson,  Abijah 

1808 —  Zillah  Hicks,  Wait  Hatch. 

1809 —  Lawrence  Fosdick,  Whlliam 

1 8 1 0 —  Arnold  Alford,  Moses  Buck- 
ley,  John  Martin,  Job  Picket,  Thom- 
as Secomb,  Elizur  White. 

1811 —  William  Law,  Joseph  White 

1812 —  Hiel  Hollister,  William  Kalb 
Joel  Reed,  Aaron  Sweetland,  Ste- 
phen Thorn,  Clark  C.  Wait. 

1813 —  Roswell  Goodrich,  Josiah 

1814 —  Jonathan  Austin,  Widow 
Sally  Backus,  Isaiah  Cook,  Elias 
Daytc-n,  Stephen  Frisbie,  David 
Goodrich,  Freeman  Kenyon,  Prince 
Potter,  Jr.,  Joseph  White. 

1815  — Chapel  Beckwith,  Esek 
Fitch,  Benjamin  Marsh,  Gershem 
Richardson,  Richard  Savage. 

1816  — Russel  Bidwell,  Salmon 
Clark,  Isaac  Hollister,  Samuel  Pot- 

liprflfiV/  ;vcB 




■ " 

. , - . -V-  ' • ■ . ‘ 

■ ■ . - 



*1'  • r ,i9dt<8 

• 571 



1818  — Nathaniel  Baker,  David 
Goodrich,  Jr. 

1822 —  Isaiah  B.  Goodrich. 

1823 —  Joseph  Tanner,  Jr. 

1824 —  John  Austin,  Potter  Austin, 
John  Felch,  Stephen  Sweet. 

1827 — Leonard  Gibbs. 

Extracts  from  the  Book  of  the  Gran- 
ville Town  Clerk 

1807 — Overseer  of  highway,  Fran- 
cis Wethey. 

1836 — Inhabitants  of  School  Dis- 
trict No.  24,  commencing  on  the 
Whitehall  line:  John  E.  Strang,  Alva 
Spencer,  Lansing  Day,  Benjamin 
Little,  William  Bracxen,  Kitchel 
Reed,  John  Fish,  Levi  Doty,  E.  Put- 
ney, Widow  Young,  Widow  Mahan, 
John  Mason,  Nathan  R.  Crippin,  Jr. 

• District  No.  25,  commencing  on 
the  old  turnpike  road:  William  Pot- 
er,  John  Potter,  Nathaniel  Potter, 
Ephraim  Potter,  Phinner  Hammond, 
Mary  Tyrill,  Peter  Potter,  David 

Potter,  Gideon  Potter,  to  Hebron. 
Benjamin  Baker,  Isaac  Whitney, 
Roswell  Share,  Jonathan  Wood. 

1829 — District  No.  31:  Richard 

Savage,  John  Frank,  Nathaniel  Par- 
ker, near  the  dwelling  house  of 
Simeon  Me  Wethey. 

1844 — Survey  for  a new  road: 
From  land  owned  by  Deliverence 
Rogers,  as  far  as  walk  leading  from 
the  Tavern  Stand  of  James  Moulton 
to  Henry  Bulkley’s  store. 

1787 — Road  survey:  Beginning  at 
an  elm  tree  on  the  east  bank  of  a 
brook  near  Isaac  McWethy’s  dwel- 
ling house. 

1811 — Leonard  Gibbs,  Judge,  in 
court  on  request  of  Darius  Clark  and 
Nathaniel  Robblee,  to  prove  free- 
dom of  Abiathar  Palmer,  a black- 
man  who  had  lived  in  Granville 
about  fourteen  years,  had  acquired 
by  his  industry  a respectable  free- 
hold estate,  and  had  voted. 


The  following  v/as  copied  from  newspaper  clippings  or  pen  and  ink 
records  in  the  cemetery  book  of  records  of  Maple  Hill  Cemetery,  North 

. The  following  was  copied  from 
newspaper  clippings  or  pen  and  ink 
records  in  the  cemetery  book  of  rec- 
ords of  Maple  Hill  Cemetery,  North 

RUSSELL  WAIT,  b 1787  in  Cam- 
brodge,  N.  Y.,  came  to  Darien  in 
1810.  He  married'  Mercy  Booth  in 
his  native  town  in  1811,  and  they 
soon  moved  to  their  new  home.  They 
had  fifteen  children,  and  she  died 
in  1835. 

He  married  Mrs.  Polly  Aplin  of 
Batavia,  who  died  in  1842,  and  he 
then  married  Mrs.  Lucinda  Clark. 

Four  sons  and  six  daughters,  all 
married,  and  his  widow  survived 
when  he  died  in  1854. 

Lucinda  came  from  Connecticut, 
married  Ezra  Clark  in  Darien  in 
1812,  and  had  nine  children.  Mr. 
Clark  died  in  1832.  She  died  Jan.  1, 
1879,  in  Mt.  Morris  at  the  home  of 
her  son-in-law,  Albert  Case. 

JOHN  SIMONDS  was  born  in 
Williamstown,  Mass.,  in  1779.  His 
early  youth  was  spent  in  Rutland 
Co.,  Vermont,  and  later  he  worked 
in  Jefferson  Co.,  N.  Y. 

In  1807  he  m Sabra  Cole,  came  to 
the  “far  famed  western  Genesee 
Country”  with  his  wife  and  three 
children  in  1814,  and  bought  land 
in  Leicester. 

In  1824  he  moved  to  Alexander, 
and  died  there  Sept.  4,  1862,  at  83. 

His  wife,  mother  of  eleven,  was 
affectionate,  a kind  friend  and  be- 
loved by  all.  She  lived  for  ten  years 
after  her  husband  died,  and  spent 
her  last  days  with  her  oldest  daugh- 
ter, Mrs.  Warner  in  Dane  Co.,  Wis- 

OWEN  CURTISS,  b Dec.  21,  1789, 
in  Warren,  Litchfield  Co.,  Conn., 
settled  in  Darien  in  1808,  and  in 
1815  he  m Abigail  Wait  from  Wash- 
ington County,  and  they  made  a 


•J  :>  ' ■ . ' - 






. , *s 


• fi.  b-j  i-Tf.rrr  nwrU 


•*  •»  • •»». 



home  in  the  unbroken  forest. 

They  had  eight  children,  and  Mrs. 
Curtiss  died  in  1848.  He  later  mar- 
ried Mrs.  Cynthia  Abels. 

He  was  a man  for  home  and  peace. 
He  minded  his  own  business,  and 
willingly  granted  the  same  favor  to 
others.  His  integrity  was  proverbial. 

FIELD, b in  1789,  m Miss  Marshell 
of  Litchfield,  Herkimer  County,  in 
1809,  and  came  to  Darien  in  1814. 
They  had  nine  children. 

Sickness  and  misfortune  often  ov- 
ertook him,  but  with  courage,  he 
would  grapple  with  them  till  his 
efforts  were  crowmed  with  success. 

He  d Mar.  14,  1861,  aged  72  years. 
His  wife  died  with  her  daughter 
near  Milwaukee,  Wis.,  in  1855. 

DAVID  HALSTED,  b July  8,  1793, 
in  Johnstown,  Fulton  Co.,  N.  Y.,  m 
in  that  town  in  1813  to  Laura  M. 
Garfield,  and  in  1817  they  came  to 
North  Alexander  with  three  chil- 
dren. Two  other  children  were  born, 
and  Mrs.  Halsted  died  July  7,  1825, 
aged  33  years. 

He  then  married  a widow,  Betsey 
Gould,  who  died  Mar.  28,  1843,  aged 
43  years,  the  mother  of  nine  chil- 

Later  he  married  - Sarah  Bourne. 
He  died  Oct.  30,  1866,  aged  73  years, 
and  left  ten  children. 

Mr.  Halsted  was  a man  of  sound 
-mind  and  good  judgment. 

15,  1788,  in  Lebanon,  Conn.,  came  to 
Alexander  in  1807,  and  enjoyed  pi- 
oneer life. 

In  1812  he  married  Sophia  Wes- 

ton, who  had  come  from  Easton, 
Washington  Co. 

He  died  Dec.  18,  1857,  at  the  age 
of  73,  leaving  his  widow  and  three 
children.  Mrs.  Vaughan  died  Aug. 
6,  1876,  aged  85  years. 

Mr.  Vaughan  was  an  upright,  con- 
scientious man,  putting  info  daily 
practice  his  convictions  of  what  he 
considered  right. 

MRS.  LYDIA  BROWN,  widow  of 
Charles  Brown,  was  a native  of  Pet- 
erboro,  N.  H.,  and  she  died  in  Mar- 
shall, Mich.,  Mar.  18,  1879,  aged  82 

Julius  Powers,  her  son-in-lav/,  ac- 
companied the  remains  to  the  home 
of  her  son,  Henry,  and  she  was  bur- 
ied in  Maple  Hill  Cemetery. 

BENJAMIN  F.  COREY,  a former 
resident  of  Darien,  died  suddenly  in 
Jersey ville,  111.,  aged  24  years.  He 
was  a son  of  Mrs.  Martha  Corey, 
brother  of  Rufus  H.  and  Charles  W., 
and  nephew  of  Rufus  Carter  of  Dar- 

JOHN  H.  INNES,  b in  Schoharie 
County,  at  the  age  of  three  months, 
came  with  his  parents  to  Genesee 
County,  died  at  the  home  of  his  son, 
George,  and  was  buried  in  Maple 
Hill  Cemetery.  , 

He  was  survived  by  a brother, 
Harrison,  and  two  sisters,  Mrs.  Lou- 
ise Doty,  Attica,  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth 
Crank,  Hillsdale,  Mich. 

MAN, b in  1808  in  Sennet,  Cayuga 
Co.,  m in  Feb.,  1831,  and  the  same 
year  they  settled  in  Alexander.  He 
died  Nov.  22,  1879,  aged  71  years, 
and  his  wife,  Fanny  S.  Crossman, 
died  Feb.  22,  1889,  aged  82  years. 


A quarterly  giving  a very  definite-  course  of  instruction  in  “Methods  of 
Genealogical  Research.” 

Published  by  the  Genealogical  Society  of  Utah,  80  North  Main  Street, 
Salt  Lake  City,  Utah.  Subscription  $1.QG  per  year.  Single  Copies  85  cents, 


! ’■  • ■ ■ 7 VTT ' O r,  • 




. . . ■ * ■ , .•>- 

’ v 

" • .*■ : i 

..  - 



o /i"  no“b 


n-'n  i * r, 

■ ... ! ••  ‘ ' 


.■  • ■ 0 ■ '.sa  1 I-  , . 



Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

Chambers,  Hannah  Butler,  w of  Dr. 
Hiram,  Feb.  4,  1865,  46y. 

Chamot,  Catharine,  July  30,  1855, 

Champion,  Daniel,  May  28,  1859,  33y 

Champlin,  M.  Jennie  Howell,  w of 
Thos.  A.  T„  Aug.  22,  1856,  21y. 

Champlin,  Minerva  Lydia,  w of 
Capt.  Stephen  of  U.  S.  Navy,  June 
8,  1859,  61y. 

Chandler,  Albert  F.,  only  son  of  A. 
W.  of  Colden,  Nov.  20,  1862,  24y. 
D in  Annapolis  Hospital,  Md.  En- 
listed in  Co.  B,  Cavalry. 

Chandler,  Isaac,  Rev.  Soldier,  Ham- 
burg, Feb.  26,  1841,  76y. 

Chandler,  Patience,  w of  Isaac,  Ham- 
burg, Nov.,  1814,  40y. 

Chapin,  Andrew  A.,  merchant  of  N. 
York,  July  31,  1857,  26y.  D in 

Chapin,  Dr.  Cyrenius,  Feb.  20,  1838, 


Chapin,  Mrs.,  w of  Dr.  Daniel,  Dec., 

Chapin,  Elias,  Rev.  Soldier,  Evans, 
Feb.  4,  1839,  87y.  Native  of  Som- 
ers, Conn. 

Chapin,  Hannah  B.,  w of  R.,  July 
30,  1851. 

Chapin,  Hollis,  June  13,  1852,  58y. 
D in  Alden.  Buried  in  Buffalo. 

Chapin,  Capt.  James,  Black  Rock, 
Sept.  24,  1832,  46y. 

Chapin,  John,  Clarence,  Apr.,  1839. 

Chapin,  Maria,  w of  Cooley  S.,  Mar. 

16,  1853,  35y. 

Chapin,  Martha  Amelia,  w of  Rev. 
Henry,  Alden,  Nov.  26,  1844,  27v. 

Chapin,  Mary,  widow  of  Col.  Will- 
iam, May  13.  1862. 

Chapin,  Seth,  merchant,  Nov.  12, 
1826,  36y. 

Chapin,  Sylvia,  widow  of  Seth,  dan. 
of  Dr.  Cyrenius,  Dec.  1.  1831,  36y. 

Chapin,  Sylvia,  widow  o 7 Dr.  Cyr- 
enius, Oct.  1,  1863,-  96y. 

Chapin,  Theodore,  June  29,  1854,  54 
y.  Taken  to  Rochester. 

Chapin,  Col.  William  W.,  Buffalo 
Plains.  June  20,  1857,  73y. 

Chapman,  John,  son  of  George  L., 
Oct.  17,  1854,  24y. 

Chapman,  Margaret,  w of  George  L., 
July  6,  1855.  43y. 

Chapman,  Mrs.  Polexamy,  Apr.  16, 
1845,  45y. 

Chapman,  Mrs.  Ruth,  Nov.  27,  1858, 

Chappell.  Mary  A.,  w of  R.  C.,  Dec. 
27,  1849,  18y. 

Chard,  Mary,  w of  William,  June  14, 
1854,  51y. 

Chard,  V/illiam,  Nov.  25,  1854,  49v. 
D at  Canton,  Ohio.  Buried  in  Buf- 

Charles,  George,  June  26,  1867,  52y. 

Chase,  Mrs.  Clarissa,  m of  William 
H.  and  Charles  E.,  Lancaster,  Apr. 
18,  1860,  75y. 

Chase,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  June  26,  1843, 

Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

Albro,  Virginia  and  Albert  A.  Hed- 
ges, Aug.  12,  1855. 

Albro,  Virginia  and  Gilbert  Sweet, 
Mar.  14,  1871. 

Albro,  William  H.  and  Sarah  H. 

Gregory,  Jan.  16,  1854. 

Albans,  Lorenza  and  Heman  B.  Pot- 

ter, Jr.,  Mar.  9,  1850. 

Albee,  Mary  and  Rowland  B.  Will- 
iams, Nov.  18,  1875. 

Albee,  Samuel  K.  and  Mary  Jane 
Dempster,  Dec.  28,  1869. 

Alberger,  Frank  J.  and  Manna  E. 
Norris,  June  26,  1879. 






, ,V  ^r 

' ' ' ' ••  ' • •'  ■ ' ’ ' ' '*■*■  ' 

. *v 



Alberger,  Jennie  L.  and  James  T. 
McCready,  Nov.  20,  1877. 

Alberger,  Lizzie  S.  and  Charles  B. 
Conrad,  Sept.  11,  1878. 

Alberger,  Samuel  H.  and  Hattie 
Griffin,  Feb.  10,  1875. 

Alberger,  William  A.  and  Fannie  A. 
Tryon,  Jan.  12,  1850. 

Albert,  Jerome  and  Eliza  Francis, 
Sept.  2,  1841. 

Albert,  Joseph  and  Gracia  E.  Bruce, 
July  31,  1870. 

Albert,  Lucy  and  John  Heath,  Dec. 
30,  1821. 

Albey,  Esther  and  Samuel  Oaks, 
Jan.  19,  1818. 

Albercht,  Mary  and  George  Brown, 
May  13,  1878. 

Albright,  Margaret  J.  and  Franklin 
G.  Patterson,  June  13,  1847. 

Albertson,  William  E.  and  Frances 
Evans,  June  20,  1877. 

Aldrich,  A.  E.  and  E.  T.  Rockwood, 
Oct.  20,  1869. 

Aldrich,  Betsey  and  Nathaniel 
Brooks,  Aug.  30,  1846. 

Aldrich,  Carrie  H.  and  S.  N.  Ben- 
nett, May  5,  1880. 

Aldrich,  Charles  R.  and  Julia  H. 
Corbin,  Apr.  9,  1857. 

Aldrich,  Elizabeth  Ann  and  John  P. 
Bartlett,  May  11,  1848. 

Aldrich,  Francis  and  Orlina  A.  Bur- 
nah,  Oct.  27,  1862. 

Aldrich,  H.  Jane  and  Joseph  B. 
Howard,  May  6,  1846. 

Aldrich,  Nathan  and  Mary  E.  Pres- 
cott, Mar.  1,  1864. 

Aldrich,  William  and  Anna  Mary 
Howard,  May  6,  1846. 

Aldridge,  Annie  and  Alledoceo 
Leonard,  Sept.  1,  1868. 

Alden,  George  C.  and  Susan  A.  Boss, 
Apr.  18,  1855. 

Alden,  Orlando  T.  and  Sarah  E.  Tap- 
lin,  Aug.  6,  1842. 

Alden,  Polly  and  Nathaniel  G.  Hen- 
shaw.  Sept.  12,  1819. 

Alden,  Thomas  and  Julia  A.  Walker, 
Sept.  24,  1850. 

Alden,  William  and  Eliza  Andrews, 
May  9,  1836. 

Alderman,  Celira  and  A.  Tharp,  Jan. 
22,  1838. 

Alexander,  Edward  S.  and  Emma  L. 
Foster,  July  25,  1877. 

Alexander,  James  and  Martha  L. 
Amos,  Aug.  28,  1883. 

Alexander,  James  J.  and  Matilda 
Allen,  Sept.  25,  1828. 

Alexander,  Joseph  and  Fanny  Beach 
Sept.  26,  1827. 

Alexander,  Lizzie  and  William 
Moore,  Sept.  3,  1872. 

Alexander,  Mary  and  Capt.  Henry 
Wilson,  Sept.  21,  1847. 

Alexander,  Richard  N.  and  Betsey 
Findley,  Jan.  2,  1857. 

Alexander,  Sylvia  and  James  Shel- 
don, May  15,  1819. 

Alexander,  W.  W.  and  Harriet  O. 
Putnam,  June  10,  1875. 

Alexander,  William  H.  and  Eliza- 
beth Skinner,  Nov.  10,  1870. 

Alford,  Jane  and  E.  A.  Bruce,  Nov. 
5,  1851. 

Alger,  Clark  C.  and  Eliza  G.  Rich- 
ardson, Sept.  1,  1859. 

Alger,  Fanny  and  Mortimer  Adams, 
May  20,  1846. 

Alger,  Fanny  and  Truman  Carey, 

Alger,  Frank  A.  and  Emma  Saun- 
ders, Oct.  13,  1873. 

Alger,  Joseph  and  Prudence  Fos- 
dick,  Nov.  10,  1820. 

Alger,  Margaret  and  Edward  Hatch, 

Alger,  Joseph  and  Almira  Pierce, 
Feb.  10,  1850. 

Alies,  Jane  and  Peter  Huishure. 
Aug.  14,  1851. 

Allanson,  Alfred  and  Emily  Alkin- 
son,  Oct.  20,  1869. 

Allberger,  Frank  A.  and  Catharine 
Rice,  June  16,  1847. 

Allberger,  John  L.  and  Mary  M. 
Ross,  Dec.  8,  1858. 

Allbright,  Jennie  and  George  Thom- 
as Wall,  Nov.  4,  1877. 

Allenbrand,  Miss  M.  and  Charles 
Heffle,  Aug.  27,  1878. 

Allerey,  William  PI.  and  Margaret 
J.  Seaton,  Dec.  19,  1846. 

e-'".  ' -i 



..  • . 

8 l , 3dlJi 




.’  : • r-:  . 



' .v:";  A'  Utrs" ' 

>.  ; 


•O  ' hnc  ,nofaiA 

J.  -tiilij l bnr.  gernoriT  ,nsbi A 



The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  which  ar<* 
capitalized.  Those  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  enve- 
lope with  aid  queries. 

WILLIAM  BUNKER  of  Delaware 

m first  Anne  , second,  Tavier 

Biddle  Scott.  He  may  have  come 
from  Nine  Partners  or  Hudson,  New 

B.  B.  C.,  Penna. 

tavia, Genesee  County,  May  22,  1822. 
Tradition  states  that  his  father  was 
in  the  Navy  on  Lake  Erie  in  1812, 
and  that  he  was  a minister. 

SAMUEL  HOUGH  and  his  first 
wife,  SUSAN.  They  were  in  Wash- 
ington County  soon  after  1790.  Their 
fourth  child  was  born  1801.  He  m a 
second  time,  Widow  McWhorter,  and 
moved  to  Warsaw  in  1813. 

Rahway,  N.  J.,  m NANCY  LA- 
FARGE, and  moved  to  Jordan,  N. 
Y.,  in  1810. 

E.  P.  H.,  Colorado. 

NETT may  have  come  from  Con- 
necticut or  Rhode  Island  in  1765  to 
Orange  County.  The  < ensus  of  1790 
gives  Matthew  in  Warwick  County, 
and  Moses  in  Luzerne  County.  Pa. 

The  1800  census  shows  Matthew 
and  Moses  both  in  Luzerne  County, 

The  younger  Bennetts,  Gershom 
and  Matthew  moved  to  Elmira,  Ti- 
oga County,  about  1805,  and  in  1816, 

to  Orleans  County. 

Any  information  relative  to  Mat- 
thew and  Moses  is  desired. 

E.  L.  B.,  California. 


On  the  chance  that  E.H.T.,  Min- 
nesota, does  not  have  the  Coe  rec- 
ords, Mrs.  Ferris,  Chicago,  Illinois, 
has  very  kindly  copied  the  follow- 
ing from  “Robert  Coe,  Puritan”  by 
J.  Gardner  Bartlett,  1911. 

Robert  Coe,  b Oct.  26,  1596,  in 
England.  He  died  after  Feb.  15, 1674- 
5.  He  m in  England  about  1623  Mary 

, who  died  in  England  Oct.  27, 


John  Coe,  their  first  child,  b 1625, 
emigrated  with  his  father  in  1634, 
and  lived  with  him  in  Watertown, 
Mass.,  Wethersfield  and  Stamford, 
Conn.,  Hempstead,  Long  Island,  and 
settled  in  Newton,  Long  Island, 
where  he  d about  1693.  The  name 
of  his  wife  is  unknown.  Their  sev- 
enth youngest  child  was 

Samuel  Coe,  b at  Newton,  L.  I., 
about  1672,  m Margaret  VanZandt 
Dec.  23,  1712. 

Pages  15-66  in  this  book  record 
eight  generations  of  the  English 
family  prior  to  Robert. 

Our  subscribers  offer  records  of 
the  following  families:  Bucklin,  Os- 
good, Reinhard,  Reinhart  or  Rein- 

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:*  - • - • : •-*’  : ! ■ V ’ •'  ■ 

lEarly  BsMub 


ta  fnrk  I Muit 

Slirir  Anrrstnrs  anh  Beamihants 


VOL.  II  OCTOBER,  1935  NO.  4 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ..  . . 25  Cents  Per  Dozen 




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September  Sixth,  the  day  for  our  Get-together  Party  for  subscribers 
to  “Early  Settlers”,  arrived  with  perfect  weather. 

Chapter  Regents  with  members  of  the  Daughters  of  the  American 
Revolution  were  present  from  Albion,  Buffalo,  Warsaw  and  Penn  Yan. 

Mrs.  James  Norton,  the  Regent  of  Mary  Jamieson  Chapter,  reported 
seventeen  present  from  Warsaw,  which  is  about  fifty  miles  from  Akron. 

The  Daughters  of  Colonists  and  Historical  Societies  were  also  repre- 

Mr.  John  L.  Moulton  of  Mobile,  Alabama,  came  the  longest  distance. 

The  first  stop  on  the  tour  of  the  Tonawanda  Indian  Reservation  was 
at  the  Baptist  Church,  where  Indians,  trained  by  their  pastor,  Miss  Ethel 
Knapp,  sang  gospel  songs.  The  beautiful  harmony  of  their  voices,  in  the 
Indian  language,  sounding  alone,  without  accompaniment,  was  greatly  en- 

After  an  instructive  talk  by  Mr.  Parker,  Simeon  Sky  asked  the  God 
of  the  palefaces,  the  God  of  these  Indians,  to  bless  us  as  we  went  our  way. 

A few  days  later,  this  Christian  Indian  fell  from  a silo,  and  his  life 
was  ended.  He  went  with  God’s  benediction  upon  him. 

In  addition  to  Simeon  Sky  and  Miss  Knapp,  the  Catholic,  Methodist 
and  Baptist  pastors  of  Akron  took  an  active  part  in  the  program  for  the  day. 

The  Work  Shop  in  the  Community  House  was  another  place  of  inter- 
est. Here  under  supervision  of  the  Rochester  Museum,  the  Indians,  taught 
by  their  own  people,  are  developing  skill  equal  to  that  of  their  forefathers. 

To  see  their  finished  products  in  wood -working,  metal,  leather,  paint- 
ing, and  basketry,  one  believes  they  have  inherited  the  ability  of  old,  and 
that  a restoration  of  these  arts  among  the  Indians  is  a worth-while  project. 

The  afternoon  meeting  in  the  Akron  High  School  was  opened  hy  the 
entire  High  School  assembly  marching  in  to  the  music  of  the  School  Or- 
chestra, the  singing  of  the  school  song,  the  Pledge  to  the  Flag,  and  the  ad- 
dress of  welcome  by  Miss  Gertrude  Leopold,  principal  of  the  school. 

Interesting  talks  on  by-gone  days  and  the  singing  of  folk  songs  of  dif- 
ferent countries  by  Mrs.  Augustus  Shearer  were  enjoyed  during  the  after- 
noon and  evening. 

Not  the  least  part  of  the  enjoyment  of  the  day  was  the  meeting  of 
new  folks,  the  beginning  of  real  friendships. 

As  many  autos  turned  homeward,  the  last  words  were — “We  must 
have  another  next  year”. 

And  in  the  next  number  the  suggestion  made  by  Mr.  Robert  Bingham 
will  be  announced.  It  is  a most  attractive  trip. 


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Schools  are  opening,  organizations  are  holding  first  meetings  after  the 
summer,  everywhere  there  is  added  interest  in  life. 

Are  you  feeling  the  impulse  to  do  something? 

One  receives  from  life  just  what  he  puts  into  it.  You  can  not  change 
these  every  day  business  conditions  in  any  spectacular  manner,  but  you 
can  control  your  own  reception  of  today’s  worries. 

Fill  your  mind  so  full  of  some  valuable  subject  that  these  depressing 
thoughts  can  not  find  a place  to  enter. 

There  is  no  subject  more  completely  absorbing,  more  increasingly  in- 
teresting, thrilling  and  exciting,  more  valuable  to  yourself  and  posterity, 
than  a search  for  ancestors.  If  pennies  are  counted,  it  is  within  the  reach 
of  everyone. 

Libraries,  which  may  be  used  without  cost,  are  filled  with  helpful 

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• *>  trA \aL  A. 

! . l"  ' '•  ' : . 


. j-  y ...  ■'  rl-  . V.i.ii  .<U1  ■ **«# 

; ; • 

• « ' jn-vi  .'"i.  lo 




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Very  soon  we  cross  the  State  to  Albany,  then  down  the  Hudson  for  an- 
other searching  trip.  Because  so  many  of  our  subscribers  are  interested  in 
Orange  County  records,  intense  searching  will  be  made  in  that  part  of  New 

York  State. 

Special  searching  for  your  ancestor,  while  we  are  in  that  County,  or 
any  Town  on  our  schedule,  costs  only  fifty  cents  per  hour. 

Every  day  fire,  weather  and  carelessness  are  destroying  the  precious 
records  of  ancestors,  placing  them  forever  beyond  the  reach  of  anyone.  It 
is  well  therefore,  not  to  put  off  any  searching  that  can  be  done  today,  for 
tomorrow  the  records  may  be  gone. 

This  is  an  opportunity. 

We  will  be  delighted  during  this  trip  to  meet  any  of  our  subscribers, 
or  to  visit  any  organization  that  is  interested  in  our  work. 

Early  Church  Records 

If  the  date  of  admission  is  recorded,  it  will  precede  the  name, 
d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

North  Granville,  N.  Y.,  Church  Records 

The  Baptist  Church  was  organiz- 
ed in  1784  at  the  home  of  John 
Stewart,  Granville,  N.  Y.,  with  El- 
der Hezekiah  Eastman  of  Danby 

The  following  males  were  mem- 
bers in  1787: 

Andress,  Elisha.  Austin,  James. 

Barnes,  Cornelius,  Silas. 

Baker,  Timothy,  Benjamin. 

Barker,  G.  Barns,  Chancy. 

Brown,  Alexander;  Jonathan,  Died 
Sept.  1,  1826. 

Calkins  Joshua,  Joel,  Caleb. 

Crissen,  rilpheus. 

Covel,  James.  Commens,  Caleb. 

Dodge,  Joel,  Gordon. 

Dean,  David. 

Eastman,  Nathaniel,  William. 

Frillis,  Samuel.  Green,  Jabez, 

Hill,  Benajah.  Hendryx,  W. 

Holley,  Joseph.  Lawrence,  Edward. 
MeWethy,  Silas,  Reuben. 

McCartner,  James. 

Powers,  William.  s Pool,  Timothy. 
Rowley,  Daniel.  Reed,  Jonathan. 
Robins,  Silas.  Rodes,  Nathan. 

Rent,  Daniel. 

Stewart,  John,  Daniel,  David,  John. 
Sill,  Richard.  Spencer,  Benjamin, 
Smith,  Joshua.  Simons,  Latin. 

Stoddard,  Elijah.  Swan,  Abraham. 
Utter,  Amos. 

Vandozer,  Abram,  James. 

Watson,  Robert. 

Williams,  Solomon  and  w,  d 1815. 

The  following  females  were  mem- 
bers in  1787: 

Aldridge,  Ellis.  Andress,  Sarah. 
Baker,  Jerusha,  Sarah,  Lydia,  d 1828 
Barnes,  Elizabeth.  Barns,  Lydia. 
Bently,  Abigail.  Brown,  Huldah. 
Backus.  Jerusha.  Beard,  Elizabeth. 
Covel,  Sarah,  Mary. 

Calkins,  Mercy.  Camel,  Deborah, 
Cady,  Lois. 

Crissen,  Ellis,  Comfort. 

Crouch,  Eunice. 









Cummings,  Hannah. 

Dodge.  Lucy.  Dean,  Mary. 

Eastman,  Naomi,  Phebe. 

Fery,  Mary,  Eunice. 

Graves,  Sally.  Gould,  Mary. 

Grifis,  Abigail.  Holley,  Eunice. 

Hendryx,  Martha.  Harndon,  Joana. 

Hail.  Martha. 

Hatch,  Widow  Rhoda,  D Sept.  23, 

Lawrence,  Elizabeth. 

McQuethy,  Bethiah,  Ann. 

Moredock,  Mary. 

Morehouse,  Tirza. 

Olbee,  Sarah. 

Powers,  Mabel.  Pratt,  Ruth. 

Parker.  Susannah.  Philio,  Judith. 
Rent,  Polly.  Rhodes,  Mary. 

Robins,  Sarah.  Reed,  Ester. 

Rodes,  Phebe.  Rowley,  Deborah. 
Stewart,  Lemira,  Anne,  Diadama, 
and  Phebe,  the  w of  Daniel,  D 
Apr.  25,  1825. 

Sill,  Eunice.  Sharp,  Joanna. 

Simons,  Bridget.  Swan,  Catharine. 
Stodard,  Mabel*  d 1807. 

Tracy,  Lucretia,  Martha. 

Tanner,  A.  Vandozer,  Johanna. 

Wildman,  Phebe.  Walker,  Mercy. 

Williams,  Abigail,  E^iza,  d 1821. 


Admitted  in  17S2. 

Aaron,  Mr.  Avery,  Orpha,  d 1001. 
Brown,  Solomon.  Baker,  Silas. 

Blood,  Elder.  Brownell,  Eunice. 
Cady,  Betsey,  d 1801. 

Crippens.  Joseph.  Darby,  Ann. 

Haley,  Elder.  Haynes,  Elder. 

Hatch,  Samuel. 

Warren,  Elder  Obed. 

Admitted  in  1802. 

Daton,  Ruth.  Stewart,  Phebe,  Jr. 
Tanner,  Tammy. 

Admitted  in  1803. 

Bacon.  Jerusha. 

Baremore,  Nathaniel,  w,  Roxey,  d 
1807  to  Methodists. 

Chapen,  Adna.  Comstock,  Lovina. 
Colton,  Thankful,  Jane,  Aaron  and 
w,  d 1820. 

Hall,  Diadama.  Hays,  Phebe. 

Hammond,  Bath sheba. 

Maxwell,  John  and  wife. 

Nichols,  Elizabeth. 

Phillips,  Lorena.  Shaw,  Benjamin. 
Stewart,  Daniel.  S^comb,  Sally. 

Town,  Mrs.  Wells,  Howard. 

Baptisms  in  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Perry  Center 

The  name  of  the  parent  or  par- 
ents is  followed  by  the  names  of 

the  children  who  were  baptised. 


Elias  and  Clarissa  Bathrick — Char- 

Anson  and  Amy  Austin — William 
Silas,  Edward,  Frederic,  Henry, 
Joseph  Franklin. 

John  S.  and  Lydia  Martin — Henry. 

Lyman  Taylor — Sheldon,  Osman. 

Talcott  and  Sally  Howard — Samuel 

James  and  Phebe  Potter — Betsey. 

Russel  and  Martha  Austin— Matthew 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee — Patrick 

Julia  Ward — Sidney. 


Jeremiah  and  Keziah  Gardner — 
Clarissa,  Ephriam 

John  Ren  wick — John  Spencer. 

Norman  White  — Harrison  Gould, 
Daniel  Calkins,  Clorinda,  James 

Lyman  Taylor — Martha. 

Jesse  and  Amanda  Cosset — Martha. 

Samuel  and  Mary  Ann  Gridley — 
Samuel  Hart. 

Rachel  Bingham  — Emily  Howard, 
Mary  Ann,  Albert,  James  Monroe, 
Roxa  Melissa. 

Selden  and  Polly  Higgins — Sheldon, 

Otis  end  Hannah  Higgins — Galen 
Hyde,  Rollin  Delos. 

Foster  and  Maria  Barnard — Joseph 

Alanson  and  Marillaetta  - Gardner — 
Mary  Ann. 

Elias  and  Clarissa  Bathrick — Linus. 


Horace  and  Philena  Sheldon— -May- 







■ _ ..  .. 




Jabcz  and  Aurilla  Ward — Sarah. 

Sally  B.  Purdy — Samuel  Dwight. 

Edmund  and  Joanna  Birdsall — Ma- 
hala,  Asa: 

Albern  H.  and  Julia  E.  Owen — Hel- 
en Eliza. 

Alma  Whiting — Mary  Louisa. 

Anson  and  Amy  Austin — Frances 

Rachel  Bingham — Walter  Hubbell. 

Polly  Higgins — Norton. 


Thomas  and  Rebecca  McEntee-John 

Elizabeth  Webster — James. 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee — Cath- 
arine Brown. 

Albern  and  Julia  Owen — Albert 

Jason  and  Fanny  Lathrop — Marian 

Julia  Ward — John  Howard. 

Oren  and  Sally  Sheldon — Mary  Ann 

Solomon  and  Louisa  Lester  — An- 
drew B. 


Jabez  and  Aurilla  Ward — Butler. 

Jonathan  and  Harriet  Hutton-Fran- 
ces,  Lucinda,  Elvira,  Mary,  Fred- 
erick, Braddock,  Jonathan. 

George  and  Sophia  Keney — Eli  Bur- 

Lucinda  Goodale — Elizabeth. 

Jesse  and  Amanda  Cosset — Sarah. 

Jason  and  Fanny  Lathrop — Helen 

Jonathan  and  Harriet  Hutton — Har- 
riet Priscilla. 

Elias  and  Clarissa  Bathrick — Lorain 

Joseph  and  Juliette  Lambright-Hel- 


Anson  and  Amy  Austin — James  An- 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee — Philip. 

Samuel  and  Mary  Ann  Gridley — 
Charles  Cornelius. 

Esther  Nevin — David  Steele. 

Julia  Ward — Catharine  Bertha. 

Lora  Armstrong  — Caroline  Jane, 
Parris  Handy,  Ann  Mary,  Hervey 


Solomon  Lester — Silas  Loomis. 

Clarissa  Ball — Orson. 

Lucinda  Goodale — Esther. 

George  and  Sophia  Keeney — Cythia 


Almira  Higgins — Walter  A. 

Jonathan  and  Harriet  Hutton — Em- 

Horace  and  Rachel  Bingham — Eliza- 

George  and  Sophia  Keeney — Mary 


Sally  B.  Purdy — Sarah  Ann. 

Elias  and  Clarissa  Bathrick — Mar- 

Lora  Armstrong — Eliza  Cordelia. 

Rev.  Oren  Brown — Oscar  Francis. 

Simeon  R.  Barber — Martha. 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee — Ama- 

Wilder  and  Clarissa  Silver— Payson. 


Alanson  and  Mar  ilia  Gardner — Jul- 
ia Harriet. 

Anson  and  Amy  Austin  — Amos 

Solomon  and  Louisa  Lester — Mary 

Julia  Ward — Rachel  Lorair. 

Jabez  and  Aurilla  Ward — Joseph. 


Jesse  and  Amanda  Cossett — Henry 

Alanson  and  Marilla  Gardner — Al- 

Simeon  R.  Barber — Milton  Alexan- 

Elias  and  Clarissa  Bathrick — Abigail 

Aaron  Butler — Sarah  Louisa. 

Jason  and  Fanny  Lathrop  — Eliza 

Lora  Armstrong — Esther. 

Thomas  McEntee — Harriet. 

Julia  Ward- — Eliza  Ann. 

Lucinda  Goodale — Julia  Anna. 

Anna  C.  Downing — George  James. 


George  and  Sophia  Keeney — Ansel 



rO  1 r.  ■ ._ao  .li.  r 


It#;  . '{ 


, , ■ I ,'J 


.filii  . ai  I i-)i  t 




Alanson  and  Marilla  Gardner-Eliza 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee — John. 

Jabez  and  Aurilla  Ward — Cullen. 


George  and  Sophia  Keeney — Esther 

Simeon  Barber — Allen  Totwine. 

James  A.  and  Eunice  A.  Thompson 
— Ellen  Amelia. 

Clarissa  Davis — Charles  Sullivan. 


Elias  and  Clarissa  Bathrick — Will- 
iam Ralph. 

Alanson  and  Marilla  Gardner — Juli- 

Patty  Taylor — Lodema,  Clarissa  Al- 
mira, John  Brayton. 

Patrick  and  Mary  McEntee  — Ed- 
ward Salisbury. 

Mariette  Taylor — Mary  Adelia. 


P.  M.  Ward — Arthur. 

Aaron  Butler — Helen  Cornelia. 

Polly  Taylor — Rosalia. 


George  Keney — George  Washington. 


Joseph  P.  Buckland — Henry  Dwight 


Alanson  Gardner — George  Nelson, 
Laura  Elizabeth. 

George  Keney — Lyman  Beacher. 


Joseph  P.  Buckland — Palmer  Ro- 


P.  M.  and  Julia  Ward — Julia  Ger- 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  McEntee — 
Gertrude  Augusta. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  W.  Ryder — 
Francina  Lucetta. 

George  and  Marietta  Taylor — Sarah 


John  M.  Butler — Milton  White. 

Mary  Janette  Hodgeman. 


John  and  Jane  Pierce — Mary  Jane. 

James  and  Roxana  Kniffen — Rollin 

B.,  Mary  E. 


"William  N.  and  Julia  E.  Carter— 


John  M.  and  Clarinda  Butler — Hen- 
ry Curtis. 


Mr.  and  Mrs.  Henry  Gardner — Her- 
bert Brayton. 

Joseph  and  Jerusha  Buckland — Sar- 
ah Alice. 


Henry  and  Lodema  Gardner — Cur- 
tis Fremont. 

Edwin  Buckland — Theodore  Stan- 
ley, Charles  Clarence. 


William  H.  and  Merivah  Butler — 
Frank  Eugene  and  Herbert  Leroy. 

Deacon  John  and  Clarinda  Butler — 
Elvireta  Bradway. 


Rev.  G.  J.  and  Ellen  J.  Means — El- 
len Goodrich. 


William  and  Catharine  Butler — Lei- 
lian  Eunice. 


Irving  and  Martha  Thompson  — 
Laura  Evangeline. 


Sidney  and  Emeline  Ward — Caro- 
line Morgan,  Mary  Gertrude. 


Milton  A.  and  Mary  Marvin  Barber 
— Martha  Marvin. 

Adelbert  and  Ada  Watrous — Ida  E. 

H.  Dwight  and  Harriet  Buckland — 
Wilbur  Henry. 


William  H.  and  Catherine  Butler — 
Bertha  C. 

Irving  G.  and  Martha  Thompson — 
Eva  Belle. 


Milton  A.  and  Mary  M.  Barber — 
Harriet  Sophia. 

C.  Jay  and  Florilla  H.  Benedict — -- 
Frederick  Graham. 

Irving  G.  and  Martha  Thompson— 
James  Allen. 



■ : ■ 


. : 


Tiiii ->•.*/ 

■ ’ v ■/  D - ;T 

- fst 

- . 

£ i • ; 

? idi.r.ii  '<  » liifij  1 




Bottenkill  (Now  Greenwich)  Church 

The  following  persons  were  added 
to  the  Bottenkill  (Now  Greenwich) 
Church,  between  1815  and  1829. 
j 316  Allen,  Joseph,  John  B.,  Elsie, 
Susanna,  Patience. 

Allen,  Barney  and  w,  Nancy. 

Allen,  Alven,  D Sept.  1828. 

Adams,  Anna. 

1816  Adams,  Edward,  D Nov.  27, 

Adkins,  Samuel. 

1816  Angel,  Edward,  Hannah. 

Austin,  Julian. 

1816  Basset,  Lyda,  Daniel,  Olive. 
1816  Benson,  Seneca. 

Barber,  Thankful,  D July  1832. 

1816  Barber,  Joshua,  Isabel,  Smith, 
Alpheus,  Benjamin,  Aianson,  Na- 

1816  Babcock,  Lurena,  Polly,  Na- 
than, Parker. 

1816  Bliven,  Polly. 

1816  Bosworth,  Jabez. 

1316  Brown,  Bathsheba,  Amasa. 

1816  Burge,  Sally. 

1816  Barnes,  Susanna,  Isabel,  Susan. 
Buel,  Sally.  Blake,  Diana. 

Brock,  Elizabeth.  Bremer,  Daniel. 

Baker,  Sally.  Bates,  Ruel. 

Bullock,  Anna.  Burch,  Anne. 

Bailey,  Sally.  Bennct,  Rachel. 

Barnard,  Aaron. 

Bentley,  Elsie,  Pardon,  Betsey. 
Burdick,  Delilah,  Sally,  Winter, 

Barker,  Peter  W.,  Lovina. 

Bull,  Nancy,  d 1818,  Hebron. 
Carmichael,  Hezekiah,  Emily. 

Coffin,  Widow,  Charles  G. 

Conklin,  Huldah,  Abram. 

Crocker,  Mary,  D Sept.  1828. 

Chub,  Betsey,  Anna. 

Closson,  Miss,  dau.  of  Stephen. 

1815  Carter,  Clarissa. 

1816  Crandall,  Widow,  Ruth. 

1816  Corkins,  Consider  W. 

1816  Cornell,  Sally. 

Cole,  Curtis,  Edward,  Betsey. 

Cross,  Anna,  Hannah,  Eunice. 

1816  Crandall,  John,  Sally,  Eber  F., 
John  D.,  Lovina. 

Clark,  John  B.,  Enos  C.,  Thomas, 


Coon,  Betsey,  Robert,  Hannah,  Mar- 

Cleave,  Sally.  Cozzens,  Betsey. 

Collier,  George. 

Campbell,  Catherine. 

1816  Dickinson,  Cyrus,  Matilda. 

1816  Drake,  Gilbert,  Sally. 

Dennis,  Rebecca,  D Feb.  1828. 
Downs,  Rufus.  Day,  Anna. 

Durham,  Maria. 

1816  Eagleston,  Rensselaer,  Catura, 

Evens,  Jane.  English,  Susanna. 

Eddy,  Molly  N. 

1816  Fuller,  Elisha,  Asa. 

1816  Foster,  Deborah,  Sarah,  Laura. 
1816  Folsom,  A. 

1816  Faxon,  Walter. 

Furman,  Larry.  Ferris,  Betsy  Ann 
Fairchild,  Joel  L. 

1816  Gavet,  Mabel. 

1816  Gilbert,  Leonard. 

1816  Gould,  John. 

1816  Gage,  William,  Jabez,  Jr. 
Grinman,  Job. 

Gambel,  Susanna.  Grandee,  Rhoda. 

1815  Hovey,  Samuel  and  w,  Polly. 

1816  Heath,  Sidney,  Horace,  David, 
Samuel,  Jr.,  Mabel,  Anson,  Har- 
riet, Phebe,  Sally,  Freelove,  Ann. 

Hicks,  Daniel,  Joseph,  Hannah,  Am- 
aziah,  Phebe,  Lydia. 

Hartshorn,  William. 

Haynor,  Peggy,  Mary. 

Hay,  Bersheba. 

Hanexie,  Rowland,  John. 

Hazelton,  Stephen,  Lyda. 

Herrington,  Ezekiel. 

Hayward,  David.  Harwood,  Maria. 
Hanks,  Enoch  and  w,  Hannah. 

Hyat,  Justin  W.,  Polly  F. 

Henry,  William,  Mariah.  % 

Heath,  Joseph,  Lois,  Bethia,  and 
Betsy,  w of  David. 

Jenkins,  Amos,  Prudence. 

Jackways,  Betsy,  Rhoda. 

Jordan,  Martha. 

1816  Kinyon,  Betsy,  Wealthy,  Ben- 
jamin, Sally,  Mumford,  Sally  Rood 
Kilmore,  Adam,  Freelove. 

Knapp,  Obadiah,  Elizabeth. 






. ' •*  - . ■ . . * - • A 




imAhA . 




Ketchum,  Henry  W.,  Beulah. 

1815  Lee,  Mary,  Henrietta. 

1816  Leonard,  Jane  Ann,  Elizabeth. 
1816  Lesley,  Susanna. 

1816  Luther,  Betsy. 

Latham,  Joseph. 

Lamphier,  Ransom,  Rebecca,  Anna, 

Livermore,  Betsy,  Abigail. 

1816  McGregory,  John,  Emma,  Mrs. 
1816  McGachin,  William,  James. 

1816  Moss,  Nancy,  Elisha,  Edwin. 
1816  McBurney,  Samuel. 

1816  Morrey,  Lydia. 

1816  Miller,  Sally. 

Mains,  Nancy,  Peter. 

McCumber,  Rachel. 

McCuller,  William. 

Merchant,  Charity.  Mentor,  Elijah. 
Martendale,  Susanna. 

M'eader,  Sarah.  Mead,  Nehemiah. 
Martin,  Phebe.  Mallory,  Silva. 

Mills,  Sally. 

1815  Nammon,  Nancy. 

Newbury,  Polly.  Nelson,  Sarah. 

Norton,  William,  Polly. 

Nichols,  William,  D Apr.  1827. 
Odell,  John,  James,  D Mar.  20,  1819. 
Perrigo,  Joanna. 

Pratt,  Horatio,  Mrs.  Patience,  Elihu. 

1816  Pool,  Thomas,  Samuel,  Hannah 
Martha,  Anna. 

1816  Potter,  Experience,  Sally,  Pol- 


Prosser,  Benjamin,  Elisha,  Betsey, 
Sally,  William. 

1816  Pulman,  Nathaniel. 

1816  Pitts,  Vinca,  Harvey. 

1816  Phillips,  Gardner,  Alice. 

1816  Page,  James,  Mary. 

Pendleton,  Zebulon. 

Patchin,  William,  Paulina. 

Pike,  Lucy. 

Pettys,  Francis,  Patty. 

Perkins,  Betsy,  John. 

Phelps,  Elisha. 

1816  Rogers,  Experience,  Samuel, 
Lydia,  Josiah,  James,  Jr.,  Clarin- 
da,  Allen. 

1816  Robinson,  Francis,  Sarah,  Na- 
than, Sally. 

1816  Reynolds,.  Thankful. 

Robertson,  Fanny.  Ripley,  Anna. 

Ross,  Thomas.  Rood,  Lyda. 

Rowell,  Mrs.  Amasa. 

Sheldon,  Asa,  Isabel,  Cynthia. 

1816  Spargue,  Simon,  Amy,  Betsy. 
Sheffield,  James. 

Shearer,  John,  James,  Rogers. 
Sutsin,  Betsy.  Shearman,  Polly. 

Smith,  Lovisa,  Benjamin,  Nancy. 
Snow,  Elsie. 

Skinner,  Hannah,  Betsy. 

Sybrandt,  John,  Patty. 

Snell,  Phebe. 

Saterly,  Sylvester,  Jr.,  Iiepsibah. 
Sanders,  Caroline.  Sear,  Silas. 

Scot,  Amasa,  Mary.  Shaw,  Asa. 

Spencer,  Ada.  Salimons,  Mary. 

1816  Tefft,  James,  Sally,  David  S., 
Persis,  Polly,  Betsy,  Laura,  Nan- 
cy, Joseph,  Simeon,  Willard. 

1816  Tanner,  Elisha  B.,  William, 
John,  Elisha,  Joshua,  William  S. 
1816  Tilton,  Betsy,  Polly. 

Thompson,  Patience,  Peter,  Jr. 
Tucker,  Freelove,  Mercy. 

Thayer,  Hannah.  v Tubbs,  Deborah. 
Taggard,  Sarah. 

Tefft,  Maria  m Hagerty. 

Underhill,  Maria. 

Vandurant,  William,  Catherine. 
Welwood,  Esther. 

Washburn,  Rachael. 

Willkus,  William. 

1816  Woodruff,  Isaac,  Mrs. 

1816  Weaver,  Nathan,  John. 

1816  Waldo,  David,  Jr.,  Aurilla, 

1816  White,  Thomas,  Isaac,  Eliza- 
beth, Amasa,  Rue,  Clementine, 

■’"1816  WTright,  Daniel,  Stillman,  Ca- 
leb, Elizabeth. 

1816  Willes,  Electa,  Christian,  Jane. 
Watson,  Perry,  Simeon,  Elijah. 
Whipple,  Betsy,  Otis, 

Wilkinson,  Thomas. 

Willard,  Dennison  B. 

Walker,  Susanna. 

Wilber,  Sally,  Lyda.  > 

Wilcox,  Luther,  Lyda. 

Wells,  Abigail. 

Williams,  Stephen  Barber. 

Wallace,  Norman  and  w,  Lydia. 
Young,  John,  Ann. 




..  . 


. -V 

X - • ’■ 

a*  • tin  A ..  ; l ,'^nu  jY 

; : . L\C  : 
. ■-  -14; 

& I r 


A-r-  -A  ■■ 



Old  Trails 

From  “The  Cradle  of  the  Queen  City”  by  Robert  W.  Bingham 

In  the  report  rendered  by  Joseph 
Ellicott  to  Paul  Busti  in  the  year 
1800  he  stated,  “The  next  object  of 
my  report  is  that  relative  to  laying 
out  that  part  of  the  Western  State 
Road  leading  through  the  Holland 
Company’s  land  to  Lake  Erie.  Agree- 
ably to  instructions  relative  to  the 
performance  of  this  object,  I exam- 
ined with  considerable  labor  and 
trouble  the  ground  between  the  ter- 
mination of  the  said  Western  State 
Road  and  Captain  Gunson’s  (LeRoy) 
to  which  place  the  said  road  had 
been  heretofore  opened  and  the  east 
end  of  Lake  Erie,  and  after  such  ex- 
amination laid  the  road  on  the  firm- 
est ground  and  in  the  straightest  di- 
rection the  country  would  admit  of 
which  I returned  to  Paul  Busti 
in  topographical  representation  to 
which  was  annexed  an  estimate  of 
the  probable  expense  that  would  at- 
tend to  cutting,  clearing,  bridging, 
digging,  causewaying,  and  levelling 
each  mile  of  said  road.” 

As  stated  in  this  report  the  first 
road  in  Erie  County  was  laid  out 
under  the  direction  of  Joseph  Elli- 
cott in  the  spring  of  1798.  It  was 
the  improvement  of  the  old  Indian 
Trail  from  the  East  Transit  to  Buf- 
falo. As  surveyed  and  laid  out  by 
Joseph  Ellicott  it  passed  through 
Williamsville  to  Cold  Springs  then 
followed  the  line  of  Main  Street  to 
the  Creek.  The  completion  of  this 
road  naturally  took  some  time  and 
it  is  said  that  in  1806  the  main  road 
between  Le  Roy  and  Buffalo  which 
followed  the  line  of  the  old  Indian 
trail  was  not  all  cut  through.  For 
about  four  miles  between  Le  Roy 
and  Batavia  it  was  cleared  of  un- 
derbrush, but  only  of  sufficient 
width  to  allow  wagons  to  pass.  On 
the  west  side  of  Batavia  the  pres- 
ent road  was  impassable.  The  old 
trail  which  v/as  traveled  for  about 
eighteen  miles  v/as  a little  west  of 

the  present  road. 

The  settlers  in  the  vicinity  of  Buf- 
falo Plains  in  the  early  days  pre- 
ferred to  follow  a path  that  ran 
along  the  north  bank  of  Scajaquada 
Creek  to  Black  Rock.  Others  near 
the  Cold  Spring  had  a favorite  path 
that  led  almost  directly  west  nearly 
along  the  lines  of  the  present  Utica 
Street  to  the  river. 

It  was  some  time  before  the  pres- 
ent Main  Street  as  surveyed  by  El- 
licott was  passable  for  wagons,  be- 
tween the  village  and  the  Cold 
Spring.  A part  of  the  travel  was  on 
the  old  trail  that,  at  Buffalo  Plains, 
followed  the  Limestone  ridge  a little 
east  of  the  present  Main  Street, 
bearing'  to  the  right  and  crossing 
the  main  road  on  Flint  Hill.  Follow- 
ing the  rocky  ridge  to  Scajaquada 
Creek  at  the  old  fording  place  in 
Forest  Lawn  Cemetery,  down  the 
steep  banks  of  twenty  feet,  crossing 
the  creek  and  ascending  to  the  high- 
er ground,  the  trail  continued  on 
until  it  crossed  the  old  Gulf  Road 
about  where  Delaware  Avenue  is 
now.  Passing  the  Jubilee  Spring  the 
old  road  continued  about  on  the 
line  of  the  present  Delaware  Ave- 
nue to  Utica.  Here  it  bore  a little 
to  the  east  and  crossing  this  street 
continued  along  parallel  with  the 
avenue,  bearing  a little  to  the  west 
to  the  old  Guide  Board  Road.  From 
this  point  it  diverged  and  took  the 
course  of  Porter  Avenue  to  the  riv- 
er. At  this  point  the  traveler  turned 
to  the  left  and  followed  the  sandy 
beach  to  the  Creek. 

Under  the  pressure  of  immigra- 
tion to  western  lands  this  road  soon 
became  a passable  wagon  track  and 
many  lumbering  Cannestoga  wag- 
ons passed  on  down  that  trail  dec- 
orated with  the  large  painted  sign 
“From  Old  Connecticut  to  New.” 
(To  be  continued) 


ilt( ) A : isJ#  * ,*  ;•{•. i-v, ' } 




‘ ; ' ’ i y.'.x  , . ' 

. ■ . * ,l£-r  : 7 

•Ab.  'V  : . • b • . • ' 


• " 

■ ' )ir<  d > •.} 

-t.-v  • *■  -\r- . ;;  ; J 

" '*  * 




- ti  J *dt  moil  siT 

* iUO’fTfr  tv  * ■.-/  i) 


...  .*.•.•  . > 

■ ■ • 



Subscribers1  Exchange 

Our  enlarged  magazine  will  provide  'space  for  the  publication  of  records 
from  subscribers. 

We  are  grateful  for  the  following 

Bible  Records  from  Miss  E.  May 

Christy.  Bible  published  in  1826, 

owned  by  Mrs.  Cora  Thompson  Wil- 


Monroe,  Jonathan,  b in  Townsend, 
Middlesex  County,  Mass.,  Mar.  7, 

Monroe,  Margaret,  b in  Hallifax, 
Windom  Co.,  Vermont,  Sept.  21, 

Monroe,  Sarah  P.,  b in  Paulett,  Rut- 
land Co,.  Vt.,  Sunday,  July  8,  1821. 

Monroe,  Welthy  C.,  b in  Paulett, 
Rutland  Co.,  Vt.,  Wednesday,  Apr. 
9,  1823. 

Monroe,  Esther,  b in  Paulett,  Rut- 
land Co.,  Vt.,  Tuesday,  June  5, 

Monroe,  Margaret  Ann,  b in  Pom- 
fret,  Chautauqua  Co.,  N.  Y.,  Thurs 
day,  Feb.  2,  1832. 


Monroe,  Margaret,  D May  3,  1854, 
Pomfret,  N.  Y. 

Dodge,  Mrs.  Welthy  C.,  D Saturday, 
Apr.  11,  1896,  buried  the  14. 

Elliott,  Mrs.  Sarah  Monroe,  D.  Nov. 
7,  1906,  at  the  home  of  William 
Elliott,  in  Sheridan,  N.  Y.,  B in 


Monroe,  Jonnathan,  m Margaret 
Baldwin,  May  17,  1817,  in  Pawlet, 

Emmons,  Barna  B.,  m Sarah  Mon- 
roe, Dec.  16,  1841,  Pomfret,  N.  Y. 

Monroe,  Welthy  C.,  m Baxter  Dodge, 
Nov.  27,  1845,  Pomfret,  N.  Y. 

Thompson,  Robert,  m Esther  Mon- 
roe, Oct.  11,  1854,  Pomfret,  N.  Y., 
by  Rev.  A.  R.  Hammond. 
Additional  data,  copied  from  a 

paper  kept  in  the  old  Bible. 

Samuel  Baldwin’s  mother  was  Su- 
san Shattuck,  his  father,  Isaac 

Grandfather’s  family  — Jonathan 
Monroe,  James,  Joel,  Esther,  Ma- 
linda,  Sarah. 

Esther  m Daniel  Cleveland. 

Malinda  m Mr.  Priest. 

Sarah  m James  Pratt. 

Jonathan  Monroe’s  father  was  Abi- 

Margaret  Monroe’s  father  was  Sam- 
uel Baldwin. 

Sarah  Pierce  Baldwin  was  Grandma 
The  following  are  marriages  in 
the  Baldwin  family: 

Margaret  m Jonathan  Monroe. 
Sarah  m Benjamin  Fuller. 

Nancy  m Arnold  Douglass. 

Mary  m Rev.  William  Frarv. 

Allen  m Parna  Rockwooa. 

Lucinda  m Bassett. 

Gidley  Bible 

Published  in  Edinburgh  in  1772 
by  Alexander  Kincaid.  Owned  by 
George  W.  Gidley. 


Gidley,  Hezekiah,  b Dec.  18,  1754. 
Gidley,  Rebeckah,  b Mar.  18,  1756. 
Gidley,  Jonathan,  b June  24,  1757. 
Gidley,  Timothy,  b Mar.  5,  1760. 
Gidley,  Benjamin,  b May  3,  1765. 
Gidley,  Abigail,  b June  19,  1767. 
Gidley,  Daniel,  b Apr.  22,  1773. 

Gidley,  Anna,  D Mar.  16,  1826,  in 
her  fifty-fourth  year. 

Gidley,  Timothy,  D Mar.  25,  1846. 

Additional  notes  not  in  Bible.  An- 
na Sutherland  Gidley  was  the  wife 
of  Timothy. 

The  above  is  a list  of  the  children 
of  H°nry  Gidley,  Jr.,  and  wife,  Eliz- 


These  work  sheets  are  designed  to  help  you  obtain  the  mast  essential,  facts 
when  searching  for  ancestors. 


..  ?•;;  ' ~ 




. " t ‘ ' . • ' A. 


* JhO  • 




. >'.i  . 'Vir.U 

n i n 




Tombstone  Inscriptions 

nortonville  cemetery 

Pittstown,  Rensselaer  County,  N.  Y. 
Ashley,  Isaac  A.,  Feb.  19,  1844,  44y. 
Ashley,  Jacob  W.,  Dec.  31,  1841,  29y. 
Baker,  Mary  L.,  w of  George  L., 
dau.  of  Claudia  and  Lydia  Lamb, 
July  18,  1860,  28y. 

Blake,  Charles  B.,  Co.  F,  122  Reg. 

111.  Vol.,  1844-1902. 

Blanchard,  Emma  Jennit,  dau.  of 
Rev.  E.  A.  and  E.  C.  Blanchard, 
Mar.  3,  1875,  3y. 

Burtis,  John,  Apr.  18,  1842,  49y. 
Burtis,  Richard,  Jan.  22,  1826,  75y. 
Burtis,  William,  July  26,  1835,  44y. 
Dutcher,  Charley  E.,  son  of  Calvin 
and  Lydia,  Aug.  4,  1865,  ly. 

Eldred,  Alice,  dau.  of  Jesse  and 
Delia,  July  19,  1859,  6y. 

Green,  Mariah,  w of  William,  Apr. 
26,  1821,  21y. 

Hollis,  Edwin,  son  of  John  H.  and 
Araline  E.,  Aug.  27,  1850,  ly. 
Lamb,  Caleb,  Oct.  12,  1860,  85y. 
Lamb,  Else,  w of  Caleb,  July  15, 
1848,  68y. 

Lamb,  Claudius,  Apr.  20,  1842,  40y. 
Lamb,  Lydia,  w of  Claudius,  Feb. 
14,  1881,  76y. 

Lamb,  Elizabeth,  w of  John,  Apr. 
11,  1859,  75 y. 

Lamb,  Merritt,  Jan.  6,  1864,  24y. 
May,  Dr.  Theodore,  Mar.  21,  1834, 

May,  Nancy,  w of  Theodore,  Nov. 
19,  1824,  35y. 

Norton,  Caleb,  Sept.  13,  1894,  91y. 
Norton,  Abigail,  w of  Caleb,  May  1, 
1867,  61y. 

Norton,  Jonathan,  Sept.  16,  1840,  84y 
Norton,  Melicent  Crandall,  w of 
Jonathan,  June  3,  1835,  75y. 

Pierce,  Caroline  Lamb,  w of  Ste- 
phen, 1830-1906. 

Reed,  Hugh,  Dec.  7,  1873,  69y. 

Heed,  Jane  McChesney,  w of  Hugh, 

Scriven,  Daniel  E.,  Co.  D,  169th  Reg. 

N.  Y.  Vol.,  1825-1899. 

Silkworth,  Preserved,  June  22,  1803- 
Dec.  22,  1887. 

Silkworth,  Rebecca  Ashley,  w of 
Preserved,  Sept.  9,  1807-Feb.  10, 

Simmons,  Katie,  Aug.  20,  1363,  80y. 
Stitt,  James,  Sept.  9,  1817,  84y. 

Van  Namee,  James  T.,  Nov.  27,  1790- 
Nov.  29,  1869. 

Van  Namee,  Hannah,  w of  James  T., 
Mar.  9,  1805-Dec.  7„  1879. 

Van  Namee,  Eliza,  Feb.  1,  1822,  26y. 

Van  Namee,  William,  1826,  79y. 

Van  Namee,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Will- 
iam,   1822,  71y. 

Warren,  Richard,  Feb.  23,  1822-May 
4,  1888. 

Warren,  Caroline,  w of  Richard, 
Sept.  3,  1825  — . 

Welling,  William,  Dec.  21,  1838,  84y. 
Welling,  Jemima,  w of  William,  Mar. 
23,  1329,  62y. 

The  following  were  copied  by 
William  H.  Wanzer  in  1915. 

Town  of  Bethlehem,  Albany  Coun- 
ty, situated  on  a hillock,  south  of 

Winne,  Henry,  Jan.  27,  1856,  6oy. 
Winne,  Sarah,  w of  Henry,  Dec.  6, 
1852,  61y. 

In  an  old  orchard,  one  mile  west 
of  Bethlehem  Reformed  Church. 

Winne,  John  D.,  Apr.  30,  1837,  77y. 
Winne,  Agnes  Van  Wie,  w of  John 
D.,  Jan.  10,  1832,  60y. 

Winne,  Mary,  w of  Daniel,  Mar.  6, 
1838,  44y. 

Winne,  Anna  M.,  dau.  of  Philip  V. 

and  Jane,  Feb.  11,  1835,  ly. 
Winne,  John  I.,  June  11,  1831,  40y. 
Winne,  Phebe,  w of  John  I.,  Apr. 

Moak  Family  Burying  Ground 

In  pasture,  east  of  railroad  cros- 
sing at  Feura  Bush,  back  of  barn 

Moak,  Nicholas,  Jan.  12,  1841,  67y. 
Moak,  Rosene,  w of  Nicholas,  Dec. 

8,  1781-Oct.  29,  1822. 

Moak,  Mariah,  Apr.  14,  1805-Seot. 
18,  1822. 

Moak,  Katey,  Sept.  9,  18 14- Jan.  20, 

• ' • r -[  "::oi  vft-rroT 


- • 







• . . . • l.T  \yi 



Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

Chase,  James,  Holland,  July  19,  1345 


Chase,  James  H.,  Oct.  18,  1863,  49y. 

Chase,  Louisa  A.,  w of  J.  I.,  May  11, 
1855,  30y  6m  lid.  D at  St.  Cath- 

Chase,  Mary  Ann,  Amherst,  Aug.  7, 
1835,  24y. 

Chase,  Mary  S.,  w of  Rev.  George 
L.  of  St.  Cloud,  Minn.,  dau.  of  R. 
H.  Hey  wood,  Sept.  22,-1866,  25y. 
D in  Venier,  Ohio.  B in  Buffalo. 

Chase,  Prudence,  w of  Alanson,  East 
Hamburg,  Sept.  24,  1863,  60y. 

Chase,  Capt.  Robert  B.,  on  board 
schooner  “Pilgrim”,  Aug.  17,  1849, 

Chase,  Capt.  Samuel,  Aug.  12,  1844, 

Chase,  Susan,  w of  Thomas  B.,  Aug. 
22,  1849,  31y. 

Chasselet,  Alexander,  Tonawanda, 
Aug.  5,  1849,  69y. 

Chatterdon,  Lewis,  Springbrook, 
Apr.  29,  1852,  92y. 

Cheeseman,  William,  Hamburg,  Dec. 
30,  1813.  Killed  at  Battle  of  Black 

Cheever,  George  N.,  formerly'  of 
Whitesborough,  Sept.  22,  1848,  26y 

Cherevoy,  George  H.,  May  20,  1864, 
41y.  D in  Santa  Cruz,  Cuba. 

Cherry,  Mrs.  Jane,  Feb.  19,  1860,  69y 

Chester,  Friendly  Dean,  w of  Aug- 
ustus, Oct..  27,  1852.  D in  Attica. 

Chester,  Hattie  C.  Sage,  w of 
Charles,  Feb.  8,  1866,  24y. 

Chew,  Sarah  E.,  w of  Francis  W., 
May  9,  1343,  20y. 

Chilcott,  Benj.  F.,  East  Hamburg, 
Apr.  30,  1867. 

Chilcott,  Evan  G.,  Aurora,  Mar.  31, 
1852,  51y. 

Child,  Cornelia,  dau.  of  Hon.  Jona- 
than of  Rochester,  Oct.  3,  1856,  24y 

Child,  Helen  M.,  w of  Perley  A., 
dau.  of  Pascall  P.  Pratt,  Apr.  14, 
1867.  D at  West  Exeter,  Otsego 

Co.  B in  Buffalo. 

Child,  Hon.  Jonathan,  father-in-law 
of  A.  P.  Nichols,  Oct.  27,  1860.  Of 
Rochester  and  buried  there. 

Childs,  Marcia  N.,  w of  Isaac,  Spring 
ville,  Oct.  23,  1861,  33y  7m  2d. 
Chipman,  Silas,  formerly  of  Boston, 
Mass.,  Innkeeper,  Aug.  20,  1329, 

Chipman,  Tillitha  C.,  w of  John  B., 
Dec.  13,  1852,  26y.  D in  Rochester. 
Chittenden,  Martin,  Surrogate  of 
Erie  Co.,  Sept.  4,  1832,  28y.  Chol- 
era. * 

Choate,  Fidelia  E.,  w of  E.  W.,  Lan- 
caster, June  1,  1847,  33y. 

Chowings,  Henry  Colton,  sexton  of 
St.  John’s  Church,  Aug.  26,  1867, 


Chowings,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Henry 
C.,  Sept.  7,  1856,  28y. 

Christey,  John,  printer,  Jan.  31,1351, 
27y  3m. 

Christey,  Joseph,  father  of  Arthur, 
Feb.  21,  1863,  73y. 

Christian,  Maria  L.,  June  2,  I860,  20 


Christie,  Dr.  P.,  Surgeon  in  TJ.  S. 

Navy,  Mar.  4,  1853,  63y. 

Christoff,  H.,  formerly  a merchant 
of  Worms,  Germany,  Dec.  27,  1836, 

Chuckland,  Samuel,  Newstead,  Feb. 
6,  1842,  66y. 

Church,  Almira,  w of  Ralph,  Jan. 
31,  1848,  36y. 

Church,  Anna,  w of  Ralph,  Apr.  5, 
1854,  43y. 

Church,  Edwin,  Oct.  2,  1854.  23y. 
Church,  Capt.  John,  Collins,  Apr. 
24,  1832,  50y. 

Church,  Mary  M.,  w of  Alvah,  July 
26,  1866,  44y. 

Churchill,  Calista  Ann,  w of  Put- 
nam, Oct.  31,  1843,  38y. 

Churchill,  Harriet,  w of  Charles, 
Sept.  25,  1850,  32y. 

Churchill,  Lydia,  w of  Putnam,  June 

-L*  '■'■■■  ’i* 






Vi,\,  , iisH  v/  .,'T!miA  ,nv'-i;HD 


...  ,m\  :,roO  vfiftfiif 

• . - 

y^d  33  £ t '«  bL  :lIV.  .19(0 

i , ’em  ; 





5,  1330,  30y. 

Churchill,  Olive,  widow  of  John, 
Sept.  7,  1861,  62y.  Sister  of  Aharon 
Eumsey.  Taken  to  Portland,  Chau- 
tuaua  Co. 

Ci&baux,  Augustus,  Dec.  6,  1355,  33y 

Clabo,  Elizabeth  Ernst,  w of  Peter, 
Oct.  29,  1862,  33y  3m  3d. 

Clampffer,  Mrs.  Ann  E.,  A^pr.  12, 
1355,  41y. 

, Clancy,  Mrs.  Ann  Bailey,  Oct.  14, 
1860,  66v. 

Clancy,  William  B.,  Oct.  5,  1864,  45y. 
D in  Philadelphia  of  wounds  re- 
ceived at  front  in  Petersburg.  B 
in  3uffalo. 

Clapp,  Artemas,  formerly  of  Norton, 
Mass.,  Aug.  9,  1834,  25y. 

Clapp,  Frank  W.,  only  son  of  Lewis, 
Lancaster,  July  7,  1363,  20y  8m  6d. 
Of  44th  Reg.  Band.  D in  South 
Framington,  Mass. 

Clapp,  Julius,  merchant,  Augi  22, 
1849,  33y. 

Clapp,  Mrs.  Keziah,  mother  of  A.  M., 
Sept.  4,  1862,  73y. 

Claraluna,  Charles  Bartholomew, 
Oct.  2,  1863,  40y.  Son  of  the  late 
Rev.  Bartholomew  Claraluna  of 
Switzerland.  Brother-in-law  of 
Josiah  and  Hon.  Eli  Cook. 

Claris,  John,  Oct.  9,  1856,  45y. 

Clark,  Mrs.,  Hamburg,  Mar.,  1814, 

Clark,  Abraham,  Evans,  Apr.  25, 
1864,  74y. 

Clark,  Adah  Sabin,  w of  Zenas,  Apr. 
24,  1867,  64y." 

Clark,  Albert  A.,  from  East  Granby, 
Conn,  July  2,  1857,  18y, 

Clark,  Dr.  Archibald,  Nov.  1846.  D 
at  Little  Fort,  111. 

Clark,  Benjamin,  Drum  Major  of 
Swift’s  Regiment,  Dec.  1812,  21y. 

Clark,  Benjamin,  Rev.  Soldier,  Lan- 
caster, Feb.  28,  1843,  83y.  Son 
James  said  85y  was  correct. 

Clark,  Caroline  P,  w of  Richard  W., 
Apr.  4,  1858,  52y. 

Clark,  Miss  Catharine,  Apr.  24,  1837, 

Clark,  Catharine,  w of  W.  A,  June 
19,  1842,  27y.  D at  Clarence. 

Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

Allen,  A.bba  and  Eliasaph  Dorches- 
ter, June  5.  1323. 

Allen,  Abner  H.  and  Pauline  E.  Wes- 
cott,  Aug.  28,  1845.. 

Allen,  Alex  and  Isabella  Gregson, 
Oct.  15,  1863. 

AJlen,  Amelia  Ann  and  P.  T.  Beirne, 
June  15,  1852. 

Allen,  Amelia  M.  and  C.  H.  Brough, 
Jan.  14,  1874. 

Allen,  Almira  and  Ralph  Church, 
Oct.  30,  1832. 

Allen,  Amnie  E.  and  Howard  H. 
Baker,  Jan.  14,  1863. 

Allen,  Anthony,  Jr.  and  M.  A.  Cuth- 
bert,  June  7,  1868. 

Allen,  Avrchie  L.  and  Hattie  Cobb, 
May  29,  1865. 

Allen,  Barbary  and  William  H.  Stu- 
art, Jan.  27,  1842. 

AJlen,  Calvin  H.  and  Sarah  C.  Beals, 

Feb.  11,  1862. 

Allen,  C.  J.  and  E.  C.  Cleveland, 
Jan.  20,  1869. 

Allen,  C.  Stewart  and  Amelia  A. 

Gaylord,  Sept.  29,  1866. 

Allen,  C.  T.  and  Charlotte  Amelia 
Griswold,  Aug.  17,  1837. 

Allen,  Carrie  and  Jules  O’Brien, 

Feb.  24,  1880. 

Allen,  Caroline  E.  and  Elbridge  G. 

Cobb,  Nov.  26.  1835. 

Allen,  Charles  H.  and  Melissa  M. 

Kissam,  July  13,  1837. 

Allen,  Charles  K.  and  Patty  S. 

Wright,  Jan.  17,  1884. 

Allen,  Craton  and  Marietta  Gilbert, 
May  6,  1847. 

Allen,  Crayton  and  Susan  Beards- 
ley, Apr.  23,  1868. 

Allen,  D.  A.  and  Carrie  L.  Cairns, 
Sept.  26,  1377. 







’ • • ' -.A 

1,  1835. 

Allen,  Ira  W.  and  Elizabeth  A.  Turs- 
man,  Nov.  2,  1852. 


Allen,  Daniel  W.  and  Anna  M. 
Moore,  July  10,  1879. 

Allen,  Drusilla  C.  and  Rev.  Ira  J. 
Stoddard,  Aug.  23,  1847. 

Allen,  Eliza  and  William  H.  Cobb, 

. Dec.  8,  1858. 

Allen,  Eliza  and  John  M.  Harring- 
ton, July  23,  1843. ' 

Allen,  Eliza  V/atson  and  Horace 
Williams,  May  10,  1853. 

Allen,  Ella  and  Finton  Phelan,  Mar. 
6,  1880. 

Allen,  Ellen  and  George  Tewsley, 
June  25,  1867. 

Allen,  Emma  and  James  Mellon, 
Nov.  3,  1884. 

Allen,  Emma  Jane  and  Nelson  J.  R. 
Guenther,  Sept.  12,  1354. 

Allen,  Ethan,  Jr.  and  Eliza  E.  Burt, 
Nov.  i,  1852. 

Allen,  Ethan,  Jr.  and  Sylvia  Hall, 
Feb.  13,  1837. 

Allen,  Eunice  A.  and  Robert  Wilber, 
Sept.  4,  1366. 

Allen,  Ezekiel  and  Fanny  Keyes, 
Oct.  1,  1818. 

Allen,  Frank  F.  and  Louise  M.  Doty, 
Nev.  5,  1878. 

Allen,  Franklin  and  Abbie  Miller, 
Mar.  13,  1866. 

Allen,  George  E.  and  Alice  N.  Smith, 
Sept.  11,  1878. 

Allen,  George  H.  and  Francis  E. 
Sternberg,  Nov.  10,  1858. 

Allen,  George  L.  and  Nellie  E.  Wes- 
ton, Feb.  12,  1880. 

Allen,  Col.  George  W.  and  Sarah 
Ann  Platt,  Apr.  19,  1342. 

Allen,  Gregory  and  Mary  Van  Horn, 
Oct.  29,  1855. 

Allen,  Harriet  E.  and  Seth  E.  Sill, 
Sept.  10,  1840. 

Allen,  Helen  and  David  M.  Grant, 
July  29,  1852. 

Allen,  Helen  E.  V.  and  Mortimer 
Wilkie,  Apr.  14,  1853. 

Allen,  Helen  L.  and  Henry  W.  Bow- 
en, Oct.  22,  1867. 

Allen,  Henry  E.  and  Julia  S.  Woods, 
Mar.  31,  1852. 

Allen,  Horace  and  Hannah  Sweet, 
Dec.  17,  1826. 

Allen,  Ira  and  Jane  Duncan,  Mar, 

Allen,  J.  Gilbert  and  Dora  Evans, 
Oct.  9,  1865. 

Allen,  James  and  Elizabeth  Dixon, 
July  12,  1862.  * 

Allen,  James  A.  and  Jeanie  P,  Mack, 
Nov.  5,  1362. 

Allen,  James  O.  and  A.  T.  Adams, 
June  5,  1862. 

Allen,  Jane  and  Thomas  Farnham, 
Apr.  10,  1833. 

Allen,  Jane  A.  and  William  O.  Cor- 
win, July  3,  1856. 

Allen,  John  and  Sarah  O’Connell, 
May  24,  1843. 

Allen,  John  S',  and  Mary  A.  Clarke, 
Oct.  11,  1838. 

Allen,  Joseph  H.  and  Ada  Bowen, 
July  12,  1868. 

Allen,  Joseph  H.  and  Harriet  L. 
Fairchild,  Nov.  4,  1874. 

Allen,  Julia  and  Alfred  M.  Cain, 
Jan.  4,  1352. 

Allen,  Julia  and  Eli  R.  Wilkeson, 
Feb.  15,  1837. 

Allen,  Julia  M.  and  Rev.  Israel  Kel- 
logg, Sept.  6,  1836. 

Allen,  Julia  M.  and  Edwin  J.  Pro- 
voost,  Sept.  9,  1868. 

Allen,  Kate  E.  and  Lorenzo  Dimick, 
June  5,  1879, 

Allen,  Mrs.  Kate  S.  and  P.  H.  Strong, 
M.  D.,  Nov.  3,  1883. 

Allen,  Laura  and  Spencer  Husted, 
Nov.  3,  1351. 

Allen,  Levi  and  Katherine  Rose, 
May  22,  1821. 

Allen,  Levi  and  Kate  Walsh,  Dec. 
12,  1361. 

Allen,  Lloyd  and  Julia  Plato,  June 
21,  1846. 

Allen,  Lucien  F.  and  Jennie  H.  Ab- 
bey, Oct.  15,  1867. 

Allen,  Dr.  Lucius  H.  and  Eliza  Diet!, 
July  2,  182L 

Allen,  Lucy  A.  and  Nelson  K.  Hop- 
kins, Apr.  19,  1848. 

Allen,  Lucy  H.  and  George  H.  Fox, 
Feb.  5,  1870. 

Allen,  Lucy  M.  and  Thomas  E. 
Thompson^  Dec.  3,  1858. 

. ? 

- . ■ 

c t 






' iJ  r[ 


^iof>0  ,n9£IA 

i frs  .3  9JB2J.  .fialiA 

■ ;•  v i ( A 

<r-:.i  :•  ,r. v:.!A 


.»  ' 

, - .1  "•  A 


r:  - ■ • - 

• . ..  , . > 

• .» . -v  • • • . • ; 1 . a. 

■ ■ • ’ ‘ V • ' , ■ "•  ■ , ■■ 



The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  which  are 
capitalized.  Theee  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  enve- 
lope with  all  queries. 

RUTH  COE  m John  Carpenter,  b 
1685  at  Jamaica,  L.  I.,  and  removed 
to  Goshen,  Orange  County.  He  was 
called  ‘John,  the  Sheriff’  to  distin- 
guish him  from  another  of  the  same 
name.  Ruth  later  m Mr.  Thurston. 

E.  H.  T.,  Minnesota. 

NATHAN  WHITING  and  his  wife, 
HANNAH  DANFORTH,  lived  near 
Middleburg,  Schoharie  County,  a- 
bout  1800.  Would  like  the  names  of 
their  children  or  any  other  Whiting, 
who  lived  in  that  County  about  that 
time.  Where  did  Nathan  and  Han- 
nah die? 

B.  W.  B.,  Virginia. 

Gerrard  Spencer  came  in  1632 
with  Rev.  Thomas  Hooker,  and  was 
one  of  the  first  settlers  of  Haddam, 

William  Spencer,  son  of  Gerrard 
and  Hannah,  m Margaret  Bates. 

Their  son,  James,  b Feb.  24,  1691, 
m Hannah  Crippen  on  Jan.  14,  1720, 
in  East  Haddam. 

Thomas,  son  of  James  and  Han- 
nah, b Feb.  27,  1725  or  26,  m Thank- 
ful Ackley  on  Aug.  27,  1760. 

Thomas  Spencer  d in  1806,  and  his 
will  in  the  Surrogate.  Court  files  at 
Canandaigua,  mentions  the  widow, 
Thankful,  sons  Aaron,  Abijah,  Na- 
than, Thomas,  Jr.,  and  daughters, 
Temperance  Scovil  and  Lydia  Hunt. 

Nathan  Spencer,  son  of  Thomas, 
d in  1808,  and  the  record  of  settle- 
ment of  his  estate  is  in  the  same 
files.  Lydia  Spencer,  widow,  and 
Arba  Doolittle  were  administrators. 
Some  of  his  children  were  Uriel,  b 
1706,  David  D.  b 1799,  Anson  b 1808. 

It  is  thought  that  Lydia,  w of  Na- 
than Spencer,  was  the  dau.  of  David 
and  Taphath  Doolittle,  b July  23, 
1775,  at  Torrington,  Conn. 

Who  was  LYDIA  SPENCER? 

Would  like  to  correspond  with 

anyone  having  any  of  this  informa- 

F.  S.  W.,  Michigan. 

CORNELIA  LEWIS,  b Aug.  5, 
1803,  at  Winfield,  Herkimer  County, 
m first  on  Oct.  10,  1823,  Alanson 
Baldwin,  Dec.  27,  1802-Oct.  27,  1827. 

MILO  RICHARDS,  b July  29, 1792 
at  Litchfield,  Conn.,  m Cornelia 
Lewis  Baldwin,  Aug.  22,  1830,  at 

G.  T.  R.,  Connecticut. 

SETH  ROBINSON  lived  in  War- 
rensburg,  Warren  Co.,  as  late  as 
1812.  He  d near  Lisbon,  St.  Lawr- 
ence Co.,  in  1856. 

His  children  were — Seth,  Nathan- 
iel b in  1791,  Elijah,  David,  Polly, 
Eunice,  Sarah  b in  1807,  Susan  b in 

E.  R.  S.,  Iowa. 

TILDA HOGAN  were  the  parents 
of  Rebecca,  b June  15,  1815,  near 
Albany  or  Troy,  d Mar.  17,  1850, 
Adamsville,  m May  27,  1837,  Heze- 
kiah  Burhans  Van  Buren,  b Mar. 
28,  1813,  Bethlehem,  N.  Y„  son  of 
Hendrick  Douw  Van  Buren  and 
Magdalena  Burhans. 

Hezekiah  m a second  time  Hannah 
Van  Zandt,  Jan  2,  1822-Aug.  5,  1861, 
the  sister  of  Rebecca. 

Was  this  David  the  son  of  Gerrit 
Van  Zandt,  Aug.  31,  1769,  and  Caty 
Hilten,  1772-Apr.  18,  1851? 

1860-Mar.  26,  1846,  Cherry  Valley, 
N.  Y.,  m Mar.  23,  1779,  John  WT. 
Dunlap,  Aug.  21,  1754-Dec.  29,  1816, 
son  of  William  and  Jane  E.  Camp- 
bell Dunlap  of  Cherry  Valley. 

Their  children  were — James,  b 
Oct.  2,  1782,  m Nancy  Tuttle;  Ann, 
b Mar.  24,  1785;  Robert,  Mar.  21, 
1787-Apr.  2,  1863,  m Hannah  Bur- 
kett; William  I.,  Mar.  9,  1789- Apr.  4, 

' ■ v.<  ' •! 


- - . m ' • 



. - , . ",  -*  . ' • 

.-K  : ..  - rill  r'i  . 

fj  ■ a .. 



. i ■ - 

. ‘ ’•  ' 

• •,  ^ B" • " 1 • .b»1©  iO  no?, 

v • /-S’  JO  *lo  asIfrtrCI  i 

t • - ■ 

. • -’IT 

..  ' ■ t>  ■: 

.*ii.  , - .dotfia  . 




1 • - ' MJ 

•'  ; " ;-V  •'  'V-  * ^ ’>  1 


1858,  m Margaret  Lane;  Hannah,  b 
Jan.  13,  1792,  m Gilbert  Walrath  or 
Walradt;  Elizabeth,  Dec.  24,  1794,  m 
B.  S.  Driggs;  Livingston,  Dec.  31, 
1797,  m first  Georgiana  Me  Dougal, 

m second ; Sally,  b Apr.  28, 1802 

DIRKJE  VAN  NESS  m Daniel 
Winne,  b 1663,  son  of  Pieter  Winne 
and  Tannetje  Adams  who  came 
from  Holland  to  Albany  prior  to 

E.  N.  D.,  Washington. 

Mr.  Weeks  of  Virginia  sends  the 
following  in  an  effort  to  help  sub- 

The  will  af  John  Totten,  July  29, 
1773,  leaves  money  to  “Phebe  Weeks 
mu  sister’s  daughtern”. 

In  “Abstracts  of  Wills”,  N.  Y.  Hist. 
Soc.,  VIII,  pp.  145-146,  Joseph  Tot- 
ten was  at  Warwick,  Orange  Coun- 
ty, in  Census  of  1790. 

The  following  were  members  of 
the  Old  School  Baptist  Church  in 
Warwick,  Orange  County: 

Joh Wisner,  baptised  July  10, 

(Probably  1789). 

Henry  Wesner,  baptised  Apr.  9, 1791 
Susanna  Wesner,  received,  being 
baptised  (Probably  in  1789).  A- 
bove  her  name  is  written  ‘Dead’, 
and  in  the  margin  the  date,  July 
2,  1791. 

Phebe  Wesner,  baptised  Apr.,  1795. 

Excluded  between  1800  and  1810. 
Henry  Wisner,  dead  May  28,  1812. 
Jeffery  Wisner,  in  years  between 
1800  and  1810. 

Elizabeth  Wisner,  baptised  Apr.  22, 

The  name  of  Jacob  Wonzar  ap- 
pears in  1765  and  Elizabeth  Wonzar 
in  1766. 

Mrs.  Warner  of  New  York  sends 
the  following,  hoping  that  they  may 
be  clues  for  locating  answers: 

From  the  Horton  Genealogy,  Page 


Lieut.  Israel,  son  of  Jonathan  Hor- 
ton and  Elizabeth  Goldsmith,  grand- 
son of  Caleb,  was  b about  1728  on 

Long  Island,  m in  1755  to  Sarah  Lee, 
dau.  of  Rev.  John  Lee  of  Lynne. 

Israel  and  his  family  moved  to 
Goshen  in  1762,  and  in  the  autumn 
of  1771,  he  went  to  Newburgh  with 
a load  of  grain.  On  the  return  trip, 
he  was  taken  sick,  and  died  a day 
or  two  after  returning  home. 

About  1782,  his  widow  m Parshall 
Terry,  formerly  of  Southold.  He  had 
been  living  in  the  Wyoming  Valley 
in  1778,  and  the  morning  after  the 
massacre,  he  and  his  family  fled  to 
the  mountains.  After  many  hard- 
ships they  reached  Stroudsburg.  Pa., 
where  he  left  his  family  and  has- 
tened to  Orange  County  for  help. 

During  his  absence  his  wife  died, 
leaving  a large  family  of  children, 
the  youngest  only  3 years.  He  took 
his  family  to  Little  Britain,  Orange 
Co.,  and  there  m the  Widow  Horton. 
The  combined  family  numbered 

Horton  Genealogy  Page  186 — 

Major  Gilbert,  son  of  Cape.  Bar- 
na  bas  Horton  and  Susanna  Bailey, 
b in  Southold  in  1783,  m Dec.  7,  1784 
to  Keturah  Reeves  Terry. 

Their  children  were — Jonathan 
Terry  who  m Mehitabel,  dau.  of 
Benj.  and  Charlotte  Wells  Horton; 
Keturah;  Gilbert,  b Nov.  6,  1799,  m 
Lydia  Bailey;  Martha;  Susan. 

Horton  Genealogy  Page  50 — 

Phebe  Jane,  dau.  of  Israel  and 
Nancy  Hill  Horton,  was  b Apr.  14, 
1821,  m Nov.  12,  1840,  to  Cornelius 
G.  Haight,  b Aug.  28,  1814,  of  Fhii- 

Their  children  were — Gurus  J., 
Aug.  26,  1841;  Isaac  S.,  Feb.  9,  1844; 
Nancy  Maria,  June  22,  1846;  Israel, 
May  3,  1850- Jan.  11,  1851,  buried  at 
South  Highland;  Margaret  J.,  Dec. 
18,  1851;  Sarah  E.,  Mar.  17,  1854; 
Mary  A:,  Aug  5,  1858-Mar.  12,  1866. 

Horton  Genealogy  Page  96 — — 

Emma,  dau.  of  Eunice  Horton  and 
George  Bockover,  b at  Bemersville, 
N.  J.,  Feb.  25,  1838,  m Sanford  Fitch, 
Sept.  15,  1863. 



..  . 








to  ffurk  §>Mt 

®i]ptr  Ancestors  anil  irsmtiiantn 


VOL.  IT  NOVEMBER  1935  NO.  5 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 

atttfiii  alrninA  *thi$0/ 


■ . f .^O'-rr 

u w , ' ■•'  't,  . K i'V-.-Cf>0 



August  31,  1935 

Editor  of  the  Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution  Magazine 
for  eighteen  years. 


Announcement  of  tentative  plans  for  next  year  are  made  now,  in  order 
that  you  may  make  suggestions,  and  also  that  you  will  become  so  interest- 
ed that  you  will  plan  to  be  here. 

Mr.  Robert  W.  Bingham,  Director  of  the  Museum  of  the  Buffalo  His- 
torical Society,  and  an  authority  on  the  history  of  the  Niagara  Frontier, 
has  suggested  the  following  tour  for  next  year. 

Meeting  probably  at  the  Peace  Bridge  in  Buffalo,  crossing  into  Canada, 
visiting  the  ruins  of  old  Fort  Erie,  taken  by  the  Americans  in  1814. 

Then  driving  on  to  the  battlefields  of  Chippewa  and  Lundy’s  Lane  in 
1814,  and  Queenstown  Heights  in  1812.  Back  on  the  American  side  to 
Devil’s  Hole,  the  scene  of  the  Indian  Massacre  of  the  English  wagon  train 
in  1763. 

Ending  with  a meeting  in  Old  Fort  Niagara,  built  by  Joncaire  in  1726, 
now  restored  and  attracting  many  visitors. 

The  September,  1934,  number  of  “EARLY  SETTLERS”  tells  the  story 
of  old  Fort  Niagara,  and  its  beautiful  location  on  the  bank  where  the 
Niagara  River  enters  Lake  Ontario. 

It  has  been  suggested  that  the  month  of  June,  after  school  closes,  is 
preferable  to  October. 

Have  you  any  suggestions? 


Library  subscriptions  are  increasing.  We  are  grateful  for  the  effort 
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will  suggest  our  publication  to  some  library  or  organization. 





A letter  just  received  asks  for  special  searching,  and  gives  as  the 
reason — “It  is  the  family  of  my  son-in-law,  and  I want  it  for  his  Christ- 
mas surprise.”  There  is  the  perfect  mother-in-law. 

Does  that  suggest  to  you  anyone  in  your  family  who  would  like  a 
family  tree  in  his  Christmas  stocking? 

It  is  not  too  late,  we  will  be  searching  for  someone’s  ancestors  all  the 
month  of  November.  We  may  find  yours,  are  you  interested? 

This  is  an  excellent  opportunity  for  special  searching. 


December  eighth,  the  second  Sunday  in  December,  is  observed  as  Bible 
Sunday  in  the  churches  of  the  country. 

Miss  Mildred  Hunter  of  Kansas,  a loyal  subscriber,  writes — “Why  not 
have  all  subscribers  suggest  to  their  pastors  that  on  this  Sunday,  church 
members  bring  their  old  Bibles  to  display  in  the  church? 

The  display  would  be  very  impressive  and  the  Bibles  could  be  copied 
and  records  sent  to  “Early  Settlers”  for  publication.” 

A very  fine  suggestion,  what  will  you  do? 

: WrfE"',  SUB 




Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 

North  Granville,  N.  Y.,  Church  Records 

Admitted  in  1802. 

Daton,  Ruth.  Stewart,  Phebe,  Jr. 
Tanner,  Tammy. 

Admitted  in  1803. 

Bacons,  Jerusha. 

Baremore,  Nathaniel;  Roxy,  d 1807 
to  Methodist. 

Chapen,  Adna.  Comstock,  Lovina. 
Colton,  Thankful;  Jane;  Aaron  and 
wife,  d 1820. 

Hall,  Diadama.  Hays,  Phebe. 

Hammond,  Bathsheba. 

Maxwell,  John  and  wife. 

Nichols,  Elizabeth. 

Phillips,  Lorena.  Secomb,  Sally. 

Shaw,  Benjamin.  Stewart,  Daniel. 
Town,  Mrs.  Wells,  Howard. 

Admitted  in  1804. 

Comstock,  Lovina.  Fisk,  Mrs. 

Mason,  Lidia,  d 1810. 

Nichols,  Elizabeth,  d 1810. 

Phillips,  Lorany.  Secomb,  Sally. 

Sawyer,  Ephraim,  Polly. 

Scranton,  Eda. 

Spencer,  Mrs.  Hannah,  mother  of 
Jeremiah,  D Aug.  18,  1833. 
Admitted  in  1805. 

Mason,  Alexander. 

Admitted  in  1806. 

Averil,  Noble  and  w,.  Mary. 

Bachus,  John.  Hayes,  Anne. 

Hatch,  Polly. 

How,  David  and  Phebe,  d 1806  to 

Newbery,  John. 

Pierce,  John  and  w,  Lucretia,  D 
May  1825. 

Rowley,  Mehitabel,  D Jan.  1324. 
Savage,  Jacob.  Searis,  Mrs. 

Soicer,  Phebe. 

Stuart,  David  and  w,  Anna,  d 1808 
to  Westfield. 

Admitted  in  1807. 

Avorel,  Marvin,  Salla. 

Brown,  Polly;  Hannah;  Lucy,  d 1832; 
Edmond;  Betsa,  d 1312  to  Provi- 

Backus,  Prudence,  w of  Jonathan, 
2nd;  Sally;  Jerusha,  d 1810. 

Back,  Jemima. 

Brownal,  Jeremiah;  Eunice,  d 1825. 
Baker,  Lidia,  Stephen,  Deborah. 
Burdick,  Patte.  Beil,  Clementine. 
Bayly,  Deborah,  d 1807  to  Bottenkill 
Cumstock,  Sarah,  Clarissa. 

Crippen,  Charles,  Asina. 

Carpenter,  Mary 

Colton,  Aaron.  Done,  David. 

Dewey,  Lucy,  d 1809  to  Westfield; 
Phebe,  d 1818  to  Fort  Ann; 
Charles,  d 1824  to  Dresden. 
Darby,  Anna,  d 1821;  James,  May, 

Doty,  Silas,  d 1818. 

Dutcher,  Molly,  d 1809  to  Whitehall. 
Everts,  Polly;  Widow,  mother  of 
Samuel,  d 1825;  Samuel  and  w,  d 
1824  to  W.  C,;  Elijah  S. 

Evertz,  Levi. 

Greenlief,  Polly;  John  and  w,  1817. 
Gusting,  Joshua,  Zerviah. 

Holly,  David  and  wr,  d 1815  to  White- 
hall; Silvenus,  d 1820;  Birdsili; 
Huldah;  Sally;  Polly,  d 1810  to 
Fort  Ann. 

Hull,  Elizabeth  Heman,  d 1833;  He- 
man  and  w,  Elizabeth. 

Harvy.  Rufus,  d to  Warsaw;  Moses; 

Jerusha;  Olive. 

Hatch,  Henry,  Aurilla. 

Hocum.  Amos. 

Hays,  Amos,  d Plattsburg. 

Leonard,  Betsa.  Lewis,  Azubah. 

Near.  Elena.  Orsborn,  Polly. 

Osgood,  Nathan,  Polly. 

Parmer,  Bridget. 

Roblee,  Nathaniel. 

Reynolds,  Stephen,  d 1819  to  He- 
bron; Linus,  d 1816:  Emma. 
Rublee,  Thomas,  D Jan.  1831;  and 
w,  Chloe,  D 1831, 

Searis,  Rachel,  Thomas,  D before 

Savage,  Catharine,  D Nov.  15,  1365, 

* - 


-1.  : 



' Vm  ' <f‘ 



" • 

. - ■ ’ b- 

.0  .W 

ji  ~ >G 

^/af/reT  . rsrfftGT 

• • 





84y;  Richard,  D May  10,  1869,  69y. 
Stewart,  Anna  from  S wanton;  Li,dia. 
Secomb,  John,  d 1810. 

Spicer,  Numan  and  w,  Betsa. 
Standish,  Lois. 

Smith,  Diadama,  Lydia. 

Spalding,  Eunice. 

Tanner,  Esther. 

Utter,  Rachel,  Patty,  Hannah. 
Williams,  old  Mrs.  Ward,  Sally. 

Wilkinson,  Sarah.  Wait,  Lucy. 

Admitted  in  1808. 

Baremore,  Dr.  and  w. 

Culver,  Ashbel  and  w,  Mary,  d 1813. 
Gibbs,  Widow  Betsy,  D Aug.  17,  1829 
Norton,  Patty. 

Smith,  Luther;  Sally,  d 1310. 
Torrington,  Lydia. 

Wealch,  Nathaniel. 

Admitted  in  1809. 

Andrus.  Cyrus,  d 1810. 

Crowfoot,  Mark,  Mehitable. 

Holbert,  Harriet.  Powers,  Sally. 
Reynoulds,  Anna. 

Simons,  Louis,  d 1814. 

Admitted  in  1811. 

Morrel, . Reynolds,  Alta. 

Admitted  in  1812. 

Ball,  Clementine.  Handcock,  Mrs. 

Bradford,  Sarah,  from  Poultney. 
Simmons,  Ebenezer,  D Feb.  19, 1858, 
97y  10m,  and  w,  Hannah,  D Aug. 
23,  1831,  70y. 

Admitted  in  1813. 

Brace,  Naomi.  Frost,  Mrs. 

Hibbard,  Jonathan. 

Leonard,  Lucy,  from  Poultney. 
Potter,  Daniel  and  w,  Lydia. 
Spencer,  Polly. 

Vandozer,  James,  d 1813. 

Admitted  in  1814. 

Bington,  Mrs.  Elijah. 

Everts,  Stephen,  d 1823;  Cloe. 

Otis,  Delia,  d 1821. 

Streeter,  Mrs. 

Admitted  in  1815. 

Brown,  Mary. 

Funday,  Laura,  d 1820  to  New  Gal- 

Leet,  Noah  and  w,  d 1816. 

Admitted  in  1816. 

Avarel,  Betsa,  Allen,  Rufus. 

Brown,  Leonard,  Mercy,  Miss  Anne. 
D May  19,  1828;  Abigail,  w of  Jon- 
athan, D Sept.  2,  1826;  Rowland, 
Reynolds,  Polly. 

Buckley,  Patty,  d 1819. 

Boynton,  Solomon,  Polly,  Joseph, 
William  P.  and  family,  d 1825,  W. 
C.;  Esther;  Aaron. 

Chapin,  Salma,  Lidia. 

Comstock,  Joshua. 

Clark,  Mrs.  Betsey,  Anny. 

Childs,  Minerva,  Isaac;  Polly,  d 1821. 
Crosby,  Julia,  Eliza. 

Converse,  Phebe,  d 1829. 

Duel,  Ezra,  and  w,  Deborah,  D May 

Davidson,  Hannah,  d 1829,  James. 
Dayton,  Elias,  Jehiel,  Polly,  d 1818. 
Dewey,  Phebe,  d 1818  to  Fore  Ann. 
Everts,  old  Mrs.;  Dudley,  d 1817. 
Elbridge,  Oldin. 

Finch,  Nancy,  Cornelia,  d 1817. 
Felch,  John,  Polly,  Sally,  d 1802. 
Greenlief,  William  C.  and  Electa 
Lewis,  d 1817. 

Hicks,  Jerusha,  Joseph. 

Hill,  Rosannah,  Jesse,  Huldah,  Jul- 
ian, Polly;  George  and  w,  d 1828. 
Harvey,  Ransom.  Haskell,  William. 
Hoyt,  Lucy. 

Hoit,  Seth  and  wife,  d 1819. 

Jones,  Mehitable,  d 1820  to  Fort  Ann 
Kinyon,  Mrs.;  Amos,  d 1827;  Volney. 
Lester,  John. 

Lewis,  Electa,  d 1819. 

Leonard,  Addison  and  wife,  d 1818 
to  Truxton. 

Mathers,  Sally,  d 1821. 

Needham,  Calvin. 

Norton,  Sally,  William. 

Noble,  Challer. 

Northrup,  Manuel,  Abigail,  Sally, 
Phillips,  Daniel,  Polly. 

Pinch,  William  P. 

Parmer,  Nancy.  Picket,  Joseph. 
Rublee,  Reuben,  Anne,  Reuben,  Sr., 
Polly,  Laura,  Luther,  Theron. 
Roads,  Daniel,  David,  Milly. 

Russel,  Parker. 

Reynolds,  Job;  Virtue,  d 1825;  Ziga, 

Spur,  Lucy. 


‘ - 

■ ' ■ "v  ' : '• 

• 4 : 


' r-  . 

' : 

> • 


• ^ ■ A 

: • 

• ' ' . 



Stevens,  Olive,  Isaac. 

Sill,  Sarah,  Elisha. 

Starks,  Eunice,  d 1821  to  Fort  Ann. 
Sherman,  Samuel.  Simon,  Anson. 
Savage,  Betsa;  Sarah  Ann,  d 1825. 
Standish,  Samuel;  Rhoda,  D May  16, 

Taylor,  Louis,  d 1827. 

Thompson,  John. 

Walker,  Rebecca. 

Wheeler,  Hannah.  Wait,  Abigail. 
Whitney,  Anna. 

Whitcomb,  Pliny,  Jr. 

Warren,  Sally,  d 1816. 

Richardson,  Mabel,  d 1827. 

Race,  Polly.  Strong,  Nancy,  Caleb. 


Frank  and  Estelle  Benedict-Charles 

Milton  and  Ada  D.  Butler— Marcus 

Gardner  H.  and  Marion  Northrup — 
Gardner  Harold,  grandson  of  Rev. 
Edgar  Perkins. 


Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frank  Lewkembach — 
Harvey  Anson,  Clarence  Romaine, 
Clayton  Laville. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frank  Slocum — Laura 
Adelade,  Wallace  Eason,  Della 

Mrs.  Mary- Foley — Martha  and  Mary 

M.  A.  and  Mary  Barber — William 

Adelbert  and  Addie  Watrous — Al- 


Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Toal-Daisy  Jane, 
Edna  Cordelia. 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bathrick — Charles  Eli- 
lias,  Andrew  Ralph,  Myra  Estelle, 
Gertrude  Octavia,  Elsie  Marcelona 

Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Geddes — Rob- 
ert, Maurice,  Martha,  Georde, 
Frank,  Charles. 

Irving  G.  and  Martha  Thompson — 
William  Irving. 

and  Mrs.  Henry  S.  Butler — Ward 


William  and  Mancie  Bathrick-Ward 


Milton  and  Ada  Butler — Julia  M., 
1887 — John  Frederick. 


Horace  and  Henrietta  Sheldon — Ar- 
thur Huntington. 

George  and  Lizzie  Treichler — Ger- 
trude Elizabeth,  granddaughter  of 
Rev.  Gurch. 


H.  C.  and  E.  S.  Butler — Agnes  Clar- 

Charles  and  Helen  Ellsworth — Clara 


Horace  and  Henrietta  Sheldon-Delia 

Henry  and  Ernnie  Butler — Archie 


Charles  and  Nellie  Hewitt — William 


Frank  J.  and  Mary  E.  Cadwell — 
Florence  Amelia. 

George  L.  and  Elizabeth  A.  Treich- 
ler— Herbert  Ellsworth. 


Robert  and  Fanny  Wright — Gilbert 
Stephens,  Edith  Ruth. 

Baptisms  in  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Perry  Center 


Minutes  of  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Perry  Center 

The  following  notes  were  copied 
from  the  minutes  of  meetings  of  the 
Perry  Center  Church: 

Feb.  11,  1816.  The  church  met  at 
Samuel  Howard’s,  and  delegated 
Jabez  Ward  and  Samuel  Gilman  to 
represent  them  in  the  convention  of 
churches  to  meet  at  Silas  Walker’s 

in  Warsaw  “for  the  purpose  of  tak- 
ing measures  to  establish  a circu- 
lating church  library”. 

July  25,  1816.  Voted  that  it  be  ex- 
pedient for  this  church  to  be  united 
to  the  Geneva  Presbytery,  but  to 
retain  the  Congregational  mode  of 


■ v j.  . . \ i ? i H 



' • J 
■ • - *:• 

M I ( ) 



. ;// 1 




Aug.  13,  1816,  Presbytery  of  Gen- 
eva. The  Church  of  Perry  by  their 
delegate,  Mr.  Jabez  Ward,  requested 
to  be  taken  under  the  care  of  Pres- 

Presbytery  having  attended  to 
their  confession  of  faith  and  cov- 
enant, and  being  satisfied  of  their 
sacredness  in  the  faith — Resolved: 
That  their  request  be  granted. 

Mr.  Ward  took  his  seat  in  Presby- 
tery  as  an  elder  from  that  church. 

Attest — James  N.  Hotchkin,  Clerk. 

Apr.  20,  1817.  Rev.  Elihu  Mason, 
missionary  from  Connecticut, 

July  21,  1817.  At  a meeting  of  a 
very  considerable  number  of  the  in- 
habitants of  the  Town  of  Perry, 
Samuel  Gilman,  Jabez  Ward,  John 
D.  Taylor,  Samuel  Howard,  Jona- 
than Child  and  Horace  Bingham 
were  chosen  trustees  for  the  First 
Presbyterian  Church  and  Society  in 
the  Town  of  Perry. 


I.  You  will  believe  there  is  one 
God,  subsisting  in  three  persons, 
distinguished  in  the  Holy  Scriptures 
by  the  appelations  Father,  Son,  and 
Holy  Ghost. 

3.  That  God  hath  for  his  own 
glory  fore-ordained  whatsoever 
comes  to  pass. 

5.  That  the  government  of  God  is 
in  the  highest  degree  perfect,  and 
will  issue  in  the  greatest  good. 

II.  That  Christ  has  a church  in 
the  world,  and  the  qualification 
requisite  for  membership  is  holiness 
of  heart. 

The  above  were  selected  from  the 
fifteen  Articles  of  Faith. 


You  do  now  in  the  presence  of 
the  heart  searching  God,  and  before 
Angels  and  men,  choose  the  Lord 
Jehovah  to  be  your  God  and  por- 
tion, and  you  heartily  receive  the 
Lord  Jesus  Christ  for  your  Redeem- 
er, Saviour,  and  the  Holy  Spirit  for 
your  Teacher  and  Sanctifier. 

You  do  engage,  by  the  grace  of 
God  assisting,  wholly  to  renounce 
the  service  of  satan,  and  covenant 
to  yield  an  universal  obedience  to 
all  the  divine  commandments. 

You  do  submit  yourself  to  the 
government  of  Christ  in  his  church, 
and  to  the  regular  administration  of 
it  in  this  church. 

You  do  covenant  to  attend  the 
worship  of  God,  and  other  ordinanc- 
es of  the  Gospel  with  this  church, 
and  you  promise  to  be  accountable 
to  this  church  as  long  as  you  live, 
unless  you  be  regularly  released 
from  your  relation  to  this  church. 

Sept.,  1820.  Baptised  Roswell 
Gould  Murray,  a member  of  the 
Second  Church  at  Gainsville,  N.  Y. 

May  30,  1821.  A complaint  was 
laid  before  the  church-Horace  Shel- 
don complaineth  against  Samuel 
Gilman  for  a breach  of  the  Sabbath 
in  trying  lard  for  Benjamin  Gard- 
ner. Having  proceded  as  directed  in 
the  eighteenth  chapter  of  Matthew 
by  telling  him  his  fault,  between 
him  and  me  alone,  and  he  not  giv- 
ing me  any  satisfaction — I now  . tell 
it  unto  the  church. 

The  accused  stated  that  he  enter- 
ed into  an  agreement  with  Benja- 
min Gardner  to  assist  him  in  butch- 
ering his  swine,  and  in  taking  care 
of  the  pork,  whenever  called  upon. 

The  work  of  killing  twenty-three 
hogs  was  done  on  Friday.  Four  men 
worked  all  day  Saturday  in  cutting 
and  packing  meat. 

Some  of  it  had  begun  to  take  in- 
jury, and  it  must  all  be  tried  on 
Sunday,  or  be  greatly  injured.  When 
the  business  commenced,  the  prob- 
ability that  the  lard  must  be  tried 
before  Monday  was  not  contemplat- 

Samuel  Gilman  was  cited  to  ap- 
pear at  the  next  meeting, 

June  5.  The  case  was  referred  to 
the  Presbytery  of  Genesee. 

(To  be  continued) 







( . • • - - o'"  • 


■ • .■*<? 




l;-.h:JD  jr.:T  .11  . 


gi  irfouo?  n-  i 9ti$ 
r j L-..  - i uoy  br  fnoil 


Bottenkiil  (Now  Greenwich)  Church 


The  members  of  the  Bottenkiil 

Church  in  1829  were — 

Allen,  Alexander,  Barney,  Anna, 
Patience,  Clementina,  Nancy. 

Burch,  Samuel,  Barbary,  Anna. 

Barber,  Edward^  D July  1,  1854. 

Barber,  Smith,  Benjamin.  Alanson, 
Susanna,  Nelly,  Delia,  Mehitable. 

Bennet,  Samuel,  Wealthy. 

Bullock,  Ephraim. 

Bos  worth,  Jabez. 

Barker,  Peter  W.,  Lovina. 

Burdick,  Winter,  Betsy. 

Brewer,  Daniel 

Brown,  Amasa,  D Jan.  1830. 

Barnard,  Aaron.  Bull,  Polly. 

Bentley,  Abigail,  D Oct.  8,  1831. 

Bartlett,  Sally,  D Nov.  1830. 

Bryant,  Betsy.  Burge,  Sally. 

Brock,  Elizabeth.  Baker,  Sally. 

Crandall,  Samuel,  Eber,  John  K., 
John  D.,  Lydia,  Maria,  Sally,  Lov- 
ina. ' 

Cole,  Curtis,  Charles,  Curtis  D 1830, 
Betsy  D Jan.  20,  1830. 

Clark,  Enos  C.,  Thomas,  Esther. 

Caulkins,  Harriet. 

Coon,  Robert,  Martin,  Hannah. 

Carmichael,  Hezekiah  and  Emily,  d 

Cozzens,  Betsy.  Cross,  Eunice. 

Christie,  Lydia.  Conklin,  Huldah. 

Chubb,  Betsy.  Chalk,  Laura. 

Clossen,  Sarah.  Clever,  Jemima. 
Deliverence,  Anna. 

Durham,  Mary,  Tabatha. 

Downs,  Rufus. 

Dickinson,  Cyrus,  Matilda,  Purlina. 
Eddy,  Mary  N. 

Eagleston,  Betsy,  Catherine,  Ketur- 
ah  D May  1834. 

English,  Susannah. 

Foster,  Jemima. 

Flagler,  Jerusha,  Elizabeth. 
Forgason,  Edmund. 

Grandy,  Hannah;  Bezabel  D June 
17,  1835. 

Gage,  William,  D Apr.  10,  1837. 
Gavitt,  Mabel,  D Sept.,  1835. 

Griffin,  Emmy,  D May  1837. 

Hay  nor,  Mary.  Hammond,  Nancy. 

Herrington,  Hannah. 

Havens,  Rachel. 

Heath,  Sidney,  Samuel,  David,  Phe- 
be,  Bethia,  Betsy,  Lois. 

Heath,  Joseph,  D June  21,  1830;  Syl- 
via, D Nov.  1834. 

Hillman,  Samson,  D Mar.  24,  1832. 
Henry,  William,  Caroline  B. 

Hyatt,  Justus,  Polly  F. 

Hicks,  Phebe.  Hagerty,  Maria. 

Huntington,  Mehitable. 

Inman,  Rachel.  Jewett,  M. 

James,  Mary,  Betsy. 

Jackways,  Betsy,  Rhoda,  Elsie. 
Ketchum,  Henry,  Beulah. 

Kenyon,  Phineas,  D Oct.  18,  1835, 

Mumford,  Betsy  who  m Gage. 

Lamphear,  Susannah. 

Luther,  Polly.  Livermore,  Abigail. 
Levesee,  Peter. 

Latham,  Joseph,  Elizabeth. 
McCuiler,  William,  D 1831. 
McGregory,  Mrs.  M.,  D 1830;  John. 
McGowen,  James,  Bersheba. 

Main,  Peter.  Mentor,  Elijah. 

Miller,  Perry,  Sally. 

Marchant,  Clarissa. 

Mills,  Sally. 

Martin,  Phebe,  Mowry,  Lydia. 
Nichols,  William. 

Norton,  William,  Mary,  Oliver  B,, 
D Apr.  1331. 

Odell,  John. 

Prosser,  Benjamin,  D Apr.  16,  1836. 
Potter,  Sally,  Polly,  D Jan.  1830. 
Parker,  Richard. 

Plan,  Godfrey,  Susan. 

Pulman,  Nathaniel. 

Petteys,  Francis.  Perry,  Joseph. 
Post,  Polly.  Pratt,  Lyda. 

Page,  Susan,  m Willet. 

Peterson,  Duncan,  D Apr.  8,  1836. 
Phillips,  Gardiner,  Elsie. 

Ross,  Thomas  and  w,  Sally. 

Rogers,  Samuel,  James,  Allen,  Sol- 
omon, Sally,  Clarinda,  Anna;  Ex- 
perience, D July  1836;  Mary  A.., 
D June  1836. 

Robinson,  Nathan,  Sarah,  Ann,  Sal- 
ly, Patience. 

Remington,  Hannah. 



r • 

•’  .. 

. • . :> 

• ' 

• ..  * . * ■ -.-1  .wn^eH 



Rathbun,  Patience. 

Rood,  Lyda,  Sally. 

Rowell,  Catharine,  w of  A.  M. 
Reynolds,  Harriet,  Sally  Ann. 
Satterly,  Sylvester,  Hepzibah. 
Sheldon,  Asa,  Sally,  Isabel,  Cynthia. 
Spenser,  Amy,  Ada,  Mary. 

Stewart,  William,  Amy,  D Apr.  1839 
Skinner,  William  S.  Snell,  Pliebe. 
Sutsin,  Betsy.  Shearer,  Polly. 

Tanner,  William,  Joshua,  William  S. 
Trumble,  Jonathan. 

Taylor,  Gordon. 

Tefft,  Simeon,  Willard,  Asa,  Joseph, 
Laura,  Sophia,  James.  Benjamin, 
Nancy,  Sally,  Fanny,  Chloe,  Sally 
S.,  Polly,  Betsy;  Mehitable,  D 
Sept.  1836;  Hannah,  D June  3, 

Tubbs,  Deborah,  D 1831. 

Tucker,  Mary.  Taber,  Mrs.  John. 
VanDuzen,  James,  Mary. 

Wells,  Reuben,  Abigail;  Joseph,  D 
Feb.  22,  1830. 

Waite,  Nichols.  Wager,  Hector. 
White,  Thomas,  Willard  W.,  Sarah. 
Watson,  Perry,  Elijah. 

Whipple,  Otis,  Betsy. 

Williams,  Stephen  B. 

Wallis,  Norman,  Lyda. 

Waters,  Zeba,  Mary. 

Weaver,  Betsy.  Wellwood,  Esther. 
Whelden,  Maria. 

Wales,  Elizabeth,  d 1836. 

Wright,  Elijah,  Charles  S.,  Sarah; 

Elizabeth,  D Mar.  1834. 

Young,  John,  Polly;  Ann,  D 1840. 

The  following  persons  became 
members  of  the  church  between 
1829  and  1834: 

Adams,  Clark,  Stephen,  William, 
Zachias,  Malinda,  Betsy. 

Allen,  Amy  N.  Bosworth,  William. 
Bradway,  Seneca. 

Buel,  Orson  Harriet,  Rodney,  D 
June  1834. 

Bliss,  William,  Henry,  Abigail. 
Blakeman,  Luke.  Barberry,  Ira. 
Bennet,  Jabez,  Jennett. 

Barber,  Joshua,  Cornelia. 

Briggs,  Elijah,  Sarah. 

Baker,  Lewis.  Burdick,  Aurelia. 

Blivin,  Mabel.  Burton,  Amanda. 

Brownell,  Mary.  Burrows,  Parnelia. 
Bentley,  Sarah,  Birch,  Prudence. 

Brown,  Sally.  Becker,  Loisa. 

Barnard,  Mary.  Coon,  Harvey. 

Carter,  Samuel,  D Oct.  1834. 

Comes,  Nelson. 

Crandall,  Edward,  Isaac,  Nathan, 
Jane  A.,  Nelly  B.,  Sylvia,  Maria, 
Betsy,  Benjamin,  Content. 
Carpenter,  Lyman,  John,  Ann,  Anna 
2nd,  Diantha,  Burton. 

Clark,  James  R.,  John  C.,  Sophia, 
Mercy,  and  Sophia,  w of  John  B. 
Cleaver,  Harvey,  Harriet  J.  ■ 
Cottrill,  Thomas. 

Culver,  N.,  Phineas,  Charles,  Sarah, 

Coffin,  Mary  Ann,  Margaret  A. 

Dale,  James,  D Jan.  1836. 

Daley,  Thomas,  Prudence. 

Dyer,  Phebe.  Dennis,  William. 

Downer,  Betsy.  Downs,  Ann. 

Durham,  Jane. 

Egleston,  Stephen,  Delinda,  Herodi- 
as,  Lydia,  Susan. 

Eldridge,  Phineas.  Foster,  James. 
Frost,  Mary,  Sally,  Abbey,  D Feb. 

Furman,  Ezra,  Laura, 

Fuller,  Eliza,  D Sept.  1833. 

Furguson,  Leah.  Forms,  Betsy. 
Green,  Ira,  Asel,  Phebe,  Anna. 
Gregory,  Charles.  Gaddus,  Samuel. 
Gibbs,  B.  Gillett,  Daniel. 

Gifford,  Deborah. 

Gambie,  Malinda. 

Hatch,  Ira,  Mary. 

Hammond,  Jonathan,  Lydia. 
Holbrook,  Abel,  Sarah. 

Heath,  Esther,  Lydia,  Caroline. 
Heist,  Eleanor.  Flay,  Thankful. 

Harwood,  Phebe  Ann,  Rebecca  C. 
Hillman,  Delina.  Haner,  Mary  Ann. 
Inman,  Ezekiel,  Cynthia. 

Jackv/ay,  George,  Esther,  Lucy. 
Jourden,  Leonard,  Sarah,  Nelson. 
Johnson,  Alonzo,  Maria,  James,  Bet- 

Jilson,  Mary,  Jane,  Betsy. 

Kinyon,  Ambros  H.,  Tacy,  Abbv, 

(To  be  continued) 





■ " 

ii>3  , - • • 






.is  ' ?j  n<:-' 



* ■ ••'  /S 

. . 

- • 




. •»;  • 



Old  Trails 

From  “The  Cradle  of  the  Queen  City”  by  Robert  W.  Bingham 

The  usual  road  traveled  to  the 
west  from  the  village  was  down  old 
Willink  Avenue,  across  Little  Buf- 
falo Creek  to  the  bank  of  “Big  Buf- 
falo.’' There  the  road  turned  east- 
ward and  followed  up  the  bank  of 
the  creek  to  the  ferry.  From  the 
ferry  the  road  followed  up  the 
southern  bank  of  the  creek,  fifty  or 
sixty  rods  and  then  turning  to  the 
right,  reached  the  beach  of  the  lake. 
Travelers  then  followed  the  shore 
of  the  lake,  forded  Smoke’s  Creek 
and  on  up  the  beach  to  the  old  Jack- 
son  Tavern.  There  the  road  left  the 
beach  and  continued  on  the  high 
bank,  bearing  off  from  the  lake  as 
it  crossed  18-Mile  Creek  and  went 
on  through  Cattaraugus  Woods.  The 
road  through  the  Cattaraugus  Wood  3 
was  particularly  dreaded  by  the 
travelers  for  it  was  almost  impas- 
sable in  rainy  weather.  In  1809,  the 
road  beyond  Cattaraugus  and  on  to 
Erie  was  cut  out  and  a few  log 
houses  as  well  as  several  taverns 
served  to  allay  the  monotony  of 
travel.  In  these  pioneer  inns,  it  is 
said,  a traveler  could  obtain  a little 
pork  and  bread,  a hard  bed  and 
good  lake  or  spring  water.  At  Erie 
there  was  a village  larger  than  Buf- 
falo, consisting  mostly  of  log  houses. 

In  his  report  of  the  year  1805  to 
Busti,  Ellicott  wrote  that  he  had 
“marked  out  a road  from  New  Am- 
sterdam toward  the  Indian  village 
on  Buffalo  Creek.”  He  considered 
this  to  be  the  best  road  to  follow 
in  avoiding  the  great  swamp  that 
lay  on  the  west  of  the  reserve  and 
contemplated  continuing  the  road  so 
as  to  form  a part  of  the  Erie  Road. 
He  stated  that  the  new  thorough- 
fare was  to  be  a continuation  of 
Swan  Street  13  Vz  degrees  more 
southerly  and  terminating  at  the 
forwarding  place  of  Buffalo  Creek 
below  the  forks.  In  1807  this  road 
was  opened  as  contemplated  to  the 

Indian  village.  From  there  it  ran  to 
the  middle  road,  intersecting  it  near 
the  northeast  corner  of  Township 
No.  9,  range  7.  The  new  road  proved 
a great  convenience  to  the  villagers 
as  well  as  to  travelers  passing  to 
the  west,  as  the  utility  of  the  old 
road  was  under  the  influence  of  the 
weather;  on  the  occasion  of  high 
winds  and  heavy  seas  it  was  impas- 
sable for  days. 

The  old  Guide  Board  Road,  which 
carried  the  traffic  from  Batavia, 
Canandaigua  and  the  east  over  the 
Black  Rock  Ferry  trail,  diverged 
from  the  main  road  above  the  pres- 
ent junction  of  Main  and  North 
Streets,  followed  the  line  of  North 
Street  coming  near  Holy  Angels 
Church,  when  it  ran  northwest  pas- 
sing near  the  site  of  the  174th  Arm- 
ory, coming  out  at  the  river  nearly 
opposite  the  foot  of  School  Street. 
A little  later  the  old  Ferry  trail  was 
improved  and  a dugway  made 
through  the  high  bank  on  Niagara 
Street  nearly  opposite  School  Street 
to  the  Ferry.  The  Guide  Board  Road 
was  named  after  the  old  sign  on 
Main  Street  that  pointed  to  the 

In  the  south  village  of  Black  Rock 
in  1804  or  1805  two  lots  were  ap- 
propriated by  the  State,  as  a bury- 
ing ground.  As  the  ground  of  these 
lots  was  very  low  and  unsuitable 
for  the  purpose  for  which  they  were 
designated,  Col.  William  A.  Bird  se- 
cured an  exchange  for  a suitable 
place  on  higher  ground.  The  lot  se- 
cured was  bounded  by  Jersey,  Penn- 
sylvania, 14th  Streets  and  the  Mile 
Strip.  When  the  Guide  Board  Road 
was  cut  through  it  divided  this  lot 
and  a small  triangle  left  on  the 
south  side,  through  arrangements 
with  the  Black  Rock  authorities,  was 
approved  as  Potter’s  Field. 

(To  be  continued) 



3'J  • ■ O '■  '■  ’ v ; .<•'  . 




:'v:n*,  ; -..•••!  ;yJi 

r . ••  ' " • . -v  . ' . t\i 



•»,  . V,  . 

- ..  ~ ' • -T 

SlJ  b:i&l 

. -■  m 


" oIbj 

• S ' f; 

- ' J ' ■ ■ uii  no 



■ v 4 lo  noqsi  iii  nl 
. mo'ii  foficn  tro  i>  ism* 

■ ; • 

ft  oi  v/^i;  oifl  Jfl  ale  eH 


oiiJ  Sn  p - fc>  • v • 



Subscribers  Exchange 

Our  enlarged  magazine  will  provide  space  for  the  publication  of  records 

from  subscribers. 

Willson  Bible 

Published  in  Edinburgh  in  1775  by- 
Alexander  Kincaid.  Owned  by  Mrs. 
George  W.  Hubert. 

Joseph  Willson,  son  of  Samuel  and 
Deborah  Willson,  was  born  in  Beth- 
lehem Township,  Hunterdon  County 
in  the  Western  Division  of  the  Prov- 
ince of  New  Jersey,  on  the  tenth 
day  of  the  twelfth  month  on  the 
fifth  day  of  the  week,  about  day- 
break, 1742  or  1743.  He  was  deceas- 
ed in  Hardwick,  Oct.  26,  1784,  aged 
about  47  years,  8 months  and  5 days. 
(Copied  correctly). 

James  Willson,  son  of  Joseph  and 
Elizabeth  Willson,  b in  Hardwick, 
Sussex  Co.,  N.  J.,  on  May  7,  1769, 
about  six  o’clock  in  the  afternoon. 
He  departed  this  life  March  2.  and 
was  interred  the  fourth  in  Friends 
Burying  Ground,  1853. 

Anna  Willson,  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Elizabeth,  b June  8,  1770,  about  half 
past  six  in  the  morning;  d Sept.  29, 

Abigail  Willson,  dau.  of  Joseph 
and  Elizabeth,  b Mar.  5,  1772,  about 
seven  o’clock  in  the  afternoon. 

Deborah  Willson,  dau.  of  Joseph 
and  Elizabeth,  b Feb.  7,  1774,  about 
five  o’clock  in  the  morning. 

Elizabeth  Willson,  dau.  of  Joseph 
and  Elizabeth,  b Nov.  5,  1775,  about 
two  o’clock  in  the  afternoon;  d June 
24,  1796. 

Ruth  Willson,  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Elizabeth,  b Aug.  8,  1777,  in  the 

Mary  Willson,  dau.  of  Joseph  and 
Elizabeth,  b Jan.  17,  1781,  at  seven 
o’clock  in  the  morning.  She  died 
Feb.  22,  1871,  and  was  buried  in 
Friends  Burying  Ground  in  Ham- 
burg, N.  Y. 

Additional  family  data  — Eber 
Willson,  father  of  Eden,  removed 
from  Warren  Co.  near  Jacksonville, 
N.  J.,  to  Erie  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  prob- 

ably his  son  came  with  him.  Abner 
Willson  was  brother  of  either  Eber 
or  Eden. 

Priscilla  Willson,  b Mar.  13,  1844, 
dau.  of  Eden  and  Edith,  m Ira  Rice 
of  North  Collins,  b Dec.  30,  1843. 
Edith,  dau.  of  James  Willson,  was 
a cousin  of  Eden,  her  husband. 
Keach  or  Xeech  Bible 
Published  1810  by  Mathew  Carey, 
Philadelphia.  Owned  by  Mrs.  Julia 
Keach  Buchanan. 


Keech,  Abraham,  b Nov.  11,  1774.  D 
Oct.  29,  1861. 

Keech,  Eleanor,  May  3,  1776,  w of 
Abraham,  D Mar.  29,  1813,  36y  10 
m 25d. 

Keech,  Polly,  June  12,  1795.  D Fpb. 
6,  1827. 

Keech,  Israel,  b Mar.  2,  1797.  D Feb. 
8,  1864. 

Keech,  Dorcas,  b July  17,  1798. 
Keech,  Martha,  b June  1,  1300. 
Keech,  George  B.,  Apr.  17,  1802.  D 
Apr.  25,  1804. 

Keech,  Eleanor,  b May  4,  1804. 
Keech,  Abraham  D.,  b Jan.  29,  1806. 
D Sept.  3,  1806. 

Keech,  Isaac,  b June  14,  1807.  D 
Nov.  4,  1810. 

Keech,  Rex,  b Jan.  15,  1810.  D Apr. 
22,  1863. 

Keech,  John  B.,  b Sept  3,  1812.  D 
Dec.  2,  1863. 

Keech,  Mercy,  b Sept.  6,  1814,  dau. 
of  Abram  and  Naomi,  w of  Will- 
iam Armstrong,  D Oct.  26,  1358. 
Keech,  Sarah  Ann,  b May  22,  1816. 
Keech,  Susan,  b May  22,  1816. 
Keech,  Elizabeth,  b Feb.  18,  1320.  D 
June  26,  1825. 

Keech,  Ruth,  b Aug.  30,  1822. 
Keech',  Charlotte,  b Sept.  3,  1824. 
Keech,  Lydia,  b Aug.  22,  1827. 
Keech,  Naomi,  b Jan.  7,  1787,  w of 
Abraham,  D Dec.  5,  1848. 


Lakin,  Benjamin,  pilot  51,  Oct.  7. 







' I'M  - teocj 

• r ' 




Reach,  Mary  Elizabeth,  w of  Abram 
son  of  Rev.  Israel,  Oct.  8,  1857,  31 
y 7m. 

Phillips,  Widow  Jane,  82y  3m. 
Reach,  Eliza,  w of  Rex,  D Aug.  12, 
1836,  26y  4m. 

Reach,  Martha  Briggs,  w of  Israel, 
D Oct.  15,  1862,  67y. 

Stillwell,  Charlotte  K.,  D May  26, 

Eaker,  Lydia  K.,  D Jan.  16,  1905. 
Johnson,  Martha  K.,  D Feb.  19,  1891. 
Johnson,  Dorcas  K.,  D May  7,  1877. 
Johnson,  Eleanor  K.,  D Feb.  20,  1882. 
Haskins,  Sarah.  K.,  D Nov.  11,  1882. 
Gifford,  Sarah  K.,  D July  13,  1884. 
Bentley,  Ruth  K.,  D Mar.  23,  1898. 

Young  Bible 

Published  1803  by  Mathew  Corey, 
Philadelphia.  Owned  by  Mrs.  Eva 

Young,  George,  b June  19,  1773,  m 
July  25,  1794,  to  Mary  Howe,  b 
Mar.  16,  1772. 


Young,  John  G.,  b Oct.  24,  1796. 
Young,  Mary,  b Feb.  28,  1800. 
Young,  Mary,  b Apr.  18,  1803. 
Young,  George,  b Oct.  22,  1809. 
Young,  Henry,  b June  24,  1814. 
Mary  Young  D Apr.  12,  1803. 

Tompkins  Bible 

Published  1834,  McCarty  and  Dav- 
is, Philadelphia.  Owned  by  Mrs. 
Mary  Tompkins. 

Tompkins,  Daniel,  b Mar.  19,  1772, 
D Feb.  14,  1813. 

Tompkins,  Hannah  C.,  b Dec.  11, 
1775,  D Jan.  22,  1858. 

Children  of  Daniel  Tompkins  and 
first  wife — 

Harriet,  b Aug.  18,  17Q|,  and  Seth, 
b Dec.  9,  1797,  D Mar.  17,  1853. 
Children  of  Daniel  and  Hannah  C. 
Tompkins — ■ 

Jane,  b Mar.  4,  1806,  D Feb.  24,  1852. 
James  C.,  b Aug.  15,  1807,  D Feb.  5, 

Amasa  L.,  b Feb.  23,  1810,  D Nov. 

7,  1889. 

John,  b Feb.  16,  1812. 

Elizabeth,  b July  17,  1813. 

Children  of  Hannah  Tompkins 
and  William  Harris,  b June  22,  1760. 
Edward  C.,  b July  17,  1822. 

William  H.,  b Aug.  S,  1824. 

Charles  S.,  b July  5,  1830. 


Tompkins,  Harriet  Marvin,  D June 

8,  1896. 

Seth  M.,  D May  30,  1909. 

Elizabeth  C.,  D June  27,  1914. 
Amelia,  D Mar.  24,  1915. 

William  Edgar,  D Mar.  16,  1920. 


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V or-A*  O 

v .. 


■ * . •'  . -joY 

v-  ''  ■ • o r:-Y 

.^OSi  .21  /!  A < .;n>Y  tisM 




; : V * i.:') 


■ . 



Tombstone  Inscriptions 

Amid  poplars,  wild  cherry  and 
apple  trees,  back  of  the  German 
Evangelical  Protestant  Cemetery, 

Feeley,  Catherine  I.  McClasky,  w of 
John,  Oct.  31,  1880,  55y. 

LaGrange,  Christian,  Mar.  5,  1828, 

LaGrange,  Elizabeth,  w of  Christian, 
Apr.  27,  1831,  84y. 

McClasky,  James,  July  16,  1863,  84y. 
McClasky,  Janette  LaGrange,  w of 
James,  Dec.  15,  1864,  74y. 
McClasky,  Mary,  widow  of  John, 
Mar.  7,  1840,  77y.  Erected  by  her 
grandson,  Thomas  H.  Redding. 
Redding,  Daniel,  b in  Town  of  Sur- 
ry, New  Hampshire,  d in  Albany, 
Feb.  16,  1830,  41y.  Erected  by  his 

Bethlehem — An  Orchard,  north- 
east from  Union  Church. 

Fisher,  Duncan,  Sr.,  1779-1826. 
Fisher,  Isabella  Harrower,  w of  Dun- 
can, 1788-1865. 

Fisher,  Duncan,  Jr.,  Dec.  5,  1817- 
Dec.  9,  1890. 

Fisher,  David,  Aug.  12,  1811-May  28, 

Fisher,  Daniel  G.,  Feb.  24,  1860,  51y. 
Fisher,  M.  Magdalen  Hungerford,  w 
of  Daniel,  Aug.  5,  1810-Feb.  16, 

Long,  Christine  Fisher,  w of  John  G. 
Feb.  9,  1869,  27y. 

Maher,  Elsie  Adelia,  w of  John  J., 
Mar.  4,  1863,  26y. 

Sager,  Isabella  G.  C.  Fisher,  w of 
Abram  M.,  Jan.  10,  1870,  Sly. 
Unfenced,  *4  mile  from  road,  south 
side  of  Kenwood  Ave. 

Zeilman,  John  A.,  Nov.  5,  1852,  57y. 
Zeilman.  John  A.,  son  of  John  A. 

and  Eliza,  Oct.  19,  1850,  21y. 
Zeilman,  Elizabeth,  w of  John  Lu- 
ther, Dec.  4,  1849,  89y. 

An  old  orchard,  bush  and  bramble, 
northwest  of  Pine  Bush  Presbyter- 
ian Church. 

Hull,  Adelia  Marilla,  w of  Morgan 
L.,  Oct.  5,  1845,  37y. 

Jones,  Betsey,  w of  Daniel,  July  20. 
1849,  65y 

Jones,  Evander  C.,  son  of  Daniel 
and  Betsey,  Apr.  6,  1844,  24y. 

Old  orchard,  east  side  of  road 
from  old  covered  bridge  to  Pine 

Bullock,  Robert,  Mar.  9,  1831,  85y. 
Bullock,  Joseph,  Sept.  2,  1828,  54y. 
Bullock,  Elizabeth,  w of  Joseph, 
Sept.  11,  1846,  73y. 

Bullock,  Ellen,  w of  Henry  J.  Rib- 
inson,  July  3,  1832,  32y. 

Walley,  Lizzie,  dau.  of  Jacob  G.  and 
Matilda,  July  20,  1878,  4y. 

A Pasture. 

Kelderhouse,  John,  Aug.  8,  1854,  60y 
Kelderhouse,  Rachel  Nicoll,  w of 
John,  Aug.  12,  1793-Apr.  5,  1864. 
Kelderhouse,  Ann  Eliza,  w of  Jo- 
seph Relyea,  Mar.  6,  1878,  67y. 
Vandeney,  Elizabeth,  w of  Augus- 
tus/Mar. 8,  1861,  24y. 

Van  Patten,  Rachel  Elizabeth  Ral- 
yea,  w of  Harmon,  Sept.  2,  1860, 

Becker,  Frederick,  Mar.  4,  1850,  80y. 
Becker,  Christiana,  w of  Frederick. 

Jan.  21,  1842,  79y. 

Becker,  Christopher,  July  23,  1884, 

Becker,  Hannah  Arnold,  w of  Chris- 
topher, Nov.  29,  1879,  73y. 
Landers,  C.,  May  18,  1858,  62y. 
Landers,  L.  W.,  Jan.  31,  1869,  64y, 

An  orchard  on  a hill,  northwest 
of  Stone  Road. 

Kemmey,  Jacob,  Mar.  1,  1838,  90y. 
Kemmey,  Elizabeth,  w of  Jacob. 

Jan.  12,  1838,  84y. 

Kemmey,  David,  Dec.  19,  1791 -Nov. 
10,  1875.  * 

Kemmey,  Margaret  Maybee,  w of 
David,  Feb.  12,  1792-Oct.  29,  1877. 
Kemmey,  Mary,  Mar.  11,  1866,  6Sv. 
Kemmey,  Eliza,  dau.  of  Jacob  and 
Adaiine,  July  20,  1853. 

Vanness,  Charlotte  Maria,  dau.  of 
Jacob  and  Rebecca,  Aug.  21,  1835, 



' ' . a .... 

• - — 




Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D— -died. 

Clark,  Celinda,  w of  Harvey,  Lan- 
caster, Sept.  11,  1867,  67y. 

Clark,  Daniel  C.,  oldest  son  of  Hor- 
ace, Mar.  11,  1851,  33y.  D in 

Clark,  David  Augustus,  son  of  D. 
N.,  Nov.  14,  1857,  21y  6d. 

Clark,  Delia,  dau.  of  Henry,  Lan- 
caster, Aug.  20,  1345,  26y. 

Clark,  Mrs.  Electa,  mother-in-law  of 
William  O.  Brown,  Nov.  21,  1856, 

Clark,  Elisha,  May  3,  1857,  65y. 

Clark,  Eliza,  w of  Erastus,  June  6, 
1863,  33y. 

Clark,  Miss  Emeline  E.,  dau.  of  Ste- 
phen, Mar.  1,  1853,  42y. 

Clark,  F.  C.,  brother-in-law  of  Will- 
iam O.  Brown,  July  9,  1854,  35y. 
D in  Chicago.  B in  Buffalo. 

Clark,  Frances  E..  widow  of  Major 
Satterlee,  Dec.  13,  1864. 

Clark,  George  A.,  July  23,  1843,  36y. 

Clark,  Hemsn,  Sept.  29,  1843,  23y. 

Clark,  Heman  W.,  Jan.  9,  1830,  35y. 

Clark,  Henry,  Aug.  9,  1848,  52y. 

Clark,  Henry,  son  of  Hon.  John, 
Hamburg,  Dec.  14,  1862,  25y.  D in 
Cherry  Free,  Venengo  Co.,  Pa. 

Clark,  Herbert  H.,  son  of  Alfred, 
Oct.  10,  1867,  24y. 

Clark,  Hiram,  teacher,  Evans  Cen- 
ter, Jan.  17,  1858,  31y. 

Clark,  Horace,  Clarence,  May,  1812, 

Clark,  Horace,  Nov.  4,  1852,  57y.  D 
at  Pompey,  Onondaga  Co.  B in 

Clark,  John,  Clarence,  Apr.  1312,  74y 

Clark,  John,  formerly  of  Ports- 
mouth, N.  H.,  May  24,  1842,  50y„ 

Clark,  John,  Collins  Center,  Sept. 
29,  1844,  77y. 

Clark,  Deacon  Joseph,  Lancaster, 
May  10,  1853,  67y. 

Clark,  Laura,  w of  Henry,  postmas- 
ter, Lancaster,  Sept.  14,  1845,  47y. 
Clark,  Laura  B.,  w of  William  A,, 

Mar.  28,  1849,  22y. 

Clark,  Lavina,  w of  W.  S.,  Eden, 
Dec.  25,  1836,  53y. 

Clark,  Lot,  Dec.  18,  1862,  71y. 

Clark,  Maria  R.,  w of  Almond,  Oct. 

8,  1851,  46y.  D at  Dansville. 

Clark,  Mary,  w of  Dr.  Sylvester, 
Boston,  Apr.  29,  1840,  56y. 

Clark,  Mary,  widow  of  John,  Nov. 

24,  1862,  63y. 

Clark,  Mary  D.,  w of  Charles,  Feb. 
21,  1856,  27y.  Taken  to  Clarkson, 
Monroe  Co. 

Clark,  Mary  E.,  w of  Charles  S.,  Feb. 
19,  1852,  25y. 

Clark,  Malinda,  wid,  of  Stephen, 
Mar.  3,  1853,  62y. 

Clark,  Melinda  Can  dee,  w of  Hor- 
ace, May  31,  1851,  57y.  D near 
Peoria,  111.  B in  Buffalo. 

Clark,  Michael,  July  22,  1867,  71y 
3m  16d. 

Clark,  Olive,  w of  Benjamin,  Lan- 
caster, Aug.  15,  1833,  70y. 

Clark,  Oliver  H.,  Feb.  14,  1853,  32y. 
Clark,  Reuben,  Apr.  12,  1853,  25v. 
Clark,  Samuel,  July  10,  1841,  53y. 
Clark,  Sarah,  sister,  of  Dr.  J.  W., 
July  12,  1849. 

Clark,  Sophia,  w of  Benjamin,  Feb. 

25,  1837,  34y.  Formerly  of  El- 
bridge,  N.  Y. 

Clark,  Stephen,  June  17,  1848,  63y. 
Clark,  Stephen  C.,  Director  in  Buf- 
falo Steam  Engine  Works,  Aug.  8, 
1845,  36y.  D at  Middlesex,  Mercer 
Co.,  Pa. 

Clark,  Stephen  E.,  oldest  son  of 
Erastus,  June  17,  1863,  20y  4m  13d. 
Clark,  Dr.  Sylvester,  Boston,  Apr. 

26,  1843,  5Sy. 

Clark,  Ursula,  late  of  Hartford, 
Conn.,  Aug.  5,  1827,  24y. 

Clark,  William,  June  1,  1863.  Drown- 
ed near  the  old  lighthouse. 

Clark,  William,  late  of  North  Col- 
lins, Oct.  3,  1863,  32y.  D at  Prince- 
ton, Wisconsin. 







' id 



. . ...  , , • ^ 



Clark,  William  S.,  July  3,  1845,  59y. 
Clarke,  Archibald  S.,  Clarence,  Nov. 
28,  1821,  44y. 

Clarke,  Charles,  Oct.  27,  1857,  35y. 

D at  Murray,  Orleans  Co. 

Clarke,  Chloe  Sears,  w of  Col.  Dud- 
ley, Feb.  19,  1867,  65y. 

Clarke,  Rev.  E.  W.,  formerly  pastor 
of  Cottage  Baptist  Church,  June 
21,  1856,  35y.  D at  Arcade,  Wyom- 

ing Co. 

Clarke,  Frederick  C.,  son  of  John  «.f 
Norwich,  Eng.,  Apr.  1864,  39;. 
Funeral  Apr.  22. 

Clary,  Joseph,  lawyer,  Apr.  11,  1842. 

Clawson,  Benjamin  F.,  Apr.  29,  1865 

Clay,  John,  July  10,  1850,  60y. 

(To  be  continued) 

Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

Allen,  Lucy  M.  and  V.  D.  Reed, 

D.  D.,  Sept.  5,  1860. 

Allen,  M.  Louisa  and  E.  M.  Allen, 
Oct.  7,  1847. 

Allen,  Margaret  Gertrude  and  Dr. 

Alexander  Bailey,  July  28,  1875. 
Allen,  Martha  Jane  and  Martin  S. 

Patch,  Nov.  27,  1861. 

Allen,  Mary  and  Andrew  G.  Austin, 
Mar.  27,  1879. 

Allen,  Mary  and  Charles  Hudson, 
Nov.  2,  1845. 

Allen,  Mary  Ann  and  John  S. 

Brown,  Jan.  27,  1847. 

Allen,  Mary  P.  and  Alexander  Ad- 
dus,  July  5,  1866. 

Allen,  Mary  S.  and  William  King, 
Jr.,  Sept.  12,  1855. 

Allen,  Mary  T.  and  Nicholas  Van- 
atta,  Feb.  12,  1869. 

Allen,  Matilda  and  James  J.  Alex- 
ander, Sept.  25,  1827. 

Allen,  Mattie  M.  and  William  W. 

Potter,  Nov.  3,  1867. 

Allen,  Nancy  M.  and  Louis  Meriday, 
May  4,  1844. 

Allen,  Nettie  M.  and  James  P.  Laing, 
May  4,  1863. 

Allen,  Oliver,  Jr.,  and  Mary  S.  Ba- 
con, Oct.  8,  1884. 

Allen,  Orlando  and  Marilla  A.  Pratt, 
Nov.  20,  1826. 

Allen,  Otis  and  Hariet  Elizabeth  St. 

John,  Apr.  17,  1S35. 

Allen,  Philo  and  Mary  Darrow,  Dec. 
16,  1846. 

Allen,  R.  Harper  and  Belle  French, 
Nov.  26,  1884. 

Allen,  Rhoda  and  Augustus  J.  Tif- 
fany, June  22,  1850. 

Allen,  Richard  L.  and  Sarah  O.  Ly- 
man, Dec.  30,  1834. 

Allen,  Sarah  Ann  and  Amos  Pelley, 
Aug.  12,  1845. 

Allen,  Sally  and  Jesse  Bartow,  Feb. 
26,  1824. 

Allen,  Truman  P.  and  Jennett  J 
Witherell,  Apr.  26,  1843. 

Allen,  W.  Cleveland  and  May  M. 
Barclay,  Mar.  3,  1874. 

Allen,  W.  F.  and  Ida  M.  Cowing, 
Apr.  17,  1873. 

Allen,  Dr.  W.  S.  and  Jessie  E.  De- 
vine,  Mar.  10,  1880. 

Allen,  William  F.  and  Juliet  Mabon, 
Jan.  11,  1871. 

Allen,  William  R.  and  Eliza  M.  Av- 
erill,  June  25,  1823. 

Allen,  William  R.  and  Evelyn 

Schoolcraft,  Oct.  13,  1853. 

Allen,  William  Wallace  and  May 
Jane  Finley,  Sept.  10,  1867. 

Allen,  Zadock  G.  and  Mary  Amanda 

Ailing,  Maurice  and  Capt.  A.  A. 
Fengar,  Dec.  27,  1883. 

Allinger,  Ernestine  and  Charles  Hol- 
iguarth,  July  14,  1844. 

Allis,  Mary  and  Augustus  Lover, 
Nov.  16,  1847. 

Allis,  Monte  and  Edward  C.  W.  O’- 
Brien, M D.,  Oct.  8,  1879, 

Allison,  Joseph  Frederick  and  Cath- 
arine M.  Forbes,  Feb.  8,  1872. 

Allison,  Julia  Ann  and  Edward  Wil- 
liston,  Sept,  21}  1845, 





v «. ...  " . • - ■ . ni'vj ir-#  ' 

.V;  -;c  >1’ 

1 . 






Allison,  Peter  T.  and  Mary  Barnes, 
Sept.  24,  1825. 

Allmain,  John  and  A.  D.  Coates, 

* Dec.  17,  1856, 

Allman,  George  F.  and  Nicolena 
Seaver,  June  26,  1852. 

Allman,  Miss  and  George  Orr,  May 
22,  1884. 

Alloo,  Louis  and  Christina  Dressing, 
Dec.  22,  1864. 

Allshouse,  Manda  and  Francis  Ben- 
ringer,  Sept.  25,  1847. 

All  worthy,  John  and  Emma  Dull, 
June  4,  1883. 

Almendinger,  Charles  E.  and  Lizzie 
M.  Severns,  May  9,  1878. 

Almendinger,  J.  C.  and  Hattie  A. 
Putman,  Jan.  14,  1875. 

Almendinger,  Charles  L.  and  Bar- 
bara Sapp,  Aug.  17,  1858. 

Almy,  Mr.  C.  C.  and  C.  M.  More- 
house, Jan.  27,  1841. 

Almy,  Harriet  S.  and  Calvin  J.  Mills 

Aug.  19,  1851. 

Almy,  Maria  M.  and  Samuel  A.  Bigs- 
low,  June  19,  1825. 

Almy,  Mary  and  Josiah  Rogers,  July 
19,  1864. 

Alport,  Mary  Ann  Louisa  and 

Charles  Laycock,  June  18,  1867. 

Alsager,  Mrs.  Mary  and  Charles  C. 
Coleman,  Jan.  19,  1875. 

Altman,  Bertha  and  D.  Roseman, 

Mar.  10,  1864. 

Altman,  Isaac  and  Jennie  Loewi, 

Aug.  20,  1873. 

Altman,  Julius  and  Miss  Paulina 

Falk,  Apr.  27,  1881. 

Alton,  Carolan  V.  and  John  W.  For- 
tune, Dec.  29,  1880. 

Alton,  Joseph  and  Georgia  L.  Cat- 
lin,  Aug.  20,  1870. 

Aivord,  Susan  E,  and  James  Chan- 
ning,  July  16.  1846. 

Alward,  Dennis  R.  and  Emily  W. 
Babcock,  Oct.  31,  1865. 


New  York  State,  with  a population  of  5,000  Indians  on  its  six  Indian 
Reservations,  treasures  its  Indian  lore. 

Mr.  Arthur  Parker  and  Mrs.  Walter  Hendricks  have  compiled  a drama- 
story  map  of  New  York  State  filled  with  pictures  of  Indian  episodes. 

The  map  with  notes  is  printed  in  colors  on  birch-bark  paper  which 
measures  nineteen  by  twenty-five  inches. 

This  picture  will  impress  children,  and  will  be  a decided  help  in  the 
school  room.  Every  teacher  will  want  one. 

A thirty-six  page  booklet  of  added  information  about  Indian  life  in 
New  York  State  may  also  be  procured. 

Map  $1.00  Books  50  cents 

Other  Romance  Maps,  rich  in  historical  interest  and  printed  in  brill- 
iant colors  on  parchment  paper,  illustrating  outstanding  events  in  history 

are — 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  Niagara  Frontier”,  by  Josephine  Wilhelm 
Wickser.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  Finger  Lakes  District”,  by  Mrs.  W.  A.  Hen- 
ricks.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  Northern  Gateway”,  (Lake  Champlain)  by 
Miss  C.  Eleanor  Hall.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  North  Country”  (From  Mohawk  River  to 
Canada),  by  Dr.  James  G.  Riggs.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  New  Jersey”,  by  Mrs.  Kilbourne  and  Mrs.  Alward. 
Price  one  dollar. 

These  picture  maps  and  notes  of  explanation  will  impress  children, 
and  help  in  the  schoolroom.  Teachers  will  like  them. 

A lovely  gift  at  any  time,  and  a treasure  in  your  own  home. 

Add  ten  cents  for  mailing,  for  one,  two,  or  three  maps. 

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The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  whidh  &Tr 
capitalized.  Thase  suJbscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  er- V 
lope  with  all  queries.  ' 

JOHN  COOPER,  b in  1763  in  New 
York  City,  son  of  James,  served  in 
militia  from  Bergen  County,  New 

The  following  were  brothers  of 
James — Peter,  lived  in  Goshen; 
John  m Lydia  Beach;  Ichabod,  b 
1741,  South  Hampton,  Long  Is.,  m 

Phebe  , and  his  second  wife 

was  Hannah  Lyon. 

F.  C.  B.,  Illinois. 

ER were  registered  in  Newburgh 
Directory  for  1858  and  1859.  Hannah 
Fisher  was  a widow  in  1860. 

J.  E.  G.,  New  York. 

MARY,  called  POLLY,  WEST  m 
about  1799  in  New  Lebanon,  Colum- 
bia County,  to  Ransom  Sage,  b in 
Conn,  in  1779. 

In  1810  they  lived  in  Bloomfield, 
Ontario  County.  Ransom  d Apr.  9, 
1852,  and  Mary,  Sept.  23,  1860,  aged 
84y,  and  are  both  buried  in  Ionia, 
Ontario  Co. 

Can  give  data  on  the  Sage  family 
to  anyone  who  needs  it. 

M.  A.  D.,  Michigan. 


The  following  addition  to  the 
Bloomfield  records  is  sent  by  our 
loyal  subscriber.  Miss  Mabel  C.  Tid- 
ier, Conn. 

Registry  of  Probate,  Pittsfield, 

The  will  of  John  Tullar  of  Egre- 
mont,  Berkshire  Co.,  Mass.,  signed 
Oct.  7,  1815,  was  witnessed  by  David 
Tullar,  Abiel  Bennett  and  Bela  Par- 

Dec.  7,  1815,  Mary  Tullar,  widow, 
and  Paul  Tullar,  son,  executors,  now 
of  Bloomfield,  Ontario  Co.,  N.  Y., 
petitioned  court  in  regard  to  will  of 
John  Tullar.  Amos  Hall  of  Bloom- 
field was  authorized  to  take  depo- 
sitions. David.  Tullar,  the  witness, 
brother  of  John,  preached  in  New 
York  State  many  years. 

We  are  grateful  for  the  following 
correction  from  our  subscriber,  W. 
B.  Murray — 

Subscribers’  Exchange,  page  22— 
Ichabod  Murray,  great-grandfather 
of  W.  B.  Murray,  was  born  Aug.  16, 
1755,  and  died  in  Harrisburg,  N.  Y., 
July  16,  1831,  75y  11m. 

other  spellings  have  been  given  to  the  names  of  those  who  descended  from 
Jacques  (Jacob)  Cossart,  1639-1685,  and  his  wife,  Lea  Villeman  (Lydia 
Willems)  or  New  York  City  and  Long  Island. 

™ ^am  a genealogy  of  these  descendants,  and,  if  you  are  a 

member  of  the  family  by  birth  or  marriage,  send  your  records  for  perman- 
eoun’elferVatl°n  m pub^islled  f°rm>  an<!  thus  benefit  others,  while  helping 

Joseph  A.  Cossairt,  C.P.C.,  Bureau  of  Navigation,  Washington,  D.  C. 

OCT  2 1 '935 





■ Hot 



lEarlg  Bstthrs 


53>ni  fork  §>tnU 

Sljrtr  Anrratnra  anti  lesmttianta 


VOL.  II  DECEMBER  1935  NO.  6 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 




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. . 




New  York  State,  with  a population  of  5,000  Indians  on  its  six  Indian 
Reservations,  treasures  its  Indian  lore. 

Mr.  Arthur  Parker  and  Mrs.  Walter  Hendricks  have  compiled  a drama- 
story  map  of  New  York  State  filled  with  pictures  of  Indian  episodes. 

The  map  with  notes  is  printed  in  colors  on  birch-bark  paper  which 
measures  nineteen  by  twenty-five  inches. 

This  picture  will  impress  children,  and  will  be  a decided  help  in  the 
school  room.  Every  teacher  will  want  one. 

A thirty-six  page  booklet  of  added  information  about  Indian  life  in 
New  York  State  may  also  be  procured. 

Map  S1.00  Books  50  cents 

Other  Romance  Maps,  rich  in  historical  interest  and  printed  in  brill- 
iant colors  on  parchment  paper,  illustrating  outstanding  events  in  history 
are — 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  Niagara  Frontier”,  by  Josephine  Wilhelm 
Wickser.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  Finger  Lakes  District”,  by  Mrs.  W.  A.  Hen- 
ricks.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  Northern  Gateway”,  (Lake  Champlain)  by 
Miss  C.  Eleanor  Hall.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  the  North  Country”  (From  Mohawk  River  to 
Canada),  by  Dr.  James  G.  Riggs.  Price  fifty  cents. 

“A  Romance  Map  of  New  Jersey”,  by  Mrs.  Kilbourne  and  Mrs.  Alv/ard. 
Price  one  dollar. 

These  picture  maps  and  notes  of  explanation  will  impress  children, 
and  help  in  the  schoolroom.  Teachers  will  like  them. 

A lovely  gift  at  any  time,  and  a treasure  in  your  own  home. 

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time,  may  be  in  the  Town  which  interests  you. 

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»h  iy  rr  "(  ■ auj.AV  £ti  QUA 


. . jm  ■ Urn,  * 



Early  Church  Records 

d dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

Wt  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 

North  Oranville,  N.  Y.,  Church  Records 

Admitted  in  1817. 

Chamberlain,  Richard  and  w,  Lydia, 
d 1823. 

Congdel,  Mr.  and  Mrs. 

Day,  Meritta,  d 1817  to  Ruport. 
Everts,  Sally,  d 1817. 

Eldridge,  Almira. 

Fletcher,  Salome,  d 1821. 

Goodrich,  Mrs.  Fear,  d 1826  to  Ro- 

Harvy,  Ebenezer  and  w,  Sarah,  from 
Fort  Ann. 

Kingsbury,  Jacket,  Hannah. 

Loomis,  Aaron.  Murry,  Thirza. 

Pier,  Clarissa,  d 1817. 

Streeter,  Mrs. 

Admitted  in  1818. 

Goodman,  Mrs.  Triphosa  Murrel 
from  Bolton. 

Admitted  in  1819. 

Beecher,  Martha.  Burdick,  Stanton. 
Griffith,  Warren,  d 1819  to  Andov- 
er, Mass. 

Admitted  in  1820. 

Bayley,  Ruth.  Done,  Ruth. 

Little,  Alva.  Medkiff,  Mrs.  Eunice. 
Rogers,  Polly. 

Admitted  in  1821. 

Beal,  Anna  Leonard,  d 1826. 
Seabury,  Samuel. 

Admitted  in  1822. 

Baker,  Sally,  w of  Byron. 

Dutcher,  Mrs.  Gibbs,  Leonard. 

Harvey,  Lois.  Leonard,  P. 

Neher,  Elana,  20y,  m Burt. 

Packard,  Mrs.  Roxany. 

Weeks,  Ruth. 

Admitted  in  1824. 

Clark,  Samuel,  Jr.,  20y. 

Hemenway,  Asa,  35y,  and  w,  32y. 
Jenkins,  Rachel,  w of  Amasa,  22 y. 
Kingsbury,  . 

Standish,  Loisa,  dau.  of  Samuel,  18y. 
Turner,  Melancton  S.,  22y. 

Waldo,  Mrs.  Zechariah,  33y. 
Admitted  in  1825. 

Clark,  Fanny,  23 y,  w 'of  Charles. 
Day,  Gershom  B.,  25y,  from  Whites- 


Dillaway,  Elizabeth  H.,  w of  Rev. 
Samuel  from  Boston,  d 1833  to 
Poultney,  Vt. 

Nicholson,  Spencer,  48y. 

Parks,  Widow,  52y.  Rue,  Mary,  24y. 

Vaughan,  Ashley,  18y. 

Admitted  in  1828. 

Brown,  Cynthia,  18y.  Judd,  Miss. 

Jones,  Comfort. 

Parker,  Eunice,  lSy,  d 1826. 

Admitted  in  1827. 

Boynton,  Roena,  20y. 

Brown,  Ann,  20y. 

Chapin,  Curtis,  18y,  son  of  Adna. 

Dutcher,  Jane,  16y. 

Gillette,  Abraham  D.,  20y. 

Gilbert,  Mrs.,  38>y;  Lois,  17y. 

Judd,  Harriet,  18y. 

Potter,  Joseph  and  w,  Nancy,  from 

Stoddart,  Joseph,  50y,  and  w,  Ruth, 
46y;  Lydia,  13y. 

Waite,  Pamela,  18y,  dau.  of  Clark  G. 

Admitted  in  1828. 

Ballow,  Orilla,  26y,  w of  Almon, 
from  Fort  Ann. 

Mason,  Sally,  40y,  widow  of  Ezra, 
from  Middletown,  Vt. 

Admitted  in  1829. 

Barns,  Elisha,  Jr.,  25y,  son  of  Elisha, 
from  Warsaw. 

Crippen,  Joseph  and  wife  from 
Hampton;  Mrs.  Mary,  from  Mid- 
dletown, Vt. 

Mason,  Truman  and  w,  Esther,  from 
Fort  Ann. 

Whitcomb,  Mrs.  J.,  3Qy,  from  Bran- 

Admitted  in  1830. 

Crosby,  Clark,  15y. 

Falkenburg,  Olive,  18y. 

Gibson,  Mrs.  Hatch,  Lucinda. 

Joy,  Mrs.  Sarah,  45y,  from  Fort  Ann 

Potter,  Charles. 

Reynolds,  Harrah. 

Stevers,  Elvira,  22y.  ^ . 






■■  - 




v . • ...  ; 



84  . 


Admitted  in  1831. 

Andrews,  Miriam  L.,  14y,  William 
L.,  16y,  children  of  Titus. 

Allen,  Ann,  18y,  dau.  of  Joseph. 

Averill,  Mrs.  Hannah,  Eliza  Jane, 
Jesse,  Jr.,  P . 

Broughton,  Eunice,  17y,  dau.  of  Ira; 
Ira,  Jr.,  son  of  Ira,  16y. 

Brown,  Elvira,  17y,  Jonathan,  Jr., 
16y,  Charles  E.,  14y,  John  Bishop, 
children  of  Jonathan,  and  Mary; 
widow  of  Jonathan  B. 

Bowen,  Mrs.  George,  32y;  Lydia,  12 
y,  dau.  of  Thomas;  Amanda,  15v, 
dau.  of  Thomas. 

Baker,  Sally,  44y,  w of  Byron:  Ne- 
hemiah,  38y,  and  w,  Lucinda,  36y; 
Sally;  Mrs.  Byren. 

Bigelow,  Polly,  from  Hampton. 

Bopert,  Mary. 

Barber,  Clarissa,  18y,  Betsy,  18y, 
children  of  Matthew;  Juliann,  lOy, 
d 1833. 

Backus,  Lucinda,  24y,  dau.  of  Eben- 

Boget,  Horace.  Bartlet,  Elisha. 

Chapin,  Jane  A.,  18y,  dau.  of  Salma; 
Nelson  E.,  lGy;  Mary  H.;  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Adna. 

Collar,  Ebenezer,  23y. 

Colrun,  Charlotte. 

Chandler,  Minerva,  24y,  w of 
George;  Amy,  24y,  dau.  of  Will- 
iam; Lyman  A.,  lOy;  Charles  N., 

Clark,  John,  19y,  son  of  Samuel. 

Clark,  Mrs.  Nancy,  30y,  from  Shafts- 
bury,  .Vt. 

Craig,  Rebecca,  d 1832. 

Collins,  Cyrus  B.,  21y;  Clarissa  L., 

Dutcher,  Betsey,  13y,  Cornelius,  15y, 
children  of  Widow  Byer;  Daniel 
R.,  13y. 

Darby,  Nathaniel,  24y;  Betsy,  17y; 
Rhoda,  43y,  w of  Peter;  Polly,  28y; 
Jerusha,  v/  of  Roswell. 

Dibble,  Dolly. 

Everts,  John;  Hiram,  son  of  Charles, 

Fross,  Henry,  42y,  and  wife,  36y. 

Farnsworth,  Harriet,  20y,  dau.  of 

Felch,  Lydia,  John  Nelson,  24y;  Ly- 
man E. 

Harvey,  Hannah,  21y,  Ebenezer,  Jr.. 
20y,  children  of  Ebenezer;  Caro- 
line L.,  12y,  d 1831;  Thomas,  17y, 
brother  of  Moses. 

Hull,  Heman  from  Hampton. 

Hill,  Mrs.  Betsy. 

Ingalsby,  William,  25y. 

Judd,  Lovica,  22y,  dau.  of  Benjamin. 

Mason,  Orla,  19y,  son  of  Truman; 
Melissa,  17y,  dau.  of  Widow  Sally; 
Horace  G.;  Fayette,  12y;  Mary 
from  Minerva. 

Misar,  Lewis,  15y. 

McArthur,  Elmina,  18y,  dau.  of  Neal; 

Northrup,  Betsey,  dau.  of  Clarke. 

Otis,  Madison,  17y,  son  of  Amos,  de- 

Palmer,  Elmira  A.,  26y. 

Rollin,  Caroline,  24y. 

Rhodes,  Melissa,  16y,  dau.  of  Will- 

Robblee,  Sophronia,  ISy,  dau.  of 
Reuben;  Abigail;  Thomas,  2nd; 

' Amby,  son  of  Reuben,  d 1834;  Sa- 
loma,  dau.  of  Reuben. 

Standish,  John  Dana,  13y,  son  of 
Samuel;  Samuel  B. 

Savage,  Edward,  13y,  son  of  Rich- 
ard; Lucy,  16y,  dau.  of  Jacob; 
Hannah,  dau.  of  Richard. 

Stoddard,  Mrs.  H. 

Smith,  Relief;  Sally,  38y,  w of  Ab- 

Soper,  Jesse,  66y. 

Sweet,  Lovina,  16y,  dau.  of  Alanson; 
Betsy,  35y,  w of  Alanson;  A’lan- 
son,  42y. 

Spaulding,  Julia,  23y,  w-  of  Abiram; 
Phaiazina,  28y,  w of  Squires;  Ab- 
iram, from  Brandon. 

Stow.  Edwin  E.,  24y. 

Straight,  Plannah,  d 1832. 

Spencer,  Adaline  M. 

Tanner,  Betsey. 

Thornton, \ Sally,  ISy,  dau.  of  Con- 

Wright.,  Elizabeth,  3iy.  w of  James; 
Henry;  Warner. 

White,  Samuel  B.;  William  W.,  14y, 
son  of  .Samuel  B. 

Warden,  Thomas  J.  and  w,  Hannah. 

Williams,  Clue,  dau.  of  Solomon, 



Minutes  of  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Perry  Center 

Aug.  29.  The  Presbytery  resolved 
unanimously,  that  the  work  of  Sam- 
uel Gilman  was  a violation  of  the 

Sept.  10.  Church  met.  Mr.  Gilman 
refused  to  admit  any  guilt,  and  ask- 
ed to  present  his  case  to  the  Pres- 

Feb.  1822.  At  the  session,  Presby- 
tery insisted  Mr.  Gilman  had  violat- 
ed the  Sabbath  and  resolved  that 
he  “shall  acknowledge  submission 
to  their  judgement,  and  profess  his 
intention  to  be  governed  by  it  in 
the  future,  in  word  and  conduct.” 

Colonel  Gilman  was  admonished 
by  the  chair,  but  he  refused  to  sub- 
mit, and  the  Presbytery  instructed 
the  church  to  suspend  him. 

Nov.  1822.  Col.  Samuel  Gilman 
has  joined  another  church. 

1826.  “Agreed  to  open  two  sub- 
scriptions for  a meeting  house,  one 
with  a site  on  the  Southwest  corner 
of  Edward  Norris’  land,  and  the  oth- 
er with  a site  on  land  west  of  the 
lot  on  which  Pardon  Tabor  resides.” 

Agreed  that  the  subscription 
which  obtains  the  most  shall  be  col- 
lected, and  the  other  destroyed  in  a 
public  meeting. 

Aug.  4,  1826.  The  committee  re- 
ported that  the  subscription  for  the 
Edward  Norris  site  was  $1785,  and 
the  second  was  $1936.  The  former 
was  destroyed. 

Apr.  24,  1828.  Subscriptions  were 
to  be  paid  January  1829  and  Janu- 
ary 1830.  It  was  agreed-“Said  house 

to  be  forty  feet  wide,  and  fifty-two 
feet  long  with  a suitable  steeple.  In- 
side to  be  finished  with  slips  below, 
and  above,  with  slips  or  pews.  Work 
to  be  in  modern  style”. 

The  slips  to  be  appraised  and  sold 
to  pay  for  the  building,  and  each 
subscriber  shall  be  entitled  to  the 
same  amount  of  property  in  the 
house,  as  that  which  he  pays  to- 
ward building  it. 

July  14,  1828.  David  Carlisle 

agreed  to  build  the  meeting  house 
for  $2800,  and  to  make  it  six  feet 
longer,  and  take  extra  slips  for  his 
pay.  Later  it  was  agreed  to  pay 
$300  and  one.  slip  for  the  addition. 
The  slips  were  sold  for  prices  rang-, 
ing  from  $25  to  $175. 

Mar.  4,  1830.  The  new  house  was 

Mar.  22,  1830.  Voted  to  invite 
Samuel  Gridley  to  become  pastor 
at  a salary  of  $425,  and  more,  if  it 
can  be  obtained.  He  accepted. 

Dec.  4,  1832.  Harlow  Farnham 

agreed  to  ring  the  bell,  and  build 
the  fires  for  one  year  for  $27.38. 

Dec.  3,  1833.  Subscriptions  raised 
for  bell,  which  was  purchased  and 
hung  for  $349.19. 

Apr.  21,  1851.  Voted  to  purchase 
sixty-nine  rods  of  land,  lying  west 
of  the  meeting  jiouse,  and  those 
owning  sheds  can  use  the  lot.  Oth- 
ers may  build  sheds. 

'Feb.  20,  1856.  Contract  signed  to 
remodel  church  at  a cost  of  $2461. 
Completed  Dec.  29,  1856. 

Members  of  the  First  Church  cf  Christ,  Perry  Center 

Members  at  time  of  organization, 
June  28,  1814 — 

Howard,  Samuel,  D Apr.  22,  1819, 

Ward,  Ralph,  D Oct.  4,  1822,  60y. 
Ward,  Lorain,  w of  Ralph,  D Aug. 
15,  1832,  66y. 

Ward,  Jabez,  D July  16,  1843,  55y. 
Kept  the  church  books  for  39 

Ward,  Catey  Russell,  d Spring ville, 

1863.  D Feb.  20,  1865,  73y.  “Mrs. 
Ward  died  at  the  home  of  her 
brother,  P.  M.  Ward,  Esq.  She  is 
the  last  of  the  eight  original 
members.  Her  record  is  on  high, 
and  in  the  hearts  of  the  church 
who  deeply  mourn  her  loss.  She 
was  truly  a mother  in  Israel.” 
Butler,  Hervey  and  w,  Sally,  d 1816, 
Carpenter,  Roxa  Howard,  D Jan.  19,. 

• ' • . . 5. 


■ "fj  r/;>C* 


. • • -\v..  •.  ■ . 



""  "" 



.■  .•  ..  ;t  • :j-  ;Vt  v;  '• 



• •• 

•••  ■ ‘ 

* .V-  .■■■},  ?.l;  : n :>  . ‘ i:‘  /o' 


* ■ • J - i - 
...»  ■ 

•Smlssin  oilduq 

rr  ■ nr 




r:'  • ! ' 

; ■ ’ * 


' ••  ■ ’ ' *-•  . ' ■'  • ' ■ 

' • ■■  • 

w • 





Admitted  in  1815. 

Gilman,  Samuel. 

Johnson,  Sally,  w of  Sylvester,  d 
1822  to  Richmond. 

Preston,  Aura,  w of  Salmon,  d 1820 
to  Richmond. 

Admitted  in  1816. 

Taylor,  Lyman. 

Clark,  Timothy,  D Apr.  15,  1818. 

Taylor,  John  D.,  D Sept.  9,  1849,  86y 

Taylor,  Tempe,  w of  John  D.,  D May 
24,  1842,  69y. 

Benedict,  Lucy,  w of  Graham,  D 
Mar.  22,  1871,  79y. 

Sheldon,  Eleazor,  D Feb.  2,  1878,  85 
y.  A member  61  years. 

Sheldon,  Horace,  D Jan.  6,  1874,  79y. 

Sheldon,  Philena,  w of  Horace,  D 
Oct.  24,  1878,  82y. 

Admitted  in  1817. 

Swain,  David  L.,  d 1827. 

Gilman,  Hannah. 

Keeler,  Daniel  W.,  d 1818. 

Jones,  Evander  W.,  d 1821. 

Clark,  Rachel,  w of  Timothy,  D July 
31,  1833. 

Covel,  Anna,  w of  Oren,  D Mar.  11, 

Ward,  Betsey,  w of  Jabez,  D Apr. 
30,  1819,  at  Warsaw. 

Admitted  in  1818. 

Butler,  William,  D Apr.  27,  1848,  55y 

Butler,  Laura,  w of  William,  D Nov. 
10,  1826,  30y. 

Clark,  Hervey,  D June  9,  1819. 

Huntington,  Abner,  D Jan.  21,  1819. 

Jones,  Cynthia,  w of  Evander,  d 

Leonard,  Elizabeth,  w of  Charles,  d 
' 1818. 

Admitted  in  1819. 

Higgins,  Dexter,  d 1820  to  Aurelius. 

Higgins,  Eunice,  w of  David,  d 1822. 

King,  Rebecca  Lee,  w of  George,  D 
Dec.  25,  1822. 

Admitted  in  1820. 

Bathrick,  Rachel,  w of  Stephen,  Jr., 
d 1855. 

Sheldon,  Laura,  w of  Eleazor,  D 
Mar.  27,  1884.  96y. 

Vandeusen,  John,  D July  3,  1336. 

Vandeusen,  Rachel,  w of  John,  d 

1837  to  Auburn. 

Wasson,  William  and  w,  Elizabeth. 

d 1829  to  Moscow. 

Watrous,  Esther,  w of  Cassander,  D 
Jan.  7,  1847,  69y. 

Admitted  in  1822. 

Buckland,  Elizabeth,  w of  Allen,  D 
Oct.  19,  1860,  7Sy. 

Ensign,  Loanna,  d 1828  to  East 

Admitted  in  1823. 

Bradley,  Widow  Lucy,  D May  8, 
1839,  in  Canada.  ’ 

Burke,  Hannah,  w of  Captain  E.,  D 
. Apr.  8,  1829. 

Cross,  Malinda,  w of  Jason,  d 1831. 
Walling,  Matthew,  d 1832  to  Bath, 

Walling,  Hannah,  w of  Matthew,  D 
Aug.  1,  1830. 

Admitted  in  1824. 

Bathrick,  Stephen,  Sr.,  D Feb.  2, 
1845,  88y.  Also  lived  in  Castile. 
Bathrick,  Patty,  w of  Stephen,  Sr., 
D Aug.  25,  1859,  92y. 

Clark,  Anna,  w of  Joel. 

Grosvenor,  Charity  Norris. 

Howard,  Talcott  and  w,  Sally,  d 

1831  to  Middlebury. 

McEntee,  Rebecca,  w of  Thomas,  D 
May  26,  1835,  39y. 

Admitted  in  1825. 

Clark,  James  and  w,  Parnell,  d 1828 
to  Bethany. 

Codey,  Lorain,  w of  John,  d 1831  to 

Admitted  in  1826. 

Bull,  Widow  Abigail,  d 1831. 

Gates,  Ebenezer  and  w,  Clarissa,  a 
1828  to  Geneseo. 

Potter,  James  A.  and  w,  Phebe,  d 

1832  to  Medina. 

VanSlyke,  Dyrick  and  w,  Sally,  d 

Admitted  in  1827. 

Austin,  Louisa,  w of  Silas,  D Nov. 
24,  1842,  75y. 

Burr,  Cynthia,  w of  Eli,  d 1837. 
Martin,  John  S.,  and  w,  Lydia,  d 
1832  to  Conesus. 

Sullivan,  Lydia  F'.,  w of  Rev.  L.  B.» 
d 1828. 

" ; r. ' .’'V 

> : 


■;  ~ s- 

: • - ' • 


• . o 


:s-  ' .*  - . > ) ■ • . 


' ' 


V ' 


? . 

' S-  ■ 

" . ■ ..  • * 

- •'  SS  - - 

. .... 


. 8 

. ■ ..  ' • 

■ >ri2 

. . . ■>  I)*-; ■ .-.A- 

V-.  * !*.'»’  Q • :fii  i :v/3 


■*>  ;•  u 








Admitted  in  1829. 

Austin,  Russel  and  w,  Martha,  d 
1833  to  Jamestown. 

Austin,  Anson,  d 1839  to  Covington, 
D Apr.  4,  1865,  73y. 

Bathrick,  Clarissa,  w of  Elias,  D 
Sept.  2,  1880,  77y. 

Bathrick,  Elias,  D Feb.  4,  1877,  76y 


Butler,  Hannah,  w of  William,  D 
Dec.  5,  1855,  49y. 

Cossett,  Jesse,  D Apr.  10,  1843,  4Sy. 
Cossett,  Amanda  Bushnell,  w of 
Jesse,  D Feb.  11,  1886,  90y„ 
Cornell,  Mary,  d 1832  to  Middlebury 
Carlisle,  Clarena  Beebe,  w of  Her- 
vey,  d 1332. 

(To  be  continued) 

Bottenkill  (Now  Greenwich)  Church 

Members  of  the  Bottenkill  Church 
between  1829  and  1834  (continued): 
King,  Ezra,  Theodotia. 

Ketchum,  Henry  M.,  Mehitable. 
Larabee,  Benj.  Luther,  Nancy. 

McMillen,  Caroline. 

Martin,  Rachel,  m Edwards,  D 


McCuller,  James.  Marsh,  Maria. 
Minden,  Daniel,  George  W. 

Mosher,  Orra,  Jane,  Ann. 

Martin,  Abram. 

Morril,  Anson,  D Nov.  1,  1832. 
Miller,  Amanda. 

Mills,  Stephen,  Eliza. 

Mason,  Martin.  McOmber,  John. 

Newberry,  Daniel,  Jeremiah,  Isabel, 

Nickerson,  Constance. 

Odel,  Barbery. 

Potter,  George,  \llura. 

Prindle,  Zina,  Lydia. 

Putman,  Ezekiel  H.,  Maria,  Mary. 
Pollard,  Susan.  Parsons,  G. 

Pratt,  Sally.  Plan,  Thankful. 

Parker,  Sarah.  Peterson,  Mary. 

Quackenbush,  Eliza  J. 

Rose,  Amasa.  Rich,  Jane. 

Rider,  Sarah. 

Robinson,  Otis,  Ira,  Francis  P.,  Ter- 
rissy,  Darius. 

Reynols,  Martin,  Jeremiah  S.,  Har- 
riett, Sally  Ann,  Susan. 

Rogers,  Martin,  Artemas,  Huldah, 
Thomas  F. 

Rowel,  Elizabeth. 

Remington,  Joanna. 

Safford,  Alfred,  Anna. 

Skinner,  Franklin  B.,  Lois. 

Selleck,  Aaron,  Mary. 

Stewart,  Nathan  R. 

Shaw,  John,  Maria. 

Smith,  John. 

Simpson,  Ephraim,  Margaret. 
Shearman,  John,  Harriett. 

Sterns,  Mary.  Scofield,  Hannah. 
Tubbs,  Simeon.  Taylor,  Polly. 

Tanner,  Lydia. 

Trumbell,  Simon,  Martha,  Lydia. 
Tilton,  Pamelia. 

Tefft,  Joseph,  John  P.,  Willard, 
Mary,  Almira,  Hannah,  Malinda, 
Elizabeth,  Laura. 

Wright,  Charles  A.,  Nathaniel,  Ab- 

Washburn,  Samuel. 

Whedden,  Francis  B.,  William,  Tab- 

Watson,  Vernon,  Polly. 

Woodruff,  William,  Elizabeth. 

Willis,  Caleb,  Jr. 

Weaver,  Edward  B.,  Andrus. 
Weaver,  John,  Mercy. 

Welch,  Sarah.  White,  Susan. 

Whipple,  Wealthy,  Betsy. 

Young,  Patience. 

The  following  joined  the  Botten- 
kill Church  between  1835  and  1841: 
Adams,  Emeline.  Angel,  Sarah. 

Allen,  Hannah,  Robert. 

Buck,  Sibel.  Barnard,  Eunice  N. 
Bullock,  Elsa.  Bliven,  Julia. 

Bosworth,  Sarah. 

Boardman,  Rosetta. 

Bradway,  Joseph. 

Barber,  Elizabeth,  Jane. 

Baker,  Martin. 

Beard,  Martha,  Robert. 

Burnham,  Brittania,  Ruth. 

Bliss,  Nancy. 

Bennet,  David,  Benjamin. 

Bradley,  William,  D Oct.  7,  1837. 
Briggs,  William. 

' • ' " ' < V ..f  ... ; 





...  • : 

' • " ■ 





Blakeman,  Harvey,  John. 

Blawis,  Amy,  Harriet. 

Burdick,  David,  Rosetta,  Ephraim, 

Cole,  Ruby,  Mary. 

Conklin,  David,  Martha,  Harriet, 

Coon,  Harriet,  Eleanor. 

Clark,  Emeline,  Remington,  Josepn, 
Hannah,  Susannah,  John  B. 
Crandall,  Simon,  Amanda,  Alexan- 
der, Ephraim,  Polly. 

Crow,  Polly,  D Apr.  1836. 

Caukins,  Caroline,  Catharine. 

Curtis,  Levi.  Cornell,  Charlotte. 
Carpenter,  Elizabeth. 

Culver,  Caroline.  Dexter,  Laura. 
Davis,  Jacob,  George,  Maria. 
Durham,  Stephen,  2nd,  Caroline. 
Dickerson,  Thomas,  Silvey. 

Edwards,  Daniel.  Egleston,  Julia. 
Faxon,  Walter,  Jr. 

Fenton,  Lodisa,  Chioe.  Foster,  Ann. 
Goodspeed,  James,  Esther. 

Gould,  Isaac  P.  Granger,  Annis. 

Gamble,  Ann  Ripley. 

Gaddes,  Margaret. 

Heath,  Morgan,  Henry;  Ruth,  D Dec. 

Herrington,  Lyth,  D Dec.  13,  1834; 
Ezekiel,  Bently,  John,  Mary  Cole, 
Mary,  William. 

Hammond,  Caroline,  Penelope. 
Harrington,  Sarah,  D 1838. 

Hay,  Jane.  Hoose,  Lucretia,  Betsy. 
Hanks,  Amos,  Polly. 

Hutchins,  Susan.  Inman,  Louisa. 
Jackway,  Hosea,  Samuel  R. 

James,  Gardner,  Mary  Lyman. 
Kinyon,  Lewis,  Esther,  David  P., 
Stephen,  Fanny  M.,  Laura,  Esther. 
Lampher,  Hannah. 

Lewis,  Green  R.,  Sally. 

McFarland,  Lesly. 

McDougall,  Charity,  Daniel,  Alexan- 

McGill,  Margaret. 

McCumber,  Croxon,  D Apr.  1837; 

Mosher,  James,  Laura,  Damaris, 

Northrup,  Barnum,  Charlotte,  Abi- 


Norton,  James,  Esther,  William  E. 
Nemburg,  James,  Amy. 

Oswald,  Lydia. 

Osborn,  Lovina,  John  C. 

Philips,  Deborah.  Putman,  Lucy. 
Potter,  Stephen,  Sally,  Ephraim. 
Petteys,  Harvey  E.,  Ann,  Susan.  Jo- 

Powers,  Isaac,  Eunice. 

Pratt,  William  C. 

Pierson,  Catharine.  Parker,  Lyda. 
Robinson,  William,  Lydia,  Nathan, 
Lyman,  Betsy,  Lewis. 

Randall,  Harriet,  D June  1839. 
Remington,  Phebe,  David,  Beniamin. 
Ryan,  Almira,  Harriet. 

Ropps,  Sally  Ann. 

Richards,  Charles  J. 

Rathbun,  Nancy. 

Rogers,  Lorinda,  Jane,  James  A., 
Bronson,  Archy. 

Shaw,  Martha;  Walter,  D Apr.  14, 

Silvey,  Jeremiah,  Maria. 

Steward,  Mary,  Delia,  Caroline, 

Skipp,  James  M. 

Safford,  Charlotte. 

Tefft,  William  H.,  Margaret,  Will- 
iam, Mary  Lyda,  Sarah,  Hannah. 
Trumbal,  James,  Polly. 

Tubbs,  Simeon,  Deborah. 

Tilton,  Lucinda.  Tanner,  William  S. 
Tinkham,  Narissa. 

Trencher,  Amelia  A. 

Van  Arnum,  Mary  Ann. 

Whipple,  William,  Ruth. 

Weaver,  Elsa.  Wilwood,  James. 

Walter,  Caroline.  Walton,  Daniel. 

White,  Consider,  D 1837. 

Woodruff,  Mrs.  Hannah  L.  Wlielden. 
Whelden,  Louisa. 

Williams,  Electa,  Polly,  Joseph,  Bet- 
sy, Vilu. 

Wilcox,  Matilda,  Martha,  Oliver. 
Wallace,  Daniel  T.,  Jane. 

Welch,  Levi. 

Wheddcn,  Peter,  D 1837. 

Walker,  Jane  A. 

Young,  Sarah,  Polly,  Ehoda,  Clay- 

■*  . 4 

- . 1 ,)  1' 

* ■ . ■'  ■ V‘v".  ,:l.  ■ 


....  '•  - • . ■ 


• . $ 

HocI  & ^isjb 

, '/  • ■ v v , 


..  h,  ■ 


. . ..  . : i • / 'v  f-:;; 

i , • . - ■'  III.  . - [« 

y i 



• • r'  - < ■ . ■ , 

vr,.  ...  nJ  ) r 



. ; t*  a - ..s.  • 1 BiU  . ... 

< • - 

. ...  • 

r "■ 


; / 

: • =nJ*nr.O 



. . ,J 


: - ’ )■ 

" '•»*  ■ 


. -J  ■ 

r ..  ..  ..  . • \ ' • .. 



• . 


% ' 1 / ■ - ' ■ ' * 


- --  . ‘ . -i:  • . \',iC  . U i-I  tfcSfll6u  , I-v{poM  ' 

• h-r  - •*;  , ...  *"•  • ■ - " '5  -;4 



Old  Trails 

From  “The  Cradle  of  the  Queen  City”  by  Robert  W.  Bingham 

The  old  Gulf  Road  which  has  been 
referred  to,  followed  nearly  along 
the  line  of  the  present  Dele  van  Ave- 
nue. It  crossed  Main  Street  just 
south  of  Scajaquada  Creek  and  con- 
tinued westward  crossing  a deep 
ravine  or  gulf  formed  by  a stream 
flowing  from  the  Jubilee  Spring.  It 
was  from  this  gulf  that  it  obtained 
its  name. 

For  a long  period  the  only  road 
from  the  Terrace  to  Black  Rock  was 
the  Beach  Road.  This  led  down  the 
Terrace,  held  along  the  west  bank 
of  Little  Buffalo  Creek  thence  along 
Big  Buffalo  Creek  to  the  Lake,  cros- 
sing a small  stream  ten  feet  wide 
and  two  and  a half  feet  deep  be- 
fore reaching  the  Lake.  Then  the 
trail  led  down  the  hard  sandy  beach 
to  what  was  later  known  as  Sandy- 
town  and  thence  to  the  Rock.  San- 
dy town,  as  it  was  known  from  1312 
to  1815,  was  a place  of  considerable 
note  at  that  period.  It  lay  up  the 
beach  of  the  river  near  the  foot  of 
the  present  Porter  Avenue.  It  con- 
sisted of  a few  wooden  huts  or  shan- 
ties built  upon  the  sand  in  the  midst 
and  back  of  the  large  high  sand 
hills  that  were  then  in  the  vicinity. 
The  land  south  of  this  place  between 
the  beach  and  the  Terrace  and  south 
of  the  Creek  was  mostly  swampy 
and  contained  alder  and  other  bush- 

In  1806  Joseph  Ellicott  sent  the 
following  report  to  Paul  Busti: 

“There  being  no  other  way  to 
travel  from  New  Amsterdam  to 
Black  Rock,  the  Ferrying  place  over 
Niagara  river,  into  Canada  than 
along  the  Beach  of  the  Lake,  which 
was  sometimes  impassable  in  the 
Winter  Season,  and  at  others  on  ac- 
count of  Storms  of  Wind  raising  the 
Surf  over  the  Beach,  I was  induced 
to  lend  my  aid  in  opening  a road 

along Avenue  from  New 

Amsterdam  to  Black  Rock,  one  half 

the  expense  of  which  road,  or  more 
was  borne  by  the  Inhabitants  of 
New  Amsterdam.” 

This  report  although  the  name  of 
the  road  is  missing  undoubtedly  re- 
fers to  Niagara  Street  which  was 
laid  out  in  1809  but  for  some  years 
was  almost  impassable  as  it  was 
full  of  stumps  and  was  crossed  by 
many  streams.  Later  a corduroy 
road  corrected  the  difficulties. 

General  Wilkinson  of  the  United 
States  army  made  his  headquarters 
at  Black  Rock  in  1801  and  the  road 
building  which  was  accomplished 
on  the  different  sections  by  Major 
Peters  and  other  officers  was  under 
General  Wilkinson’s  direction.  In 
carrying  on  this  work  United  States 
soldiers  felled  trees  and  built  the 
first  bridges  across  Cayuga,  Tona- 
wanda,  and  Scajaquada  Creeks. 

A road  at  this  time  was  construc- 
ted running  through  the  land  not  in- 
cluded in  the  Holland  Purchase  but 
belonging  to  the  State  and  known 
as  the  Mile  Strip.  This  road  which 
extended  from  Lake  Ontario  to 
Black  Rock  was  known  as  the  Mili- 
tary Road.  Joseph  Ellicott  reported 
to  Paul  Busti  in  the  year  1805  that 
the  Military  Road  along  the  Niag- 
ara River  which  had  been  “cut”  100 
feet  wide  from  Lewiston  a little  to 
the  southward  of  Tonawanda  Creek 
in  1801  had  never  been  resumed. 
The  road  at  that  time  was  covered 
with  a high  growth  of  weeds  and 
bushes  rendering  it  impassable  to 
wagons.  In  1809,  the  State  appro- 
priated $1500  for  improvement  of 
this  road.  This  amount  was  to  be 
collected  from  the  purchasers  of 
land  in  the  Mile  Srip.  By  this  time 
there  was  a passable  wagon  road 
from  Niagara  Falls  to  Black  Rock. 

In  going  to  Fort  Erie  for  supplies 
the  villagers  rowed  directly  across 
from  the  mouth  of  the  Creek. 

(To  be  continued) 

V ■ '•  - ■ ? 

..  ;/r  4 ■' 



*’  , •* 

Vv.V.-;-'-  > •• 


. . . /,£yy  • . ;■  ■' 

)%  V l:>0%  1 

%i  , : 

• ; ■ •• 


• :,u  '\ 

, ■ 

. , 

. * • .■  v ■ . - v v 


Cl  - 

c . bu  bsuijdft 

• * 

v.  vii  ■ gti 

- * 8 

'•■vt  forrc 

jLriw  -oi 






, y . . A 



Subscribers’  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

Landon  Bible 

Published  1825  by  H.  and  E.  Phin- 
ney,  Cooperstown,  N,  Y.  Owned  by 
Weston  M.  Landon. 


Sally,  dau  of  John  Landon  and  Lou- 
ise, his  wife,  b Mar.  2,  1787. 
Heman,  son,  b May  4,  1789. 

Silas,  son,  b Apr.  1,  1791. 

Luther,  son,  b Apr.  30,  1793.  D Aug. 
29,  1824. 

Louise,  dau,  b Nov.  19,  1785. 
Melissa,  dau,  b July  17,  1798. 

Electa,  dau,  b July  24,  1801,  D Feb. 

23,  1880,  78y  6m  14d. 

John  Bishop,  son,  b Sept.  4,  1805.  D 
Feb.  18,  1877,  71y  5m  14d. 

Agard,  Joshua,  b Apr.  16,  1789.  D 
Sept.  18,  1860. 

Agard,  Lucy,  w of  Joshua,  b June 
18,  1792.  D June  9,  1801  (?). 

Their  children  were — 

Maria,  b July  12,  1818. 

Mary,  b July  25,  1821. 

Amelia,  b Nov.  9,  1822. 

Austin,  b Jan.  9,  1825. 

Hannah,  b Oct.  31,  1828. 

Milo  Canfield,  b Oct.  4,  1826. 
Melissa  Ann  Agard,  dau  of  Joshua 
and  Electa,  b Apr.  4,  1839.  D Apr. 
27,  1865. 

Melissa  Ann  Field,  dau  of  Marvin 
and  Melissa  A.,  b Apr.  17,  1865.  D 
Sept.  19,  1865. 


John  Landon  and  Louisa  Bingham, 
Nov.  17,  1785. 

Milo  Canfield  and  Electa  Landon. 
Jan.  1,  1826. 

John  B.  Landon  and  Rebecca  Can- 
field,  Nov.  11,  1827. 

Marwin  W.  Field  and  Melissa  A.  Ag- 
ard, Apr.  23,-1863. 

Milo  Canfield,  Jr.,  and  Elizabeth 
Anthony,  Sept.  7,  1845. 

Joshua  Agard  and  Lucy  Sibley,  Mar. 

Joshua  Agard  and  Electa  Canfield, 

Nov.  15,  1831. 

Ira  E.  Drake  and  Melissa  Agard, 
Oct.  . 

Leeman  B.  Churchill  and  Mary  Ag- 
ard, Oct.  . 

Horace  Landon  and  Amelia  Agard, 
June  3,  1847. 

Austin  Agard  and  Emely  S.  Field, 
Feb.  4,  1850. 

John  S.  Hill  and  Hannah  Agard, 
Dec.  2,  1856. 

A.  J.  Wait  and  Amelia  Landon,  Jan. 
29,  1861. 


Landon,  Louisa,  w of  John,  D May 
19,  1824,  65y  3m  Id. 

Landon,  John,  D Dec.  21,  1829,  66y 
5m  14d. 

Landon,  Horace,  D June  16,  1852. 
Hill,  John  S.,  D July  29,  1860,  39y 
lm  13d. 

More  Bible  Records  from  Miss  E. 
May  Christy. 

Fellows  Bible  published  1851  by 
Phinney  and  Co.  at  Buffalo.  Owned 
by  Mrs.  Ira  Quigley. 


Philip  Fellows  to  Sylvia  D.  Kelsey, 
June  23,  1833,  at  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 
George  H.  Fellows  to  Ellen  S.  Den- 
ison, Oct.  21,  1875,  at  East  Ham- 
burg, N.  Y.,  by  Richard  M.  San- 
ford, Acting  Pastor  of  East  Au- 
rora Presbyterian  Church. 

Births  and  Deaths 
Fellows,  Philip,  Sept.  20,  1783-Feb. 
6,  1862. 

Fellows,  Sylvia  D.  Kelsey,  June  3, 
1811-Oct.  14,  1890. 

Fellows,  Charles  H.,  Dec.'  19,  1835- 
Aug.  1839. 

Fellows,  Edward,  Feb.  16,  1840- July 
4,  1911. 

Fellows,  George  K.,  July  30,  1343- 


Fellows,  Melvina,  Feb.  14,  1895. 
Fellows,  Eddy  M.,  Aug.  14,  1900. 
Fellows,  Elly  S.,  Feb.  15,  1912. 







! ‘;v.  v . 

- . 



■■  \ 

*L  ' £ 

; ,c.  “ 

' I ,IS  .to 0 ci  i 

; i^O  ^ \bt  .-ifcojsO  oliM 


ijjM  - . . 

r.ioll  '.-.O.  .V/:.-T 


. * • -V  .tq*&  sinodUiA 

' ■ ..  • 

' ‘ v^--. . ' 

. . , ..  . V.'.  - : . -•  • ...  t ' : • 


Fellows,  William  R.,  May  16,  1900. 

Holmes  Bible,  published  1836  at 
Brattleboro,  Vt.,  by  Fessenden  and 
Co.,  owned  by  Mr.  Chauncey  Holmes 
Jabez  Holmes,  Nov.  9,  1795-Aug.  16, 
1880,  m Harriet  Smith,  Dec.  24, 
1806-Sept.  27,  1887. 

Albert  W.  Holmes  m Nov.  29,  1900 
to  Edith  Van  Vlack. 

Holmes,  Carlton  C.,  son,  b Nov.  13, 

Chauncey  S.  Holmes  m Dec.  29,  1869, 
to  Electa  C.  Christy. 

Children — Albert  W.,  Mar.  24.  1876; 
Stewart  R.,  Dec.  15,  1882. 

Births  and  Deaths 
Holmes,  Andrew  P.,  July  9,  1824- 
Aug.  29,  1877. 

Holmes,  Rosina  C.,  Aug.  2,  1826-Apr. 
8,  1868. 

Holmes,  Louisa  P.,  June  7,  1828. 
Holmes,  Angeline,  Dec.  27,  1832. 
Holmes,  Franklin  P.,  Mar.  7,  1835- 
Dec.  26,  1864. 

Holmes,  Helen  V.,  Sept.  15,  1837-Oct. 
20,  1860. 

Holmes,  Harriet  E.,  Sept.  4,  1841. 
Holmes,  Albert  P.,  Dec.  28,  1843-Oct. 
2,  1864. 

Holmes,  Chauncey  S.,  Sept.  9,  1846. 

Parsons-Root  Bible,  published  in 
1824  by  A.  Paul,  New  York  City, 
owned  by  Mrs.  George  Cook. 
Parsons,  Ebenezer,  b Mar.  19,  1751, 
at  Newburyport,  Mass. 


In  pasture  on  hill,  west  side  of 
Mead’s  Lane. 

Hotaling,  Olive  L.,  1895-1910. 
Hollenbeck,  James  M.,  Sept.  27, 
1811-Aug.  6,  1878. 

Hollenbeck,  Mary  Eliza  Oliver,  w of 
James,  Mar.  11,  1816-Oct.  31,  1878. 
Hollenbeck,  Matthew  Oliver,  Feb. 

27,  1839-Dec.  8,  1882. 

Hollenbeck,  Mary  Louisa,  Dec.  4, 
1843-Dec.  2,  1883. 

Long,  Wendell,  Feb.  4,  1799-Apr.  2, 
1878,  79y. 

Long,  Maria,  w of  Wendell,  Jan.  28, 

Parsons,  Jane,  b at  Palmer,  Aug.  24, 

Parsons,  Phebe,  b Wednesday,  Aug. 

20,  1785,  in  Belchertown. 

Root,  Benjamin,  b Feb.  20,  1781,  in 
Greenfield,  D 1855. 

Root,  Phebe,  D 1845. 

Root,  Clementina,  b Mar.  12,  1804, 
at  Unadilla,  m Walter  Atwell,  Jan. 
3,  1826. 

Root,  Philinda,  b July  6,  1805,  at 

Root,  Benjamin,  Jr.,  b June  28,  1807, 
at  Unadilla. 

Root,  Clarissa,  b June  23,  1809,  at 

Root,  Chloe,  b Jan.  5,  1811,  at  Ver- 

Root,  Loves,  b at  Murva,  Mass. 

Root,  Daniel,  b Feb.  6,  1816,  at  Swe- 

Root,  Mary,  b Aug.  31,  1817,  at  Una- 

Root,  Babe,  b and  d July  11,  1819, 
in  New  York  State. 

Root,  Almira,  b July  6,  1821,  in 
Springfield,  Penn. 

Root,  Solomon,  b Nov.  10,  1822. 
Root,  Phebe  Jane,  b Oct.  6,  1824. 
Root,  Lydia,  b Sept.  2,  1828,  Spring- 
field,  Pa. 

Root,  Daniel,  b Sept.  26,  1830,  D 
Aug.  12,  1831. 

Newspaper  clipping — In  Erie,  Pa., 
Aug.  25,  1878,  Lydia  L.,  w of  Fisher 
Ames,  aged  49y  11m  23d. 


1887,  85y. 

Long,  Christina  Oliver,  w of  Henry, 
Apr.  1,  1840,  28y. 

Oliver,  Aaron,  1800,  40y. 

Oliver,  Christiana  Brott,  w of  Aar- 
on, May  12,  1853,  83y. 

Oliver,  Garrit,  Jr.,  Jan.  25,  1878,  64y. 
Oliver,  Garrit  A.,  Nov.  21,  1877,  87y. 
Oliver,  Mary  Long,  w of  Garrit  A., 
July  24,  1874,  80y. 

Oliver,  Aaron,  A^ug.  11,  1836,  19y, 
Oliver,  Wendell,  Jan.  27,  1861,  28y„ 
Oliver,  Mary  E.,  Oct.  31,  1878,  63y. 
Oliver,  Magdalena,  July  1,  1866,  43y, 



* a i 

• ' 

" - •• 

' ■ * ; )dcl. 

- ' • ’ It 

; - 

- • . 


- 1 *31-  ■ )H 

>881  ,2 

• . 

,$i  • > J ,3HO  cT 

j£  . tOtfl  O ' 

■ 'if 
■ ■ i 

■ "■  “ '• 

, ..  ♦ 

;•  J- 

■ '•  -r  * • 

• .fv  • • U ■ ' * "i  •'  ■ - 7 j 



Oliver,  Christiana,  Apr.  1,  1840,  28y. 
Oliver,  Catherine,  Aug.  1,  1830,  lly. 
Oliver,  John  L.,  June  20,  1830-Feb. 
9,  1887. 

Oliver,  Olive  Meed,  w of  John  L., 
Dec.  20,  1834-Mar.  22,  1904. 
Oliver,  Mary  Ann  Vanderheyden,  w 
of  Garret,  Dec.  5,  1849,  30y. 
Oliver,  Aaron,  son  of  Garret  and 
Mary  Ann,  Sept,  16,  1867,  24y. 
Oliver,  Christiana  Long,  w of  Garrit 
Jr.,  Mar.  23,  1819-Feb.  17,  1911. 
Headstones  near  the  monument  read 
— Garrit,  Mary,  Wendell,  Aaron, 
Catherine,  Aaron  and  Christiana. 
Paddock,  John,  Aug.  18,  1832,  44y. 
Paddock,  Harriet  Loisa,  July  23, 
1839,  6y. 

Paddock,  Hannah  Maria,  July  15, 
1839,  6y. 

Slingerland,  Mary  O.,  1855-1910. 

An  orchard  on  a hill,  northeast  of 
intersection  of  Mead’s  Lane  and 
Feura  Bush  Road. 

Britt,  Frederick,  Sept.  25,  1810,  66y. 
Britt,  Helena,  w of  Frederick,  Oct. 
3,  1838,  88y. 

Luke,  John  V.  W.,  Jan.  18,  1817,  39y. 

Luke,  Philip,  b May  23,  1799,  d . 

Luke,  Mariah,  w of  Philip,  Aug.  8, 
' 1855,  58y. 

Luke,  Frederick,  Apr.  26,  1829,  21y. 

Northeast  of  Four  Corners,  Els- 

Congdon,  George,  son  of  William  T. 

and  Sally  Ann,  Sept.  3,  1830,  ly. 
Congdon,  Reuben,  son  of  William  T. 

and  Sally  Ann,  Dec.  15,  1836,  5y. 
Esmay,  Thomas  P.,  Jan.  13,  1841,  42y 
Esmay,  John,  Apr.  26,  1836,  22y. 
Fisher,  Harriet  Simmons,  w of  An- 
drew, Mar.  25,  1843,  39y. 
Groesbeck,  John  I.,  Mar.  3.  1880,  84y. 
Groesbeck,  Maria,  w of  John  1.,  Apr. 
19,  1834,  35y. 

Groesbeck,  Jane  Ann  Van  Der  Hey- 

Groesbeck,  , w of  Peter  Hollen- 


Groesbeck,  John  I.,  18*08-1886. 
Groesbeck,  Jane  A.,  1847-1852. 
Groesbeck,  Magdalena  Mynderse. 

Groesbeck,  Mary  A.  Hollenbeck, 

Groesbeck,  Susanna,  Sept.  23,  1821- 
Apr.  7,  1873. 

Groesbeck,  Maria,  1830-1903. 
Groesbeck,  Washington,  1838-1904. 
Groesbeck,  Garret  W.,  son  of  Garret 
and  Hannah,  Apr.  14,  1864,  ly. 
Winne,  Elizabeth,  mother,  Apr.  20, 
1864,  76y. 

An  Orchard,  Elsmere. 

Bender,  David  W.,  Apr.  2,  1838,  37y. 
Bender,  Elizabeth,  w of  Nicholas, 
Oct.  5,  1866,  58y. 

Bender,  William  K.,  Mar.  18,  1852, 

Bender.  Candace  Russel,  w of  Will- 
iam K.,  Sept.  7,  1862,  7Sy. 

Ruso,  Adaline,  dau.  of  John  and 
Cynthia,  Aug.  21,  1853,  ly. 

Russell,  Solomon,  Oct.  18,  1829,  Sly. 
Russell,  Anna,  w of  Solomon,  July 
25,  1829,  81y. 

Russo,  Nicholas,  Sept.  9,  1832,  31y. 

Pasture,  northeast  of  Glenmont 
and  Feura  Bush  Road  intersection. 
Boyd,  Margaret,  dau.  of  John,  Jan. 
2,  1841,  12y. 

Haswell,  Edward,  Jan.  17,  1848,  74y. 
Haswell,  Anna  Russell,  w of  Ed- 
ward, Oct.  26,  1859,  81y. 

An  old  orchard,  south  side  of 
Feura  Bush  Road. 

Haswell,  Elizabeh  Udell,  w of  Will- 
iam, Sept.  17,  1856,  62y. 

A lone  grave  on  Delaware  Turn- 

Russo,  Barbara,  w of  Francis,  Mar. 
14,  1847,  54y. 


These  work  sheets  are  designed  to  help  you  obtain  the  most  essential  facts 
when  searching  for  ancestors. 


'■  . i 

.•  . ' • ' ,'rv.  • 


S ...  • • 



..  > ■ ' 

••  > ~ :• 

■-  i ■ 

f ■ : , . - . ... 



- v . • V • 

■*'  ' .*  :■  •*.  * •»  • ’ 





;■<'  >'■*■•-:*  :a<:"A  ,.I  nriol*  .todgsoiQ 

••  • 




Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D — died. 

Clement,  Mary  Elizabeth,  w of  Jesse, 
May  23,  1858,  38y.  D at  Dubuque, 

Clemons,  Elizabeth,  w of  Col.  Al- 
fred, Feb.  13,  1858,  53y,  sister  of 
Col.  Alanson  Palmer. 

Cleveland,  Eliza,  w of  Palmer,  Am- 
herst Apr.  28,  1820,  26y. 

Cleveland,  Jennette  R.,  July  18,  1855 

Cleveland,  Margaret,  widow  of  Will- 
iam, formerly  of  Norwich,  Conn., 
mother-in-law  of  Lewis  F.  Allen, 
Aug.  13,  1850,  84y. 

Cleveland,  William,  husband  of  Mar- 
garet, Aug.  18,  1837,  67y. 

Clifford,  John,  Mar.  15,  1857,  62y. 

Clifford,  Julia  A.,  widow  of  John, 
Feb.  13,  1863.  D in  Detroit,  Mich. 
B in  Buffalo. 

Clinch  or  Church,  Charles,  Sept.  23, 
1823,  35y. 

Clingen,  Margaret  McKernan,  w of 
William,  Sept.  30,  1866. 

Clinton,  Thomas,  May  1835,  about  40. 

Clor,  Catherine,  w of  Michael,  Aug. 
11,  1857,  42y. 

Clough,  Horace,  Evans,  Feb.  3,  1864, 
72y  11m. 

Clough,  Parthenia,  widow  of  Horace, 
Evans,  Apr.  21,  1865,  72y. 

Cluer,  Heman  M.,  Angola,  May  2, 
1859,  73y  10m. 

Cluff,  William,  b July  16,  1828,  in 
Worcestershire,  Eng.,  Mar.  29,  1860 

Coak,  Jones,  Nov.  27,  1862,  40y. 

Coatsworth,  Caleb,  Dec.  22,  1858,  69 

Coatsworth,  Jane,  Jan.  12,  1862,  79y. 

Coatsworth,  Jane  F.,  w of  C.,  July 
21,  1849,  32y. 

Coatsworth,  John,  Mar.  8,  1866,  53y. 

Coatsworth,  Molly  Graham,  widow 
of  Caleb,  May  1863,  68y.  Funeral 
May  13. 

Coatsworth,  Thomas,  June  28,  1833, 

Coatsworth,  William,  Mar.  25:  1860, 

Cobb,  Adeline,  w of  Frank,  June  21, 
1862,  35y, 

Cobb,  Annie  E.,  w of  A.  R.,  Oct.  26, 

Cobb,  Charlotte  Callender,  w of  Os- 
car, Apr.  12,  1867,  34y. 

Cobb,  Elenor,  w of  Zenas,  July  29, 

Cobb,  Gideon,  Aug.  14,  1864,  73y.  D 
at  Brighton  Hill  near  Rochester. 

Cobb,  Samuel,  formerly  of  St.  Johns, 
New  Brunswick,  Feb.  25,  1839,  47y 

Cobb,  Samuel  T.,  Mar.  20,  1865,  42y. 

Cobb,  Sarah,  widow  of  Dr.  John  of 
Ogden,  Monroe  Co.,  July  27,  1844, 
66y.  Taken  to  Ogden. 

Cobb,  Zenas,  Mar.  20,  1856,  78y. 

Cobleigh,  Reuben,  Rev.  Soldier, 
Hamburg,  Feb.  15,  1847,  87y. 

Cobley,  Rhoda,  w of  Oliver,  Eden, 
Apr.  11,  1835,  35y. 

Coburn,  Paul,  Oct.  2,  1849,  37y. 

Coburn,  Saroh,  w of  Theodore,  Sept. 
22,  1862,  71y. 

Coburn,  Theodore,  Dec.  8,  1849,  Sly, 

Cochrane,  Samuel,  Springviile,  Oct. 
19,  1845,  61y. 

Codd,  Hannah,  sister  of  the  late  Rob- 
ert, Mar.  21,  1867.  Taken  to  Tor- 

Codd,  Lucy,  w of  Thomas  F.,  Aur- 
ora, Mar.  17,  1852,  17y  5m. 

Codd,  Robert,  June  9,  1865,  72y. 

Coe,  Bela  D.,  Nov.  26,  1852,  62y.  D 
in  London,  Eng.  B in  Buffalo,  Feb. 
11,  1853. 

Coe,  Charlotte,  w of  Thomas  D.,  na- 
tive of  Fulham,  near  London,  Eng. 
Jan.  4,  1833,  36y.  D at  the  canton- 
ment near  Williams ville. 

Coe,  John  A.,.  Dec.  31,  1819,  28y. 

Coe,  Thomas,  May  21,  1838,  80y.  D 
at  the  cantonment  near  Willie  ms- 

Coffey,  Thomas,  Nov.  14,  1885,  47y. 

Cogger,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann,  Sept.  4, 
1840,  41y. 

' * 



: 1 ' : : : 









; ' - 

' ' ' ' " " ' • • VciBQ'J 



Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

Alworth,  Elizabeth  and  Joshua  Reed, 
Aug.  9,  1821. 

Amalaw,  Mrs.  A.  L.  and  J.  J.  Gib- 
bons, Dec.  29,  1851. 

Amalow,  Joseph  and  Abby  L.  Dur- 
kee,  Jan.  1,  1845. 

Aman,  Blanche  and  Henry  Baethig, 
M.  D.,  May  21,  1878. 

Aman,  William  and  Mrs.  Ann  Brag- 
erton,  Apr.  27,  1851. 

Amann,  Julia  and  Heinrich  G.  Web- 
er, Aug.  11,  1884. 

Ambs,  Sarah  and  Philip  Kimpel, 
Jan.  28,  1869. 

Amedon,  Sarah  A.  and  Levi  Hodges, 
Sept.  30,  1847. 

Amens,  Maggie  and  Jesse  Ralph,  Jr., 
Aug.  25,  1884. 

Amerson,  Hannah  and  Thomas  Gor- 
man, June  14,  1853. 

Ames,  Asenath  and  Elisha  Carney, 
May  31,  1846. 

Ames,  Corah  L.  and  Clay  N.  Hurd, 
Mar.  17,  1874. 

Ames,  Emeline  and  Abner  Dewey, 
Nov.  17,  1834. 

Ames,  Mrs.  F.  E.  and  J.  B.  Zimmer- 
man, Jan.  25,  1871. 

Ames,  Geoige  W.  and  Marie  Louise 
Hersee,  Sept.  20,  1880. 

Ames,  H.  J.  and  Eliza  A.  Stetson, 
Jan.  1,  1866. 

Ames,  Horatio  and  Charlotte  A.  M. 
Langdon,  Jan.  11,  1854. 

Ames,  Luther  N.  and  Sarah  J.  Losee, 
Oct.  17,  1852. 

Ames,  Marvin  and  Saraphna  J.  El- 
lis, Jan.  1,  1848. 

Ames,  Mary  Jane  and  S.  D.  Andrus, 
June  2,  1857. 

Ames,  Nettie  and  A.  C.  Zonrowe, 
July  2,  1870. 

Ames,  Susan  and  Elias  Babcock, 
Nov.  16,  1842. 

Ames,  William  A.  and  Augusta  Van- 
duyne,  Jan.  1,  1866. 

Amidon,  Julia  and  J.  C.  Warriner, 
Sept.  10,  1835. 

Amm,  Carrie  and  J.  Fred  See,  Dec. 

4,  1884. 

Amos,  Marth  L.  and  James  Alex- 
ander, Aug.  28,  1883. 

Amplement,  Joseph  and  Caroline 
Kerber,  Aug.  27,  1884. 

Amrich,  Amelia  and  Voluntine 
Shuetrumpf,  Oct.  17,  1847. 

Ams,  John  H.  and  Mary  Heron,  Mar. 

5,  1383. 

Amsdell,  Alvira  C.  and  Albert  Hale, 
Jan.  16,  1370. 

Amsden,  Ira  R.  and  Mary  M.  Pitts, 
Feb.  8,  1864. 

Amsdil,  Julia  and  James  S.  Parkill, 
Oct.  15,  1346. 

Amsdill,  Robert  and  Rachel  Harriss, 
Dec.  8,  1811. 

Andersen,  Peter  Christian  and  Thor- 
ine  Marie  Larsen,  Mar.  20,  1856. 
Anderson,  Andrew  and  Cordelia  L. 

Knox,  May  23,  1843. 

Anderson,  B.  F.  and  Hannah  El- 
dridge.  May  2,  1852. 

Anderson,  Catharine  and  Andrew 
Jackson,  Dec.  23,  1852. 

Anderson,  Cornelius  and  Elizabeth 
Myers,  July  2,  1853. 

Anderson,  Charles  and  Ellen  Macky, 
Feb.  8,  1838. 

Anderson,  Cyrus  K.  and  Mariah  M. 

Cloyes,  Nov.  23,  1837, 

Anderson,  Cyrus  K.  and  Harriet 
Wilber,  Nov.  13,  1339. 

Anderson,  Frank  J.  and  Cora  D. 

Tayntor,  Oct.  5,  1876. 

Anderson,  George  T.  and  Linda 
Lane,  Feb.  10,  1870. 

Anderson,  Gustavus  and  Elnora  E. 

Taylor,  Feb.  10,  1874. 

Anderson,  H.  G.  and  Malinda  Ar- 
nold, Sept.  20,  1851. 

Anderson,  James  J.  and  Mrs.  Filura 
Barthoff,  Apr.  6,  1853. 

Anderson,  Jane  and  Lester  Russell, 
Sept.  13,  1843. 

Anderson,  Dennie  and  John  Brown, 
Jan.  1,  1878. 

A.nderson,  Joe,  Jr.,  and  Gertrude 
Pinkney,  Dec.  23,  1869, 


‘.".i  !.  W 


* • 

. . 


‘ .V. 

" V, 




...  u v v-'  3 1 aA 


. . • • ; - 




Anderson,  John  and  Hannah  J.  Van 
Brochlen,  May  24,  1858. 

Anderson,  Jonathan  B.  and  Betsey 
Ann  Darrow,  May  29,  1832. 
Anderson,  Libbie  D.  and  Edward 
Carlton  Shafer,  June  25,  1874. 
Anderson,  Maria  J.  and  Lewis  Hur- 
ley, Jan.  14,  1852. 

Anderson,  Mary  and  Sears  Thomp- 
son, Apr.  7,  1839. 

Anderson,  Mary  and  Levi  Wells, 
Jan.  25,  1829. 

Anderson,  Mary  Ann  and  Josiah  B. 

Wolcott,  Apr.  24,  1872. 

Anderson,  Matie  and  Dr.  William  C. 

Phelps,  Apr.  2,  1874. 

Anderson,  Nellie  and  Charles  C. 

Whiting,  Jan.  4,  1883. 

Anderson,  Nettie  and  George  Jones, 
Oct.  7,  1879. 

Anderson,  Robert  D.  and  Jane 
Thorp,  Dec.  23,  1839. 

Anderson,  Sara  and  A.  M.  Stillman, 
Sept.  11,  1877. 

Anderson,  Thomas  and  Ellen  Black, 

Apr.  5,  1871. 

Anderson,  William  and  Julia  Ann 
Tucker,  July  23,  1854. 

Andre,  William,  Jr.,  and  Carrie  E. 

Ward,  July  3,  1854. 

Andrew,  Thomas,  Jr.,  and  Jennie  A. 

Smith,  July  6,  1864. 

Andrews,  Alvira  S.  and  Asa  C.  Jen- 
nings, Dec.  24,  1868. 

Andrews,  Abraham  and  Mary  Eliza- 
beth Aykroyd,  Nov.  16,  1871. 
Andrews,  Angeline  R.  and  Porter  B. 

Calkins,  Oct.  8,  1848. 

Andrews,  Capt.  B.  and  Nancy  Ma- 
son, Feb.  25,  1836. 

Andrews,  Benjamin  A.  and  Soph- 
ronia  Baker,  Dec.  29,  1870. 
Andrews,  Carrie  M.  and  Charles  T. 

Loomis,  June  6,  1872. 

Andrews,  David  B.  and  B.  Water- 
man, Nov.  24,  1846. 

Andrews,  Eliza  and  W’illiam  Alden, 
May  9,  1836. 

Andrews,  Elizabeth  H.  and  Frank- 
lin Woodruff,  M.  D.,  Sept.  17, 1846. 

The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  which  are 
capitalized.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  enve- 
lope with  all  queries. 

June  10,  1839,  aged  69y,  m ZILPHA 
KNAPP,  d July  10,  1829,  aged  58y. 

They  had  eight  sons  and  eight 
daughters,  the  thirteenth  child  was 
Barney,  Aug.  18,  1809-Apr.  24,  1894. 
They  moved  from  Dutchess  County 
to  Windham,  Greene  County,  as  ear- 
ly as  1800.  Newcomb  and  Benedict 
were  brothers  of  Zilpha. 

A.  S.  K.,  New  York 

SHA,  had  a son  William,  b 1796,  in 
Genoa,  N.  Y. 

William,  Jr.,  m RHODA  TILLOT- 
SON,  dau.  of  Matthew,  b in  Conn., 
d 1834,  and  his  w,  ASENATH  HIG- 
BEE,  who  were  m in  Genoa  in  1794. 

William  and  Rhoda  moved  to  So- 

J.  F.  G.  M.,  Mass. 

Who  was  ASA  UTLEY,  who  was 
on  the  tax  rolls  of  Northampton,  N. 
Y.,  in  1800?  Who  were  the  ancestors 
of  the  UTLEYS,  who  are  buried  in 
Pine  Hill  Cemetery  in  Fillmore,  Al- 
leghany County? 

W.  F.  B.,  Utah. 

The  following  questions  refer  to 
records  in  “EARLY  SETTLERS” 
April,  1935,  Obituaries — What  was 
the  ancestry  of  BENJAMIN  BOW- 
MAN of  Lancaster,  and  were  the 
others  of  the  same  family?  Were 
these  Bowmans  of  the  Pennsylvania 
family  or  the  New  England  line? 

May,  1935,  page  125 — Who  was 
HARVEY  BUSHNELL,  dismissed  to 
Liberty  in  1853? 

June,  1935,  page  141 — Who  was 
PHIDELIA  HENDRICK  in  the  Pem- 
broke Temperance  Society? 

June,  1935,  page  137 — Who  were 

bn;>  >. A nrffr^tnoS  .RwoibnA 


' ' • •,  n> 


■ •.  • ' 

VV-.  . . *•  ••  . * ’ ••  • . • 

/ .i . 


...  . .V:.vv.  . 

. - ; i'»» /v  '•  ’ '■./  .?  ■ a . 

■ i 


-•••'  • ‘ . - ' ' ,•  l hi.  v.  ’t-  ':J  ■ 

■ • s. 


• .V. 


• *• 


1 :&£  %r 

Jnt  ^ 

i .A  briK  bib  8 ,fU)2*i/'  iA 

* V 

ciltoD  3 ^nO  ibniW  oi 





• . 


-c oi  b ora  '*  ‘>ajs  cr~,S iW 



EMELINE  BUSHNELL,  dismissed 
to  Liberty  in  1853  and  FREDERICK 
B.  BUSHNELL,  d 1851? 

July,  1935,  page  3 — Who  were  the 
following  BUSHNELLS,  members  of 
the  West  Bloomfield  Church:  MRS. 
CANDACE  B.  from  Canandaigua, 
NORMAN  and  ESTHER  from  China, 
1851;  SUSAN  S.,  d 1856;  CLARISSA 
d to  Liberty  in  1853? 

F.  H.  H.,  New  York. 

Daniel  (son  of  William,  son  of 
John,  son  of  John,  son  of  Francis) 
and  his  wife,  HANNAH  **  BUSH- 
NELL, moved  to  Hartland,  Conn., 
1762;  to  Litchfield,  Herkimer  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.,  1799. 

Their  children  were — Amasa  m 
Prudence,  went  to  Napoli;  Hannah, 
Esther,  Daniel,  Charity,  Truman,  b 
June  21,  1773,  went  to  East  Bloom- 
field; Joanna,  Oct.  24,  1776-Dec.  5, 
1860  (Where),  m Dec.  31,  1796 

(Where),  to  ALMERON  (or  Luman) 
KILBORN;  Norman  m Esther  Mer- 
ry; Clement. 

Would  like  date  and  place  of 
death  of  Daniel  Bushnell,  son  of 

in  Conn,  or  Maine,  d July  16,  1857, 
m Aug.  5,  1824,  at  West  Bloomfield, 
Amorette  Kilborn,  b Dec.  7,  1805, 
Litchfield,  N.  Y. 

Eliza  Amorette  Andrews,  b Mar. 
27,  1831,  at  West  Bloomfield,  was  a 

LUCY  HUTCHINSON,  d 1806  at 
Unadilla,  Otsego  Co.,  m Thomas 

REV.  JOSHUA  GREEN,  b 1780 

(Where),  d 1376,  m Stiles  (?). 

Their  children  were — Joshua,  Uri 
M.,  Benjamin  Stiles  Green,  b Aug. 
17,  1805,  and  others.  He  is  mention- 
ed among  the  first  settlers  of  Elk, 
Vinton  Co.,  Ohio,  in  1812.  Was  Rev. 
Joshua  a son  of  Samuel  Green  and 
Desire  Ross,  m 1781  at  Waverly,  R. 

GEORGE  KINSMAN,  b June  I?. 
1793,  vicinity  of  Troy,  d Sept,  is 
1878,  Elmira,  m (When  and  Where) 
to  MARY  ORMEL  (or  Odell)  EAT- 
ON, b Nov.  2,  1796,  d Jan.  21,  1891, 
E.  Smithfield,  Penna.  It  is  said  that 
she  was  related  to  Admiral  John 
Paul  Jones,  and  that  she  was  born 
near  Boston,  Mass. 

Some  of  their  children  were — Asa 
E.,  b May  30,  1819,  Shaftsbury,  Vt., 
m Sarah  Rogers,  b Aug.  12,  1822, 
Hector,  N.  Y.;  Charles  Wesley  Kins- 
man, b July  18,  1832,  Elmira,  d Apr. 
6,  1909,  Tacoma,  Wash.,  m Eliza  Am- 
orette Andrews,  Aug.  29,  1857. 

MATHIAS  LANE,  b July  1,  1743, 
Somerset  Co.,  N.  J.,  d Aug,  22,  1311, 
Canajoharie,  N.  Y.,  m Nov.  23,  1789, 
in  Somerset  County  to  Margaret, 
dau.  of  John  Phoenix,  Sr.,  and  went 
to  Canajoharie. 

Their  children — Cornelius,  b Aug. 
1770;  John,  b Feb.  7,  1772,  d at  Pul- 
aski; Mary,  May  17,  1774,  m 

Hammel;  Sarah,  Sept.  29,  1777,  m 

Baker;  Gilbert,  Dec.  9,  1779,  m 

Eleanor  Dunlap;  Eleanor,  Dec.  17, 
1781,  m Smith  Dunlap;  William,  Dec. 
29,  1784;  Margaret,  Jan.  11,  1788,  m 
William  I.  Dunlap;  Cornelius,  Feb. 
2,  1790;  Harriet,  Apr.  25,  1793,  m 

Garlick;  Phoenix,  Dec.  10, 17S4; 

Mathias,  Aug.  12,  179-. 

et  to  1682,  Kingston,  N.  Y.,  to  Mar- 
griet  DuMond,  bapt.  Dec.  28,  1664, 
at  Kingston,  dau.  of  Wallerand  Du- 
mont and  MARGARET  HEND- 
RICKSEN,  widow  of  Jan  Aertson. 
Later  he  was  an  inn-keeper  in  Perth 
Amboy,  N.  J.,  where  he  died. 

His  daughter,  Temperance  Lover- 
idge  ( Lever ich)  m Mar.  1,  1719,  at 
Hackensack,  N.  J.,  Willem  Van  Nor- 
den  (Van  Orden). 

Was  William  Loveridge  a son  or 
grandson  of  Rev.  William  who  came 
to  New  England  in  1833  and  in  1677 
went  to  Long  Island? 

E.  N.  D.,  Washington. 

•A  ' 


'*.?  '•*  ’ . : 





I n?  v*  i 

- • 


b 8 V3A2U3  f'i?-"-  i 

' J r|‘>  rsQ  /raittaSI 

:t > > » : :■ « l 7 ~ 3>:.! » i I l 70 W 

’ - 

r ••• . v • 


413.  o lenil  sri*  jirroms  b* 



3m  fork  Stair 

©Ijetr  Anrestnrs  mb  ItefttimtttH 


VOL.  II  JANUARY  1936  NO.  7 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 


; * **  ' • * 


x . . 

' ' ' • 

«r.  ' ■ - - I 





The  November  and  December  numbers  were  prepared  before  we  left 
for  our  searching  trip,  and  before  even  Thanksgiving  was  in  the  air. 

While  we  write  this,  Christmas  is  still  in  the  future,  and  though  you 
will  not  know  it,  until  after  the  new  year  begins,  today  we  are  wishing  you 
our  subscribers — a season  of  contentment. 

It  is  not  possible  always  to  be  merry,  but  if  we  will  count  the  blessings, 
and  forget  the  pricks  of  life,  our  smiles  of  contentment  will  cheer  many  a 

Our  list  of  subscribers  is  not  large,  we  can  almost  call  your  names,  and 
to  all  of  you  who  have  written  friendly  letters,  we  think  of  you  in  just 
the  Town,  in  just  the  State  where  you  live. 

You  are  more  than  subscribers,  you  are  our  friends  with  a common 
interest,  the  preservation  of  New  York  State  records.  Without  your  sub- 
scription and  your  encouragement,  records  of  New  York  State  pioneers 
would  remain  locked  in  some  safe,  the  work  of  preserving  these  records 
and  sharing  them  could  not  go  on. 

So  very  sincerely,  we  ask  that  God  will  bless  you,  and  make  you  con- 
tented all  through  the  years. 


We  have  just  returned  from  five  weeks  of  intense  searching. 

During  that  time  we  encountered  one  custodian  of  church  books,  who 
charges  five  dollars  each  time  he  opens  the  safe  where  the  books  are  kept. 

Another  custodian  refuses  an  inspection  of  the  old  books  of  his  church 
to  any  but  those  who  are  members  of  that  church  today. 

Conditions  of  this  kind  add  to  the  difficulty  of  procuring  these  records 
for  our  magazine,  but  readers  of  the  magazine  may  obtain  the  records 
without  any  of  these  troubles,  just  by  sending  a subscription. 

Other  church  officers,  realizing  the  benefit  to  their  church  and  to  de- 
scendants everywhere,  were  very  considerate  and  cooperated  to  the  fullest 

In  one  old  church,  organized  about  one  hundred  and  seventy  years 
ago,  by  carefully  reading  all  the  old  documents,  we  added  the  names  of 
about  two  hundred  members  to  the  list  found  in  the  books  of  the  church. 

Many  very  valuable  records,  from  around  Albany  and  down  the  Hud- 
son to  Orange  County,  have  been  added  to  our  large  collection,  and  they 
will  all  be  passed  on  to  our  readers. 


More  subscriptions  are  necessary  to  continue  this  work. 

If  you  want  this  publication  of  New  York  State  records  to  be  con- 
tinued, send  one  subscription;  you  will  be  happy,  the  one  who  receives  it 
will  be  happy,  and  it  will  mean  a happy  year  for  us. 


Many  subscribers  are  taking  advantage  of  this  opportunity  for  special 
searching  when  we  are  on  a trip  for  the  magazine. 

Very  often  more  than  one  person  desires  searching  in  the  same  part 
of  the  State.  It  takes  very  little  longer  to  look  for  two  or  three  names,  the 
same  places  must  be  searched,  therefore,  if  two  folks  want  records  from 
the  same  place,  you  receive  twice  as  much  time  for  your  money. 

Our  next  trip  will  be  to  Washington  in  April.  That  is  the  time  for 
searching  census,  pension,  military  s°rvice  or-  D.  A.  R.  applications. 

Requests  for  searching  in  Chenango  and  Washington  Counties  are  wait- 
ing, so  they  will  be  included  in  our  triD  during  May,  with  a possibility  of 
a return  trip  to  Orange  County  and  Dutchess. 

This  is  your  opportunity. 

• • 

• : ' ; • • «.  - v 


• : • •••  ..  - 

• ■ ' ' l.  ' i- 



• •••  .•  -}  1;  ; .'‘Tcdg  btu# 




. ';.r 


•:  • " 

• • ' ^odibaoO 


•-  t ■ ' , •'  • 

* • 

• v - '•'/ ' • v.:  79  b ‘ , C5)^3 

nob  ©d.Uib  liiw 

: ' • • 

- ' ic  n • u . ;r*  • ;vpHdvz  eno  -hi  i&  ,hotrnii 

-if  . . 

■ ■>  . Jfi  >JTi/ 



■ y 

tiz'n  eti  .3  ’ . • . r • ■ ■ • • ! 

yi  sil  !><1 

. > • . . » ' .V  • : • • - , T >/". 



Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land 
North  Granville,  N. 
Admitted  in  1832. 

Backus,  Lucinda,  d 1833. 

Hatch,  Henry  from  Greenville. 

Hess,  Hannah  from  Poultney. 
Rhoades,  Nathan  and  -w,  Mindwell 

Stewart,  Theodosia  from  Poultney. 
Admitted  in  1833. 

Bush,  Stephen  N.  from  Orwell,  Vt. 
Burbanks,  Roxana,  from  Fort  Ann. 
Broughton,  J„  39y,  and  w,  Elizabeth 
from  Hubbeltown,  Vt. 

Crippen,  Mrs.  Nathan,  Jr. 

Day,  Henry  J.  and  Abigail. 

Pane,  Mrs.  Delora,  from  Fort  Ann. 
Reynolds,  Mrs.  Jane  A.,  Jane  A. 
Admitted  in  1834. 

Allen,  Caroline,  19y,  dau  of  Amos; 

Amos,  from  Kingsbury. 

Bigalow,  Amarette. 

Brown,  Joseph,  21y. 

Broughton,  Rachel,  13y. 

Backus,  Mary  Ann,  from  Kingsbury. 
Clarke,  John  N.  and  Harriet. 

Cotrill,  Eliza,  27y,  dau  of  Luther 
Robblee,  w of  Charles. 

Davis,  Joseph. 

Howard,  Clarissa,  47y. 

Mason,  Linus,  19y,  son  of  D.  T. 
Perry,  Polly,  from  Middletown,  d 

Reynolds,  Lemuel  C.,  26y. 

Rudd,  Almina  from  Middletown. 
Robblee,  Luther,  Jr.,  and  w,  Mar- 
garet Ann,  from  Johnsburgh. 
Sweet,  Charlotte,  15y. 

Stever,  Betsey,  from  Middletown. 
Thornton,  Calista,  dau  of  C. 

Wray,  Mary  Jane,  dau  of  Gary. 
Wait,  Mary  Jane,  Sarah  Ann,  13y. 
Worden,  Capt.  Isaac,  51y. 

Admitted  in  1835. 

Clark,  Jeremiah,  from  Shaftsbury, 

Green,  Spencer  and  wrife  from  Rut- 
land, Vt. 

Norris,  Elder  G.  and  wife  from  Bur- 
lington Vt.,  d 1835, 

west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 
Y„  Church  Records 
Plank,  Joseph  B.  and  w,  Adruzda, 
from  Shaftsbury,  Vt. 

Thomas,  Mrs.  Lucinda,  from  Fort 

Admitted  in  1837. 

Brown,  Mary;  Sarah  Dutchmen,  d 

Bryant,  Robert  and  w,  from  Jay. 
Waldo,  John  C.,  from  Lewistoh. 
Admitted  in  1838. 

Brown,  Maria  L.,  Widow  Emeline. 
Bryant,  Martha,  13y,  dau  of  Elder, 
Broughton,  Aaron. 

Baldwin,  Hannah  from  Hampton. 
Clark,  Lyman  S.,  21  y. 

Chandler,  Lucy,  w of  Augustus. 
Chapin,  Lydia,  w of  Solomon. 
Dutcher,  Pamelia. 

Davis,  Luc3/,  18y,  dau  of  Joseph. 
Gardner,  Mary. 

Hills  Hannah,  19y. 

Lawrence,  Sarah,  14y. 

Munion,  Achsah,  30y, 

Mason,  Jerome,  19y;  Horace,  13y; 

Aaron  C..  20v. 

Nimblett,  Warren,  17y, 

Otis,  Sardis,  48y;  Rebecca,  dau,  17y. 

and  Sarah,  dau,  15y. 

Ray,  Sarah,  w of  Garret. 

Rowdey,  Phebe  S.,  47y. 

Rhodes,  Lucetta,  dau  of  Nathan,  21 
y;  Juliza,  dau  of  William,  17y, 
Starrs,  Ann,  25y. 

Smith,  Mrs.  Ann  G.;  Jay,  21y,  Sarah 
O.,  lly,  Sidney  B.,  18y,  children 
of  Abijah;  Abijah  E.,  48y  and  .w, 
Clarissa,  26y. 

Sikes,  Solomon,  39y. 

Tanner.  Salem  T.  from  Freetown. 
North  Granville  Membership  in  1839 
The  following  were  the  members 
in  1839,  all  others  having  been  dis- 

Averill,  Sarah,  D June  23,  1839; 
Eliza  J.;  Jesse,  Jr.,  d 1843  to  Hart- 

Andrews,  William  and  Miriam;  Ra- 
chel,' a i84i. 

• I 


' L : ?[  • . • 










**  : ' 


• - 


. ■ . 

* -'.w. 

V'lnsH  vsCI 


.?v.  ;:.'- 

- . ■■  , f‘ 

iTi‘  .'i- jMsujo'jS 


9 1 ; ■ . 1 ' 1 ?• 


; ; " * ■. 

• . 'w- 



Austin.  Olive,  D Jan.  8,  1846,  34y. 

Brown,  Abigail,  Cynthia,  Elvira, 
Emeline,  John  B.,  Mary,  d 1839; 

Bryant,  Anna;  Robert,  d 1840  to  Ad- 
dison, Vt.;  Mrs.,  d 1840;  Martha. 

Burdick,  .Patty,  Julia. 

Barlow,  Orilla,  D at  Fort  Ann,  1842. 

Barber,  Clarissa. 

Broughton,  Eunice,  Ira,  Jr.,  and  Ra- 
chel; Ira  and  wife,  d 1841 
ney;  Aaron;  Elizabeth;  Lovina. 

Bigalow,  Polly;  Amirett. 

Baker,  Sally.  Backus,  Mary  Ann. 

Bush,  Stephen  N.  and  wife,  d 1840. 

Baldwin,  Hannah. 

Burbanks,  Rosannah,  Harriet. 

Carr,  Alila,  d 1841  to  Whitehall. 

Crosby,  Mrs.,  D May  21,  1842,  71y. 

Chapin,  Adna,  D Dec.  1,1845,  63y; 
Sally,  Curtis,  Sarah,  Lydia. 

Chandler,  Ciarinda,  Amy,  Lyman 
A.;  Charles  N.,  d 1833  to  Batavia. 

Clark,  Samuel,  D Sept.  9,  1844,  72y; 
Margaret;  Hannah;  Harriet,  d 1841 
to  Brookline,  Mass.;  Lyman  S.,  d 
1841  to  Poultney. 

Crippin,  Mrs.  Mary,  D Sept.  5,  1840, 

Collins,  Cyrus  B.;  Clarissa. 

Cottrill,  Eliza.  Dayton,  Jehiel. 

Doane,  Eliza. 

Dutcher,  Betsey;  Pamelia;  Daniel,  d 

Darby,  Betsey;  Nathaniel;  Polly. 

Day,  Abigail;  Henry  J.,  d 1840. 

Davis,  Joseph;  Lucy. 

Davidson,  Hannah. 

Felch,  Eunice;  Lyman  C.;  John  and 
wife,  d 1847  to  Castile. 

Flowers,  Polly.  Gilbert,  Mrs.;  Lois. 

Green,  Spencer;  Abigail. 

Gardner,  Mary,  d 1843. 

Harvey,  Sarah;  Moses;  Ebenezer; 

Hatch,  Lucinda. 

Howard,  Clarissa,  D May  17,  1839. 

Hills,  Hannah. 

Kendrick,  Orpha,  w of  Dr.  Albert, 
D Feb.  14,  1840. 

Little,  Alva,  d 1840  to  Bottskill. 

Loomis,  Aaron.  Lawrence,  Sarah. 

Mason,  Widow  Sally;  Truman;  Es- 

ther; Melissa;  Horace;  Fayette; 
Linus;  Jerome;  James  O.  and  Re- 
lief, d 1839  to  Fort  Ann;  Aaron  C.( 
D Jan.  29,  1850. 

Mead,  Harriet,  d 1838. 

Munion,  Achsah.  Norton,  William. 

Noble,  Laura.  Northrup,  Betsey. 

Nimblet,  Warren. 

Otis,  Sardis;  Rebecca;  Sarah. 

Parish,  Widow,  d to  Fort  Ann,  1840. 

Reynolds,  Hannah,  D Apr.  15,  1849, 
83y;  Harrah;  Hannah  W.  S.;  Jane 

Ripley,  Anna  W. 

Robblee,  Luther;  Polly;  Thomas,  d 
1840;  Luther  Jr.,  and  wife,  d 1340. 

Rogers,  Polly. 

Rowley,  Samuel;  Phebe  S. 

Rhodes,  Lucetta;  Mindwell;  Betsey, 
D Oct.  3,  1344,  49y;  Julia;  Nathan. 

Standish,  Samuel,  Jr.;  Lois,  D June 
1,  1841. 

Stocldart,  Joseph;  Emily;  Ruth,  w 
of  Joseph,  D Nov.  22,  1846,  65y. 

Swreet,  Alanson  and  w,  Betsy,  and 
dau,  Charlotte,  all  d 1840. 

Stevens,  Isaac  and  w,  Betsey,  d 1844 
to  Poultney. 

Starrs,  Ann,  d 1839. 

Simonds,  Ebenezer. 

Sikes,  Solomon.  Searl,  Lois. 

Smith,  Clarissa;  Abijah  E.;  Sarah 
O.;  Mrs.  Ann,  dau  of  Capt.  Clark 
Northrup,  D June  2,  1344,  41y. 

Sill,  Sarah,  d 1842. 

Soper,  Jesse  and  wife. 

Tanner,  Esther;  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Salem. 

Thornton,  Sally,  d 1841  to  Hartford; 
Lydia;  Calista,  d 1842  to  Middle- 
town,  Vt. 

Thomas,  Lucinda,  D Apr.  2,  1839. 

Whitcomb,  Pliny  and  wife. 

Waldo,  Zechariah;  Mrs.  Laura,  w of 
Dea.,  D Dec.  16,  1842;  John  C.  and 
wife,  d 1840. 

Wheeler,  Melissa,  d 1842  to  Tieon- 


Williams,  Solomon,  D Jan.  10,  1840; 
Abigail,  D May  29,  1839;  Chloe. 

Worden,  Isaac. 

Wray,  Mary  Jane;  Sarah. 

Wright,  Elizabeth. 

Young,  La  visa,  D Oct.  21,  1838. 









' -v 


■ ; 

.e  v ■ I ' 






Members  of  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Perry  Center 

Admitted  in  1829  (Continued). 

Coax,  James  and  w,  Mary,  D July 
2,  1831,  38y. 

Clark,  John  Fitch,  d 1834. 

Howard,  Nathaniel  and  w,  Philinda, 
D Apr.  20,  1839. 

Howard,  Samuel,  D Mar.  14,  1863. 

Huntington,  Charles  A.,  d 1836  to 
St.  Albans,  Vt. 

Keney,  Triphena,  w of  Alexander, 
D May  16,  1838. 

Keney,  George,  D Dec.  26,  1871,  71y. 

Keney,  Talcott  and  w,  Rhoda,  d 1829 
to  Covington. 

McEntee,  Patrick  and  w,  Mary,  D 
June  10,  1883,  85y. 

McEntee,  Thomas,  d 1855. 

Minor,  Josiah,  D Mar.  3,  1865,  97y. 

Minor,  Hannah,  w of  Josiah,  D prior 
to  1868. 

Minor,  Lorin,  d 1830  to  Middlebury. 

Norris,  Luther,  d 1849. 

Phillips,  Susan  Flint. 

Renwick,  John,  d 1831. 

Sheldon,  Clarissa  Silver,  d 1850  to 

Sheldon,  Oren  and  w,  Sally,  d 1840 
to  Mount  Morris. 

Silver,  Wilder,  d 1850  to  Moscow. 

Tufts,  Joseph. 

Tufts,  Aurilla  Ward,  D Apr.  12,  1832 

Tufts,  Caroline  Howard,  d 1836  to 

Taylor,  Clarissa  Ball,  D Feb.  28, 
1848,  36y. 

Tillou,  Mary,  w of  James,  D Dec.  4, 

Voorhees,  Elsey,  w of  Abraham,  D 
Apr.  11,  1840,  81y. 

Ward,  Julia,  w of  P.  M.  Ward,  D 
May  13,  1880,  79y. 

Admitted  in  1830. 

Austin,  Amy,  w of  Anson,  d 1839  to 
Covington,  D Dec.  5,  1890,  95y. 

Bathrick,  Stephen,  Jr.,  d 1852. 

Coif,  Charles. 

Dunning,  John,  Jr.,  d 1832. 

Dudley,  Jane,  w of  Joseph,  D June 
24,  1839. 

Gardner,  Alanson  and  w,  Marilla- 

etta,  d 1832  to  Michigan. 

Gardner,  Jeremiah,  d 1865  to  War- 

Gardner,  Keziah,  w of  Jeremiah,  D 
Apr.  7,  1862,  68y. 

Gridley,  Rev.  Samuel  H.  and  w, 
Mary  Ann,  d 1837  to  Waterloo. 

Lewis,  Mary,  d 1849. 

Ladd,  Mary,  d 1849. 

Martin,  Betsey  Butler,  d 1835  to  Ba- 

Martin,  Mary,  widow  of  James,  D 
July  19,  1854,  86y. 

Pelton,  Samuel,  d 1834  to  Centerville 

Phillips,  Mary  (Riggs),  D Aug.  27, 

Painter,  Thomas  and  w,  Sarah,  d 
1834  to  Warsaw. 

Perine,  Isabella,  d.  Tufts,  Lucy,  d. 

Whiting,  Alma,  w of  Sidney,  d 1835. 

White,  Norman,  D Aug.  27,  1857,  62y 

Admitted  in  1831. 

Andrews,  Lucy  L.,  d. 

Armstrong,  Lora,  w of  Jedediah,  d 
1844  to  Cattaraugus  Co. 

Austin,  Louisa  (Lester),  d 1856; 
Mary  Ann,  D Dec.  13,  1895.  87y  7m 

Bailey,  Sybil,  w of  Calvin,  d 1843  to 

Briggs,  Beulah,  w of  Elisha,  d 1835 
to  Perry.  * 

Beebe,  Belona,  d 1832. 

Ball,  Chloe  (Higgins),  d 1859  to 

Barnard,  Foster,  Jr.,  and  w,  Maria, 
d 1833  to  Castile. 

Bingham,  Rachel,  w of  Horace,  d 
1851  to  Moscow. 

Brockett,  Elizabeth,  D Apr.  20,  1835. 

Brant,  Widow  Sarah,  d 1839  to  Perry 

Crist,  Mary,  d 1834. 

Copeland,  Sophronia,  d 1834. 

Cody,  Lorana,  d 1831. 

Dismon,  Widow  Mary,  D prior  to 

Higgins,  Selden,  D Sept.  2,  1831;  Al- 
mira, w of  Jaireh,  d 1835  to  Perry; 
Fanny  A.  (Lathrop),  d I860;  Eben- 
ezer,  d 1834;  Phebe,  w of  Dyer,  D 
Nov.  21,  1852,  83y;  Polly,  w of 
Selden,  d 1835  to  Perry;  Dr.  Otis 







: - 


■"  • . 



•:v  ' • * 

r , Vi 


j ,/i 


r . 'A 


dq  \ ■ :v. 



• nbA 

. -/.v.iO  ,McO 


• * m b MnoTftqcS  .bfinisqr':- 

■ b :.J>:  V iv. 

r . V ■ . .♦  ■ •'  ; 

. - - ,V  . ■ 


- ..  - r.  . ■ ‘ . - 


■ - '■  • ' . u?i  ' • ■ fiiu  , vr  -baa  tie 



and  w,  Hannah,  d 1835  to  Perry. 

Keney,  Cynthia  Sophia,  w of  George 
D Apr.  12,  1865,  56y;  Alexander, 
a 1838  to  Attica. 

Lester,  Solomon,  d. 

Moon,  Margaret,  d 1835  to  Perry. 

Norris,  Abraham  and  w,  Chloe,  d 
1835  to  Perry;  Mary  Ann,  D May 
26,  1834. 

Patterson,  Mary  W.,  w of  Peter,  d 
1846  to  Moscow. 

Roberts,  Sally,  d 1838  to  Scottsville. 

Scias,  Eunice,  d 1832  to  Pittsburg, 

Willard,  Betsey,  w of  A.,  d 1835  to 

Wright,  Edmund  and  w,  Sarah,  d 
1835  to  Perry;  Mary  Ann,  d 1835. 

Willis,  Roswell  and  w,  Susanna,  d. 

Webster,  Elizabeth,  w of  James  R., 
d 1849. 

Admitted  in  1832. 

Birdsall,  Edward  and  w,  Joanna,  d 
1835  to  Perry;  Malinda  and  Asa, 
d 1835  to  Perry. 

Borden,  Harriet  (McEntee),  D Aug. 
6,  1839,  32y. 

Burr,  Ann  Maria  (Merrill). 

Densmore,  Sophia  S.,  d 1834. 

Mulliken,  Samuel  and  w,  Deborah, 
d 1849. 

MitcheP,  Emmeline,  d 1834. 

Nevins,  Esther,  w of  Dr.  Jacob,  d 

Owen,  Albern  H.  and  w,  Julia  E.,  d 
1835  to  Perry. 

Purdy,  Sally  B.,  d 1858  to  Warsaw. 

Pierce,  Jacob  G.,  d 1834  to  Castile. 

Rockwood,  Nancy,  d 1834. 

Shaw,  Amanda,  w of  D.  M.,  D Dec. 

19,  1876,  74y. 

Voorhees,  Ellen,  w of  Conrad,  d 1835 
to  Sparta. 

Admitted  in  1833. 

Eurton,  Chauncey  and  w,  Emily  M., 
d 1838  to  Portage. 

Downing,  Anna  Cheney  Buckland, 
d 1850  to  Wethersfield. 

Gridley,  Chloe,  widow  of  S.  H.,  Sr., 
d 1840. 

Goodale,  Lucinda,  w of  William,  d 
1846  to  Livonia. 

Higgins,  Phebe  Ann  (Calkins),  d 

1876  to  Perry. 

Keney,  Esther  Talcott,  d 1848  to 
Hudson,  Mich. 

Lane,  Mrs.  Sarah,  d 1843. 

Lapham,  Jane,  w of  Sidney,  d 1835 
to  Perry. 

Lathrop,  Jason,  d 1860  to  Perry. 

Lambright,  Joseph  S.  and  w,  Juli- 
etta, d 1835  to  Perry. 

Sanger,  Sarah,  w of  Ashbell,  D Dec. 
18,  1849. 

Squier,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Solomon,  d 

Sutherland,  Edgar  and  w,  Ann,  d 

Symonds,  Mary,  w of  James,  D June 
8,  1878,  82y. 

Taylor,  Beulah,  widow  of  Elias,  D 
prior  to  1868. 

Winnegar,  Calista  H.,  d 1833. 

Washburn,  John  G.  and  w,  Ruth,  d 
1839  to  Perry. 

Wygant,  Daniel  and  w,  Jane,  d 1851 
to  Perry;  J.  Birdsall,  d 1856;  J. 
Lockwood,  d to  Quincy,  111. 

Admitted  in  1834. 

Buckland,  Joseph  P.,  D Oct.  8,  1883. 

Borden,  John  and  Eleanor,  d 1837. 

Butler,  Aaron,  D June  3,  1877,  76y. 

Dodd,  Kay  Zebina  and  w,  Sarah 
Ann,  d 1835  to  Perry. 

Fisher,  John  and  w,  Catherine  W. 
Blanchard,  d 1835. 

Homan,  Henry  E.,  d 1835  to  Perry. 

Hutton,  Jonathan  T.  and  w,  Harriet, 
d 1853. 

Little,  Phebe  (Rudgers),  D Oct.  25, 

Silver,  Willard,  D Nov.  17,  1878,  7!y 

Smith,  Mrs.  Hannah,  d 1835  to  Perry 

Shaw,  Daniel  Mear,  D Dec.  12,  1876, 

Thompson,  Eunice  Arm  Benedict,  w 
, of  James,  d 1840  to  Attica,  return- 
ed 1843. 

Thorp,  David,  d 1867,  and  w,  Eliza, 
D Jan.  25,  1848,  41y. 

Admitted  in  1835. 

Aiken,  James  and  w,  Matilda  S.,  d 
1839  to  Perry. 

Barber,  Simeon  R.,  D Aug.  8,  1888,. 

Curtiss,  Marcella. 

. : X & l : . ('hr  ff  I-)  - has  .. 

• ‘ . 





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,,  - , 




, >:4r 

..  - V .}  ^»(i  u 


,,c;  ; 

••  : 





Bottenkill  (Now  Greenwich)  Church 

Members  of  the  Bottenkill  Church 

in  1841: 

Arthur,  Elder  William,  Malvina,  Re- 
gina, Almeda,  all  d 1844;  Jane,  D 
Apr.  16,  1842. 

Adams,  Clark;  Mary;  Melinda,  D 
Oct.  13,  1845;  Betsy,  D Apr.  29, 
1857;  Zaccheus;  William. 

Allen,  Amy  N.,  d 1844;  Patience,  m 

Burk,  Joseph. 

Bennett,  Olive;  Benjamin;  Genet; 

Bryant,  Betsy. 

Blawis,  Ann;  Amy  (James);  Harri- 
et; Mary  (Carpenter). 

Barber,  Smith,  D Apr.  19,  1849;  De- 
lia; Elizabeth,  d 1846;  Lyman;  Su- 
sannah; Joshua;  CaroFne;  Eliza- 
beth T.  Robinson,  d 1846;  Mehit- 

Bull,  Polly,  D Mar.,  1851. 

Erock,  Elizabeth.  Baird,  Robert. 

Burdick,  Betsy,  Betsy,  D Mar.  22, 
1847;  Winter;  David;  Ephraim,  Jr.; 
Rozilla;  Narissa. 

Bosworth,  William;  Sarah. 

Blakeman,  John;  Sarah  Ann;  Will- 

Bliss,  Henry;  Nancy  (Brownell); 
Abigail,  D Dec.  4,  1844. 

Barnard,  Eunice  H.,  d 1845;  Aaron. 

Bullock,  Elva;  Samuel. 

Burnham,  Ruth;  Brittannia;  Edward, 
d 1843. 

Bradway,  Joseph.  Brownel,  Mary. 

Burroughs,  Permelia;  David. 

Brewer,  Martin. 

Bently,  Sarah,  D 1842. 

Buel,  Harriett,  d 1851. 

Badger,  Olive.  Bryson,  Mercy. 

Boggs,  Caroline  (Norton). 

Beard,  Martha.-  Baker,  Jane,  d 1860. 

Birch,  Mrs.  Clarissa. 

Baily,  Titus  and  Isabel,  d 1844. 

Crandall,  Lydia,  d 1845;  John  K.; 
Sally;  Simon;  Alexander;  Eph- 
raim; Polly;  Ira;  Amanda  (Rog- 
ers); Fidelia;  Nathan:  Sylva;  B^t- 
sy;  Prudence;  Content,  D 1840; 
Eber,  D Feb.  20,  1844. 

Cozzens,  Betsey.  Clopson,  Sarah. 

Chubb,  Betsey.  Corliss,  Sarah. 

Cleaver,  Jemimah;  Elizabeth;  Har- 
riet; J.,  d 1842;  Harvey,  d 1844. 
Conklin,  David;  Mrs.  Martha;  Har- 
riet, d 1850;  Martha,  d 1847;  Hul- 
dah,  d 1847. 

Clark,  Joseph;  Susannah;  Sophia; 

Mrs.  John  B.,  d 1853. 

Craw,  Maria. 

Carpenter,  Elizabeth;  Malvina;  Ly- 
man, d 1846,  D Oct.  15,  1848;  John; 
Diantha;  Ann,  D Dec.  22,  1844. 
Conley,  Morina,  d 1845;  Ebenezer,  d 
1845;  Thankful. 

Colver,  Caroline,  d 1851;  Erastus,  d 
1851;  Phineas,  d 1844. 

Crossett,  Jane.  Curtis,  Amanda. 
Crop,  Eunice. 

Combs,  Nelson,  d 1842;  Thomas. 
Cottrell,  Thomas;  Polly. 

Capron,  Christopher  C.;  Mercy. 
Davidson,  James  G.  Dexter,  Laura. 
Durham,  Mary,  d 1861;  Jane,  d 1843; 

Caroline;  Stephen,  2nd,  D 1843. 
Dwelly,  Alphonso;  Elizabeth. 

Davis,  Sarah;  Elizabeth;  Maria. 
Dennis,  Merrilla;  Marvin;  Elizabeth. 
Dilavarge,  Caroline. 

Earl,  Almira,  d 1842. 

English,  Lois,  d 1845;  Susannah. 
Eddy,  Jeremiah,  d 1864. 

Eggleston,  Stephen,  d 1842;  Jabez; 

Forgason,  Edmund;  Leah. 

Flagley,  Jerusha. 

Faxton,  Walter,  Jr.,  d 1843;  Walter 

Fish,  Andrew. 

Foster,  Ann  (Langworthy);  Eunice; 

James;  Jemima,  D June  26,  1843. 
Fuller,  Mary;  Clarissa  Ann;  Dorcas 

Fenton,  Caroline,  d 1846. 

Frost,  Mary,  d 1847. 

Fooes,  Betsey,  d 1844. 

Forbush,  George;  Emily. 

Grandy,  Hannah,  D Apr.  5,  1844. 
Gage,  Bets°v.  Gifford,  Deborah. 
Green,  M^rrit  and  Mrs.;  Cindrilla 
(Littlefield),  d 1856. 

■?,,  ..  ,•  — 

. • ! ...  ■ 

• ' 

■ , . - . ; 

, /•  ’ ' . : ■ 
l . • . V. 


• ■ u'j.  : ( . 

• ...  ' ■ - 
V;.  ^ -v  "v -.iV:-  *.  . v.-x'ruG 

r ' - 

' 1 


i . • 

f./  JL . *?  ,-C'iiml.A  ; 

• . .-3  . • 


■■  ; 

. . 

X ■■  ■■  •-  . - ‘ . - • 

f - 

: -t  -•i,A 

• ■ : ’ ■ ■ ! 

; ri  a >81  b ;M  -A  ^ it-  * , a A 


■ : 

. :• 

. . v A * 


. .1 ; ~ : : 

■ * ■ - • • ' 

• A 

;.>I  a.  ' >?/  T liftbrnnO 

• •* 



Gamble,  Melinda;  Irena. 

Grant,  Stillman  B.,  d 1341. 
Hammond,  Nancy,  D Nov.  7,  1842; 

Penelope;  Lydia,  d 1849. 

Hayner,  Mary. 

Hicks,  Phebe,  D June  19,  1857. 
Heath,  Morgan;  Lydia. 

Hyde,  Olive  M. 

Holbrook,  Mitta,  d 1843;  Abel;  Sarah 
Hillman,  Belina. 

Herrington,  Ezekiel;  Bently;  Esther; 
Mrs.  J.,  Jr.;  Hannah,  d 1844;  Mary 
(Burdick);  William;  John;  John, 

Hill,  Margaret  Ann. 

Henry,  Mary;  Mrs.;  James. 

Heist,  Eliza,  d 1843. 

Hatch,  Kenyon;  Ira;  Mary. 

Hall,  Albert,  d 1852:  Hannah. 
Inman,  Ezekiel;  Rachel;  Cynthia; 

James,  Mary;  Joseph. 

Jake  way,  Rhoda. 

Jordon,  Sarah,  D Sept.  3,  1849. 
Johnson,  Alonzo;  Maria. 

Kenyon,  Betsey,  w of  John;  Claris- 
sa, Lewis,  Esther,  Betsey;  Tacy; 
Abbey;  Stephen;  Fanny  M.;  Laura; 

Luther,  Polly;  Mary;  Nancy. 

Luce,  Margaret. 

Leslie,  Elizabeth  A. 

Lawton,  Cyril,  D Jan.,  1847;  Susan- 
nah; Miss  Susannah. 

Lucre,  Eleazer.  Little,  Alva. 

Lampman,  James;  Eliza. 

Lewis,  William;  Amanda;  Mary. 
Miller,  Perry;  Sally. 

Merchant,  Charity,  D May  30,  1850. 
Mowry,  Lydia. 

Mills,  Stephen;  Sally;  John;  Mary 

McGowan,  Bersheba. 

McDonald,  Mrs.  Mary. 

Marshall.  Susan.  Mackey,  Ellen. 

Marsh,  Maria.  More,  William. 

Mosher,  Laura  (Dunlap),  Emily; 

Ann;  George. 

Maine,  Simon,  Emily. 

Norton,  William;  Mary;  James  T.; 
William  E.;  Leroy;  Charles  E.; 

Newberry,  Isabel;  Jeremiah,  D June 
20,  1847. 

Northrup,  Abigail. 

Osborn,  John  C.  and  Lovina  Osborn 

Patison,  Ann. 

Parker,  Frederick;  Richard,  D Aug, 
12,  1844;  Charlotte  M.,  D Jan.  9, 

Pulman,  Maria;  Esek  H.;  Maria; 

Patterson,  Julia  (Eggleston). 

Place,  Godfrey;  Susan;  Casper  W.; 

Prindle,  Zina;  Lydia. 

Potter,  Sally;  Stephen;  Mrs.  Joseph: 
Joseph;  Edward  B.;  Harvey  L.; 

Philips,  Gardner,  D Jan.  30,  1843; 
Elsa,  d 1847. 

Petteys,  Harvey  E.;  Ann;  Joseph. 
Pierson,  Katharine. 

Remington,  Morgan;  Hannah;  Dav- 
id; Joanna;  Benjamin,  D Dec., 
1346;  Phebe,  D Sept.  27,  1843. 
Rogers,  Allen;  Lavenda;  Lucinda; 
Mary;  Archibald;  Almira  (Wood): 
James  A.;  Lois  (Hay);  Julia; 
Mary;  Martin;  Clementine;  Arte- 
mas;  Huldah;  Sally,  D Mar.,  1851; 
Harriet  E.,  D Oct.  24,  1843. 
Rathbone,  Patience;  Nancy. 
Reynolds,  Susan;  Mrs.  J. 

Ropp,  Sally  Ann. 

Robinson,  Lyman,  D Aug.  13,  1847; 
Betsey;  Lydia;  Lewis;  Jane  Ann; 
Hiram;  George. 

Reed,  Adaline. 

Sherwood,  Mary;  William  R. 
Sherman,  Mrs.  Mary;  Harriet. 
Smith,  Henry;  William,  D 1848;  Sar- 

Scranton,  Lewis.  Spencer,  Amy. 
Schofield,  Hannah. 

Skiff,  James  M.  Shearer,  Harriet, 
Skinner,  Nathan;  Eliza:  Franklin  B. 
Sylva,  Jeremiah;  Maria;  Ann  Maria. 
Sheldon,  Polly;  Samuel:  Martha  A,; 
Tabitha  (Taber);  Caleb;  Hosan- 
nah; Sidney. 

Shaw,  Martha;  John;  Sarah  Maria. 
Seilick,  Aaron;  Mary. 

(To  be  continued) 


•>  / . « ,s  .•  ■ • • '• 



. ■ ^ » •’ • ; i," ; : ; 



. . , 


< - v - ; 

. . , ■ ■ 

• - •.  ’ • * ' . , " ; ** 

- «. 

J • • ; 

:■  m-iX-i 

*.  i.  I.  • 






Old  Trails 

of  the  Queen  City”  by  Robert  W.  Bmgham 

From  “The  Cradle 

"William  Hall  recorded  an  interest- 
ing account  of  travel  to  Buffalo  m 
1802.  He  journeyed  here  on  horse- 
back with  saddle  bags  and  other  ac- 
cessories and  the  route  taken  was 
the  great  Western  Turnpike  which 
had  just  been  opened.  “Few  villag- 
es,” he  stated,  “were  observed  until 
arriving  at  Manlius  where  there 
were  a few  log  houses.  The  chief 
Indians  encountered  were  at  Oneida 
Castle.”  The  road  went  on  over  the 
Onondaga  hills  and  valleys  where 
an  occasional  log  house  dotted  the 
landscape.  The  bridge  at  Cayuga 
Lake  was  crossed  and  the  small  vill- 
ages of  Geneva  and  Canandaigua 

It  required  eight  days  steady  trav- 
eling to  cover  the  distance  between 
Hartford,  Conn.,  and  West  Bloom- 
field, Ontario  County,  New  York. 
After  resting  awhile  in  the  latter 

village,  the  Genesee  River  was 
crossed  at  Avon.  Here  the  road  be- 
came more  obscure.  At  Caledonia 
Spring  were  a small  church  and  a 
few  houses  and  at  this  point  the 
traveler  recorded  that  a long-legged 
bear  crossed  his  path.  From  Cale- 
donia to  Batavia,  the  road  was  most- 
ly through  woods.  At  Batavia^  Mr. 
Hall  passed  a few  houses,  all  built 
of  logs  except  a frame  building 
erected  by  Mr.  Ellicott  as  an  office 
and  his  dwelling  house  that  was 
then  in  the  process  of  building. 

There  were  but  few  houses,  built 
a great  distance  apart,  on  the  road 
from  Batavia  to  Buffalo,  and  as  they 
emerged  from  the  woods  upon  their 
arrival  at  the  village  of  Buffalo,  our 
traveler  stated  that  he  came  insight 
of  “the  beautiful  lake  which  was  a 
welcome  sight,  reminding  me  of 
Long  Island  Sound.” 

(The  End) 

ROMANCE  maps  . . , 

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itate  of  New  Jersey  $1.00. 
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Mohawk  River  to  Canada  50  cents. 

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Mrs.  William  Wallace  McPherson,  6723  Honore  St„  Caicago, 

A weeklv  newspaper  publishing  records  of  the  Mohawk  Valley  in  New 
York  State.  Sample  mailed  on  request.  Subscription  $2.00  per  year. 

Editor— Mr.  Lou  D.  MacWethy,  St.  Johnsville,  N.  Y. 

A quarterly  giving  a very  definite  course  of  instruction  m e-.  0 s 0 
Genealogical  Research.  ort„;0+-«r  nf  TT^h  80  North  Main  Street, 

Salt^ke  CUy^UUh.  ‘sS'ca  $l.00>r  yean'  Single  Copies  35  cents. 





......  j . 




■ > . •-  r 




■ *rot  4-;,  ,j2  fiii.  t?«iV  {:<  ’+0 

: : r?  ' • 

. - .•  • . 

. ...  4 • , -i  • 



Subscribers’  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

Landon  Bible,  published  in  1824  at 
Cooperstown,  N.  Y.,  by  H.  and  E. 
Phinney,  owned  by  Myrta  Tillitson 


John  Bishop  Landon,  Sept.  4,  1805- 
Feb.  18,  1877',  m Nov.  11,  1827,  to 
Rebecca  Canfield,  June  18,  1809- 
May  14,  1879,  aged  69y  10m  26d. 
Their  children  were — Stephen,  Mar. 
10,  1830;  Mary,  Jan.  11,  1832;  Elec- 
ta, Nov.  28,  1834;  Sarah  Ann,  Mar. 
2,  1837;  Celinda,  July  30,  1839; 
Martha  Ann,  Mar.  14,  1345. 

Mary  Landon  and  Henry  Brown  m 
Oct.  30,  1853. 

Celinda  Landon  and  James  M.  Jew- 
ell m Apr.  21,  1861. 

Stephen  Dean  Landon  and  Sophia 
Southwick  m Dec.  1.  1851. 

Electa  Landon  and  Sylvester  N. 

Blakeley  m Oct.  29,  1367. 

John  Landon  and  Louisa  Bingham 
m Nov.  17,  1785. 

Their  children  were — Sally,  Mar.  2, 
1787;  Heman,  May  8,  1789;  Silas, 
Apr.  1,  1791;  Luther,  Apr.  30,  1793; 
Louise,  Nov.  19,  1795;  Melissa,  Ju- 
ly 17,  1798;  Electa,  July  24,  1801; 
John  Bishop,  Sept.  4,  1805. 


'Landon,  Louisa,  May  19,  1828,  aged 
65y  3m  Id. 

Landon,  John,  Dec.  21,  1829,  aged 
66y  5m  14d. 

Landon,  Luther,  Aug.  29,  1828,  aged 
35y  3m  29d. 

Landon,  John  Bishop,  Feb.  18,  1877, 
aged  71y  5m  14d. 

Agard,  Electa,  Feb.  23,  1880,  aged 
78y  6m  29d. 

Landon,  Levi,  Aug.  7,  1820,  ly 
Landon,  Martha,  Dec.  12,  1863,  18y. 
Blakely,  Electa  L.,  Feb.  23,  1885,  50y 


Jewell,  Linda  L.,  July  10,  1903,  aged 
63y  11m  lOd. 

Tillotson,  Apr.  3.  1904,  67y  lm  Id. 
Landon,  Stephen,  Oct.  14,  1908,  aged 

73y  3m  7d. 

Brown,  Mary  L.,  Jan.  2,  1919,  87y 

Sackett  Bible,  published  in  1859 

by  New  York  Bible  Society,  owned 

by  Miss  Marguerite  Sackett. 


Grand  Girard,  Philip  and  Catherine 
Ploncon  in  1829,  France. 

Grand  Girard,  Catherine,  widow  of 
Philip  and  A.  G.  Rainey,  Mar.  17, 
1845,  in  Ohio. 

Grand  Girard,  Adeline,  dau  of  Cath- 
erine and  Hamptonr  Sloan  at  Win- 
nebago, 111. 

Grand  Girard,  Susan  M.,  dau  of 
Catherine,  and  Rev.  S.  P.  Sloane 
at  Winnebago.  111.  •». 

Grand  Girard,  Susan  M.,  widow  of 
Rev.  S.  P.  Sloane,  and  Marcus 
Sackett  at  Winnebago,  111.,  Aug. 
21,  1777.  (Evidently  in  error,  1877 
would  fit  other  dates). 

Sackett,  Niram  and  Catherine  Thorn, 
Sept.  30,  1824,  in  Dutchess  County. 

Sackett,  Marcus,  son  of  Niram,  and 
Henrietta  Seaman,  June  16,  1867, 
New  York  City. 

Sackett,  John  I.,  son  of  Niram  and 
Catherine,  and  Henrietta  Harrison, 
June  10,  1858,  at  Irving,  N.  Y. 

Sackett,  John  L m a second  wife, 
Jennie  Watts,  Oct.  6,  1868,  at  North 
East,  Pa. 

Sackett,  Semantha,  dau  of  Niram 
and  Catherine,  and  Edward  R. 
Stiles,  Aug.  8,  1861.  Irving. 

Sackett,  Jehial,  son  of  Niram  and 
Catherine,  and  Laura,  dau  of  Na- 
than Sackett,  July  3,  1863.  at  Irv- 

Sackett,  Niram,  Jr.,  son  of  Niram 
and  Catherine,  and  Arvilla  L. 
Bonney,  Sept.  28,  1865. 

Sackett,  Joseph  T.,  son  of  Niram  and 
Catherine,  and  Mrs.  Sarah  M.  Can- 
field,  Nov.  18,  1872,  at  Brooklyn. 

' , ' 






. * ■ ■»  - ’ i • ' . 

« - ' K»3 

; ... : : 

Vi  l \ ■■  b.t;,  nob(w^.i 

■ ' -h 

• - ' -• 

ib  .•  "rT 

■ ■ ■ ■*  -i  - 







Grand  Girard,  Philip,  in  Hericourt, 

Ploncon,  Catherine,  Oct.  11,  in  Heri- 
court. Came  to  America  in  1832. 

Their  children — Adeline,  Sept.  18, 
1831;  Susan  Marguerite,  Mar.  15, 
1837,  in  Cincinnati,  Ohio. 

Sackett,  John  Seaman,  son  of  Mar- 
cus and  Henrietta,  June  3,  1858, 
New  York  City. 

Sackett,  Marguerite,  dau  of  Marcus 
and  Susan  M.  G.,  Nov.  27,  1878, 
New  York  City. 

Sackett,  Niram,  Oct.  31,  1797,  Stan- 
ford, Dutchess  County. 

Sackett,  Catherine  Thorn,  his  wife, 
Dec.  19,  1806,  Dutchess  County. 

Their  children — Jehiel,  Sept.  15, 
1825;  John  I.,  Apr.  5,  1827;  Joseph 

T.,  Mar.  4,  1829,  all  in  Dutchess 
County;  Marcus,  Nov.  28,  1830, 
Irving;  Semantha,  Sept.  28,  1833, 
Irving;  Niram,  June  29,  1835, 


Grand  Girard,  Philip  in  Mowerys- 
town,  Ohio. 

Rainey,  Catherine,  June  22,  1879, 
Winnebago,  111. 

Sloana,  Adeline,  Sept.  1856,  Winne- 
bago, 111. 

Sackett,  Susan  M.  G.,  Mar.,  1883, 

Sackett,  Niram,  father  of  Marcus, 
Oct.  22,  1869,  Irving. 

Sackett,  Catherine,  his  wife,  Apr., 
1887,  Hanover,  Chautauqua  Co. 

Sackett,  Henrietta,  w of  John  S., 
Feb.  3,  1863,  Irving. 

Sackett,  Henrietta,  w of  Marcus, 
Apr.  13,  1876. 

Tombstone  Inscriptions 

Private  Cemeteries  in  Rensselaer  County 

Nov.  17,  1864,  79y. 

Rogers,  Dr.  John,  son  of  Capt.  John, 
Dec.  26,  1819,  24y. 

East  Side  of  Stephentown-Leba- 
non  Road,  ll/>  miles  from  Stephen- 

Boarman,  John,  son  of  William  and 
Margaret,  June  4,  1795,  26y. 
Boarman,  Margaret,  Feb.  19,  1813, 

Boarman,  William,  Jan.  3,  1801,  70y. 
Buten,  Hannah,  w of  Emanuel,  July 
26,  1347,  63y. 

Harrison,  Daniel  N.,  Jan.  5,  1853,  33y 
Harrison,  Jared,  Feb.  8,  1839,  56y. 
Harrison,  Phebe  J.  Shout,  w of  Will- 
iam H.,  Oct.  21,  1849,  35y. 
Holcomb,  Lieut.  Nelson  B.,  Co.  L, 
2nd  N.  Y.  Vol.  Killed  at  White 
Post,  Va.,  Dec.  9,  1864,  29y. 

West  Side  of  Stephentown-Leba- 
non  Road,  1 mile  from  Stephentown. 
Rogers,  Joseph,  Esq.,  Nov.  1.5,  1800, 

Rogers,  Margaret,  w of  Joseph,  Esq., 
Feb.  13,  1785,  64y. 

Rogers,  Capt.  Joseph,  Mar.  24,  1802, 

Rogers,  Capt.  Joseph,  son  of  Capt. 

Joseph,  Oct.  22,  1826,  44y. 

Rogers,  Chloe,  w of  Capt.  Joseph. 

Reichard  Farm,  near  Luther,  Town 

of  East  Greenbush. 

Harrington,  Capt.  Abram,  July  29, 
1846,  82y. 

Harrington,  Mary  Coons,  w of  Capt. 
Abram,  Oct.  2,  1832,  66y. 

Pine  Farm,  between  Groveside 

and  West  Hoosick. 

Akin,  Charlotte,  w of  John,  Aug.  22, 
1810-Apr.  23,  1873. 

Erenenstuhl,  Sarah,  w of  William, 
dau.  of  James  and  .Nancy  Pine, 
Aug.  8,  1858,  22y. 

Case,  Mary,  w of  Job,  Dec.  26,  1833, 
50y  17d. 

Hix,  Betsey,  dau.  of  Alvah  and  Eliza, 
Apr.  3,  1834,  lly. 

Manchester,  Wellcome,  Jan.  15,  1800- 
July  29,  1845. 

Pine,  Hannah,  Oct.  1,  1778-Dec.  31, 

Pine,  James,  Dec.  5,  1738-Dec.  22, 

Pine,  James,  Aug.  1,  1733-July  19, 








• '-I 

■ ....  : 

asil  . '•>  ^ .".■■on 



Pine,  James  L.,  July  7,  1866,  28y. 
Pine,  Mary,  w of  James,  Jan.  17, 
1746-Jan.  1,  1835. 

Pine,  Nancy,  w of  James,  June  21, 
1808- Jan.  15,  1871. 

Potter  Hill  on  Bennington  State 
Road,  about  five  miles  West  of  Hoo- 

Chapman,  Ira  T.,  son  of  John  and 
Annis,  Jan.  1,  1833,  9y. 

Wood,  , dau.  of  Gardner  and 

Mary,  Jan.  6,  1832,  3y. 

Wood,  Buel,  son  of  Jason  B.  and 
Polly,  Oct.  4,  1852,  21y. 

Wood,  Gardner,  Apr.  13,  1819,  53y. 
Wood,  Gardner,  son  of  Jason  B.  and 
Polly,  5y. 

Wood,  Joanna,  w of  Gardner,  Aug. 
22,  1835,  64y. 

Wood,  Jason  B.,  Aug.  3,  1855,  56y. 
Wood,  Polly,  w of  Jason  B.,  Sept. 
11,  1834,  33y. 

Old  Log  Meeting  House,  Town  of 

Harrington,  Christina,  w of  James, 
Feb.  29,  1820,  63y. 

Harrington,  Lany,  w of  Benjamin, 
Mar.  24,  1830,  27y. 

Bliss,  Abraham,  Oct.  6,  1816,  82y. 
Bliss,  Abraham,  Aug.  26,  1829,  30y. 
Bliss,  Rebecca,  w of  Abram,  Oct.  2, 
1811,  61y. 

East  side  of  Valley  Falls,  Melrose 
Road,  in  sight  of  the  Reservoir. 
Blasdel,  Caroline,  w of  Dan  W. 
Blasdel,  Isabel,  w of  Thomas,  Sept. 
21,  1815,  59y. 

Finne,  Hannah,  w of  Jesse,  Sept.  9, 
1825,  62y. 

Finne,  Jesse,  Sept.  23,  1849,  89y. 
Finne,  Jesse,  son  of  John  and  Eliza- 
beth, Apr.  6,  1822,  9m. 

Gray,  James,  Apr.  24,  1824,  90y. 
Gray,  Mabel. 

Richards,  Eunice,  w of  Edmund  L., 
dau.  of  Jesse  and  Hannah  Finne, 
Apr.  28,  1840. 

Rowland,  Israel,  Jan.  29,  1827,  79y. 

Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D — died. 

Cogswell,  Albert  Smith,  late  of 
Peterborough,  N.  H.,  son  of  Henry 
T.,  Sept.  13,  1848,  21y. 

Cogswell,  Miss  Eliza,  dau.  of  Henry 
F.  of  Le  Roy,  Jan.  3,  1855,  23y. 

Cogswell,  George  W.,  Apr.  22,  1854, 

Cogswell,  William  Henry,  son  of 
Henry  F.,  Mar.  1858,  32y.  D in 
Hudson,  Mich. 

Coit,  Alfred  S.,  Dec.  4,  1862,  24y. 

Coit,  George,  May  9,  1865,  75y. 

Coit,.  Hannah  T.,  w of  George,  Mar. 
11,  1835,  44y . 

Coit,  Rev.  John  T..  pastor  of  St.  Pet- 
er's Church,  Rochester,  Jan.  23, 
1863,  38y.  D in  Albion.  B in  Buf- 

Coit,  Mary  S.,  w of  George,  Feb.  14, 
1840,  34y. 

Coit,  Capt.  Oliver,  Dec.  16,  1843,  72y. 
D at  Greswate,  Conn. 

Colborn,  Sylvester,  Apr.  26,  1341, 


Colburn,  Emily  Louise,  only  dau.  of 
R.  H.,  Feb.  26,  1860. 

Colburn,  Jeremiah,  Aug.  11,  1820, 


Colburn,  John  Gray  of  Boston,  Mass. 

May  30,  1856,  55y. 

Colburn,  Louisa  H.,  w of  George  C., 
late  of  New  York,  June  11,  1855. 
Dau.  of  Erastus  Sparrow.  D at 
San  Francisco. 

Colby,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  S.,  Aug.  17, 
1853,  32y. 

Cole,  Mrs.  John,  Wales,  Nov.  20, 
1844,  35y. 

Cole,  Aaron,  Springville,  May  29, 
1862,  73y. 

Cole,  Almira,  w of  William  W., 
Wales,  Mar.  17,  1864,  32y.  D at 
Armawan,  Henry  Co.,  111. 

Cole,  George,  Aug.  20,  1862,  40y. 
Cole,  John,  Rev.  soldier,  Wales,  Aug. 
13,  1837,  75y. 


. . 

- ... i ) \ ' . «.<• 

r • ..  v ,-v •. EM., 





bn s»  -vkL  io  no  ,isyH  ,booW 



:is  ssei  oc  yiioci 


OOv  . / 


, ■ . .. . 


■ .*y‘ 


i . 

■ ■ "r\  , -s  J j 


fttcilltV  lo  .vr  .jsh  ml  A ,9-X.oO 
• • , ,,  > 

*•  ' -•  ■.•'•••'  • 



■ • 

...•/•  . '■  ’j 

i • i 



Cole,  Joshua  P.,  Mar.  16,  1866,  49y, 
Taken  to  Lancaster. 

Cole,  Niles,  Wales,  Apr.  17,  1846. 
About  50y. 

Cole,  Phebe,  widow  of  John,  Wales, 
Feb.  12,  1847,  78y. 

Cole,  Mrs.  Sarah  C.,  Springville, 
Dec.  18,  1862,  80y. 

Colegrove,  Eliza,  w of  Dr.  B.  H., 
Sardinia,  Sept.  28,  1852,  45y. 
Coleman,  Abigail,  w of  Charles  H., 
Sept.  11,  1847,  53y. 

Coleman,  Ann,  w of  John  C.,  Sept. 
8,  1863,  34y. 

Coleman,  Charles,  Aug.  11,  1863,  52 
y.  D at  Chatham  Four  Corners, 
Columbia  Co. 

Colie,  Elizabeth,  w of  Samuel,  Aug. 
29,  1848,  66y. 

Colie,  Samuel,  Apr.  1,  1850,  70y. 

Formerly  of  Springfield,  N.  J. 
Collamer,  Job,  Asst.  Supt.  N.  Y.  C. 

R.R.,  Nov.  7,  1861. 

Collard,  Eunice,  w of  Nathan,  Ham- 
burg, Dec.  1812,  19y. 

Collette,  L.,  w of  Lambert,  Dec.  22, 

Collette,  L.  N.,  Jan.  21,  1865,  74y. 

Colley,  Elvira  M.,  w of  D.  D.,  Sept. 
28,  1847,  19y.  Taken  to  Cowles- 

Colligow,  Lewis,  Jan.  28,  1854,  33y. 

Colling,  Charles  H.,  July  27,  1858, 
23y.  D in  Utica. 

Collini,  Mary  Elizabeth,  Mar.  24, 
1847,  24y.  Of  Stockholm,  Sweden. 

Collins,  John,  Dec.  5,  1846,  42y. 

Collins,  Kate,  dau.  of  Jeremiah  of 
Cork  Co.,  Ireland,  Sept.  5,  1863. 

Collins,  Kate,  Sept.  6,  1863,  30y. 

Collins,  Lizzie,  Aug.  20,  1866. 

Colson,  Charles  W.,  Feb.  15,  1864, 
36y.  D in  Chicago,  111. 

Colson,  Julia  H,,  w of  Frederick  K., 
dau  of  Chauncey  Bartholomew, 
July  31,  1864,  25y. 

Colson,  Sarah  A.,  w of  Augustus, 
Dec.  18,  1862,  57y.  D in  Brooklyn. 

Colson,  Mrs.  Wilhelmina,  Aug  4, 
1835,  60y. 

Colston,  Margaret,  w of  James,  Dec. 
25,  1852,  35y. 

Conkey,  D.  S.,  Sept.  1827.  D on  the 
line  of  the  Welland  Canal,  Tona- 

(To  be  continued) 

Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

Andrews,  Fidelia  and  Andrew  Hyde, 
Oct.  9,  1870. 

Andrews,  Frances  and  H.  P.  Dudley, 
July  2,  1843. 

Andrews,  George  H.  and  Carrie  E. 
McCredie,  Nov.  1,  1865. 

Andrews,  Harvey  and  Polly  Kil- 
burn,  Nov.  27,  1820. 

Andrews,  Herman  and  Adaline 
Chaffee,  Jan.  26,  1848. 

Andrews,  J.  and  Elizabeth  Baird, 
Oct.  ID,  1835. 

Andrews,  Dr.  J.  and  Sarah  Jack- 
son,  Jan.  29,  1850. 

Andrew's,  Mrs.  J.  L.  and  W.  H.  Tefft, 
June  4,  1873. 

Andrews,  Julia  M.  and  Henry  Chad- 
bourne,  Aug.  1,  1847. 

Andrews,  Mary  L.  and  Emanuel 
Burgess,  June  15,  1845. 

Andrews,  Phebe  and  Charles  F. 

Tabor,  Dec.  24,  1863. 

Andrews,  Robert  and  Evaline  L. 

Castleman,  Jan.  1,  1862. 

Andrews,  S.  J.  and  Mrs.  Maria  S. 

Bacon,  Apr.  2,  1850. 

Andrews,  Samuel  G.  and  Ann  F. 

Swan,  Jan.  21,  1826. 

Andrews,  Samuel  W.  and  Helen  S. 

Seymour,  Apr.  18,  1881. 

Andrews,  William  and  Sybil  Ann 
Wager,  Feb.  15,  1844. 

Andrews,  William  P.  and  Mary  J. 

Wride,  May  12,  1874. 

Andrews,  William  R.  and  Phebe  E. 

Darrow,  June  8,  1837. 

Andrus,  John  H.  and  Huldie  M.  Bar- 
nard, Oct.  20,  1869. 

Andrus,  John  H.  and  Melissa  M.  In- 
gersal:  Apr.  15,  1844. 








ifiu(  'j  adi  ri^uoidt 


. ■ .A 

. ■ I ■ l ■ 

• i,v  ■ • ■ . , i •“  v bf\B  .J  . nl  ■ v o I bflA 

, . .H  ...  ,aw?ihnA 

' 1 ' T1  ' , ,..a 



Andrus,  Richard  LaGrange  and  Kate 
Ann  Thornton,  Feb.  6,  1883. 

Andrus,  S.  D.  and  Mary  Jane  Ames, 
June  2,  1857. 

Andrus,  Satie  M.  and  James  D. 
Brown,  Nov.  9,  1870. 

Andrus,  Sylvester  B.  and  Hattie  Un- 
derhill, July  31,  1860. 

Andrus,  Ward  and  Mrs.  Ella  Mc- 
Whorter, Aug.  14,  1879. 

Andruss,  Capt.  E.  Van  A.  and  Eliza- 
beth Kinne,  Apr.  15,  1868. 

Angell,  Henry  H.  and  Julia  A.  Cat- 
lin,  Dec.  14,  1865. 

Angell,  Rosa  J.  and  J.  H.  Hale,  Sept. 
27,  1866. 

Angus,  John  C.  and  Louisa  Vickers, 
July  12,  1876. 

Annable,  Charlotte  Anne  and  Ed- 
mund Hatfield,  June  27,  1826. 

Annan,  Sarah  S.  and  Richard  K. 
Noye,  Apr.  16,  1862. 

Annis,  Anna  C.  and  Victor  E.  Myers, 
Nov.  2,  1863. 

Annis,  Elmer  and  Sara  L.  Van  Val- 
kenburg,  Oct.  14,  1873. 

Annis,  Mary  E.  and  Robert  Brown, 
Nov.  11,  1861. 

Anoski,  W.  H.  and  Kittie  Cronin, 
July  31,  1873. 

Anthony,  Collins  and  Roba  L.  Man- 
chester, Apr.  20,  1862. 

Anthony,  Edward  L.  and  Lettie 
Hume,  June  6,  1877. 

Anthony,  Emma  C.  and  Seth  E.  An- 
thony, Mar.  19,  1867. 

Anthony,  George  and  Helen  T.  Hor- 
ton, Aug.  28,  1861. 

Anthony,  Henry  P.  and  Nettie  Mill- 
er, Oct.  8,  1873. 

Anthony,  John,  Jr.,  and  Addie  F. 
Goodspeed,  Apr.  24,  1872. 

Anthony,  Margaret  and  Capt.  John 
B.  Perkins,  Nov.  25,  1844. 

Anthony,  Martha  and  Walter  Smith, 
June  8,  1833. 

Amthony,  Mar.y  and  Edwin  Webster, 
Mar.  13,  1856. 

Anthony,  Mary  J.  and  Lauren  Jay 
Drake,  Dec.  22,  1863. 

Anthony,  Millie  M.  and  Hosmer  L. 

Stone,  Feb.  11,  1874. 

Anthony,  Minnie  and  W.  E.  Ran- 
dall, May  31,  1860. 

Anthony,  Sarah  L.  and  John  H. 

Kester,  Dec.  31,  1851. 

Anthony,  Seth  E.  and  Clara  J. 

Hanks,  July  3,  1879. 

Anthony,  W.  G.  and  Anna  L.  Vos- 
burgh,  June  28,  1866. 

Anthony,  Willis  E.  and  Minnie 
Pierce,  Nov.  10,  1875. 

Apfelbach,  Catharine  and  Henry 
Young,  Aug.  11,  1884. 

Aplin,  Helen  J.  and  F.  G.  Hunt,  June 
23,  1869. 

Appehinner,  John  and  Carrie  Bleen, 
Nov.  8,  1884. 

Appel,  Ernstine  and  T.  Kalisky,  Jan. 
14,  1852. 

Appelbe,  Miss  E.  A.  and  R.  Hadfield, 
Oct.  13,  1840. 

Appleby,  Miss  E.  J.  and  J.  B. 

Holmes,  Jan.  13,  1840. 

Appleby,  Harrison  T.  and  Marion 
Pec  se,  Oct.  22,  1872, 

Applford,  Sarah  E.  and  William  H. 

Williams,  Dec.  22,  1860. 

Applegate,  Elisa  A.  and  Joseph  Car- 
penter, Nov.  14,  1850. 

Appleton,  Robert  H.  and  Tillie  Mc- 
Nish,  July  26,  1881. 

Archbold,  Franc  A.  and  Horace  P. 

Chamberlain,  June  10,  1879. 
Archer,  Caroline  A.  and  Thomas  H. 
Brunskill,  June  13,  1884. 

(To  be  continued) 


Only  two  hundred  copies  of  the  records  of  the  old  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  were  published,  A few  of  these  were 
never  sold,  so  we  bought  them  for  our  subscribers,  because  the  records 

are  so  valuable. 

Judge  Charles  C.  Coleman  has  copied — 

Records  of  Marriages,  1776  to  1885.  Records  of  Deaths,  1805  to  1850. 
Register  of  Members,  1767  to  1850.  Resisted  of  Baptisms,  1773  to  1851, 





•V  * 




v ‘ A 

. sibbA  brr  : tl  . Jiol  .xnoriJriA 

m » *<• 





The  following  will  give  a fair  idea  of  the  number  of  notations — 34 
marriages  were  recorded  for  1777,  34  members  admitted  in  the  year  1817, 
21  deaths  recorded  in  1807,  54  baptisms  for  1774  including  names  of  par- 
ents and  dates  of  birth. 

From  many  names  in  the  index,  the  following  have  been  selected,  be- 
cause there  are  at  least  five  references  to  that  name  in  the  book.  To  further 
describe  the  book,  the  number  in  parenthesis,  indicates  the  number  of 
times  that  name  appears  in  the  book. 









' Matthews 




































Sawyer  (85) 





Sayre  (49) 





Swezy  (43) 





Sloan  (12) 





Smith  (582) 




























Knapp  (45) 

















































































Rumsey  (50) 






























Rowley  (10) 



Gale  (26) 


Sealy  (26) 












Crowell ' 



Saybolt  (14) 





Shaw  (16) 































Cloth  bound,  good  paper  pages,  indexed,  $5.00  per  copy. 


• v:.:  ■ ± •.  -•  i -j  i sm 

..  , ...  . . ' - . ' o’.rL'ss  r ;; 

' f : IB  3?MA0 

. , ■ :■  V * >d  ‘3 i ' 

• •.:>  • -is;  is  r:i i 

\ io.viA 

* \ * vi A 

' •*  DCs 


r •;  o /T  . 



. . 






: J 


f ? r.xJ 

' - •=7'  ■' 

• ' 

. ;v'  •••r  ■ 

* • y -i 

• . • 

■ V 

;•  , -:rV 



v ■ 

Bin;.  I ; 


••  ■ 1 ■ : " ■ ’ - 

• :• 



The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  of  all  names  which  are 
capitalized.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Enclose  stamped  enve- 
lope  with  all  queries. 

Who  were  the  parents  or  ances- 
tors of  WILLIAM  BUNKER  of  Del- 

aware? He  married  Anne  , and 

their  children  were — Nathan,  Isaiah. 
Anne,  Levi,  and  Jesse.  It  is  thought 
that  William  Bunker  lived  near 
Hudson,  N.  Y.,  before  going  to  Del- 

Was  William  a son  of  Shubael 

B.  B.  C.,  Pennsylvania. 

JOHN  COOPER,  b 1763  in  New 
York  City,  son  of  James,  m CATH- 
ERINE   , b 1766.  They  lived  in 

Morris  County,  N.  J. 

Brothers  of  James  Cooper,  the 
father,  were  Peter,  lived  in  Goshen; 
John  m Lydia  Beach;  Ichabod,  b 
1741,  South  Hampton,  Long  Island, 

m first  Phebe  , second,  Hannah 

Morris.  F.  C.  B.,  Illinois. 

ROBERT  COWDEN,  b Mar.  19, 
1785,  m Oct.  30,  1806,  and  d Aug.  25, 
1864,  in  Arkwright,  Chautauqua 
County.  He  was  the  son  of  WILL- 
IAM COWDEN,  whose  place  of  death 
or  grave  would  be  very  helpful. 

H.  P.  C.,  New  York 

Apr.  10,  1833-Sept.  19,  1911,  son  of 
PHINEAS,  Dec.-  25,  1810-Mar.  7, 
1896,  buried  at  Brisben,  N.  Y. 

Francis  Asbury  Gleason,  on  Jan. 
9,  1859,  m Carthagenia  Nelson,  dau 
of  Lyman  Nelson,  Dec.  14,  1812-Mar. 
11,  1894,  who  m Feb.  15,  1832,  ANNA 
HALL,  Dec.  17,  1815-Sept.  6,  1901. 

Lyman  Nelson  was  the  son  of 
Aug.  25,  1783-1857,  son  of  John  Epa- 
phras,  m in  1806  in  Lymansville,  Pa., 
EUNICE  LYMAN,  Dec.  17.  1787- 
1842,  dau  of  Isaac  Lyman  and  Sallie 

B.  G.  R.,  New  York. 

Revolutionary  service  wanted  for 
GARRET  EASLING,  who  m Han- 

nah McLallen.  He  went  from  West 
Stockbridge,  Mass.,  to  Trumansburg, 
N.  Y.,  about  1795. 

E.  S.,  Illinois. 

HOWARD  buried? 

Mehitable  Root  m Benjamin  How- 
ard, and  lived  near  Norridgewock, 
Maine.  He  died  early,  and  the  Wid- 
ow Howard,  with  at  least  one  daugh- 
ter, Diana,  came  from  Maine  to  be 
with  her  brother,  who  was  teaching 
at  Hamilton  College,  Clinton,  N.  Y. 

Diana  Howard  was  born  May  4, 
1814,  in  Maine,  m Sept.  22,  1836,  to 
Thomas  Ford  Bennett  of  Hunt,  Liv- 
ingston County,  d Jan.  6,  1855,  and 
was  buried  at  Portage,  N.  Y. 

E.  B.  G.,  Texas. 

Ephraim  Reeds,  Jan.  19,  1767-July 
17,  1839,  was  the  son  of  CALEB 
REEDS,  who  in  Sept.  24,  1747, 

May  23,  1726,  in  Stonington,  Conn., 
d Mar.  5,  1802. 

Ephraim  and  his  mother  are  bur- 
ied in  South  Galway  Cemetery,  Sar- 
atoga County. 

Ephraim  m Chloe  Clarke,  May  10, 
1769-Aug.  17,  1850,  dau  of  JOHN 
CLARK,  buried  Oct.  1797,  and  his 
wife,  MARY  WILSON,  who  d Oct. 

The  children  of  Ephraim  and 
Chloe  Reeds  were — Mira;  Abner  m 
Julianna  Lord  of  Ballston  Spa,  Sar- 
atoga County;  Elisa  m Stedman  EI- 
dred,  whose  grandson,  George,  owns 
the  Bible  from  which  these  records 
are  copied;  Fannie,  b A^pr.  18,  1801, 
at  Galway,  d Apr.  17,  1862,  at  Read- 
ing, Michigan,  m Daniel  McMartin, 
b 1800  at  sea  coming  from  Scotland 
to  America  and  d Dec.  26,  1885,  at 
Reading.  He  was  the  son  of  Duncan 

K.  B.  S.,  Wisconsin, 

JAN  - 7 1930 

•’  ' > ' • • 

■■  : •• 

‘ ]?'  • ' ’ • *-l 





. :l  lA.  ni  Mol 

■ j i 








Nm  ftark  §>Ut? 

©tjrir  Ancestors  mib  Ursmtfcauts 



FEBRUARY,  1936 

NO.  8 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 


ll  .JOV 

. ? • y 


:>;•  : 

:■  ..  ' » - . • 

• : ■ 

• - " 



Are  you  asking — Why  doesn’t  someone  answer  my  question? 

Almost  every  subscriber  has  offered  to  share  records,  be  assured  that, 
if  any  reader  knew  the  answer,  he  would  gladly  send  it. 

Many  publications  are  read,  much  searching  done,  and  as  a final  at- 
tempt, subscribers  write  the  ‘Mail  Box’.  No  one  has  your  record,  no  reader 
can  send  it  in,  because  it  is  waiting  witn  other  valuable  data,  locked  in  a 
vault  or  lost  in  an  attic,  just  as  often  one  as  the  other.  Will  it  ever  be 
found?  The  possibilities  are  better  every  day,  for  we  will  continue  to  hunt, 
copy,  and  publish  records  of  New  York  State  pioneers,  just  as  long  as  we 
receive  subscriptions.  If  your  answer  is  not  found  the  first  or  second  year, 
keep  up  your  courage.  Many  records  are  copied,  waiting  for  publication, 
and  many  more  are  waiting  for  us  to  find  them. 

Do  not  forget  to  renew  your  subscription. 

Every  day  adds  new  subscribers  to  our  list,  nearly  every  one  begin- 
ning with  the  first  number.  It  is  possible  that  a new  subscriber  will  have 
your  record,  and  send  the  answer. 

This  week  answers  came  for  three  persons  who  did  not  renew  their 
subscriptions,  and  as  they  no  longer  read  the  Mail  Box,  their  answrers  are 
not  published. 

Have  confidence  in  our  readers,  they  will  send  answers,  if  they  have 
them.  If  records  of  some  of  our  ancestors  in  New  York  State  are  ever  found, 
it  will  be  when  more  manuscripts  are  brought  to  the  light  of  day  and  pub- 

On  all  sides,  we  find  manuscripts,  unpublished  stories  of  our  pioneers. 
Books  which  have  been  published,  valuable  as  they  are,  appear  very  small 
compared  to  the  countless  wolumcs,  which,  locked  in  a corner,  cannot  be 

Do  not  give  up  hope,  just  because  your  family  has  not  appeared  in  the 
pages  of  Early  Settlers — Many  more  records  are  coming. 


The  following  notes  are  taken  from  just  two  of  several  letters  received 
from  subscribers  for  whom  we  did  special  searching  in  November. 

From  Illinois — “I  received  the  pictures,  records,  etc.,  and  I was  de- 
lighted with  it  all.  Many  thanks. 

I think  that  you  have  done  wonderfully  well” — notes  about  the  family, 
then — “I  enjoy  your  little  magazine  so  much,  as  it  helps  me  with  my  D.  A. 
R.  Registrar’s  work.” 

From  Minnesota — “Your  letter  reached  me  this  morning,  and  it  is  now 
11:45  P.  M.  Late  as  it  is,  I must  take  a few  minutes  to  write  and  thank  you 
for  what  you  were  able  to  find. 

You  have  found  me  exactly  what  I want,  for  it  will  give  me  a double 
line  into  Daughters  of  Founders  and  Patriots.  Many  thanks  for  all  this.” 

Searching  is  very  difficult,  at  times  most  discouraging,  and  such  letters 
as  these  spur  us  on  to  greater  effort. 

You  are  reminded  that  the  opportunity  to  have  special  searching  for 
your  family  is  at  hand. 

At  any  time  we  may  be  in  that  part  of  the  State  in  which  you  are 
interested,  plans  cannot  always  be  announced. 

During  April  we  will  be  in  Washington,  D.  C.  This  is  the  opportune 
time  for  searching  census,  pension,  military  service  and  D.  A.  R.  applica- 

Requests  for  searching  in  Ulster,  Chenango  and  Washington  Counties 
are  waiting  for  our  trip  in  May. 

x/sim  o)  toa  oCL. 




* Vt  •-  ' j .•  'ff  CAi 



. . . * 

• ••  "•*  •'  >■?  ■-  jyirufQ 



‘ * 



Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 

North  Granville,  N.  Y.,  Church  Records 

Admitted  in  1838.  Simonds.  Charles,  son  of  Ezekiel. 

Swift,  Anna  from  Fort  Ann,  d 1840. 
Standish,  Louisa  from  Pontiac. 

Admitted  in  1839. 

Bush,  Mrs.  Salome,  w of  Stephen  N. 
Hendrick,  Albert  and  wife  from  Ti- 

Sawyer,  Ransom  M.;  Flavilla  E. 

Admitted  in  1840. 

Kendall,  Warren;  Mrs.  Huldah  Bak- 

Admitted  in  1841. 

Bachus,  Rufus. 

Delaney,  James  and  wife  from  Ti- 
conderoga,  d 1842. 

Kendrick,  Martha  from  Ticonderoga 
Soper,  Martha  from  Poultney. 

Admitted  in  1842. 

Andrews,  Mary,  w of  William  L., 

Burr,  Armena  from  Fort  Ann. 
Bryant,  Alden,  Jr.,  17y. 

Brown,  Jonathan,  56y;  dau,  Maria. 
Baker,  Byron.  Bemus,  Mrs. 

Broughton,  Pharcellius,  son  of  Jed, 
14y;  Ira,  Jr.,  and  wife,  d 1843  to 

Clark,  William,  son  of  Samuel,  19y; 

Alfred,  son  of  Jeremiah,  15y. 
Carlton,  Jane,  17y:  Amarilla,  23y. 
Derby,  Marinda,  16y;  David,  lSy. 
Felch,  Lyman  C.  from  Lewisburg. 
Green,  Mary  Ann,  15y;  Elizabeth. 
Hewitt,  Jason,  34y. 

Knight,  Salinda,  15y. 

Murray,  John,  Jr.,  22y. 

Mason,  Alonzo,  son  of  T„  18y. 
Mateva,  Samuel,  16y. 

Otis,  Sarah,  w of  Sardis,  from  Fort 

Proclor,  Sarah  M.,  21y. 

Reed,  Alfred,  17y. 

Rhodes,  Martha  M.,  dau  of  Nathan, 
20y;  Juliaette,  dau  of  William,  17y. 
Sikes,  Sarah,  dau  of  Salmon,,  15y. 
Southwick,  Esther. 

Savage,  Ebenezer,  Sly. 

Spicer,  Cordelia  C.,  19y. 

Savage,  Richard,  39y,  and  w,  Jane, 

Wait,  Mary,  18y;  Matilda;  Martha. 

Watson,  Ersa  from  Rome,  d 1842. 

Wright,  Mary,  16y. 

Admitted  in  1843. 

Brown,  Edward,  12y,  John  F.,  Eras- 
tus,  14y,  Pleidies,  Sy,  ail  d 1844; 
Olive;  Helen,  12y. 

Bryant,  Amanda,  20y. 

Barrett,  Amy,  23y. 

Clark,  Jeremiah  and  wife. 

Chapin,  Mary,  14y. 

Dutcher,  Samantha,  16y;  Laura,  13y. 

Dailey,  Edward  E.,  from  Hartford. 

Faulkenburg,  Obadiah,  13y. 

George,  Mrs.  Eunice,  47y. 

Hall,  Betsy  Ann,  14y, 

Hewlett,  Betsy,  17y:  Mrs.  Delana, 
43y,  D Mar.  21,  1844;  Sally,  14y. 

Harvey,  Rev.  A.  and  wife,  from 
Bridgeport,  Va. 

Hemingway Asa,  wife,  Sally,  and 
dau,  Philinda,  from  Dublin,  N.  H. 

Mason,  Phebe  Jane,  15y;  Elvina 
Juliaette,  21  y. 

MeFall,  Jane,  14y,  d 1843. 

Nash,  Mrs. 

Otis,  Charity,  14y;  Lydia  from  Fort 

Smith,  Cyrus,  17y. 

Statia,  John  and  w,  Sarah,  from 
Fort  Ann. 

Standish,  Caroline  from  Erie,  Pa. 

Terrill,  Ora,  from  Middletown,  Vt. 

Wright,  Susan,  13y. 

Admitted  in  1844. 

Murray,  John  and  Huldah  from 

Admitted  in  1345. 

Cronk,  Robert  and  sister,  Susan 
Cr'onk  Stafford. 

Mason,  Eliza  Ann,  13y. 

Spicer,  Emily  C.,  17y. 

Stafford,  Mrs.  Lucy,  40y, 











Wright,  Sarah  E.,  15y;  Betsey  L., 
40y;  Maria  L.,  13y. 

Admitted  in  1846. 

Adams,  Robert,  15:/. 

Andrews,  Edward. 

Baker,  Byron,  65y;  Norman,  12y. 

Baldwin,  Ambrose,  43y. 

Broughton,  Mary  E.,  15y. 

Crofoot,  Orestus,  24y,  D Apr.  24, 

Crippen,  Sylvia  Ann,  18y;  Olive,  16y 

Chandler,  Mrs.  Lucy,  50y;  Martha, 
16y;  Frederick  A.,  49y. 

Collins,  Philistur  Wyman,  from  Cav- 

Derby,  Dennis,  28y. 

Dunson,  John,  35y;  wife,  Eliza,  33y. 

Daily,  Catharine,  15y;  Betsey  Ann, 

Hemingway,  Susan. 

Mann,  Sophia,  27y. 

Otis,  Catharine,  17y;  Minerva,  lly; 
Richard,  63y. 

Rhodes,  William,  58y. 

Standish,  Jane,  15y. 

Simonds,  Ezekiel,  45y. 

Statia,  Emily,  12y. 

Snosh,  Ellen  M.,  12y. 

Stafford,  Elizur,  16y. 

Smith,  Charles  B.,  from  Ticonder- 

Wyman,  Franklin,  from  Charleston, 
Mass.;  Ruth,  from  Boston,  Mass. 

Waldo,  Juliaette,  18y. 

Admitted  in  1847. 

Grant,  Miranda  from  Half  Moon,  w 
of  Rev.  William,  dau  of  Miranda. 

Mason,  Coomer  and  w,  Eliza  J.,  from 

Nobles,  Roswell. 

Robbins,  William  and  w,  Lydia,  from 

Schofield,  Mary,  from  Poultney. 
Smith,  Mrs.  John  from  Bennington. 
Vt.;  Abner  and  wife  and  sons, 
John  and  Eli,  from  Ticonderoga. 
Admitted  in  1850. 

Avery,  Janette,  15y. 

Baldwin,  Fanny  M.,  14y;  Marvin,  1G 
y;  Isaac,  18y. 

Balik,  Harvey,  21y. 

Brown,  Julia,  14y;  Daniel,  19y. 
Backus,  Jane,  15y. 

Baker,  Henry,  15y;  Caroline,  lly. 
Bartlett,  Emily,  21y. 

Cummins,  Norman,  27y;  Harriet,  20 


Carlton,  Sarah,  17y. 

Cook,  Helen  A.,  18y. 

Flack,  George,  13y. 

Hendrick,  Albert,  lOy. 

Hogan,  Almira,  18y. 

Hewitt,  Franklin,  13y;  Helen,  15y. 
Harvey,  Horace,  17y. 

Kendrick,  Adin,  15y;  Lucy,  13y. 
Mosher,  Sarah  A.,  26v. 

Nash,  Charles,  15y;  Luc?/,  20y. 
Noble,  George  B.,  22y;  Joseph  H., 

Richards,  Mary  A. 

Standish,  Charles,  18y. 

Stearns,  Sarah,  17y. 

Stephens,  Anne;  Harriet  Ann,  15y. 
Smith,  Susan  A.,  32y. 

Stevens,  Simeon,  19y;  Marinda,  18y. 
Stoddard,  Jerome,  22y. 

Wray,  Frederick,  17y. 

Wilson,  Josiah,  13y. 

Wright,  Richard,  23y. 

Wood,  Mary  Ann,  17y. 

(The  End) 


Only  two  hundred  copies  of  the  records  of  the  old  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  were  published.  A few  of  these  were 
never  sold,  so  we  bought  them  for  our  subscribers,  because  the  records 
are  so  valuable.  Particularly  recommended  to  libraries. 

Judge  Charles  C.  Coleman  has  copied — 

Records  of  Marriages,  1776  to  1885.  Records  of  Deaths,  1805  to  1850, 

Register  of  Members,  1767  to  1850,  Register  of  Baptisms,  1773  to  1851. 

For  further  description,  see  Page  111,  January,  1936,  issue. 

Cloth  bound,  good  paper  pages,  indexed,  postpaid,  S5.00  per  copy. 













_ vV;f_  4 .0  Jidlltfl  lo'i  • 

• • . 



Members  of  the  First  Church  of  Christ,  Perry  Center 


Admitted  in  1836. 

Bingham,  Horace,  d 1851  to  Moscow. 

Borden,  Nelson,  d 1837. 

Graves,  Widow  Rhoda,  D Jan.  30, 

Gallaher,  James  H.  and  w,  Clarissa, 
d 1841  to  Penn  Yan. 

Higgins,  Almira  (Woodard),  d 

Jeffres,  Palmyra,  w of  Thomas,  D 
prior  to  1868. 

Admitted  in  1837. 

Benedict,  Harriet  (Stratton),  d 1847 
to  Perry,  D Jan.  27,  1887,  71y. 

Sheldon,  Elizabeth  Doriisca,  d Os- 

Taylor,  Lydia,  w of  Lyman,  D Mar. 
31,  1882,  84y. 

Admitted  in  1838. 

Barber,  Mary  Ann.  w of  George  W., 
d 1839  to  East  Windsor,  Conn. 

Burge,  Rev.  Caleb.  D Aug.  31,  1833. 

Gardiner,  Alanson  and  w,  Marilla, 
d 1854  to  Michigan. 

Hallett,  James  W.  and  w,  Cynthia, 
d 1843  to  Covington  Center. 

Kniffin,  Daniel,  D Nov.  2,  1854,  79y, 
and  w,  Elizabeth,  D Oct.  7,  1877, 

Sheldon,  Mary  (White),  d 1856; 
Martha  Asenath,  D Jan.  4,  1842, 

Admitted  in  1839.  . 

Burr,  Mary  Parmela,  d 1840  tp 

Goodell,  Lucinda,  D. 

Green,  Betsey,  d 1845  to  Jefferson, 

Newcomb,  Rev.  George  W.,  d:  and 
w,  Philena  L.,  D prior  to  1863. 

Topping,  Robert  H.  and  w,  Betsey, 
d 1 845 ; Hannah  M.,  d. 

Thompson,  James  A.,  d 1840  to  At- 
tica, ret.  1843,  D Jan.  30,  1866,  56y. 

Voorhees,  Phebe,  w of  Jacob,  d 1858. 

Admitted  in  1840. 

Bingham,  Mary,  d 1855  to  Moscow. 

Bushnell,  John,  D Nov.  1,  1863,  64y, 
and  w,  Ruth,  D Mar.  2,  1844,  44y. 

McEntee,  Eliza  B.  Butler,  w of 
Thomas,  D Jan.  19,  1866,  69y. 

Peterson,  Elsey,  d 1841. 

Sheldon,  Edward  A.,  d 1849. 

Skinner,  Austin,  D June  11,  1876, 
79y,  and  w,  Harriet,  D Oct.  11, 
1895,  95y  8m. 

Thompson,  Bela,  D Mar.  3,  1863,  84 
y,  and  w,  Diadamia,  d 1840  to  At- 
tica, ret.  in  1852,  and  dau,  Dia- 

Admitted  in  1841. 

Davis,  Clarissa,  D Aug.  18,  1841. 

Admitted  in  1842. 

Brocket,  Adonijah,  d. 

Covert.  Eliza  Ann,  w of  Samuel,  D 
Sept.  30,  1848. 

Hallett,  Widow  Phebe,  d 1848. 

Howard,  Laban,  d 1844  to  East  Av- 
on, d 1854  to  Jonesville,  Mich. 

Hough,  Hannah,  w of  Daniel,  d 1848. 

Hoose,  Mrs.  Marion,  d 1855  to  Illi- 

Sheldon,  Stewart,  d to  Yankton,  Da- 

Taylor,  Marietta,  w of  George,  d 
1850  to  Moscow;  Patty,  w of  Ste- 
phen. D Mar.  16,  1893,  86y. 

Admitted  in  1843. 

Ball,  Alanson,  d 1853  to  Moscow; 
Abigail,  w of  Jabez,  D Jan.  11, 
1830,  88y;  Jane,  w of  Daniel  from 
Perry,  D Mar.  12,  1894. 

Brockett,  Mrs.  Benajah  from  Perry. 

Buckland,  Elisha  Stanley  and  w, 
Betsey,  d 1855  to  Castile. 

Higgins,  Galen  H. 

Newcomb,  William  O.  and  w,  Eliza 
P.,  d 1855  to  Perry,  1844  to  Cas- 
tile, ret.  to  Perry  Center,  1850. 

Parker,  Sarah. 

Phillips,  Calista,  d 1855;  Anna,  w of 
Caleb,  d 1855  to  Perry. 

Truesdale,  William  G.,  d 1867. 

Taylor,  Lodema  (Gardiner),  d 1857 
to  Moscow. 

Thompson,  Eunice,  d 1840  to  Attica, 
ret. *1343,  D Mar.  22,  1900,  Sly. 

Tileston,  Rev.  Wales. 

Admitted  in  1841. 

Ball,  Jabez,  D Dec.  28,  1850,  72y; 
Phebe  from  WTarsaw,  d Galina* 





.1 1 • i r{ 

■■  . v L-m;  .O.  - umi  ’»  unrt<  •„  / 

• • ■ , 

•.  ‘ - V/;  i,  : 

. ( b .aofiioH  . tifl 
. • V*  .ciO 





Chapman,  Widow  Mary  from  Elling- 
ton, Conn.,  D prior  to  1868. 

McCrey,  Alvina  from  Wyoming,  d 
1850  to  Otto. 

Pratt,  Betsey,  w of  Jabez  from  Perry, 
D July  6,  1868,  70y. 

Tileston,  Rev.  Wales  and  w,  Eliza- 
beth C.,  from  Mt.  Morris,  d 1849. 

Admitted  in  1845. 

Chappel,  Olive  (Raymond),  from 
East  A.von,  d 1864  to  Webster; 
Maria  (Ferguson),  from  East  Av- 
on, D Apr.  22,  1902. 

Admitted  in  1847. 

Babbitt,  Lucinda  S.,  dau  of  Erastus 
Bradley,  d 1861  to  Olean. 

Beers,  Emily  (Richardson),  d 1854 
to  Norwalk,  Ohio. 

Cronkite,  Eunice  Newland,  w of 
John,  D Feb.  7,  1885,  88y. 

Dickey,  Elizabeth  (Thorp),  d 1865. 

Gardiner,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  W.  Henry, 
d 1857  to  Moscow;  Mary  Ann 
(Sutherland),  d 1852  to  Warsaw. 

Higgins,  Deborah  M.  (Dunlap),  d 
to  Dansville,  Mich. 

McEntee,  Thomas,  Jr.,  d 1867. 

Rider,  George  W.  and  w,  Elizabeth, 
d 1851  to  V/illiamsburg. 

Smith,  Anson. 

Sheldon,  George  K.,  D Mar.  18,  1883, 

Taylor,  Almira  C.,  D 1910. 

Watrous,  Alfred,  D in  the  Army  in 
1865;  Cassander,  D Apr.  27,  1865, 

Ward,  Jabez  Ralph. 

Admitted  in  1848. 

Sheldon,  Catherine  W.  (Butler),  D 
Nov.  25,  1901. 

Admitted  in  1849. 

Ball,  Phebe  Ann,  w of  Thaddeus,  D 

Euckland,  Jerusha,  w of  Joseph  P., 
d to  Eugene  City. 

Cronkite,  John,  D Feb.  19,  1377,  82y. 

Calkins,  Phebe  Ann. 

Higgins,  Chloe  from  Wyoming,  d to 

Hodgman,  Mary  H.,  w of  Rev.  T.  M., 
d 1859. 

Hitchcock,  Sarah  E..  D Feb.  18,  1867. 

Palmer,  Vicy,  D Apr.  4,  1857. 

Taylor,  Stephen,  D Oct.  14,  1893,  91y 

Admitted  in  1850. 

Austin,  Sally,  w of  Martin,  d 1851 
to  Perry,  D Nov.  15,  1873,  66y; 
Phebe,  w of  William  from  Perry, 
d to  St.  Louis. 

Barber,  Harriet  R.,  w of  S.  R.  from 
Perry,  D Jan.  25,  1873,  57y;  Mar- 
tha V/.  (Sheldon),  D June  18,  1885, 

Banks,  Ann  M.  (Smith),  d 1856. 

Ball.  Roxa,  w of  Alanson,  d 1853. 

Butler,  John  M.,  D June  25,  1884, 
63y,  and  w,  Clarinda,  D Mar.  21, 
1904,  78y. 

Burroughs,  Mrs.  Olive  from  Wyom- 

Cronkhite,  Sarah  T.  (Alton),  D Jan. 

29,  1896,  59y. 

Janes,  Lucas,  D Mar.  16,  1873,  80y; 
w,  Sally;  dau,  Harriet  Janes  But- 
ler, D May  27,  1900. 

McEntee,  Catherine  3.,  d 1855  to 

Phillips,  Artemisia,  d 1855  to  Perry. 

Russell,  Mrs.  Catey  Ward  from 

Stratton,  Mrs.  Harriet  B. 

Ward,  Phebe,  D Dec.  10,  1877,  43y 
9m;  Sarah  (Sheldon),  d 1856. 

White,  Daniel  C.  and  w,  Sarah,  d 
to  Perry. 

Admitted  in  1851. 

Carter,  William  N.  and  w,  Julia  E., 
d 1866. 

Pierce,  John  and  w,  Jane,  from  Mt. 
Morris,  d 1858. 

Admitted  in  1852. 

Austin,  Silas  from  Otto,  D Mar.  28, 
1854,  88y. 

Kniffin,  James  B.  and  w,  Roxana, 
D Sept.  23,  1871,  43y. 

Wygant,  Cornelia  M.,  w of  J.  B.,  d 

Admitted  in  1853. 

Patterson,  Esther  P.,  w of  Robert,  d 

(To  be  continued) 




■ ■ . • ■ 


! ' 


•-  v.'i  : 





iti.  t-  •'  i.  • 

■ • 


■ -•*  •'.*  - 


...  - . 

. - ■ . t I 

.iOCI  ,d£  .voT4 


>•<  < ■ = ' 
■ ' ‘A:-?  • . 

Bottenkill  (Now  Greenwich)  Church 


Members  in  1841  (Continued). 

Stewart,  Solomon  N.;  John;  Nathan 
R.;  Ann  Eliza. 

Stanton,  Mary  Ann,  d 1847. 

Sprague,  Ann. 

Tanner,  William;  Lydia;  James; 
Morgan;  Joshua. 

Tefft,  James;  Benjamin,  D May  20, 
1847;  Polly;  Nancy;  Sally,  D May 
1844;  Laura;  Willard;  William  H.; 
William,  D Apr.,  1848;  Mercy;  Sar- 
ah; Hannah;  Polly;  Tabor;  Horton; 
Hannah;  Eleanor;  Betsey;  Dorcas; 
Mary;  Alvira;  Hannah  Jane:  John 
P.;  Melinda  (Miller);  Almira,  D 
Jan.  12,  1843. 

Tabor,  James;  Russel;  Peggy;  Lewis. 
Trumbull,  Polly;  Simon. 

Tubbs,  Deborah,  d 1843;  Simeon,  D 
June  1,  1850. 

Wilcox,  Oliver,  Jr.;  Oliver;  Matilda 
(Hull);  Martha  (Widbeck);  Lov- 
ina  C.;  Lovina,  D Mar.  8,  1854; 
Sally  Ann  (Coffin);  Mary. 
Weaver,  Abigail,  D Mar.  7,  1850; 
Betsey;  Mary. 

Whipple,  Otis;  Betsey;  Wealthy; 
William;  Ruth;  Olive;  James; 
Elizabeth;  Job. 

Waters,  Ziba;  Mary;  Anna;  Eliza- 
beth; Eliza. 

White,  Sarah;  Mary  (Barker);  Ben- 
jamin F. 

Walker,  Jane  Ann. 

Wellwood,  Esther;  James  W. 

Wright,  Nathaniel  S.;  Charles  A. 
Whelden,  Francis  B.;  William;  Ta- 
bitha;  Deborah;  Louisa  (Hillman); 
Cornelia  (Inglish). 

Williams,  Electa;  Polly;  Joseph;  Bet- 
sey; Vila. 

Wear,  Eliza. 

Whittaker,  Harriet,  Michael. 

Waller,  Caroline  (Sherman). 

Wilbur,  Samuel;  Ruth;  George,  Pol- 
ly; Lovina. 

Wells,  Reuben.  Walkley,  Sarah. 
Whitney,  Leonard. 

Wales,  Elizabeth,  D June,  1851. 
Watson,  Susan  (Stuart),  D June  2, 
1848;  Lorania. 

Young  or  Youngs,  Rhoda;  Sarah; 
Polly;  Hilon;  Aurelia;  Ann  Eliza; 
Frances  C.;  Zedekiah;  Mary;  Hen- 
ry; Arnold;  Eliza  H.;  Polly  T.,  D 
Sept.  16,  1843. 

The  following  persons  were  added 
to  the  Bottenkill  Church  during  the 
revival  in  the  winter  of  1842-1843. 

Adams,  Jane,  d 1850. 

Archibald,  Caroline,  d 1845. 

Arthur,  Ann  Eliza,  d 1844. 

Allen,  Margaret,  d 1848. 

Brownell,  Morris.  Barber,  Harriet. 
Blawis,  Mrs.  Amy,  D Mar.  24,  1846; 

Blakeman,  Mrs.  Charlotte. 

Bartlett,  Elizabeth  (Robinson),  d 
1844.  . 

Bryant,  James;  Mary  E. 

Barnard,  Fanny.  Blanchard,  Amasa. 
Boggs,  Sarah.  Barker,  Peter. 

Burdick,  Clarisa  (Looper). 

Blin,  Elizabeth,  D July,  1846. 

Birch,  Clarisa  (Lockwood);  Henry, 

Bradley,  Charles. 

Baker,  Albert  L.;  Sarah. 

Becker,  Cinderilla. 

Cole,  Henry;  Morgan. 

Coon,  Maria  (Combs),  d 1845. 
Cunningham,  James;  Mary-. 

Cook,  Robert. 

Conley,  Caroline,  d 1845;  Amanda, 
d 1845;  Elymus,  d 1845. 

Corey,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann. 

Crandall,  Sarah;  Katharine. 

Conklin,  Volney,  d 1847. 

Coffin,  Thomas  G.  Clark,  J.  D. 
Chubb,  Lydia  N.  Cozens,  Mary. 
Dwelle,  Lydia. 

Dwelly,  Samuel;  Henry:  Caroline 
(White);  Elizabeth,  Albert. 

Dyer,  Clementine. 

Dilavarge,  Angeline, 

Davis,  Mary  Jane.  Dynes,  William. 
Eldridge,  Sylva.  Emerson,  Lucinda. 
Fletcher,  Ann  Eliza. 

Faxton,  Maranda. 

Forvason,  Ann  Eliza. 

Fenton,  Calvin;  Joseph. 

Galusha,  Joseph.  Garfin,  Ephraim. 



' . , ' ' ' ■ 

. . 


' oD)  mi  ol 

. .7/ 

V r'-:  C.  ; ] s 8 ; ! - Q , o f qqijrfW 


Ii  ! ) ‘ 

t I i 




Holbrook,  Silas,  d 1849. 

Hyde,  Rhoda  Ann  (Brewer),  d 1858. 
Heath,  Mrs.  Sarah. 

Hurd,  John  Henry. 

Hatch,  Dr.  Ira,  d 1848;  Mary,  d 1848. 
Johnson,  Melissa;  Caroline;  C.  P. 
Ketchum,  William  W.,  d 1846. 

Lord,  Sopharis  or  Cyrenus. 

Laraway,  Jane,  d 1844;  Sally  Maria, 
d 1844. 

Livingston,  Lavina. 

Lewis,  Deborah. 

Miller,  Nathan,  d 1844. 

Mason,  Frances,  d 1844. 

Mosher,  Gideon;  Ephraim. 

Mallory,  Barney. 

Mo  wry,  Elizabeth  Ann,  d 1845;  Will- 
iam P-,  d 1845. 

McDougal,  Duncan,  d 1845;  Alexan- 
dria, d 1848. 

Parsons,  Angeline,  d 1849. 

Pullman,  Delia,  d 1844. 

Perry,  William  H.,  d 1843. 

Parker,  Isaac  G.;  Edward  B.;  Har- 
riet; Lydia  A.;  Mary;  Margaret; 
James,  Jr.,  d 1849. 

Patten,  Charlotte;  Peter. 

Petteys,  Ephraim  B.,  d 1848;  John. 
Richardson,  Mercy. 

Root,  D.  M.,  d 1843. 

Rogers,  Josiah. 

Robertson,  Mrs.  Mary  A.,  d 1845; 

Mary  Elizabeth. 

Shearer,  Mortimer;  Volney. 

Silvey,  Franklin.  Skiff,  Ann  Eliza. 
Sherwood,  Marinda  (Fish). 

Stewart,  Mary  Elizabeth. 

Sheldon,  David  H. 

Tefft,  Lewis;  Charles  H.,  d 1848; 
Horace,  d 1844;  John  Henry,  d 
1848;  Olive  Ann,  d 1848;  Abigail, 
D Oct.  9,  1844. 

Van  Kirk,  Norman. 

Woodley,  Margaret.  Wilber,  Diana. 
Woodward,  Lemuel. 

Watson  Harriet. 

Wheldon,  Peter  B.,  D Apr.  29,  1347; 
James  F. 

Wilcox,  Harvey,  d 1850. 

Wright,  Maria  C. 

W'hipple,  Welthy;  Maria. 

Wheeiock,  Solomon  B.;  Ruth. 

Widbeck,  Stephen.  Welling,  Mrs. 
Youngs,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Lansing; 

The  following  were  admitted  to 
the  Bottenkill  Church  between  1844 
and  1850. 

Allen,  Truman  D.;  Amy. 

Adams,  Eliza;  Roxany. 

Bradley,  Sarah.  Baily,  Cordelia. 
Birch,  Abram;  Olive;  Zephrona 
(Norton);  Ephraim;  Phebe  Ann. 
Babcock,  Maria  A. 

Burke,  Samuel;  Mehitable. 

Bennet,  David;  Wells. 

Barns,  John;  Sarah. 

Cutting,  Shepherd.  Culver,  Lucy. 
Cooley,  Betsy;  Lucy. 

Carpenter,  Mrs.  Maria. 

Crandall,  Henry;  Mary;  Deborah; 

Davis,  Mary  Jane.  Durfee,  Maria. 
Dilevurge,  Jane. 

Durham,  Sophia  (Wilcox);  Enos; 
Mrs.  Jane. 

Duel,  Clarissa.  Durfee,  Maria. 

Eddy,  William.  Foster,  Frederick. 
Fuller,  Charlotte. 

Fletcher,  Lydia;  Simeon. 

Green,  Diana.  Holbrook,  Urbane. 
Howland,  Margaret. 

Herrington,  Cathrine. 

Hatch,  Hamilton.  Heath,  Louis. 
Lockwood,  Orin. 

Lampher,  Elizabeth. 

Masier,  John  R.  Main,  Harriet  P. 

Mills,  Sarah;  Wallace. 

Meader,  Mrs.  Nancy;  Abigail;  Dan- 
iel; George;  Harvey. 

Mason,  Augusta;  Rev.  James  O.;  Re- 
lief M.  S. 

Norton,  Mary;  Henry. 

Nichols,  William. 

Potter,  John,  D Dec.  21,  1849. 

Rich,  Cyrus.  Rogers,  Malinda. 

Richardson,  Ingram;  Elizabeth. 
Robinson,  Elizabeth. 

Rose,  Mrs.  Rudy. 

Service,  Charles  H.,  Emeline. 
Southwick,  Helen. 

Salisbury,  Sarah.  Shearer,  Mary. 
Shelden.  Elizabeth. 

(To  be  continued) 

r'  ■ 


, -v  ' 


. . •.  ' 1 

■-/  , • M 

r ' 


t , ;oJ 


■»  • 

; . ;\  : ■ l . ; 

— ■ 3 ! 6^ 




Subscribers’  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

Sack ett  Bible,  presented  to  John 
I.  Sackett  by  M.  E.  Thorn,  Jan.  18G1, 
owned  by  Marguerite  Sackett. 
Sackett,  John  I.,  b Apr.  5,  1827,  and 
Henrietta,  b Apr.  30,  1837,  m June 
10,  1858. 

• Sackett,  John  I.,  and  Jane  Watt,  b 
Jan.  10,  1841,  m Oct.  6,  1863. 

Sackett,  Cora,  dau  of  John  and  Hen- 
rietta, b Sept.  10,  1859. 

Sackett,  Sara,  dau  of  John  and  Hen- 
rietta, b Aug.  12,  1862. 

Sackett,  Ida  T.,  dau  of  John  and 
Jennie  Watt,  b Nov.  20,  1872. 
Sackett,  Henrietta  Harrison,  d Oct. 
3,  1863. 

The  following  were  contributed  by 
Mrs.  Charles  Merritt. 

Bible  published  by  the  New  York 
American  Bible  Society  in  1850. 
Owned  by  Mary  Van  Gortlen,  wid- 
ow of  Edwin. 

Van  Gorden,  Enos  S.,  b Dec.  22,  1813, 
D Feb.  12,  1859,  aged  46y,  at  Can- 
dor, Tioga  Co. 

Van  Gorden,  Esther  (maiden  name 
was  Saris  or  Searles),  b Apr.  23, 
1820,  m Nov.  28,  1838,  D Apr.  20, 
1895,  aged  74y  10m. 

Van  Gorden,  Mary,  b Jan.  23,  1840. 
Van  Gorden,  Angeline  C.,  b Dec.  25, 

Van  Gorden,  Ruthana  J.,  Feb.  14, 
1844-Feb.  4,  1915. 

Van  Gorden,  Lavina  F.,  b Oct.  5, 

Van  Gorden,  Lettie  M.,  b May  31, 

Van  Gorden,  Elvaretta,  b Mar.  6, 

Van  Gorden,  Merrit  S.  Edwin,  b 
Mar.  30,  1854.  in  Richford,  d Oct. 
26,  1910,  56y. 

Van  Gorden,  Clara  Rosalie,  b Anr. 
8,  1867,  Addison,  Steuben  Co. 

Aunt  Clara  m Col.  Williams. 


Van  Gorden,  Lavina  F.,  Feb.  6, 1849, 
Newfield,  Tompkins  Co. 

Williams,  Clara  R.,  Feb.  22,  1887, 
Newfield,  aged  20y  10m  19d. 
Gates,  Ruthana  J.,  Feb.  4,  1915. 
Lacey,  Angeline  C.  Van  Gorden, 
August,  1917. 

Lacey,  Alvaretta  Van  Gorden,  Feb. 

24,  1929,  Richford. 

Edwin  m July  4,  1883. 

The  following  records,  which  dif- 
fer in  some  ways  from  the  above, 
are  owned  by  Emma  Gates  Calkin. 
Grandpa  Enos  S.  Van  Gordan,  b 
Dec.  22,  1813,  m Nov.  28,  1838. 
Grandma  Esther  Saris  Van  Gordan, 
b Apr.  23,  1820. 

Van  Gordan,  Mary  Ann,  b June  22, 
1340;  Angelina,  b Dec.  25,  1841; 
Ruthana  Jane,  b Feb.  14,  1844,  at 
Newfield;  Lavona  F.,  b Oct.  5, 
1846;  Lettie  M.,  b May  31, 
1847;  Alverett,  b Mar.  6,  1862; 
Merritt  S.  Edwin,  Mar.  30,  1855: 
Clara  Roselia,  Apr.  8,  1868,  Addi- 

Ruthana  Jane  Van  Gordan  Gates, 
d Feb.  4,  1815. 

Ruthana  Jane  Van  Gordan  m Lu- 
zerne A.  Gates  at  Candor,  June 
22,  1864,  by  George  N.  Todd. 
Children — Emma  C.  Gates  Calkin, 
June  30,  1865,  at  Candor;  Ida  M. 
Gates  Olds,  Mar.  14,  1872,  at  Can- 
dor; Edith  H.  Gates,  Mar,  29,  1877, 
at  Smithboro. 

William  Wyckoff’s  Bible  Record 
William  Wyckoffs  Bible,  bought 
in  Canandaigua,  price  six  dollars, 
January,  1813,  has  been  copied  and 
sent  to  us  by  Mrs.  Florence  Whelan 
of  Michigan. 

William  Wickoff.  b Dec.  27,  1761,  m 
Jan.  17,  1786,  to  Isabella  Crown- 
over,  b S^pt.  11,  1767. 

Wickoff  births — James,  Oct.  19,  1788; 





- , . * . - 

• . • • . 





•’>  . - r J f?  f ■ 



. i ■ ' • 

f l 'I  ,13  .O 

Ot  l ' a ,.l  nHoX.  ,^9^oe2 


v '•  nc  -i,i4  f J awO 

O hkV 



Peter,  Oct.  28,  1790;  Thomas,  Oct. 
27,  1792;  Sarah,  Oct.  15,  1794; 
Samuel,  Jan.  13,  1798;  Jenet,  Oct. 
30,  1799;  Lucette,  Feb.  12,  1802; 
Lorry,  Jan.  2,  1307. 

Births  of  Peter  Wickoff’s  children — 
Jane,  Aug.  5,  1813;  James  E.,  Feb.. 
17,  1816;  William,  Sept.  7,  1818. 
Peter  Wickoff  departed  this  life 
Mar.  7,  1821,  at  Sunbury,  Dill- 
ware  Co.,  Ohio. 

Peter  Wickoff  departed  this  life 
June  7,  1807,  in  the  eighty-fourth 
year  of  his  age. 

Rebecca  Wickoff,  w of  Peter,  d Sept. 

1807,  rising  eighty  years  of  age. 
Isabella  Wickoff,  w of  William,  d 
Oct.  15,  1837,  aged  70y  lm. 

Sary  Spencer,  w of  Uriel,  d Jan.  15, 

* Tombstone 

About  one  mile  from  Valley  Falls, 
Rensselaer  Co. 

Deyoe,  Charity,  w of  Peter,  Sept. 
24,  1829,  84y. 

Deyoe,  Charity,  w of  Peter,  Nov.  26, 
1861,  69y. 

Deyoe,  Charlotte,  dau  of  Daniel  and 
Sarah  M.,  Mar.  14,  1827,  2m. 
Deyoe,  Daniel,  Mar.  20,  1813,  53y. 
Deyoe,  George  C.,  Apr.  25,  1865,  52y. 
Deyoe,  Jacob,  Mar.  7,  1840,  63y. 
Deyoe,  James  J.,  Apr.  14,  1842,  25y. 
Deyoe,  Millard,  son  of  Garardus,  2nd 
and  Lucy,  Sept.  21,  1845,  11m. 
Deyoe,  Peter,  July  11,  1844,  58y. 
Deyoe,  Peter,  Apr.  6,  1812,  74y. 
Deyoe,  Sarah,  w of  Daniel,  Feb.  19, 
1842,  84y. 

Deyoe,  Sarah,  w of  Jacob,  Mar.  30, 
1841,  58y. 

Esmond,  Catharine,  w of  Joseph, 
Mar.  15,  1835,  69y. 

Esmond,  Joseph,  1765-1813. 

Gibbs  Cemetery,  one  mile  north 
of  Boyntonvilie,  near  Troy  and  Ben- 
nington Road. 

Gibbs,  David  B.,  June  10,  1810-June 
26,  1878. 

Gibbs,  Eugene,  son  of  D.  B.  and  L. 

1838,  aged  43y  3m,  in  Lucas  Co. 

Albert  Covenhoven,  d in  the  year 
1778  in  the  faul. 

Sarah  Covenhoven,  wife  of  the 
above,  d Aug.  30,  1807,  in  the 
eighty-fourth  year  of  her  age. 
(Editor’s  note — It  would  appear 
that  the  above  two  might  be  the 
parents  of  Isabella  Crownover  Wick- 
off, allowing  for  variation  in  spel- 

Lucetta  Pearse  d Oct.  17,  1838,  36y 
8m,  in  Middlesex,  Yates  Co. 
James  Wickoff  d June  20,  1840,  in 
Hopewell,  Ontario  Co.,  aged  52y 
or  near  that. 

Thomas  Major  Wickoff  d Mar.,  1844, 
at  Clarence,  Carey  Co.,  50  some 
years  and  some  days. 


A.,  Aug.  24,  1874,  81y. 

Gibbs,  Henry,  Nov.  26,  1856,  54y. 
Gibbs,  Job,  May  4,  1842,  72y. 

Gibbs,  Louise,  w of  Job,  Aug.  25, 
1843,  72y. 

Gibbs,  Lucy  A.,  w of  David  B.,  Jan. 
25,  1810 . 

Gibbs,  Polly,  July  20,  1860,  65y. 
Gibbs,  Preserved,  Dec.  2,  1869,  72v. 
Williams,  Gilbert,  Nov.  6,  1801 -June 
1,  1852. 

Cemetery  of  Green  Farm;  North 

Blair,  Dr.  John,  May  7,  1838,  71y. 
Blair,  Lucy,  w of  Dr.  John,  Nov.  24, 
1362,  88y. 

Brimmer,  Almon,  Oct.  20,  1808- June 
14,  1854. 

Brimmer,  Maria,  w of  Almon,  July 
Croy,  Anna,  w of  John  C.,  July  3, 
30,  1826-Oct.  27,  1862. 

1842,  85y. 

Eldred,  Holley  M.,  son  of  Stephen 
and  Polly,  Mar.  9,  .1833,  19y. 
Eldred,  Mary,  w of  Stephen.  Nov. 
19,  1867,  80y. 

Eldred,  Ruba,  w of  Silas,  dau  of  Joel 
and  Betsey  Burdick,  May  IS,  1851, 

' •'  ' • "■  1 ■ 

. V 




i ' ;1  i 


- »a  hi  ■:  voiT  t£9?:  oil  to 

' ■ 

hi  .*  V • '-*2  £doiQ 


Eldred,  Stephen,  Feb.  1,  1866,  83y. 
Green,  Lucy,  w of  Daniel,  Jan.  7, 
1842,  75y. 

Joy,  Stephen  V.,  son  of  Mary,  Oct. 

7,  1843,  31y. 

Moon,  Electa  M.,  dau  of  Jacob  and 
Permelia,  Mar.  23,  1844. 

Niles,  William  P.,  son  of  Rob  and 
Emma,  Dec.  2,  1848,  ly. 

Prosser,  Anna  A.,  w of  Asa,  Nov.  3, 
1866,  83y. 

Prosser,  Asa,  Feb.  9,  1863,  S5y. 
Russel,  Capt.  Abel,  Feb.  13,  1812,  70y 

Small  cemetery  on  the  Watertown 
-Oswego  Road. 

Fillmore,  Ferry,  June  3,  1814-Feb. 
18,  1879. 

Fillmore,  Lucy  Ann,  w of  Ferry, 
Dec.  27,  1819-Nov.  8,  1887. 
Fillmore,  Ferry  D.,  son  of  Lavias 
and  M.,  Dec.  11,  1852,  6y. 
Hathaway,  Joseph,  July  24,  1847,  60 
y 6m  8d. 

Hathaway,  Olive  M.,  dau  of  J.  and 
A.,  Aug.  14,  1858,  33y 
Hathaway,  John  J.,  son  of  Oscar  F. 

and  Mary  A.,  July  23,  1843,  ly  7m. 
Haskins,  Lucetta,  w of  Morris,  May 

8,  1836,  35y  27d. 

Holden,  Mary  J.,  dau  of  Timothy 
and  Elizabeth,  Aug.  6,  1848,  17y. 
Reed,  George,  Sept.  17,  1828,  79y. 
Reed,  Martha,  w of  George,  Mar.  28, 
1337,  85y. 

Reed,  Knight,  Nov.  22,  1849,  60y. 

Reed,  Polly,  w of  Knight,  aged 


Richardson,  Rufus,  Sept.  18,  1841, 
81y.  A soldier  of  the  Revolution 
and  one  of  General  Washington’s 
life  • guards. 

Richardson,  Ruth,  w of  Rufus,  June 
4,  1851,  90y  lm. 

Richardson,  A.  F.,  Oct.  10,  1904,  81y 
6m  3d. 

Richarson,  Betsey,  w of  A.  F.,  Oct. 
3,  1880,  55y. 

Sprague,  Esther,  w of  Franklin,  Dec. 
24,  1838,  21y. 

Walker,  William  W.,  Jr.,  son  of  Will- 
iam W.  of  Otsego  Co.,  Feb.  26, 
1832,  28y. 

Worthington,  Thomas  F.,  son  of  Seth 
and  Sophia,  Nov.  8,  1854,  31y. 

Mattison  Cemetery 
A small  cemetery  on  the  Oswego  - 

Watertown  Road,  about  three  miles 

ircm  Oswego. 

Churchill,  Mattison  A.,  July  4,  1865, 
35y  6m  14d. 

Churchill,  Mary  A.,  Dec.  9,  1857,  26y 
7m  13d. 

Crandall,  Sarah  M.,  w of  Henry  S., 
dau  of  Solomon  and  Lydia,  Mar. 
13,  1820-Apr.  10,  1850. 

Crandall,  Sarah  Mattison,  dau  of 
Henry  S.  and  Sarah  M.,  Feeb.  5, 
1850- July  31,  1874. 

Lord,  William,  June  27,  1883,  80y. 

Lord,  Elizabeth,  Oct.  6,  1871,  68y. 

Mattison,  Solomon,  June  13,  1869. 
79y  8m  16d. 

Mattison,  Lydia,  w of  Solomon,  Dec. 
2,  1865,  78y  2m  21d. 

Mattison,  Caleb,  1831,  67y. 

Mattison,  Lucy,  w of  Caleb,  May  31, 
1839,  72y. 

Mattison,  Solomon,  May  19,  1848, 

Mattison,  James  H.,  Apr.  29,  1862, 

Mattison.  Mary  M.,  dau  of  James  H. 
and  Elizabeth  C.,  Dec.  27,  1862, 14. 

Mattison,  Truman  G.,  1812-1893. 

Same  stone. 

Mattison,  Amelia  S.,  1813-1882.  Same 

Mattison,  Nellie,  w of  S.  W.,  Apr, 
10,  1881,  21y  4m  2d. 

Mattison,  Dr.  H.  N.,  May  7,  1314- 
Oct.  13,  1873. 

Mattison,  Martin  C.,  1829-1891. 

Mattison,  Martha,  w of  Maj.  L.  V.  S., 
June  30,  1865,  21y  5m  21d. 

Mattison,  George  B.,  son  of  E.  G. 
and  A.  M.,  lost  off  Schooner  Molli- 
son,  Oct.  25,  1873,  Sly. 

Mattison,  Almira  M.,  w of  E.  G., 
Aug.  20,  1881,  57y. 

Mattison,  Rev.  Hiram,  Nov.  22,  1867, 

Stearns,  Mrs.  S.,  our  mother,  July 
16,  1865,  73y. 

Stearns,  Charles  W.,  Feb.  7,  1854, 


■ 1 : -3  -v  ; • • . 



■,  ' : - r, 

***->  ‘ : Jl.  : ailJJttfiH 



■ ■ ■ •'  ‘ '•  , ■ ••  ; - 

' . - " ' ' : 


Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  Countv 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D — died. 

Conkey,  Mary,  w of  Col.  David  S., 
Clarence,  May  31,  1823,  25y. 

Conklin,  Hart  S.,  Jan.  11,  1850,  21y 
9m.  D at  Sacramento,  Cal. 

Conkling,  Aurelian,  May  27,  1381, 

Conkling,  Frederick  A.,  son  of  Aur- 
elian, Oct.  12,  1866,  25y  8m.  D in 
New  York. 

Conly,  Vilera,  w of  William  R.,  Clar- 
ence, Mar.  24,  1835,  27y. 

Connelley,  Mrs.  Mary,  Jan.  25,  1865. 

Connely,  1st  Serg.,  Co.  E,  154  Reg. 
N.  Y.  V.  Newspaper  notice,  Feb.  4, 

Conner,  John,  Clarence,  Oct.  29, 
1815,  22y.  Formerly  of  Williams- 
town,  Vt. 

Conners,  Mrs.  Mary,  July  29,  1863, 

Cook,  Anna,  w of  Capt.  Raphael, 
Williamsville,  Jan.  17,  1815,  54y. 

Cook,  Betsy,  w of  Benjamin,  Jr., 
Jan.  14,  1837,  40y. 

Cook,  Catharine,  mother  of  Hon.  Eli 
and  Josiah,  Apr.  15,  1860,  74y. 

Cook,  Hon.  Eli,  Feb.  25,  1865. 

Cook,  Elizabeth,  w of  James,  Mar. 
21,  1855,  29y. 

Cook,  Harriet,  w of  Charles  L.,  Aug. 
20,  1844,  25y. 

Cook,  Hiram  H.,  eldest  son  of  Col. 
E.  W.,  Springville,  Sept.  18,  1858, 

Cook,  Israel,  father  of  Captains 

‘ David  and  Seyman,  Eden,  Sept. 
5,  1857,  79y.  Native  of  Rutland,  Vt. 

Cook,  Capt.  James,  formerly  of 
Maine.  Jan.  22,  1882,  4?:/  9m. 

Cook,  John,  Apr.  10,  1866,  44y. 

Cook,  Mary  A.,  w of  Eli,  Sept.  23, 
1849,  33y.  D in  Syracuse,  buried 
in  Buffalo. 

Cook,  Capt.  Raphael,  Rev.  soldier, 
Innkeeper,  Apr.  15,  1821,  65y. 

Cook,  Robert,  Dec.  27,  1812,  29y. 

Cook,  Walter  D.  N.}  Feb.  13,  1833, 

33y.  D in  New  York. 

Cook,  William  P.,  Aug.  15,  1865,  28y 

Cooley,  C.  H.,  Aug.  5,%1863,  28v.  D 
in  Chicago,  buried  in  Buffalo. 

Cooley  or  Corley,  Joseph,  Dec.  1867. 
Funeral  31st. 

Cooper,  Charles,  Englishman,  musi- 
cian, Feb.  20,  1843,  42y. 

Cooper,  Charles  M.,  Aug.  11,  1847. 

Cooper,  Hannah  E.,  widow  of  Jo- 
seph, Mar.  25,  1865,  87y  5m  ,12d. 

Cooper,  John,  Tonawanda,  Mar.  10. 
1863,  43y.  D in  Jersey  City,  buried 
in  Tonawanda. 

Cooper,  Joseph,  Apr.  19,  1852,  S9y. 

Cooper,  Mrs.  Louisa  Augusta,  dau.of 
Pierre  A.  Barker,  Oct.  11,  1843. 
2,4y.  D at  Holly  Springs,  Miss. 

Cooper,  Mary  M.,  dau  of  Wm,  Bos- 
ton, N.  Y..  Jan.  24,  1848,  20y  4m. 

Cooper,  Watts,  of  Horsham.  Sussex, 
England,  Mar.  16,  1863,  61y. 

Cooper,  William,  Jan.  31,  1855.  67y. 

Coots,  Caroline,  w of  William  A.s 
Mar.  8,  1839,  23y. 

Coots,  Carrie  M.,  eldest  dau  of  Wm. 
A.,  Apr.  4,  1860,  22y.  D in  Louis- 
ville, Ky.,  buried  in  Buffalo. 

Copeland,  Mrs.  Caroline,  Feb.  12, 
1863,  73y.  D in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

Coppock,  Mary  L.,  w of  W.  R.,  June 
11.  1851. 

Coppock,  William  R.„  Sept.  17,  1863, 

Corbett,  Elijah,  father  of  William 
G„  Oct.  23.  1857.  91  y. 

Corbett,  Emeline,  w of  William  G.( 
Nov.  2,  1843,  24y. 

Corbett,  Mary,  w of  Elijah,  Apr.  4, 
1847,  76y  9m. 

Corbin,  Edith  Russell,  w of  Peter, 
Dec.  6,  1867,  67y. 

Corbin,  Fayette  H.,  2nd  son  of  W. 
H.,  Aurora,  Nov.  22,  1862,  30y. 

Corbin,  Mary  E.,  dau  of  W.  H.,  Aur- 
ora, June  26.  1863,  25y, 

" . - - • •• 




■ ■ - • 

..  V 

- vi 

g ' ' : - 

- ■ ....  n 

*■.  *r  rv, 


Civ  g3  ,.W 

' • ' ' ! 


■ . ' • mi  ■ 



Cordukes,  Wm,  native  of  Yorkshire, 
Eng.,  Apr.  2,  1843,  29y„ 

Corlis,  Samuel,  Holland,  N.  Y.,  Apr. 
27,  1863,  7Sy. 

Cornell,  Albert,  Springville,  Aug.  9, 
1366,  25y. 

Cornell,  Jane,  w of  George  E.,  Oct. 
4,  1867,  41y.  Taken  to  Auburn. 

Cornell,  Samuel  W.,  July  23,  1865, 

Cornish,  Mrs.  Jane,  Feb.  8,  1867,  73y. 

. Cornish,  Orlando  J.  M.,  Jan.  30, 
1853,  53y. 

Corns,  Charles,  May  29,  1367,  38y. 

Corns,  Mrs.  Sarah  A.  Pearson,  Feb. 
21,  1867,  35y. 

Cornwall,  Sally,  w of  W.  W.,  Con- 
cord, Mar.  22,  1846. 

Cornwall,  William,  Mar.  5,  1840.  D 
in  Detroit. 

Corp,  Charles  R.,  Jan.  14,  1862,  44y. 

Corrigan,  Frederick  M.,  Sept.  29, 
1862,  20y.  Lost  at  sea,  near  Aus- 

Corrigan,  Maj.  Alfred  McQuin,  9th 
N.  Y.  Cavalry,  May  28,  1364,  24y 
4m  17d.  D at  Point  Lookout  Hos- 
pital of  wounds  received  in  front 
of  Richmond. 

Corwin,  Sergt.  James  H.,  Nov.  1863. 
D in  hospital  in  Washington,  bur- 
ied the  11th  in  Buffalo. 

Corwin,  Jesse  K.,  of  Scott’s  900  Cav- 
alry, June  9,  1863.  D in  hospital 
Leonardstown,  Md.,  buried  in  Buf- 

Corwin,  Rockwell  B.,  Mar.  4,  1853, 
25y  4m. 

Cosgrove,  Torrance,  Nov.  17,  1864, 

Costello.  Jane,  w of  Thomas  of  the 
Emerald  Hotel,  July  11,  1849,  35y. 

Cotrell,  John,  Springville,  June  23, 
1866,  65y. 

Cotter,  John,  late  of  San  Francisco, 
Cal.,  Jan.  15,  1856,  43y. 

Cotti,  Jacob,  grandfather  of  Alex. 
Martin,  Oct.  29,  1863,  79y. 

Cottier,  Lieut.  E.  B.,  116  Reg.  N.  Y. 
V.,  Aug.  21,  1863,  31y  9m.  D at 
Baton  Rouge,  La.,  buried  in  Buf- 
falo, Feb.  14,  1864. 

Cotton,  Abigail,  Apr.  23,  1345,  79y. 

Cotton,  Camantha,  w of  Daniel  H., 
Oct.  1,  1861,  57y  7m.  Dau  of  Alvan 
Dodge,  Buffalo.  D at  Richland, 
Jackson  Co.,  Iowa. 

Cotton,  Keziah,  w of  Capt.  Rowland, 
June  13,  1820,  57y. 

Cotton,  Mrs.  Sarah,  Apr.  28,  1344, 

Cotton,  Sophia  Brooks,  w of  Elisha 
G.,  Elma,  Mar.  31,  1865,  78y. 

Cotton,  Ward,  Dec.  20.  1812,  50y. 

(To  be  continued) 


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time,  may  be  in  the  Town  which  interests  you. 

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-v v,  X-j'n  ' 



Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  publish'  } 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 


Archer,  Mary  A.  and  Charles  Mc- 
Bean,  Jan.  12,  1365. 

Archer,  William  J.  and  Kittie  A. 
Breckenridge  (Blanchard?),  Dec. 
5,  1878. 

Archibald,  Charles  Edward  and  Ag- 
nes Pierson,  Aug.  7,  1884. 

Arden,  Charles  and  Emeline  Brown, 
A Mar.  13,  1853. 

Arend,  L.  F.  W.  and  Mary  L.  Howes, 
June  15,  1876. 

Arend.  Philip  and  Anna  Speck,  Nov. 
29,  1884. 

Avery,  Albert  L.  and  Florence  E. 

Raze,  Nov.  20,  1878. 

Avery,  Oliver  and  Harriet  Ellen 
Grannis,  Sept.  27,  1848. 

Argus,  John  and  Mary  Ann  Mitchell, 
July  17,  1865. 

Armbruster,  Joseph  and  Lena  Hart- 
man, Nov.  24,  1874. 

Armitage,  John  and  Mary  Eberhard, 
Feb.  9,  1871. 

Arms,  Helen  Marion  and  James  M. 

Selover,  Dec.  5,  1872. 

Arms,  JeanetteC.  and  Edward  S. 

Hawley,  Sept.  27,  1876. 

Arms,  Richard  and  Genet  Thomp- 
son, Jan.  31,  1329. 

Armstrong,  Capt.  B.  and  Abigail 
Comstock,  Feb.  5,  1845. 
Armstrong,  C.  B.  and  Eliza  Newton, 
Jan.  7,  1858. 

Armstrong,  C.  V/.  and  Bertie  Peters, 
Oct.  8,  1874. 

Armstrong,  Charles  and  Adaline  J. 

Fields,  Nov.  28,  1339. 

Armstrong,  Charles  and  Sarah  Wes- 
ley, July  8,  1847. 

Armstrong,  Charles  G.  and  Ann 
Macklin,  Aug.  14,  1845. 

Armstrong,  Charles  J.  and  Cather- 
ine B.  Webster,  June  10,  1869. 
Armstrong,  Clarence  J.  and  Emily 
Braun,  Mar.  18,  1874. 

Armstrong,  Eliza  and  Thomas  Cur- 
ran, June  15,  1849. 

Armstrong,  Francis  and  Nellie  S, 

Wesley,  Nov.  27,  1860. 

Armstrong,  G eorge  P.  and  Jen  mu 
Wolstenholme,  Mar.  15,  1869. 

Armstrong,  Henrietta  and  Abram  S. 
Swartz,  June  24,  1832. 

Armstrong,  James  A.  and  Ann  Me- 
Lane,  Dec.  29,  1850. 

Armstrong,  James  J.  and  Grace  Dcf- 
fendorfer,  Dec.  27,  1884. 

Armstrong,  John  and  Mary  Prosser, 
June  23,  1369. 

Armstrong,  Joseph  D.  and  Mary 
Boothroy,  Apr.  15,  1877. 

Armstrong,  Kate  B.  and  Henry  Con- 
over, May  13,  1871. 

Armstrong,  Lamberton  and  Mary 
Howard,  Feb.  12.  1835. 

Armstrong,  Maggie  and  John  H. 
Lester,  Dec.  17,  1884. 

Armstrong,  Mary  Ann  and  John 
James  Fitzgerald,  Dec.  6,  1885. 

Armstrong,  Mary  E.  and  Alfred  L. 
Freeman,  Apr.  6,  1871. 

Armstrong,  Meylert  M.  and  Lillie 
G.  Van  Orman,  May  10,  1876. 

Armstrong,  Minnie  and  Joseph  T. 
Telfair,  Oct.  2,  1884. 

Armstrong,  Nellie  S.  and  Charles  H- 
Funnelh  Feb.  4,  1878. 

Armstrong,  Thomas  R.  and  Sarah 
Jane  Rutledge,  Sept.  28,-  1843. 

Armstrong,  Thomas  and  Rebecca 
Hempferman,  Dec.  14,  1820. 

Arndt,  Elizabeth  M.  and  Harry  Eu- 
gene Eastman,  Green  Bay,  Wis., 
“Mar.  2,  1843. 

Arneson.  Alletta  J.  and  David  Oat- 
man,  May  3,  1866. 

Arnold,  Altezera  and  S.  S.  Clark, 
Jan.  11,  1849. 

Arnold,  Andrew  and  Mary  Jane 
Eavis,  Sept.  25,  1847. 

Arnold,  Charles  E.  and  Margaret 
Topple,  Mar.  25,  1853. 

Arnold,  David  and  Elizabeth  Cole, 
Feb.  14,  1836. 

Arnold,  Eliza  J.  and  John  Shaw, 
Feb.  5,  1372. 

■ ' 







i;j • . ..  . 

■ •«. , > • , 

. - _ ■ • v. ' o 

"A  ■ 

. ... 


■ . ; • . . : • . * 

•-  . • ••  : 


s ...  ' V * •••  ■ 

■ . ' 

.A  A . ' ’ ~ * 





Arnold,  Emily  J.  and  Allen  P.  Mil- 
lar, Sept.  22,  1363. 

Arnold,  George  L.  and  Julia  Riddle, 
Oct.  15,  1854. 

Arnold,  H.  and  Laura  Augre,  Sept. 
20,  1851. 

Arnold,  H.  D.  and  Minerva  Little- 
field, Jan.  12,  1847. 

Arnold,  Harriet  F.  and  Wentworth 
W.  Y.  Selleck,  Nov.  1,  1884. 

Arnold,  Ira  P.  and  Emma  A.  Paine, 
Feb.  24,  1863. 

Arnold,  John  and  Mary  Sims,  Mar. 
27,  1851. 

Arnold,  John  L.  and  Hattie  C.  Bur- 
bank, July  14,  1860. 

Arnold,  Johnathan  and  Sally  Harris, 
Feb.  7,  1813. 

Arnold,  M.  S.  and  Ruth  A.  Harring- 
ton, Oct.  23,  1844. 

Arnold,  Malinda  and  H.  G.  Ander- 
son, Sept.  20,  1851. 

Arnold,  Mary  and  William  Nelson 
Herrick,  Oct.  5,  1842. 

Arnold,  Pearl  L.  and  Albert  Wilcox, 
Apr.  21,  1870. 

Arnold,  R.  Emily  and  D.  Richard 
Bradley,  Oct.  20,  1875. 

Arnold,  Reynolds  and  Sarah  Ann 
Cole,  Jan.  3,  1839. 


Arnold,  Sally  and  Asaph  Pattingill, 
Mar.  8,  1843. 

Arnold,  Stephen  and  Charlotte 
Owen,  Dec.  9,  1845. 

Arnold,  Stephen,  65y  and  Huldah 
Perkins,  14y,  Mar.  6,  1835. 

Arthur,  Charles  H.  and  Edna  A.  Gil- 
man, Dec.  24,  1879. 

Arthur,  James  B.  and  M.  A.  Kelley, 
May  17,  1870. 

Arthur,  William  and  Elizabeth  Mas- 
on, Dec.  28,  1848. 

Ask,  Lucy  and  John  Driscoll,  May 
2,  1843. 

Ashburn,  John  and  Sally  Turner, 
July  6,  1842. 

Ashby,  Jane  E.  and  Theodore  W. 
Curtis,  Apr.  26,  1865. 

Ashby,  John  E.  and  Anna  Van  Vel- 
our, Oct.  25,  1860. 

Ashe,  Lettie  M.  and  William  Somer- 
ville, Jr.,  July  18,  1877. 

Ashford,  Emma  and  J.  F.  Fralick, 
Feb.  8,  1881. 

Ashley,  John  and  Hannah  Sheldon 
Smith,  Feb.  27,  1844. 

Ashley,  Louise  Rackett  and  Charles 
E.  Upton,  Oct.  12,  1859. 

(To  be  continued) 

The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  for  all  whose  names  are 
in  capitals.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Combined  records  may 
bring  success.  Please  inclose  stamps  for  replies. 

Who  were  the  parents  or  ances- 
tors of  JOHN  HEMPSTEAD  and 
wife,  AMY  BARKER,  both  born  in 
1773  in  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.? 

Was  John  a son  of  Nathaniel 
Hempstead,  a Revolutionary  soldier 
from  Dutchess  County,  and  his  wife, 
Esther  Green,  who  had  a son,  Will- 
iam, b 1783? 

M.  W.  D.,  Michigan. 

Revolutionary  Record  wanted  for 
JOHN  JOSLIN,  son  of  Henry  and 
Elizabeth  Matteson  Joshlin,  b Sept. 
9,  1734,  W.  Greenwich,  R.  I.,  m Dec. 
18,  1754,  to  Joanna  Andrews  of  E. 
Greenwich,  R.  I.  She  died,  he  m 

Content  and  came  to  Herkimer 

Co.  in  1806. 

Revolutionary  or  civil  record  for 
SETH  EDSON,  b Apr.  24,  1726, 
Bridgewater,  Mass.,  m IRENE  HOW- 
ARD. Six  of  their  children  were 
born  at  Stafford,  Conn. 

E.  H,  New  York. 

Who  was  DANIEL  MURRAY, 
Florida,  Montgomery  Co.,  N.  Y.,  who 
m JENNIE  SAMPLE  Sept.  4,  1734, 
at  Warrensburg  Church  in  Florida? 

lived  in  Orangeville.  Wyoming  Co., 
in  1870? 

Ancestry  or  descendants  of  either 
is  desired.  W.  B.  M.,  Illinois. 

- . <.;*•  r A ■■  ytf  r A 

k'>  Ai  ■ <:  . . :\'J  J,  ( 




..  . 

- \ 

• - ,bl  .! 


• . iA 


. v,,  ’ :q A 

JS5Tfft  • - bne  • j.  Icm  "-H  ,biomA 

i Sf.  3 bfTfi  

•;  ■ ,:A 

* ' 


Xt  . UjLovsH 

. *a;-.Av.  A HOT. 

. o ■.:-(!  A 

, , . . . i . •:  O 



EDWIN  CHILD,  b 1808  near  Had- 
dam,  Conn.,  m 1833  Mary  Griffin  of 
Newark,  N.  J.  He  was  a builder  of 
canal  boats,  and  was  Justice  of  the 
Peace  in  Barryville,  Sullivan  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.,  where  several  of  their 
children  were  born.  It  is  thought 
that  John  Lewis  and  Sylvester,  law- 
yers, were  brothers  of  Edwin. 

Their  oldest  child,  Julia,  b in  1331 
in  New  York  City,  m Charles  B. 
Sweney  in  1854,  went  to  California 
in  I860,  and  d in  San  Francisco  in 

The  youngest  child,  William  Ed- 
win, b in  Green  Point,  L.  I. 

A.  B.  C.,  California. 


ZEPHANIAH  TEED,  b 1763  in 
Dutchess  Co.,  lived  in  Greene  Co., 
served  in  Revolutionary  War  in  6th 
Dutchess  County  Regiment,  m HAN- 
NAH   . 

Their  son,  Nathaniel,  m ANNA 
SPAWN,  and  is  buried  in  Union 
Cemetery,  Sidney,  N.  Y. 

Lewis  Teed,  son  of  Nathaniel  and 
Anna,  m in  1844  CAROLINE  PAL- 
MER. It  is  presumed  that  they  lived 
in  the  vicinity  of  Bainbridge  or 
Unadilla.  J.  W.  T.,  California. 

MAJOR  WELLS,  Boston,  Erie  Co., 

m Sarah  Olive  . One  of  their 

five  children,  Dr.  B.  D.  Wells,  b 
1852,  m Martha  Dyer,  and  had  son, 

REV.  JAMES  WELLS  m Sybil, 
1797-1384,  of  Erie  Co.,  and  their  son, 
James  V.,  m Arminia  LeClain  in 

Niagara  Co.  m Eliza  Murney,  had 
son  Henry  Artemus,  and  grandchil- 
dren, Minnie  Permelia,  b 1872,  Mary 
Elmira,  b 1874. 

HARRY  H.  WELLS  of  Niagara 

County,  m Mary  , d 1928,  had 

son,  John  F. 

HORATIO  WELLS,  Niagara  Co., 
m Amanda  Ives  of  Lockport. 

L.  B.  S.,  New  York. 


A subscriber  in  Canada,  Mr.  .J.  W. 
MacArthur,  sends  this  help  for  F. 
H.  H.,  New  York — 

1822,  his  son,  Benjamin  J.,  1776-1854, 
and  the  latter’s  wife,  Mary  Snively, 
1779-1850,  came  from  Lancaster  Co., 
Penna.,  to  found  Bowmansville, 
Lancaster  Township,  N.  Y.  They  arc- 
buried  at  Harris  Hill.  Descendants 
are  known. 

A subscriber  in  Texas,  Capt. . 
Thomson,  sends  the  following,  and 
states  that  this  family  is  practically 
complete  in  the  Town  Records,  and 
History  of  Washington,  New  Hamp- 

FRENCH,  JOHN,  D Aug.  6,  1632,  80 

y,  and  w,  Grace  , D Feb.  23, 

1630,  59y. 

FRENCH  THOMAS,  Mar.  10,  1657- 
Sept.  22,  1717,  m Elizabeth. 
FRENCH,  THOMAS,  JR.,  and  sec- 
ond wife,  Mary  Owen,  m Nov.  5, 

FRENCH,  ELIJAH,  Nov.  23,  1726- 
Jan.  15,  1800,  m July  13.  1750, 
Mary  Clark,  who  D Jan.  7,  1812. 
FRENCH,  ABRAHAM,  b Aug.  1763, 
Braintree,  Mass.,  was  a soldier  in 
the  War  of  1812,  and  died  in  the 
Army,  Jan.  7,  1814.  His  wife,  Phe- 
be  Shute,  Malden,  Mass.,  after  his 
death,  m Col.  Nathaniel  Ena  ns  of 
Bradford,  and  D Feb.  14,  1843. 
Another  record — 

ABRAHAM  FRENCH  came  to  Wash- 
ington, N.  H.,  m Hepzibah  Leslie, 
D Apr.  10,  1864,  dau  of  Rev, 
George  Leslie. 

FRENCH,  MARY  called  POLLY, 
second  child  of  Abraham,  m Oct. 
23,  1815,  to  Giles  Thompson  of 
Bloomfield,  N.  Y.  She  D July  13, 
1828,  Fremont,  Ohio. 

Capt.  Thomson  has  sent  the  above 
to  help  the  French  family,  now  who 
will  help  him  find  the  family  of 

Correction  — January,  page  112, 
should  read  Ephraim  and  Caleb 


T33  YJfftAa 





;;  ■*"' 

■r-  ' t#  ■ 









I - 


5J>ut  ffarlt  @talf 

Anrrstnrs  anil  Sesmiftaats 




VOL.  II  4 MARCH,  1936  NO.  9 


$3.00  PER  YEAR 


Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 


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■ tin  . t ml  ■ mA 





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We  are  searching  for  records  in  all  parts  of  New  York  State,  and  at  any 
time  may  be  in  just  the  place  that  interests  you.  Send  your  question  now 
It  is  not  always  possible  to  announce  just  when  or  where  we  are  going  to 

During  April  we  will  be  in  Pennsylvania,  Maryland,  Virginia  and  Wash- 
ington, D.  C.  There  are  many  advantages  in  searching  in  Washington,  and 
if  you  wish  to  send  your  problem,  we  will  give  you  our  opinion  as  to  the 
advantage,  or  not,  of  searching  in  Washington  for  your  particular  case. 
There  will  be  no  charge  for  this  advice. 

During  May  and  June  we  will  again  be  searching  in  New  York  state.  Our 
charge  is  very  small  for  special  searching,  when  we  are  searching  for  re- 
cords for  our  magazine. 

This  is  your  opportunity. 



Lessons  for  beginners  were  printed  in  the  March,  April  and  May  1935 
numbers  of  “Early  Settlers.” 

This  lesson  will  be  an  explanation  of  the  United  States  Census. 

The  first  Federal  Census  was  taken  in  1790,  and  recorded  the  name  of  the 
head  of  the  household  only,  the  number  of  males  in  that  home  over  sixteen 
years  of  age,  the  number  of  males  under  sixteen,  and  the  total  number  of 

Each  State  is  indexed  separately,  has  been  published,  and  can  be  found 
in  many  libraries.  Copies  may  also  be  purchased. 

Every  ten  years  since  1790  there  has  been  a census  of  the  United  States, 
and  the  original  records,  just  as  they  were  written  by  the  enumerator  as 
he  journeyed  from  home  to  home,  are  kept  in  the  Census  Bureau  in  Wash- 
ington, D.  C.,  where  they  may  be  examined  by  interested  persons. 

These  records,  not  indexed,  writing  usually  difficult  to  read,  even  diffi- 
cult to  see,  because  of  faded  ink,  ar.e  not  quickly  searched. 

From  1790  up  to  and  including  the  census  of  1840,  searching  the  records 
is  a difficult  task,  and  rarely  is  the  result  worth  the  effort. 

If  you  find  exactly  the  name  that  you  want,  you  must  then  search  to 
prove  that  he  is  your  ancestor,  or  that  he  is  not.  You  may  have  a long 
search,  ending  in  the  knowledge  that  he  is  not  your  ancestor.  All  that  time 
wasted,  which  could  have  been  devoted  to  searching  backwards  from  a 
contact  that  you  know  is  true. 

In  the  census  of  1850  every  person  in  the  family  is  named,  his  age,  and 
birthplace,  and  from  that  time  to  now,  census  information  is  very  valuable. 

If  you  have  an  ancestor,  whose  birth  date  and  birthplace  you  do  not 
know,  who  was  living  in  1850,  and  you  know  where  he  was  living  then,  it 
may  be  advisable  to  search  the  census  records.  It  is  well  to  keep  in  mind 
that  if  he  lived  in  a city  where  the  population  was  large,  it  may  be  nece- 
ssary to  search  for  some  time  before  his  name  is  found. 

With  this  description  before  you,  you  will  be  able  to  estimate  what 
benefit  you  may  expect  from  census  searching,  before  you  devote  your  en- 
ergies to  that  service. 

Working  plans  to  help  you  find  ancestors. 

Genealogical  Work  Sheets — Twenty-five  cents  per  dozen. 




• inj  1 ■ ~\i 


! ..-*!«?  ■ si  • 




V lt  - 



Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 


The  following  deaths  were  record- 
ed in  the  books  of  the  North  Gran- 
ville Church. 

Adams,  Elvina,  w of  Wright,  April 
12,  1866. 

Backus,  Rufus,  Aug.  20,  1870,  75y. 
Backus,  Benjamin  — Meeting  ad- 
journed May  25,  1804,  because  of 
his  death. 

Backus,  Sarah,  Aug.  31,  1850. 
Burbank,  Roxana,  July  24,  1878,  79y. 
Bucher,  Silas,  Feb.  15,  1887. 

Bucher,  Fidelia,  w of  Silas,  Oct.  21, 
1879,  69y. 

Buck,  Widow  Jemima,  Nov.  28,  1824. 
Burdick,  Betsey,  1826. 

Bogatt,  Mary,  Nov.  26,  1834. 

Brown,  John  B.,  Aug.  25,  1879,  78y. 
Brown,  Mrs,  Mary,  Jan.  1,  1827. 
Brown,  Bertha,  Apr.  2,  1885. 
Chandler,  Minerva  E.,  Nov.  26,  1831. 
Chandler,  Martha,  Nov.  25,  1850. 
Chandler,  Mrs.  Lucy,  Nov.  16,  1875. 
Chapen,  Curtis,  Mar.  4,  1874,  64y. 
Chapen,  Sarah,  Dec.  24,  1880,  68y. 
Crippin,  Sylvia,  May  12,  1877,  49y. 
Crippin,  Mrs.  Betsy,  May  9,  1862. 
Crippin,  Ellis,  w of  Joseph.  Aug., 

Clark,  Nancy,  Aug.  26,  1831,  30y. 
Clark,  Mrs.  Margaret,  Jan.  8,  1862. 
Cozzens,  Juliette  Rhodes,  Nov.  13, 

Doane,  Eliza,  Feb.  16,  1866. 

DeKalb,  Ruth,  w of  William,  Jan.  31, 

DeKalb,  Betsey,  Apr.,  1877. 

Derby,  Jerusha,  Sept.  23,  1851,  59y. 
Dayton,  Jehiel,  17,  1861. 
Dillaway,  Rev.  Samuel  C.,  Nov.  4, 

Falkenburg,  D.,  Sept.  3,  1854,  26y. 
Gilbert,  Sister,  Apr.  2,  1864,  77y. 
Ganey,  John,  Mar.  7,  1866. 

Grimes,  Julia,  Nov.  26,  1887. 

Harry,  Ebenezer,  Aug.  27,  1831,  63y. 
Harwood,  Benj.,  Jan.  22,  1351. 
Hemingway,  Sally,  Apr.  13,  1864. 

Hemingway,  Asa,  Feb.  16,  1864. 

Ives,  Mrs.  Louisa  Chandler,  Jan.  14, 

Ingalsbe,  Emily  E.,  July  29.  1887. 
Jones,  formerly  Mrs.  Danby,  Mar., 

Loomis,  Aaron,  Aug.  12,  1852,  75y. 
Leonard,  Deacon  Job,  Jan.  19,  1823. 
Mason,  Deacon  Coomber,  Feb.  22, 
1869,  70y. 

Mason,  Lucy,  w of  Deacon  Coomer, 
Sept.  1,  1859,  55y. 

Mason,  Deacon  Truman,  Dec.  14, 
1869,  8iy. 

Mason,  Esther,  w of  Deacon  Truman, 
Apr.  20,  1867,  79y. 

Mason,  Julius,  Oct.  16,  1873,  38y. 
Murry,  Huldah,  Sept.  11,  1854. 
Neowler  (?),  Martha,  Jan.  5,  1849, 

Noble,  Laura,  Mar.  27,  1850,  57y. 
Noble,  Roswell,  Feb.  20,  1870. 

.Nash,  Mrs.  Henry,  Oct.  15,  1354. 

Otis,  Catherine,  Aug.  10,  1847,  IDy. 
Otis,  Ella,  Oct.  4,  1887. 

Otis,  Richard,  Oct.  9,  1851. 

Palmer,  Lydia  Felch,  Augj.  13,  1836, 
Borneo,  Mich. 

Rhodes,  William,  Nov.  5,  1869,  82y. 
Rhodes,  Betsy,  Oct.  1,  1852. 

Roblee,  Thomas,  Mar.  5,  1877,  8!y. 
Rice,  Huldah  M,  Jan.  17,  1878,  24y. 
Stoddard,  Lydia,  Apr.  26,  1832,  15y. 
Stoddard,  Emily,  May  24,  1868,  6iy. 
Stow,  Edwin,  May  24,  1832,  24y. 
Stevens,  Isaac,  Feb.  1,  1833. 

Sykes,  Sarah,  Nov.  11,  1846,  19y. 
Standish,  Samuel.  Nov.  21,  1862,  80v. 
Standish,  Julia  J.,  w of  Samuel,  July 
8,  1867,  33y. 

Standish,  Louisa,  Dec.  11,  1850. 

Sill,  B.  E.,  1831. 

Smith,  Worden,  Apr.  6,  1864. 

Smith,  Harriet,  w of  D.  Theron 
Gibbs,  Mar.  18,  1859,  25y. 

Smith,  Maria,  w of  William  W.,  July 
20,  1365. 

Savage,  Jane,  Apr.  26,  1854. 

.fcx  taib—^b 





*81  J iqi,  asinoW 

H - 






L ioS  - vnoH 




Savage,  Helen,  Feb.,  1858. 

Savage,  William  R.,  Dec.  20,  1880, 

Stearns,  Milo  L.,  Oct.  11,  1878,  39y. 

Simonds,  Ezekiel,  May  8,  1867,  67y. 

Soaper,  Jesse,  Jan.  5,  1853,  91y. 

Soaper,  Mrs.  Martha,  Sept.  1861. 

Sikes,  Salmon,  Apr.  4,  1856. 

Stafford,  Mrs.  Susan,  Sept.,  1361. 

Tanner,  Edward  P.  Killed  May  3, 
1863,  in  battle  near  Fredericks- 

Thornton,  Mrs.  Lydia,  Apr.  3,  1862. 

Utter,  Hannah,  w of  Amos,  Aug.  21, 

Wright,  Amelia,  May,  1865. 

Wright,  Elizabeth,  Apr.  16^  1869,  69y. 

Wright,  Richard  S.,  Dec.  16,  1854,  in 

Wray,  Sarah,  Sept.  11,  1870,  78y. 

Wray,  Esther,  Feb.  8,  1864. 

Wyman,  Mrs.  Franklin,  Feb.  25,  1863 


The  following  members  were  dis- 
missed from  the  North  Granville 

Church  during  the  year  which  fol- 
lows name. 

Averill,  Plannah,  1833. 

Allen,  Ann,  1333  to  Kingsbury;  Am- 
os, 1837;  Caroline,  1837. 

Adams,  Lydia,  1831. 

Boise,  Mrs.  Esther  Southwick,  1844. 

Brown,  Jonathan  and  wife,  1844; 
Jonathan,  Jr.,  1833;  Reynolds  to 

Barrett,  Amy,  w of  Gunn,  1849 

to  Keokuk,  Iowa. 

Boynton,  Joseph  and  wife,  1329;  Ro- 
wena,  1832;  Hannah,  1829. 

Barber,  Julia  Ann,  1832:  Ruth  Weeks 
(possibly  Hicks),  1830  to  Adams- 

Bailey,  Mrs.  Ruth,  1824  to  Pennsyl- 

Burdick,  Stanton  and  wife,  1824. 

Erown,  Charles,  1835;  Esther,  1837; 
Polly,  1836  to  Dublin,  N.  H. 

Baker,  Nehemiah  and  wife,  1336  to 
Western  Country. 

Bowen,  Mrs.  and  Lydia,  1836  to  W.C. 

Barber,  Betsy,  1836  to  W.  C. 

Beecher,  Martha,  1836  to  South 

Beebe,  Lovina,  1842  to  Gainesville. 

Brady,  Sally  Holly,  1815  to  White- 

Broughton,  Amelia,  1816  to  Hartford, 
N.  Y. 

Barnes,  Phebe;  Jerusha,  1810  to 

Beels,  Mrs.  Lovina,  in  1824. 

Bryant,  Mrs.  Ann . 

Clark,  John,  1836  to  Poulteney;  Jer- 
emiah, 1838  to  Shaftsbury,  1849  to 
Hebron;  Mrs.  Fanny,  1826. 

Chamberlain,  Mary,  1836. 

Crosby,  James  E.,  1832. 

Chapen,  Salma,  wife,  son  and  two 
daughters,  1833  to  Ontario;  Curtis, 

Coon,  Salvira  Hill,  1323,  returned 
from  Saratoga  Springs,  1325. 

Childs,  Widow  Eunice,  1825  to  Dres- 

Culver,  Polly,  1812. 

Doan,  Polly,  date  not  given. 

Dutcher,  Jane,  1833. 

Darby,  Rhoda,  1834. 

Dayton,  Mrs.  Elias,  1836;  Ruth;  Cor- 
nelia m Woods,  1825  to  W.  C. 

Durfey,  Mrs.  Olive,  1826;  Mrs.  Je- 
rusha, 1826. 

Eldridge,  Almira,  1837. 

Fross,  Henry  and  Abigail,  1832; 
Nancy,  1826. 

Felch,  Nelson,  1834. 

Fix,  Asa,  date  not  given. 

Gillet,  Mr.  A..  1831. 

Green,  Sarah  North,  1832  to  Marian, 
Wayne  Co. 

Gibbs,  Sarah  C.,  1850. 

Hutchinson,  William  and  wife.  Eliza 
and  dau.  Caroline,  1850. 

Harvey,  Ebenezer  and  Hannah,  1831; 
Widow  Sarah,  1835. 

Howe,  Mrs.,  1833  to  West  Haven,  Vt. 

Hill,  Mrs.  Benjamin,  1335. 

Harrington,  Daniel,  1837. 

Hills,  George,  1337  to  Hebron. 

Hemingway,  Asa  and  w,  1835. 

Hitchcock,  Admi,  1816  to  Hartford. 

(To  be  continued) 



- ■ Y:  ■ 

bun':. i K ^riphw! | 

'■ ,rir.  , ' :i-;9v/. 



Admitted  in  1854.  (Continued) 

Booth,  Phebe,  w of  Peter,  D July  23, 
1880,  87y. 

Chapell,  Martha  W.  Booth,  d to 

Cooper,  Clara  Ann,  d. 

Martin,  Esther,  widow  of  John,  d 
to  Perry. 

Willis,  Sarah  G.,  w of  Joshua,  d 1867. 

Waldo,  Maria,  w of  Samuel  from 
York,  D Feb.  23,  1881. 

Admitted  in  1855. 

Broughton,  Elizabeth,  w of  William, 
from  Ohio,  d to  Missouri  in  1866. 

Center,  Robert  and  w,  Sabrina,  from 
Warsaw,  d 1858. 

Admitted  in  1856. 

Barber,  Allen  P.,  D May  23,  1865, 

Burroughs,  David,  d 1867. 

Boyd,  Hester  Lynd,  d 1861  to  York. 

Center,  Eunice  H.,  d 1858  to  Moscow. 

Chapell,  Mary  A.  Keney,  d 1863  to 

Judd,  Jane,  d 1856  to  Moscow. 

McCall,  Thomas,  D Sept.  17,  1906, 
73y  9m. 

Patterson,  Robert,  d 1858  to  West- 

Richardson,  Loretta  B.  Colman,  d 
1865  to  Perry. 

Ward,  Joseph,  d 1861  to  Central 
Falls,  R.  I. 

Admitted  in  1857. 

Bronson,  Lucinda  T.,  w of  Amos,  d 
to  Wells ville. 

Buckland,  Edwin  A.,  D Jan.  8,  1857, 

Bolton,  Elizabeth  N.  Judd,  d to  Perry 

Butler,  Henry,  D June  26,  1898,  68y, 
and  w,  Harriet. 

Judd,  Samuel  J.,  d 1867  to  Wilson, 
111.;  Bela  H.,  D Sept.  27,  1380,  73y; 
Caroline,  w of  Bela,  D Sept.  8, 
1873,  67y. 

Patterson,  Susan  S.,  d 1858. 

Strong,  Ellen  A.  Thompson,  D Apr. 
20,  1861,  21y. 

Ward,  Catherine  B.,  D Apr.  26,  1876. 

Admitted  in  1858. 

Austin,  Anson  from  East  Otto,  D 

Apr.  4,  1865,  and  w,  Amy,  D Dec. 
5,  1890,  95y. 

Patterson,  Elizabeth. 

Sowl,  Fanny  Austin  from  East  Otto, 
d to  Dale. 

Admitted  in  1859. 

Means,  Rev.  George  J.  and  w,  Ellen, 
d 1864  to  Howell’s,  Orange  Co. 

Admitted  in  1860. 

Walker,  Margaret,  w of  John. 

Admitted  in  1861. 

Butler,  Milton  C.,  D Dec.  28,  1861, 

Hicks,  Helen  L.  Morgan,  d to  Ja- 
maica, L.  I. 

Olin,  German  B.  and  w,  Mary  Jack- 
son,  d 1873  to  perry. 

Powell,  Celia  B.  Thompson,  D Nov. 
5,  1922. 

Admitted  in  1862. 

Butler,  William  H.,  D Nov.  11,  1907, 
and  w,  Marivah  S.,  D Oct.,  1363; 
Lydia,  w of  Aaron,  D June  5,  1901, 
92y;  Sarah  Louisa,  D Feb.  17,  1895, 
55y;  Helen  Cornelia,  D Feb.  20, 
1899,  57y;  Nathan,  D Jan.  31,  1866, 
63y,  and  w,  Lucy,  D Jan.  31,  1866, 

Hewit,  Mary  Elizabeth  Butler,  d to 

Hudnutt,  Laura  ann  Butler,  d 1870 
to  Geneseo. 

Taylor,  Lydia  M.,  w of  Sheldon,  d 
to  Jamaica,  L.  I. 

Thompson,  Martha  Emily  Butler,  D 
July  1,  1922. 

Admitted  in  1866. 

Alton,  Thomas  J.,  D Mar.  20,  1880, 

Bishop,  Frances  C.,  w of  I.  G.,  d to 

Otis,  Ceylon  and  w,  Marietta  M.,  d 
to  Warsaw. 

Richardson,  Miranda  T.,  widow  of 
Rev.  T.  C.,  D Feb.  18,  1906,  at  Mt. 

Root,  James  Pierce  and  w,  Eliza  C. 
M.,  d to  Pettaconset,  R.  I. 

Admitted  in  1867. 

Brooks,  John  S.  and  . w,  Juliette,  d 
to  Hudson,  Mich. 

. ' G ■ : t 





• • . , . r. 

1 ' 

’ r b :.i;  ' . - ib  ;&;i*  ! •• 


-I  ,50051 

(4.V  '■  ' * ' ■ 

. . OJ 



' ' V •:  >Y 

. . 0 


• •••  -r  :n.;.0 

: : 

„ o.  . a 



Canaway,  Alexander  T.  from  Utica, 
w,  Jane,  and  Nancy,  d 1867  to 

Admitted  in  1868. 

Austin,  Amos  W.,  d to  Mt.  Morris. 

Coon,  Mrs.  Sarah,  D Aug.  19,  1881. 

Taylor,  Frederick  W.,  d to  Fairport. 

Thompson,  Irving  G.,  D Aug.  24, 

Admitted  in  1869. 

Booth,  Clara  E.  from  Lima;  Rachel, 
D 1911. 

Janes,  Lucas  from  Fowlerville. 

Olin,  Fanny,  d to  Perry. 

Sheldon,  Rev.  Stewart,  d to  Yank- 
ton, Dakota. 

Todd,  Julia  R.,  D Nov.  23,  1876; 
Frances,  D Jan.  3,  1870. 

Admitted  in  1870. 

Barber,  Mary  Marvin,  d to  Warsaw. 

Admitted  in  1871. 

Keeney,  Mary,  d to  Bay  City,  Mich. 

Admitted  in  1872. 

Andrews,  Samuel  M.,  d to  Pres. 
Church,  Eugene  City,  Oregon;  Ol- 
ive M.,  D Mar.  28,  1880,  52y. 

Benedict,  Frank  C.,  d Hartford, 
Conn.  D Nov.  11,  1919. 

Prentice,  John,  D May  2,  1893;  Eliza, 
D Mar.  18,  1889;  Addie  P.  Wat- 
rous,  D 1931,  all  from  Salina, 

Admitted  in  1873. 

Butler,  Harriet  S.  from  Clinton,  d 

Pres.  Church,  U , N.  Y.;  Mil- 

ton  W.,  D May  26,  1923. 

Admitted  in  1874. 

Bathrick,  William  R.  and  Mancie  C. 
from  Wyoming,  d to  Cong.  Ch., 

Butler,  Henry  C.,  D;  Rollin  Janes,  d 
to  Pres.  Ch.,  Geneseo. 

Hitchcock,  Phebe  H.,  D Dec.  22,  1897. 

Judd,  Amanda  M.  Barr,  D July  7, 

Kniffin,  Mary  Elizabeth,  d to  Perry. 

Ward,  Julia  Gertrude,  d to  Central 
Cong.  Ch.,  Brooklyn. 

Admitted  in  1875. 

Benedict,  Estella,  w of  Frank  B.,  D 

Oct.  31,  1886,  31y. 

Butler,  Laura  S.,  d to  Cong.  Ch., 
Shopire,  Wisconsin. 

Sheldon,  Arabelle  Jennett. 

Silver,  Hattie  E.  Benedict,  D Nov.  2, 

Admitted  in  1876. 

Austin,  Sarah  L.,  w of  Amos,  d to 
Pres.  Ch.,  Mt.  Morris. 

Butler,  Ada  D.  Austin,  D June  8. 
1924;  Frank  Eugene,  d to  Perry. 

Benedict,  Florilla  H.,  w of  C.  Jay, 
D Feb.  8,  1886. 

Bunnel,  Amasa  Webster,  D May  1888 

Cronkite,  Nathan,  D Feb.  17,  1398, 

Hoyt,  Elvareta  B.  Butler,  d to  Cong. 
Ch.,  Wellsville. 

Ladd,  Harriet,  D Apr.  3,  1906. 

Root,  Mary  M.,  d to  Franklin  Ch., 
Pettaconset,  R.  I. 

Silver,  George  Wilder. 

Strong,  Mrs.  Eva  D.,  came  from  and 
d to  Cong.  Ch.,  Austin,  Minn.,  in 

Taylor,  Martin;  Emagene,  d to  Cong. 
Ch.,  Freemont,  Neb.;  Mary  Eliza- 
beth Taylor  Fosket,  d to  ch.  in 

Walker,  Ida  May. 

Admitted  in  1877. 

Boler,  Minnie  Louisa,  d to  Perry. 

Hillman,  Elisha  S.  and  w,  Erretta, 
from  Warsaw,  d to  Warsaw. 

Miner,  Franklin. 

Perry,  Artemisia  Phillips,  D May  22, 
1888,  66y. 

Admitted  in  1878. 

Chappel,  Sarah  Jane,  D 1904. 

Perkins,  Rev.  Edgar  and  w,  Eliza  D., 

from  Copenhagen,  d to  Pres.  Ch., 

Andrews,  Clara  E.  from  Warsaw,  d 
to  Eugene  City,  Oregon. 

Admitted  in  1880. 

Martin,  Rev.  E.  H.  and  w,  Mary  E., 
from  Reinbeck,  Iowa,  d to  Dead- 
wood,  Dakota. 

Sheldon,  Eliza  A.  from  Medina, 
Ivlich.,  D May  31,  1886. 

(To  be  continued) 



. V 

,.rf3  397*1  ol.  b.  ,f!9?J6(ir* - J : 

. .1  ,3f;  * ■'.*?.  . no  if 

■ .ffo.'iivc*! 


FT  ■-  . 

— ol 

■ . 





Admitted  between  1844  and  1850 
Smith,  E.  Hubbel;  Julia  Ann;  An- 

Tucker,  Alanson;  Louisa. 

Tanner,  Louisa  (Dwinnelle). 

Tabor,  Henry.  Tillon,  Harvey. 

Tefft,  Henry;  Foster  Allen;  Gard- 
ner; Simon. 

Utter,  Samuel.  Vilas,  Mercy. 

Van  Norman,  Sylvia. 

Van  Kirk,  William. 

Van  Buren,  Mrs.  Martha,  d 1850. 
Van  Dusen,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  J.  S. 
Wilcox,  Hiram;  Cordey  D.;  Rebecca. 
Waters,  Ann.  Williams,  Steven  B. 
Wright,  Charlotte,  Eliza. 

Whipple,  Helen;  Ada;  Mary  W. 
Wallace,  Daniel,  2nd. 

Young,  Minerva,  D Mar.  9,  1848; 
Alonzo;  Daniel  C. 

The  following  persons  were  mem- 
bers of  the  Bottenkill  Church  in 

Adams,  Clark,  D April  17,  1863;  Zac- 
cheus;  Mary;  Roxany;  Eliza,  D 
Jan.  24,  1853;  Betsey,  D April  30, 

Allen,  Truman  D.;  Patience;  Amy; 

Sarah;  John  and  wife. 

Ames,  Amanda  C.;  Francis;  Mrs. 
Helen;  Chauncey;  Andrew  A.  and 
w,  Lydia. 

Bennett,  Samuel,  D.  Aug.  20,  1859; 
Wealthy,  D July  26,  1858;  Nancy, 
D April  3,  1856;  Olive;  Benjamin; 
Janette;  Wells;  Charles;  Benja- 
min; Jabez;  Prudence;  Jabez; 
Laura  M.;  Hiram;  Exodus. 

Burke,  Joseph;  Samuel;  Mehitable, 
D Dec.,  1351;  Mrs.  Samuel;  Ade- 

Blawds,  Ann;  Harriet;  Chloe  (Den- 

Burdick,  Winter;  David;  Ephraim; 
Narcissa:  Rossilla  D Dec.  1854; 
Mary;  Albert;  Darnel. 

Barnard,  Eunice:  Fanny  (Arnold); 

Aaron,  D Jan.  1,  185?. 

Bull.  Polly.  ~D  Nov.  1?.  1850:  Mor- 
dica,  D June  26,  1852. 

Barber,  Delia,  D Nov.  18,  1864; 
Susannah,  D Sept.  27,  1852;  Mehi- 
table; Lymau;  Caroline;  Jane 
Maria;  Harriet;  Harper,  D Nov. 
19,  1860;  Ann;  Daniel;  Thomas. 
Bryant,  Betsey;  Mary  E. 

Brock,  Elizabeth,  D Oct.  8,  1863. 
Bradway,  Joseph. 

Bosworth,  Sarah;  Albert  J. 

Burnham,  Britania;  Ruth. 
Burroughs,  Alonza. 

Bullock,  Elsa,  D Aug.  25,  1851;  Eph- 
raim, D April  5,  1860;  Samuel. 
Blakeman,  John;  Sarah  Ann;  Har- 
vey; Charlotte;  Jehiel. 

Brewer,  Martin;  Rhoda  Ann;  Abigail 
Boggs,  Sarah,  D June  11,  1854. 
Badger,  Olive. 

Bryson,  Mercy. 

Baker,  Jane. 

Blanchaard,  Andrew. 

Babcock,  Maria. 

Burch,  Clarissa;  Olive;  Henry;  Eph- 
raim; Joel  K.;  Anna  D May  26, 
1862;  Phebe  Ann,  D Sept.  16,  1856. 
Bartlett,  Miss  F. 

Becker,  Cindrella. 

Bradley,  Charles;  Sarah:  Jesse,  D 
Aug.  20,  1864;  Mrs.  Charles. 
Barnes,  John;  Sarah;  Albert  J.; 

Emily  J. 

Brown,  Charles. 

Brownell,  Ruth. 

Blumingdale,  Catharine  A.;  Bently; 

Bardell,  Alfred;  Caroline. 

Barron,  Lucinda. 

Bailey,  Freelove. 

Buell,  Mary  H. 

Crandall.  John  K.;  Sally,  D Nov.  9, 
1861;  Alexander,  D Mar.  14,  1865; 
Simon;  Nathan;  Ephraim:  Polly,  D 
June  5,  1857;  Fidelia,  D 30,  1852; 
Eliza  Ann;  Ira;  Mary;  Prudence, 
D Feb.  16,  1365;  Susan;  Sarah,  D 
July  20,  1853;  Sarah;  Catherine; 
Henry  S.;  Deborah,  D April  1856; 
Elizabeth;  Sylva,  D Feb.  1861; 
Mary  Ellen;  Martha  H.;  E.  Mary; 
Daniel;  Anna;  Thomas  and  wife. 






. • ' % .net  I 


•M'<  • i ' •••  • S 


t ' ?.l . 7 : o?  ^ncl* 




Cole,  Charles;  Rhoda,  D June  30, 
1862;  Henry;  Morgan  and  wife; 
Mrs.  Sarah;  Curtis. 

Carpenter,  Maria;  John,  D Feb.  24, 
1862;  Elizabeth,  P July  3,  1860; 
Mary;  Jane  Ann;  David. 

Correns,  Mary;  Betsey. 

Closson,  Sarah. 

Culver,  Erastus;  Caroline;  Lucy. 
Cutting,  Shepard  D. 

Chubb,  Betsey;  Delia. 

Conklin,  David;  Martha;  Sarah; 

Coffin,  Sally  Ann,  D 1865;  William; 
Alexander  N.;  Ann  H.,  D Sept.  21, 
1855;  Mrs.  Mary;  Caroline;  Thom- 
as G. 

Cunninghaam,  Mary. 

Cook,  Robert,  D Jan.  28,  1870. 

Cory,  Mrs.  Mary  Ann,  D Sept.  3, 

Capron,  Mercy;  Christopher. 

Cottrell,  Mary  E.,  D May  3,  1861; 
Thomas,  D April  16,  1864;  Polly; 

Clark,  Mrs.  John;  Susannah;  Sarah 
J.;  Consider. 

Cross,  Eunice.  Curtis,  Amada. 

Conley,  Thankful,  D Oct.  31,  1855. 
Corliss,  Sarah.  Craw,  Clementine. 
Callagan,  Catherine. 

Clever,  Harriet  J.  Caklin,  Mary. 
Crooks,  Mary  Jane. 

Conlee,  Elizabeth. 

Conway,  Catherine  M. 

Cameron,  Anna. 

Campbell,  Archibald. 

Cogswell,  Henry;  Sarah. 

Crawford,  Sylvia;  Mrs.  Mary  H.. 
Cheshire,  Rev.  John  E. 

Davis,  Maria;  Sarah;  Elizabeth; 

Mary  Jane;  Mrs.  Davis. 

Davidson,  James  T. 

Dennis,  Manila;  Elizabeth. 

Duell,  Clarissa.  - Dunlap,  Laura. 
Durfee,  Maria. 

Dilavarge,  Caroline;  Angeline  (Ve- 
lie);  Jane;  George;  Henry. 
Durham,  Mary,  D June  5,  1858; 
Caroline;  Enos;  Mrs.  Jane;  Mrs. 
Durfee;  Anson;  Mary;  Mary  A.; 
Mrs.  Durham,  D Aug.  24,  1863. 

Dwinnelle,  Louisa. 

Dickson,  Mrs.  Cyrus.  Dean,  Caleb. 
Dixon,  Robert  W.  Danfield,  Susan 
Dwelle,  Alfonso;  Elizabeth;  Lydia; 
Samuel;  Henry;  Elizabeth;  Albert; 

Derling,  Mrs.  Mary;  Isabella,  Ade- 
laide; Garrett. 

Danfield,  Susan. 

Dennison,  Miss  Hannah. 

Dyer,  Cornelia  M. 

Eldridge,  Sylva. 

Egleston,  Jabez  and  wife;  James  A.; 

Eddy,  Jemima;  Julia. 

English,  Susannah,  D April  7,  1851; 

Emerson,  Lucinda. 

Emmons,  H.  Louisa. 

Els  worth,  Erastus;  Anna. 

Evans,  David;  Mary;  Martha  J. 
Eveningham,  Frank. 

Faxton,  Walter  A.:  Maranda. 
Forbush,  George;  Emily. 

Fenton,  Calvin;  Julia;  Edna.  D Dec. 
16,  1864;  William;  Mary  IVT.;  Har- 

Foster,  Eunice;  James;  Frederick; 
C.  L. 

Flagler,  Jerusha,  D Nov.  22,  1856. 
Fletcher,  Simeon,  D July  1,  1856; 
E.  Ann. 

Fish,  Melinda,  D March  1,  1858. 
Fuller,  Mary;  Clarissa  Ann;  Dorcas 
Ann;  Charlotte;  Daniel;  Jane  Ann; 
John  D. 

Fergason,  Edward;  Eliza;  Andrew; 
Sarah  E.;  George  Y.;  Sarah  A.; 

Folkner,  Thomas.  Gage,  Betsy. 
Granger,  Maria.  Gibson,  Edmund. 
Green,  Rodney;  Katie. 

Gamble,  Melinda;  Irene. 

Garvin,  Elizabeth. 

Greene,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Merrit. 
Gleason,  Erastus;  Mary  E. 

Gardner,  Lewis;  Eliza. 

Gale,  Mrs.  Lydia,  D Jutv  12,  1864. 
Giles,  Thomas;  Anna;  Maria,  D Jan. 
31,  1861. 

(To  be  continued) 

, . . ; , . a in  lO  m 1 A (mo£*kCI 

, ■ 



I iq  H _ \M  i^bnfiK^IA 


- ■ ; • ...  • .■  ' •••''■  •''■ 

- ■.•'.A'  -,.J 


* : 


■ ...  .. ' j 


-*V)  j :s  >o  '•  ) M*r  r •- jCI 

.f,  J I < : . t:n6rri“!  JjG 


M - A r^iitd 

' : G ; . tuQ.  .«nM  * 



Subscribers’  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

The  following  contribution  comes 
from  our  subscriber,  Mrs.  C.  A.  Dur- 
and of  Michigan.  These  marriage 
records  were  copied  from  the  book 
of  Rev.  Jonathan  Benson,  now  own- 
ed by  his  grandson,  Charles  A.  Du- 

Marriage  Records 

Basset,  Orsemus,  26y  and  Phebe 
Cash,  27y,  both  of  Stafford,  Gene- 
see County,  May  26,  1833. 

Baker,  David,  23y  and  Nancy  Harris, 
18y  both  of  Jerusalem,  Yates  Co., 
Feb.  12,  1850. 

Baker,  George,  22y,  Town  of  Benton, 
and  Amanda  M.  Harris,.  16y,  Jer- 
usalem, June  8,  1850. 

Babcock,  Milo,  27y,  and  Catherine 
Lyons,  26y,  both  of  Jerusalem, 
Jan.  1,  1851. 

Babcock,  Marshel  and  Caroline  Ad- 
ams, both  of  Jerusalem,  Jan.  1, 

Coon,  William,  25y,  Jerusalem  and 
Jane  Hawley,  20y,  Potter,  Yates 
Co.,  March  24,  1850. 

Cushman,  Joshua,  31y,  and  Loiza 
Morgan,  24y,  both  of  Canadice, 
Ontario  Co.,  Nov.  17,  1833. 
Conright,  Joel,  and.  Jane  Esseltine, 
both  of  Penfield,  Monroe,  Co., 
April  2,  1835. 

Darling,  William  C.  and  Nancy  Man- 
diville,  both  of  Penfield,  April  9, 

Dennis,  Moses,  29y,  Lyons,  Wayne 
Co.,  and  Pama  Fetters  (Fellers), 
Sodus,  Wayne  Co.,  28y,  July  22, 


Danforth,  Homer,  32y,  Williamson, 
Wayne,  Co.,  and  Sarah  Ann  West- 
brook, 20y,  Sodus,  Wayne  Co., 
May  18,  1848. 

Eldridge,  Jacob  and  Eliza  Van 
Sickle,  Livonia,  Livingston  Co., 
Feb.  7,  1833. 

Fields,  William,  28y,  and  Emily  Tuc- 
ker, 24y,  both  of  Sodus,  Dec.  23, 

Granger,  Enoch  and  Mary  Robinson, 
both  of  Sodus,  May  31,  1848. 

Gaylord,  Levi  M.,  24y,  and  Helen 
Miller,  18y,  both  of  Sodus,  Jan. 
16,  1848. 

Huffman,  Samuel,  19y,  and  Amy 
Wilcox,  28y,  both  of  Mt.  Morris, 
Livingston  Co.,  Apr.  9,  1832. 

Hawley,  Martin  25y  and  Polly  Ann 
Godfrey,  21y,  both  of  Livonia, 
Apr.  25,  1833. 

Heath,  Watson,  28y,  and  Mary 
Thompson,  24y,  both  of  Geneseo, 
May  29,  1833. 

Kellogg,  Erastus,  24y  and  Elmira 
C.  Fuller,  22y,  both  of  Livonia, 
Apr.  17,  1834. 

Miller,  Daniel,  26y,  and  Ann  Heart, 
17y,  both  of  Mt.  Morris,  Dec.  30, 

Martin,  Abram,  20y,  and  Loisa  Man- 
daville,  17y,  both  of  Penfield, 
Monroe  Co.,  Mar.  18,  1835. 

More,  Erasmus  R..  and  Jane  Ann 
Miller,  both  of  Penfield,  Apr.  24, 

Prentice,  Silas  and  Eunice  Cook 
both  of  Penfield,  May  10,  1835. 

Rundel,  W.  S.  of  Aurora,  Erie  Co., 
and  Malinda  Teller  of  Penfield, 
Oct.  1,  1835. 

Simmons,  B.  F.  and  Pamilia  Harvey, 
both  of  Penfield,  Oct.  1,  1835. 

Taft,  Aaron,  24y  and  Sarah  Risden 
20y,  both  of  Livonia,  Jan.  1,  1834. 

Van  Sickel,  Ryneer  and  Jane  Eld- 
ridge of  Lima,  Livingston  Co., 
Feb.  6,  1833. 

Van  Murten  (Martin),  Joseph,  25y, 
of  Lyons  and  Loisa  Jans  Johnson, 
23y,  of  Sodus,  Feb.  20,  1848. 

Weaver,  Henry,  43y,  and  Betsey  Ann 







; ..i 

; • » .1  .fififc-  . ' ;vi  J AioC  ' . '*Z 

• ■ ' bri:-  - Cf«nv.H  n«V 

■ . ,/r 

..  -■  .vr.7.T  ~oct 


■■  lv'; 



McMullin  37y,  both  of  Sodus,  Nov. 
25,  1847. 

Webster,  Lawrence,  Consesus,  Liv- 
ingston Co.,  and  Elizabeth  Hay- 
ward, Livonia,  Livingston  Co., 
Apr.  25,  1833. 


Brick  House  Cemetery  North  side 
of  Route  5,  between  Pembroke  and 
East  Pembroke,  Genesee  County. 
Burrill,  Joshua,  Apr.  15,  1865,  84y. 
Burrill,  Caroline,  his  wife,  May  10, 
1848,  62y. 

Burrill,  Merinda,  his  wife,  Mar.-  20, 
1866,  79y. 

King,  John,  May  17,  1806 — May  28, 

King,  Brooksey,  Burrill,  w of  John, 
Nov.  14,  1812. 

Brooksey,  Amelia,  dau  of  James  and 
Achsah,  Sept.  2,  1853,  7y. 

Cain,  William  Henry  Harrison 
June  12,  1832,  20y. 

Cain,  Grandfather  Daniel,  1776-1875. 
Cain,  Esther,  w of  Daniel,  Mar.  1, 
1853,  83y. 

Brown,  James,  Oct.  24,  1787 — Jan. 
25,  1866. 

Brown,  Lucinda,  w of  James,  Feb. 
17,  1824,  35y. 

Brown,  Eliza,  w of  James,  July  22, 
1809— Sept.  28,  1885. 

Brown,  Marion,  Apr.  29,  1875,  24y 

Colby,  Eunice,  w of  Lucian,  June  3, 
1839-Sept.  15,  1866. 

Stevens,  Emma,  w of  B.  M.,  Aug.  14, 
. 1842-Feb.  12,  1891. 

Clark,  Andrew  F.,  1832-1901. 

Clark,  Mary,  w of  Andrew  F.,  1837- 

Brown,  J.  Worth,  1848-1926. 

Brown,  Hattie,  w of  J.  Worth,  1852- 

Gay,  William.  19th  N.  Y.  Ind.  Bat., 
Dec.  29,  1892,  57y. 

Hardwick,  Set,  Thomas  R.,  Co.  C. 

8th  N.  Y.  Art.,  Mar.  13.  1885,  77y. 
Hall,  John,  Co.  C..  2nd  Reg.  U.  S. 

Inf,  Oct,  8,  1873,  24y. 

Morse,  Dr.  O.  S,  July  29,  1861,  31y. 

Whitbeck,  Andrew  A,  39y,  and  Im- 
ogene  Filkins,  28y,  Geneseo  Liv- 
ingston Co,  Feb.  17,  1848. 

Wilder,  Chester,  23y,  Buffalo  Erie, 
Co,  and  Amanda  Pander,  20y. 
Mendon,  Monroe  Co,  Oct.  20,  1833. 


Drake,  Phebe,  w of  Moses,  July  14, 
1871,  59y. 

Hill,  Franklin  R,  son  of  William  and 
Aurilla,  May.  9,  1872,  ly  8m. 

Hill,  James,  Apr.  1,  1875,  65y,  3m. 

Hill,  Mary,  w of  James,  Oct.  16,  1364, 

■ 57y. 

Tobey,  Philip  L„  Dec,  11,  1867,  72y 

Tobey,  Sarah,  w of  Philip  L,  Jan. 
3,  1870,  69y. 

Tobey,  William  H,  Nov.  7,  1874,  40y 

Treat,  Truman,  May  21,  1854,  36y. 

Tirrits,  Betsey  E.,  dau  of  Thomas 
and  Minerva,  Mar.  14,  1850,  8y  9m. 

McWain,  Josiah,  July  31,  1825,  44y. 

Carlton,  Susannah,  w of  Kimball, 
Dec.  28,  1849,  64y  6m  27d. 

Howard,  Ruth,  w of  Cyrus,  Mar.  6, 
1830,  53y. 

She  lived  in  grief,  She  died  in 
sorrow,  She  died  today,  To  live  to- 

Ashley,  Happelony,  dau  of  Isaac  and 
Eunice,  Apr.  21,  1830,  21y. 

Ashley,  William  W.,  son  of  Isaac 
and  Eunice,  Apr.  29,  1823,  17y. 

Barritt,  George,  son  of  Erastus  and 
Sally,  Mar.  24,  1830,  22y. 

Barden,  Isaac,  May  22,  1866,  83y 

Barden,  Nancy,  w of  Isaac,  Nov.  30, 
1855,  60y  11m. 

Barden,  Emily,  our  mother,  w of 
Homer — , dau  of  Isaac  and  Nancy, 
Mar.  20.  1868.  49y  10m. 

Barden,  Elias,  son  of  Isaac  and  Nan- 
cy Feb.  12,  1844,  28y  4m. 

Barden,  Lewis,  son  of  Isaac  and 
Nancy,  Am*.  26,  1843,  15y. 

Barden  Malona,  dau  of  Isaac  and 
Nancy,  w of  Joseph  Fosha,  June 
28,  1833,  27y. 

: • ■ <*■  ' • 



' ■ ■.»!  iqrr><ni  ' 



r ■ - • 0 

' l .C£  .iqA  ,9V:  — 


‘ . < • "’<l* : * ft  ill  O.  M /THOM 



Wood,  Phebe,  w of  Benjamin,  Mar. 

26,  1869,  61y. 

Cutler,  Delia  L.,  w of  Harvey  H., 
May  10,  1842,  21y. 

Brown,  Christy  E.,  dau  of  Alpheus 
and  Margaret,  Dec.  21,  1855,  4y. 

Hastings,  Dolly,  w of  Jonathan,  Mar. 
9,  1837,  65y. 

Barden,  Orsen,  Dec.  18,  1860,  51y. 

Barden  Eliza  Ann,  dau  of  Orsen  and 
Phebe,  Jan.  3,  1859,  17y. 

Barden,  Eliza  Ann,  dau  of  Orson 
and  Eulelia,  Apr.  6,  1842,  3y. 

Harmon,  Phebe,  w of  William  Love, 
Nov.  11,  1871,  57y. 

Swift,  Lewis,  Oct.  24,  1854,  43y  8m. 

Swift,  Hiram  A.,  Co.  C,  100th  Reg., 
N.  Y.  Vol. 

Swift,  Levi,  July  13,  1859,  23y. 

Porter,  WiHiam  H.,  June  17,  1883, 

Porter,  Mary  L.,  w of  William  H., 
Mar.  20,  1881,  54y. 

Porter,  Lucretia,  w of  William,  Feb. 

17,  1856,  40y. 

Barnum,  Mary  K.,  w of  Daniel  P. 
Apr.  21  1859,  38y. 

Hunting,  Lydia  M.,  dau  of  Sidney 
and  Sally,  June  21,  1853,  21y  6m. 

Hunting,  Lafayette,  Co.  I.,  49th  Reg., 
N.  Y.  Vol. 

Anderson,  Ellen  Augusta,  dau  of 
Morris  and  Mary,  Feb.  19,  1851, 

Howe,  Seth,  June  14,  1852,  75y  3m. 

Howe,  Ellen,  dau  of  Seymour  E.  and 
Phebe,  Jan.  3,  1854,  3m. 

Edwards,  Daniel,  May  17,  1848.  67y. 

Edwards,  Laurinda,  w of  Daniel, 
Nov.  29,  1858,  69y. 

Knapp,  Ashbel  H.,  son  of  Leonard 
and  Phy , Mar.  6,  1851. 

Knapp,  Wright,  Aug.  23,  1853,  80y. 

Knapp,  Olive,  w of  Wright,  Mar.  21, 
1856,  76y. 

Redman,  David,  A.,  Mar.  28,  1873, 
73y  4m  lid. 

Redman,  Martha,  w of  David,  May 
7,  1869,  59y  3m. 

Redman,  Sophia,  dau  of  David  and 
Martha,  Oct.  11,  1857,  28y  5m. 

Redman,  Emma  M.,  dau  of  David 
and  Martha  July  2,  1867,  30y. 

Redman,  George  B.,  son  of  Burrill 
and  Mary,  Jan.  2,  1862,  ly. 

Wright,  Mary  A.,  dau  of  Victor  and 
Lucinda,  Feb.  12,  1853,  9y  6m. 

Langworthy,  Lydia  J.,  dau  of  James 
and  Jane,  Nov.  16,  1847,  8y. 

Langworthy,  Maryett,  dau  of  Ira  S. 
and  Mary,  Aug.  16,  1847,  2y. 

Ferguson,  Isaac,  Jan.  6,  1870,  75y. 

Ferguson,  Elizabeth,  w of  Isaac,  May 
15,  1864,  65y. 

Wyman,  Samuel,  Apr.  21,  1859,  67y 

Wyman,  Betsey  G.,  w of  Samuel, 
Oct.  25,  1860,  66y. 

Wyman,  Celistia,  w of  Amos,  Jan.  21, 
1859,  21y. 

Wyman,  John  A.,  son  of  Samuel 
and  Betsey,  Mar.  25,  1854,  23y  6m. 

Ashley,  Julius  F.,  son  of  William 
and  Abigail,  May  19,  1857,  11m. 

Child,  George,  son  of  Lyman  and 
Mary,  Mar.  27,  1849,  19y. 

Porter,  Betsey,  w of  Joseph,  Oct.  18, 
1880,  90y. 

Bowen,  Judson,  Co.  G.,  21st  Regt., 
N.  Y.  Cav.,  July  7,  1876,  31y. 

Bowen,  Mary,  w of  Judson,  Dec.  2, 
1872,  26y  9m  lid. 

Hill,  James,  Apr.  1,  1875,  65y  8m. 

Hill,  Mary,  w of  James,  Oct.  16, 
1864,  57y  10m  13d. 


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bn:>  luomxsS  *o  usb  ^nslia  f»w oH 



. ■ ■ : -‘yU<r;  ^0 


Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  Countv 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D— died. 


Courtney,  William,  formerly  of  Tor- 
onto, Can.  May  7,  1866,  51y  8m. 

Cousins,  Hattie  C.,  w of  William  of 
Warren  Pa.,  Aug.  5,  1866,  35y. . 

Coveny,  Sarah,  w of  Robert,  June 
10,  1851,  31y. 

Coville,  Capt.  Sephen,  Huntsburg, 
Ohio,  Oct.  1,  1866,  46y.  Formerly 
of  Buffalo. 

Covney,  Robert,  Nov.  27,  1864,  50y. 

Cowan,  Anna  E.,  w of  Charles  H., 
Mar.  14,  1858,  25y. 

Cowan  Hugh,  Nov.  11,  1865,  26y. 

Cowan,  Samuel  Adams,  son  of  Rob- 
ert of  Jamestown,  N.  Y.,  printer, 
Mar.  2,  1861,  26y,  D in  Warren,  Pa. 

Cowgiil,  Joseph  C.,  Mar.  19,  1852, 
34y.  D in  Detroit. 

Cowing,  Abigail,  widow  of  John, 
Mar.  17,  1836,  70y. 

Cowing,  Calvin,  father  of  H.  O.  and 
E.  H.,  Feb.  3,  1859,  73y. 

Cowles,  Absalom  or  Abraham,  Feb. 
15,  1838,  38y. 

Cowles,  Samuel  H.,  July  4,  1865,  34y. 

Crake,  Orrin,  Nov.  1827,  35y. 

Craig,  Francis  S.,  Apr.  13,  1864.  For- 
merly of  Hamburg. 

Craig,  James  D.,  Apr.  5,  1853,  D in 
N.  Y.  City.  ' 

Craig,  Laura  L.,  widow  of  Francis 
S.,  June  2,  1867. 

Craig,  Mary,  mother  of  Francis  S., 
Hamburg,  Dec.  16,  1865,  87y. 

Cramer,  Jacob,  youngest  son  of 
Peter,  Oct.  27,  1864,  26y.  D at 
City  Point,  Va.  from  battle 
wounds.  B in  Buffalo. 

Crandall,  Luke,  Revolutionary  Patr- 
iot. Collins,  Aug.  1832. 

Crandall,  Mrs.  P.  M.,  Canandaigua, 
dau  of  Nathan  Calhoun  of  Pitts- 
ford,  Sept.  30,  1848. 

Crane,  Miss  Amanda,  dau  of  Mrs. 
Ruth  Crane,  Apr.  27,  1851 

Crane,  George  B.,  joiner,  June  5, 

1859,  48y. 

Crane  Thomas,  Aug.  16,  1838,  52y. 
Crary,  Betsey,  w of  L.  P.,  Williams- 
ville,  Sept.  24,  1821,  Sly. 

Crary,  Mrs.  Betsey,  Sept.  19,  1857, 
56y.  Taken  to  Cattaraugus  Co. 
Crary,  Jane  A.,  w of  Oscar  F.,  dau 
of  Benjamin  Bidwell,  July  24, 
1862,  41y. 

Crary,  General  Leonard  P.,  Mar.  G, 
1836,  43y. 

Crary,  Maria  E.,  dau  of  Dr.  Spencer 
Crary  of  Columbus,  Ind.,  Apr.  17, 

1860,  20y. 

Crawford,  Mr.  Amherst,  Nov,  29. 
1823.  Killed  by  the  falling  of  a 
tree  30y. 

Crawford,  Henry,  Aurora,  Mar.  28, 
1835,  40y.  Justice  of  the  Peace  in 

Crawford.  H.  H.,  Feb.  26,  1863,  37v. 
Crawford,  Mrs.  Mary,  Oct.  3,  1864, 

Crawford,  Samuel  L.,  Prince  Ed- 
ward Islands,  Nov.  12,  1862.  Late 
carpenter’s  mate  of  Steam  Frigate 

Crego,  Elizabeth  C.,  w of  Francis. 
Feb.  22,  1855,  48y. 

Crego,  Lois,  sister  of  Mrs.  John  H. 

Hebard,  Oct.  9,  1884,  27y  6m. 
Crego,  William  D.,  Aug.  11,  1866, 
36y.  D in  Chicago. 

Cremar,  Joseph,  late  mate  of  Steam- 
er Lexington,  Feb.  1,  1843,  22y. 
Cremer,  Mary  Ann,  w of  James,  Oct. 
16,  1849,  24y. 

Crocker,  Ellen,  w of  William,  dau  of 
Charles  H.  Waite,  Aug.  16,  1865, 

Crocker,  Emma,  w of  James,  Sept. 
11,  1849,  56y. 

Crocker,  George  L.,  Aug.  23,  1860, 

Crocker,  James,  Feb.  4,  1861,  70y. 
Crocker,  Nathaniel,  Aug.  15,  1855 

• ' > 





>,*•  ■-  > ■ "l  V..' 

\ ..  < i. 



T.  ■ . t : 

/Rf.  ,,  ' ' 


s:  ,7 : • ■ i 





Crocker,  Mrs.  William,  only  dau  of 
Aaron  Rumsey,  Feb.  14,  1861,  36y. 

Crolius,  Huldah,  widow  of  John,  for- 
merly of  New  York  City,  May  2, 
1858,  75y. 

Cronyn,  Mrs.  Mary,  Dec.  13,  1862, 

Crook,  , Revolutionary  Patriot, 

Aurora,  Dec.  29,  1838. 

Crook,  Dolly,  w of  Benjamin,  Hol- 
land, N.  Y.,  June  22,  1841,  46y. 

Crooker,  Abigail,  widow  of  William, 
Dec.  13,  1844,  64y. 

Crooker,  Chlloe  Ann,  w of  George, 
Aug.  18,  1864,  49y. 

Crooker,  Jane,  w of  Capt.  Erastus, 
Oct.  29,  1860,  45y. 

Crooker,  William,  June  3,  1855,  54y. 

Crooks,  James  Ramsay,  sailor,  Oct. 
4,  1863,  53y. 

Crosby,  Laura  B.,  w of  O.  T.,  Alden, 
Dec.  16,  1866,  67y. 

Crosby,  Mrs.  Letitia,  Dec.  18,  1348. 

Crosier,  John  A.,  Aug.  4,  1852,  20y. 

Crosier,  John  M.,  Mar.  26,  1866,  65y. 

Crosier,  Minerva,  w of  John  M., 
July  21,  1850,  45y. 

Crosier,  William  Henry,  Dec.  27, 
1651.  23y.  D at  Jacksonville,  Fla. 
Cross,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  sister  of  Mrs. 

B.  L.  Derrick,  Oct.  1,  1867,  59y. 
Cross,  Dr.  Erastus,  Apr.  17,  1849,  80y. 
Formerly  of  Darien,  Genesee  Co. 
and  buried  there. 

Cross,  Mrs.  J.  R.,  Aug.  19,  1866,  30y. 
Cross,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Aviral,  Feb. 
23,  1849,  24y. 

Cross,  Sophia,  w of  E.  T.,  dau  of 
Jabez  Otis,  Westfield,  Mass.,  Aug. 
7,  1850,  42y.  Taken  to  Darien. 
Cross,  Urania,  w of  Daniel,  June  5, 
1850,  53y. 

Crossley,  John  T.,  Aug.  29,  1863,  51y 


Croswell,  Addison  M.,  only  son  of 
Jacob,  Aug.  15,  1844,  21y. 

Croswell,  Jacob,  Feb.  28,  1857,  58y. 
Crow,  Almond,  Hamburg,  Jan.  (?), 
12,  1849,  54y. 

Crow,  Miss  Florilla,  Nov.  1813,  18y. 
(To  be  continued) 

Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 


Ashley,  Mariah  and  Caleb  Fairchild, 

July  30,  1833. 

Ashley,  William  M.  and  Julia  P. 
Hammer,  Apr.  5,  1860. 

Ashley,  William  M.  and  Mrs.  Jane 
Taylor,  Oct.  17,  1854. 

Ashman,  John  H.  and  Freelove 
King,  Dec.  25,  1833. 

Ashton,  Helen  and  William  Somer- 
ville, Aug.  15,  18597 

Ashton,  Jane  and  Elias  W.  Prout, 
June  12,  1832. 

Ashton,  James  and  Mary  A.  Justin, 
Mar.  23,  1865. 

Ashton,  Samuel  and  Nettie  L.  Cor- 
bin, Feb.  5,  1855. 

Aspinwall,  Abel  and  Miranda  Cur- 
tis, May  3,  1315. 

Asplin,  Phebe  and  Marshall  Hadley, 
Apr.  22,  1861. 

Athearn,  Cyrus  and  Lydia  Stetson, 

Sept.  27,  1826. 

Atherton,  Henry  and  Jennie  Rowles, 
Oct.  15,  1884. 

Atherton,  Louisa  and  John  T.  Bland- 
ford,  June  25,  1879. 

Atkins,  Augusta  E.  and  Oscar  T. 

Flint,  June  12,  1865. 

Atkins,  Barton  and  Eliza  Russell, 
Oct.  24,  1852. 

Atkins,  Charles  M.  and  Marie  T. 

Kennedy,  Aug.  28,  1875. 

Atkins,  E.  Eliza  and  William  H. 

Clark,  May  15,  1855. 

Atkins,  Emeline  S.  and  S.  H.  Macy, 
Apr.  IS,  1334. 

Atkins,  Frances  E.  and  John  Lay,  Jr. 
June  8,  1826. 

Atkins,  George  D.  and  Mary  Ensign, 
July  4,  1833. 

Atkins,  Helen  L.  and  Horacio  G. 
Cary,  Jr.,  May  4,  1843. 




...  . :.ioTr  ,:9i30*r3 

4v  otosif  hnp,  VH  nrfot  .n#aU la  A 


"’•bn  b . 




Atkins,  Israel  G.  and  Fanny  Knight 
Jan.  10,  1815. 

Atkins,  Joel  H.  and  Sophia  M.  Har- 
ris, June  11,  1837. 

Atkins,  Kate  and  William  Carner* 
Mar.  19,  1863. 

Atkins,  Malvina  and  Edwin  J.  Kelso* 
Oct.  4,  1827. 

Atkins,  Ralph  C.  and  Sebra  Bush* 
Mar.  22,  1818. 

Atkins,  Robert  J.  and  Emma  C. 
Meusch,  Sept.  1,  1880. 

Atkins,  Samuel  R.  and  Wealthy 
Drake,  Jan.  26,  1820. 

Atkins,  Sophia  M.  and  Ira  Burch, 
Mar.  21,  1860. 

Atkinson,  Ann  T.  and  Alfred  J. 
Trimmer,  May  21,  1874. 

Atkinson,  Emily  and  Alfred  Allan- 
son,  Oct.  20,  1869. 

Atles,  Karl  and  Maggie  Miller,  Oct. 

4,  1884. 

Atterbury,  Mary  S.  and  George  Coil. 
July  27,  1837. 

Atterbury,  Minerva  and  Pember  E. 

Hambleton,  Nov.  28,  1878. 
Atterbury,  Samuel  W.  and  Margaret 
Boid,  Oct.  28,  185L 
Atwater,  Annie  and  William  De 
Lancey  Ingersoll,  May  16,  1867. 
Atwater,  Edward  and  Maria  G. 

Smith,  Apr.  4,  1854. 

Atwater,  Francis  and  Harriet 
Tweedry,  July  11,  1854. 

Atwater,  Mrs.  Harriet  and  James  C. 

Evans,  Feb.  29,  1872. 

Atwater,  Henry  C.  and  Catherine  T. 

Pease,  Nov.  12,  1840. 

Atwater,  Jane  M.  and  Robert  Pom- 
eroy, June  19,  1821. 

Atwater,  Kate  T.  and  Charles  R. 
Gold,  Mar.  16,  1848. 

(To  be  continued) 

The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  for  all  whose  names  are 
in  capitals.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Combined  records  may 
bring  success.  Please  inclose  stamps  for  replies. 

Wanted  ancestors  and  descendants 
of  SILAS  DEUEL,  d in  Philadelphia, 
Jefferson  County,  m a second  time, 
MARY  WOOD,  b at  Saratoga 

Some  of  their  children  were — Gid- 
eon, supposed  to  have  died  in  Buf- 
falo; Seth  m Olive  Ferris.  Beulah 
m Seth  Coveil.  Patience,  D Mar.  29, 
1863,  aged  77y  6m  29d,  m Stephen 
Post  in  Philadelphia,  N.  Y.  Stephen 
Post  died  Oct.  8,  1858,  79y  1m  lid. 

Wanted  the  descendants  of  GEO. 
dau  of  Daniel.  She  died  in  Toledo, 
Ohio.  Where  did  he  die,  dfcT  Ihey 
have  children? 

F.  T.  C.  New  York. 

JOHN  PEACOCK  LATTA,'  son  of 
John  and  Mahala,  b 1806,  New  York 
State,  D Nov.  20,  1890,  aged  84y  5m 
22d  at  Allegan,  Mich.,  m DELIA 
ANN  GAYLORD,  b 1810  in  East 
Windsor,  Conn.  The  1880  census  of 
Otsego,  Mich,  states  that  the  parents 

of  John  were  born  in  Pennsylvania, 
and  the  parents  of  Delia,  in  Connect- 
icut. John  and  Delia  were  m in  New 
York  State  and  lived  for  a time  near 

Apr.  25,  1813,  New  York  (?),  d Jan. 
29,  1882  at  Concord,  Jackson  Co., 
Mich.,  m Nov.  30,  1834  at  Herkimer, 
N.  Y.  Octavia  Amanda  Hungerford, 
b Aug.  6,  1815,  Herkimer,  D May  21, 
1901  at  Concord. 

Harriett,  sister  of  James  M Dodge, 
m James  W.  Hungerford,  son  of 
Stephen  Hungerford  and  Eliza  Pad- 
dock.  James  W.  Hungerford  and  his 
w are  buried  in  Concord. 

Wanted  a list  of  the  children  and 
any  information  pertaining  to  them 
of  the  family  of  STEPHEN  HUNG- 
ERFORD, b Nov.  1793,  East  Hadaam, 
Conn.  (?),  D Mar.  25,  1878  at  Con- 
cord, m about  1812,  and  his  w, 
ELIZA  PADDOCK,  b Sept.  27,  1790, 
Middletown,  Conn,,  D Mar.  12,  1860, 



; ....  ’•  £% 




• ' < ■ : 

,.oO  ,h‘i0onq 

'■>  ■ , .7  u iM 


, ‘nc  i-.O  '•n.  . • w 

J '•  Q .Ct)  - -'O 

■ > 



.iiaiM  ,ogaaiO 



Concord,  dau  of  Judge  George  Pad- 
dock  and  Mary  Wetmore. 

The  following  children  were  b in 
Herkimer — George  Paddock,  1813; 
Octavia,  1815;  Thomas  S.  1819;  Au- 
rilla,  1821;  James  W.;  Russell  Hop- 
kins, 1824;  Eliza;  Alfred  H.,  1828; 
Nancy;  Charles  Nathaniel,  1832. 

G.  C.  K.,  Michigan. 

Mrs.  William  Slade  Thetford,  Ver- 
mont has  undertaken  to  compile  a 
history  of  the  EARL  FAMILIES  OF 
ants are  to  be  included,  and  informa- 
tion pertaining  to  these  families  will 
be  welcome. 

Further  information  is  requested 
for  the  following:  MOORE,  JAMES, 
b Apr.  16,  1764  at  Pembroke,  N.  H., 
m MOLLY  BROWN  at  Derryfield 
now  Manchester,  N.  H.  Tradition 
alone  says  he  was  the  son  of  John 
and  brother  of  Nehemiah,  Daniel 
and  Ephraim. 

1799  at  Thetford,  m MARY  MCNEIL 

and  HANNAH . 

Children,  John,  b probably  at 
Pembroke,  N.  H. 

Ezra,  b 1759  at  Pembroke,  m Eli- 
zabeth Mann.  Pension  record  gives 
him  in  Russell,  N.  Y. 

William,  Jr.  m Ruth  Cushman  (?). 
Hannah,  b 1772,  m 1802  Elisha 

Susannah,  b 1776  ,m  Daniel  Pratt 


Sarah,  b 1779,  Anna  b 1783. 

HOSFORD,  LUCY,  dau  of  Aaron 
and  Olive  Green,  b 1792  at  Thet- 
ford, m Samuel  Moore. 

ther of  Lucy,  moved  to  Russell,  N. 
Y.,  and  his  children  went  to 

HOSFORD,  LUCY,  sister  of  Aaron 

Hosford,  m Chamberlain,  and 

lived  in  Russell. 

HOSFORD,  LOTON,  b 1783.  m Es- 
ther Page.  They  were  in  Russell 
and  perhaps  Potsdam. 

M.  B.  S.,  Vermont. 

1750  at  North  Kingston,  R.  I.,  son 
of  Elisha  and  Sarah,  Herrington 
Baker,  grandson  of  John  and  Su- 
sannah Reynolds  Baker,  great- 

grandson  of  Thomas,  m Lydia , 

b 1755. 

Two  sons  were — Jonathan,  b Jan. 
30,  1785  at  Little  Hoosick,  N.  Y. 

David,  b Jan.  9,  1783  at  Benning- 
ton, Vt.  The  family  settled  in  Pen- 
field,  N.  Y.  in  1804. 

David’s  children  were  Elisha,  Ly- 
dia, Susan,  Mary,  Sarah,  and  Laura. 
JOHN  L.  WITBECK,  b Nov.  30,  1773 
near  Albany,  d Dec.  22,  1834,  m 
NANCY  TOWNSEND,  Nov.  14, 
1779-Sept.  16,  1831.  Descendents 
lived  in  the  Albany  district. 
JOSHUA  HALL,  b Jan.  8,  1716,  O. 
S.,  d Jan.  29,  1793  m HANNAH—, 
b Feb.  24,  1722.  They  had  eight 
children,  and  came  probably  from 
Connecticut  to  Cooperstown,  N.  Y. 
Palnrvra  and  Byron.  Their  sons 
were  Levi,  b at  Stonington,  Conn.; 
Samuel  who  lived  in  Norwich, 
Anan;  and  BENJAMIN  HALL,  rn 
Apr.  9,  1794  to  PHEBE  DANIELS. 

M.  M.,  New  York. 

MARY  WOODCOCK,  b Mar.  9,  1631, 
of  Dedham,  Mass.  Published  re- 
of  Dedham,  Mass.  Publshed  re- 
cords name  her  as  dau  of  Joanne 
and  John  Woodcock,  prominent 
during  King  Philip’s  War,  and  also 
as  the  dau  of  Samuel  and  Ann 
Herring  Woodcock  of  Dedham. 
WILLIAM  A.  RICHLEY,  May  14, 
1804- Apr.  15,  1872,  m Oct.  24,  1827 
to  Elisheba  P.  Farnum. 

EPHRAIM  JONES,  m Jerusha  Rix, 
dau  of  Thomas  and  Jerusha  Tray 
Rix.  Traditions  says  he  was  a 
Revolutionary  soldier  and  lived  in 
Vermont.  J.  R.  R.,  New  York 
lived  at  Lansboro,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.during  the  Revolu- 
tionary war,  and  their  children 

, o ' . : . ■ ::v-  - ■ * v v 



v/  vf  .t^A 

• • . ■ - ' 

ni  t • rif* baft  . ribfo:  iisr-oin  • 


. >,  . :iT38ASiJ-s 

,,  ...  .. 

- / ■*.  i«-y-  • ■ 

■ *■ 




- «;/-  • 0 fi  jjH  m rX  /nsilliW 


- - , ;■  ..  -i  . Y 


If-  b9vil 




were  born  there.  She  died  July  9, 
1783,  aged  29,  b n the  old  cemetery 
at  Walloomsac,  Rensselaer  Co. 
Seth  was  b in  Lanesboro,  Mass. 
REV.  HERMAN  GARLICK,  b about 
1786  in  Columbia  County,  d Mar. 
5,  1858  in  Peru,  Clintin  County,  m 

first  in  1804  to  MARTHA , d 

Nov.  21,  1836,  m second,  FANNY 

. The  children  were  Reuben, 

Helena,  Lucy,  Gordon,  Maria, 
Wright,  William  and  Draper. 
Would  like  maiden  names  of 
wives.  N.  F.  W.  New  York. 


The  Early  Records  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  at  Goshen,  N.  Y. 

Only  two  hundred  copies  of  the  records  of  the  old  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  were  published.  A few  of  these  were 
never  sold,  so  we  bought  them  for  our  subscribers,  because  the  records 
are  so  valuable.  Particularly  recommended  to  libraries. 

Judge  Charles  C.  Coleman  has  copied — 

Records  of  Marriages,  1776  to  1885.  Records  of  Deaths.  1805  to  1850. 

Register  of  Members,  1767  to  1850.  Register  of  Baptisms,  1773  to  1851. 

For  further  description,  see  Page  111,  January,  1936,  issue. 

One  of  our  Virginia  subscribers  was  the  first  to  order.  “The  Early  Re- 
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Excellent,  the  volume,  “Early  Records  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church 
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Romance  maps,  in  brilliant  colors,  filled  with  historical  interest. 
Indian  Map  of  New  York  State  $1.00.  Finger  Lakes  District  50  cents. 

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York  State.  Sample  mailed  on  request.  Subscription,  $2.00  per  year. 

Editor — Mr.  Lou  D.  MacWethy,  St.  Johnsville,  N.  Y. 


A quarterly  giving  a very  definite  course  of  instruction  in  “Methods  of 
Genealogical  Research.” 

Published  by  the  Genealogical  Society  of  Utah,  80  North  Main  Street, 
Salt  Lake  City,  Utah.  Subscription  $1.00  per  year.  Single  Copies  35  cents. 


Reviews  the  activities  of  the  Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution 
wherever  there  is  a chapter. 

Contains  many  valuable  records  of  American  pioneers. 

Issued  monthly.  $2.00  per  year. 

Memorial  Continental  Hall,  Washington,  D.  C. 

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, " --  ■'  *4*  ; 

■ i , :nyj.uv‘i 



r.  ■ - ■ W 

• ■ 1 • ’ 



M>w  ‘iliidt  8>t&U 

®I|nr  Aurrstara  anil  SrsrruiiantB 


VOL.  II  APRIL,  1936  NO.  10 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 






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THE  YEAR  1880 

Readers  will  be  saved  much  time  and  disappointment,  if  this  date  is 
firmly  fixed  in  their  minds. 

Writing  to  towns  and  counties  for  early  records  wastes  your  time  and 
the  time  of  the  official  who  receives  your  question.  The  same  story  is  told 
in  the  Office  of  every  Town  or  County  Clerk  - many,  many  letters  are  re- 
ceived, but  no  vital  records  are  available  for  early  years. 

Unless  your  family  was  sufficiently  prominent  to  be  noted  in  the  his- 
tories of  towns  or  counties,  or  unless  some  enterprising  member  of  your 
family  has  searched  and  published  the  records  of  the  family,  you  will  have 
to  search,  if  you  find  the  names  and  dates.  The  more  difficult  the  search, 
the  more  pleasure  and  satisfaction  in  the  success  of  the  task. 

This  difficulty  of  finding  ancestors  in  New  York  State  is  the  reason  for 

The  editors  of  “Early  Settlers”  are  constantly  adding  to  a large  col- 
lection of  records  of  New  York  pioneers  by  searching  in  all  parts  of  the 
State  for  pen  and  pencil  records,  tombstone  inscriptions,  etc. 

When  you  send  three  dollars  for  your  subscription  to  “Early  Settlers”, 
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If,  with  your  help  and  that  of  others,  we  are  able  to  continue  this  work, 
the  name  of  your  ancestor  should  take  its  place  on  our  pages. 

SATURDAY,  JUNE  27,  1936. 

Just  the  probable  date  at  this  time,  in  order  that  you  may  plan  accord- 

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We  hope  to  have  you  with  us. 


Do  you  need  special  searching  to  complete  your  records? 

We  are  constantly  searching  in  all  parts  of  the  State,  and  at  any  time 
we  may  be  just  where  your  record  could  be  found. 

There  is  an  advantage,  if  two  or  more  are  paying  to  search  the  same 
family,  because  searching  is  done  in  proportion  to  the  money  received,  you 
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For  example — we  now  have  four  subscribers,  who  are  interested  in  the 
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As  announced,  we  will  be  able  to  search  in  Washington,  D,  C.  in  April. 

Send  your  problem  to  Janet  Wethy  Foley,  Akron,  New  York. 





ftl  ' 


yjnMA'i  : n 

. ..  ; ■ W- 

U v'/  • -o  ■‘•o.t  1 »-■*  ; * ■ 



Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 


The  following  members  were  dis- 
missed during  the  year  which  fol- 
lows name.  (Continued) 

Hicks,  Jerusha;  Ruth,  Polly,  and 
Rachel,  1810. 

Hocum,  Polly,  1811. 

Haskell,  Sybil  Hicks,  1829. 

Jucket,  Hannah,  1822. 

Joy,  Sarah,  1831. 

Jenkins,  Mrs.  Rachel,  1826. 

Kenyon,  Rebecca  Reynolds,  1825. 
Little,  Cyrus  and  wife,  1835. 

Lyons,  Mrs.  Harriet  B. — was  a mem- 
ber in  1848. 

Mason,  Lydia  Otis,  1844. 

Maynard,  Mrs.  Anne,  1828  to  Ad- 

Miller,  Minerva  Childs,  1823  to  Dres- 

Metcalf,  Eunice,  1831. 

McDonald,  Polly,  1831. 

McArthur,  Lucina,  1832. 

Needham,  Calvin  and  wife,  Polly, 
1833  to  W.  C. 

Olcutt,  Amanda  Bryant,  1848. 

Otis,  Matson,  1837  to  Warsaw. 
Packary,  Roxana,  1832  to  Troy. 
Potter,  Joseph  and  wife,  1833. 

Parke,  Margaret,  1833  to  W.  C. 
Palmer,  Almira,  1833. 

Pane,  Delana,  1837. 

Plank,  Joseph  and  Andrusha,  1837. 
Prindle,  Theodosia  M.  Stewart,  1838 
to  Poultney. 

Pollard,  Sister,  1823  to  Glens  Falls. 
Rue,  Mary,  1826. 

Rhodes,  Daniel  and  wife,  Sally,  1833 
to  Clymer;  Sarah,  1831. 

Reynolds,  Mr.  Azira,  1838  to  W.  C.; 

Rupert,  1812. 

Rudd,  Almina,  1836. 

Roblee,  Saloma,  1837;  Sophronia, 
1832  to  W.  C.;  Molly,  1833. 

Spicer,  Emily  and  Cordelia,  1848. 
Schofield,  Mary,  1850. 

Standish,  Loisa,  dau  of  Samuel,  18y, 
1833;  Samuel  and  wife,  1838  to 
W.  C.;  Lucy,  1836  to  W.  C.;  Calvin 
and  John,  1836. 

Smith,  Relief,  1835. 

Spaulding,  Byron  and  wife,  Julia 
Ann,  1836. 

Stoddard,  Louise,  1818  to  Troy. 
Town,  Molly,  1814. 

Tanner,  Betsy,  1833. 

Vaughn,  Ashley,  1830  to  West  Troy. 
Whitcomb,  Abigail  Northrop,  1838. 
Wait,  Widow  Abigail  and  Abigail, 
1839;  Permelia  and  Clark  G.,  1833; 
Mary  Jane,  1835;  Samuel  B.,  wife 
and  dau  Sarah  Ann,  1835. 

Whitney,  Anna  and  Anna,  Jr.,  1832. 
West,  Sally  Hartford,  1825  to  W.  C. 
Whitcomb,  J.,  1831;  Pliny,  1844. 
Williams,  Betsey,  1817. 

The  following  names  are  mention- 
ed. They  were  probably  members  of 
the  church  and  residents  of  North 

Savage,  Jacob,  Moses,  Dorothy. 
Stoddard,  Louis  Steawrt,  Jemima 

Spencer,  Adaline  m Kingsley. 

Thompson,  Lois,  formerly  Mrs.  Tay- 

Tanner,  Susanna.  Walker,  Henry. 
(The  End) 


Many  New  Engiaifrd  families  set- 
tled in  Vermont,  along  the  New 
York  boundary,  before  going  far- 
ther west,  and  Bennington  records 
are  valuable  to  New  York  State  de- 

The  following  are  the  names  of 

parents,  names  of  children,  and 
dates  of  baptisms  as  recorded  in  the 
books  of  the  First  Congregational 
Church,  Bennington. 

Abbot,  Timothy — .Jonas,  1766;  Seth, 

Abbott,  Timothy  and  Hannah — Han- 





- tfn  'snri^hX  /i-x*:  <•-<$£ 

VJ  . > ^ lol  r8U>..  mo '»  r 




d28I  ,ip iiM  ,3u-i 

fans  ,«!  *n./t  v.>  . • •.  a ■ .vi 


.v  ■ 

»•{:)*  •<-/  V • iOld  ✓Jioi 

..  ",  . 3‘  ' -!i‘  ' 

1o  t-.'mi  sili  nu  mwoltel  9dT 



nah,  1767;  Timothy,  1772;  Mary, 
1775;  Samuel,  1781;  Sarah,  1783. 

Abel,  Thomas — Clarissa,  1794;  Par- 
nel,  Henry,  Lydia,  Mosley,  1781. 

Abel,  — Eunice,  1789. 

Allyn,  Henry — Isaac  Webster,  1822. 

Adams,  Weston  B. — Melinda  Cros- 
by, 1822. 

Allyn,  Henry  and  Ruth — John  New- 
ton, 1825. 

Brackenridge,  James  — Jonathan, 
1766;  Daniel,  1771. 

Buck,  Jonathan  and  Esther — Jona- 
than, 1772. 

Bingham,  Jeremiah  and  Abigail — 
James  and  Reuben,  1776;  Ira, 
1777;  Silvy,  1779;  Abigail,  1781; 
Jeremiah,  1783. 

Brackenridge,  James  and  Mary — 
Francis  and  David,  1764. 

Bingham,  Calvin — Asa,  Amos,  Eun- 
ice, Calvin,  Lydia,  Luther,  1820  or 

Barney,  Elkanah — Abigail,  Cather- 
ine, Eliza,  James  (probably  1821). 

Cochran,  Robert — Samuel,  1768. 

Cochran,  Robert,  II,  and  Mary — 
Thomas,  1768;  Esther,  1770;  Sar- 

- ah,  1770;  Mary,  1775. 

Cochran,  Robert  and  Mary — Esther, 

Cochran,  Robert — John,  Robert  and 
Seth,  1782. 

Cushman,  Charles — John,  Charles, 
Sarah,  Desire,  Abigail  and  Nathan 


Coller,  Rufus — Lucretia,  1822. 

Carpenter,  Mrs.  Betsey-Henry  Goss, 

Dewey,  Jedadiah  and  Betty — Julia, 
1773;  Claret,  1774;  Bhyana,  1776; 
Tabitha,  1768. 

Dewey,  Elijah  and  Eunice — Sarah 
and  Ruth,  1779. 

Demming, Franklin,  1791. 

Demming,  Lydia — Sabrina,  1791. 

Demming,  Lovia — Harriet,  1793. 

Edgerton,  Uriah — Eliza,  1821. 

Edgerton,  Lydia — Sarah  Ann,  1825. 

Eastman,  Jonathan — Miriam,  Calvin, 
Oliver,  Justin,  (probably  before 

Fassett,  John — Sarah,  (about  1770). 
Fassett,  Jonathan  and  Betty — Betty, 


Fassett,  John  and  Hannah — Persis, 


Fassett,  John,  Jr. — John,  1770. 
Fassett,  Jonathan  and  Mary — Molly, 
1775;  Jonathan,  1777. 

Fillmore,  Nathaniel — Simeon,  1770. 
Fillmore,  Nathaniel  and  Hepzibah — 
Nathaniel  and  Philippia,  1773; 
Calvin,  1775. 

Fassett,  John  and  Mary — Hannah, 

Fassett,  Benjamin  — Betsey,  1789; 

Sarah,  Ruth  and  Loan,  1785. 

Field,  Elisha  and  Elizabeth — Elisha 
and  Elijah,  1763. 

Fay,  Widow  Sarah — Samuel,  Moses, 
Benjamin,  Joseph,  Sarah,  1786. 
Field,  - — - — Martin,  1789. 

Galusha,  Martin,  1792. 

Griswold,  Alice — Alice,  1786;  Clara, 

Griswold,  Minerva,  17P4. 

Harwood,  Peter  and  Margaret — Abi- 
jah,  1766;  Asa  and  Margaret,  1769; 
Jonas,  1772;  Sarah,  1776. 

Harwood,  Eleazer — Simeon,  1767; 
Mary,  1770. 

Harwood,  Eleazer  and  Elizabeth — 
Azubah,  1773;  Elizabeth,  1763. 
Harwood,  Zachariah — John,  1768; 

Abel  and  Olive,  (about  1781). 
Harwood,  Zachariah  and  Levinea — • 
Silas  and  Parez,  1773;  Permely, 

Harwood,  Eleazer  and  Sarah — Lu- 
cinda, 1779. 

Harwood,  Asa — Polly,  1787. 
Harwood,  Henry — Henry,  1821. 
Henderson,  Thomas — Thomas,  1767; 
Solomon,  1770;  Sarah  and  Janet, 
1779;  Isaac,  1787. 

Henderson,  Thomas  and  Jennet — 
Rebecca,  1773. 

Harmon,  Simeon  and  Mary — Luther, 

Harmon,  Daniel  and  Lucretia — Ar- 
gabus  and  Martin,  1775;  Daniel 
and  Lucretia,  1781;  Stephen,  1782. 
(To  be  continued) 

. ..  1,  :>*:  • ..  - ...  ' ; i 




- ■ . • ■ ^ , - ; 3 . ■ ■ 






Admitted  in  1881. 

Luckenbach,  Franklin  C.,  d to  Cong. 
Ch.,  Lewiston,  Maine. 

Parmenter,  Fanny  Austin  Soule, 
from  Dale,  D. 

Tewksberry,  Addie  Maria  Nichols. 

Admitted  in  1883. 

Barber,  Charles  R.,  M.  D.,  from  Wy- 
oming, d to  Park  Ch.,  Rochester. 

Bathrick,  Fred  W. 

Dodds,  William  from  Ballsroney,  Ire- 
land, d to  Perry. 

Foley,  Mrs.  Mary,  d to  Perry. 

Goodwin,  Luella  Seymour,  d to 

Hawley,  Sarah  Ann,  D 1930. 

Hewitt,  Nellie  A.  Bathrick,  d to  Cas- 

Miner,  Mrs.  Cornelia  A.,  w of  Frank, 
D June  26,  1932. 

Morris,  Mary  E.  Slocum. 

Richardson,  Hector,  Goodale,  D Aug. 
14,  1886,  28y. 

Spear,  Mrs.  Ellen,  d to  Perry. 

Slocum,  Frank  M.  and  w,  Nettie  H. 

True,  Helen  Isabella  Crichtone,  D 
June,  1905. 

Walker,  James  Culbert,  D June  26, 

Wright,  Robert  James;  Thomas,  D 
Nov.  1,  1922. 

Admitted  in  1883. 

Blackman,  Jessie,  ki  to  Cong.Ch.J, 
Deadwood,  Dakota. 

Butler,  Frederick  H. 

Campbell,  Thomas,  d to  Perry. 

Donald,  George,  d to  Perry. 

Gaddis,  Maggie,  D Oct.  15,  1891; 

Luckenbach,  Mrs.  Mary  d to  Cong. 
Ch,  Lewiston,  Maine. 

Prestly,  Joseph;  William,  D Nov.  25, 
1928;  Robert,  D July  17,  1884  and 
w,  a to  Perry. 

Parmenter,  Rufus,  from  Dale,  D 
Sept.  14,  1904. 

Taylor,  Mrs.  Ruth. 

Toal,  Lydia,  d to  Perry,  D 1920; 
John,  d to  Perry,  D Jan.  30,  19 — . 

Whinney,  James  M. 

White,  Mrs.  M.  Jennie. 

Wakefield,  Anna  Sage. 

Young,  Eleanor,  D Dec.  9,  1905. 

Admiitted  in  1884. 

Butler,  Rollen  from  Geneseo  D. 

Velzy,  Milton  L.,  D 1918  and  w, 
Angie,  D 1927. 

Admitted  in  1885. 

Grush,  Rev.  J.  W.  from  Cambria, 
wife  Jane,  dau  Jennie  E.,  d to  Mil- 
lerville;  Mary  E.  Grush  Cadwell, 
dau,  d to  Devil’s  Lake,  Dakota. 

Admitted  in  1886. 

Bolton,  Clara  M.,  d Perry. 

Butler,  Vinnie  S.,  w of  Henry,  d to 

Buckland,  Dwight,  D Dec.  1927  and 
w,  Harriett  W. 

Donald,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  d to  Perry. 

Fox,  Flora  S.  Sheldon. 

Lillibridge,  Mrs.  Sarah  B.,  from  Le- 
roy, D May  18,  1894,  65y. 

Page,  Laura  E.  Thompson. 

Sheldon,  Horace  R.,  D Feb.  19,  1904, 
47y  and  w,  Henrietta  M'.,  d to 

Weld,  Mary  Sheldon,  d to  South 
Bend,  Ind. 

Admitted  in  1887. 

Burt,  Edwin  A.,  D 1913,  and  w,  Anna 
A.,  D 1910. 

Benedict,  Fred  G.  Cadwell,  d to 
Devil’s  Lake,  Dakota. 

Otis,  Bert  H. 

Purdy,  Anna  L.,  d Cong.  Ch.,  Man- 
chester, Vt. 

Admitted  in  1888 

Miner,  Mrs.  Coroline. 

Sage,  Charles  A.,  D Mar.  27,  1890. 

Watrous,  E.  Grant. 

Wright,  Martha  E.  Barber. 

Admitted  in  1839. 

Barber,  Martha  M.,  d to  Warsaw. 

Buckland,  Mrs.  Joseph,  D Apr.  5, 

Benedict,  Mrs.  Libbie  W.,  from  Man- 
chester, Vt.,  d to  Cong.  Ch.,  Hart- 
ford, Conn.;  Charles  M. 

Bathrick,  Carrie  E.  Hewitt;  Charles 
E.  and  Andrew  R,,  d to  Warsaw. 





• a .3  Kftf'ir  i-  ■ ’ • 


r n Tn  itintbA 

> •-  ' 

' .1/  ’•  •"  1 -i  V>  1 . fiD 

j-  b ...v'mtio 

b-vrT  . >brtsfl 


i ■ ■' 

irtoD  ol  fa  , t 




Butler,  Marcus  H. 

Huntington,  Luella  M. 

Hewitt,  Charles  I.,  d to  Castile. 

Admitted  in  1899. 

Chappel,  Mrs.  Effie  M. 

Gardner,  Gertrude  C.  Pennock,  D 

Hutton,  Addie  J.,  D Oct.  23,  1893, 

Prestly,  Anna,  D Feb.  13,  1901  in 

Welch,  George  P. 

Admitted  in  1891. 

Bathrick,  Myra  E.,  d to  Warsaw. 

Wright,  Mrs.  Robert  from  Montrose, 

Admitted  in  1892. 

Chappel,  Mary  E.  Herrington. 

Slocum,  Mrs.  Anna  H. 

Thomason,  Eva  Belle,  D Mar.  15, 

Admitted  in  1893. 

Bergmans,  J.  C.,  from  Albion,  Mich., 
d to  Utica. 

Admitted  in  1894. 

Simmons,  Mrs.  Nancie  from  Bing- 
hamton, D 1922. 

Admitted  in  1895. 

Alberty,  Homer  M.  and  w Jennie 
from  Lockport,  d to  Lockport. 

Buckland,  Remain  P.,  D Oct.  11,  1903 
and  w,  Frances  A.,  D June  26, 

Coe,  Charles  H.  and  w,  Ella  E.  from 

Huntington,  Louis  H.,  D Nov.  9,  1898, 

Page,  David  Emerson. 

Prestly,  Sarah  and  Theresa,  d to 
Perry;  Mary,  d to  Jamaica,  L.  I. 

Selden,  William  K.,  D Aug.  7,  1928 
and  w,  Margaret  from  West  Spar- 
ta, D Jan.  1928. 

Slocum,  Gertrude  O.  Bathrick,  d to 

Shingle,  Rev.  John  J.  from  Custer, 
South  Dakota,  and  w,  Anna,  d to 

Columbus,  Ohio. 

Admitted  in  1896. 

Hodges,  Archie  M.,  d to  Detroit. 
Mich.;  Mary  L.;  Frank  D.;  Benja- 
min F.,  D May,  1930. 

Hutton,  Joseph,  D Aug.  29,  1927,  and 
w,  Alida  S.,  D Nov.  17,  1924. 

Prestly,  Mrs.  Agnes,  w of  William 
from  Ireland. 

Selden.  Jessie  L. 

Sheldon,  Mrs.  Mary  J.,  D 1912. 

Westlake,  Robert  Jacob,  from  Mid- 
dle Hope,  D and  w,  Frances 
Wilkes,  D ; Ella  Westlake  Adams 
d to  Warsaw. 

Admitted  n 1897. 

Benedict,  Mrs.  Bertha  B. 

Blose  Rev.  I.  and  Mrs.  D.  A.  from 
Chagrin  Falls,  Ohio,  a to  Akron, 
Ohio,  1900. 

Hutton,  Eleanor,  d to  Huntington. 

Admitted  in  1898. 

Blose,  Cora. 

Hodges,  Lizzie  Ball,  D 1908. 

Newcomb,  Earle,  d to  Perry. 

Otis,  Thomas  J.  and  Mattie  Kelly. 

Olin,  Daisy  J.  Toal. 

Purdy,  Grace  Phillips,  D June  15, 

Powell,  Floyd  M. 

Reeves,  Julia  Maye  Butler,  d 1907  to 
Arora,  Neb. 

Stewart,  Bessie  Hodges. 

Silver,  Lucy. 

Taylor,  Grace,  D 1927. 

Ulberty,  Edna  C.  Toal. 

Admitted  in  1899. 

Butler,  Agnes. 

Dark,  Rev.  F.  E.  and  w,  Evelyn,  d 
to  Buffalo. 

Reeves,  Kate. 

Schleigel,  Clara  B.  Daves,  D Dec.  10, 

Selden,  F.  J.  and  w,  Laura. 

Thurston,  Gertrude  A.  Osborne,  D 
Jan.  6,  1930. 

The  End 

Working  plans  to  help  you  find  ancestors. 
Genealogical  Work  Sheets — Twenty -five  cents  per  dozen. 

• • • r • • ,3,-iijua 


• U . . . ■ 

,61  •.  - .i  . ' ■ •.aqilU.r."  i • ■ :.v  •• 

•>,  v v "u-  .1  >i  id  I A 



■ (.[  ilii  -V  92  - 







The  following  persons  were  mem- 
bers of  the  Bottenkiil  Church  in 
1850.  (Continued). 

Hall,  Hannah;  Albert  and  wife;  Sar- 
ah; Isaac;  Emiline  C. 

Hatch,  Ira;  Mary;  Kenyon; Gifford, 
D Sept.  8,  1865;  Mary  Jane;  Mrs. 
Kenyon;  Forest;  Sylva;  Susan. 
Heath,  Morgan;  Sarah,  D Dec.  1858; 

Lydia;  Louis;  Julia  M.;  Otis. 
Hayner,  Mary.  Hoag,  Jonathan  E. 
Hubert,  Louisa. 

Hutton,  Andrew;  Caroline.- 
Harrington,  Ezekiel;  Bentley;  Es- 
ther, D Sept.  28,  1853;  Mr.  and  Mrs. 
John,  Jr.;  Sarah;  William  C.; 
Catherine;  Marian;  Albert  B.; 
Ruth;  Julia  M.;  Emma;  Mary  H.; 

Hicks,  Phebe,  D June  19,  1857. 
Hillman,  Delina;  Maria;  Louisa. 
Henry,  Mrs.  Mary. 

Hard,  John  Henry,  D Feb.  9,  1853. 
Hart,  Mary  Eliza. 

Hay,  Louis;  Andrew;  Emerette; 

William;  Juliaette. 

Hyde,  Olive  M.;  Prusias;  Margaret; 

Hand,  Daniel  A.;  Mary  Ann. 
Harrison,  William  J.,  D May  1,  1863; 

Hemstreet,  Alonza. 

Holbrook,  Abel,  D April  15,  1860; 
Sarah,  D April  3,  1863;  Silas;  Ur- 
bane; Cathrine. 

Inman,  Ezekiel,  D July  28,  1865; 
Rachel,  D Nov.  9,  1859;  Cynthia; 

James,  Mary;  Joseph,  D Aug.  17, 
1857;  Amy;  Eliza. 

Jones,  Adam  and  wife. 

Johnson,  Malissa,  (Watters);  Caro- 
line; Amelia,  D Oct.  2,  1863;  Alon- 
zo; Hiram;  Maria,  D Nov.  28,  1354. 
Jakeway,  Rhoda. 

Kenyon,  Stephen;  Lewis,  D Dec.  25, 
1865;  Miss  C.;  Betsey;  Esther; 
Tacy;  Abby;  Laura;  Fanny  M.; 
Nancy;  Andrew;  Mary  Jane;  Dav- 
id; Amasa;  Mary  E.:  William  H.; 
Harper;  Clark  C.;  Mrs.  Caroline; 
Albert  F. 

Keith,  Wiliam  J.;  Louisa. 

Keach,  Israel;  Martha.  Lanby,  Seth. 
Lampman,  Sarah.  Long,  Thaddeus. 
Luther,  Polly;  Nancy;  Morgan;  Al- 
mond; Janette,  D Jan.  20,  1864. 
Lewis,  Amos;  Mrs.  Hannah;  Char- 

Marsh,  Maria.  Mallon,  Bernard. 
Maine,  Simon;  Emily;  Harriet  P.; 
Maria  J. 

Mason,  Rev.  James  O.;  Releaf  M.  S.; 
Alonza;  F.  P.,  D Feb.  22,  1865; 

Meader,  George  W\;  Nancy;  Abigail; 
Harvey;  Daniel;  George  H.;  Maria 


Mills,  Stephen  D Oct.  18,  1864;  John 
P,;  Mary  Caroline;  Wallace  W.; 

Miller,  Sally;  Cornelia;  Anna  C.;  Mr. 
and  Mrs.  N. 

Mosher,  Ann,  D Jan.  17,  1854:  Geo. 
E.;  Gideon;  Ephraim;  Demeris; 
Sarah;  Emily;  Cornelia  M.;  Mar- 
garet, Feb.  14,  1861. 

Mo  wry,  Lydia,  D 1870;  Andrew  J.; 

William  L.;  Merritt. 

Marshall,  Susan;  Deborah;  Mary; 

MjChesney,  William;  Mrs.  Mary. 
Morse,  Julia  Ann;  Lorenzo  D.;  Mrs. 

S. ;  Sidney. 

McNaught,  Julia. 

McGregory,  Henry  and  wife. 

Mabe,  Maria.  Moor,  Jerusha. 

Mead,  Eunice.  Mallory,  Adaline. 
Moot,  Harriet. 

Nab,  John.  Noland,  James;  Mary. 
Norton,  William,  D May  10,  1861; 
Marian,  D Mar.  1,  1850;  Sarah; 
Mary;  Henry;  Leroy;  Caroline; 

Newton,  Clara,  D Jan.  17,  1854. 
Newcomb,  Fidelia,  D Oct.  1852; 
Clara,  D Jan.  17,  1854;  Edwin; 

Osburn,  Lovina.  Owen,  Deborah. 
Pierson,  Catherine. 

Potterson.  A.nn. 

Parker,  James,  D Oct.  6,  1851;  Char- 
lotte M.,  D Jan.  3,  1851;  Isaac  G.; 




...  .von.ia. ?. 


. . ■ ■■  1 .ob'/H 



01  • , y> h 0 Ul 



Sarah;  Henry;  Frederick;  Margar- 
et; Edward  B.;  Harriet;  Lydia  A.; 
Mary;  Elizabeth;  Charles. 

Petteys,  Harvey  E.,  D Sept.  21,  1865; 

John  D.;  Edgar  M. 

Plant,  Chloe. 

Paten,  Peter;  Charlotte. 

Potter,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph;  Harvey 

Place,  Godfrey,  D Mar.  26,  1866;  Sus- 
an; Casper  W.;  Susan. 

Prindle,  Lydia;  Ellen;  Amos  W. 
Prindle,  Lydia;  Ellen  Amo  W. 
Palmer,  Mary.  Paul  Ambrose. 

Pulman,  Mary;  Delia;  Maria. 

Parker,  Elizabeth;  Charles;  Henry. 
Remington,  Morgan;  Ellen. 

Richards,  Sally  Ann.  Reed,  Adaline. 
Rathbone,  Nancy;  Patience,  D Mar. 
23,  1856. 

Rose,  Pruda;  Elizabeth  J. 

Reynolds,  Mrs.  John,  D Jan.  26,  1864; 
Franklin;  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Hiram; 
Margaret  A.;  William  V. 

Rice,  Robert  W.;  Edmund;  Mrs. 
Mary;  Hiram. 

Richardson,  Mercy;  Ingraham,  D 
Mar.  25,  1856;  Elizabeth  D.;  Chas. 

Robinson,  Lewis;  Jane  Ann;  Hiram, 
D.  May  1,  1866;  George;  Mary 
Eliza;  Sarah  Jane;  Ira  B.;  Ansel, 
D Jan.  22,  1866;  Morgan;  Phebe 


Rogers,  Sally,  D Nov.  29,  1850;  Lu- 
cinda; Archibald;  James  A.;  Mary; 
Artemas;  Allen;  Julia,  D Oct.  20, 
1856;  Hulda;  Josiah,  D Apr.  23, 
1852;  Amanda;  Lavenda;  Daven- 

Stewart,  Ella;  Solon  N.;  John;  Na- 
than R.;  Ann  Eliza;  Mary  Eliza; 
Clementine;  Julia;  Ann  Maria,  D 
Nov., . 

Salisbury,  Sarah;  Amanda;  Mary  F.; 
Louisa  M. 

Sherman,  Harriet  Emily;  Mary;  Har- 
riett; Caroline;  Caleb;  Jane;  Peleg 
and  wife. 

Scranton,  Lewis. 

Sellick,  Aaron;  Mary. 

Stephens,  Charles;  Mary  E. 

Silvey,  Jeremiah;  Maria;  Franklin; 

Stiles,  Ellen. 

Sherwood,  William  R.,  D Oct.  3, 
1864;  Betsey;  Mary  (Tuttle). 
Sheldon,  Caleb,  D July  15,  1854;  Ro- 
sanna; Polly,  D Mar.  17,  18 ; 

Samuel;  Martha  A.;  David  R.; 

Skiff,  James  M.;  Ann;  Eliza. 

Smith,  Henry;  Andrew;  Eliza  Jane; 

Southwick,  Helen,  D Sept.,  1857; 

Andrew  J.,  D Dec.  1855. 

Shearer,  Mortimer;  Volney;  Harriet; 

Scofield,  Hannah,  D Oct.  24,  1863. 
Shaw,  Martha.  Sprague,  Anne. 

Spencer,  Amy. 

Safford,  Joseph;  Joeb  S. 

Schryver,  Elizabeth. 

Springer,  Dusty  Ann. 

Short,  Fanny. 

Stover,  Almira;  Amanda;  Susan: 
Mary  E.;  Josephine. 

Tanner,  Joshua;  Helen  A.;  William 


Trumbull,  Polly.  Tubbs,  Simeon. 

Tabor,  Russell;  Peggy;  Lewis;  Hen- 
ry, Tabitha;  Horace. 

Tefft,  James;  Polly,  D Sept.  1850; 
Nancy,  D June  13,  1857;  Willard; 
Laura;  William  H.;  Sarah;  Han- 
nah; Horton;  Hannah;  Elnora; 
Betsy;  Mary;  Alvisa;  Jane;  Lewis, 
Abigail;  Henry;  Allen  F.,  D June, 
1854:  Gardiner;  Simon;  Henry;  Is- 
abella; Emaline;  Ellen;  Sarah; 
Caroline  C.;  Simeon;  Persis;  Mary; 
Eliza  Ann;  Lydia  A.;  Ellen;  Emily, 
D 1865;  Lydia  W.;  Harriet;  Jane 

Tingue;  Eliza  D. 

Tull,  Ann;  Mrs.  Jesse;  Sarah;  Jess, 
D Aug.  28,  1862;  Julia. 

Taylor,  Martha  V/. 

Thayer,  A.  D.  and  Mrs.  C.  J. 
Tucker,  Harriet. 

Twentyman,  William. 

Thomas,  Mrs.  Emeline. 

Thompson,  Sophia.  Utter,  Samuel. 
(To  be  continued) 


...  . . , •- 





, -f,  .02cH  ; 


•'•:.Tgnf  H 

rfiH  :.  c.  : ."J  -* 

. ...  • 

..  ;^v: 


r iT  •)•  , . v >‘ju  : 


• ,;y  , .r:  . r;' 





Subscribers’  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

Our  subscriber,  Mrs.  Grace  Keeler 

of  Michigan  sends  the  following  fam- 
ily and  Bible  records. 

Griswold,  Zenas  Lane  was  the  son  of 
Philip  Griswold  and  Sarah  Rob- 

Pardee,  Martha  Hovey,  was  the  dau 
of  Isaac  Pardee  and  Martha  Waldo. 

Milham,  Marilla,  dau  of  John  Mil- 
ham  and  Almira  Rathbun. 

Pardee,  Isaac,  July  2,  1779 — Jan.  15, 
1857  m Mar.  18,  1806  Martha  Wal- 
do, Mar.  5,  1788-May  27,  1856. 

Their  children  were — Mary,  b Nov. 
26,  1807.  Gerry,  b June  17,  1809,  m 
Oct.  12,  1840,  d Nov.  15,  1856. 
Laura,  Dec.  1,  1813-Feb.  21,  1833. 
Isaac,  Jr.,  Feb.  10,  1816-June  5, 
1820.  Martha  H.,  b May  6,  1818,  m 
Sept.  18,  1837  Zenas  Lane  Gris- 
wold. Harriet,  Feb.  2,  1822,  m Apr. 
13,  1854.  Isaac  Beecher,  Apr.  9, 
1824.  Mary  Jane,  b Aug.  13,  1826, 
m Oct.  19,  1876,  as  second  wife  of 
Zenas  Lane  Griswold.  Fidelia  Ann, 
b Aug.  7,  1828. 

From  Griswold  Bible. 

Griswold,  Zenas  L.,  m first  in  Elba, 
Genesee  Co.,  Sept.  17,  1837  Martha 
Hovey  Pardee. 

Griswold,  Zenas  L.,  m second  in  Al- 
bany N.  Y.,  the  sister  of  his  first 
wife,  Mary  Jane  Pardee,  Oct.  19, 


The  children  of  the  first  wife  were — 
Mary  Martha,  m Sept.  19,  1866, 
Allegan,  Mich.  Marion  C.  Sher- 
wood. Isaac  Pardee,  m 1870,  Kala- 
mazoo, Mich.,  Marilla  J.  Milham. 
Edward  Philip,  m Aug.  3,  1872,  Al- 
legan, Mich,  to  Florence  Case. 
George  Beecher,  in  1879,  San  Jose, 
Calif,  to  Jennie  Oaves.  Mary  Mar- 
tha, b in  Batavia,  N.  Y.,  May  21, 
1841  m Marion  Chauncey  Sher- 
wood, son  of  Hull  Sherwood  and 
Julia  Arm  Crittenden,  b Jan.  11, 
1833  at  Otsego,  Mich. 

Crittenden  Bible  Records. 

Crittenden,  Chauncey,  June  27,  1784- 
Nov.  6,  1861. 

Crittenden,  Olive  Scott,  Nov.  30, 
1785-Sept.  25,  1875.. 

Their  children  were— Luther,  Dec. 
15,  1805-Aug.  23,  1868,  m Oct.  26, 
1826  to  Pamelia  Harris.  Alviria, 
Mar,  13 — May  6,  1895,  m Jan.  27, 
1824  to  Eber  Sherwood.  Austin, 
Aug.  12,  1808-Mar.  21,  1880,  m 
Mar.  3,  1830  to  Sarah  Warrant. 
Julia  Ann,  Feb.  26,  1810-Feb.  14, 
1894,  m Nov.  25,  1830  to  Hull  Sher- 
wood. Maria,  Aug.  28,  1812-June 
22,  1888,  m May  20,  1830  to  John 
Gray.  Olive  died  when  a child. 
William  W.,  b Jan.  5,  1816,  m Jan. 
5,  1864  to  Adolphine  Barker  Lord. 

New  York  State  Markers 
Mrs.  Hess,  who  subscribed  three 
month  before  the  publication  o?  the 
first  number  of  “Early  Settlers'* 
sends  the  following. 

On  the  Ridge  Road  between  Glens 
Falls  and  Lake  George,  in  the  Har- 
ris Memorial,  Chapel  Burying 
Ground  is  a monument  with  this  in- 
scription— Moses  Harris  1749-1838. 

S,  A.  R.  1775, 

He  wras  a man  that  was  true  to  his 
country  and  friends.  He  was  the  man 
that  carried  the  package  for  Gen. 
Schuyler,  and  from  Gen.  Washington 
to  Gen.  Schuyler.  It  went  and  with- 
out doubt  was  the  instrument  that 
put  Gen.  Burgoyne’s  journey  to  an 
end.  It  was  he  that  bought  the  patent 
granted  to  John  Lawrence  and  others 
when  wild,  and  settled  the  same,  be- 
ing 2000  acres,  to  the  benefit  of  his 
children  and  grandchildren.  For 
which  I think  I ought  to  do  some- 
thing to  his  memory. 

J.  J.  H.  grandson. 

In  June  1787  I moved  with  two 
brothers,  William  and  Joseph  Harris 

C , . . ■ , ri  .notffiVl* 


. • ooi  ,9S 

v ■ 

5T--'  :-jC  ill 

: : • lo  1 0 I ' i'  19^ 


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on  to  the  John  Lawrence  patent,  as 
you  may  all  see  in  the  records  in  the 
Livings  office  of  the  County,  at  that 
age  in  1786.  But  now  I am  done  with 
this  world  and  race  and  none  but 
God  shall  say  where  shall  be  my 
abiding  place. 

On  Upper  Bay  Street,  Glens  Falls, 
N.  Y.  on  the  bank  of  Half  Way 
Brook,  stands  a granite  stone  with  a 
bronze  tablet  on  which  is  the  follow- 

Abraham  and  Edward  Wing 
Pioneers  in  the  Town  of  Queens- 


Brick  House  Cemetery  South  Side 
(not  North  side  as  in  last  month’s 
issue)  of  Route  5,  between  Pembroke 
and  East  Pembroke,  Genesee  County. 
Taggert,  William  C.,  Nov.  16,  1886, 

Taggert,  Lucy,  w of  William  C.,  Apr. 
4,  1876,  58y  11m. 

Higgins,  Betsey  A.,  w of  Samuel,  dau 
of  R.  and  P.  Cornwall,  Mar.  6,  1864, 
34y  5m  9d. 

Campbell,  Homer  H.,  Apr.  14,  1860, 
72y  3m. 

Campbell  Olive  P.,  w of  Homer  H., 
Sept.  22,  1867,  77y  2m. 

Barden,  infant  of  Alvah  and  Ann, 
Nov.  27,  1870. 

Child,  Kitty,  dau  of  Clark  and  Mary, 
Sept.  22,  1858,  ly. 

Bartholf,  Peter  P.,  Mar.  6,  1863,  58y. 
Peckam,  Elisha,  1795-1885. 

Lathrop,  Eunice,  1884. 

Lathrop,  Lucretia,  1819-1885. 

Cutler,  Rev.  H.  H.,  1820-1885. 

Cutler,  Sarah,  w of  Rev.  H.  H.,  1822 

Cutler,  Seth  H.,  Jan.  22,  1861,  83y. 
Cutler,  Fanny,  w of  Seth  H.,  Feb.  16, 
1857,  75y. 

Pardee,  Ann  S.  Cutler,  w of  Royal 
D.,  Sept.  20,  1817— Dec.  30,  1904. 
Pardee,  Royal  D.,  Oct.  18,  1872,  59y 

Pardee,  Daniel,  June  18,  1855,  73y. 
Pardee,  Electa,  w of  Daniel,  Jan.  15, 
1865,  75y. 

bury.  They  were  descended  from 
Rev.  John  Wing  and  Deborah  Bat- 
cheller.  She  with  four  sons  came  to 
America  in  1632.  In  1762  King 
George  gave  a grant  of  the  Town  of 
Queensbury  to  Abraham  and  Edward 
Wing  and  others.  About  1785  the 
Society  of  Friends  built  a log  meet- 
ing house  on  this  ground.  Here  was 
kept  the  first  school  and  here  was 
the  first  burial  ground  of  the  Pioneer 
Fathers.  Ereceted  by  the  Wing  des- 
cendants, 1911. 


Pardee,  Louisa,  w of  Charles  R. 

Gould,  Sept.  26,  1843- July  8,  1878. 
Peckam,  C.  H.,  b Jan.  30,  1839—. 
Peckam,  Elizabeth,  w of  C.  H.,  Dec. 
8,  1882,  37y. 

Peckam,  Elisha  E.,  Feb.  27,  1866,  36y 

McClimon,  Nancy,  w of  Hans,  Jan. 
17,  1876,  94y. 

Wright,  George,  b July  11,  1802—. 
Wright,  Jane  A.,  w of  George,  Born 
June  10,  1809 — . 

Wright,  Delos  M.,  Apr.  30,  1838-Feb. 
23,  1865. 

Wright,  Asa,  Nov.  2,  1759-Mar.  22, 

Wright,  Lucy,  w of  Asa,  Jan.  10, 
1771— Aug.  5,  1845. 

Stanley,  America,  w of  Burton,  Jan. 
31,  35y  6m  21d. 

Stanley,  Adna,  Apr.  18,  1862,  54y 
2m  20d. 

Egleston,  Ira,  Oct.  2,  1856,  75y  6m. 
Egleston,  Mabel,  w of  Ira,  Jan.  15, 
1840,  54y  2m  3d. 

Putman,  Lewis,  Apr.  10,  1811 — Apr, 
17,  1880. 

Putman,  Catherine,  w of  Lewis,  Nov. 

14,  1875,  62y  2m  8d. 

Tyler,  Aaron  B.,  Aug.  22,  1839. 
Wyman,  Levi,  1825-1897. 

Wyman,  Abigail,  w of  Levi,  Dec.  20, 
1865,  38y  5m. 

Wyman,  Phebe,  w'  of  Levi,  1821-1900. 
Carpenter,  Riley,  Oct.  21,  1861,  44y. 
Carpenter,  George,  G.A.R.,  June  7, 

V "I' 


.bu:.:fo  / [ 

" - . ■ 

■ - : 7/ 


<■  ■■  ' ,>  : 

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‘ - 

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* • ' 

ffj  \ * ; 

« " ' . ■<  A Ion) 




1877,  60y. 

Sisson,  Susan,  w of  Horatio,  May  20, 
1879,  63y. 

Tubbs,  Jesse,  Aug.  29,  1864,  82y. 
Tubbs,  Lucy  A.,  w of  Jesse,  Jan.  17, 
1853,  59y. 

Tubbs,  Diana,  w of  Jesse,  Aug.  11, 
1882,  86y. 

Smith,  Jonathan,  Father,  Apr.  12, 
1884,  71y. 

(The  End) 

Lake  View  Cemetery,  Olcott,  Ni- 
agara County. 

Albright,  Jacob,  Dec.  9,  1786-Feb.  3, 

Albright,  Submit,  Nov.  4,  1790-Nov. 
4,  1859.  Monument  erected  by 
their  ten  children. 

Albright,  Louisa,  dau  of  Jacob  and 
Submit,  w of  Heman  Goodspeed, 
Aug.  30,  1883,  73y  8m  20d. 
Goodspeed,  Heman,  Mar.  31,  1869, 
74y  10m  9d. 

Christy,  T.  J.,  1839-1915. 

Christy,  Mary  D.,  1851-19 — . 

Cooper,  Melatia,  w of  Henry,  Sent. 
9,  1870,  78y. 

Cooper,  James  D.,  July  4,  1851,  6-y. 
Cooper,  J.  D.,  Sept.  4,  1872,  63y  11m. 
Cooper,  Emily  R.,  w of  Luman  B. 

Coates,  1835-1923. 

Coates,  Luman  B.,  1832-1911. 
Coffeen,  Sarah,  w of  Nathaniel 
Swarthout,  Apr.  2,  1880,  85y  2m. 
Eshbaugh,  Solomon  A.,  19th  N.  Y. 

Light  Brigade,  1844-1897. 
Eshbaugh,  Mary  C.,  1849-1907. 

Gaskill,  Varney  B.  1828 . 

Gaskill,  Charlotte,  w of  Varney  B., 
1832 . 

Matthews,  Richard,  1823-1915. 
Matthews,  Eliza  J.,  w of  Richard, 

Shipp,  Shadragh  T.,  Our  Brother, 
Nov.  30,  1877,  50y. 

Stout,  William.  T.,  Sgt.,  Co.  K,  151st 
N.  Y.  Vol.,  Inf.  Feb.  2,  1828-Dec. 
9,  1909. 

Stout,  Catherine  E.  Coffeen,  w of 
William  T.,  1831-1852. 

Stout,  Matilda  A.  Crandall,  w of 
William  T.,  Dec.  28,  1336-Nov.  26, 


Wisner,  Hannah,  w of  Levi  Stratton, 
Mar.  19,  1876,  SSy  2m  15d. 

The  End. 

Methodist  Cemetery,  Olcott,  Nia- 
gara County. 

Aldrich,  Thomas  E.,  Aug.  1,  1864, 

Aldrich  Dulcenta,  w of  Thomas  E., 
Aug.  18,  1889,  62y. 

Andrews,  Daniel,  Mar.  25,  1877,  75y. 
Andrews,  Hannah,  w of  Daniel,  Oct. 
9,  1850,  32y  20d. 

Armstrong,  Lina,  w of  Thomas,  Jan. 
5,  1879,  77y. 

Armstrong, , son  of  Thomas  and 

Arminda,  May  12,  1846,  20y  5m. 
Armstrong,  Thomas,  Dec.  18,  1866, 
69y  6m  5d. 

Armstrong,  Arminda,  w of  Thomas, 
July  11,  1842,  36y  3m  12d. 

Allen,  Walter,  Father,  Jan.  16,  1880, 

Crowell,  Minnie  J.,  Daughter,  Nov. 
12,  1888,  29y. 

Arrowsmith,  William,  June  24,  1733 
-Mar.  20,  1864. 

Arrowsmith,  Anna  Watts,  w of  Wil- 
liam, Mar.  25,  1786-Mar.  15,  1864. 
Arrowsmith,  Hannah  W.,  w of 
George,  Sept.  6,  1861,  34y. 
Arrowsmith,  Juliaette,  w of — Cady, 
Dec.  24,  1828-Jan.  13,  1910. 
Babbitt,  Nancy  Caroline,  consort  of 
Lysander  W.,  Sept.  28,  1833.  19y. 
Berry,  Mary,  Sept.  8,  1835,  75y. 
Birdsall,  S.  A.,  Co.  K.,  151st  N.  Y. 

Birdsall,  Nancy  W.,  1808-1866. 
Bullard,  Hamilton,  July  21,  1817- 
Oct.  24,  1899. 

Bullard,  Sarah  M„  July  25,  1820- 
June  9,  1872. 

Bogert,  Cornelius  B.,  July  26,  1831 
-21y  1m  20d. 

Britton,  Mrs.  Lydia,  Aug.  21,  1851, 
80y  9rh  12d. 

Bortle,  Peter,  Father,  Sept.  12,  1873, 
85y  2m  25d. 

Bortle,  Anjenett  T.,  w of  Peter,  Nov. 
27,  1844,  5iy  11m  20d. 

(To  be  continued) 



■ ■*  . 




• * 


* ■ ■ " 
1 be-  .•  e , ■ i?T  •> 






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■ • * 



Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  Countv 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D — died. 


Crow,  Jedidah,  sister  of  Olive,  Ham- 
burg, Feb.  22,  1852,  26y. 

Crow,  William,  son  of  Almond,  Jan. 
19,  1849,  21y. 

Crowder,  Elizabeth,  Jan.  27,  1367, 

. 84y. 

Crowder,  Jane,  w of  Jacob,  Feb.  13 
1865,  44y  11m. 

Crowing,  Henry  Colton,  engraver, 
Oct.  13,  1857,  31y.  D in  St.  Louis' 

Crowl,  Ansel,  Oct.  14,  1849,  47y. 

Crowley,  Lyman,  Wales,  N.  Y.,  Oct. 
30,  1844,  53y. 

Crinkshank,  Janet,  w of  John  K., 
dau  of  James  Wilson  Boke,  Mar. 
7,  1863. 

Cruthers,  Thomas,  Jan.  18,  1859.  D 
in  Lancaster,  buried  in  Buffalo. 

Cruttenden,  Charles  R.,  Whites  Cor- 
ners, Dec.  19,  1865,  30y. 

Cruttenden,  Edward,  July  26,  1849, 

Crydenni^e,  Isaac,  Clarence,  Jan. 
1813,  35y. 

Cuddon,  James,  Feb.  17,  1851,  35y. 

Culbertson,  Julia  A.,  dau  of  James 
A.,  Hamburg,  Sept.  6,  1861,  25y. 

Culver,  John,  Oct.  29,  1840,  35y.  D 
at  the  Hydraulics. 

Cumming,  Mrs.  Elizabeth,  July  6, 

Cummings,  Ann,  w of  B.  L.,  Nov. 
22,  1860,  38y.  Taken  to  Rochester. 

Cummings,  Clara  Z.  Richardson,  w 
of  U,  Mar.  22,  1867,  33y. 

Cummings  Haffield,  Dec.  30,  1849, 

Cummings  Phebe.  widow  of  Haffield 
Apr.  15,  1851,  49y. 

Cunningham,  Elizabeth,  S.,  w of  H. 
S.,  July  26,  1863,  28y. 

Cunningham,  Phebe,  w of  Layton, 
Lancaster,  Mar.  7,  1852,  34y. 

Curran,  Robert  Concord,  Nov.  7, 
1865,  85y. 

Currier,  Joseph,  Nov.  8,  1867,  53y. 

Taken  to  Arcade. 

Currier,  Susannah,  w of  Col.  Abner, 
Holland,  N.  Y.,  Aug.  8,  1850,  64y. 

Curry,  Emma  J.,  w of  William  C.  of 
Erie  Pa.,  Feb.  8,  1865,  45y. 

Cursons,  Hannah,  eldest  dau  of  Jos- 
iah,  Feb.  6,  1854,  22y  11m. 

Cursons,  Olive,  widow  of  Josiah, 
Sept.  1,  1862,  53y. 

Curtenius,  Edward  A.,  1st  Lt.,  15th 
Reg.  U.  S.  Inf.,  Nov.  9,  1862,  26y. 
D at  home  of  his  father,  John  L. 

Curtis,  Almon,  Sardina,  Jan.  29, 
1861,  70y  11m. 

Curtis,  Blake,  Aug.  1827,  38y. 

Curtis,  Eliza,  w of  J.  A.,  July  17, 
1849,  30y. 

Curtis,  Philena,  w of  Robert  G., 
July  26,  1854. 

Curtiss,  Mrs.  Almira,  mother  of 
Peter,  Sept.  18,  1848,  8l>. 

Curtiss,  Eliza  F.,  w of  Peter,  Feb.  16, 
1845,  43y. 

Curtiss,  Olive,  w of  Frederick  A., 
Clarence,  May  18,  1814,  39y. 

Curtiss,  Peter,  Jan.  11,  1362,  62y. 
D in  Farmington,  Conn.,  B in  Buf- 

Curtiss,  Sarah  Ann,  Feb.  8,  1857,  30y 
8 m. 

Cushman,  Elsey,  w of  Josiah,  Oct.  25, 
1826,  38y. 

Cushman,  Mrs.  Mary  E.,  sister  of  Dr. 
C.  C.  and  Joseph  E.  Haddock,  May 
21,  1842  in  Bangor,  Maine,  33y. 

Cuthbert,  Richard  of  Burr,  King’s 
County,  Ireland,  Oct.  28,  1866,  66y. 

Cuthbert,  Susan,  Nov.  27,  1866,  24y. 

Cutler,  Deacon  Caleb,  Holland,  N.  Y. 
June  11,  1851,  80y. 

Cutler,  Charles,  Jan.  2,  1858,  30y. 
Formerly  of  Buffalo.  D at  Wyo- 
ming, Iowa. 

Cutler,  Christopher,  Sept.  17,  1861, 

Cutler,  Mrs.  Doty,  Sept.  6,  1833,  64y. 






vr\;T88r  S£  teM  <V  *o 

■ ■ ' ' -■ 

. • 3 



Cutler,  Hector,  Dec.  4,  1849. 

Cutler,  Huldah  R.,  w of  Samuel  J., 
Aug.  22,  1860,  32y. 

Cutler,  Ida  H.,  w of  Asa  Oct.  29,  1862, 
Of  Prairie  Mound,  Mich. 

Cutler,  Sarah  Ann,  w of  Samuel  J., 

' May  27,  1851,  28y. 

Cutler,  Charles  Sidney,  son  of  A.  W., 
Sept.  25,  1862,  21y. 

Cutting,  Frances,  adopted  dau  of 
Thomas  C.,  July  28,  1853. 

Cutting,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Thomas  C., 
Apr.  26,  1845,  30y. 

Cutting,  Sarah,  w of  Harvey  T.,  June 
6,  1850,  34y. 

Daboll,  Nathan,  Groton  Conn.,  auth- 
or of  Daboll’s  Arithmetic,  Mar.  9, 
-1818,  68y. 

Dailey,  Patience,  Jan.  30,  1826,  78y. 

Dales,  Mrs.  Mary,  Apr.  4,  1840, 
about  50y. 

Daley,  , Widow  of  Martin,  Nov. 

18,  1853,  58y. 

Daley,  Caroline  dau  of  Martin, 
Aug.  29,  1840,  24y. 

Daley,  Cornelia,  dau  of  Martin,  Dec. 
28,  1850,  22y  10m. 

Daley,  David,  Aug.  14,  1855,  49y. 

Daley,  Martin,  Aug.  10,  1852,  64y. 

Daley,  Phebe,  dau  of  Martin,  Dec.  9, 

Daley,  William,  d at  Northern  Hotel, 
Albany,  Sept.  29,  1840. 

Daly,  Olinda,  w of  R.  H.,  Apr.  28, 
(?),  1865,  41y.  D in  Chicago. 

Damainville,  August,  merchant,  Feb. 
24,  1862,  51y. 

Damon,  Sarah  Lovejoy,  w of  Hiram, 
Oct.  17,  1858,  40y. 

Dana,  Mrs.  Mary,  mother  of  Mrs.  S. 
A.  Foies,  Nov.  5,  1852,  89y. 

Danforth,  Dwight,  New  York  City, 
bro  of  J.  B.  of  Buffalo.  D 1850,  on 

passage  from  San  Francisco  to 
Panama,  37y. 

Danforth,  James  B.,  Aug.  28,  1852, 

Danforth,  Louisa,  formerly  of  Erie 
Co,.  ,D  at  Grand  Rapids,  Mich. 
Mar.  20,  1859,  22y. 

Danforth,  Mary  Mills,  eldest  dau  of 
Loring,  Feb.  1,  1867,  20y. 

Daniel,  Marinda,  w of  J.  M.,  June  16, 
1864,  32y  5m. 

Daniels,  Betsey,  w of  Henry,  Am- 
herst, Nov.  3,  1830,  37y. 

Daniels,  Henry,  Amherst,  July  24, 
1835,  43y. 

Daniels  Mary  I.  Porter,  w of  Hon. 
Charles,  Dec.  20,  1866,  37y. 

Danser,  Rachel,  w of  Jacob,  Clarence, 
June  7,  1824,  30y. 

Darbee,  Eliza  C.,  w of  Wallace  L., 
East  Hamburg,  Apr.  29,  1862,  31y 
10m  14d. 

Darbee,  Harriet,  w of  Nathan  - N., 
Colden,  Oct.  6,  1865,  65y. 

Darbee,  Jedediah,  West  Falls,  Feb. 
10,  1866,  75y  2m  6d. 

Darby,  Mrs.  Margaret,  mother  of 
Mrs.  Loring  Pierce,  Nov.  5,  1845, 

Darcy,  Mrs.  Daniel,  Mar.  13,  1848, 

Darcy,  Daniel,  Aug.  5,  1863,  61y. 

Darling,  Anna,  widow  of  Jonathan, 
Dec.  3,  1867. 

Darling,  Jonathan,  Oct.  4,  1866,  58y. 

Darrett,  George,  Dec.  1812,  25y. 

Darrigan,  Richard,  Drum  Major,  49th 
Regt.,  N.  Y.  V.,  Nov.  5,  1862,  19y. 

Darrow,  Charles,  formerly  of  Buf- 
falo, D at  Camanche,  Iowa,  Jan. 
4,  1850,  31y. 

(To  be  continued) 


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.it*  to  w ,xoHvoJt  rifirtsS  ,nomsG 

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• : '!  / ;*  - -A  • ^ jC  > /• 

'■  3 ■ - 

. ._*3r  . u > n -v  • * : > *>^0  j 



Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 


Atwater,  Maria  and  John  B.  Lyman, 
Oct  14,  1875. 

Atwell,  Lovina  F.  and  Rev.  A.  Fill- 
more, Aug.  22,  1837. 

Atwood,  Abigal  and  John  Tyler, 
July  6,  1847. 

Atwood,  Elizabeth  and  Frederick  G. 

Barnum,  Jan.  11,  1849. 

Atwood,  Emma  A.  and  Hiram  T. 

Brown,  Dec.  18,  1870. 

Atwood,  Esther  B.  and  David  I.  Lit- 
tle, July  21,  1841. 

Atwood,  Dr.  Harley  L.  and  Gertrude 
Popple,  May  12,  1881. 

Atwood,  Henry  and  Martha  A.  Peck- 
ham,  Oct.  19,  1871. 

Atwood,  Isabella  and  Frank  Hicks, 
Jan.  14,  1872. 

Atwood,  John  M.  and  Eliza  Ann  S. 

Rowley,  Sept.  8,  1844. 

Atwood,  Lillis  S.  and  Oliver  Jones, 
Oct.  9,  1844. 

Aube,  Jane  and  James  Shaketon, 
Aug.  24,  1844. 

Auchinleck,  Alexander  and  Mary  J. 

Osier,  Aug.  25,  1845. 

Auchiwole,  John  and  Margaret  A. 

Haggart,  Apr.  7,  1856. 

Audert,  William  and  Emma  Hammer 
Sept.  16,  1884.  - 

Auer,  Christ  and  Helena  Nester, 
July  21,  1884. 

Augre,  Laura  and  H.  Arnold,  Sept. 
20,  1851. 

Augustine,  Isaac  H.  and  Nellie  M. 

Small,  Jan.  2,  1883. 

Ault.  C.  Nellie  and  Homer  M.  Hill, 
Feb.  18,  1879. 

Ault  James  R.  and  Elizabeth  Empey, 
May  8 1856. 

Ault  James  W.  and  Carrie  E.  Blatch- 
ford,  July  6,  1875. 

Aumock,  Dr.  Amos  P.  and  Mary  E. 

Rice,  Apr.  30,  1843. 

Aures,  Leonard  and  Babette  Nanks, 
Oct.  19,  1884. 

Austin,  Albert  and  Mary  J.  Damon, 
May  6,  1877. 

Austin,  Andrew  G.  and  Mary  Allen, 
Mar.  27,  1879. 

Austin,  Angeline  and  Jesse  Ayer- 
hart,  Dec.  9,  1838. 

Austin,  Anna  and  James  Bates,  Aug. 
24,  1846. 

Austin,  Arthur  W.  and  Louise  S. 
Ferris,  Aug.  16,  1875. 

Austin,  Bejamin  and  Emeline  Phelps 
Feb.  7,  1844. 

Austin,  Benjamin  H.,  Jr.  and  Marian 
E.  Clark,  Feb.  16,  1858. 

Austin,  Betsey  and  Sameul  Few, 
June  9,  1850. 

Austin,  Mr.  C.  W.  and  H.  A.  Lynde, 
Oct.  30,  1878. 

Austin,  Charles  C.  and  Kate  L.  Fow- 
ler, Jan.  6,  1881. 

Austin  Charles  E.  and  Louise  A. 
Spencer,  Mar.  12,  1878. 

Austin  Delia  S.  aand  Truman  G.  Av- 
ery, Feb.  19,  1868. 

Austin,  Dolphus  S.  and  Mary  E. 
Austin  July  10,  1855. 

Austin,  Emeline  and  William  Wards- 
worth,  Jan.  1,  1846. 

Austin  Emmet  and  Frances  C.  Wat- 
son, Nov.  30,  1874. 

Austin,  George  and  Annie  M.  Bas- 
kets Apr.  17,  1879. 

Austin,  George  and  Mary  Coe,  July 
5,  1836. 

Austin,  Harriet  and  Perry  Parkes, 
July  9,  1844. 

Austin,  Harriet  A.  and  George  W. 
Townsend,  Oct.  31,  1861. 

Austin  Isadore  A.  and  John  H.  Ayk- 
roid,  Aug.  23,  1869. 

Austin,  Isham  and  Mary  A.  Little- 
field, Feb.  14,  1849. 

Austin,  James  and  Mary  E.  Baker, 
Nov.  16,  1868. 

Austin,  Job  and  Sally  Hill,  July  3, 

Austin,  Jona  and  Nancy  L.  Guenth- 
er, Apr.  24,  1855. 

Austin,  Lavinia  H.  and  George  P. 
Russell,  Feb.  2,  1860. 

* » 

- ‘-’V.v- • '*. 

,1  ••  ; !.  - * 

.07:  ' ,rr 


. v t»i ' 

' -Jr..  ■ • 


I »•;  ' >0 

. . 7 a:  ••  7lo.uA 

.•7.7  { fi  Y.\ 


.ess?.  ,cs 

■ ...  ...  ... 




...  • 7*  ■-  . - 



Austin,  Mary  J.  and  C.  B.  Cole,  July 
11,  1848. 

Austin,  Mary  L.  and  John  W.  Potter, 
Dec.  15,  1847. 

Austin  S.  L.  and  Caroline  H.  Clark, 
Jan.  21,  1856. 

.Austin,  S.  W.  and  Mary  Ann  Clark, 
Jan.  20,  1834. 

Austin,  Sarah  and  Charles  A.  Reyn- 
olds, June  11,  1848. 

Averell,  Capt.  Charles  M.  and  Agnes 
L.  Humphrey,  Apr.  2,  1854. 

Averill,  Eliza  M.,  dau  of  Josiah  and 
William  R.  Allen,  son  of  Nathan, 
June  25,  1833. 

Avery,  A.  H.  and  Henrietta  S.  Polk, 
Apr.  12,  1848. 

Avery,  Almeda  and  Warren  Webster, 
May  2,  1852. 


Avery,  Amanda  and  Samuel  Baker, 
Oct.  29,  1851. 

Avery,  Amanda,  M.  and  Willis  H. 

Chaamberlain,  Jan.  11,  1877. 
Avery,  Charles  H.  and  Phebe  A. 

Vail,  Nov.  20,  1884. 

Avery,  Chauncey,  P.  and  L.  Maria 
Ely,  Jan.  10,  1866. 

Avery,  Florence  L.  and  Ellis  R.  Hay, 
Feb.  24,  1881. 

Avery,  Grace  E.  and  Frank  Bickel- 
staff,  July  3,  1862. 

Avery,  Helen  E.  and  H.  B.  Christy, 
Nov.  24,  1863. 

Avery,  Hislop  L.  and  Osha  A.  White, 
Sept.  20,  1864. 

Avery,  James  and  Jennie  Read,  Feb. 
4,  1869. 

(To  be  continued) 

The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  for  all  whose  names  are 
in  capitals.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Combined  records  may 
bring  success.  Please  inclose  stamps  for  replies. 

father  of  Catherine,  b 1776  and  m 
John  Van  Orden,  was  a Revolution- 
ary War  soldier  and  fought  with  his 
brothers-in-law,  Adrian  Onderdonk, 
Abraham  Blauvelt,  and  Aert  Rem- 

In  which  company  of  Col.  Ann 
Hawk  Hay’s  second  regiment  of 
New  York  did  the  soldiers  of  Tap- 
pan  N.  Y.  fight? 

It  is  thought  that  these  brothers 
were  in  either  the  company  of  Capt. 
Henry  Tourneur  or  Capt.  Jacob  On- 

E.  D.  C.,  Pennsylvania. 

ARDSON, b June  20,  1821,  Bath,  N. 
Y.,  m a second  time  to  Amanda  M. 
Aber  at  Bath,  Jan.  14,  1847.  Who 
were  the  first  wife  and  children? 

Who  were  the  ancestors  of  THom- 
as  J.  Richardson  and  his  wife.  A- 
MANDA  MARION  ABER,  b Mar.  1, 
1828,  Bath,  D Dec.  1,  1902,  Chicago, 
Illinois.  H.  W.  L.,  Idaho. 

EDWARD  KEELER,  Nov.  9,  1761 
-Nov.  25,  1826.  Enlisted  in  the  Revo- 
lutionary Army  at  Fort  Montgom- 

HENRY  BRASS,  Aug.  20,  1764- 
1827,  m Anna  Nancy  Hall,  Dec.  27, 

Ancestry  wanted  for  these  Revo- 
lutionary War  soldiers. 

F.  M.  L.  New  York. 

WILLIAM  BARKER,  born  about 
1795  in  Lebanon,  Conn.,  son  of  John 
Barker  and  Olive  Barrows,  brother 
of  John,  Samuel  and  Pheobe,  m af- 
ter 1812,  ELECTA  WEST,  b about 
1792  in  Massachusetts  of  Welsh  an- 

When  the  children  were  young, 
John  Barker  moved  to  Broome 
County,  where  he  died. 

William  and  his  wife  moved  to 
Ohio,  near  Cleveland,  and  later  to 
Indiana,  where  they  both  died,  leav- 
ing five  small  children.  Would  like 
the  date  of  their  marriage,  and  an- 
cestry of  Electa  West. 







oJ  i&irA  b D tjr>n  (O 

..  - * f.  . ■ 

\ •*. > 


O ’so 

.•it:  J:  • • ‘jr-J 

fr  .lei  d ia  worn  ‘ xtoam 



WILLIAM  MARTIN,  b 1780  in 
Rensselaer  County,  m in  1801  in  O- 
neida  County  to  PHOEBE  WOOD, 
b in  1884  in  Connecticut.  In  1812 
they  moved  to  Cayuga  County,  lat- 
er to  Michigan. 

He  was  one  of  a family  of  ten 
children,  one  brother,  Ebenezer.  It 
s thought  that  William’s  father  was 
in  the  Revolutionary  War,  and  lived 
to  be  90  years.  The  grandfather  was 
said  to  be  a weaver  from  Scotland. 

F.  Josephus  Martin,  b Aug.  3, 
1822,  Cayuga  County,  m in  1842  to 

NATHAN  R.  LEWIS,  b Feb.  26, 
1773  in  Nobletown,  Dutchess  Coun- 
ty, m Sarah  Cleveland,  May  12,  1803. 

Wanted  names  of  brothers  and 
sisters,  and  ancestry  of  Nathan 

b Feb.  26,  1804,  New  York  State,  in 
1832  m Martha  R.  Roberts,  b June  8, 
1804  in  Plymouth,  Windsor  Co.,  Vt. 
JEDUTHAN  ROBERTS,  father  of 
Martha,  with  his  father  and  two 
brothers,  was  a soldier  in  the  Revo- 
lutionary War. 

Wanted  name  of  wife  and  ances- 

try of  Jeduthan  Roberts. 

E.  G.  B.,  Kansas. 

CHALES  S.  HOLTON,  b July  12. 
1807,  lived  in  Batavia,  N.  Y.  Wante . 
record  of  his  marriage  and  death, 
and  names  of  his  children  wanted. 

Manlius,  N.  Y.  m Lucy  Holton,  b 
May  8,  1779.  When  did  Lucy  Holton 
die?  Dates  of  birth,  marriage  and 
death  of  Nathaniel  C.,  and  records 
of  their  children  are  wanted. 

JOHN  SAMPSON  settled  at  Troy. 
N.  Y.,  and  his  brother-in-lav/,  John 
Sheldon  Holton,  b Sept.  25,  1822,  at 
White  Creek,  N.  Y. 

Wanted  the  records  of  marriage, 
death  and  children  of  each. 

LEWIS  RICE  HOLTON,  son  of 
Lewis  and  Almira  Rice  Holton,  was 
living  in  1872  in  East  Ashford,  New 
York.  Wanted  dates  of  birth,  marri- 
age and  death,  and  records  of  child- 
ren of  Lewis  Rice  Holton. 

H.  S.  Ohio. 

Correction — March,  page  143,  “a 
history  of  the  EARLY  FAMILIES 


The  Early  Records  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  at  Goshen,  N.  Y. 

Only  two  hundred  copies  of  the  records  of  the  old  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  were  published.  A few  of  these  were 
never  sold,  so  we  bought  them  for  our  subscribers,  because  the  records 
are  so  valuable.  Particularly  recommended  to  libraries. 

Judge  Charles  C.  Coleman  has  copied — 

Records  of  Marriages,  1776  to  1885.  Records  of  Deaths,  1805  to  1850. 

Register  of  Members,  1767  to  1850.  Register  of  Baptisms,  1773  to  1851. 

For  further  description,  see  Page  111,  January,  1936,  issue. 

One  of  our  Virginia  subscribers  was  the  first  to  order.  “The  Early  Re- 
cords of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  at  Goshen,  N.  Y.,”  and  this  is  what 
he  has  written  to  us.  “I’m  delighted  with  the  book  of  records  from  Goshen. 

Excellent,  the  volume,  “Early  Records  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  N.  Y.”  I have  gone  over  more  than  a thousand  names  in  these 
records,  and  have  found  no  errors.  Your  subscribers  owe  you  a debt  of 

Cloth  bound,  good  paper  pages,  indexed,  postpaid,  $5.00  per  copy. 


APR  4 1938 

■ • . J Jd+  ,.••• 
..  r. 

■■r  ..  O , 





Min  ol  Un  Jdmsl/I  io 



2mu  fork  BMt 

GUjHr  AnrfHtoro  att&  tkamtimuts 


VOL.  II  MAY,  1936  NO.  11 




Genealogical  Work  Sheets  ...  25  Cents  Per  Dozen 



i *■  : *• : ■■  ■ y ■ ■ - . 



SATURDAY,  JUNE  27,  1936 

Subscribers  to  Early  Settlers,  Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution, 
members  of  all  patriotic  and  historical  societies,  and  to  all  who  care  about 
our  American  Pioneers,  you  are  invited  to  be  with  us  for  a day  on  the 
Niagara  Frontier. 

We  will  visit  the  battlefields  of  the  War  of  1812,  and  the  historic  spots 
of  that  day,  with  their  story  vividly  pictured  by  one  who  knows  their  story, 
we  will  view  the  Gorge  and  Falls  of  the  Niagara  River,  and  with  us  will 
be  just  the  sort  of  folks  we  like  to  know. 

There  is  no  charge  for  joining  this  pilgrimage,  and  overnight  cabins 
are  offered  to  subscribers  Friday  and  Saturday  nights. 

Readers  everywhere,  will  you  tell  your  society  about  this  conference, 
invite  your  members  to  join  this  group?  Last  year  several  societies  were 
represented,  and  this  year  we  hope  for  many  more. 

Further  details  in  the  June  number. 


If  you  will  help  enlarge  the  subscription  list,  if  you  will  try  to  obtain 
new  subcribers, — the  advantage  will  be  yours,  you  will  be  the  gainer. 

Just  as  soon  as  the  subscriptions  received  pay  the  cost  of  publication, 
we  will  give  you  a bigger  magazine,  more  records,  for  the  same  money. 

We  are  doing  our  best  to  tell  others  about  “Early  Settlers  of  New  York 
State”,  but  we  need  your  help.  A real  respect  for  pioneers  creates  a desire 
to  help  locate  all  ancestors. 

During  the  last  wTeek,  subscriptions  were  received  from  two  State  li- 
braries, and  one  City  library,  whose  librarians,  had  just  learned  that  our 
magazine  was  being  published.  Why  they  did  not  see  a circular  long  ago, 
can  not  be  explained. 

Many  folks,  just  like  these  librarians,  only  need  to  be  told  about  the 
magazine,  and  they  will  subscribe. 

There  are  many  ways  in  which  you  can  help,  without  spending  money. 

Show  your  magazine  to  your  local  library,  we  will  send  you  another 


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collecting  records  of  pioneers. 

Take  the  magazine  to  your  society  meeting,  and  then  tell  the  members 
about  it.  Perhaps  they  will  want  to  subscribe  for  the  local  library. 

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We  will  send  “Early  Settlers”  for  six  months  as  an  introductory  offer 
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9 tan  ' 9llsft j£  > iv  • dW 




’ : ' ‘ 1 

lot  9d  oJ  fason  xf  ^njd£ 

v.  • r' " • 'em 

■ i ■ ij  :u-  J?,  n . • roi 



Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 


The  following  are  the  names  of 
parents,  names  of  children,  and 
dates  of  baptisms  as  recorded  in  the 
books  of  the  First  Congregational 
Church,  Bennington.  (Continued) 

Harmon,  Joshua — Silvesty  and  Lucy 

Harmon,  Daniel — Joseph,  1787;  Reu- 
ben, 1794. 

Harmon,  Ezekiel — Anna,  Lucretia, 
Elijah,  Rhoda,  Martin,  Dewey, 

Hopkins,  Stephen  and  Rhoda-Mary, 
1768;  Stephen,  1770;  Chauncy, 
1772;  Martin,  1774;  Daniel  Dewey, 

Hopkins,  Stephen  — Heman,  1779; 
Edward,  1786. 

Hopkins,  Mercy — Hiram,  1789. 
Hathaway,  Shadrach,  Jr.  and  wife 
Jane — (about  1775),  name  was  not 

Hathaway,  Simeon  and  Anne  — 
adopted  dau.  Polly,  1776. 
Hathaway,  Shadrack,  Jr. — Anne  and 
Shadrack,  1779. 

Hathaway,  Levi — Josiah  Hawley, 
1792;  Seth,  1794. 

Hathaway,  Anthony — Mary,  1821; 
Samuel,  1825. 

House,  Hannah — Stephen,  1787;  Cal- 
vin, 1788. 

House,  Stephen,  1793. 

Hubbell,  Aaron — Laura,  1787;  Maria 
1793;  Sarah  and  Betsey,  1785. 
Hicks,  Samuel — Eliza,  1793. 
Huntington,  Mrs.  John  — Eunice, 
. 1794. 

Henry,  Celinda — Isabel  and  Celina, 

Hinsdill,  Deacon  S. — Stephen  Bing- 
ham, 1822. 

Hinsdill,  Mrs.  Joanna — Chester  Nor- 
man, 1822. 

Haswell,  William — Hiram  Robinson, 

House,  Cintha,  1785. 

Johnson,  Thomas  and  Hannah — Eli 
and  Rhoda,  1773;  William,  1774. 

Kellogg,  Joseph  and.  Mary — Elijah. 
Mary,  Ira  and  Lucy,  1781;  Fred- 
erick Cushman,  1782. 

Lyman,  Ebenezer  and  Martha — Sol- 
omon, 1773. 

Lamb,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  and  dau,  Lao- 
dicia,  1786. 

Lamb,  Jeduthan — Jerusha,  1791. 

Merrill,  Jedadiah  and  Martha- — Sas- 
anna,  Cynthia,  Agnis,  Mary,  Rho- 
da and  Joseph,  1781. 

Montague,  Samuel  and  Lucy-Lucy, 
1766;  Darius,  1767;  Anna,  1770; 
Elizabeth,  1773. 

Mills,  Daniel-Hannah,  1770. 

Mills,  Daniel  and  Hepzibah-Hepzi- 
bah,  1773;  Daniel,  1774. 

Mills,  Widow  Hepizbah-Daniel, 


Nutting,  David  and  Tamar-Salome* 
1781;  Charlotte,  1782. 

Nutting,  Mrs.  and  dau  Pauline,  1786. 

Norton,  Martin-Sophia,  1787. 

Nimms,  Rachel — Mary,  1820. 

Pratt,  Timothy — Nathan  (before 


Pratt,  Samuel — adopted  son  Daniel 
Harvey,  1773. 

Pratt,  Timothy  and  Ruth — Asenath 
and  Paul,  1763. 

Pratt,  Stephen — Julia  Ann,  Edward, 
Caroline,  Erin  Maria,  1821. 

Peters,  Absalom  and  Harriet — Har- 
riet Adeline,  1823. 

Peire,  Hiram,  1794. 

Palmer,  Joseph  and  Hannah — Jo- 
seph, 1775. 

Robinson,  Leonard  and  Rebecca — 
John,  Sarah,  Lydia,  Rebecca,  1765. 

Robinson,  Moses  and  Mary— -Moses, 
1765;  Mary,  176S;  Samuel,  1770; 
Nathan,  1773;  Elijah,  1774. 

Robinson,  Silas — Paul,  1767. 

' ’ . I 


,d>  ec  iol 

/ : ' “:?■■■■  ■ ni-X_:?ETl 

. •• 

' • ■ ■ . : . . : ' .. 

ib  • 4a  . 

J ,1  ifiH 


b>  i r,  sodmiS  ^swarlJaH 
A ; -WFr’i.  i 

- • - ;?  ;>  . • ■ ■/;  *\  ;•  i,H 



Robinson,  Samuel — Hannah,  1770. 

Robinson,  Moses  and  Mary — Elijah, 

Robinson,  Lenard — Five  youngest 
children  baptized  in  1786. 

Robinson,  Moses,  Jr.  and  Ruth — 
Ruth,  1787. 

Robinson,  Jonathan  and  Mary — 
Jonathan  and  Polly,  1784;  Henry, 

Robinson,  Moses  and  Eunice  — 
Eunice,  1789. 

Robinson,  Isaac,  1791. 

Robinson,  Maj.  Aaron-— Moses,  1820. 

Robinson,  Fay,  1785. 

Rudd,  Joseph  and  Sarah — Jeremiah 
and  Sebanda,  1773. 

Rice,  Oliver  and  Hannah — Susanna 
and  Anna,  1774. 

Scott,  Matthew — Zerab,  1766;  Noah, 
1770;  Cinthy,  1776. 

Scott,  Oliver  and  Bash — Mary,  1766; 
Oliver,  1773;  Stephen,  1775. 

Scott,  Jonathan — Salvene,  1767. 

Scott,  Samuel,  Jr. — Joanna,  1773. 

Scott,  Zereh — Elijah,  1787. 

^Spencer,  Gideon — Eleazer,  1767; 

Jonathan,  1769;  Calvin,  1774. 

Snyder,  Caty,  1794. 

Story,  Benajah  and  Lydia — Lydia, 
1768;  James,  1770. 

Safford,  Joseph  and  Mercy — Mary, 
Sarah  and  Janie,  1773. 

Saffcrd,  Samuel — Anna,  1782. 

Safford,  ’ Anna,  Joseph,  Lucy, 

and  Esther,  1791. 

Safford,  Samuel,  J,. — Hannah,  1792. 

Safford,  Deacon  E. — Silas  Satterlee, 

Sears,  Simeon — Lucy,  Sarah,  Sim- 
eon, 1777. 

Sears,  Simeon  and  Sarah — Rhoda, 
1777;  Elisha,  1778. 

Stearns,  Rufus — Horace.  William, 
Edward,  Henry,  and  Mary  Ann, 


Smith,  Noah — Eliza,  1782;  Daniel, 

Smith,  Judge  Noah— Eliza,  1792; 
Noah,  1794. 

Swift,  Pastor  Job — Samantha,  1786. 

Swift,  Job  Sedgewick,  1794. 

Swift,  Dr.  Heman — Charles,  1820; 
Mary  Jennett,  1825. 

Selden,  Minerva — Charles,  1820;  Ed- 
ward Alonza,  1824. 

Selden,  Martins  L. — Henry,  1822. 

Vandoozer,  — Sarah,  1789. 

Wood,  John  and  Hannah — Eneas 
and  Mary,  1765;  Nathan  and 
Lydia,  1773;  Anna,  1774;  Reuben, 

Wood,  John— John,  1767. 

Walbridge,  Gustavus — Pliny.  1794. 

Walbridge,  Henry — Solomon,  Silas, 
Anna,  and  Lucy,  1766;  Esther. 
1767;  Sarah  and  Mary,  1773. 

Walbridge,  Henry  and  Hannah — 
David,  1770. 

Walbridge,  Henry  and  Mercy — 
Stephen,  1786. 

Walbridge,  Ebenezer-Ebenezer,  1786 

Wickwire,  Joseph  and  Martha — Ruf- 
us, 1773;  Reuben,  1776. 

Wickwire,  James  and  Martha— Sar- 
ah and  Patience,  1785;  Joseph, 
1767;  Uriah  and  Rozwil,  1772. 

Williams,  Lucy  F. — Fletcher, 
Stephen  1820. 

Webb,  Benjamin — William,  1821. 

Woodbeck,  Rosanna — Sarah  Ann, 

Wilder,  Thomas — Helen,  1821. 

Winslow,  Mrs.  Lecta — James  Nich- 
ols, 1823. 

, Weight  and  Mindwell — Diad- 

amia,  Lovica  and  Henry,  1768; 
Sarah,  1772. 

, Benjamin  and  Hepzibah— 

Elizabeth,  1763. 

(The  End) 

Working  plans  to  help  you  find  ancestors. 
Genealogical  Work  Sheets — Twenty-five  cents  per  dozen. 



l — ei  .IT  ' rfl  ,  -.X  .b-  . 3 

- 1 • : • ■ 

/•  • rA  • " ' 

8T33H3  xaof  jAHOOJAarrao 

, v.. 



The  following  were  members  of 
the  society  in  1824: 

Benedict,  Lucy.  Bradley,  Levier. 

Butler,  Laura.  Burk,  Hannah. 

Bathrick,  Rachel.  Clark,  Ann. 

Ensign,  Loanna. 

Farnsworth,  Betsey. 

Grosvenor,  Charity. 

Goodale,  Laura.  Howden,  Abiheril. 
Hall,  Sally.  Howard,  Julia. 

Howard,  Roxa.  McEntee,  Rebecca. 
McEntee,  Lucy.  McEntee,  Mary. 

Pelton,  Hannah.  Sheldon,  Laura. 

Sheldon,  Philenda.  Sheldon,  Sally. 
Smith,  Sarah  D.  Sanger,  Betsey. 
Taylor,  Tempe.  Tufts,  Aurilla. 

Van  Buskirk,  Eliza.  Ward,  Lorain. 
Ward,  Clarissa.  Ward,  Catey. 

The  following  became  members 
before  1830. 

Buckland,  Betsey. 

Bathrick,  Clarissa. 

Butler,  Hannah.  Barber,  Sally. 

Beebe,  Clarine.  Bingham,  Rachel. 
Cossitt,  Amanda.  Cody,  Lorane. 
Coax,  Mary.  Goodale,  Mary  Ann. 
Howard,  Philinda. 

Keeney,  Tryphena. 

Martin,  Lydia.  Pelton,  Hannah  H. 
Potter,  Phebe  G.  Painter,  Sarah. 
Roe,  C. — . Sheldon,  Clarissa. 

Sullivan,  Lydia  F.  Tufts,  Caroline. 
Vandusen^  Rachel..  Ward,  Julia. 
Watrous,  Esther. 

The  following  became  members 
between  1830  and  1834. 

Austin,  Amy.  Austin,  Mary  Ann. 
Austin,  Louisa.  Bingham,  Emily. 

Bathrick,  Charlotte. 

Benedict,  Harriet.  Beebe,  Bellona. 
Buckland,  Ann  C.  Borden,  Harriet. 
Bradley,  Alice.  Bathrick,  Patty. 
Copeland,  Sophrania. 

Gridley,  Mary  Ann.  Gridley,  Chloe. 
Higgins,  Phebe. 

Higgins,  Phebe  Ann. 

Hart,  Angeline.  Kinney,  Esther. 

Kinney,  Cynthia  S. 

McEntee,  M.  Antoinette. 

Minor,  Lovisa.  Nevans,  Esther. 

Patterson,  Mary  W.  Purdy,  Sally  B. 
Phillips,  Susan.  Phillips,  Mary. 

Sacld.,  Polly. 

Shaw,  Amanda. 

Symonds,  Mary. 

Tufts,  Lucy. 

"Ward,  Phebe. 

Ward,  Sarah. 

Wright,  Mary  Ann. 

Wilkinson,  Marian  H. 

The  following  were  added  before 

Sadd,  Mary. 
Symonds,  Almira. 
Taylor,  Beulah. 
Vorhees,  Elsie: 
Ward,  Aurelia. 
White,  Laura. 


Achin,  Matilda  S.  * Armstrong,  Lora. 
Ball,  Clarissa  Taylor. 

Butterfield.  Tryphena. 

Benedict,  Eunice  A. 

Bathrick,  Lorain. 

Bathrick,  Martha.  Graves,  Rhoda. 
Gardner,  Kesia.  Goodale,  Lucinda. 
Howard,  Emeline. 

Higgins,  Deborah  M. 

Lester,  Louisa.  . McEntee,  Harriet 
Patterson,  Elizabeth  J. 

Phillips,  Fanny. 

Silver,  Clarissa. 

Sheldon,  Mary.  Sheldon,  Martha. 
Sheldon,  Dorlisca.  Taylor,  Patty. 
Voorhees,  Elsie,  Jr. 

Taylor,  Lydia.  Voorhees,  Phebe. 
Wigant,  Jane. 

The  following  were  added  before 

Bingham,  Mary.  Cronkhite,  Eunice. 
Cossit,  Velona.  Gridley,  Harriet  N. 
Kniffin,  Elizabeth. 

McEntee,  Elizabeth,  J. 

McNiel,  Sally  J.  Newcomb,  L.  P. 
Peterson,  Elsie, 

Patterson,  Mary  W.,  2nd. 

Patterson,  Emily  H.  B. 

Riggs,  Mary  P.  Taylor,  Lodema  M. 

The  following  were  added  before 


Austin,  Phebe. 
Ball,  Abigail. 

Ball,  Roxy. 
Barber,  Harriet. 
Butler,  Clarinda. 
Bushnell,  Amanda. 
Bushneii,  Harriet. 

Austin,  Sally. 
Ball,  Jane  E. 
Barber,  Martha. 
Butler,  Lucy. 
Butler,  Lydia. 

[A  '■  ■ - • 1 * ;•  •’ 



■ ••  • -’■■M 


: ' >d 

/:/*  '/cbn1!'  .^ai§aiH 

• . i ••■'■'.  'i  ■ ' 

VC>,1  ,70 a;.  .1 



Bronson,  Lucinda.  Bradley,  Lucy  E. 
Banks,  Ann  M.  Canfield,  Sarah  B. 
Cronkhite,  Sarah.  Caldwell,  Lovina. 
Calkins,  Phebe  Ann. 

Colburn,  Loretta.  Hitchcock,  Phebe. 
Hitchcock,  Sarah  E.  Higgins,  Chloe. 
Higgins,  Deborah.  Jaynes,  Sally. 
Kelso,  Lorana.  Kniffin,  Roxana. 
Matteson,  Mary  A.  Matteson,  Eliza. 
Minor,  Mary.  Minor,  Caroline. 

Minor,  Lovicy.  McEntee,  Eliza. 
Nichols,  Maria.  Phillips,  Anna.- 
Phillips,  Calista. 

Phillips,  Artemisia. 

Purdy,  Minerva.  Russell,  Catey. 

Sheldon,  Catherine  W. 

Sheldon,  Mary  J.  Oiin. 

Skinner,  Harriet.  Thorpe,  Elizabeth. 
Taylor,  Lucinda.  Taylor,  Lodema. 
White,  Mary.  WThite,  Sarah. 

Wygant,  Ann.  Wygant,  Cornelia. 

The  following  were  added  before 

Austin,  Fanny.  Austin,  Sarah. 

Alton,  Sarah  T.  Bradley,  Adelaide. 
Booth,  Martha.  Booth,  Sarah. 

Booth,  Clara.  Buckland,  Jerusha. 
Barre,  Amanda  L.  Barber,  Martha. 
Barber,  Mary  M.  Bishop,  Frances. 
Benedict,  Florella. 

Benedict,  Hattie  E. 

Buel,  Lemira.  Butler,  Harriet. 

Butler,  Mary  A.  Butler,  Mariva. 

Butler,  Mary  E.  Butler,  Martha. 

Butler,  Cornelia.  Chapman,  Eliza. 

Crooker,  Adelaide.  Colburn,  Loretta. 
Hawley,  Sarah  A.  Harris,  Caroline. 

Hitchcock,  M.  J. 

Hollenbeck,  Charlotte. 

Hodgeman,  Mary  H. 

Judd,  Elizabeth  (Bolton). 

Kenney,  Mary.  Lord.  H.  M. 

Lynd,  Hester.  Martin,  Mary. 

Martin,  Esther.  Martin,  Martha  M. 
Means,  Ellen  P.  Morgan,  Mrs.  L. 
Morgan,  Helen.  Morgan,  Elizabeth. 
Olin,  Betsey.  Olin,  Mary  J. 

Olin,  Sophia.  Patterson,  Sophia  H. 
Root,  Eliza.  Rudgers,  Abigail. 

Stratton,  Harriet.  Sheldon,  Jane. 

Strong,  Celia  T.  Taylor,  Almira. 

Taylor,  Emma.  Waldo,  M.  T. 

Ward,  Catharine  E. 

The  following  were  added  before 

Austin,  Ada  D.  Austin,  Libbie. 

Andrews,  Clara. 

Andrews,  Mrs.  Samuel. 

Buell,  Laura.  Ball,  Hattie. 

Benedict,  Estelle.  Buckland,  Alls. 

Butler,  Reta,  B.  Boiler,  Katie. 

Boiler,  Minnie.  Crichton,  Helen. 

Coleman,  Helen. 

Donnelly,  Mellicent. 

Hillman,  E.  Jaynes,  Amanda. 

Leighton,  Helen.  Olin,  Julia  C. 
Perkins,  Eliza  D.  Phillips,  Amy. 

Purdy,  Mary  L.  Powell,  Celia  T. 

Prentice,  A.  E.  Sage,  Katie 

Sadd,  Harriet.  Sheldon,  Belle. 

Sheldon,  Anna  M.  Squires,  Mary  E. 
Thompson,  Eunice  B.  , 

Walker,  Ida  M.  Walker,  Jessie  G. 

Ward,  Gertie. 

The  End. 


The  following  persons  were  mem- 
bers of  the  Bottenkill  Church  in 
1850.  (Continued). 

Van  Duesen,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Isaac. 
Van  Namee,  Millicent;  Isaac  L. 

Van  Kirk,  Norman;  William;  Cath- 
arine; Mrs.  Kate. 

Vanderwcrkes,  Genevieve. 

Waters,  Ziba;  Mary;  Anna;  Eliza- 
beth; Ann;  Worthy;  Eliza  A.; 

Wales,  Elizabeth,  D June  IS,  1851. 
Weaver,  Betsy,  D Mar.  7,  1850; 


Watson,  Harriet  (Hagerty),  Emma, 
D Apr.  26,  1864. 

Wellwood,  Esther. 

Williams,  Polly;  Betsy;  Vila;  Steph- 
en B.;  Julius;  N.  L.;  Nancy,  D 
May  2,  1862;  Sarah  E. 

Wilcox,  Oliver;  Oliver,  Jr.,  Lovina, 
D March,  1854;  Lovina  C.;  Her- 

. ! , j ' . 1 ; 

x nuJ  ,n  dlo? 



■ • """ 


brnoO  .idiJufT 

:>flii*r>  ai.o"vm  jjmrai  rot* 

. ' '■-■  • ' .*  ■ • 

. : . . . ..  . 



man;  Rebecca;  Mary,  D May  31, 
1857;  Cortes,  D May  14,  1857;  Mrs. 
Sarah;  Harvey;  Mrs.  Sophia. 
Walker,  Jane  Ann;  Mary  Jane; 

Wier,  Eliza;  Archibald. 

Wilbur,  Ruth;  Polly;  Lovina;  Cadia 

Whopple,  Betsy,  D Feb.  12,  1866; 
Wealthy;  Betsy;  Ruth,  D May  2, 
1855;  James  A.;  Elizabeth;  Joeb 
T.;  Maria,  D Sept.  30,  1857;  Helen; 
J.;  Adah;  William;  Delia  E.,  D 
Sept.  25,  1859;  Henry:  Marrion. 
White,  Benjamin;  Caroline. 
Wheldon,  Francis  B.,  D Oct.  25, 

1864;  Deborah;  Francis  J.;  Sarah 

Whittaker,  Harriet,  D July  28,  1861; 
Elizabeth  M.;  Lyman;  Clark  H.; 
Mary  A.;  Leroy. 

Wheelock,  Solomon  B.;  Ruth;  Sarah 

Wright,  Nathaniel  S.;  Maria  C. 
Woodley,  Margaret. 

Woodward,  Lemuel. 

Widback,  Stephen;  Martha. 
Whitback,  Martha. 

Welling,  Julia. 

Wilson,  Mary  Jane;  Andrew. 

Wells,  George.  Waller,  Julia. 

Wolf,  Maria. 

(The  End) 


“And  being  willing  that  all  should 
know  our  Sentiments  with  regard 
to  the  great  doctrines  of  religion, 
and  supposing  it  necessary  for  the 
purposes  of  Christian  fellowship 
that  we  should  be  agreed  among 
ourselves  in  these  points  which  we 
judge  to  be  essential  to  true  Christi- 
anity, we  unitedly  adopt — 

We  believe  that  at  the  consuma- 
tion  of  all  things,  the  Lord  Jesus 
Christ  will  descend  from  heaven 
with  power  and  great  glory,  that 
there  will  be  an  universal  ressurec- 
tion  of  the  dead, — -that  all  the  hu- 
man race  must  be  judged  according 
to  the  deeds  done  in  the  body, 
whether  good  or  evil. 

— and  do  now  by  the  help  of  God, 
and  according  to  the  light  which  he 
has  given  us, — Solemnly  enter  into 
Covenant  with  God,  and  with  each 
other  subscribing  it  with  our  own 
hands  the  third  day  of  July,  one 
thousand  seven  hundred  and  eighty- 

During . the  meetings  of  the  or- 
ganization in  the  absence  of  a mini- 
ster, the  schoolmaster  was  the  lead- 
er and  gave  out  the  psalms.  “Twas 
better  meant  than  acted  by  this 
young  scholar  in  Christ’s  school.” 

1783  Coleman,  Timothy,  d 1787. 

1803  Coleman,  Sarah,  D May  18, 


1784  Corwin,  Joshua,  Sr.,  D July  5, 

1809  Corwin,  David,  D Mar.  18,  1824. 
1809  Corwin,  Naomi,  D Mar.  6,  1833. 

1793  Conklin,  Ananias,  D Oct.  12, 

1782  Farnham,  Elias,  D June  1,  1806. 
1803  Gardner,  Jerusha. 

1803  Kelley,  Margret,  D Aug.  30, 

1785  Mapes,  Samuel,  Jr.,  D 1812,  and 
w,  Mary,  D Jan.  20,  1823. 

1785  Mapes,  Selah,  D Mar.  8,  1837. 

1794  Mapes,  Erastus,  D Sept.,  1857. 
1803  Mapes  Dinah,  D July  11,  1835. 
1797  Mapes,  Lucy. 

1803  Pasko,  Zophar  D. 

1790  Penney,  William,  Jr.,  D Jan. 
26,  1832. 

1782  Reeve,  Elijah,  Jr.,  D Nov.  26, 

1809  Sergeant,  Stephan,  D 1812. 

1782  Smith,  Joseph  and  Mary;  Mary. 

1784  Smith,  Job. 

1785  Smith,  Major  and  wife;  Moses. 
1784  Skinner,  Kerzia. 

1803  Vail,  Martha,  D Nov.  12,  1839. 
1784  White,  Thomas;  Elizabeth.  D 
Nov.  7,  1813. 



• : • ’I 

t on  1 J1  jUs ’ ■ - 

■ • 

•XibM  "ao"..  l 


2 ■-  , - . C ..  — •' 


; ,i  .V<  iVj 

, ; * . - .■  ocqua  farts 

i -r- 

■ , .•■■  :r  :.?"Ar 




168  • 


1782  Woodward,  Enos  and  Mary.  v 

Admitted  in  1810. 

Brown,  Susannah,  d 1836. 

Corwin,  Priscilla,  D Dec.  4,  1842. 
Jemina,  D Sept.  11,  1836.  Julia,  D 
Sept  10,  1823.  Betsy  m — Mullock. 
Mary,  D Dec.  17,  1833.  Isaac;  Josh- 
ua, Sr. 

Finn,  Maria  d 1816. 

Mapes,  Marian,  d 1843;  Polly. 
Satterly,  Nancy  W.  d 1815. 

Sergeant,  Anna,  d 1812. 

Vail,  Anna,  d 1835. 

Admitted  in  1811. 

Brown  Abigail. 

Mapes,  Mary,  sister  of  J.  V.,  D May 
20,  1878. 

Roberts,  Polly,  d 1822. 

Admitted  in  1813. 

Corwin,  Silas  and  Sally,  d 1816. 

Vail,  Elizabeth,  d 1822. 

Admitted  in  1814. 

Cunningham,  Hannah. 

Admitted  in  1815. 

Coleman,  William. 

Demerest,  John. 

Horton,  Sally,  D Mar.  4,  1817. 

Mapes,  Abner  and  Jemina,  d 1834; 
Fanny,  D Feb.  19,  1841;  Irene; 
Samuel  S.;  Keturah. 

Sturgis,  Jacob,  d 1823. 

Admitted  in  1816. 

Coleman,  Hannah,  Jr.,  and  Hannah, 
d 1838;  Sally  L.,  D Jan.  3,  1839; 
Marcia,  widow,  D July  6,  1873. 
Campbell,  John,  D Jan,  13,  1843. 
Denn,  Marcia. 

Goldsmith,  Salem,  D Dec.  25,  1831. 
Guildersleve,  Sally,  d 1822. 

Thorn,  John  and  Sally. 

Admitted  in  1818. 

Demerest,  Juliana. 

Hulse,  Wisner,  D Oct.  10,  1867. 
Reeve,  Thomas  and  Comfort,  d 1819. 
Admitted  in  1820. 

Bagsby,  Nancy,  w of  Henry,  sister 
' of  Marcia  Mapes,  D July  11,'  1882. 
Corwin,  Alsop. 

Davis,  Phillip. 

Helms,  Nancy;  Gesila. 

Luce,  Eleazer  and  Betsy,  d 1825. 
Mapes,  Lucinda,  w of  Seth,  D Feb.  1, 
1865;  Keziah,  d 1843. 

Penney,  Hilda,  m Mapes,  D 

Sept.  3,  1823. 

Admitted  in  1821. 

Cassey,  Eloner. 

Corwin,  Jemina,  Susan,  Claria,  Silas 
and  Sally,  d 1834. 

Helms,  Marcia;  Mary,  D July  27, 

Mapes,  Marcia,  widow  of  Erastus,  D 
Feb.  15,  1867;  Amelia,  sister  of  J. 
Lewis,  d 1860. 

Admitted  in  1822. 

Drake,  Joshua  and  Phebe,  d 1823. 
Iverson,  John  and  Jane,  d 1824. 
Mape,  Josiah,  brother  of  Amzi,  D 
Aug.  20,  1882. 

Admitted  in  1824. 

Brown,  Benjamin,  d 1839;  Amanda. 
Coleman,  Abigail,  widow  of  Gab- 
riel, d 1869. 

Corwin,  Jemima,  Jr.,  Polly  M. 
Hulse,  Daniel,  d 1828. 

Ludlowe,  Catharine,  d 1835. 

Mapes,  Amzi,  son  of  Deacon  E.,  D 
Dec.  3,  1880;  Deborah,  w of 

Amzi,  D Nov.  6,  1844;  Elizabeth 
U.,  w of  J.  Lewis,  D Mar.  9,  1878; 
Irene,  Jr.,  sister  of  Amzi,  D Mar. 
15,  1893.  Daniel,  brother  of  Amzi, 
D May  12,  1874.  Highly,  D Aug.  23, 
1827;  James  R.;  Josiah  V.,  d 1833; 
Gabriel,  d 1843. 

McGill,  Rachel,  D Apr.  15,  1868; 

Martha,  D Oct.  8,  1827. 
McKenney,  Caroline. 

Ogden,  Daniel,  d 1838; 

Hannah,  d 1860; 

Jacob  H.,  d 1835. 

Pierson,  Abigail,  D July  1,  1826. 
Price,  Milia. 

Runno,  Permelia,  d 1838. 

Smith,  Lucinda;  Elijah,  d 1842; 
Olive,  d 1839; 

Elizabeth,  m Corwin. 

Way,  Rebecca.  Wells,  Caroline. 
(To  be  continued) 

’ ■■■;■:;  . ! '.if,  ••  -■■■■* 





y?,r  ,a  o a idiiciv: 

* ■ ' ;j  / v " ••.'•i-.'f-i 

: . . 

. . ■ . ;;  '■*“ 
. r • v';' 

....  •*.  ujl  '•.>  ffj  - , ■ 


>1  ?,  I nt  b I Hrtfl  A*‘‘ 


£281  fa  . tip  i --tZii  idoH 



■ , -•  /M  • 



Subscribers"  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send,  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

The  following  notes  copied  from 

tombstones  in  scattered  cemeteries 

are  sent  by  Mrs.  Charles  Bohlig  of 

New  York  State. 

On  Route  No.  34  in  Ithaca 

Fordyce,  Benjamin,  Mar.  1,  1819, 

Fordyce,  Rebecca,  widow  of  Benja- 
min, 1840,  78y. 

Fordyce,  Rebecca,  dau  of  Benjamin 
and  Rebecca,  1829,  23y. 

Fordyce,  Nathaniel  H.,  1789-1834. 

Fordyce,  Nancy  W.,  w of  Nathaniel 
PL,  1833,  24y. 

Fordyce,  Henrietta  L.  Willard,  w of 
Nathaniel  H.,  1810-1897. 

Fordyce,  John,  1868,  72y. 

Fordyce,  Anna,  w of  John,  Jan.  13, 
1868,  65y. 

Fordyce,  John,  son  of  John  and  An- 
na, 1862,  27y. 

Fordyce,  Louise  Close,  w of  John, 

On  Route  No.  34  in  Flemming 

Casler,  Henry,  Feb.  6,  1857,  76y. 

Casler,  Mary,  Apr,  29,  1857,  77y. 

Cock,  William  J.,  1821,  39y. 

Cock,  Margaret,  w of  William  J., 
Sept.  10,  1861,  76y. 

Olney,  Nathaniel,  1811,  48y. 

Olney,  Adoniram,  1824. 

Olney,  Arenius,  son  of  Benjamin 
and  Rachel,  May  28,  1843,  29y. 

Olney,  Caroline,  dau  of  Benjamin 
and  Rachel,  1850,  25y. 

Olney,  Lucy,  w of  Royal,  1829,  23y. 
On  Route  No.  34,  out  of  Auburn. 

Stout,  Chloe,  w of  Norton,  Oct.  23, 
1844,  25y. 

Wilcox,  Ruth,  w of  Jeremiah,  Feb.  3, 
1844,  57y. 

Williams,  Ichabod,  Sept.  29,  1839, 
83y  4m  12d. 

Williams,  Sarah,  w of  Ichabod,  May 
31,  1831,  83y. 

Scipio  Center 

Divine,  Joseph  C.,  May  4,  1849,  79y 

11m  29d. 

Divine,  Polly,  w of  Joseph  C.,  Jan. 
7,  1869,  93y. 

Gallup,  Gideon,  1838,  72y  3m  4d. 
Gallup,  Lucy,  w of  Gideon,  1849, 
76th  year. 

Morgan,  Jacob,  1855,  87y. 

Morgan,  Jane,  w of  Jacob,  1852,  68y. 
Morgan,  Lois,  dau  of  Nathan  and 
Sarah  Gallup,  1841,  72y. 

Morgan,  Jacob,  Jr.,  Apr.  20,  1789- 
Nov.  28,  1872. 

Morgan,  Lucretia,  w of  Jacob,  Jr., 
Aug.  18,  1792-May  26,  1882. 
Morgan,  Nelson,  1814-1889. 

Morgan,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Nelson, 

Morgan,  William,  May  1873,  78y. 
Morgan,  Mary,  Apr.  24,  1876,  83y. 
Morgan,  Charles,  son  of  W.  A.  and 
Mary,  Apr.  28,  1846,  20y. 

Morgan,  Nathan,  1869,  69y. 

Morgan,  Ann,  w of  Nathan,  1872, 

Newington,  Conn.,  across  from 
Veterans’  Hospital. 

Mrs.  Katharyn  Wethy  Wilson 
could  not  resist  these  two  old  ceme- 
teries in  Connecticut,  and  we  are 

Andrus,  (Andrews  on  some  of  the 
stones),  Joseph,  Sept.  14,  1775,  69y. 
Andrus,  Sarah,  w of  Joseph,  June  4, 
1779,  77y. 

Andrus,  Elias,  stone  not  readable. 
Andrus,  Tabitha,  w of  Elias,  Aug.  15, 
1815,  69y. 

Andrus,  Abel,  May  15,  1811,  76y. 
Andrus,  Amos,  July  24,  1826,  61y. 
Andrus,  Millie,  w of  Amos,  May  3, 
1842,  95y. 

Boardman,  Lt.  Richard,  Aug.  1755 

Boardman,  Sarah,  w of  Richard, 
Dec.  28,  1769,  80y. 

Camp,  Capt.  John,  Feb.  4,  1747,  72y. 
Camp,  Rebekah,  w of  Capt.  John, 

• , 




/ . / > : ; " ' 

,vf!d  U «w; 



- 1 

, , ..  . ,r  . v ■.  : - - • 

. • - • . 




• •'  . t ■ ; 

’ : 


• . • ; n : . • 


■X  : O 

. ' - Y*  , • :;I  ' 




Feb.  26,  1768,  80y. 

Deming,  Lt.  Ephraim,  Nov.  1742' 


Kellogg,  Capt.  Martin,  Dec.  7,  1791, 


Kellogg,  Mary,  w of  Capt  Martin, 

Apr.  8,  1803,  84y. 

Kellogg,  Martin,  Aug.  19,  1828,  82y, 

Kellogg,  Hannah,  w of  Martin,  Nov. 

13,  1827,  77y. 

Kuburn,  Lt.  Ebenezer,  Aug.  21, 

1759,  64y. 

Richards,  Oliver,  Sept.  14,  1879,  75y. 

Richards,  Mary  K.,  w of  Oliver, 

Jan.  16,  1872,  65y. 

Richards,  Delia,  dau,  June  8,  1874, 


Robins,  Unni,  Mar.  23,  1799-Oct.  5, 


Robins,  Sarah  Dunham,  w of  Unni, 

Jan.  7,  1805- Apr.  10,  1889. 

Stoddard,  Allen,  Aug.  13,  1786-Nov. 

14,  1845. 

Stoddard,  Mary  Wells,  w of  Allen, 


During  the  month  of  March,  we  exhibited  at  the  Buffalo  Hobby  Show 
many  old  manuscripts,  cemetery  maps,  etc.,  from  which  the  records  for 
“Early  Settlers”  are  copied. 

Many  visitors  were  interested  in  this  display,  and  offered  their  treas- 
ures to  be  copied  for  our  publication. 

Other  exhibitors,  with  collections  of  old  Bibles,  allowed  your  editor  to 
copy  the  records  for  publication. 


On  invitation  of  the  Yates  County  Historical  Society,  we  journeyed  to 
Penn  Yan  to  talk  about  Genealogy  and  New  York  State  Pioneers. 

Added  to  this  was  an  invitation  to  tell  our  story  at  a luncheon  given 
by  the  Penn  Yan  Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution  in  honor  of  the 
State  Regent,  Mrs.  Clapp  of  Cohocton. 

We  very  much  enjoyed  meeting  these  folks  who  care  about  New  York 
State  pioneers,  and  secured  many  valuable  records  during  our  week  in 
Yates  County. 

April  and  May  we  will  be  hunting  for  records,  hoping  to  find  ancestors 
for  many  readers. 

We  will  be  in  different  States,  we  will  search  in  many  counties,  we  may 
even  touch  the  very  record  that  you  want,  and  many  will  be  copied  for 

If  you  would  like  to  have  a particular  search  made  for  your  family, 
.send  your  question  at  once.  The  cost  is  very  smalL 

Mar.  19,  1790-Apr.  4,  1868. 
Stoddard,  Rufus,  Mar.  19,  1822-Jan. 
30,  1870. 

Stoddard,  Sarah  Wells,  w of  Rufus. 

June  27,  1827-Apr.  29,  1894. 
Stoddard,  Marcus  Lewis,  July  22.. 

1854-Feb.  16,  1917. 

Stoddard,  Marcus,  Mar.  30,  1814- 
Dec.  5,  1855. 

Stoddard,  Frances  S.,  w of  Marcus. 

June  5,  1817-Mar.  21,  1901. 

Welles,  General  Roger,  May  27, 
1795,  41y. 

Welles,  Gemiva,  w of  General  Rog- 
er, Aug.  23,  1757-Apr.  19,  1829. 
Welles,  Roger,  Rear  Admiral  in 

Welles,  Charles,  Apr.  28,  1858- Apr. 
2,  1912. 

General  Roger  Welles  and  his 
wife,  Admiral  Welles,  and  Captain 
Kellogg  and  his  wife  were  inscrib- 
ed on  flat  tables  of  stone  about  two 
feet  above  ground. 

(To  be  continued) 


. :.:±» 



■ r-'  ' /•.'  ‘ f ■ '*5  6?  miaST 

. ■),.  ;$  \n  . ij 0 0 ••  :•.!'•■!  '"■■}  J\-i  ■ 

tub  "T ""'j  ■ fens  wnoiq  jv  3 



.2  I9bB  j 1 *tol 

d$itjSR30  yfwtto  -ffi  f!nrr»&  t[ iw  sw  savi&lJib  m txi  XU w-sW 



17  X 

Tombstone  Inscriptions 

Methodist  Cemetery,  Olcott,  Nia- 
gara County.  (Continued) 

Brown,  James,  May  10,  1873,  88y 
3m  5d. 

Brown,  Sally  Maria,  w of  James, 
Sept.  5,  1834,  34y  4m  2d. 

Butterfield,  Dr.  Alexander,  Nov.  19, 
1867,  73y. 

Butterfield,  Lucinda,  w of  Dr.  Alex- 
ander, Nov.  19,  1867,  69y. 

Butterfield,  Lucinda,  dau  of  Alex- 
ander and  Lucinda,  w of  Rev.  W. 
B.  Slaughter,  Jan.  9,  1855,  26v. 

Butterfield,  Dyantha,  dau  of  Alex- 
ander and  Lucinda,  w of  Rev.  H. 
R.  Smith,  Jan.  22,  1847,  27y  4m. 

Baxter,  Maria  Van  Ostrand,  w of 
Jacob,  dau  of  George  and  Eliza- 
beth, July  29,  1852,  27y. 

Burch,  John  P„  Oct.  19,  1883,  80y. 

Burch,  Mark,  May  4,  1822,  41y  2m 

Crossman,  Samuel,  Sept.  8,  1845,  77y. 

Crossman,  Mary,  w of  Samuel,  Jan. 
1,  1854,  85y  8m  4d. 

Crossman,  Abner,  Oct.  3,  1831,  70y. 

Crossman,  John  H.,  May  5,  1853,  30y 
5m  26d. 

Grossman,  Daniel,  Sept.  16,  1870, 

Crossman,  Lydia,  Sept.  17,  1832,  35y. 

Crossman,  Lydia  M.,  June  23,  1876, 
76y  2m  24d. 

Cooper,  William,  Dec.  29,  1844,  85y. 

Cooper,  Hannah,  w of  William,  Dec. 
5,  1833,  66y  7m. 

Cooper,  William  E.,  July  26,  1875, 
69y  8m. 

Cooper,  Eliza,  w of  William  E.,  Mar. 
26,  1884,  72y  2m. 

Christy,  James,  Sept.  25,  1880,  52y. 

Christy,  Mary  Ann,  w of  James,  Apr. 
8,  1864,  26y  9m  16d. 

Christy,  Thomas,  Nov.  30,  1859,  70y. 

Christy,  Elizabeth,  v/  of  Thomas, 
Nov.  22,  1866,  69y  11m  20d. 

Christy,  Eliza,  w of  J.  W.,  May  19, 
1847-May  20,  1878. 

Corwin,  Abigail  S.  (Scars?),  w of 
James  R,,  July  15,  1851,  21y  9m 

Corwin,  Benjamin  S.,  Feb.  10,  1871, 
52y  27d. 

Corwin,  Esther,  w of  Benjamin,  Dec. 
19,  1861,  37y  11m. 

Corwin,  James,  Apr.  27,  1864,  75y 
5m  16d. 

Corwin,  Sarah,  w of  James,  Jan.  18, 
1853,  64y  2m  2d. 

Church,  Lucy  B.,  w of  Nathaniel, 
May  24,  1840,  36y  20d. 

Crownover,  James,  Sept.  19,  1845, 

Crownover,  Lucinda,  w of  James, 
Sept.  18,  1854,  42y  5m  23d. 

Culver,  Sylvenus,  May  5,  1790-Mar. 
5,  1875. 

Culver,  Celinda,  w of  Sylvenus,  Mar. 
5,  1855,  62y  4m  12d. 

Cary,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Nathaniel, 
Sept.  7,  1831,  21y. 

Chase,  James  H.,  Mar.  11,  1808-July 
16,  1889. 

Chase,  Eliza  A.,  w of  James  H.,  Jan. 
13,  1882,  71y  9m  6d. 

Curtiss,  Melissa,  dau  of  William  and 
Catherine,  Jan.  28,  1846,  15y  10m. 

Cockings,  John,  Sept.  1,  1863,  71y. 

Cockings,  Fanny,  June  2.  1871,  84y. 

Coats,  Zebulon,  Oct.  2,  1849,  87y. 

Coats,  Mary,  w of  Zebulon,  Nov.  27, 
1850,  84y. 

Coats,  Frederick,  Nov.  8,  1835.  49y. 

Coats,  Asa,  Jan.  23,  1800-July  19, 

Coats,  Miranda,  w of  Asa,  Aug.  24, 
1812 . 

Cobb,  Josiah,  Jan.  5,  1870,  69y. 

Cobb,  Jane,  w of  Josiah,  Jan.  20, 
1866,  62y  8m  23d. 

Cobb,  Crittenden,  Oct.  4,  1856,  32y 
4m  6d. 

Cobb,  Edwin  A.,  son  of  Crittenden 
and  Janette,  Jan.  21,  1851,  10 

Cobb,  John  S.,  Nov.  29,  1854,  24y  lm 
lid.  , 

Cobb,  Ann  M.,  w of  John  S.,  July  10, 
1876,  44y  8m  12d. 

Dix,  Dyantha,  w of  Daniel,  Nov.  7, 
1833,  38y. 

Dix,  Frances  M.,  w of  Daniel,  Dec. 



b f.;r. 





, >A  . ■' f ■■  1 ; 

; ;v  .Tv;  t*..u 

v w .Bbruou»J  h,'!o  ibn* 

■ - 

, • ■ oO 

:.V  T,  , .vhi'-rO 



10,  1807-Nov.  9,  1878. 

Dix,  Ozias,  May.  6,  1791-Aug.  9,  1874. 
Dix,  Phebe,  w of  Ozias,  May  14,  1798 
-June  18,  1872. 

Du  Bois,  Clarissa  D.,  w of  Nathaniel, 
Apr.  1,  1841,  71y  8m  18d. 

Devlin,  John,  Apr.  20,  1870,  55y. 
Devlin,  Sarah  L.,  Feb.  27,  1863,  13y. 
Devlin,  Hannah,  Mother,  1824-1900. 
Everts,  Thomas,  Mar.  15,  1856,  63y 
2m  2d. 

Everts,  Jacob,  Sept.  25,  1845,  82y. 
Everts,  Mary  Eliza,  dau  of  Thomas 
and  Mariah,  Feb.  23,  1845,  2 y 9m. 
Fuller,  William  C.,  1830-1911. 

Fuller,  Mary  Ann,  w of  William  C., 

Good,  James,  Apr.  13,  1855,  52y  5m 

Good,  Elizabeth,  w of  James,  Mar. 

12,  1847,  43y  10m  7d. 

Hastings,  Albert  M.,  Oct.  1,  1828,  25y. 
Hayne,  Elizabeth,  w of  Henry,  Apr. 

20,  1850,  36y  4m  18d. 

Halstead,  Phebe,  w of  Charles,  Mar. 

12,  1845,  38y  9m  27d. 

Halsted,  Morris,  Father,  b Aug.  15, 
1815 , 80y. 

Halsted,  Delaney,  Mother,  b Apr.  5, 
1820  , 78y. 

Halsted,  Ann,  w of  Joseph,  July  10, 
1846,  24y  3m  13d. 

Henderson,  William,  1801-1887. 
Henderson,  Sarah  J.  Lyons,  w of 
» William,  1828-1898. 

Henderson,  Rev.' Nathaniel,  Nov.  21, 
1836,  67y. 

Henderson,  Joseph,  Aug.  9,  1825, 

Henderson,  Elizabeth,  w of  William, 
Mar.  7,  1858,  48y  6m  7d. 

Hammond,  John,  Nov.  13,  1817-Mar. 
1,  1831. 

Hammond,  Maria  L.,  w of  John, 
May  30,  1824-Aug.  23,  1896. 

Hess,  James,  June  1,  1835,  44y  lm 


Hess,  Eliza,  w of  James,  ..Aug.  30, 
1821,  31y  6m. 

Hess,  James  Madison,  son  of  James 
and  Mehitable,  Apr.  15,  1843,  lOy 

5m  7d. 


Hess,  Peter,  formerly  of  Sarah  ';  . 
Co.,  Nov.  14,  1845,  85y  7m  14d. 

Johnston,  M.  B.  Hess,  June  1302- 
Oct.  1875. 

Johnston,  Allen  Steel,  son  of  R-?v 
John  and  Mehitable,  Aug.  23,  1842, 
ly  3m. 

Holmes,  Joseph,  Feb.  17,  1860,  72y. 

Holmes,  Polly,  Nov.  14,  1855,  64y. 

Holmes,  Nancy  (Pease?),  w of  John 
Dec.  3,  1856,  87y  4m  25d. 

Hawkins,  Horace  W.  son  of  Jehiel 
and  Mary  J.,  Aug.  13,  1853,  24y 
lm  lOd. 

Jameson,  William,  151st  Reg.  N.  Y. 
Inf.,  1826-1876. 

Jameson,  William  D.,  son  of  Wil- 
liam and  Elizabeth,  May  1,  1863, 
5y  7m  21d. 

Kemp,  John  B.  Jan.  4,  1847,  35y 

Kemp,  Maria,  w of  John  B.,  Dec.  15, 
1861,  54y. 

Kemp,  David,  Apr.  26,  1352,  54y  lm 


Kemp,  Fanny,  w of  David,  Nov.  27, 
1881,  79y  4m  24d. 

Kemp,  Samuel  B.,  Sgt.,  Co  F,  3rd 
N.  Y.  Cav.,  son  of  David,  23y  7m 

Krupp,  Michael,  Dec.  4,  1882,  81y 
lm  17d. 

Krupp,  Lucy  A.,  w of  Michael,  Feb. 
9,  1847,  30y. 

Lockwood,  Henry,  b in  Greenwich, 
Fairfield  Co.,  Conn.  Nov.  6,  1770- 
Aug.  26,  1836. 

Lockwood,  Sally,  w of  Henry,  b in 
Richmond,  Va.,  D Aug.  14,  1849, 

Lockwood,  Lydia,  w of  William  C., 
June  25,  1845,  36y. 

Lockwood,  Nancy,  w of  William  C., 
Nov.  1,  1839,  34y. 

Lockwood,  Melancia  V.,  w of  "Wil- 
liam, Jan.  18,  1865,  30y  lm  2d. 

Lockwood,  Allen,  Dec.  17,  1862,  62y 
4m  28d. 

Lockwood,  Harriet  M.,  w of  Allen, 
May  25,  1877,  68y  5m  24d. 

Lockwood,  Isaac,  July  25,  1871,  63y. 

(To  be  continued) 



. : ' ■ ■: 


■*:  '■  ■ 


y f,n  ' 4 



•r  « 

. »• ■■■;.■  ■■  • :■* 

'■  1 ••  ^ 


..8€$Lr-8£8 1 .mpiihW  * 


Vi)l  ,£*81  , i iqA  ,9iJai«toK  yw, 



Obituary  Records  of  Former  Residents  of  Erie  County 

Obituary  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 

The  place  of  residence,  if  other  than  Buffalo,  follows  the  name. 

B — buried.  D — died. 


Darrow,  Elijah,  formerly  of  Ston- 
ington,  Conn.,  Aug.  21,  1842,  67y. 

Darrow,  Henry  P.,  Aug.  2,  1852,  44y. 

Darrow,  Philene,  w of  Avery.  D 
Sept.  29,  1852,  45y. 

Dart,  Dr.  Ashbel,  Nov.  8,  1844,  50y. 
D in  Conneaut,  Ohio.  B in  Buffalo. 

Dart,  Dotha  D.,  w of  Joseph,  May  10, 
1865,  56y. 

Dart,  or  Doat,  Mary,  Nov.  9,  1848, 
28y  10m. 

Dart,  Miranda,  w of  Rev.  Freeman, 
Boston,  N.  Y.,  June  25,  1844,  38y. 

Dascomb,  William,  Hamburg,  Sept. 
8,  1862,  72y. 

Dashide  or  Dashiell,  John  R.  of  Som- 
erset Co.,  England,  Dec.  12,  1849, 

Daugherty,  John,  May  15,  1861,  66y. 

Davenport,  Orrin,  Lancaster,  Feb. 
25,  1857. 

Davidson,  Anne  Trainor,  w of  Sam- 
uel, West  Seneca,  from  Kirkcud- 
brightshire, Scotland,  Dec.  9,  1864, 

Davidson,  Helen  Shaw,  w of  Edgar, 
dau  of  Henry  T.  Gillett  of  Buffalo, 
Sept.  3,  1860,  D in  New  York  City. 
B in  Buffalo. 

Davidson,  Henrietta,  w of  Douglas 
N.,  dau  of  David  Hawkins,  Feb.  13, 
1851,  22y. 

Davies,  Joseph,  Feb.  27,  1862,  49y. 

Davies,  Dr.  Richard  John,  from  Car- 
low,  Ireland,  Aug.  17,  1851. 

Davis,  Clarissa,  w of  Noah,  Nov.  22, 
1849,  36y. 

Davis,  Edward  B.,  son  of  W.  of  Le- 
roy, Nov.  17,  1864,  33y. 

Davis,  Eliza  Jane,  only  dau  of  Jacob, 
Dec.  31,  1850. 

Davis,  Miss  Eunice,  dau  of  John. 
Hamburg,  Feb.  3,  1842,  21y. 

Davis,  George,  Elma,  Sept.  23,  1866, 

Davis,  Horace,  only  son  of  widow 

Laura,  Aug.  22,  1842,  23y. 

Davis,  Isaac  D.,  Oct.  25,  1859,  38y. 
Davis,  John,  East  Hamburg,  Feb.  8, 
1855,  68y. 

Davis,  Josiah,  Revolutionary  Sol- 
dier, Nov.  12,  1848,  87y. 

Davis,  Juija  Ann,  w of  William,  Jan. 

29,  1839,  29y. 

Davis,  Mrs.  Laura,  June  12,  1862, 
71y.  D in  New  York  City.  B in 

Davis,  Mrs.  Maria,  July  14,  1863,  84y. 

D at  the  “Church  Home”. 

Davis,  Matilda,  w of  Rev.  A.,  Apr. 
5,  1848,  50y. 

Davis  or  Davies,  Mrs.  Prudence, 
Aug.  13,  1846,  69y. 

Davis,  Robert,  mate  of  the  Steamer 
Illinois,  Sept.  24,  1843. 

Davis,  Miss  Sarah  of  Chippev/a, 
Sept.  2,  1854,  24y. 

Davis,  Sarah,  w of  William  H.,  Elma, 
Apr.  24,  1864,  28y. 

Davis,  Selden,  Jan.  24,  1826,  40y. 
Davison,  Major  Daniel  S.,  Nov.  4, 
1833,  46y. 

Davison,  Mrs.  Emily,  Dec.  21,  1865, 

Davison,  George  W.,  father  of  Cap- 
tains William  C.  and  B.  F.,  Apr. 

30,  1854,  83y  8m  lOd. 

Davison,  William  C.,  June  14,  1858, 

Davock,  John  W.,  July  17,  1853,  41y. 
Daw,  Henry,  Aug.  19,  1864,  69y  2m. 
Day,  Mrs.  Almira,  Jan.  1,  1859,  46y. 
Day,  Betsey,  w of  Elijah,  Tonawan- 
da,  Feb.  17,  1831,  41y. 

Day,  David  M.,  Dec.  12,  1839.  48y. 
Formerly  one  of  the  publishers  of 
the  Whig  and  Journal  of  Buffalo. 
Day,  David  M.,  May  18,  1856,  35v. 
Day,  Delia  L.,  formerly  teacher  in 
School  No.  5,  Buffalo,  Aug.  5,  1861, 
25y.  D in  Lockport. 

(To  be  continued) 


,1  »hod— -fi 



; v.i>\  : 

.bOf  m&  yzz  m ; 


j'M  ' ; ,i"  ,f!iA  .ttiiini  A .siM  ,v£G 

i-;<:  •:  a A *0  .■  Jot*:  I 

/.  /.rPol  ,wi  . ’/  . :/>  ,no.t&oS 


■•r):  jMtBlIebS  iii  rf§hd 

■ • y.HzD 

: in  sCI 


,££  jq  i ; ,i,mia  ,s$iot  > ,£ivbOL 



Marriage  Records 

Marriage  Records,  copied  from  Buffalo  Newspapers,  are  published 
through  the  courtesy  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society. 


Avery,  John  T.,  and  Kate  Tappen- 
den,  June  16,  1862. 

Av^rv,  Julia  M.  and  B.  G.  Y/hitte- 
more,  Dec.  26,  1832. 

Avery,  Kate  M.  and  James  S.  John- 
ston, Jan.  1,  1877. 

Avery,  Leonard  Fay  and  Ella  Lou- 
ise  Shepard,  Jan.  31,  1878. 

Avery,  Mary  and  Joseph  B.  Blake, 
May  15,  1857. 

Avery,  Mary  and  William  Smith, 
Sept.  20,  1344. 

Avery,  Phoebe  and  Isaac  Knibbs, 
Nov.  11,  1848. 

Avery,  R.  G.  and  Helen  M.  Monroe, 
Oct. 24, 1847. 

Avery,  Sarah  E.  and  James  F.  Shaw, 
Feb.  11,  1858. 

Avery,  Sarah  J,  and  James  Van 
Buren,  Nov.  22,  1865. 

Avery,  Sarah  W.  and  Theodore  D. 

Barnham,  June  21,  1864. 

Axtens,  Lottie  E.  and  Charles  L. 

Prescott,  June  14,  1866. 
Ayelsworth,  Sarah  and  Dr.  Stetson 

L.  Grosvenor,  June  3,  1849. 

Ayer,  Albert  and  Geraldine  H. 

Young,  Nov.  9,  1865. 

Ayer,  Ellen  D.  and  L.  C.  Trevett, 
Nov.  6,  1870. 

Ayer,  Emmet  J.  and  Delia  L.  Hoag, 
Sept.  27,  1871. 

Ayer,  Ira  and  Julia  Warner,  Jan.  6, 

Ayer,  Col.  Ira  and  Bessie  E.  Cronk- 
hite,  Oct.  14,  1869. 

Ayer,  Janette  and  Edward  B.  Mur- 
ray, June  19,  1849. 

Ayer,  Lavinia  and  George  W.  Barr, 

M.  D.,  Aug.  8,  1858. 

Ayer,  Maria  and  A.  G.  Meyers,  Jan. 
15,  1866. 

Ayer,  P.  Albert  and  Cornelia  More- 
house, Jan.  26,  1865. 

Ayer,  Richard  and  Laura  C.  Romi- 
an,  Feb.  22,  1853. 

Ayer,  Sarah  B.  and  Simon  E.  Tifft, 
Sept.  20,  1863. 

Ayer,  Sarah  M.  and  Rollin  L.  Banta, 
M.  D.,  Oct.  27,  1875. 

Ayers,  Charles  D.  and  Marne  G. 

Harlow,  Oct  14,  1874. 

Aykroid,  Mrs.  Kate  and  Marshall  N. 

Smith,  Nov.  2,  1874. 

Aykroid,  Mary  Elizabeth  and  Abra- 
ham Andrews,  Nov.  16,  1871. 
Ayler,  Elizabeth  M.  and  Jacob  Fink, 
Sept.  5,  1869. 

Aylesworth,  Mrs.  P.  and  E.  J. 

Brown,  May  2,  1846. 

Aylesworth,  Vienna  C.  and  Capt.  A. 

C.  L.  Keeler,  Sept.  13,  1837. 
Aylesworth,  Allie  N.  and  Joseph  H. 

Willette,  Dec.  13,  1870. 
Aylesworth.  Carrie  I.  and  Charles 
B.  Lusk,  Feb.  6,  1879. 

Aylesworth,  Helen  J.  and  Frank 

Shafer,’ Nov.  16,  1866. 

Aylesworth,  J.  C.  and  Lena  F. 

Aylesworth,  Apr.  29,  1880. 

Aylesworth,  Jennie  C.  and  Rev.  E. 

J.  Bennett,  Oct.  10,  1872. 
Aylesworth,  Jenny  L.  and  J.  Ford 
Pierson,  Oct.  29,  1856. 

Aylesworth,  Kate  S.  and  J.  P. 

Whitemore  Jan  12,  1885.  „ 

Aylesworth  Mary  E.  and  Fred  H. 

Lusk,  Aug.  28,  1884. 

Aylesworth,  Sarah  and  William 
Crocker,  June  18,  1867. 
Aylesworth,  Wallace  G.  and  Hattie 
M.  Burlingham,  Sept.  24,  1871. 
Aylesworth,  Adah  M.  and  Truman 
Hayes,  Mar.  28,  1870. 

Ayre,  Laura  C.  and  Edwin  Olden, 
Apr.  16,  1861. 

xYyre,  Sarah  and  James  Black,  Mar. 
10,  1833. 

Ayres,  Charles  H.  and  Julia  C. 

Pomeroy,  Dec.  26,  1877. 

Ayres,  George  B.  and  Mary  Robbins 
Smith,  Oct.  10,  1367. 

Ayres,  H.  Kirk  White  and  Louisa 
Clark,  Feb.  10,  1858. 

(To  be  continued) 

- * 

• [ ,1”:  ajO  m .m- 





. - . ;i I ' ...  .H  ..  rA 

.n  nsW  Mul  bm  ' H 


j ■ oil:  nv/y  ' ?2>dJ/  .«*  ,7SyA 

■ ■ ■<  . ■ • '..V*  . V ••  . ' . 

. ' fVT  <r  ' ■ -i  !'  A 

. ■ j :,ui  ijy y ' \ 



The  Mail  Box 

Unless  otherwise  stated,  ancestry  is  requested  for  all  whose  names  are 
in  capitals.  These  subscribers  invite  correspondence.  Combined  records  may 
bring  success.  Please  inclose  stamps  for  replies. 

PLEASE — Are  the  following  EB- 
ENEZER  MALLORYS  one  and  the 
same  person?  Ebenezer  Mallory, 
born  April  2,  1762,  Newtown,  Conn.; 
m Feb.  20,  1782  to  Eunice  Judson. 
His  father  was  Caleb,  b Dec.  19, 
1725,  Stratford,  Conn.-  m Feb.  28, 
1753  to  Ann  Peck  at  Newtown, 
Conn.;  d Mar.,  1816,  Huntington, 

Ebenezer  Mallory,  142  days,  July 
15,  1777  to  Dec.  3,  1777,  pay  roll  of 
Capt.  Parmelee  Allen’s  Company  in 
Col.  Herrick’s  Regt,  State  of  Ver- 

The  first  named  Ebenezer  Mallory 
had  two  uncles  living  in  Bennington, 
Vt.  at  the  time  of  the  Battle.  If  these 
are  two  different  men,  who  wrere  the 
parents  of  the  second  Ebenezer  Mal- 
lory. M.  E.  H.,  Kansas. 

PLEASE — Two  of  the  sons  of 
WESSON  HOLTON  settled  at  Ban- 
gor, New  York,  Chandler,  b Dec.  3, 
1844  and  Denslo  DeForest,  b Apr.  4, 
1841.  Another  son,  Edmond  Wran- 
slow  Holton  settled  at  Highgate. 
Was  this  New  York  or  Vermont? 

Information  about  the  family  of 
each  of  these  three  is  wanted. 

WILLIAM  HOLTON,  1750-1827, 
had  sons,  George,  Lemuel  Roswell, 
and  Stephen,  and  daughters  Mary 
and  Hannah.  After  his  death  in  1827, 
his  family  scattered.  A George  Hol- 
ton lived  near  Schenectady,  Roswell 
Holton  at  Norwich,  Chanango  Co., 
N.  Y.,  and  after  1860  a Stephen  was 
in  California. 

Can  any  one  identify  these  Hol- 
tons with  William  Holton? 

H.  S.,  Ohio. 

JOHN  TONER,  b Aug.  31,  1804, 
m Nov.  22,  1832  MARY  GEORGE, 
lived  in  Guernsey  Co.,  Ohio,  d,  Nov. 
2,  1843. 

Their  children  were — 

Chrysa  Jane,  b Sept.  8,  1834,  m 
Hugh  Young. 

Charles,  May  29,  1837-Dec.  3,  1901, 
m Olive  McDonald. 

Sarah  George,  b Mar.  15,  1841,  m 
Francis  M.  Moore. 

After  the  death  of  John  Toner, 
Mary  George  m John  McDonald. 

H.  W.  L,  Idaho. 

PLEASE — Any  information  per- 
taining to  the  descendants  of 
JAMES  MOORE  and  his  wife,  ELI- 

Thier  Children  were — 

Samuel,  b 1787,  Pembroke,  N.  H. 
Dennis,  b 1789,  Thetford,  Vt. 
Hannah,  Agnes,  Lettie,  Polly,  Peg- 
gy, and  Eliza  all  born  at  Thetford. 
Information  wanted  pertaining  to 
any  of  the  descendants  of  the  HOW- 
ARD FAMILY,  who  settled  in  Ver- 
mont and  New  Hampshire — Hayden, 
Linus,  Franklin,  Francis,  Aaron  P., 
Harriet,  Elizabeth,  George  L.,  Otis. 

All  the  sons  of  Solomon  or  Salmon 
Howard  and  his  wife,  Naomi  Pratt, 
and  their  daughters,  Martha,  Sarah 
and  Caroline,  all  of  whom  married 

The  children  of  Elijah  Howard — 
Augustus  C.,  Jasper,  William  C.,  An- 
na, Hannah  Blood  and  Mary  Brown; 
the  children  of  Dennis  Howard— 
Lydia,  John  D.,  Sophrania,  Thomas 
M.,  Louisa  Ann;  the  children  of 
Zebedee  (?)  Howard — Jonathan, 

Tamar,  Hiram,  George  W.  B.,  Lath- 
am Kendrick,  Calvin  Seaver,  Eras- 
tus  C.,  Sarah,  Alpha;  children  of 
Jasper  Howard — Henry  Harrison, 
Merceline,  Milla,  Calvin,  Fanny; 
children  of  Augustus  C.  Howard — • 
Alva  Heaton,  Emily  Hamilton,  Eli- 
jah Clark,  Chauncey;  son  of  Abijah 
and  Octavia  Howard — Harvey;  and 
Mary  Howard  who  m Uriah  Curtiss 
in  1774.  M.  B.  S.,  Vermont. 

..  \r  . , " . v 'V'-  : < ■?  . r:  • : „ ; :iqco  ni 

i .*  ' W*  ..  ' lh(J 

■ . A . : - ■ ■ 

■q  • n AttJ*! 



! — biswoH  (?)  ojgtadoS 


ilcM  isrssascKI 


bn  • 



Tbe  Early  Records  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  at  Goshen,  N.  Y. 

Only  two  hundred  copies  of  the  records  of  the  old  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  Orange  County,  N.  Y.,  were  published.  A few  of  these  were 
never  sold,  so  we  bought  them  for  our  subscribers,  because  the  records 
are  so  valuable.  Particularly  recommended  to  libraries. 

Judge  Charles  C.  Coleman  has  copied — 

Records  of  Marriages,  1776  to  1885.  Records  of  Deaths,  1805  to  1850. 

Register  of  Members,  1767  to  1850.  Register  of  Baptisms,  1773  to  1851. 

For  further  description,  see  Page  111,  January,  1936,  issue. 

One  of  our  Virginia  subscribers  was  the  first  to  order.  “The  Early  Re- 
cords of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church  at  Goshen,  N.  Y.,”  and  this  is  what 
he  has  written  to  us.  “I’m  delighted  with  the  book  of  records  from  Goshen. 

Excellent,  the  volume,  “Early  Records  of  the  First  Presbyterian  Church 
at  Goshen,  N.  Y.”  I have  gone  over  more  than  a thousand  names  in  these 
records,  and  have  found  no  errors.  Your  subscribers  owe  you  a debt  of 

Cloth  hound,  good  paper  pages,  indexed,  postpaid,  $5.00  per  copy. 



A subscription  to  “Early  Settlers”  is  a very  lasting  gift.  Send  your  re- 
newal, and  with  it,  a subscription  that  will  make  someone  happy. 

f One  subscription  or  renewal  for  you 

SEND  ONLY  $5.00  and 

[ One  subscription  ft>r  a new  subscriber. 



We  are  searching  for  records  in  all  parts  of  New  York  State,  and  at  any 
time,  may  be  in  the  Town  which  interests  you. 

Our  time  and  experience  may  be  had  for  a nominal  fee. 



We  subscribe  to  the  following,  and  recommend  them  to  you: 


A weekly  newspaper  publishing  records  of  the  Mohawk  Valley  in  New 
York  State.  Sample  mailed  on  request.  Subscription,  $2.00  per  year. 

Editor — Mr.  Lou  D.  MacWethy,  St.  Johnsville,  N.  Y. 


A quarterly  giving  a very  definite  course  of  instruction  in  “Methods  of 
Genealogical  Research.” 

Published  by  the  Genealogical  Society  of  Utah,  80  North  Main  Street, 
Salt  Lake  City,  Utah.  Subscription  $1.00  per  year.  Single  Copies  35  cents. 


Reviews  the  activities  of  the  Daughters  of  the  American  Revolution 
wherever  is  a chapter. 

Contains  many  valuable  records  of  American  pioneers. 

Issued  monthly.  $2.00  per  year. 

Memorial  Continental  Hall,  Washington,  D.  C. 

MAY  2 5 1333 

' • . : v • ...  ' ■ v ....  y,*!T 

4 :•  v-3  ■ 


■ <;  ' 9tii  i lM  tO  V'-'  ■■  ? 



'•  .MOL  .T--  3HT 

. . - ■ ) , ' 



.loiqsfb  *>  rnorii  lovoioriw 
! r >1  su  r:  / yrism  a:ni£.lrtot> 


tEarlg  g>xttlns 


fc  fork  BtnU 

Ancestors  uni  lesrrniants 


VOL.  II  JUNE,  1936  NO.  12 




Genealogical  WorK  Sheets  . . . 25  Cents  Per  Dozen 



■ - rVi  ■!. 

r > 





About  one-half  of  'the  subscriptions  to  “Early  Settlers  of  New  York 
State”  expires  with  this  issue,  and  we  do  want  YOU  to  renew. 

Two  years  ago  we  began,  and  with  your  help  we  will  continue,  the  task 
of  finding,  and  preserving  in  this  manner,  the  records  of  ancestors,  whose 
lives  made  this  a better  country. 

Each  day  brings  new  evidence  of  the  awakening  of  more  interest  in 
forefathers,  and  on  all  sides  we  see  the  desirability,  almost  the  necessity, 
of  knowing  our  particular  grandparents  through  many  generations. 

We  have  just  returned  from  Virginia  and  West  Virginia,  where  we 
found  Marriage  Records,  dating  in  the  seventeen  hundreds,  in  the  Offices 
of  the  County  Clerks,  and  birth  and  death  dates  recorded  many  years  be- 
fore New  York  State  began  keeping  records. 

Remembering  that  New  York,  as  a State,  began  to  keep  vital  records 
after  1880,  a date  within  the  memory  of  our  own  parents,  fills  us  with  the 
courage  and  ambition  to  work  quickly  to  remedy  this  want  in  our  State. 

It  is  imperative  that  we  work  quickly,  the  floods  of  this  year  took 
their  toll,  and  each  day  something  is  taking  from  us  forever  the  possibility 
of  knowing  who  we  are. 

It  took  years  to  write  these  records,  all  ancestors  cannot  be  found  in 
two  years,  but  every  day  we  are  adding  records  which  will  be  preserved 

forever,  and — every  subscription  carries  the  work  just  that  much  further. 

We  are  counting  on  you! 

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SATURDAY,  JUNE  27,  1936 

This  year  the  annual  conference  of  subscribers  to  “Early  Settlers  of 
NewT  York  State”  and  their  friends  will  begin  by  meeting  at  the  Peace 
Bridge  in  Buffalo  at  9 A.  M.,  Standard  Time. 

Crossing  into  Canada,  visiting  Fort  Erie,  the  battlefields  of  Chippewa 
and  Lundy’s  Lane,  Brock’s  Monument,  Queenston  Heights,  enjoying  dinner 
together  at  Niagara  Falls,  following  this  with  visits  in  the  afternoon  to  the 
historic  spots  on  our  side  of  the  River,  and  ending  the  day  by  standing  on 
the  ramparts  at  Old  Fort  Niagara,  listening  to  Robert  W.  Bingham,  Direc- 
tor of  the  Museum  of  the  Buffalo  Historical  Society,  make  the  early  days 
live  again  for  us — that  is  a brief  outline  for  the  day. 

Mr.  Bingham  will  be  our  guide  for  the  entire  day,  we  will  actually 
stand  where  our  forefathers  stood,  while  he  pictures,  in  a way  we  can 
never  forget,  the  early  days  on  the  Niagara  Frontier. 

Plans  are  being  made  to  provide  chartered  buses  for  those  who  pre- 
fer to  park  their  cars  and  enjoy  the  trip  in  a bus.  The  fare  will  not  be 
more  than  $1.50  per  person. 

Reservations  for  dinner,  not  more  than  seventy-five  cents  each,  and 
reservations  for  the  bus  seats  must  be  made. 

Write  for  later  plans. 




; OX  HO  : 1 *00  &V£  ' •• 

-O-  :i  otiw 


,-vr,  i . • "r" 

zSsez  jsud  orii  loi  zn 



Early  Church  Records 

d — dismissed.  D — died.  w — wife.  m — married. 

W.  C. — Western  Country,  any  land  west  of  their  residence  at  the  time 


NING IN  1762, 


In  the  early  days  of  the  colonies, 
the  men  sat  in  one  section  of  the 
Meeting  House,  and  women  sat  in 
another  section. 

To  further  maintain  the  separation, 
the  names  of  males  were  recorded  in 
the  books  in  their  particular  place, 
and  all  the  females  in  a different 

The  date  of  admission  precedes 
the  name, 

1762  Abbot,  George  and  Martha: 
George,  Jr.  and  Rebecca. 

1780  Abbot,  Timothy  and  1765  w. 

1845  Abbot,  Rev.  J.  J. 

1730  Abell,  Thomas. 

1831  Albro,  Thomas. 

1820  Allyn,  Henry;  1831  Henry  W. 
1831  Armstrong,  Ethan;  Haemen. 
1803  Armstrong,  Hezekiah,  D Mar. 

4,  1816,  71y;  Zephaniah. 

1811  Atkinson,  John. 

1765  Atwell,  Benjamin. 

1831  Austin,  Calebr  1858  Lorenzo 
D.;  D July  3,  1864. 

1320  Avery,  William. 

1317  Baker,  Samuel. 

1830  Bullard,  James;  1831  Jay. 

1834  Barney,  Charles;  1825  Elkanah, 
D May  7,  1856. 

1836  Beach,  Jonah. 

1827  Beals,  Nathan;  1831  Nathan  E. 
and  Joseph. 

1831  Benedict,  Aaron. 

1831  Bigelow,  William. 

1803  Bingham,  Amos;  1789  Calvin,  D 
Feb.  19,  1831,  80y;  1776  Jeremiah 
and  Joseph;  1811  Hiram  and 
Luther;  1827  Stephen. 

1834  Black,  Alexander. 

1831  Blackmer,  Hiram,  D Aug.  2, 

1860;  1857  Warren. 

1803  Breakenridge,  Daniel,  D 1847: 
1762  James:  1851  John  G.;  1827 
Norman;  1762  William. 

1839  Brockway,  Josephus. 

1831  Samuel  H.  and  Willard;  1849 
Rev.  William. 

1765  Brounson,  Benjamin. 

1831  Brown,  Ebenezer  S. 

1850  Bruce,  Richard  R.,  D Jan.  16, 

1789  Brush,  Parley. 

1838  Bryant,  George. 

1803  Buck,  Samuel. 

1823  Chandler,  Lewis,  and  w,  Sarah 
from  Bernardstown,  Mass.;  1831 

1803  Chace,  Ebenezer,  D 1832. 

1834  Childs,  Chauncey;  1830  Joel  G. 

1827  Clark,  Franklin. 

1834  Cobb,  Joseph. 

1767  Cochran,  Robert  and  Robert,  Jr. 

1820  Coller,  Rufus. 

1811  Comstock,  Rev.  Cyrus. 

1831  Coffin,  Frederick  W. 

1840  Conkling,  Daniel. 

1827  Cooley,  Seth. 

1827  Crosset,  Isaac;  1829  Powers: 
1820  Robert. 

1784  Cushman,  Charles;  1817 
Charles;  1803  John. 

1834  Daniels,  Norman. 

1803  Denning,  James. 

1818  Dewey,  Elijah;  1778  Rev.  Jecla- 
diah,  D Dec.  21.  1778. 

1332  Dexter,  Nathaniel,  D Sept.  1832. 

1762  Doane,  David;  1834  Nathan,  D 
Oct.  20,  1834. 

1776  Downs,  Elisha. 

1834  Driggs,  Hiram. 

1831  Duncan,  Nelson. 

1821  Dunning,  Ebenezer. 

1762  Eastman,  Jonathan. 

1831  Edgerton,  Uriah;  1857  Uriah. 

1841  Ellinwood,  Calvin  W.  and  w, 
Sarah  from  Brooklyn. 

1353  Elwell,  Dewitt  C. 

1834  Estabrook,  David. 

i • . . ••  ' 

• ■ • '.*7  . ! . ;'f*i 

■ • ’ 







ill  J:  . ■-+  ; 

...  .■  U;-  ' ;•  • r:j 

, . , ‘ • r:  ;r  ■ ■ < ■ 

l r 

,V  ' v * 

.)  \ ■'  -vi  & ,'ni  -Jy-'.-i 

. - i*V 

■ *ty 

. > *.  • ■ ‘ 


? ' . . - > 



1858  Fairbanks,  Leland. 

1784  Fassett,  Benjamin,  D Jan.  10, 
1865,  and  w,  Betsey;  1849  Benja- 
min S.;  1762  John,  D Aug.  12,  1794; 
1765  John,  Jr.  and  Jonathan. 

1831  Faxon,  Samuel  D. 

1813  Fay,  Benjamin;  1762  Daniel; 
1856  Hyman  A.;  1762  James  and 
James,  Jr.;  1858  John;  1733 
Nathan;  1831  Elijah,  Jr.;  1327 
Samuel  R.,  D Oct.  13,  1860. 

1834  Fanner,  Martin. 

1829  Fenton,  Benjamin. 

1762  Field,  Elisha;  1784  Jesse,  D Nov, 
5,  1834;  1803  Martin. 

1831  Finch,  Martin. 

1762  Fiske,  Jacob;  1831  Warren. 

1773  Fillmore,  Nathaniel. 

1811  French,  Jotham  and  Jotham  A., 
D Apr.  30,  1825,  65y. 

1828  Gilbert,  George  O. 

1813  Gladding,  Samuel. 

1839  Gould,  Newton;  1831  Nathan,  D 
Sept.  4,  1853. 

1831  Goddard,  Elnathan. 

1831  Gray,  Edward  S.:  1821  Isaac 
from  Troy. 

1831  Graves,  Sidney;  1832  Theo- 

1834  Green,  William. 

1803  Grimes,  Abraham,  D Mar.  5, 

1855  Grover,  William  H. 

1785  Hall,  Thomas. 

1774  Harmon,  Daniel;  1790  Ezekiel, 

D Sept.  9,  1860;  1831  Fiske;  1780 
Joshua;  1776  Nathaniel,  D Nov. 
1790,  80y;  1780  Silas;  1766 


1811  Harvey,  Mr.;  1823  William. 

1762  Harwood,  Benjamin,  D Jan. 
22,  1851,  Eleazer  and  Zachariah; 
1792  Stephen  and  w,  Esther; 

1817  Henry,  Hiram,  Hiram,  2nd; 
1765  Peter  and  w,  Margaret; 

1831  Henry,  Jr.;  Isaac  and  Perez, 
Jr.;  1834  Perez,  Sr.,  D Dec.  9. 
1859;1855  Albert  W.;  1856  Alfred 
P.;  1862  Alfred;  1836  Benjamin 
and  George  P.;  1851  John  P.;  1855 
James  H.;  1857  Henry;  1858 

Hiram  H.  and  Henry  M. 

1803  Haswell,  Anthony  and  Anthony 

J.;  1831  Charles,  d 1833  to  Elyria. 
Ohio,  and  John  C.;  1820  William: 
1358  William  2nd. 

1831 ' Hathe way,  Adpniram  and  An- 
thony, D Dec.  30,  1863; 

1857  Anthony,  D Dec.  30  1363: 
Isaac  and  Seth;  1827  Seth,  Jr.: 
1784  Silas  and  Simeon,  Sr. 

1776  Simeon,  Jr.,  D Sept.  30,  1826. 
and  w,  Anne;  1811  Mr. 

1786  Hawks,  Eleazer;  1827  Ira. 

1853  Hayes,  Charles  G.  and  Gordon; 
1854  John. 

1765  Henderson,  Thomas. 

1831  Henry,  David;  1857  Eli  B.; 

1831  James,  D Aug.  1844,  John 
and  Paul  M.;  1857  Paul  M.;  1831 
William  G. 

1833  HeWitt,  Mariena. 

1827  Hicks,  Charles;  1857  Charles: 
1854  Frederick;  1855,  George;  1858 
George;  1820  James;  1827  John; 
1790Samuel;  1831  UeL 
1827  Hinsdill,  Hiram,  D Dec.  31. 
1857;  1857  Lyman;  1826  Joseph  N.; 
1831  Milton;  1816  Stephen. 

1834  Hills,  Charles  T. 

1872  Hills,  John. 

1834  Hollister,  Oliver  M. 

1784  Hubbell,  Aaron,  D Dec.  1844, 
and  w,  Nancy;  1831  Aaron  L.;  1858 
Albert  C.  and  Elnathan;  1734 

1784  HuiTburt,  Benjamin  and  v.% 


1833  Ingalls,  Samuel. 

1831  Isham,  Pierpoint. 

1833  Jackson,  Benjamin  W.  and  wife 
from  Madrid  St,  Church,  New 
York  City. 

1833  Jacobs,  Nathan,  D May  18,  1346, 
1803  Jeraulds,  Niles.  D Oct.  26,  1821. 
1773  Johnson,  Thomas. 

1831  Jones,  Amos  A.;  1858  Benjamin: 
1827  Zenas,  Jr. 

1857  Judson,  Napoleon  B. 

1780  Kellog,  Joseph.  ' 

1823  Keyes*  Horatio, 

1775  Kingsley,  Daniel;  1773  John: 
1784  Nathaniel. 

1812  Knapp,  James. 

1831  Lawrence,  Samuel. 

(To  be  continued) 

■ • :•  • " : 

.-»;v  * 

' .■ 






:■  ” ...  ' ‘-0- 
• U... . ' 

inioq'rsl*?  \ ffl • -v^H  Ct  ,l9irafJJfc.-' 




■ • 

V --  , „ ■ 




Admitted  in  1828. 

Baird,  Elizabeth. 

Corwin,  Fanny  Jane. 

Yeomans,  Catherine. 

Admitted  in  1831. 

Clark,  Ephraim,  d 1838. 

Colman,  Deborah;  John; 

William,  d 1838. 

Corwin,  Selah  R.; 

Priscilla  Eliza,  D Jan.  18,  1832. 
Drive,  Francis.  Hughs,  Francis. 
Hulse,  Lock. 

Mapes,  Hannah,  w of  Daniel,  D Oct. 

23,  1864;  Mary. 

Mills,  Isaiah,  d 1839. 

Seeley,  Jane. 

Smith,  Julia;  Sally  Ann. 

Admitted  in  1832. 

Colman,  Maria,  D Apr.  15,  1842; 

Gabriel,  D May  6,  1861. 

Corwin,  David  S. 

Mapes,  Sally,  D Jan.  22,  1839. 

Vail,  Isaiah,  d 1835, 

Wheat,  Nelson. 

Admitted  in  1835. 

Harlowly,  Samuel,  d 1838. 

Mapes,  Mary  Jane. 

Ogden,  Arminda,  d 1838. 

Admitted  in  1837. 

Coleman,  Alfred,  son  of  Marcia. 
Bennit,  Rozette. 

Corwin,  Fanny;  Alsop  L.,  d 1868; 
Elizabeth,  widow,  mother  of  J.  H., 
d 1875. 

Davis,  Martha  Ann,  d 1843; 

Isaac,  D Mar.  12,  1879. 

Free,  Sarah  Elizabeth. 

Hulse,  Arminda  Jane. 

Loomis,  May,  d 1844. 

Mapes,  William  E.,  son  of  Lucinda, 
D Dec.  25,  1892; 

Sally  (Sweesy),  dau  of  Lucinda 
Mapes,  d 1860; 

Sarah,  w of  Benjamin,  D Ncv.  3, 

Joseph  Lewis,  D Apr.  11,  1869. 
Thomas,  son  of  J.  Lewis;  Samuel; 
Samuel  A.;  Cecelia;  Asa;  Robert 
M.,  d 1840;  Huldah;  Mary,  D May 
5,  1841. 

Benjamin,  brother  of  Amzi,  D 
Nov.  5,  1901. 

Rumsey,  Mary,  widow,  D Oct.  8, 

Benjamin,  d 1844. 

Schoonover,  Arminda. 

Skinner,  Benjamin. 

Smith,  Susan  M.,  m Ketchoun. 

D July  23,  1842; 

Eliza  Ann,  D Feb.  1888;  Huldah. 
Stone,  Deborah  Ann. 

Van  Ness,  Henry. 

Wood,  George. 

Woodward,  Hezeldah,  Sr.,  D Sept.  1, 

Admitted  Before  1851. 

Bell,  James  and  w,  Harriet,  d 1864. 
Corwin,  Sarah  Ann. 

Davis,  Irene. 

Holly,  Silas. 

Hutchins,  Ida,  m Alpheus  Grier,  D 
May  14,  1872. 

Ketcham,  Alexander. 

Mills,  Sally  L. 

Moore,  Phebe. 

Mapes,  Norman,  son  of  J.  Lewis,  d 

Fanny,  w of  Josiah,  D Aug.  5, 

Lucinda  D.,  w of  William  E.,  D 
Feb.  17,  1914. 

Stephen  S.,  son  of  Lucinda,  D Oct., 

Isaac  and  Mary  C.,  d 1862  to  Port 


William  M.,  d 1840; 

Elizabeth,  D Aug.  5,  1840. 

Thomas  Alvin,  son  of  Josiah,  d 

William  B.,  D Jan.  12,  1899,  70y, 
son  of  Josiah; 

Lucinda,  dau  of  Seth  and  Lucinda 
Mapes,  w of  Nelson  B.  Mapes,  D 
Jan.  30,  1910; 

Mary  E.,  w of  William  H.,  dau  of 
Josiah,  D Dec.  26,  1891; 

Seth,  son  of  Josiah,  d 1869; 
Lavinia,  dau  of  Josiah,  d 1876; 
William  Henry,  son  of  Amzi,  d 

* • 

. !'.0'  <J  /■. 




. ' - ■ ' *)- 



**/•  ' 

3.  ■<  ■ ' , i ■ 

■ ' ..  " 


' i;  ' . " -i  T Hi  ' t<  i 

• ■ ‘ ' 





Gessila  A.,  dau  of  Josiah,  d 1884; 
Richard  H.,  son  of  Daniel,  d 188$; 
Nelson  B.,  son  of  J.  E.; 

Thomas  G.;  Norman,  d 1895. 
Penney,  Elizabeth,  D Dec.  10,  1887: 
Huldah  (Barland),  dau  of  Eliza- 

Seely,  Jane,  D Mar.  8,  1841. 

Turner,  Rev.  George. 

Vail,  Anna,  d 1843. 

Wells,  Wickham,  D Oct.  8,  1859,  and 
w,  Christian,  d 1879. 

Admitted  Before  1861. 

Bell,  Harriet,  w of  Peter,  D Mar.  25, 


Bugsby,  Henry,  h of  Nancy,  D Dec. 
14,  1881. 

Collard,  Susan  Ann  and  Mary  EL, 
daus.  of  Timothy,  d 1880. 

Collard,  Timothy,  D Jan.  26,  1864, 
and  w Elizabeth,  D Oct.  24,  1863. 
Coleman,  A.  Maria,  dau  of  Gabriel, 
D Mar.  12,  1867. 

Corwin,  Mary  E.,  dau  of  S.  H.,  D 
May  24,1875; 

Gilbert  H.,  son  of  S.  H.; 

Spencer  W.,  d 1869. 

Davis,  Sally,  dau  of  Wisner  Hulse,  d 

B.  Franklin,  son  of  Isaac; 

Fanny  A.,  dau  of  Isaac,  d 1868. 
Dolson,  Martha  L. 

Downs,  Azel,  d 1859. 

Greenleaf,  Charles  D.  and  w,  Julia 
Ann,  d 1850. 

Grier,  Alpheus,  h of  Ida,  D Feb.  1, 

Hanford,  John  M.,  wife,  Esther  Ann, 
and  dau,  Mary  Louise,  d 1864. 
Ketchum,  Hannah. 

Mapes,  Fanny,  dau  of  Daniel,  D Oct. 
25,  1868; 

Gessila,  dau  of  Daniel,  d 1869; 
Eber  L.,  D June  12,  1900; 

William  Henry,  D Aug.  26,  1865, 
son  of  Benjamin; 

Asa,  son  of  William  E.,  D Mar.  8, 

Isaac  Theodore,  son  of  Benjamin, 
D May  22,  1913; 

Leander,  son  of  Daniel,  and  wife. 

Charlotte  E.,  d 1869; 

Seth  Emmet,  son  of  Seth  and 
Lucinda,  and  wife,  Susan  H.,  D 
Oct.  26,  1911; 

Helen,  dau  of  Stephen,  d 1868; 
Rinhard  Eli,  son  of  Josiah,  d 1903; 
M.  Augusta,  dau  of  Stephen 
Leander,  d 1869; 

Hannah  E.,  dau  of  William  E.,  D 
Mar.  24,  1906. 

Susan  E.,  dau  of  Benjamin,  d 
1876,  D Sept.  28,  1872. 

Rachel  Ann,  dau  of  Benjamin,  d 

Julia  Cathrine,  dau  of  Josiah,  d 

Frances,  dau  of  Seth,  w of  Al- 
bert, D Mar.  13,  1897. 

Phebe  Ann,  dau  of  Daniel,  J 

F.  Jane,  w of  William  Henry. 
Jane,  d 1869. 

Phebe,  dau  of  Josiah,  d 1369. 
Moore,  Phebe,  d 1850. 

Nickols,  Fanny,  D Aug.  5,  1874. 
Putney,  George,  D June  30,  1882, 
bro., Daniel,  D Mar.  29,  1884,  wife 
Mary,  d 1867. 

Parsons,  Almira,  d 1866. 

Roat,  George  W.,  d 1851. 

Seely,  Samuel,  D Mar.  31,  1369. 
Shaw,  Mary  R.,  w of  A.  M.,  d 1869. 
Tyrel,  Oliver  B.  and  Eunice  E.,  d 

Veltman,  Albert,  D Jan.  11,  1875  and 
w,  Eunice,  D May  10,  1887,  daus, 
Martha  J.,  D Nov.  14,  1911,  and 
Mary  E. 

Waller,  Theron  M.  and  w,  Elvira  D. 
Wheat,  David  F.,  and  w,  Ursula,  d 
1869,  and  son,  Simeon,  and 
Frances  M.,  dau  of  Simeon,  d 1872. 
Wilder,  Moses  H.  and  w,  Nancy  B., 
d 1362. 

Admitted  Before  1870. 

Be  vans,  Sally  A.,  d 1884. 

Benson,  Marion,  d 1869. 

Col  'man,  Elliot  A.,  D Dec.  4,  1872, 
and  w,  Melissa,  Nov.  14,  1870. 
Crist,  Eli,  D Feb.  1,  1892,  and  w, 
Mary,  D Nov.  18,  1890. 

Caiins,  Frances,  w of  Robert,  D Feb. 


b n-YA\ [ : -■ } ■ liBb  .nstelt  .* 


,\}c ..■■■ ■>r:vi  ' , 

»■■■'. ' O Jtei  ;G. 

V.  . 


> a h -~;jr  . 

' !! ! odC  ••  "r 

. ■■  ' ■ ‘ r * 


h .1  1 :oI-  N . ■■  > f 


H .miijiaiaJI 

: . ■ : :KU>A  SS  M'iM  G 

fw  b ; ,!  • -..(cij  5a  f v^bnc'*! 



23,  1915. 

Collard,  Caroline,  dau  of  Isaac  Davis, 
d 1870. 

Dolsen,  Cecelia,  w of  Theophilus,  D 
Aug.  23,  1898. 

Davis,  Martha  J.,  d 1884. 

Drake,  Jane  E.,  w of  Jerry,  d 1870. 
Evans,  Elizabeth. 

Fairchild,  Mary  E..  dau  of  Jerry,  d 


Graham,  Emiline,  dau  of  William,  d 

Gregory,  James  H.,  and  w,  Maria,  d 

Kennedy,  Margaret,  m Drake, 

d 1878. 

Kirby,  Augusta,  dau  of  William,  d 


Kvrk,  Henry  and  wife. 

Kenedy,  Helen,  sister  of  Margaret. 
Catherine,  sister  of  Margaret,  D 
June  1,  1878. 

Means,  Rev.  G.  J.  and  Ellen  S.,  d 

Mastine,  Juliaette,  w of  John. 
Mapes,  Harriet,  dau  of  J.  Lewis,  D 
Aug.  29,  1897; 

Martha  A.,  dau  of  William  E.,  d 

Clara  A.,  dau  of  Stephen  S.,  d 

Catherine  A.,  dau  of  Benjamin, 
D Dec.  30,  1911. 

Minnie  D..  dau  of  William  E..  D 
Mar.  17,  1892. 

Oscar  W.,  son  of  Stephen  S.,  d 

Ray,  Ella,  d 1863. 

Shaw,  Rachel,  d 1869; 

Peggy,  dau  of  Mary  R.,  d 1869; 
Abby  Maria  Tryon,  w of  Howard, 
d 1892. 

Smith,  Mary,  w of  J.  A.,  d 1875: 

Veltman.  Elizabeth  M.; 

Hannah,  dau  of  Albert,  d 1889. 

Young,  William  and  daus.  Phebe  M. 
and  Eliza,  d 1876. 

Admitted  before  1877. 

Blackford,  Frances  J.,  dau  of 
Martha;  Martha,  d 1907. 

Banister,  Dewitt  M.,  D Aug.  30, 

Booth,  Henry,  D Nov.  11,  1901. 

Carpenter,  Daniel  W.,  d 1871;  daus, 
Sarah  J.,  d 1871,  and  Mary  E.,  d 

Collard,  Phebe  A.,  w of  James  L.: 
James  L.,  D Aug.  30,  1889;  son, 
George  W.,  d 1900;  dau,  Phebe,  d 

Case,  Henry,  D Nov.  9,  1891;  son, 
Alonzo;  Margaret  Anna,  w of 
Lorenzo  H. 

Cairns,  Charles  W.,  son  of  Robert, 
D April  13,  1915. 

Crist,  Adeline  and  Mary  E.,  daus  of 
Eli;  Sarah,  d 1897. 

(To  be  continued) 


A — We,  whose  names  are  here- 
unto annexed  in  consideration  of  a 
certain  piece  of  land,  articled  by 
Lemuel  Blackmer  to  Samuel  How- 
ard and  Peter  Atwood  for  a Burial 
Yard,  and  by  them  to  be  assigned 
to  us  as  proprietors. 

We  hereby  bind  ourselves  to  pay 
the  sums  against  our  respective 
names,  Perry,  Sept.  10,  1818. 

B — We,  the  undersigned,  several- 
ly promise  to  pay  to  Oren  Sheldon, 
Samuel  Howard  and  Phicol  M. 
Ward,  the  sum  set  against  our 

names  for  the  purpose  of  fencing 
the  Burying  Ground,  Perry,  May  3, 

C — We,  the  undersigned,  being 
proprietors  to  the  Burying  Ground 
at  Perry  Center  do  hereby  agree  to 
the  Trustees  of  said  Burying 
Ground,  the  sum  opposite  to  our  re- 
spective names,  for  the  purpose  of 
fencing  said  lot,  and  making  a gate 
and  purchasing  a padlock,  Perry 
Center,  June  20,  1842. 

The  following  is  a combined  list 
of  the  names  appearing  on  these 
three  lists.  Each  name  in  the  list  is 

: ,t  .i;3  ,yy 


- ’ ; i a 

b • ■ ■-./ : 

■ '-.:t  ;v.v 

;.h  , . ' ■ re 



HiM  ' r „■  ) 

(;n  jn  ■ ' — A 

d mu  >d  ..-W--- D 

• ■ 

. nc  jjtfiir  arnsn  ; Vi 

> $ ill  ,1  r:.j  • ' -■  ■ ■ f i J 



marked  to  correspond  to  the  letter 
designating  the  heading.  For  ex- 
ample a name  marked  ABC  indi- 
cates the  name  appears  on  each  list. 


Atwood,  Peter 


Atwood,  Elijah 


Ainger,  Jesse 


Benedict,  Graham 


Buckland,  Allen 


Buckland,  Warren 


Buckland,  Willard 


Buckland,  Joseph  P. 


Biackmer,  Lemuel 


Bets,  John 


Bush,  George 


Bush,  Henry- 


Bush,  Elijah 


Bingham,  Horace 


Butler,  William 


Bathrick,  Stephen 


Bathrick,  Elias 


Beebe,  Peter 


Brigham,  Jabez  H. 


Bunnell,  Amasa 


Buell,  Richard 


Buckhout,  Philip 


Barber,  Simeon  R. 


Brocket,  Warren 


Bradley,  Erastus 


Briggs,  Charles 


Clark,  Harvey 


Clark,  John  F. 


Cossitt,  Jesse 


Cross,  Jason 


Chamberlin,  Rufus 


Calkins,  Daniel 


Coleman,  John 


Every,  Abraham 


Finch,  Isaac 


Ferguson,  Samuel 


Gerow,  S.  N. 


Howard,  Samuel 


Howard,  Nathaniel 


Howard,  Talcott 


Hall,  Sally 


Hart,  Almon 


Hitchcock,  J.  B. 


Higgins,  Dyer 


Jones,  Evander 


Knowlton,  Chester 


Keeney,  Alex 


King,  Alexander 


Leonard,  Charles 


Leonard,  Gamaliel 


Leach,  John 


Landon,  J.  D. 


Lathrop,  Jason 


Moss,  Jesse 


Morris,  William 


McEntee,  Thomas 

B C 

McEntee,  Patrick 


McEntee,  Philip 


Norris,  Benjamin  F. 


Norris,  Edward 


Noble,  Russell 


Olin,  John 


Olin,  Arvin 


Olin,  Truman 


Phillips,  Caleb 


Phillips,  Nahum 


Pettibone,  Daniel 


Pettibone,  Azel 


Purdy,  Albert 


Pratt,  Jabesh 

B C 

Rawson,  Silas 

B C 

Richardson,  Alex 

A B 

Sheldon,  Orin 


Sheldon,  Horace 

B C 

Sheldon,  Eleazer 


Sanger,  N.  D. 


Symonds,  James 


Sweet,  Samuel 

B C 

Silver,  Levi 


Silver,  Willard 


Silver,  Wilder 


Squires,  Solomon 


Safford,  Samuel 


Shaw,  Daniel  M. 


Thing,  Samuel 


Thorp,  David 


Taylor,  S.  D. 

A B 

Taylor,  John  D. 


Taylor,  Lyman 


Taber,  Pardon 


Voorhees,  Jacob 


Wason,  William 


Worden,  Luther  D. 


Waldo,  Samuel 


White,  Norman 


Ward,  Jabez 

B C 

Ward,  P.  M. 


Wheeler,  Benjamin 


Wygart,  D 

(The  End) 

'l  ' ' V TflO€fiW 

• ■ ■' 

A'  /•  *i;-' 


..  ■ ; '• 




■:  /.■ . . ; ; *■  0- 

# — 

•.  ' .-2.1 

l ■ 

* - wvtJ  :,S3noI» 

" : 


..  * 



Subscribers’  Exchange 

Publication  of  your  Bible  records  in  this  magazine  insures  their  pres- 
ervation. You  are  invited  to  send  any  old  family  records  or  copies  of  tomb- 
stones which  have  not  been  previously  published. 

Mrs.  Katharyn  Wethy  Wilson 
could  not  resist  these  two  old  ceme- 
teries in  Connecticut,  and  we  are 
grateful.  (Continued) 

Near  Berlin.  Conn.,  no  name  on 

Belden,  Aziel,  Dec.  1,  1830,  60y. 
Belden,  Azubah,  Mar.  4,  1809,  35y. 
Collins,  Jerusha,  w of  Gilbert,  Apr. 
2,  1851,  28y. 

Colvin,  James,  Jan.  9,  1869,  69y. 
Churchill,  Charles,  Oct.  29,  1302. 
79y.  x 

Churchill,  Lydia,  w of  Charles,  Mar. 
19,  1805,  80y. 

Churchill,  Samuel,  July  21,  1767, 

Doming,  Thomas,  Sept.  29,  1827,  72y. 
Deming,  Jerusha,  w of  Thomas,  May 
4,  1821,  48y. 

Deming,  Elizur,  Dec.  7,  1827,  77y. 
Deming,  Lusna,  w of  Elizur,  Dec.  9, 
1818,  66y. 

Deming,  Elizur,  Dec.  8,  1847,  66y. 
Deming,  Sarah,  w of  Elizur,  May  22, 
1852,  50y. 

Deming,  Stanley,  Apr.  20,  1839,  21y. 
Deming,  Anna,  Apr.  28,  1849,  68y. 
Deming,  Selden,  July  18,  1885,  78y. 
Deming,  William,  Dec.  20,  1872,  23y. 
Deming,  Elizur,  Aug.  27,  1876,  61y. 
Deming,  Ann  Maria,  w of  Elizur, 
Aug.  9,  1886,  65y. 

Dickerson  and  Dickenson — 
Dickerson,  Nathaniel,  Mar.  30,  1837, 

Dickerson,  Lucy,  w of  Nathaniel, 
June  25,  1853,  83y. 

Dickerson,  Ralph,  May  30.  1839,  43y. 
Dickerson,  Jerusha,  w of  Ralph, 
Mar.  15,  1836,  42y. 

Dickerson,  Ralph,  May  24,  1874,  53y. 
Dickerson,  Althea  O.,  w of  Ralph, 
Mar.  21,  1900,  65y. 

Gilbert,  Jonathan,  Dec.  8,  1805,  61y, 

One  of  the  first  wardens  of  Christ 

Gilbert,  Hannah,  w of  Jonathan, 
May  23,  1823,  78y. 

Gilbert  Laura,  dau  of  Jonathan  and 
Eunice,  Mar.  10,  1809,  15y. 

Gilbert,  Ira,  Dec.  6,  1869,  63y. 

Gilbert,  David — not  readable. 

Gilbert,  Lucy,  w of  David,  Aug.  12, 
1815,  43y. 

Gilbert,  Lowry,  son,  Nov.  7,  1819, 

Kelsey,  Enoch — stone  not  readable 

Kelsey,  Kezia,  w of  Enoch,  Mar.  27, 
1810,  54y. 

Kelsey,  David,  May  20,  1858,  79y. 

Kelsey,  Lovicy,  w of  David,  Aug.  17, 
1823,  40y. 

Stoddard,  Jonathan,  Mar.  13,  1811, 

Stoddard,  Candace,  w of  Capt.  Jona- 
than, June  25,  1806,  55y. 

Stoddard,  Mrs.  Sabra,  w of  Capt. 
Jonathan  Mar.  22,  1777,  38y. 

Stoddard,  Jonathan,  Aug.  28,  1840, 

Stoddard,  Candace,  w of  Jonathan, 
Aug.  21,  1826,  35y. 

Stoddard,  James  Loveland,  Jan.  15, 

Stoddard,  Candace  Stoddard,  June 
18,  1880,  75y. 

Webster,  Amos,  Jan.  10,  1824 — date 
of  death  not  readable. 

Willard,  Deacon  Daitiel,  Jan.  16, 
1817,  64y. 

Willard,  Rhoda,  w of  Deacon  Daniel, 
Jan.  8,  1827,  70y. 

Willard,  Josiah,  Apr.  1,  1818,  78y. 

Willard,  Rhoda,  w of  Josiah,  May  1, 
1828,  75y. 

Willard,  Lydia,  Mar.  2,  1820,  68y, 

Willard,  Daniel,  Jan.  15,  1784-Apr. 
7,  1868. 

Willard,  Laura  Frances,  w of  Daniel, 
Nov.  26,  1782- July  10,  1836. 

(The  End) 

, ' *i •.  ■ A-  ■ >JV1 



. .Vi'' 

' ■ ■■•••'  . ' . ,,  • . * i.  . :ViV-:i.  . 

...  ; ■ . ,**  • • ' 
• - . - - 

->:>!•«:  Liu  ? .tataing* 


u\A  io  w tf.  til/1  nnA  gaimsG 

[ • . .. 

••  ► ,«€8I  ,0  *rfqf  : U :CT 

■ ' -fM 




Tombstone  Inscriptions 

Methodist  Cemetery,  Olcott,  Nia- 
gara County.  (Continued) 

Lockwood,  Mary,  w of  Isaac,  Feb. 
11,  1871,  58y. 

Lockwood,  Samuel,  b in  Greenwich, 
Conn.,  Oct.  1,  1797-Apr.  29,  1873. 

Lockw'ood,  Vashti,  w of  Samuel, 
Sept.  6,  1854,  50y  6m  28d. 

Lockwood,  Louisa  J.,  w of  Samuel, 
b in  Fairfax  Co.,  Va„  Sept.  5,  1899 
-Feb.  28,  1875. 

Lewus,  Samuel  P.,  Nov.  11,  1843. 

Ladner,  Absalom,  Dec.  13,  1860,  74y. 

Ladner,  Sarah,  w of  Absalom,  June 
21,  1860,  71y  7m  25d. 

Libby,  Joseph,  Jan.  17,  1873,  85y. 

Libby,  Sally,  w of  Joseph,  Dec.  25, 
1853,  58y  10m  23d. 

Libby,  Mary  J.,  dau  of  Joseph  and 
Sally,  w of  Thomas  Brockwray, 
June  18,  1851,  30y  9m  17d. 

Libby,  Martha,  dau  of  Joseph  and 

Sally,  w of  Crossman,  Feb.  3, 

1845,  30y  6m. 

Leonard,  D.  C.,  1817-1896. 

Leonard,  Fanny  M.,  w of  D.  C.,  July 
20,  1823- July  14,  1883. 

Lamson,  Jonathan,  b Mar.  17,  1793. 

Lamson,  Maria  N.,  w of  Jonathan, 
Mar.  11,  1873,  70y. 

Lownsbery,  John  R.,  Aug.  11,  1861, 
61y  4m. 

•Lownsbery,  Elizabeth,  Jan.  21,  1857, 
56y  10m  8d. 

McClew,  David,  b in  Montgomery 
Co.,  D Oct.  19,  1852,  73y  4m  lOd. 

McClew,  Elizabeth,  w of  David, 
Mar.  1,  1862,  81y. 

Mann,  Dr.  George,  June  18,  1876, 


Mann,  Caroline,  w of  Dr.  George, 
Mar.  11,  1850,  28y  11m  8d. 

Mann  Frances  A.,  w of  Dr.  George, 

Miller,  Benjamin  S.,  Oct.  17,  1866, 
67y  9m  17d. 

Miller,  Margaret,  dau  of  Benjamin  S. 
and  Lovisa,  w of  Ephraim  Belden, 
Aug.  11,  1877,  51y  8m  20d. 

Miller,  Lydia,  w of  Jasper,  July  19, 

1854.  68y  7m  25d. 

Marshall,  John  Henry,  son  of 
Francis  H.  and  Sarah  J.,  Nov.  18. 
1850,  8m. 

Merritt,  Delilah,  1813-1899. 
McCormick,  Webster  M.,  son  of  John 
and  Jane,  July  23,  1852,  19y  3m 

Murry,  William  H.,  youngest  son  of 
George  and  Louisa,  8th  N.  Y.  Art. 
D in  Va.,  June  7,  1865  from  wound 
at  Petersburgh,  17y  10m. 

Moore,  Benjamin  S.,  Father,  May  17, 
1891,  83y. 

Moyer,  Catherine,  Apr.  5,  1818-Dec. 
4,  1907. 

Outwater,  John  J.,  Nov.  9,  1869,  51y 
10m  9d. 

Outwater,  Hannah  Wisner,  w of 
John  J.,  1819-1904. 

Price,  Jonas,  Jan.  3,  1864,  47y  7m 

Phillips,  David,  1817-1874. 

Phillips,  Katharine,  w of  David, 

Palmer,  Belinda  M.,  1815-1898. 
Pease,  Eliza  Ann,  w of  Enoch,  Apr. 
13,  1843,  43y  15d. 

Pease,  Nathaniel,  Nov.  24,  1832,  31y. 
Pease,  Samuel,  Aug.  27,  1835.  28y. 
Pease,  Maria,  w of  Samuel,  June  2. 
1834,  21y. 

Pease,  Sylvester,  son  of  Enoch  and 
Polly,  Jan.  13,  1844,  19y  19d. 
Richardson,  Cynthia,  Oct.  2-1,  1806- 
Mar.  12,  1385. 

Reynolds,  Capt.  John,  June  2,  1833, 

Reynolds,  Elizabeth,  w of  Capt. 

John,  Aug.  22,  1860,  79y  2m  8d. 
Reynolds,  Henry  A.  Mar.  28,  1811- 
Aug.  22,  1888. 

Reynolds,  Caroline,  w of  Henry  A., 
Apr.  14,  1877,  62y  9m. 

Smith,  Charles,  son  of  George  Z.  and 
Mary,  Dec.  8,  1848,  21y  4m. 

Smith,  John,  Sept.  20,  1849,  77y. 
Smith,  Lewus,  Nov.  3,  1864,  Co.  F, 
8th  N.  Y.  Art.,  a prisoner  at 
Annapolis,  Md.,  34y  8m. 

Smith,  Myree,  M.  D.,  Apr.  14.  1847, 

% V 

M-'.  Sf  ,r  . 







: ' ■ \ • ,>  -l 

jrw  $ • v • nr-  ,*-)Ur><0 

- :sc.  * . nb-.  I 

■"  .«  ...  ■■  '■  /,u  • 


' .b'-'.U  i 

MVl  M Iw  U .02 

; . ; . . ■ . , *w9$.  ,'t^IUM 



29y  2m  15d. 

Smith,  Belle,  19y  2m  Id. 

Sweet,  Sylvester,  Apr.  20,  1869,  70y. 
Stout,  Dexter,  son  of  Benjamin  and 
Louisa,  Jan.  8,  1845,  15y  7m  5d. 
Stout,  Zebedee,  Mar.  23,  1850,  79y 
8m  17d. 

Stout,  Eunice,  w of  Zebedee,  Oct.  6, 
1820,  44y  4m  8d. 

Stout,  Thankful,  w of  Zebedee,  Mar.' 

4,  1859,  81y  5m  12d. 

Starks,  Abram,  Mar.  29,  1859,  78y. 
Starks,  Amasa,  Feb.  6,  1877,  70y. 
Starks,  Sarah,  w of  Amasa,  Apr.  3, 
1855,  37y  9m. 

Starks,  Mary  Ann,  w of  Amasa, 
Sept.  6,  1865,  59y. 

Stratton,  Levi,  Oct.  5,  1838,  46y  1m 

Stratton,  Hannah,  w of  Levi,  June 
16,  1821,  25y  3m. 

Strong,  Alonzo,  Sept.  8,  1849,  29y  9m 


Starbrown,  Marilla,  w of  Alonzo 
Strong,  1822-1849,  and  w of  John 
H.  Warner,  1823-1889,  Aug.  15, 
1902,  82y  5m  Id. 

Sears,  Heman,  Jan.  14,  1880,  72y  7m 


Sears,  Clarissa,  w of  Heman